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Omaha Goes Down Another , Notch. Pittsburg Takes Stronger Hold On First Place
Topeka Scores Six Bam and Prac
tically Wins Game.
mt Gets Off Bndlr nd One Inn
romrt In, After Wklck Ho It'
foors in I-t Ar Mora
T.ytka Men Score.
TOPEKA, Kan.. Aug. 30. Omaha loot
another to Topeka today, T to . Keeley
was airtight (or tha (Irat Inning, but In
the second base on bells, followed by
two double, a triple and three singles
netted (lva run before anyone was down.
Then an Infield out pinched one and a
sacrifice fly acored another and rtten
took charge. He got away bad with a
double to atart with In the third, an Infield
out and a sacrifice bringing In the aeventh
score. But that waa all. He waa the real
atlngy gent the reat of the way.
Orlndell started to pitch for Topeka.
Aftr riaher waa down Fox walked and
acored on Xing'! ' double. Then Orindell
walked Kane and Welch and waa chased
away for Darrah, who walked Pendry,
coring King. Potta got a eacrlflce fly,
coring a third and that waa all. Omaha
did not have chance with Darrah, but
after h had acored two for Topeka in
the aeoond with hla blngle Cooley aent
Bolee to finish the game. He waa tight
until the aeventh, when he walked Patten
and Ftaher and let Fox get a double for
one run. Kane acored another with hla
alngle. After one waa down In the ninth
three scratch hlta In a row acored one,
but Bolea tightened up. Score:
' AB. R.
H. O. A. E.
110 0
t 1 6 0
110 0
1 12 0 0
0 10 0
0 12 0
0 18 0
10 0 0
0 0 10
0 0 0 0
24 14 0
H. O. A. E.
110 0
114 0
0 110
16 0 0
1 18 0 0
116 0
0 10 0
0 0 0 0
10 10
10 4 1
11 27 16 1
Fisher, If..
Fox, 2b
King, cf
Kane, lb
Weloh rf.t
Pendry, 8b ,
Potta, sa ,
, Uondtng, o
Keeley, p
Patten, p ,
C adman
U 6
Wooley, cf..,.
Keilly, rs
Oeler. rf
Kunkle, 3b.....
Landreth, If..
Abbott, lb
Kahl, 2b.......
Kerns, c. ......
Grindell, p
uarrah, p.
.... 1 1
Bolea, p t 0
Totala .....28
Batted for Patten In ninth.
Omaha I 0000020 1-6
Topeka ..0 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 -7
Three-base hit: Rellly. Two-baae hits:
King. Kahl, Wooley, Landreth. Hlta: Off
Urlndell, 1 in one-third Inning; off Darrah,
I In one and one third Innings; off Keuley,
6 In one and two-thirds Innings. Base on
lulls: Off Grindell, 3; off Darrah, 1; off
Boles, 3; off Keeley, 2; off Patten, 3.
(Struck out: By Boles, 1; by Patten, 1. Sac
rifice hits: Potta. Oeler. Landreth, Kahl,
Boles. Left on bases: Topeka, 6; Omaha,
1. Stolen baaex: Rellly, Abbott, Kane, Pen
dry, Patten. Double plays: Rellly to Kahl
to Abbott, Geler to Kerne. Time: 2:00. Um
pire:' Clarke. Attendance, 100.
Wine Oae from Bloax After Losing
TAknt Straight.
DENVER, Colo., Aug. 80. Denver played
renl base ball today, winning handily,
after losing eight straight. Durham, se
cured from Dea Moines, waa on the rub
ber, pitching one of he games like he once
did "for Louisville. Hla support wobbled
at times, but was good enough to stop
the Holmsltes. Ducky used three pitchers
and batted for one himself. As he struck
out he received rome Jeers. Denver hit
the ball hard and often In the third and
seventh Innings, especially In the seventh,
when five lilts and a sacrifice earned four
run. Denver'a hard hitting waa the fea
ture. Score:
AB. R. H. O. A K
Maag, 8b 8 2
Belden. If .. 8
Casaady, If 2
Jones, cf
Lindsay, lb..,,
Kiankard. 2b.,
Hartman, sa.
Haley, e
Durham, p....
1 14
Totala 83 T 11 27 11 !
AB. R. 11. O. A. E
Hmith. as 10 0 11
Andreaa, 2b 1111"
Hunter, lb 5 0 14
Towns, c 4 0 17 0
Shea, c 0 0 0 2 0
Welch. 8b 6 0 18 0
Stovall rf 5 0 2 2 0
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Sherman V McConnll Drug Co.
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lth and Harney.
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b (.'to.- rth aad Cass Sts.
Standing of th Teams
W.t,.Prt. W.UPct.
l Molnea.,70 47 Mil waukee ..7 M .W7
Hloux City. .. 70 48 ..;): Minneapolis 7 SO
'Omaha 64 66 .6SHI Louisville ...68 .aIT
Topeka MM .617i 8t. Paul fiS 70 .4X1
l'enver M M .404 Columbui ...65 70 . 4S1
Wichita M 62 .416 Toledo M Tl .474
Pueblo 4S 9 .411 Indianapolis 64 72 . 471
Lincoln 46 76 . 375, Kan. City. ...61 71 .4
W.I Pet. I W.L.Pct.
Pittsburg ....86 88 .7M!Detrolt 76 43 .3
Chicago 7H in .672 Philadelphia T4 4 .617
New York....t 46 .0i Boston 71 60 .&!
Cincinnati . .68 W .60S Cleveland ..61 60 .604
Philadelphia 66 61 .4741 Chicago 69 60 .466
St. Louie 4a 71 .3tiNew York. ..63 66 . 448
Brooklyn ...41 76 .8MRt. Louie ....60 S7 .4?7
Boston 32 16 .274 Washington 13 87 .878
. Western League Omaha at Topeka, Lin
coln at Pueblo, Hioux City at Denver, Dea
.Moines at Wichita.
National League Pittsburg at Boston,
Cincinnati at Brooklyn, Chicago at New
York. Hi. Loula at Philadelphia.
American League Washington at St.
Loula. Philadelphia at Chicago, New York
at Cleveland, Boston at Detroit.
American Association Indlanapolla at
Columbus, Louiavllle at Toledo. Milwaukee
at tit. Paul. Kanaaa City at Minneapolis.
Ed round son, cf..
Campbell, If
Chabek, p
Hess, p ,
Totala 86 1 (MM 4
Batted for Heaa In ninth.
Denver 0 0 1 0 1 0 4 0 7
Bloux City 1 010 0-1
Two-base hlta: Jones (2), Hart man, Cas
aady. Stolen bases: Smith, Andreaa, Sto
vall, Welch, Edmundson, Maag, Belden,
Jones, Llndaay. Sacrifices: Belden (2),
Cassady. Base on balls: Off Durham, ; off
Chabek, 2; off Hess, 1. Struck out: By
Durham, 8, by Chabek, 2; by Hess, I; by
Wilson, 1. Left on baaea: Denver, 7; Sioux
City, 13. Double plays: Chabek to Hunter,
Smith to Andreas to Hunter. Wild pitch:
Durham. Time: 1:66. Umpire: Haskell.
Sec sire An
Easy Poor
to One
WICHITA, Kan., Aug. 30.-Becaus Wich
ita was unable to solve McGregor's of
ferings today Des Moines won an easy
victory, 4 to 1. After the first inning,
Shaner pitched good ball, but hla team
mates were unable to help him. Des
Moines scored In the first on Pettlgrew's
error, a single and two base hits by Dwyer
and Nlehoff. Their last camn In the ninth
when Dalton hit the ball over tbe left field
fence. Wichita's only run was the result
of two bases on balls, an out, Williams'
error, and a hit. The score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Hughes, ZD 4 0 14 6
Mlddleton, rf 4 10 2 1
Pettlgrew, cf 4 0 0 1 0, Sb 2 0 12 0
Pennell, If 8 0 0 2 0
White, sm 8 0 0 1 4
Weaver, c 8 0 0 C 6
Armstrong, lb 8 0 18 2
Shaner, -p 80 0 1 1
Totals 2 1 1 27 5
A D. R. H. O. A.
Dalton. rf
Colligan, ss
Miittick, cf
Dwyer, lb
Nlehoff, ,1b
Kerner, If
Williams, 2b....
Lewis, c,
McGregor, p....
... 4
... 4
... 4
... 8
... 4
... 2
... 2
... 4
0 i
0 '
S3 4 10 27 17
Wichita 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Des Moines 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 14
Struck out: By Shaner, 6; by Mc
Gregor. 1. Bases on balls: Off Shaner,
6; off McGregor, 8. Hit bf pitched
ball: By Shaner, Nlehoff. Stolen . bases:
Hughes. Sacrifice hit: Lewis. Two-base
hlta: Dwyer, Nlehoff. Kerner. Home run:
Dalton. Double plays: - Mlddleton to
Weaver; McGregor to Colllgan to Dwyer.
Left on bases: Wichita. 4; Des Moines, 9.
Time: 1:55. Umpires: Derrick and Glenal
vln. Attendance: 400.
PUEBLO, Colo.. Aug. SO.-Pueblo pre
sented a crippled line-up today and an
Swift was pounded hard, while Farthing
wai u puxzle throughout, Lincoln won by
a one-sided score of 10 to 0. Swift was re
lieved In the sixth, the visitors having
scored in every Inning. Aside from the
Flfhlng of Farthing nnd the hitting of the
visitors the only feature waa the work of
Gagnirr at short. The score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E,
Wald: on, rf ,
Omnier, ss ,
Jude, If ,
Thomas, lb
Davidson, cf .
Cockman, 8b
Hogrlever, 2b
Maaon, e ...
Farthing, p
6 0
. 4
. 2
. 6
. 8
. 4
Totals 86 10 16
AB. R. H
27 15
A. E.
0 0
Curtis, ir 6
Prltchett. ss .... 4
Clark, lb 4
Garaner, rf 4
Mitie. cf 4
Locke. 8b
Walters, 2b ....
Welgert. c
Swift, p
McGee, p
Totals 84 0 5 27 15 2
Lincoln 21811010 lTTj
Put bio 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Stolen bates: Juda, Gagnler, Cockman.
Two-hate hit: Davidson. Three-base hlta:
Davidson, Waldron tit. Double play: Gag
nler to Thomas. Hit by pitched ball:
Swift. Sacrifice hlta: Cockman (2), Jude,
Thoma.4, Mason. Passed ball: Welgert.
Struck out: By Farthing, 7; by Swift, 1;
by McGee, 1. Bases on balls: Off Swift,
x; off McGee, 1. Time of game: 1:46. At
tonaanca: iOO. Umpire: Mullen.
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2. Therefore, EClentiflc meli-al treatment la
3. In rno of sickness no: :o but tho best should
ho ucce;tJ.
world over nul proved ti merit In
Harney fjtreit Car from eltlier depot. -
Game Botween Pittsburg and Brook
lyn Largely a Pitcher' Battle.
A Wild Throw by Hertren Tarns the
Scale In Favor of the
National League
BROOKLYN, Aug. BO.-The Plrtsburgs
made It four straight by winning their get
away game of the season here today, 2
to 1. The contest was largely a pitchers'
battle. The winning tally was a gift on a
wild throw by Bergen, the only error of
the contest. Myers. Brooklyn's outfielder,
made his debut and while he failed to get
any hits, fielded his position well. Pitcher
Dent of the Winston-Salem team Joined
the Brooklyns today. Score:
B.H.O. A.. B.H.O.A.B.
Brrna, lb. ... I 111 ftnurrh. ef....l I I 0
Leanh. cf ... 4 1 0 Orw-msnt. If . .. 4 1 0
riarka, If ... 4 110 OMrRlrsss, lb 4 0 4 I 0
Vnur, ... 4 0 1 Oslrers, rf 4 I 0 0
Miller. Xb ... I 114 0Jorji. lb... 4 1 14 t 0
Almoin, lb.. I IU I OHumm.l. lb.. I 111
Wilson, rf.... I 10 0 OMrMtllan. as. I 1 I I 0
Oiton, c 4 1 t OB.ff.n, 0....I Sill
LsirtoM, a... 2.1 I OMclntrra. p.. I 4
Totals St 7 87 14 0' Totals M ( 17 II 1
Pittsburg 00010010 02
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 -l
Two-base hit: Ciarke. Sacrifice hits:
Abstain, Bergen. Double plays: Hummel
to Jordan; McElveen to Jordan. Left on
baaes: Pittsburg, (; Brooklyn, 4. Banes on
balls: Off Lelfleld, 1; off Mclntyre, 2. Hit
by pitcher: By Mclntyre, Byrne. Wilson.
Struck out: By Mclntyre, 2., Time: 1:27.
Umpires: O'Day and Kane.
Reds Win In Tenth.
BOSTON, Aug. 80. Cincinnati won a ten
tnnlng contest today from Boston, 6 to 8.
Ferguson weakened In the last half of the
game, while Ilowan grew stronger. Errors
were responsible for two of the visitors'
runs. Score:
B.H.O.A.E. B.H.O.A.B.
Teacher. If.. I 0 I 0 (Thomas, If... I 0 I
Pssk.rt, cf...4 111 OBerksr, rt...,4 1100
Hohlitt.l, lbS I 11 0 OFhssn. lb.... 4 0 4 8 0
Mitchell. rt..4 1 8 0 ft Beaumont, ef I 1 I 0 0
Eein, lb I 1 1 t 0SMi7. lb.. 4 ft 1 8 1
Lobort. lb.... 6 Oil OAutrer. lb... I 0 11 0
Downey, .. 4 1 ft 4 0 Graham, a.... 1141
Clark, c 4 0 4 0 OCotter. .... 4 1111
Rowan, p.... 101 OrsriiMon, p.. 4 ft 0 8 0
Totala I I 10 It JTotals II I 10 II I
Cincinnati - 010002000 26
Boston 2 10000000 08
Two-base hits: Beaumont, Mitchell, Gra
ham, Hoblltzel. Sacrifice hlta: Beckur,
Graham, Paskert. Stolen baaes: Egan (2),
l'askert. Becker, Coffee. Left on baaes:
Cincinnati, 1; Boston, t. , Bases on balls:
Off Rowan, 6; off Ferguson, 6. Base on
errors: Cincinnati, 1. Struck out: By
Rowan, 4; by Ferguson, 3. Passed ball:
Graham. Time: 2:00. Umpire: Emails.
Phillies Defeat Cardinals.
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 30.-PhlIadelphla
today won the fourth straight game from
St. Louts, the score being 8 to 2. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A.E.
Orant, lb 4 110 ftBtrbaau. lb.. 4 0 11ft
Hates, rf 4 1 I 0 0 Kilts. If 4 1 1 ft 0
Titus, rf 4 1 0 0 OKonctchy, lb 8 0 14 0 0
Mates, If.... 4 110 Krani, rf....3 ft ft ft 0
hr'nifl.ld, lb I 110 1 lRhaw. rf 1 ft 1 ft ft
Ward, lb I ft I I ODclahantr. ef 4 0 I 0 0
Doolaa, as..
Dooln, e....
Moora, p...
.1 0 8 4 OBre.nahao. lb I 1 ft I 1
8 18 1 OStorka. U....4 lit
.10 10 0 Harmon, p. .. 1 0 0 0 0
Luah, p 1 0 0 1 ft
27 7 r; io l'Huiiwiu .f.ioi)oo
Mowrer .... 1 1 0 0
Total! II 14 11 1
Batted for Harmon In eighth.
Batted for Lush In ninth.
Philadelphia 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 S
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 22
Two base hit: Bransfleld. Three baae
hit: Titus. Bases on balls: Off Mnnrav a-
off Harmon, 2. Struck out: By Moore. 7;
"j tiunn, i. x-aasea Dan: rneips. um
pire: Rlgler.
' Cabs and Giants Divide.
NEW YORK, Aug. 20. -Chicago and New
York split even In today's double .header,
exchanging shutouts. The visitors took
the first game. 2 to 0. after eleven Innlnn
of play, while the locals captured the sec
ond. 6 to 0. Both contests were pitchers'
oaiiies. rreisier aoing slightly better than
Ames, and Matbewson belna much auner.
lor to Roulbach, Chicago's two rune In
the first game resulted from hits by
Evers. Schulte'and Steinfeldt and sacri
fices by Shcckard and Chance. In the
fifth Inning of the second contest the New
Yorks bunched four hits with two Chica.
errors and a pass and scored five times.
Seymour making one of these runs by a
clean steal of home. Score first game:
B.H.O.A B. B.HO.A.B.
Kara, lb 4 1 1 I ODoyla. lb.... I I I I ft
Shrckard, If.. 4 0 I ft OSeymoar. ef..l I 1 ft ft
Schulla, rt .. 5 110 ftHarmg. If.. ..I 1 1 ft 1
Cttanre, lb... 4 ft 10 1 0O Hara. If. ... 0 ft ft 0 0
gtlnfldt, lb 4 I 10 0Mjrars 1 ft ft ft ft
Hnfman. cf...l ft 7 ft OVurrar, rf... 4 ft 4 0 0
Tinker, sa.... I 14 1 ODevlln. lb.... I ft t 1 0
Archer, C....4 ft 4 I 1 Brldwell, aa..4 0 110
rretater. p .. I ft 1 1 OMerkla. lb... 4 1 11
Srhlel, e I 1
Total! M M It 1 Atnea, p 4 ft ft ft
Totals 3 II it 1
Batted for O'Hara In the eleventh.
Chlcag 0 000000000 22
New York 0 000000000 0-0
Two-base hits: Seymour, Tinker. Doyle,
Steinfeldt (2). Three-base hit: Tinker. Sac
rifice hits: Pfelster, Scheckard. Sacrifice
fly: Chance. Stolen base: Murray. Left
on bases: Chicago. 7) New York, 7. First
base on errora: Chicago, 1. Double play:
Chance and Tinker. Struck out: By Ames,
7; by Pfelster, 8. Base on balls: Off Ames,
8; off Pfelster, 8. Hit by pitched ball: By
Pfelster, Schlel. Balk: Pfelster. Time:
2:15. Umpires: Johnstone and Klem.
Score second game:
B.H.O.A.E. B H O A B
Doyla. lb ... I ft 0 I ORt, lb 4 1 l
Bcymour, cf . 4 lift 0 Shcckard, It.. 4 ft 1 ft
Hrio. If S ft I ft OSchulU. rf..,4 1 ft ft
Murray, rf...4 0 I ft ortmnca, lb... 4 I II ft ft
Skater, lb ... I ft ft I 1 Stelnfdt, lb I I I 1 ft
Brldwall. ss. 4 ft I 1 OHolman. of. .. I ft ft ft a
Srkl, lb...l 1 10 ft OTIna.r, as.... I 0 14 1
Kws. e 1 1 I ft OArcbsr, e I ft t ft 1
Maibawaon, pi 1 ft 2 OHsulbach. p.. I ft ft t ft
Totals M I 17 I 1 Totals M "l M lit "
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
New York 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 4
Two-base hits: Steinfeldt. Seymour. Sac
rifice hlta: Steinfeldt, Reulbach. Stolen
bases: Murray t2), Seymour. Shafer. Left
on bases: Chicago, 6; New York, 4. Baae
on balls: Off Reulbach. 8. First base on
errors: Chicago, 1; New York, 1. Double
plays: Doyle. Hrldwell and Merkle. Struck
out; By Reulbach, 6: by Mathewson, 2.
Hit by pitched ball: By Reulbach, Myers
Wild pitch: Reulbach. Time: 1;30. Um
pires: Klem and Johnstone.
Bloomlaajton Wins Close Contest from
RLOOMINGTON. 111.. Aug. 30Steiger's
wild pitching today helped Bloomlnfrion to
score the winning run In a close 2 to 1
victory over Springfield. Score: RHE
lUocmlngton .00000010 1 202
Springfield ...00000001 0 1 10 2
Batteries: Bloomlngton. Steen, Davidson
and Smith; Springfield, Steiger and John
son. DAVENPORT. la.. Aug. V -Cedar
Rapids fell an easy prey to Davenport to
day, the home team win ing, 7 to 1. Score:
Davenport ....00101 280 782
Cedar Kaplds. O01000O0O-166
Faiterlea: Davenport, Gordon and Smith'
Ceiiar K .Hp Ids, Foster and Uohrer.
PEORIA. III.. Aug ).-Dccatur suffered
a shutout today, Peoria putting two run
across the plate In the fiisl and an
other In the fourth. Score: R H E
Peoria 20010000 862
Decatur 00000000 0 062
Ilauerles: Peoria. Walsh aid Higglns;
Decatur. Cowali, Loomls, McNamara and
DUBUQUE. Ia . Aug. SO-Hock Island to
day deflated Dtihiio,ue. 7 to 4. In a raggedly
fliidid paiim. each team commlulnr fivj
errors. Score: R jj.
Dul.uo.tie ...000080001 0- 495
l.rrk Dland 0 0 01 0080087 11 5
Biltertrs: Dubuque, Ffrrla. Inv nnd
'.' bite; Buck Island. LaUaff and Stark.
Whirr Slants Oat Bancroft.
Wir.NER Neb., Aus,. .1 (Speclil.)-Th'
. t-:: -i s; f l I ancrofi yestciday and
n.d a jci' . it .e l h the toaiu of thai
'ace. the vixi:ois s.M-t.lnr lUncrort ou
i-n 8 to 0. Bitiiriia: 1. Hat:sen-
ger and Bassenger; Wlsner. "chwart and
Jacek. The Wlsner home people witnessed
two games on home grounds by the Gun
club and All-star, and the Plum Creek
and Rock Creek, country teams.
gamer in American: association
Milwaukee Wlaa from nt. fknl In the
Klnth Inalasr.
ST. PAUL, Aug. 80. Milwaukee won out
in the ninth today on a base on balls,
Warner's double, a sacrifice and Gehrlng's
wild pitch. St. Paul hit Wacker hard, but
poor work on the bares lost them the game.
B.H.O.A.E.' B.H.O.A.B.
Ftantell, rf... 4 1 8 ftDSTli. rf 4 18
Robinson, ss. I 1 I 1 fts.nrker, m .i 1 1 1 1
Barry. lh..l. I 1 I 1 0 Murray. If... 4 ft 1 ft ft
Slrank, ef.... 1 I 1 OA -mb'stsr. lb I I T
Bsmtt, If... I 8 Ocnsr-h. 8 1ft I
Clark, lb 1118 ftO'Brlen. lb.. 4 1
MeTarm'k, lb 4 1 I OUesa. ef 4 1 S
Morsn. I ft I ftWrlflay, lb.. 1 I 1
TVirksr, p.... I ft ft loohrlnt, p .. I I I ft
Moiyna, p.. ft ft I oRyss ft ft
Wamsr .... llftft
Domasrty .. TeUla M mil I
Totals M 1 17 11 1
Batted for Wacker In the ninth.
Han for Warner In the ninth.
Han for O'Brien In the ninth.
Randall out, hit with pitched ball.
ft- Paul 001020000-8
Milwaukee 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 24
Two-base -hits: Armbruster -2). Oehrlng,
Wsrner. Stolen bases: Oehrlng. MoCor
rniek. Double play: McCormlck to Barrv.
Hits: Off Wacker, In eight Innings; off
McGlynn, 1 in one Inning. First base on
balls: Off Oehrlng, 7; off Wacker, 2.
Struck out: By Oehrlng, 8; by Waoker, t
Wild pltoh: Oehrlng. Sncrlfloe hits: Car
Isch. Wrlgley. Barry, Clark. Sacrifice fly:
Robinson. Left on bases: St. Paul, 4;
Milwaukee. T. Time: 1. ITmnlrea: Ownna
and Guthrie.
Toledo Wins froaa Loalavlllo.
TOLEDO. Aug. 80. Clayton allowed only
two hits, but gave nine baaes on balls,
three of which figured in the run getting.
Toledo's first run was forced In in the
sixth, when with the basee full Elwert
was hit by Clayton. . A bone in Helta's
right hand was. broken, and he will be out
of the game for some time. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A.B.
Raftsrr, If... I ft ft 0 0 Ovinia ry, rf. 4 11 ft 0
Hlnrhman, lb 8 1 8 ( OSnlllran. lb . 4 1 .1 1
rrseman. lb. 1 . 1 11 1 0 slorlarlty. ts4 l.ft
moot, of I ft I ft OFralon. 11... . 8 1 1 ft
McCarthy, rf. 4 0 I 1 ORalm. lb I I 11 0 ft
Elwsrt, lb... I 0 11 oOlson,' lb 4 1.8 1 0
Land, a 4 0 4 1 ftWoodniif, ef. 4 ft 1 ft
Lynch, ss.,.,1 ft I 4 - lPctts. . o...... 8 I 1 1 ft
MrSurdy, p.. 10 ft 1 ftHuihsa, e..!. 1 ft 0 ft
Clayton, p... I' 0.1
Total!. .....2: 2 n 1 1 Vsufha ....10 ft ft ft
'"' ' Touii. 14 M M 14 1
Batted for Clayton in the ninth.- '
Toledo- ......;..0 ' 01 0 1 1
Louisville .0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01
Left on bases: . Toledo, ; Louisville, a
Double plays: Hlnchman, Lynch and Free
man; Morlarlty. Olson and Salm: Morlartty.
Olaon, Hughes and Olsons Hit by pltohed
dsn: liiiwert. Bases on balls: Off McSurdy.
1; off Clayton, 9. Sacrifice hits: Freeman,
nmoot, salm. Stolen bases: Raftery, Free
man, McSurdy. Struck out: By McSurdy.
6; by Clayton. 1. Time:. 1:60. Umpire. Sul
livan. -
. Hooslere Wis la Eleveath.
COLUMBUS. Aug. 80 Indianapolis, .by
bunching hits In the first and eleventh
Innings and with help of Columbus' errors
In the fourth . and fifth, took . the second
game of the series, 6 to 4. Llndaman waa
hit hard In the seventh when the score
was tied up on three singles and Con-
galton's triple. Carr'a triple In the eleventh
scored Spencer with the winning run.
Score: ,
B.H.O.A.B. ' .B.H.O.A.B.
Chidb'rns. 114 I 4 ft exrnitr, cf... 4 1 1 ft 1
Hsrdsn, rf... 4 0 1 ft OOdwsll, lb.... 5 1 11 1 ft
Spencer; cf. .. I I 4 ft ftronfslton, rf 8 I 2 0
Carr, lb ,6 111 OCIaike. If.'... 110
Burks, lb.... 4 ft 1 1,00'Roarks, lb. 8 I 4 8
Howler. 0....6-1 1 1 lQulnlan, as.. 4' 8 4 0
Williams, lb. 4 ft 7 i Ifthrack. c.,.4 ft T I ft
Hopks. ss.... I 1 ( misl, lb I 0 1.1
I.lDdaman, p., 4 1 OLUhhardt, p. I 1 0 4 ft
James.. 1.0 0
Touli 40 10 M II I . .. .
, Total .41 10 II 14 4
Batted' for LleblYardYln the eleventh. '
Columbus ......1 0.0 0. 0 0 2 0 0 0 04
Indianapolis ...2 J) . 1 , 1 , 0 0 0 0 0 2-4
Sacrifice hits:. Odwell, ' Qulnlan, Hayden.
Sacrifice fly: Williams. Base on balls: Off
Llebhardt, 1; off Llndaman, 8. Two-base
hit: Llndaman. Three-base hits:' Congal
ton, Carr. Double plays: Congalton, Lleb
hardt to Qumlan; Hopke, Williams to Carr.
Hit by pitched ball: O'Rourke. ' Burke.
Struck out: By Llebhardt, f; by Llndaman,
1. Time:. 1:47. Umpires: - Conahan and
MUIers Win from Batchers.
MINNEAPOLIS, , Aug. 30. Opportune
hitting won for Minneapolis today from
Kansas City in the second game of the
series 8 to 4. Olmstead was batted hard,
but was lucky and kept- the hits scat
tered with the . exception of one Inning.
Altrock went in In the ninth and allowed
but one hit. Score:
O. Collins, cf I 18 0 1 B.H.O.A.B.
Oyler. as I 0 4 1 Oghannoc,' cf.. I ft I ft A
Downs, lb.... 4 ft I I IShay. ss I 1 1 ft ft
Pickering, rf. 4 I ft ft ftP.erklsy. lb... I 6 ft ft
CraTsth, If... 4 110 Hsllman. rf.. 1 8 ft 1
J.Collins, lb. 4 1 1 4 ftrarllsls. If... I 1 8 ft ft
Qulllin. lb... 8 1 10 I OHetllnf. lb... 4 ft 1 8 ft
Block, a 4 III ftBraahesr, lb. 11(10
Olmstaad, p.. 4 I 1 1 OSulltTsn, e... 4 ft 4 1 ft
Altrock, p.... ft 1 ftSwan, p 8 10 4 0
Lor 1 1 ft ft 0
Touts IT 16 17 15 8 '
Totals M 10 14 8 1
Love batted for Swan In the ninth.
Minneapolis 0 2 0 2 t 0 0 0
Kansas City 00108 1 00 04
Home runa: Block, Carlisle. Two-base
hits: Cravath (2), O. Colllni, Beckley.
Bases on. balls: Off Swan, 1; off Ol in
stead, 4; off Altrock, '1. Struck out: By
Olmstead, 2; by Altrock, 1; by Swan, 2.
Sacrifice hit: Quillln. Stolen base: Shan
non. Hits: Off Olmstead, I In eight and
one-third Innings; off Altrock, 1 In two
thirds of an Inning. Left on bases: Min
neapolis, t; Kansas City, t. Time: 1:46.
Umpire: King.
Philadelphia Posmds Seott Hard aad
Shot Oot Chlcagro.
CHICAGO, Aug. 80. Philadelphia pounded
Scott hard in the flrat two Innings and
won easily by t to 0. Sutor rsplaced Scott
in the third and allowed only one run a
home run drive Into the left field bleach
ers by Murphy In the sixth. Plank held
the locals to one hit until the ninth, when
they made two more. Messenger, a re
cruit from Fall River, and Patterson, for
merly with the St. Louis Americana, made
their flrat appearanoe In a Chicago uni
form. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. BH.O.A.B.
HartHl, If..
Barry, ss. ...
Collins, lb..
Baksr, lb....
Davis, lb
114 0 AH!sr. rf... 1 ft 1 ft
1)020 MssswncsT. rt 1 1 ft ft
4 111, ss..,.! 0 18 1
401 OCols. ef 4 1 I 0
4 110. ft ftDougksrty, If I 1 I ft 0
111 0ItbU.-lb 1010
Murphy, rf.
Oldrlns. cf..,4 1 Psttsrsoa, lb I 0 1 1 1
Tnonias, ... 4 Oft OTsnnshiu, lb 4 1 I ft ft
.4 1 ft 8 ft An, lb I ft I I l
.11 T n 11 ftScott, p.
Bator, p.
..ft ft 0 ft ft
Totals I 17 11 8
Chicago ....0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Philadelphia 1 8 0.0 0 1 0 0 0-6
Homo ran: Murphy. ' Hits: Off Scott,
4 In two Innings; off Sutor, 8 in seven in
nings. Sacrlfloe hits: Parent, Murphy.
Stolen bases: Hartael, Plank, Dougherty.
Left on bases: Chicago, (; Philadelphia.
4. Baaes on balls: Off Scott. 1; off Sutor,
1; off Plank. 8. Struck out: By Scott. 1;
by Sutor, 4; by Plank. 8. Paa.ied ball:
Owena. Time: 1:40. Umpires: Evans and
Cleveland Defeats Boatoo.
CLEVELAND. Aug. SO Cleveland de
feated Boston today. 4 to 2. Wood was hit
safely w hen hits counted for runs and his
wildness helped the runuera around. Berger
kept the hlta scattered. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A.B.
rilrk. rt 4 114 OMlss, If.... 4 1 ft ft
Hlnchman. 11 4 1 ft Urd. lb 4 8
StiiTsll, lb... 4 SBpsakar, cf... I 1 I ft ft
Ijo.s. 2b.... 1 I 1 I trtraslsr, rf .1 I ft ft ft
Ilcmis. c I ft I I OWaensr. ss... I 1 I ft
Birm'hsai. ef I I 1 ft OSiaal. lb. 4 ft 11 ft ft
Psrrlnt. lb. .. 1 I 4 1 M l "ansll, lb I 8 4 8 ft
Ball, ss I 114 irarrljao. c. 4 I I ft
brsr, P 8 ft I 4 ood. p I 1 1 ft
Hall. p....... 1 ft ft ft
Totals !tlll I ;
Totals kt II '4 U ft
Cleveland 0 0101020 4
Boston 0 1 0 0 0 1 0-2
To-l,at 'hits: Oessler Birmingham.
Sacrifice hits: Nllea Bemls. Stolen baaea:
aKiier. Speaker. Lord. Double playa:
Warner to Mcc'onnell to stahl. Ball to
Lejoie to Stovall. McConnell to Stahl.
11, ta: Cff Wood, 8 In aevan Innings. First
last on halls: Off Berger, 1 Struck out:
11 Berger, 8; by Wood, 2; by Hall. 1.
Wild pitch: Wood '3i. Left on baae-
Cleveland. 2; Boston, 11. Time: 1:63. Um
pires; Kerin and Connelly.
Brosrai Blank Senator.
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 30. St. Louis easily de
feated Washington today, scoring eight
runs while Bailey was shutting out the
visitors. Score:
McAleese, rf. 4 I I ft
0 Drown, rf.
1 1
Stone. If 4 I I ft ngrbsefsr. lb.. I
Hartelt, sa .t lift Ol'nelsub, lb.. I
Ho'tman, ef..l 1 I lLlyll. It... 1
OMin, lb.... I 0 I ft lYnhe, lb I
Psitis, lb. ... I 1 I ft 0 K II lifer, ef -If I
Crlasr. e 1 lift 1 McBrlds. SS..4
Hew. II, lb... 4 111 ORlreet. e 4
Ballsy, p I ft ft 1 On rooms, p.... 4
sisttery ....1
Total H 11 IT I IMIIIsr, ef....8
1 1 I
1 11 1
1 0 ft
Totals IF. T 84 11 1
Batted for Lellvelt In the third.
Rt. Louis 2 1 1 0 0 1 0 2 8
Washington 00000000 0-0
Two-base hits: Browne, Hartsell. Three
base hit: Stone. Sacrifice hits: Miller,
Crlger, Bailey, Hoffman. Stolen base: Fr
rla. Left on bases: St. Louis. 8; Wash
ington, 11. Base on balls: Off Bailey, 2:
off Grooms, 8. Struck out: By Bailey, 9;
by Groome, 5. Passed ball: Crlger, 2;
Street, 1. Wild pitch: Groome, Time:
1:5a. Umpire: Egan.
Raster Contingent Is Apparently
Without Leader.
NEW YORK. Aug. 80,-Entrles for the
annual amateur championship of th
United States at the Chicago club,
Wheaton, III., beginning next Monday,
closed tonight but, as usual, at least
twenty-four hours extra will be allowed
for delayed malls before the complete list
Is announced. Meanwhile eastern golfers.
Intent upon defestlng the western com
petitors, are wondering to whom they will
pin their faith In the contest. They find
themselves In a singularly uncertain state,
as the unprecedented rush of spring tour
naments around New York has been fol
lowed by a dearth of summer competitions
to show the present form of the various
aspirants. That such a program Is a mis
take Is the opinion expressed tonight by
a local official, who points out that the
west, on the other hand has had Its best
competitions during the Isst six weeks,
leading naturally to the greatest chani
plonshp of the year.
The chief hope of the metropolitan con
tingent, will probably rest upon Walter J.
Travis and Fred Herreshoff, although the
present form of both these men Is some
what problematical. Travis's gorf for
some weeks past has been confinedN to
practice games. Earlier In the summer he
had a relapse from the splendid form he
showed in the spring, which gave him
the. Metropolitan championship after the
keenest struggle In the hlHtory of that
competition.; Herreshoff has not pub
licly appeared on the links for about two
months, except In the Ekwanck club's
tournament at Manchester, Vt., when he
proved Invincible In the strongest field
of th vacation period. Herreshoff was
the national runner up in the year that
Chandler Egan of Chicago won the chlvf
prise at Baltusrol, but has never captured
a title since his school days.
It Is doubtful If Jerome D. Travers,
present title holder, will start even If his
entry Is received. He has hardly played
off his home course all summer.
. Ebem M. Byers of Pittsburg, ex-nattonal
champion, will not play owing to the re
cent death of a brother.
Seen res John Home, Indian Tooted
a Henvy Batter.
LINCOLN. Aug. 80 (Sneclal Telegram 1
The Lincoln base ball club has acquired
John House, the fleet Indian outfielder
with Burlington last year and the batting
leader in the Central association. The re
lease of House was purchased by Lincoln
last winter, but the Indian Jumped to the
Pacific coast outlaws later. Joining Sacrrt
mento in the Pacific coast league, where
he has been playing sensational ball. He
Is. to Join Lincoln next Thursday for tho
series with Wichita. The Lincoln manage
ment pays Burlington $.".00 for his release.
Pitcher Jack Forrester has been released
by the Lincoln management.
Snyder Easy for Dodge.
rrrnn M.1. A .. sn .q.ui.i t.!..
gram.) Dodge defeated Snyder Sunday in
a one-sided game, 1 4to 1. The. feature of
the game was the' heavy hitting of Dodge.
Batteries: Dodge, Hoffman and Butler:
Snyder, Black and Jensn. Hits: Dodge,
14; Snyder, 4. i
Superior Oat With Challenge.
SUPERIOR, Neb., Aug. 90. (Special Tele
gram.) Superior won todays game from
Hastings by a score of 8 to 2. Batteries:
Slsemore and Depew: Donovan and Schoon
over. Superior challenges any Nebraska
or Kansas team. Including the western
league, for 1G0, the game to be played here.
Beatrice si Winner.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Aug . Special Tele
gram.) Beatrice defeated the Nebraska
Hardware ball team of Lincoln thin even
ing by a score of 1 to 3. The visitors play
at Fllley tomorrow.
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Sheepshead Bay Stake Ooei to Keene'i
Ben Brush Colt.
About Fifteen Thonaand Peraona See
the Event Stake la Worth
m.OOO o tho
NEW YORK. Aug. 80,-So hard held that
his head lay almost In his riders lap and
yet maintaining his graceful long stride
and with his fleetness of foot unimpaired
James R. Keenes Sweep, a son of Brush
Hlnk Domino, won the twenty-second run
ning of the futurity at Sheepshead Bsy
Five lengths back, ridden out with whip
and heel to beat Sweep's stable mate.
Grasmem, a short length for the plaoo,
staggered the tired Montpeller stables can
didate, Candleberry, also a son of th
sire of Sweep. Angerone, an added
starter, was a fairly good fourth, but the
other nine contestants were beaten off and
well strung out over a furlong. The time
for the six furlongs was 1.11. Sweep'
share of the purse of 831,000 was 127.000.
No day fairer than this ever had dawned
for the running of the futurity, whnh Is
the blue ribbon event of the American
turf for 2-year-olds, and always carries
the richest purse hung up for the baby
racers. Sunshine, a cloudless sky and a
rippling breeze all united , to make life
worth living to the 16.000 spectators.
Only Three Scratches,
Of the fourteen horses which were an
nounced as starters, three Big Stick, Dull
Care and Glennadean were scratched, but
two other eligible Angerona and San-
drlan were saddled In the hope that they
might land a portion of the rich prise.
The Keene entry was Installed a . hot fa
vorite In the betting, and at the -opening
odds, T to 5, the multitude swooped down
upon the memory brokers with such
bundles of money that the layers were
forced to cut the price until at post time.
9 to 10, was the best price In sight.
Many of them rubbed the entry off their
programs completely. Csndleberry was
well played at 8 to 1, but his price never
theless had risen to 4 at the- close, with
9 to 5, that he would not run second. Bar
ley Thorpe and Rocky O'Brien also had
many admirers and O.e sharpshooters all
over the ring were wagering small sums
on the long shots in the hope of making
a killing. The irascible temper of Sweep
resulted again today In his being ' led to
the post while the other candidates pa
raded past the stand and received the
plaudits of the spectators. Arrived at the
barrier, Sweep by his unrullness delayed
the start ten minutes, then the woblng
flashed and the thirteen horses were away
to a good start.
Sweep Off In Lead.
Sweep was off on his tiptoes, closely fol
lowed by Barley Thorpe, Orasmere, Mall
tine and General Armstrong. There was
a good deal of crowding, however, and
Sweep fell back behind Grasmere and
Barley Thorpe Into third position. Can
dleberry - had got away badly, but was
making his way through the Jumble and
striking out for the leaders.
At the quarter, Orasmere still waa lead
ing and Barley Thorpe was at his withers
and coming fast, Bulwell on Sweep then
straightened out his mount and for a few
seconds gave him his head. Sweep an
swered with sameness and at the five
furlong pole led by a length and a half
with Candleberry second. At this point
the race ended so far as first place was
concerned, for Bulwell put his charge un
der wraps and simply galloped home. -
A sixteenth from the finish It looked
like Keene would take first and second
places, for Candleberry had given way
to Grasmere, which was leading him by
a full length, while Barley Thorpe wan
but an eyelash behind Candleberry. Mua-
a new cigar-
grave. however, went to th whip and
atlrred up the loitering Candleberry, Inch
by Inch he cut down Orasmere' lead.
The spectators yelled with frenay. Neck
and neck the two horses raced, but Gras
mere began to falter. Sooville used his
whip, but with no effect. The Meddler
colt's energy was spent and h fell back
beaten by a short length on the wire.
Meantime Sweep had orossed the mark
majestically and was being applauded by
the multitude, and Mr. Keene was receiv
ing the congratulations of his friends on
having five times won tha elaaalo fu
turity. Summaries:
First race, the Salvahle. selling, seven "
furlongs, main course, lino added Prlnoa
Gal (118, Butwell, 8 to lti) won. Dr Hols
berg (lflfi. Gilbert. 10 to 1) second. High
Range (101. Garner, 8 to 1) third. Time
1 :M"-t Cliff Enge, Bethlehem and Half
HI i if also ran.
Second race, the Kendor, selling, one mile
and an eighth, 2.i00 added: Eye Bright (140,
Butler, 16 to 5) won, Summer Night (87
Garner, 8 to 1) second, Kllllncrankte (31
A. Smith, to 1) third. Time: 1;53 Bird
of Flight II. Everard, Yama, Chanlda a:wl
Jack Baker also ran.
Third race, fall handicap, for t-year-nlds
and up, six and a half furlongs, main
course, value 81.600: Besome (107, Grand.
4 to 1) won, Demund (123. Butwell. 8 to 1)
second. Jack Atkln (140, Nlcol, S to 8) third.
Time: 1:18. King Cobalt, Angelu. Mary
Davis, Arondsck and Rose Queen also ran.
Jack Atkln added starter.
Fourth race, the futurity, six furlongs,
futurity course, 810.000 added: Sweep (126,
Butwell, t to 101 won. Candleberry (117,
Musgrave, 4 to 1) second. UrassmerA (122.
Scovllle, t to 10) third. Time: 1:11S. Rocky
O'Brien, Barleythorpe, Lothario. Perry
Johnson, Naughty Hoy, The General Arm
strong, Sticker, Malltlne, San drain and An
gerona also ran. Sweep and Grassmere
cot pled.
Fifth race, the Proctor Knott, s-rr-olds
and up, one mile and a sixteenth, turf
course, 8T.00 added: Etherlal (S, Creevy,
8 to 1) won, Nimus 018, Butwell, 13 to 20)
second. Question Msrk (103, McCahoy, 12
to 1) third. Time: 1.40,. Albert Star and
Juc,gler also ran.
Sixth race, the McCaten, t-year-olds, five
and a half furlongs, futurity course. JtOO
added: tineas Chief (117, Dugan. 12 to 5)
won. Billiard Ball (115, Page, 15 to 1) second.
Big Stick (117, McCarthy, 7 to R) third.
Time: 1:06. St. Detntol also ran.
Resalta at Bnffalo.
BUFFALO, N. Y., Aug. 80. A good Mon
day crowd turned out for the opening day
of the laat week of the fall racing at Fort I
Erie. Summaries:
First race, maiden, five furlongs; Count
less, S to 1, won; Ibex, 6 to 2, second; Dan
gerous March, 1Z to . third. Time: l:fH
Second race, selling, five furlongs and a
half; Delf. 15 to 1. won; Inflextlon, 8 to 1,
second; La Toupee, 10 to 1, third. Time:
l;0fi. ,
. Third race, steepleohase, handicap, short
course; Class Leader, to 6. won; Man
sano. 8 to 1, second; Llsile Flat, t to 5,
third. Time: 8:46-
Fourth race, handicap, mile and seventy
yards; Granla, 7 to L won; Palamon, 12 to
second; All Kea. to z, intra, lime:
Fifth race, selling, six furlongs; Ben
Double, 8 to S, won; St. Jeannle, 2 to 1,
second; Alice George, I to 1, third. Time:
Sixth race, six fin-longs, selling; caaque.
4 to 1, won; Al Muller. 23 to 5, second;
Marchmonet. 5 to 1, third. Time: 1:12.
Seventh race, mile and three-elgntns, sell
ing; Cruche d'Or. 5 to 2, won; Golconda, 8
to 1: second: Vesme. U to L third. Time:
Forty-one Trotters Are Ellglblo to
. Start In American Derhy.
BOSTON. Mass.. Aug. 30. Horsemen and .
turf enthusiasts from all parts of tho
country and Canada are In tho -olty to
night to attend the Readvtlle raoes, which
will Deem tomorrow. uieveiana ism sv
delegation of fifty, headed by C. It O,
Billinas. The racing Will continue tour
days, ending Friday night- Forty-ono
trotters are eligible to start tomorrow in
the American derby.' The Indications are
that Baron Alcyon, owned by Stale Sen
ator White of Syracuse, N. Y., svnd driven
by Harvey Earnest, will go to the post
th favorite, though at the long price of
W. Least, 4 to 1.
Oldfleld Break Record.
ERIE. Pa., Aug. 80. Barney Oldfleld es
tablished a new record for a half mils
track here today by going a mile In 1:124,
thus lowering his own record of 1:14.
Battling Nelson waa a passenger in tha
car with Oldfleld when the record waa
- More Anto Endnrance Conteats.
NEW YORK. Aug. 80 Despite the trag
edies of the recent motor races at Indlan
apolla and at Brighton Baach race track
last week, a statement from the motor
racing association tonight announcea that
(Continued on Ninth Page.)
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