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We Uloaa at B
Our Great Special Opening Sale of Blankets
and Comforters September 1st to 15th
Although manufacturers have now rnised the prices on Woolen Blankets from 5 to 10
per cent, our regular prices will be ns low as last season while present stocks last. But, to
encourage early purchasing, we are making a great special cut from our regular low prices.
Blankets from the cheapest cotton, 48c a pair, to the finest imported woolen, at each,
are here represented. Our Comforters are known for their purity; -.
Investigate these prices. It will pay you:
White, Gray or Tan Wool Blankets.
Our $3.60 grade In this sale at, per pair $2.83
Our $4-50 grade in this sale at, per pair S3. GO
Our $5.00 grade in this sale at, per pair $4.29
Our $6.00 grade 1n this sale at, per pair 35.19
Our $7.00 grade in this sale at, per pair $5.98
Our $10.00 grade in this sale at, per pair. . . .$8.78
Our $16.00 grade in this sale at, per pair. . .$11.50
Our $20.00 grade in this sale at, per pair. . .$15.80
Our $25.00 grade In this sale at, per pair. . .$22.50
Our $30.00 grade In this sale at, per pair. . .$20.50
f 4.0T) fine wool fancy plaid blankets at, pair. .$3.29
$5.00 fine wool fancy plaid btsrhuts, at, pair. .$4.29
$7.00 fine wool fancy plaid blankets at, pair .$5.98
$4.60 uteamer or auto robes at, each $3.G9
60c crib blankets at, pair 39 ?
See the three great Blanket and Comforter Windows Howard Street.
Third Floor.
Ben uouf. en
Situation at Monterey More Serious
Than at Fint Supposed.
Nmbrr ( Bodies Slak la Qilckid
t Hirer am Nen Are Reco
. . ered Rata Con
' tlm.
MKJCICO ClTr, Aug. M. -A dispatch
from Monterey says S00 bodies were' found
today grouped about an old well near the
Iron foundry, on the outskirts of the city.
Nearly 1.000 bodies have been recovered to
date and It Is believed that the statement
that the total death list will reaoh 2.000 Is
well within the figures. Scores of bodies
are said to. have been swallowed up by the
river quloksanda.
As the reports come it Is seen the situa
tion at Monterey Is more serious than was
it first supposed. ; The city . laoks food
tnd water. The federal government has
sent an additional $20,000 to be expended
for relief... It la hoped to get train service
through to Laredo and purchase food sup
plies In Texas. Montersy reports a resump
tion of the street car service in the higher
part of the city and he lighting ByBtem Is
again In operation, but telegraph communi
cation Is still badly demoralised .
The railroad situation demoralised
Uiat offllcals .are absolutely unable to give
an estimate of the monentary losses.
Scores of points vet remain t6 be heard
from, although every effort to communi
cate with .them has , been jmade,
. Hanna Reports oa Disaster.
' WASHINGTON. Aug. SL Consul Gen
eral Hanna at Monterey, Mex., In a tele
gram dated yesterday, says the flood din
aster was more terrible than was at first
supposed. Twelve hundred persons are es
timated to have perished and flften thou
sand are homeless. Kain continues and
terrible suffering must follow.
Appeals to Amerloaa People to As
sist Flood Victims.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 31. The American
National Red Cross has Issued an appeal
to the American' people for contributions
for the relief of the Mexican flood suffer
ers. Contributions may be sent to the Na
tional Red Cross, care of the War depart
ment, Washington, D. C.
A, telegram from the American consul at
Monterey states that thousand are homeless-and
practically the entire population
at 100.000 have suffered from the flood. It
Is believed that from 150,000 to 1100,000 will
be needed to meet the emergency.
The centrat conrmtttee bas directed that
12,000 be sent to Consul General Hanna at
snce. This sum nearly exhausts the emer
gency fund of the society.
I'olillrlun Sard (or Libel.
UONKSTKEU S. D Aug. H.-(8pecial.)
W. P. Stebblns, secretary of the Farmers'
Co-Operative association of Honesteel, S.
P., this iiiurn.liig fccrved the papers on C.
J. Alexander of lianesteel In a $10,000 libel
suit (or drfamatlon of character.
Mr. Alexander Is the recognised leader
of the Insurgent republican element of this
part of South Dakota and was an alter
We to the Chicago convention which noml-
Benson & Thorne Co.'s Establishment Emerging Brilliantly
From Din of Hammer and Saw. Store
About Ready.
iiourded windows are proving no barrier
O patronage at the newer Benson
I'horne Co.'a establishment at tft-l&20
fir imm Street. .
respite the faot that unforeseen delays
lave so far prevented the installation of
.he promised magnificent windows, a daily
crowd of interested shoppers has neverthe
less beu in evidenoe at the new store.
But those windows are being Installed now
In a very few days all evidence of recent
remodeling will have been removed In the
meantime business is going on Just as
though the store were not "window leas'.
It's the MERCHANDISE that counts,
nd NOT the windows, and hundreds up-
n hundreds of particular ones have ex-
ressed delight over the Fall stocks already
xhlblted at this favored "Young Peoples'
What are the accepted styles In fall gar-
1518-1520 FARNAM STREET. .
r. M. Daring Aoftilt, leapt Sat ID.? a at
76c crib blankets at, pair. 59
$1.60 crib blankets at, piar '$1.19
60c cotton blankets at, pair .. 48
90c cotton blankets at. pair 73e?
$1.00 cotton blankets at, pair --Hit
$2.60 plaid blankets at, pair $2.19
60c crib comforters at, each 3l)
$1.00 large cotton comforters at, each 79
$1.25 large cotton comforters at, each.-. 98?
$1.50 large cotton comforters at, each $1.19
$2.25 large cotton comforters at, each $1.98
$6.00 down quilt at, each $4.88
$4.00 wool comforters at, each $3.25
$1.00 fancy crib blankets at, each 75t
There are thousands of other special prices. Come
and investigate.
Bee, 8-l-'0.
-both rvoaat aaoa axo. Dim
nated President Taft. Mr. Stebblns
succedHful business man..
is a
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possible. It Is doubtful, however, If any
thing more than the securing of titles to
right-of-way for the Hitohoock-Oneida
branch will be accomplished this , season,
the company preferring to complete the
other line before beginning work on the
lftnt named route. The completion of this
branch will bo of incaloulable benefit to
seitlers In one of the most fertile and at
tractive agricultural and stock sections In
the state. Laige quantities of material are
now being distributed for the work.
Bloody Bolt Bealde Body Telia of
M order at Plttabare;, r
FITTSBURG, Kan., Aug. 81. The body
of Mrs. Edward Lukes, wife of a time
keeper at the Hull Packing company, was
I found In a clump of weeds here today. The
woman head was badly beaten and beside
her lay a large Iron bolt covered with
Hull declared to the police today that
his Wife left home Saturday night after
a quarrel, saying she was going to her
father's home In Joplln.
' Orkln-Schall. " " ' " "
PLATTSMOUTIi. Neb., Aug. Spe
cial.) Philip Orkln, a member of the firm
of Orkln Bros., at 1510 Douglas street,
Omaha, and Miss Laura Bchall of this city
were united In marriage at the home of the
bride's sister, Mrs. M. Fanger, In this city
this evening at 6:30, Rabbi Frederick Cohn
of the Jewish synagogue In Omaha offici
ating. The bride Is also a sister of Mrs.
Max Kline of South Omaha and Mrs. V.
Zucker of this city. Mrs. Orkln has re
sided In this city for five years and Is well
and ' favorably known. The newly wedded
couple will reside In Omaha.
aperb Service, Splradld Seoaery.
enroute to Niagara Fails, Mtisknka and
Kawartha Lakes, Georgian Bu.. and Tema
gaml Region, St. Lawrence River and
Rapids, Thousand Islands, Algonquin Na
llonal Park, White Mburtains, New Eng
land and New Jersey Coast resorts, via
Grand Trunk Railway System. Double
track Chicago to Montreal and Niagara
Falls. Special low round trip fares are In
effect during Summer season.
For copies of tourist publications, fares
and descriptive pamphlets, apply to W. ft
Cookron. A. Q. P. A., 136 Adams street,
KomniTi or ocsajt stxambbops.
ivt. ArrtT.. taJM.
NS YORK Noordam
Nk-.W TORK ...... Kumi
PLYMOUTH Clnolanau
PLYMOUTH g. W. Mr Otow.
DOVER Vadarlanil
GLASUOW Calaoonta
K. A. Victoria.
..atlnnaapalta. .
. Prim Oscar. .
. Laurentlan...
I menu for "small women?" Ask the
"small woman" herself; she has been here
during the past few days and KNOWS.
"How about the fads In Young Mens'
and Boys' Clothing?" did some one Inquire?
The answer is easy "Sampeck" garments
are featured here (or fall and adheranta to
style know what THAT means.
And already the critical onea are choos
ing their footgear at this establishment
there la NO other footwear that "flu" so
well while looking as "swell."
In Infants' necessities and wearables this
concern will make a more pronounced
"ten stroke" than ever there Isn't a more
complete showing in the entire land.
Shop around here tomorrow most every
thing will be In readiness then, and YOU
surely will wish to see the NEW stocks
WHILS they are new, of course.
B:M P. M.J
Hair Goods Dept.
Third Floor
hi. a-imi
President Gives Secretary of State
Sound Drubbing;.
Chance of His Plans May Jke
it Impossible to Accompany
Executive on Western
BEVERLY, Mass., Aug. tl. President
Taft took his secretary of state, Mr. Knox,
out on the links of the Myopia club this
morning and gave him a sound drubbing
at golf.
No time as yet has been fixed for the
visit to the president of the secretary of
the Interior, Mr. Balllnger, who Is now on
his way to Washington from Seattle. Mr.
Balllnger Informed the president by wire
yesterday that Important business matters
had caused his return to Washington. The
secretary was to have joined the president
at Butte, Mont., or Spokane, to make a
large part of the Paclfio coast trip with
him. Unless he has accomplished In Wash
ington what he has set out to do before
oomlng to Beverly, It Is doubtful If Mr.
Balllnger would be able to Join the presi
dent's party until the arrival at Seattle,
If then.
Government Looking for Students
(or. Grain Standardisation .. ,
WASHINGTON. Aug. 31. Students with
an agricultural training, who are familiar
with laboratory and field work and with
classes and varieties of cereals, are In de
mand by the government at salaries rang
ing from $1,200 to $2,000 a year.
The Civil Service commission has an
nounced an examination on September 22
next for positions as assistant in grain
standardization in the bureau of plant in
dustry of the Department of Agriculture.
Thomas Coleman.
Word has reached the local police that
Thomas Coleman, once a member Of the
police force here, Is dead at Le Mars, la.
St. Loale Wants Curtis.
ST. LOL'IS, Mo., Aug. St. The Aero club
of St. Louis has cabled Olrnn H. Curtlss,
the aviator who won at Rhelms last week,
an Invitation to give flights here during
the centennial celebration in October. U
bnr Wright Is expected to reply definitely
this week to an Invitation made recently.
The Weather.
WASHINGTON, Aug. SI. Forecast of the
weather for Wednesday and Thursday:
For Nebraska and South Dakota Showers
Wednesday and Thursday.
For Iowa Unsettled weather; showers
Wednesday night.
For Kansas Local showers Wednesday
and Thursday; cooler In northeast portion
For Colorado, Wyoming and Montana
Local showers Wednesday and Thursday.
For Missouri Partly cloudy and cooler
Wednesday; showers Thursday.
Temperature at Omaha yesterday:
g p. m 7j,
7 D. m.
8 p. m....
9 p. m
OMAHA. Aug. SI. Official record of tem
I'eiature an I u i equation, eomiin-d vun
the corresponding period of the thn-e
years: l. i. i nn. v.
Maximum temperature.... Hi 78 82 75
Minimum temperature 66 65 74 Si
mean temperature 7 71 S3 t
r-reujp.tauon .... 00 . 27 .00 'i'
n aiiuraiui-A an1 npn nhDii,.n
from the normal at Omaha since March 1
r - - f ' ' . I Ul I "
ana rompareu with tiie last two years
Normal temperature
Excess for the day
. .69 lncn
. .09 Incli
.18. o Inches
. 3.31 Imiie
.. .16 Inch
Total deficiency since March 1
Normal precipitation
Deficiency for the day
Total rainfall since March 1....
Deficiency since March 1
ieflciency for cor. period, 1S08.
leflclency for cor. period, 1W7.
. 6.37 Inches
Keuerta from Statloas at
7 P. M.
Max. Kain
Station and State
of Weather.
Bismarck, pt. cloudy
T p. in.
.... M
.... 68
.... 70
Turn. fa
Cheyenne, cloudy
Chicago, clear
Davenport, clear
Denver, cloudy
Havre, clear ..
Huron, cloudy
Kansas City, clear
North Platte, cloudy
Omaha, cloudy
Kapid City. coidy
St. Louis, clear
St. Paul, clear ,
Halt Lake City, cloudy....
aienliiie, tiuudy
Wllllbton, pi. cloudy
U 1
M '
T indlcatrs tiao. ot pre -i
C -p YTJ. 6 a. m...
-ti a-V-il Vi a. m...
iWUlj St-:::
fflN J i: :::
I I 1 T- III I ft n m
r t1 m
i r i t i e. i i .
1 A. Wh.Li5tl, aLooal S oreoaater.
Veteram Who Followed the Father
Do Honor to Son.
Old "old I ere Day at the Fair Draws
a Blat Crowd and General Fred
D. Grant Delivers aa
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
PES MOINES. Ia., Aug. 81. tSpeclal.)
General Fred D. Orant and Mrs. Grant
reached Dea Moines at 7:30 today for a
two days' stay and will be the guests of
the directors of the, state fair. Today
General Orant addreseed the old soldiers,
this being soldier's day. Nothing so re
called the days of the war and their be
loved General U. S. Grant as this visit
and address by his son, who bears a strik
ing likeness to the late president, and
following his address they surged about
him, every old soldier demanding the right
to shake him by the hand.
Thirty-five years ago General U. 8. Grant
and Mrs.. Grant visited Des Moines and
were the guests of the city for two days.
They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
Fred D. Grant, who are now the guests of
the city for two days. On the first oc
casion they were all entertained at the
homo of Judge C. C. Cole, then a member
of the supreme bench of the state. Judge
Cole took part In the exercises of today.
General and Mrs. Grant were escorted
to the fair grounds today by troop B of
the Second cavalry from Fort Dea Moines.
They rode In an automobile and were ac
companied by Governor B. F. Carroll, Sen
ator A. B. Cummins, Congressman Hull and
a delegation of the old soldiers of Des
The attendance this day last year was
LI, 000 and this year will esceed 65,000.
Takes Wrong; Medicine.
S. B. Frye of Ames, la., an exhibitor of
fine horses, drank horse liniment at the
fair grounds by mistake today and was
nearly killed. He Is very weak, but physi
cians say he will recover.
Mant Plant Breaks Dowa.
The eleotrlo light plant at the fair grounds
broke down last night, early In the evening,
putting the grounds In darkness. The man
agement refunded about fl.too to persons
who had bought tickets to the stock pavil
ion or amphitheater. Today connection was
made with the city light system.
Dies Rather Than Move.
Mrs. Elisabeth Daggett of this city, aged
S3 years, committed suicide today because
her husband has moved to Lincoln, Neb.,
and expected her to follow him to that
city and make It their home. She took
carbolic acid and died soon after.
-Hamilton to Seattle.
John J. Hamilton, for many years editor
of the Des Moines Dally News, and last
year a candidate for the republican nom
ination of governor on a state-wide prohibi
tion platform with other radical reform
planks, will move to Seattle, where ha ex
pects to start a dally newspaper. He Is
settling up his business affairs here and
will sell his residence property. Mrs. Ulla
Hamilton Durley, bis sister, whb has been
Interested In the various publications In
which Mr. Hamilton has been Interested In
an editorial as well as a financial way,
will move to the Pacific coast with him.
Brown for' State Treasarer. i
It developed today that W. L. Brown,
vice president ot the State Board of Agri
culture, will likely be a candidate for the
republican nomination (or state treasurer
In 1912 to succeed State Treasurer W. W.
Morrow. Mr. Mojrow Will be oonceded a
nomination in 1910. the custom being to give
that office three - terms, Mr. Brown's
friends have in mind-to announce his candi
dacy in 1913. He has for many years been
a director of the state department of agri
culture, which made him one of the active
managers of the state fair.
May Have Many Wives.
A. E. Bernard, a part blood Indian, who
came to Dea Moines recently to open a
detective agency has been sued by his
wife for a divorce and adultery charges
also filed against him. Now two women
in St. Louis have written to Dea Moines
each claiming to be his wife and papers
found among his effects lead to the sup
position that there Is a third. One St,
Louis woman wrote to Sampson Sc. Dillon,
a law firm here. A St. Louis lawyer, F,
C. Sharp, wrote to McIIenry Graham of
Des Moines In behalf of another woman.
The first woman claims to have a suit
for divorce now pending In St. Louis.
Among Bernard's papers was found a re
ceipt where he paid ISA "for legal services
in the case of A. E. Bernard vs. Lena
Bernard, The Des Moines wife, who has
entered suit- for divorce, Is determined that
he shall be found and has employed de
tectives" and will send his picture to all
chiefs of police and sheriffs. She further
more claims he Is not an American .In
dian, but that his ancestors other than
white came from the region of the Congo.
Will Raise Coal Rates.
Following a conference of the freight
rate experts of the railroads of Iowa lead
ing from Illinois with the representatives
of the Iowa Commercial Coal association
it is announced that the Interstate rates
from Illinois will be raised in order to
permit the Iowa coal companies to do bual
mss In competition with Illinois. Unless
this had been done the Iowa coal men ex
pected to ask the Iowa railroad commis
sion to lower the state ratea on coal, Ill
inois coal can be mined more cheaply
than can Iowa coal and along with this
it was claimed their freight raUs were
more advantageous which crippled the Iowa
Grocery at Waterloo.
WATERLOO. Ia., Aug. 31. (Special Tele-
gram.) The Woodruff it Morgan grocery
stoie and stock waa burned Monday nltiht.
The lose la about 33.000. The fire was
oauted by the overturning of a kerosene
Bloax City Maa t'omailte Balclde at
Aug. SI. (Spec'al
Telegram.) Bert Quinn of Sioux City com
milted suicide here about 6 o'clock this aft
ernoon, the foundation for his act was do
mestic troubles, which have been of long
standing. Quinn had been in the city for
several days and Sunday night he had
trouble with his wife and threatened to
kill off the whole family. He was die
armed by the sheriff and. last night, was
out of town.
tie returned on the
afternoon train and started for hla wife's
home. Half v. ay there, he took out a bot
tle from his pocket and took a drink of
carbolic acid. Going a little further ne
was met by one of his children and after
stooping down and klaslng It he took the
oa second drink,
He walked ten feet fur-
oj ther and fell to the ground within four
00 rods of tn houe- ' P'rei almost Im
mediately. He waa a former manager
.u of the Peavy Elevator here and later years
had been tending bar.
.00 If you have anything to aell or trade
00 and want quick action, advertise U ia The
Bee Want Ad. columns.
New Books
The Calling of Dan Matthews." by
Harold Bell Wright, author of "The Shep
herd of the Hills" and "That Printer of
Udell's," Is a wholesome story, righteous!
In Its mission, contemporary with present
day thought and praiseworthy In literary
merit. Big Dan, Uiat manly man of con
victions; Hope Farwell, so delightfully re
freshing; the old Doctor, true' philosopher
and poet, and poor little crippled Denny,
so sympathetic, loving everything and
everybody, are masterful character crea
tions. Published by The Book Supply com
pany. "Poppea of the Postofflce" Is the title of
Mabel Osgood Wright's latest novel. Pup
pea, the foundling adopted by the tender,
simple New England postmaster, grows up
to become a woman whose fascination holds
the reader aa thoroughly as It does the
other characters of Mrs. Wright's. Through
the medium of her joys and sorrows the
author gives not only a vivid picture of a
rural New Kngland town, but Interesting
fllmpses as well of a by-gone era In New
York society Of them all, the one most
likely to linger In the reader's memory u
that of the eld postmaster, Gilbert. In his
simple-hearted devotion and loyalty the
man Is a noble figure, and In his passionate
admiration for Abraham Lincoln Mrs.
Wright has shown us something of the
spirit that brought the civil war to a final
close. Published by the Macmlllau com
pany. "Davy Jones' Yarns and Other Salted
Songs" In a little book of verse and humor
by Thomas Ybarra. The Illustrations are
by "Hy" Mayer of the Times. The Imag
(nation of both the versifier and artist run
riot. Published by Henry Holt & Co.
"A Tale Confided by the Woods" Is the
title of a little play In five acts by the
author of "Tales of Bnohantment," eta
Published by the Broadway Publishing
"On the Open Road," by Ralph Waldo
Trine, author of "In Tune with the In
finite," "This Mystical Life of Ours," etc.,
Is the title of a small book containing some
beautiful thoughts and a little creed of
wholesome living, which may serve as
guide posts on the way. Published by
Thomas Y. Crowell A Co.
In her book, "New Thought Common
Sense" ahd "What Life Means to Me,"
Ella Wheeler Wlloox has embodied her
best thought upon a subject which has
occupied her mind for years and on which
she has contributed many articles of per
manent value to the great body of thought
ful people throughout the world. Her
mature and helpful thought and suggestion
cannot fall to be Of value to all mankind
In every walk of life. "What Life Means
to Me" is a very brief but comprehensive
autobiography of the gifted author which
her countless friends will greatly appre
ciate and value. Published by the W. B.
Conkey company.
"Hearts Are Trumps," by Alexander
Otis, Is as Its name would indicate a tale
of love and laughter. The plot Is original
and the humorous situations and exciting
Intervals make it a very suitable book
for hammock reading. Mr. Otis' style has
been likened to that of Frank R. Stockton.
The book Is published by the John Mc
Brlde company.
"The Long Gallery" Is the title of a
romance by Eva Lathbury. Its scenes are
laid In 'England and the plot of the story
Is dominated by the Influence of dead an
cestors whose pictures hang In the "Long
Gallery of Southern Court." The leading
characters are three attractive women.
The eldest is one whose mystery Is con
nected with the "Long Gallery" and the
other two are charming girls, but only one
with a mystery. Published by Henry Holt
& Co.
"Sunshine," by Dr. A. A. Wllllts, Is a
printed lecture which has been delivered on
numerous occasions by the venerable
doctor. It has been Insued by his friends
with an introduction by Paul M. Pearson.
Published by Pearson Broa.
"The Cobbler," by Elma A. Travis, is
really a story of Peter, the son of a vil
lage cobbler. Peter was born with a tem
perament which was developed by educa
tion and association. He fell In love with
and married the Judge's daughter, a prac-
A Crimean Veteran
Mr. Fred V. Bennett of West Carthage, N. who la 70 years old, active and
vigorous, a veteran of both the Crimean War and the War of the Hrbolllon
and who has traveled through many countries in South Europe, was cured
of heart trouble by Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, after doctors and other
so-called remedies failed. Mr. Bennett says that as a medicine Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey beats all for purity and quality.
. .. . ...
c-UKi, W. BENNETT, 70 years old.
no a nnffv's Pure Malt Whiskey, take
. .... v.,. tia.uh
i yreauy ueutuiou, cuju; unmi ..c.n.
dOCtOnng. 1 nave Blalru tuo yittiu iaiw j v vi u mire auu d
know that others is benefited by using your Pure Malt Whiskey."
Duffy's Purs rJlalt Whiskey
a. . tnnip stimulant la one of the greatest strength-g zers known to science.
it Ai,u in dntrovlne disease germs, and
i asblets In restoring tissues in a gradual,
derful remedy In the treatment and
cure of consumption, pneumonia,
grippe, bronchitis, cougha, colds, ma
laria, low fevers; stomach troubles and
all wasting, weakened, diseased con
ditions, if taken in time.
CAVTIOBT Wnea yon ask your drug
gist, grocer or dealer for Daffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey be ears yon get the gen
uine. Xt'e an absolutely pare medicinal
malt whiskey and le euld in sealed bottles
only never In bulk, took for the trade
mark, the ''Old Chemist," on the label,
and make sore the seal over the eork Is
nbrosea. Pries tl OO. Write Mcdloal
Department, The Snffy Malt Whlsksy Co.,
Btochester, BT. T., for a free Illustrate!
medical booklet and free advice.
spending all of your incomo'
Save up for a rainy day and deposit your savings
in the
Savings Department
of the
United States Natianal Bank
Omaha where deposits are received of $1.00 or more.
3 Interest Taid on Deposits.
Deposits made on or before SeptemberlOth will dra-wfr
interest from September 1st.
. Oldest Bank in Nebraska.
Established 1856.
Capital and Surplus $1,200,000.00.
Total Assets over $13,000,000.00,
' ' SAW
r Gentle Dentistry
When a gold crown wears
through on the grinding sur
face it means one of two
things; vix. ;
The dentist has neither the
confidence In, nor the good
opinion of, his work to war
rant his charging the patient
enough to enable him to use
sufficient gold.
Or he Is definitely dishonest
and did not put the gold there
when paid for It.
My crowns never wear through.
Dr. J. B. Fickcs
210-217 Board of Trade.
Both Phones.
16th and Karnaiu St,, S. W.
tlcal girl, but his opposite In almost every
thing. Peter la a curious but lovable
character, a true bohemlan. Irresponsible
and careless, unconventional and a genius.
ihe story relates how his marriage and
other Influences moulded his life, and
how he eventually found himself. Pub
lished by the Outing Publishing company.
The "Best Sellers" as reported In the
September Bookman for Omaha: Flctlon--"The
Making of Bobby Burnlt," by Ches
ter (Bobbs-Merrlll), 11.60; "A Woman for
Mayor," by WlnsloW (Rellly & Britton),
31.60; "The MubIc Master." by Klein (Dodd,
Mead), 31.60; "The Trail of the Lonesome
Pine," by Fox (Scrlbner), 3160; "The Whl
Mice," by Davis (Scrlbner). 11.60; "Katrine,
by Lane (Harper), 31.60. Nonflctlon "One
Volume Bible Commentary." by Dumme-
low (Macmlllan), 3360; "Law of Psychic
Phenomena," by Hudson (Moflurg), 31.2j;
"Every Man a King," by Marden (Crowell),
31.26; "Peace, Power and Plenty," by Mar
den (Crowell), 31. Juveniles I'Mary Ware,-'
by Johnston (Page), 3160; "Biography of a
Silver Fox," by Seton (Century company),
31.26; "Motor Boys," by Young (Cupples at
Leon), 60 cents.
Health and Beauty Aid.
Cosmetics and lotions will not clear your
complexion of pimples and blotches like
Foley's Orlno Laxative, for Indigestion,
stomach and liver trouble and habitual
constipation. Cleanses the system and Is
pleasant to take. Sold by all druggists.
Mr. Bennett writes: "I thought I
would write and glvs you my opinion
of Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey. 1 have
used liquor for the past 60 years, but
not to excess. When in the English
army, during the Crimean war, we
were allowed three gills per day, and
I know it was the means of saving
thousands of men's lives during the
winter of 1854-6. I came to this
country in 1857 and went to work on
a farm until 1863. Up till this time I
had never seen a sick day, hut after
serving through the War of the Rebel
lion I had not been free from heart
trouble .
I have had a great many different
doctors, but all to no purpose. Then I
commenced using the different brands
of whiskey from which I received lit
tle or no benefit. When I read of
your Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey I
commenced using It, about ten years
ago, I don't have any more heart trou-
hlo inH tnr o man 7A voara nld I fapl
act,ve j ,, tf people would
less drugB and medicine they would be
.nit wmilrl finvA innn.v ttinr. is n&til for
- -- -
by its building and healing properties
healthy, natural manner. It Is a wou-
i. V
aturday Matinee and Wight.
ou mi.rrA.BT baits avs
Direction Slg. A. Llberatt.
60 Musicians BO Tocallsts and Soloist
September 7th and 8th
miss anLiB Bvaiu la
Seats bow selling.
lftO. BSo, eOO. TBI
Z.aat time tonight) Mat. today any seat BSo
Air Dome
Tonight first Half of the Week
"The Bashful Admirer"
Admission ................... 10b and 80s
Change of play and specialties every
Sunday and Thursdays. The new show at'
the AIU DOMB is a "hit."
Xatlnee every day, BUB; every night, BilB
A Bight at a Circus; Xnla MoOonnell
and Orant Simpson; Edwin Barry and
company; fiddler and Bnelton; Chasslnoi
Milt Wood; Banka-Breaaeale Duo; Xiao
drome; Orpheum Concert Orchestra...'
rrloes 10c, .860 and 6uo.
fg I a-ast-Maater of Laugh Maker
ast-Maater of x.a.u-H h...M
DR. U ... .
curtis Hypnotist
Twice Dally at BUB and BUS. All
Seata BSn.
Sept. 10, Mrs. Annie Besant. Tfcsos-
onwni ephlsti Sept. II, (Mat. and Wight)
Ohio Male Chorus; Sept. IB and week,
Jefferson Xe Angslls Opera Oo.
Palfon Lodge flo.13
Aug. 30 to Sept.' 4
Jsa high
at the"DutchLunch served to your
card dub or any other function
It la delicious with a cheese
or chicken sandwich or a
welih rarebit.
A oop of our fine Coffee with a
Boston Xuneh Sandwloa la enough
for any appetite.
IBia Tarnam. 1408 Soaglas.
Vi i naki ill v. sell
Omaha Trunk Factory
We also earry a fine Une of Leather goods
Doug . 105B 1209 rainani tit. tad. A-10
One Dollar m Year-
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welah rarebit.
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