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'Hie Omaha Daily He
r,n tared at Onthl postof flee Bcoud-
lara matter.
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i 'ally Bee and inday. ana year
I 'ally He (Including Runday), par werk. IS;
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Kvetimg H, lth tfundayi. pr week..loc
Sunday Bee, ona yaar i.Si
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Addreea all complaints of Irregularities 1.1
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Omaha The Baa Building.
ivMiih Omaha Twanty-fuiirlh and N.
Coiinrli Bluffe II rk-ott Street.
LincolnMa I.lttla Hull-ling.
i hlraao 1641 Marquette building.
,f York Roonia UOl-lXtt No. M West
1 hlrty-thtid Street. "
S aahlngton W Kourteenth Street. N. W.
Communications relating to news and edi
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lc. Editorial Tevertinent.
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payable to The' Wee Publishing Company,
only 2-eent atampa received In payment of
mall accounts. . Terminal check, except on
Omaha ar eastern exchanges, not accepted.
State of Nebraaka. Douglas County, aa.:
(eorge B. Tsaahuck. treasurer of The Bee
Publishing Company, being duly aworn.
saye that the actual number of full and
complete copies of The Dally, Morning.
Evening and tfundey Bee printed during the
month of July, IttM. vii as follow:
17 41,910
20. . ..
. .40, 00
. .40JM
..4a, ISO '
. .41.M0
. .41.0M
. .4MT0
. .41,810
. .41.70
21 41,110
H. 41,800
26 40,160
if 41,170
IT 41,680
21 41,840
II 41.840
30..... I 41,890
21 41,830
It ..40,030
II 41,740
14 41,710
It 4170
II.. 41,740
Returned cople
Nat total
Dally average . 41,S8
Subscribed In my presence and aworn to
before me this 2d day of August, 1909.
(Seal) M. P. W ALKER.
Notary rubllc.
Ssbserlbore leaving the city tem
porarily akoald have The Bee
utile tkeaa. Address will be
chanced! m often aa reqaeated.
A million Manila cigars Imported In
a few week throws soma doubt on
the Improvement of matters by the
With Nebraska's ' unprecedented
crops behind It the State fair at Lin
coln next month ought to be a record
breaker. Lincoln papers contain an account
of the successful raid of an opium
joint. Evidently dry towns may have
other troubles.
And bow our superintendent of
school buildings Is to have an automo
bile runabout paid for ' out of J the
school funi.-"-Next -
The grand rifle contest of the year
is about to open. Toe Massachusetts
militiamen' are not eligible under the
rules of preliminary exhibition.
Glenn Curtlss and Charles Wllllard,
aviators, are forcing their names up
toward the who's-who class. The
world moWttT the earth level doesn't.
' Just because they kill them off reck
lessly In Indianapolis is no good reason
why the list of automobile victims
should be needlessly lengthened in
Because Hammersteln , has landed
twenty-five of his opera singers In
New York, Chicago acts as if Paris
and Milan had been dropped out of
the wagon.
;. The hiy fever season Is below the
average level In complatnta recorded.
It must so because travel In the grain
belt and the hills of the northwest has
been greater than ever.
Spanish' commanders believe that
they can demolish the Riffs with
rough ridsrs.' U Is an Idea worth try
ing, but the Riffs are reputed some
rough riders themselves.
lu a few days the goddess of peace
will cross the' RIo Grande with the
president of the United States. Even
the 6cnorltas will not notice her un
less she wears a tourist coat.
McKees Rocks Is doing what It
au to ruin the American reputation,
which waa, Just beginning to start a
new record of prosperity. There Is al
ways somebody to spoil a good thing.
t Art Is now free and we shall be up
lifted high as old masters push and
shove on our culture. We have not
had time to pick out the spurious
every time, but we are feeling the up
lift. ; .
Mr. Taft aends word to China that
its Independence Is the first and last
thought of the American government
At the satus time It la suggested that
we are offerng the best brand of rail
road Iron in the world.
The democratic World-Herald tries
.to take consolation that the name of
'Judge Sullivan does not appear of rec
ord as one of the attorneys bringing
the suit to nullify the corporation tax
law. He nas been la the case just the
I . .
Champ Clark stopped over In Omaha
between 1 Chautauqua dates long
enough to say:
I If the people don't elect a democratic
vongreae next time it will ba the strangest
thing that ever happened in American
Still, a lot of strange things are con
atantly happening in American poll
Controlling- Corporation!.
If the loglo of the forceful address
delivered by President Lehrnsnn of
the American Usr association appears
In the press dispatches he takes th
ground that there are evils aud Inequi
ties In the organization of corpora
tions and that the'tax enacted at the
recent session or congress introduces
powers which the federal government
can use to enforce publicity and reach
real remedies.
In passing, It Is Interesting for the
western public to know that this bril
liant lawyer was an. Iowa boy who
won his first laurels before the courts
of his native state.
Mr. Lehmann'e address outlines the
status of corporation law. The trust
has served Its purpose of enlarging
the scope of corporations and la no
longer worth organising. It Is obso
lete. If It were permitted, the Inven
tion would not be used. ' The next
step Is the holding company, an im
proved, perfected form of the trust,
which does and waa designed to do
what was done by "the truBt and does
It more efficiently.
Dut the holding j
company I
not the full and final de-1
velopment of Industrial combination. J
This Is reached In the single corpora
tion with unlimited power of capitally-
atlon and direct ownership of the j
business. Here Is eliminated the dis
turbing element of minority Interests
In constituent companies. No state
can deal with the problem singly and
master It. There Is not and cannot
be effective concert of action among
the states. In the federal constitution
production Is not within the commerce
clause, but something of regulation
and supervision can be effected under
the taxing power. We have never been
without a federal law for the encour
agement and support of manufactures.
What may be aided may be regulated.
There more stretch of federal
authority In the control of our In
dustries than in extending to them a
constant fostering care. The investor
in corporate securities needs the pro
tection that comes from supervision
and publicity. The corporation tax
just put In legal form offers the pro
tection, or at least the entering wedge
to a comprehensive control of corpor
ate operations, Insuring the rights of
the shareholders and of the public.
The bar association , address goes
straight Into the great questions be
fore the country. It strikes the lay
man as forecasting the course otde
bate In the regular session of con
gress. Every lawyer must read It and
most men In politics will be Inclined
to study It carefully.
Our amiable democratic contem
porary, the World-Herald, Is Indulg
ing In a debate with the Fremont
Tribune in defense of its own' con
sistency on the subject of direct pri
mary legislation. The World-Herald
iias been denouncing the open Primary
ballot. Inflicted on the voters'" of, Ne-'
braska by the late deroocratlo legisla
ture, as "vicious," and tries ta square
itself for going back on this demo
cratic masterpiece by contending that
It was opposed to It all the time.
We submit, however, that the
World-Herald does not make out a
good case. The platform declaration
put out by Nebraska ' democrats in
1908 reads as follows:
We favor the present primary law, but
favor Ha amendment so aa to enable the
voter to more clearly and easily
hla choice.
To vindicate its claim to faithful
and conscientious performance ' of
every platform pledge the late demo
cratic legislature enacted the open pri
mary as redemption of this promise,
and now in convention assembled for
1909 Nebraska democrat have Incor
porated into their platform this decla
ration: We commend the governor and the leg
islature for the enactment of specific
democratic platform pledgee Into law.
Isn't this a party endorsement of
the open prlmaryt If not, what is ltT
The editor of the World-Herald was
member of the committee that
framed and promulgated this plat
form, i More than that, he is right now
a candidate who is running for office
on this very platform. If he Is not in
h'onor bound to uphold and defend the
open primary, which he says is
"vicious," what can these platform
declarations mean?
Once more we ask, Are platforms
College Illiterates.
President Faunce of Brown univer
sity says that the colleges are turning
out illiterates. If there Is anything
in the criticism It is one of those half
truths which are so attractive to col
lege speakers of our day. Graduates
of our time are not illiterate, though
they may not be precise in speech or
bookish in the habitual mental atti
tude toward the pursuits of life.
Every historian who haa atudled the
habits of the colonies and the first
half century of the republic has noted
that a college education In those
periods meant the line of study con
ventlonally supposed to suit the
preacher, doctor and lawyer. Traces
of the custom can still be found all
through the south where higher edu
cation is taken to belong to the three,
professional classes. It may be true
that the relatively small numbers of
college men "before the war" In all
sections observed literary forms,
quoted books and wrote letters with
more care than la now In evidence
That they are now more illiterate la
impossible, except that more of them
are not good and . honest students,-a
moral rather than a literary defect.
Fifty years ago a college man was
more conscious of the difference be
tween himself and the noncollegian
and maintained the Impression of
knowing about "belles-lettres," a
term then common and now almost
discarded on account of Its tinge of
More college men now understand
subjects, move about and have grasped
the meaning of books. Whether men
talk books as much or not Is another
matter. Whether they quote standard
books and assist In handing down the
phrases and contents of convention
ally established books to the same ex
tent probably calls for a negative an
swer, because women bave taken com
mand of book talk In society and the
prig has nearly retired from activity.
President Faunce has noted some
changVa from the New England view
of college accomplishments fifty years
ago, and that la the extent of bis diag
nosis of illiteracy.
Sweetening Businesi.
A New York banker who has spent
more than twenty years In Latin
American republics states the reasons
why, even with perfection of the Mis
sissippi channel and completion of the
Panama canal, the United States will
still have a comparatively small share
of trade In those countries.
Among other drawbacks, he names
uncouth traveling representatives,
nonaccoramodation of customers and
refusal of credit facilities. Another
is imperfect knowledge of the lan
guage. A Frenchman who knew no
English would do little business in
New York. An American knows this.
and yet New York houses often ex
hibit blind confidence in the luck of
Ignorant representatives" "getting
One very large corporation decided
to open branch houses In Mexico and
Panama. The two managers appointed
had never been in a Spanish-American
country and could not speak Spanish.
The house suffered severe losses and
the two men had to be replaced. That
sort of blunder will be many times re
peated, yet It la certain that with effi
cient management and an Intelligent
policy an American bank in Latin
America would nearly always be
The Latin-American of standing in
variably possesses a certain amount of
personal refinement and culture. Nat
urally he Is not favorably Impressed
by a person of uncouth manners. The
German and English exporting firms'
understand this and make a point of
sending out men who not only know
the language, but are accustomed to
dealing with cultivated society. They
are cordially received anywhere from
Mexico to Argentina, in one sense
these countries are not "practical."
but they Insist on the usages of good
society. The writer referred to tells
of an instance in Panama where an
American offlcal appeared at a func
tion attired in a sack, suit and tan
shoes, the only man present so dressed.
The bad impression has not yet worn
off. He asserts that the Latin-American
trader is as honest as any other
and as sure to pay, but he has his
customs and not to observe the cus
toms Is discourtesy.
The Panama canal will be of but
partial advantage to the United States,
except in coast-to-coast home trade
unless such frictions are removed
from Intercourse with the Latin
Americans. Even if there were no
money in it, a development of the
courtesies and refinements of Spanish-
American life would be a valuable
education among Americans. To an
extent it is humbug, but all formal
society must have its ingredient of po
lite humbug.
Slow Up.
The Bee has been giving Omaha au-
tomoblllsts the warning signal to slow
up In season and out of season. We
have preached the obvious admonition
that overspeedlng through crowded
city thoroughfares is dangerous to life
and limb. We have urged that the
ordinary precautions be taken before
the accident occurs rather than pro
ceeding wildly in the expectation of
mending the pieces after the smash-up.
Omaha is not alone in marking the
map with automobile fatalities, but be
cause automobilists in other cities are
sowing the wind and reaping the
whirlwind affords no valid excuse for
Omaha speeders doing likewise. It
would be a great credit for Omaha to
be known as the city with the saneat
automobilists and the fewest automo
bile accidents.
Therefore, we repeat the warnlug:
Blow up.
Is no one to be permitted to call' himself
a republican In Nebraaka any more unless
he allows Taft to think for him, Aldrlch
to act for him and Victor Rosewater to
lead him around by his calloused nose?
We object. We realize that some
of our friends have gotten into the
habit, when short of argument, of In
dulging In invective against our de
fenseless nose, but we Insist that. In
spite of an occasional sneezing cold, it
is not calloused.
Postmaster Ueneral Hitchcock has not
been In Chicago since the steam roller was
sent back to the Taft garage In June, VjOS.
Saturday'a Chicago Tribune.
Such Is fame In Chicago. After all
those gibes about the peregrinations
of the republican national chairman
on the Twentieth Century Flyer be
tween New York and Chicago through
out the campaign, and even after elec
tion. They tell us that trust companies
must stop trying to do too much be
fore other Moses and Thomases get
our Investments tousled again. It
sounds like sound finance. Keep the
brakes on the trust funds.
Numerous candidates in various
counties throughout Nebraska have
been nominated on the face of the re
tuids by pluralities of three or four
votes, and the defeated naturally ac
cuse th democrats of making good
their boast that they would sneak
through the party fence and select the
opposition candidates. The open pri
mary is an invitation te fraud and an
encouragement to contests.
Ex-Governors Campbell of Ohio and
Folk of Missouri unite In the Informa
tion that the tariff Is the issue. The
supplementary bulletin Is that anybody
whose heart baa ever been untrue to
tariff for revenue deserves banging.
When they get around to this last re
mark their look is in the direction of
Falrview. Such Interviews belong un
der the general classification of demo
cratic harmony.
Halley's comet approaches at a
speed of a million miles a day. What's
the comet and what's the speed? We
cannot put a fence around the comet
nor kill spectators with the speed
around a racetrack. The comet Is su
perfluous for our ways of enjoying It.
Montreal has examined into the vi
tality of the rake-off system and finds
that there is none in New York or
Philadelphia more plunderous than
that of the St. Lawrence city. Move
on, muck-rake brigade, and tell the
world some tales on Canada.
Two million acres In the Dakota
reservations would make a wonderful
sanatorium site, but nobody has con
sumption In that country. The com
mon variety of settler Is invited to fill
up the vacant lands.
The government edict Is that
blondined flour is not so bad, but it
must tell the truth. There is no fed
eral objection to anything blonde, the
blondining being the feature under
Herrr Haw Keeralti.
' Brooklyn Eagle.
The horrible fate of Boston shows how
foolish It Is to oppose a mye mllltla gen
eral to a couple of - able regulars fresh
from1 the War college. '
1'eace Ouaranteea.
Washington Poat. '
To show how en rapport the United
Btates Is with the prevailing peace senti
ment, there are to be two peace guaran
tors of the 20,000 ton type.
Screw Down the I. Id.
' Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Free trade between the states Is, of
course all right, but a prohibitive duty
upon Beverly golf stories would appeal to
many outBide Massachusetts.
An' Example of Consistency.
St. Paul Pioneer Press.
James Dahlman, the "cowboy" mayor of
Omaha, Is a candidate for the democratic
nomination for governor on an antl-pro-hlbltton
platform. Dahlman Is consistent,
at least, in his refusal to take water.
Value of VbIoij Roles.
Philadelphia Press.
Besides being a model of courtesy and
comfort this war game is also strictly up
to the minute In being fought on union
lines. Boston was only saved from ca'p
ture Tueaday by . ibV invaders throwing
down their guns whn the eight-hour
whistle blew. , ... .
If This la Lecw, Dan It.
Pittsburg Dispatch.
To deprive of his adapted nationality a
Chinaman who served In the navy during
the Civil war, waa wounded five ttmea in
the service of the country, aud has held
oitlienshlp papers for thirty-five years,
must be In accord with the law, since the
courts say ao. But It leaves a liberty of
opinion aa to what sort of law It ta that
inflicts such results. -
rreparlna- for the Beat Ever.
Buffalo Express.
Chairman Knapp of the Interstate Com
merce commission, proclaims in cheerful
tones that prosperity is upon the country,
and more than that the railroads are pre
pared for it. The scarcity of cars suffered
in 1907, he saya, la not likely to occur thla
year. The railroads have seen the boom
approaching and have made their plana
accordingly, i
Sample of Methods of Dlatrlbatlnc
Boiler riate Opinion.
Flason Thompson, manager of a rail
road newa bureau In Chicago .and an ex
pert in syndicating statistics favorable to
the railroad view, relates how editorials
are syndicated, among a class of alleged
newspapers of the yellow variety. The
revelation was provoked by a critluUm
of the statistics of Mr. Thompson, who
retorts In a circular, from which these
paragraphs are taken:
On Monday, June Stlth last, an Identical
attack on the rallwaya of the United
Statea was printed In seven or more dally
newspapers In cities as widely separattd as
Atlanta, Oa., and Superior, Wis. 8jbto
quently the editorial appeared in at leant
five other papers; so that to date the Hat,
thereby convicted of palming off the "car
bon copy" thoughts of aa VN KNOWN as
thoae of their own edltora, includes the
following well known Journals:
Name of paper Date Editorial Appeared
Atlanta (Ua.) Journal June U,
Superior (Wis.) Telegram June 2S, 14)9
Grand Rapids (Mich.) Evening Press
June ai, WXi
Jackson (Mich.) Press Jure in, 1M)9
Muskegon (Mich.) News-Chronicle
A June 2S. l'JOS
Danville (111.) Commerclul-News..
, June 28. lm
Erie iPa.) Herald June in,
Lottansport (lnd.) Reporter ....June 2D, 1'JOj
Omaha (Neb.) News June 30, 19 -U
Minneapolis (Minn.) News July 1, VM
Dec roll (Mich.) Times July 5, 19
Beverly (Maa.) Times July U. 19 0
In only one instance did the exitfuiicy
of editorial space necessitate the curtail
ment of this weird screed by a single line,
and then the blue pencil merely operated
on the last two paragraphs. Had it fceun
applied In altering the opening sentence
the journalistic humbug of twelve inde
pendent editors, with but a slngla quill
to think, though, might bave pawed und
tected. But the local edltora were to la,
or too secure In the belief that the circle
of their respective nudera did not overlap,
to dot an I, or cross a t, much le.a sup
press an uutiuth or correct a false con
clusion. In conclusion it may be said (hat an
examination of some UM of the 3.400 daily
newspapera printed in every section of the
United States, makea It evident that not
per cent is Infected with the syndi
cated editorial virus. In the light of this
exposure the disease la not likely to spread,
aa it la not In the nature of the edilocj
of American newspaper to let any man or
syndicate think their thoughts for them,
much leas utter or publish them for what
they are n
Wlnslde Tribune: When Jim lahlman
run for governor, his Republican opponent
can move to Lincoln without awaiting the
election returns.
Fnlrhury News: Mayor Jim Dahlman of
Omaha professes to enjoy his chautaugua
antl-prnhlbltlon d bales. He always did
entertain a radically different opinion of
things from other men.
Fremont lieraUl: The Dnlilmen democ
racy has had an election of officers, and
has a long siring of vice presidents se
lected from all over Nebraska. Dodge
county failed to furnish a prg to fit one
of the holoH. we are pleased to remark.
Columbus Journal: Mayor Jim Dahlman
alludes to Governor Shallenberger anj
friends as "a bunch of four-flushers." and
demands that they "put all their chips In
the center of the table." And thus the
war between the two factions of the dem
ocratic party goes on with the mayor of
Omaha slightly In the lead.
Albion News: Dahiman Insists that
there shall be no sentiment, but just prac
tical business principles applied to the set
tlement of the saloon question. That's
why the railroads and all great business
Interests have Insisted that their employes
shall "cut out" booie or leave their em
ploy. There are no practical business
principles connected with the sale or con
sumption of booze. It's all graft.
Blair Pilot: Governor 8hallenbergpr
aald recently that "democracy and de
cency have Joined hands in Nebraska,"
and If they have then Dahlman democracy
must not be representative of the true
democracy of the state. And all good men
hope It Is not. But Dahlman will make a
strong fight for the democratic nomina
tion just the same, and we understand
that Governor Shallenberger will not be In
the content against Mm, but will make
the race for senator. This Information
comes from a high source and may be re
lied upon.
The 8-year-old son and heir of the Ciar
Nicholas Is Insured for $2,600,000. and Is
said to pay the highest premium in the
President Ellot has now achieved the
distinction of delivering an address on
religion which the pope has ordered to be
translated Into Italian for his own perusal.
A new use waa promptly found for tho
new Lincoln pennies. It seems, according
to a Washington account, that they are
In great demand by congressmen to present
to babies In their districts, as the first
issue will become In time rare coins.
The Austrian vice consul at Cleveland
has officially denied that the Palnesvlllo
machinist who claimed to be the missing
Archduke John of Austria Is a fake. The
machinist may now have hla whisker
trimmed and pass the rest of the summer
in comparative comfort.
Miss Chrlstobel Pankh'irst of London ta
coming to the United States to show us how
a real, live, fighting suffragette looks. She
wilt be hospitably received, but must not j
think that American prisons will be open j
to her. In this country people seldom are
imprisoned for practical Joking.
Hay fever cases take the right-of-way
with a Judge in Jersey City who, on the
application of counsel, consented to post
pone argument on a certain ctlon until
late In September. The attorney aald that,
on or about August 23, he expected to be
attacked by hay fever, aa ha had been
each year for thirty years, so, realising
that sneexlng Is Incompatible with oratory
and necessarily takes precedence of It, the
judge granted an adjournment until the
goldenrod and similar provocations have
gone "out of commission.
Awfal Thiers w Hear Of, bat Never
Des Moines Capital.
Capital never, In all the world's history,
wrung sweat and blood and teara and
tribute from a scourged humanity In
Sreater aecurlty, with more perfect free
om from molestation, than It does today.
Omaha World-Herald.
Isn't It awful!
Nebraska farmers Increasing their bank
deposits at the rate of two million dollars
per month; reducing their mortgages at a
livelier rate than ever before In the history
of the state; wheat, corn and oata, and
cattle and hogs, and butter and eggs all
selling at top-notch prices.
Isn't it awful!
Omaha newspapera, like thoae in Dea
Moines, filled with advertteementa for help;
mechanics of every kind naming their
wages; automobllea so thick upon the
streets they cannot be counted.
Isn't It awful!
Railway shops running day and night In
an efort to turn out cars sufficient to move
the mighlest crop that ever sprang from
American soil.
And yet thla Omaha calamity howling
organ whose editor holds down a. con
gressional seat at Washington at an in
creased salary can see nothing but sweat
and blood and tears and tribute!
Such a case of perverted vision would
be pathetto if it were not so ridiculous.
W. D. Nesbit in ChicaKO Post.
Constructively to right of them,
Allrgorically to left of them, ,
Metaphorically In front of them
The imaginary instruments of war con
structively thundered.
It was theirs to comitate upon the reason
So that they mlKht differentiate between
those who should constructively die
And those who, constructively over
whelmed, should fly
Otherwise, some resrioiiHitile head might
have blundered.
' i
Into supposed jaws of death.
Into the for-thtt-sake-of-ai jument jaws of
Stormed at with theoretical shot and shell.
Hode the metaphysical six hundred.
Bridges succumbed to metaphorical stress.
The constructive heroes perished appar
ently at the moment of success
Fatally wounded -Jn the subliminal con
sclounnesH, While, constructively, all the world won
dered. Honor, mathematically, the cha'-ge they
Euclid's theorems for the pint they played,
While the differential calculus and I ;Karl
thms In mines constructively laid
Detonated and left the ranks con
structively sundered
Subtracted from Ihe constructive jaws of
death. i
1 ettlng "x" equil thi? theoretical juws of,;
The problem Is to solve the. equation
t rlfconnmetrlcally.
And we shall have the lrmHiniler of the
six hundred constructively.
Obtained as direct shipments from the
springs as Imp. iter.
l y-gal!'ns Boro-LllhU Water,
for -X
West Haden Spanil! Water, case of a
dole 11 uuurts
R-irallon Juk Crystid Llthia Water.. $3
(-gallon Jug Salt-Sulphur water
Buy at either store. Wo sell ovr 100
kinds mineral water, .
Sherman & McCo.ineil Dm? Go.
Kivt-entli ami IMmIko hits.
Owl Drug Co.
bixtrt-uth and Harney hU.
Mianinn remarks.
"Flrea." said she, rnquettlahly. "are the
wlmlnwe of the soul "
"I'erhapn." he answered abstractedly,
"that'a the reason whv many of them are
eo glaasy." VN ashlngton 8tar.
"Naggua. tell nie candidly If there la
anything to admire In mv latest hook."
"There Is. Horn, there Is 1 am filled
wun aomuatinn when I think of your aa-
toundlng aurces In finding a publisher for
it " I'hlcaan Tribune
it. -t. nirago ' ripune.
Wife What kind of seats did you get
for Hie musical comedy
Huh Near enough to hear the mualc.
and far enough bark not to hear the
Jokes. Uoaton Transcript.
"Madam, you nearly Jabbed your hatpin
Into my eve."
"Wall, don't flatter yourself that I meant
any personal attention. I do the same thing
to everybody." Philadelphia Ledger.
"Lucky dog, that man Bosworth."
"Has he come Into a fortune?"
"No: he has secured a rertlfeate from
hla doctor shorn Ing that he hae organlo
.j ji in . L.iii
ilrownel 1
For Yountf Women
And Girls
rjollege preparatory, academic and collegiate courses. Native FYeneh and 'Oer
man teachr- Experienced Instructors In mualo, tall educated in Europe. Ex
cellent advantages In Fine Arte. Thorough course In domestic economy Pew
lng, Cooking, etc. Well equipped gymnnsium and outdoor sports under profes
sional supervision. Illustrated year hook sent on application
Pointers on Choosing a business College
Pointer No. 2 on Bookkeeping.
SOtB. Oentary Bookkeeping Is the method of teaohlng thla subject that
makes practical bookkeepers In the leaat possible time, because It Is shorn of
time-consuming, theoretical, red-tape methods.
It la the happy combination of theory and practice that Interests the
student and Insures rapid progress and thorough work.
has secured from the Publishers the exclusive right to use this up-to-date
system In the city of Omaha.
Thla makea the Mosher-Lampman College the best place in the city to
secure a thorough knowledge of this all-Jmportant subject.
Send today for our free book entitled '"GUARANTEED STATEMENTS,"
and you will find reason after reason why you should learn Bookkeeping In
We also have thorough courses In SHORTHAND. BUSINESS ENGLISH
and PENMANSHIP. FALL TERM begins September 1st.
17th and Farnam Streets, Omaha, Nebraska.
jKBSlIPffiey AcaJe
A place where manly boys are made Into manly men. Home life combined
With seminllltary discipline. Prepares for ail collegea and '"J.?""'"""''
Location healthful and building fire proof. All athletics, and all carefully supervised.
Write for Illustrated catalogue.
HARRY N. RUSSELL, Head Master, : : Kearney, Nebraska.
RTTT T WITTr1 HOT T TTflll! 'With a beautiful campus and elevating aur
DZtltltliV UK, UUJjliiUXi POUndlnt,, B )arfo and able faculty, mean and
successful athletics, offers at a low expense the following courses:
OOLLian Degrees in Classical, Scientific and Philosophical Courses.
AOADBKIO Preapratlon for any College or University.
stOMHAb SOaOOXiBV Elementary and -advanced oouraes. State certificates
,ra"coirg3!Ta.TOtT Theory of muslo. piano, voice, violin, elocution and art
Modrra dormitories for both men and women.
IVentworth KlUitary Academy
Oldest aod Largest In Middle West. Government Supervision.
Highest ratme by war Department. Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry
Drills. Courses of study prepare tor Universities, Government
Academies or for Business Life. Accredited by North Central
Association of Schools and Colleges. Manual Training. Separate
Department for Small Boys. For catalogue, address
The Scrlry, Bo A. Leglnffton. Mo.
Western Military Acaaemy ".Vitoi.
Ideal location near St. Louia. tlx modern buildings. Fire proof Barraeks. Excep
tionally atrong academic and military departmenta. Highest accredited college rela
tlona Rated Class "A" by War Department. Athletics encouraged. Wnltlng llt annu
ally. Immediate application advisable. OOI ALBIKI M. JAOKSOH. A. at., upt
Collage of Arts and betters t
lcparlmenis of Classics, Lettters,
History, Political Economy, Soci
ology. College of Slotoaeei
lepartmenta of Biology, Chemistry,
College of Xaglxeerlngi
Departmenta of Civil, Electrical.
Mechanical, Chemical, Mining Kngi-
ueerlng. .
College of Architecture.
College of Ltw,
txb rxxrABATOBT ecHOOi.
enrol la students from every state
In the L'nlon.
la unequaled for the care and devel
opment of younger boya.
Situated at tfouth Band, Indiana. Two
hours by rail from Chicago.
Board, Tultloa asa Laundry, 9400.
or Yeung Wesson
TDrerairjrr0Bas ' 1,1 . yr-. .
Piirteki. Ekwrtag. RrflM. PUrtWlnc. Wuilc. '
OruiMMtl PauuUia. Taw at usin;ii; B,ouia
tloaul CerraetlT, kUdUa! aa Artistic Gjoinaa
tlc. ate.
The demanS fer competent, cultured rkra
leal Dtroetore far exceeds the supply. The
work la most healthful, pltaaant and remu
nerative. Our graduates are Phyaleal Dlreetere
la the leading Brnlnarle, Young Women"
Christian Aaaoclatlona. Cellegee and Univer
sities of practically every atate In the Union.
Illustrated catalog upon requeat.
311 Wabeeht Avanut, Chloarfo,
I cur quickly, cmltlr and prmncnily
must stubborn o f aiamnwrlaf.
Mr ptilty t oU- and pcli dfrt Sich
otbtn fill i cur. Mr mitu4 u th n ut
tulul In Ik url4. Ul.ur In H
Use. Wril at nr lor particulars.
J K. Vm,n. rraa . illluL lor ilaraoiarar..
lb.U nana l Otaaka. Nak.
Send For Ourj
Big Free Book
KkiAbltsWesd IIM. W-J Wudsmts las j
tf. las-ldtkaUtM Ukal ft. tftkartt rsU).
Nu tatltaavta) , hiwr svit aautajra
Asm txLttSki aua - aavwfccr.
lurf aVAtty tT)iaf kltfh
liMrtci tW ur well trioaJ sjrstefu.
atV WrtM Stat ftta) t) imohiu. I
..lh IStt ., tsstsMklit, M
heart trouble When an Insutance nireiit
attack him hereafter he aill merely have
to show his certificate." Chtcnao Herurd
Herald. Ho you think .you'll go to tlra mountain
nent vear"
"Yes; too much breeie at the aeashere.
Alwavs blotting the cards off the brldgs
tables." lAmlavllle Courier-Journal.
I tan't eve anything. What T want I
. . V .J-. - ni' !, .
1 ? I 1J fron, n e j?rv f,,,r,v
vt lope away rrom me ever Patuniav
i,i;ht and hand me lunch money every
"What you want la a wife." Kansas City
Nell Harry had such a masterful war
about his proposing; that I liked.
Helle Old yout That'a queer, for It
exactly what made most of us other cu.s
turn hi in down. Baltimore American.
Homer Say. la It true that thev
horse meat In Parts?
Trotter Tea.
Homer And how la It served?
Trotter A la cart, of course. Chicago
at. 11
Omm ha.
HI. Rev. ArtiJur- L. Williams, L I. D.
President of Trustees.
kiss MAJttsair, mnrcrFAi.
Certificate) admits without ox
ammatlon te WelUaloy, Smith.
Vassar. University of Chloago
and other eastern institutions.
Information concerning the ad
vantages, ratea, extent of cur
riculum and other data about the
best schools and collegea can be '
obtained from the
School and College Information
Bureau ol tae Cm aha Dee
All ' information abaolutelv free
and Imparl laL Catalogue of any
particular school cneerfuliy fur
nished upon request.
-York College
Strong, First Claaa, Zjoweat Bates
Collegiate, Normal, Business, Music,
Expression and Art Departmenta.
Issues all grades cf state certifi
cates. Year opens September 13th.
VTBL B. SJOHEI.I.. Pres., York, Ben.
Tabor College
Tabor, Iowa.
Traokaa aJl commanetaj
lOOJ Wrlet..uayf..rle
01 (l. Kt i-,l.m.k H a Mnylaa Pt
A bin frtda 4Mbol eon1kurtJ f t
t rout I' ulijr aad prtpaiing (of tfc
? poll tt urn. Ueal louatloa. h
aloena In Lincoln, Kail O pant a 4
flU4. 1. WrUa for btMutlful eai
ais.... UJ M aa. . a LtM
await ois-
GIADfJATES It:: O Blraab Uncnln. Nak.
Equal to a Course in an Agricul
tural College.
Read the Twentieth Crnlury Farmer
from week to week-en up-to-date agrlj
cultural journal that keeps In touch wttTi
the moat ai-lenllfit- methods and laleal
experlmenta. Addreaa
TwrwTnTst czvTTJmT raJtKxm,
Omaha. Web.
Sranraaa, nooaKavemc.
.n.,tihuJ. Ty.aiUUif .
Unirllih. Ol'll HWTlra. Tel
,ilht. Urflrtal TraillUia
k -li.Mtl V V. H. H. Talaarat-E
Only One Dollar a Tsar (