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Foreign Orders Basil for Upturn in
Wheat Pricei.
flails Have
. the Frires
tn I he
na la Both Plla and
Irr Held I p Well
4 lose l Ihr
OMAHA. Auk. 16. H.
Much higher foreign rnarkus the
Jamur for another advance here In wheat
iluei today. The market was well sup
ported and the good buying by the latger
line houses kept price on the upturn dut-'-'
In the whole session.
With no rain to esse the hot and dry
I - fondltlon In the corn belt, trader became
, Snore bullish and advanced prlo. The
ah market wss strong and higher, with
tjemand very good.
Wheat waa In good demand at higher
")rtcea and buying waa heavier on the
r atrong cablea. All primary mrkts shnwM
advancea and the world' visible rtowd
" '- a decrease. The buying In by shorts kept
fi value ateadlly working higher.
r,- Corn waa atrong and higher, with higher
cash value and better demand. All grd-s
old rsdlly on the advance, owing to a
mora bullish sentiment, due to the lack
jf rain and unfavorable reports generally.
Primary wheat receipt were 1.447.oiu
I "J" Vishels and shipments were 947.000 bushels.
V" against receipts last year of t.nM.ftfl bushels
and ahlpmenta of &4.ono bushels.
i. Primary corn receipt were 6K7.0O0 bushels
and hlpmenta were 4!t3.A"iO bushels. Hgaln.t
... receipt last year of 319.)0 bushel end
' shipment of 991.00 bushels.
Clearances were 6.000 bushels of corn.
' buahela of oa'a and 'Wheat and flour
Y. equal to 13.000 bushel.
Liverpool cloned mTfZ'id higher on wheat
and V14d lower on corn.
' Local range of option.
' Article.) Open. J Hlgh.j Low. Close. Sat'y.
Wheat- 1
Sept... 92S MS SIH K KK,
Ieo.... MS S toV W1 ISS
Sept... 594 604
Deo.... b1 63' 61 62-i 6'S
Sept... H J5H S4' 3fiS X
Dec... 35 35 ,34 3f' 35M
Omaha Caak Prtces.
WHEAT No. t hard. 00; No. 3
hard, 497o: No. 4 hard, wviijuc; No. ?,
aprlng. 9c$1.01; no grade, SOWc.
CORN No. 3. 62'45j'c: No. 3, i,9lp;
No. 4. 2c; no grade. MifciiSc; No. 2 yellow.
g4Hc; No. 3 yellow, 4'g64Hc; No. 3
white, 5HUr6Hc; No. 3 white, w.V4iifiSc.
OATS No. I mixed, ST'gSSc; Nf. 3 yellow.
39So; No. 3 white,' 339c; No. 4 white,
RYE No. t, teflCOc; No. . 87690.
Carlot Reeeipta.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago 167 173 2
Minneapolis 64
. Omaha W Kw i
Duluth 6
Featarea ( he Tradlnc and Cloalosr
Prlees on Board of Trade.
- CHICAGO. Aug. Ill rnnllni .-ollont
, : demand lor the caak grain waa responsible
ior cunsiaeraDie airengtn manifested In
' the wheat market here during the greater
part of the season' today. Liberal realliinrf
aalea, however, caused. a loss of all early
r . gain, the market closing barely steady.
- orn wa strong on dry weather com
l plaint. Oata closed firm and provisions
AT- stronger.
A sharply higher range of prices waa
acored tn the wheat pit at the opening
of trade, Initial quotations showing gains
of Sc to lo, compared with Saturday's
iui quuimoni. Aimougn the market
continued strong. the greater nan nr t,.
day the opening figures were the best of
mo eeesion wun tne exception of the price
on September, wbloh gained a trifle early
In the day. On several accaslons there
was some reaction owing to realizing sales,
but each recession Induced renewed pur
chasing, resulting Jn a resh rally untH
late In the seaaion when .the market lost
Ua resiliency and closed haavy, with price
a shade lower to Ho higher, compared with
the prevloua close. Strength of foreign
marketa. particularly that at Liverpool,
j ,. where prices were up l4d to 2d. a bulge
In corn, a comparatively amaU Increase
In the visible supply statistics, and an
urgent demand for cash wheat here and
t . In the southwest were the most potent In-
' fluencea in the situation. The visible supply
of wheatln the Unltefl Htatea Increased
only ss.OOO bushel lat week, compared
. with an inorease of l,0r.2.000 bushel the
corresponding time a year ago. a signi
ficant fact In view of the extremely heavy
movement of new winter wheat Ite
lardlng the cash altuatlon he re local ..o w
Jitereats reported that they were bidding
- Jour cent over the September price for
' uj iMpmeniB 10 l oicsro ror No
n I red on track. At Kansas City and St
Louis, also, cash prices made fair adl
t. ' vances despite liberal arrivals. Wrather
tonditlons In the northwest were gener-
V iuy ior me narvestlng and
i hreshlng of the new eron
The drouth In northern Kansas and Mis
tourl and eastern Nebraska wa still un
broken today and as a result of this
Jhorts In the Corn pit were urgent bidders
or that cereal the greater part of the
lesslon, which caused a sharp advance
In price. At the high point of the day
V P,rlcf " -,wer 3So above Saturday
7; final figures. Thr close wa firm, with
, - FHo.w up tiric te 1SB1Ho.
.The oat market was bulllshly affected
Jy the upturn In corn. The market closed
hi Her Prlc unchanged to Vcti o
" jhov'itiona were active and trong. Prices
tha close were W9Uc to 30o higher.
.j aii isuin7 sutures ranged as follows
Articles.! Open. Hlgh. Lour. Cloe. Safy.
7 N Kent
t HS
1 0OS
J 00 j 93T
1 flO'Jai
' Corn
I Dj.
-t- May
-' fork
fc- Sept.
Js n.
v Oct.
I ttibs
2m i
24 W
M 5S
17 36
30 66
17 26
MM 30 60
17 40 17 10
11 67H 11 46
I 11 62S It 40
11 IT 11 074
I 1 27V 10 16
I 11 35 11 is
11 02S 10 85
It 47V
11 (71
11 12
U 47H
U 43S
11 47H
II 421
11 10
II 10
11 2U
10 27V
11 3ZH
n i7Hi
10 w
2- 'No. 1
- 7j "" OuoUtlons were as follows:
r iA;imoironx winter mt.r..
; straights, I4.75ig6.16: spring natenta
t t?t?6SW; HXWMi bakerJ, ii
' tJ4 3d.
BARLEY Feed or mixing, 46$2c; fair
l ilillUlg. BllOtC.
V BEEDsJ Flax. No. 1 south western. 31 37-JT-fc
No. 1 northwestern, 3143!. Timothy, .l so"
, . Clover. 311.70i
i " PROVISIONS-Mess pork, per bblM 3J0.8O
vwsk i.u, pr nw ins.. tu.KV. Short
1' ribs, sides (loose), fll ltHfCU.Ui short clear
w .iu looxeai, u.S!JJll.(4.
' - Total clearances cf wheat and flour m,
' equal to 1SS.0U) bu. Primary receipt were
1.447.006 ba. eornpared with l.OM.OOo bu. the
! corresponding day a year ago. The visible
. . ""ypijr oi wneat in the United States In
creased MOW bu. for the week. The amount
LJSXZ Axatt on ocean paaaaga decreased
ij P 1133.000 bu.
, Estimated receipts for tomorrow: Wheat
. head?rn- 9M' cr4; h0g
Itlaaeapalls Qrala Market. Aug. It. WHEAT
V. ."'".""' 7oic; December. ,c;
May, II 00. cash. No. l hard, 31.441.46; No
tl S7rnv,l No hern
BRA.V-In 100-lb. aack. liO M "
FiAL'R Ftrat paUnta. $fc.a 10 aecond
pfeHta. 6S&610;.f1r.l cl.ari $'
o,.nd clears, 3J.15S45. "
Mtlwaakea Grata Market,
northern. 31aui.37; No. 3 uortharn. Ills,?
136. September, VSe asked. "
OATS 43c. ,
BAHLbY-Standard. 64c,
Pklladelpkla Vradaca Market.
Firm; extra western creamery. 5Sc; near-
' JV KOIH-i.lrm; Pennsylvania and other
ajrby (fh, U etaea, 3m, at mark;
ourrent receipts, tn returnable um. Be,
at mark: western firsts, f re case. 3e at
mark, current receipts, free caj. 22.' J 34c,
t n ark.
I'MKKKK- Klrm; New York, full rrumi.
choice. l.V4c; fsir to good. 14V,14.
W RATHER l THE 4, ft A I Btl.T
KirtMlit Heat Coatlnaea. bat Break
, la rar at lltil.
OMAHA. Neb.. Aug. 16. 1.
The excessive heat continue general over
the tenttal valley and plain elate, and
hltrh temper ature were remrded
the central valley and west to the moutt
talna during Saturday and Sunday. Tetn
pftftture ranging from 100 to 104 were
general thrnugotit southern Nebraska, and
temperature far tip In the nineties pie
valled -ver the northern portion ' of the
Mate. The highest temperature at Omaha
during Sunday wa SO at 1 p. iv and a
temperature of VV wa recorded aa lata
a , p. m. The highest temperature re
corded out In the arat during the laat
twenty-four hour were aa followa: Auburn.
104; Kalrburv and Culbertson. TOT. Aahland, 1
102; Holdrege, 101. and 100 at Grand Island
and Has'lnijs. Scattered shower occurred
In Nebraska Saturday night, but no
rain le reported- as having oceured
within the laat twenty-four hour. Cooler
weather ha appeared In the extreme north
west, and there la a probability of some
what cooler In this vicinity by Tuesday eve-
Flng. The weather will probably continue
air tonight and Tuesday.
Record of temperature and precipitation
compared ' with the corresponding date of
the last three years. -.
. . 1908 ll7 1908
Minimum temperature 74 73 iU 72
Precipitation 00 .05 ' T .0'
Deficiency In precipitation since March 1,
1.51 Inches. ,
Excess for .corresponding period "in 19ii.
.17 of an Inch.
Deficiency for corresponding period in 1807.
40!i Inched.
L. A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
and Whr.t Hraloa Balletla.
For Omaha,. Neb., foi the rwantv-four
hours ending at a. m.. 76th meridian
time, Monday, August IS. 1909: .
Temp. Rain-
Stallone. Max. Mln. fall
Pky. .
Ashland, Neb., ...101 . s
. oo
Auburn. Neb 104
Broken Bow. Neb. 9S
W .
rolumbii. Neb... W
t'ulhcrtson. Neb.. a
Falrbury. N-b....103
Fairmont, Neb... 9X
T. Island. Neb..1'i0
Hart!ngton. Neb. 9fi
Hastings. Neb. ...100
Holdrege. Neb. .,101
Oakdale, Neb.
94 ,
Omaha. Neh
Tekamah. Neb.
Alta. la
Carroll, la
Clarinda. Ia....
Sibley, la.......
tfloux City. la.. 94
Minimum temperature for twelve-hour
period ending at 8 a. m.
No. of Temp Rain.
Central. Station
Max.' Mln. Inches.
9fc t ' .13
84 - ' H . .62
'.- .04
Chicago, 111 2R
Columbus, O l
Dea Moines, la..., 14
Indianapolis, Ind.. 12
9?' M ' .50
Kansas City, Mo.. 20
Minneapolis, Minn. 28
; 72 .04
, 90 "' " .01
9S ' i ffl
. 98 73 . .20
Omaha, Neb , .13
St. Louis, Mo 11
Good rains again occurred In the eastern
portion of the corn and wheat belt and
light and scattered showers occurred In
most district of the. wostern portion. No
rain was reported In Nebraska within the
last twenty-four hours. The heat continue
excessive throughout the corn belt.
Local Forecaster. Weather Bureau.
Q.aots(loo of tk Day a . Varloae
C'onimndlf le. ..,-
NRW ToriK, Aug. 16-FLOUR-Receipts,
26.700 bbls. ; exports. 6.400 bbls. Market wss
steady but unlet: Minnesota patent. 16.90
6.25; Minnesota baker. 35.lfyaf6.60. old! winter
pa i ems. to.wtQa.w. oia; winter stratgnts,
l4.WVir).l5. new; winter patent. 34.4OO4.S0,
new; winter low grade. $4 304 70, new;
Ii'ilnaaa btpatokt. tl OANt ' I. a m. U . .
flour, quiet; fair to good, $4.354.80;' choice
to fancy. 34 Ki 90. '
uiti m m u steady : fine -hire ana vei-
low. 31.604fl.66: coarse. Il.60fll.68: kiln dried.'
Kit-Dull; No. 3 western, 76c, nominal,
t 0. t- New York. .
BARLEY Firm; feeding. 67c. C. I. f. New
York. '
WHEAT Receipts, 42.400 ". bit. Exports.
393.000 bu: spot market firm; No. new,
11 10',. nominal, elevator; No.. 2 red. new,
IM14. prompt. No. 1 northern Duluth. old.
31.41S. nominal, f. O b., afloat: No. 3
hard winter, new. 3M2H. nominal, f. o. b.
afloat. Option cables were so strong this
morning as a result of poor harvesting
weather abroad that wheat opened con
siderably firmer and acted ' strong most
of the day, helped also by predicted rains
In the northwest; big receipt, a poor ex
port trade and realising finally weakened
it however, and the -close waa net: un
changed. September, ' ll.O8-jifl.08T4; closed,
31. 0s; December, LO4'tl,0oS, closed $1.04;
May, LOb,M1.10',, closed 31.0BS-
CORN-Recelpts. , 28,726 . bu. Bxport.
4.M) bu. Spot market strong,- No. 2 new
mixed, 63c, wintep shipment; No: 2 yel
low, 79Vc elevator, $0c nominal, delivered.
Option market waa stronger on the firm
cash situation, closing 'USe net higher.
Special September closed 74c'J December.
5. closed . ' ' - .
OATS-Recelpt. 68.B2S bu. Kxport.' 6,75
bu. Spot market steady; mixed 26 to 32
pounds, 4sc nominal; Natural white; 26 to
32 pounds, 47uoOc; clipped white, 34 to
42 pounds, 62(ti&Blc. ...
HAY Steady; No. 3, T&SSOc; good to
Choice, 96C4H1.10.
HIDES Quiet; Bogota, 30H21ic; Cen
tral America, 2lc. .
LEATHER Steady; acld.i i830o. . .
PROVISIONS-Beef,- steady; family. 314 00
14.50; mes, ll.00ull.; beef ham. 3M OOM
26 00; packet. 3J2.oO(jl2.00; city extra India
mess. 20.6itig 21.00. Cut meats, quiet; pickled
bellies. 312.5013.00; pickled ham. 3U.504j
12 00. Ijird. firm; western. tll.Sitfll.96; re
fined, firm; continent. 313 30; South Amer
ica, 312 86; compound. 37.5057.76. Pork, firm;
family. 321.6022 00; short clear, 3210123.40;
mess. t21.7543.B. ' - '
TALLOW Quiet; oily (tl per ps.cksge,
8 6-I6c: country (package' free), js-ifra
6 18-lc.
RICE Steady: domestic, fair to 'wttra, t
fj3Sr: Japan, nominal.
BUTTER Firm; creamery special. 37tfJ
rsc: official price, 37c; creamery extra.
26'-S26Sc; creamery, th(rd to flrt. 224
(jj26c; prcM-ess.- first to specials, 23(ff24Vtc;
western factory flrats, 21 He .
CHEESE Steady; state, full cream,
specials, 14ftlaSc: state, full cream,
small or large, colored or white, fancy,
14Hc; state, full cream, common to good,
1141.1:10; skims, full cream to specials,
SWa ll,o. t
EGOS Easy; western extra first. 334
26c: western t'-:ax: 2r&23c; western, se
onds, 20210.
POULTRY Alive, steady; chickens. Wd
19c: fowls. liiltm; turkeys. 14c Dressed,
quiet; broilers, western, la'c; fowls, 16S
Kaaaaa City ttrala aad Provlaleaa.
tember, S3o bid: December, l0l'o,
sellers; May. 0oc sellers. Cash: Un
changed to lc higher: No. 2 hard. 31049
1 09; No. 3 hard. WVcftl 06; No. t red, 3106;
No. 3 red, 3103.
CORN September. 2Se, sellers; Decem
ber. 6(i53Sic, sellers; May 65ifiiH,c, seller.
Cash: 4'(t2c higher; No. 2 mixed, 63c; No.
3 mixed tvc: No. 3 white, jji)ISc; No. 3
white, tstfWc.
OATS Unchanged; No. t white, 41$44c;
No. J mixed, ikj40c.
RYK 776 iOc.
HAY Unoharged; choice timothy, 310 ion
11.00; choice prairie, 3 60-07.76; chtiiee al
falfa. 313 00a 14 00. .
BUTTLR-Creamerji. extra. 21K: rrt,
23c: second. 21c; packing stock, 14Se-
EGGS Extras, 23c; firsts. 21c; current re
ceipts. 17c; second and dirties. ISc; south
ern, 14c .
. Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu o82 .000 343
Com, bu ... 370U0 4 000
Oats, bu lOs.oue 63.0U0
Kaasa City options closed as follow:
Art Idea
I Open. I High. Low. Close.
September I Vcember
September 1 erember
4S - W
M 3il
61W .63BI-
631, M'J
.... M I
31V! IVA
62l MA
A Asked. B Bid.
Klala Ballet Market.
ELAIN. III., Auguat 16. BI TTER-Firm
36Vti aalea for 4ae week, M,3u0 lbs.
Union Pacific Makes a New High
Record at Opening, Riling to 219.
Near t'las t'alaa Paelfle Makes Rkara
Dre of Five Palata, bat later
Part at Tkls la
NEW YOftK August I6.-I11 all essential
respects today's stock market differed
from that of the last fortnight. Londiin
prices for our securities were again higher
and there wa the eame local bullish out
burst at the opening with new "high
record" In Union Pacific, common and
preferred, and Southern Pacific while
Reading. New York Central. St. Paul and
other Issue of lesser importsnc were
conspicuous for their strength.
At Chicago receipts of grain lsst week
were greater by over 3.000.000 bushels than
In the same week last year, with a gain
of more than bushel, in wheat and
about 400,000 bu. In corn. All report reflected
k steady Increase In the business of the
principal steel mills, some of which are
booked Weil ahead. Crop news was for ths
most part highly encouraging, heavy rains
having fallen throughout the "Panhandle."
district of Tex. and In New Mexico,
Oklahoma and the adjacent eectlons. In
Nebraska, however, the absence of rain
was reported to have further adverse effect
on corn. The report of the department of
commerce at Washington Indicating a re
duction In the wheat output of central
Europe of not less then ftO.OuOOuO bushels
below last year's yield waa accepted a a
good augury for our market. Official
figures of this country's foreign trsd for
July also were Issued. They showed an
Increase In Imports over the same month
last year of almost 32tl.000.000. while the
Increase of our export was scarcely one
fourth of that figure.
The onlv sensational feature of the day
was a precipitous slump In Union Pacific
at the beginning of ths last hour. Tht
took had evidenced a reactionary tendency
at a 2Vh Onlnt decline, when suddenly it
fell to 314, a break of h' point from Its
high record Drlce of the morning. The stock
came out tn lots of 600, 1.0U0 and 2.000 shares
with 2.600 shares at 214'.. At 214. however.
the decline wa arrested, and some ground
wa temporarily recovered, but the net re
sult of the day was a loss of 3't points.
Apart from a rumor that action on the re
ported "segregation" plan of the Union
Pacific1 company might be delayed, nothing
developed to account for the break, whlcn
unsettled the general list. Further fever-
iahnes was shown by the list in the final
trading and many of the active issu-
recorded net decline, one of the weakest
features being United States Steel, com
mon. Union Pacific preferred closed at
U2. a net loss of 44 points. iocai
monetary condition were without material
change Our banking Institutions are los
ing more cash to Canada for crop moving
purposes. Call money loaned up to Z', per
cent, but most advances Were made at 2 '4.
with some loans st 2 Der cent.
Bonds were Irregular. In keeping with
the movement In the stock market. Total
ale par value. 34.470.000. Governments
were unchanged.
The following were the closing quota
ttnns on stocks yesterday:
Sslet. HIsneet.Lw. ooe
AIMS disinters rd
Amalgamated Copper ..
American Agricultural
American Beet Sugar
American Can pfd ....
A mar. car and Foundry
Anter. Cotton Oil
Aoier. H L. pfd ..
Amer. Ir Securities ..
lt0 Ml Mt M'4
xs.joo ;iv ftv r.
1,200 4H 411, 471
4.10) 44 . 44V 44'
4 SO0 SI 4V4 f4i4
1.40) 414 M4 4'
2.4O0 T 7IV . 74
2. 51 MV, fVi
t4.00 3i U MVa
00 144 14V4 1
? a t 644
31.410 101 11 101
too 114 11CSH U
l.too 1SIV4 isivj lsn
1.000 1)1 . 1414 14IVs
ro 1014 101 14 101 4
10 M M
1.800 10 . 4I4 44
U.40T) U94, 11444 1144
tOO 104 104 10
' 0 140V4 :4V4 131
t.toa li4 1HS4 H4 ,
boo nti ii'4 11
t I0 . SO 14 7 7
1.7m it4 i m
S.bCO . 40Uj I4V4 f4
COO 1044 loa ina ,
100 Jll 111 It .
l.toO US4 5S K'4
100 T 47 K
r ire a4 - 14 ' I
l.ltia, 1M IH14 1H '
.fM 114 ' iit 1"'4
1.W0 77 7 74
1.100 4 4tt4 464
too I4'4 54 S MS
M ' S3 1 M
tm iov4 so4
l,0 147 144 144
701) jrt't 4 s
mo ies4 in4 i:4
. t.300 tV 4 4i ,
loo 4 t a? u,
0 IIS SK'l .os'4
I.SO 374 3V4 ?4H
15 ft M'
100 44a 44 41
1,000 170 1Vi IH
t.HA liS'4 le-H lf4
t.400 144 K
4.400 1411, utu, 19
Amer. . Llneeed
Amtr. Locomotive ....
Amer. i. 4V R
do pfd
Amer. Sugar Kenning .
Amer. Tel. a Tel
Amer. Tobaafi
Amer. Woolen
Anaconda Mining Co. ...
.do pfd
Atlantic Onset Una
Baitlmors A Obio
do pfd
Bethlehem Sleet
Brooklyn a. T
Canadian Pacific
Central Leather
do pfd
Central . of Ne Jeraer
Chesapeake A Ohio .v....
Chicago A Alton
Ckteafo- Qrsmt Western '
Chios so A Northwesters
C, M. 8t. P
ft. C. C. St. L. ..... .
Colo. Fuel A Iron ....
Colo. A Southern ......
do let pfd
do td pfd
Conaolldated Oaa
Com Products
Deiaarar A Kudeon ......
Denver A Rio Orande ..
do pfd
Dlatlller' Securities ....
do let pfd
do 14 pfd
General Electric
Great Northern pfd ....
do Ore. etfa.
Illtnoii Central
Interborough MeL
do pfd
Inter Harvester
Inter Marine pfd
International Paper ....
International Pump
Iowa Central
Kanaae Cllr ..
do pf.
Louisville A'NaehTllle ..
Minneapolis a at. Louis
M.. St. P. A C. git. M .
Mtaaourt Parlfle
M.. K. T
do pfd
National Blecult
National Lead
Nat. Rys. of M. 1st pfd
New York Central
N. Y.. O. A W
Norfolk Wester
North American
Northern Paaclflc
Pacific Mall
People's Oaa
P . C. C. Ra. L.
Proceed gteel Car .......
Pullman Palaos car ....
Railway Steel Spring ..
Republic gteel
do pfd ,
Rock Island Co.
do pfd
St. L. A 6. P Id pfd ...
I. Louis goutkweeters
do pfd
(loas-Sheffleld t. A I ...
feotrtham Pacific
outlier Railway
do pfd
Tennessee Caspar .......
Tesae V Pacific
T.. St. U A W
do pfd
I'olen Pacific
do pfd
United Stated Realty ...
failed Slat Rueber ...
United Sutea Steel
do pfd
Ftab Copper
Vs. -Carolina Chemical ..
Wabash j
do pfd
Western Maryland
tVMtlnghouee Electric ..
Weetem Union
Wheeling A Laka Erie ..
SI '4
47 Vj
1 40
II '4
1.400 141
eiii 144"
3m 7t4
1.000 4l4i
100 u
1584 1U
.... u
141 Uj
I, tot) ti4
0 it 14
4t.M 1444 14414 144.
1. toe tot, to 4944
IK Kt, It 14 4u
V30A S4U IJt nju
II. tOO 1MI Uli 167 14
100 H14 JlVj 11 yj
14. tOO 144, 141 "4 1424
lo.loo iao in jim
11 Vj
1.400 1114 0014
t"W 8 -4414 474
14 0 14 lt34 lMi
4.100 a'4 MiZ i4
00 1074 107 f7
14.SW 414 40U . 4014
1. 1"" . 74
00 i tu
40 I7V4 tl
ion rv 7Vi
400 M M
lM.PK) IJS14 117
,.tw H. IJW
- . -
toe i t
30.4--4 1114 n
. li'too
.144. too
t.4nj hjuj lttSi
1.700 II 4ii4M
m 14
wieconein Central
Tout sales for the day. 1.UI.M0 sharoa.
Bostoa Stocks aad Boads.
BOSTON Aug 16 -Money. call loana 2
A3 per cent; time loana. percent
Closing quotations were: . l"
Atrhlaon adj. 4. . .. txuj An, one Commercial 4441
do 4a VWU Atlantic ymmmm-
outie voalltloa
...K4H Calumet Artaona
Boston A Albany V130 Caluatet a Heels
Boston Kolevaied . l!7rDiant
rtubbur pfd 130 Copper Ranee
N. T.. N. H A M ITlHDaly Waal
t'ntoo Pacific M44, Praaklla ..
Amor. ' Arge. Co em . 474eOranby . .
do pfd lOJ, Greene Catianea
Amer. Pneu. Tub . tVt'ele Rorale
Amer. Sugar m Maaa Mining
. I
. 1444
. 174
. 10
. u
. 11
. Hi,
. 7
. 101,
. 44
. 4J1,
So pfd 124H Mlrhlgas
Amer. T A T ... 141 Mentana C A c
Amer. Woolen 31 Nevada ...
o pfd UOaUjOid omlnlo".""
Hominies I. a ... 44", reoeul
aaiaon alec Ilium II, rtrrot
Oeneral Electric
Mesa, glectrtc ..
... 14 Shannon ""
... 141i Tamarack
... 4a Trinity
do pfd
Maea. use
United Prull
Inlted Shoe Mach.
da pfd
V I Steel
do pfd
1 lfd Copper
'V. . Mining .'
t1". .Oil ... ....
t,l'tah .
li liuoria .. '
rT-lncoa J,
4 North Butte . .'
Tresisry Statrsarat.
WASHINGTON. August IA The condi
tion of the treasury si the beginning of
business lodsy wss a follow-
Trust funds: Ootd totii. Iaf4 3. silver
dollsrs. 4n.s71.000; silver dollars of Ik O
34.141 000: silver certificates outstanding'
34s 371.000. General fund: Standard sllvei
dollars in rteneral fund. 36.1 ,4.776; current
liabilities. 3w.;.M: ,orking balance in
treasury offices, 334 3as.&13: lit banks to
credit of I'nlted States treasurer, tit T4J 4i
subsidiary aUver cnn. 3Ji.U0.lrj4, mluu com,
12 111. IT; total balance In general fund,
Jitt? Yark Maaey Market.
NEW YORK, Aug. M.-MOJIEY-On call,
teady at 224 per cent; ruling rate, n
per cent; closing bid. t per cent; offered
at l per cent.
TIME LOANS Very strong; sixty dsys.
IStJS per cent; ninety days, 3V03H per
cent; six months, 4 per cent.
per cent. '
8TERMNC1 EXCHANGFJ "teady, with
actual business In bankers' bills at 34 KorVj
4 R51b for sixty-day bills and at HSS for
demand; commercial bills. 34 MMKf4.4H-
SILVER Bar, tlVc; Mexican dollars.
BONDS Government, steady; railroad,
The following are the closing quotations
on stocks and bonds:
C. I. rwf. Is. rog ...inn4 et .c. 1st re. 4s ... M
do cniipon loajlnt Met. 4'M 's
It 6. ia. re 101 inter. M. M. 4St . 44
do ooupea 101 'Japaa 4e W
V 6 4e. re 114 do 4H
do coupon 114 K. C. so. lit ta ... 1i
Allli-Cbalmera 1st ! M4 L. 8. deb 4s HMD. HS
Am Agrt As 1074 L. A N. n. 4s V
Am. T. A T. cr. M . R AT 4H 4114
Am. Tob. 4s " Miv Pae. 4 W4
do s II . R. et Met. 4Ujs i4
Arsvoer A fa. 4H.. U S T. ft a. 3HS. . Hit
Atrblsoa gen. 4s... 1 44 e. 4s... H
do ct. 4a M4 H T. N M A M sv sa.Uta,
do cv. (a .lllN A W. let t. 4a. .inn
Atlantic c. L. 1st 4 Nuj de ev. 4 1m
B A O. 4 Hi No. Pacific 4 im
do IS Mn 6 t44
do 8. W tva .. O . L. rfttt- 4e.. 4S
nrerklyn T. cv. 4a.. rr Pa cv. 1st ;ll.
Central of Oa. be. .110H do con. 4e 1044,
Central leather ta.. I Reading gen. 4e lOtK,
'-. r. or n. i. 1 m ir 11 l i 1 r ii 4s.. ms
C. A O. 4v,....s 10:44 do gen. Si ..a tl
do ref. 6. v 10ngt. u S -W. con. 4a 7
C. A A. Vta 7Vi do let gold 4a....H
C . B. A 4) J. 4a ... seaboard A. L. 4s.. MS
ds gen 4e (tfcfo. Par col. 4a . 3
C. M A St P g H. H . da . U tnauj
C. R I A P R c. 4 P)t do let ref. 4a fov,
do col. be tJVtBO Railway 6 U',
do rfg. 4a :.. 42 do gen. 4i S3
Colo. Inrluatrlsl fa . P v, I'nlon Paclflo 4a . .1M4
tlo. Midland 4a . .. S4 do cv. 4e l;
C. A 8. r. A ex 4Ha Mi do let snd ref. 4s.. r.4
T. H. cv. 4s....lo4i f. Rubber ...I1M4
D A R. O. 4b 4r. 8. Steel. Id e..inH
di ref os eyg.-csr. Chem. ta . ,
I1stlllrsi' He 74 W'abanh 1st ta 1U
Kris prior lien 4a.. 'W ! ""d eit. 4a. 774
do gen. to 7k, Western Md. 4i sr.
do cv. 4s. t. A... M"4"t. 1"V cv. Ha... 4j
da cv. 4a, s. B... If Wis, Central 4t ' V
Oen. Elec. cv. ia...l44
Bid. Asked. ' j
Londss Stock Market.
LONDON, Aug, 16. American securities
opened quiet but firm, with prices gener
ally above parity. At noon values were
from 14 to 3 points over - Saturday's New
York closing.
London closing stocks:
Coneols, money H4H Loulrvllle A N
. 4.1.
do account MT-IN, K. A T
Amal. Copper
H N T. Central
Atchison ..........
do pfd
Baitlmors A Ohio.
Canadian Pacific.
Chesapeake A O...
.. 10V, Norfolk A W
..122Uj do pfd ... .
. I'7i4 Ontario A W.
..Itli Pennsylvania
..11 44 Rand Mlnea...
.. 8614 Reading
.. I Southern Ry.
.... ti4
.... 73Uj
.... H
.... 144
Chicago O. W..... .
Chi., Mil. A St. P.
De Beera
Denver A Rio O...
do pfd
do lit pfd
do td pfd
Grand Trunk
Illinois Central
144 do pfd
US southern Pacific Hiu,
H", Union Pacific 6:44
ovi do pfd lain
ItSt'. 8. Steet 104
4H do pfd WS
4S Wabash Its,
23H do pfd. '.. 6914
144 Spanlah 4a 154
SILVER Bar, steady at 23 8-lfjd per OS.
MONEY per cnt.
The rate of discount In the open market
for short bills Is lglS per cent; for tnr
months' bills, 1 7-ltal4 per cent.
Local Beearltlea . Haetatloase
Quotations turnlehed br Psmuel Burns, Jr.. 414
New Tork Life building. Omaha:
Bid. Aakrd.
Alma. Neb., Municipal ts
Ctidahy Packing Co
Armour Packing Ce. 4H1 ,
Celumbua. Neb.. B. U s 1-
Omaha rir Engine 4 1IM
Omaha Renewala 4Hi 144
Oat City Malt Co
Kanaae City Rr. ta 113
Kanaaa City Ry. pfl .
Nebbraik T. A P. 4 IM...
Neb. Tel. Slock 4
Omah Oas 4a 117
Omaha I. U I P. k 1MI
Omaha ft. L. A P. pfd
Omaha A C. B. St. Kr. 9s 1114
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry. ts list.
Omaha A C. f. St. Ry. pfd
Omaha A C. B. St. By. coca. .
Omaba A 4V B. St. Rr A sU pi 4 ...,
Umaha Water Co. j 1144.
Iwlft A Co. ts 1414.-...
lo. Omaha Sewer 4V4e 1114. .'.
lioux II Stock Tarda pfd
talon, gtook Tarda, Omaha. ,4i.M.-,.. ..
04 1J0I4
c" tH
M4j St
100 1004
104 10i4
7Ts i14
44 B4
H 44 Vi
M14 lOOuj
M 44
100 im
M4 lot
4m 44(4
10 Tl
I4 44
44V, 4
in ioii4
11114 lul
S4 40
HH 714
Mew York Mlmlaa gtocks.
NEW YORK, Aug. K-1osxng quotations
were as follows:
Alice 1st Msxtosa
Brtinewlck Lbs 1 Leadvllle Con.
Com. Tunnel stock... :t Little Chief .
do bonds lit Uphlr
Con Cal. A V It Standard
Horn Silver ......... 70 Ontario
Iroa Silver lit Tetlow Jacket
..... 7
Bank of Germany Stateaaeat.
BERLIN, Aug. 1. The weekly statement
of the Imperial bank of Germany shows
the following changes: Cashon hand,
increased M.MM.OOO marks; loans, decreased
1,478.000 marks; discount, decreased 20,
2o7.0U) mark; Treasury bill, increased
36,lt)l,000 marks; notes In circulation, de
creased 53.4Wi.000 marks; deposits, increased
8,238,000 marks; gold on hajd, Increased
17,b81,000 marks.
Baak Clearing-. ' '
OMAHA, Aug. 16. Bank clearings for
today were I2,469.ia0.7(i and for the corre
sponding date last year 31,1114, 302. 6.
Metal Marxrf,
firm market was reported for tin on the
New York metal exchange today, evidently
in response 10 me iirm caoies, as no busi
ness was reported. Closing Quotations fol.
low: ttpot and August, 329.8iij 30.00; October,
329.9630.10 and December, tJO.OO&aO.-jO. The
ixinaon - market closed at 1186 17s d for
spot and 137 6s for futures sales. Includ
ing 180 tons spots and 424) tons futures.
The market for Standard cooper waa firm.
with a sale of 100 tons, October at 13.30
reponeo. At me close standard spot waa
quoted at 3U.tKHjL2.90; August at 31ic-lj u;
September, 311764)13 90; October. tlli-lUte
12.K0: November. I12.liiyatll.96. and iw-m,..
ber, 312. So 13. 00. Local dealers quoted lake
copper at tia-iistfie 00; electrolytic, 313.UV0
13.24; casting, 3i2.87V413.00. The London
market for copper closed easy, with spot
Quoted at i&t l&a. and futures inti l&a Ktve
hundreds ton were sold of spot and 1.400
ions ior luture delivery. Lead was steady,
with spot quoted at t4.3TVtft-4.4l New York
and at 4.24 east St. Louis delivery. Soeltar
was quiet at 36.tt436.86. Hew York, and at
36.664(5.05 ast Sl Louis Oellvery. No sales
oi eitner leaa or spelter were reported on
the New York metal exchange. The Lon
don lead market waa A shade higher at
413 6s 3d and spelter was unchanged at
22. The English Iron market was lower,
Cleveland warrants closing at 60s ivd.
Locally no . change waa reported. No. 1
foundry northern, 817.3517.76; No. 1 foun
dry northern iiti.7fr.al7. 3: No. 1 nnih.,1.
and No. 1 southern soft, S17.7St9U.26.
St. Loalu Geweral Market.
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 1. WHEAT Hiather;
track, No. 2 red, cash, 3l.ttVWl.08; No. 2
hard, 110391.10; September, SO'c; Decem
ber, 7H7C.
CORN-Hlgher; track. No. 3 cash, etc;
September, 4M,c; December, E464Vc: No. I
white. &ir-4?0c.
OATS-Higher; track. No. t cah. 38
S8Vc: September. 38V4C; December, S8V40;
No. 1 white, 40Vc.
RYE Higher at TlOTHc.
FLOUR Lower; red winter patent. 35 00
136.25; extra fancy and straight, t4.70ia6 0i;
hard winter clear. 34.25gi4.6Qr
SKED-Tlmothy; J3.0OM17O.
HRAN-Higher; aacked east track, HOtrj
HAY Lower; timothy, tl (S15.00; prairie
38 OOWio o0. T
PROVISIONS Pork. higher; Jobblna;
fm ii. Iard. higher; prime steam. 311 80S
11 40 llrv mI, m ,t..Jv, 1 j . :
-, - -- .... . . . . . , , uuaoij r 11 1 4
shorts. 31162V; clear ribs, til 624; short
clears, u 7s; Bacon, steady; boxed extra
hort. 812624; clear rib, $11.82V; hort
clear, 112.82V.
, . , Receipt. Shipments
JHour. bbl..., 13 700 yi)
Wheat hit m -r.k ,o ,
Corn, bu....! .lHSjot) n'ti
Oat, bu Il.t00 u'lii
POULTRY Steady ; chickens. 12c; springs
154c: turkeys. 17c; ducks, sc; geese 6c
BUTTER Higher; creamery, 3yo27c.
EOGS Lomer at Kc.
Peerla Grata Market.
PEORIA. Aug. l.-CORN-Higher; No.
3 white, 71c; No. 8 yellow. (wVJoKc; No 3
yellow. c; No. 3, SSmniSVc; No. 3. sc;
No. 4 74-; no grade. tfl,e.
OATS-Hlgher; No. 3 hlte. 3ic; No. 3
white, 3h'c; No. 4 white. 874c; standard,
RYE o. . T14c.
Toled Seed Market.
TOLEDO, O. Aug 1 PKElS 'lovr
ash. 87 14): October. f7 74. tiecember
17474; Merch. 87 674. Timothy, prime. 81 s5
Alsike. prime. 37.40.
Heceipti of Cattle Largeit Since
Month of May.
Large Ran ef heep, -vvlth Feeder
kees) and I.ambe Steady and Fat
Rkeep and Lasakei Tea ta
Flfteea Lower.
SOUTH OMAHA. Neb.. Aug 16. WW.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep
Estimate Monday 7.SO0 1.400 1 0O
Same day last week 1.24 J.795 e 6S1
Same dav 2 weeka ago.. A302 2 (72 10.134
(.me day 8 weeka ago.. 4.743 3. Of 4 (.673
Same day 4 weeks ago.. S 1 1 K :ofi
Eame day last year 7.9S2 i,M 9.6:?
The following table shows the receipts of
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha for
the year to date, compared with last year;
1P0. 1P0S. Inc. Deo.
Cattle 661.052 631. 6 30.082
Hoga 1.808,290 l,?56.4t7 147,207
Sheep 843.611 863,2a 3.662
The fnllowmg table snows the average
price of hogs at South Omaha for the laat
several days, with comparisons:
Date. I 1909. 11908. 107. 11906. 1S06.104. 1903.
4 .
7 6341 t 931
6 On
6 07
6 04
6 08
3 04
5 12
( S"4) S
7 68V1 S 6 '
6 841 6 11
6 Ml 8 07
I i I n
in g 1 4
T 4V
Aug. 10.
7 4141
7 844 1
7 424i
40 6 881
60! I
4I 6 861
22, 6 M'
I 6 19
Aug. 11..
Aug. 12..
Aug. 13..
Aug. 14..
Aug. 15..
Aug. 16..
K 891 4 841 S ?
6 4( 4 81 1 6 24
I 4 Mi n 16
t 951 6 21
b Wl b 011 6 25
5 821 5 02
7 47S.
7 644!
6 741
& 721
( 7
Receipts and disposition of live stock at
the Union Stock Yards, 8outh Omaha, Nib.,
for twenty-four hours ending at 3 p. m.
August 16:
Cattle.Hogs.Pheep.H T s
('.. M. A St P
1 .. 1
2 , 5 L"'
1 4
10 8 7
:: h
13 68 72
Union Paelfl'
O. N.-W. east....
C. A N-W.. west..
C, St. P.. M. 0.
C B. A Q , east 1
C B. & Q.. west 125
Illinois Central
C, O. W
Total receipts 30,
Cattle. Hogs.
Omaha Packing company. 66
Swift and Company 1,1:10
Cudahy Packing company M0
Armour & company 1.507
Schwarts-Rolen company
Cudahy from country
Schwartschild & Sulsb'ger 122
Roth A. Co 90
St. Clair 37
VV". B- Vansant company.. IS
Henton Vansant & Lush. 226
Stephens Bros.
Hill & Son
F. B. Iewls
J. B. Root & Co. ...
J. H. Uulla
U F. Husx
U Wolf
McCreary Carey.
S. Werthelmer ......
H. F. Hamilton
Sullivan Brod
T. J. Icghram
Cllne A Cleslrtle....
Other buyers
Total 7.2SO 1.166 11,847
CATTLE Receipts of cattle this morning
were very large, 306 cars being reported
in. This Is the heaviest run of any day
since May 4. when 309 cara were received
and with that exception the heaviest eince
December 15, when 344 car arrived at the
yards. Today's receipts, as might be ex
pected, consisted almost entirely of range
cattle, there being very few native or corn
feds among the offerings. Cows snd feed
ers constituted a large share of the cattle,
but there was also a very liberal sprink
ling of grass beef. Considering the large
run, the market-as a whole waa In very
fair condition.
Grass beef cattle of good quality wefe
free sellers at steady prices. The market
on that kind showed verv little change
In any direction. On the other hand cattle
that were a little off in quality, were any-,
where from weak to IOC lower and rather
slow sellers. Cornfed steers were very
scarce and It Is safe to quote anything
strictly good as steady.
The market on cows and heifers was In
about the same condition aa the beet steer
market, that is. the better grades were
about steady, and from that on down to
as much as (0c lower on Inferior kinds.
Feeder buyers earned to want good cattle
having both weight and quality, and the
market on the best kinds of feeders was
fairly active at about last week's prices.
Rough and Inferior kinds were slow sellers
and weak to 10c lower.
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice
cornfed steers, SG.907.25; fair to good corn
fed steers, l.30tg.0; common to fair corn
fed' steers, tS.OO.UO; good to choice range
steers, SS.00tjp6.6O; fair to good range steers,
S4.50&5 00; common to fair range steers,
S3.7Wj4 50; good to choice cows and heifers,
S4.0O-u5,25; fair to good cows and heifers,
33.254.00; common to fair cows and heif
ers. $1.7503.25; good to choice atockers and
feeders, S4.25ftj5.65; fair to good atockers and
feeders, 33.764.26: common to fair atockers
and feeders, 33.0093.75; stock heifers, S2.769
3.50; veal calves, 33.507.00; bulls, stags,
etc, $2.754.75.
Representative sales;
16 heifers... 816 3 20 9 steers. ... 877 3 70
10 hetfelrs... 704 3 16 51 steers.... 982 4 10
2 bulls 1290 3 00 29 steers..., 809 3 85
5 steers. ...1064 4 20 22 steers.... 932 4 45
,16 steers.... !15 4 20 7 steers.... 952 2 75
1 48 steers.... 9M 4 40 8 flows 832 3 25
7 cows 825 2 50 7 cows 805 2 90
16 heifers... 439 3 00 4 heifers... 450 3 26
6 heifers... 676 3 25 11 steers.... 507 3 26
7 cows 944 2 75 11 cows 981 t 25
1 bull 1400 3 SO
38 steers.... 921 4 10 3 heifers... 6U0 3 30
19 steers.... 977 4 06 7 steers.... 885 4 26
82 steers.. -1204 4 60 28 steers. ...1087 4 40
69 steers.. ,.1060 4 75 26 cows...... 932 3 15
13 heifers... 611 3 10 11 cows 846 t 35
cows 8450 2 66 1 bull 660 3 00
feeders.. 971. 4 66 19 feeders.. 789 4 00
8 feeders.. 898 3 40 Scows 890 2 90
16 800 3 36 21 cows 993 3 36
4 feeders.. 71S 4 00 6 calves.... 2 6 60
( cows 978 3 40 9 heifers... 577 1 65
12 heifers... 710 3 00 feeders.. 828 3 25
5 feeders.. 662 3 60 6 feeders.. 876 3 66
7 steers. ...1210 S 00 Scows 976 2 90
17 cows.... .1026 3 46 37 steers.. ..1227 5 80
I cows 796 8 26 34 feeders.. 769 3 80
16 stockers. 794 3 85 (
Oeorge Stewart, Nebraska.
19 heifers... 668 8 15
Eggleaton & Hell, Nebraska.
24 cows 993 4 25
J. H. Monahan, Nebraska.
steers. ...1123 4 90 36 steers.. ..1157
4 90
u. wyis, iMeorasga.
504 3 10 6 cow s 946 8 50
810 3 10 9 heifers... 516 3 66
7 steers....
C cows
32 cows
936 3 W 8 cows 946
966 4 40 19 feeders.. 774
t 85
3 40
Western Ranches. South Dakota.
183 steers. ..1206 4 90
Ben Harrison, South Dakota.
M steers.. ..1062 4 60
H. M. Brlndley, South Dakota.'
23 steers.... 946 6 00
Tim Hyde, South Dakota.
11 steers.... 998 4 40
26 cows 920 8 45) 6 cows 954 3 00
8 cows 941 3 65
HOG8 Receipts of hogs were extremely
light this morning, being the smallest run
even for a Monday experienced thu year.
There were really not enough hogs to make
a market, but it was evident that buyer
wacted what few there were, and It did not
take them very long to clean ud evervthlna-
offered. The price paid were all of 10c higher
ana titer were some sates mat looked, even
better than that. Light hogs of good quality
sold around 17.70 and on up as high a 17. M).
There were not very many heavy hogs
In the yards, but pretty decent kind of
packer, running largely to cow, auld
down to 87.40, with belter grade bringing
mure money. As there were so few hog
here today no dependence can be placed
on a comparison between the bulk of the
ale today and last week, especially aa
the hoga were mostly light weights today.
Today' advance carries the market to
the highest point touched since Saturday,
August 7. when 17 90 was paid for the best
hogs on sale.
Representative sales:
Ss. A ft No Av. fa. Pr.
II IW f 40 17 . . T 4
4V 14 T UV 44 t.t 140 til
44 Mi . I 621 44 . 1 in
IB 211 30 1 34 71 ill 40 T 74
T 71 40 1 46 44 .l ... 7 ;
14 !V . T 4D 41 J . Mi
it 174 1 1 4f tl ... J 1.
T J . 7 t ii ? . . 1 75
4 :n 4ft t u hi m ia til
S....a.,.tU)1. . IH .. U-o.-i--.iM ,.,.?
; $1
at . . . . ji'i 40 7 4.
SHEEP Receipts were compai ail ely
liberal this morning, the bulk ionl.iin o(
fat sheep fiom western and tun tliv , s.en
rangea. h.arly trading was naturally iaihei
quiet ualng to the late aiiiNal ol a miiiilei
if cars ami but little Improvement a
noted after supplies had been yarded As
a result It mas well along In the morning
before enough sheep had changer) hands ui
put the matket on a qtniteble basis.
Packers started out bidding lone; O'l all
kinds of killing sheep. taiiin.s wtte m
icood supply and early bids on this c;s
of stock appeared to be en relavKeiy
lower than bids on wethets. While a slow,
quiet trade makes It rather difficult to cor
rectly determine price-level, most sales
men were disposed to vail today's killing
sheep market right around loulio loner
than Kstnrdav.
I Th, Inniilt v frti- fcHlna t,wk both heen
and lambs, was well' sustained, and while
there waa only a limited asortment of
feeders on sale from which buyers miht
choose, price paid were not Materially
different from last week's close one bunco
of thin wethers was good enough to bring
There were several double deik tf fu
lambs included In the receipts, but the. de
mand for young killers wss not as vigorous
ss It wss at last week's close. Trading
figures on most sales showed a lO&lSc de
cline, with some of the beat Ismba selling
at 37 30.
Representative sales:
Quotation on fat sheep and lamb: flood
to choice spring lambs. f7.Mt7.85, fair to
good spring lambs, 3 7Mi7.3R; good to choice
yearlings. S6.nMfo.36; fair lo good yearlings.
84 8605.10; good to choice wethers, 84.26tf4.e);
fair to pried wether. l4.Otoiy4.26; good to
choice ewes. S4.K-4.fl40, fair to good ewes.
uuotations oil feeder stock: Fslr lo
cholce lambs. So .'-Witi.60; fair to choice year-
lines. 14 ;Aia.3fl: fa r to cho ce wether. SJ .ill
313 Idaho wethets 100 4:!.
176 Utah lambs, feeders i 11 l'
223 Utah yearling w 5
41 Idaho wetht-r 13-' i '
304 Idaho ewe 112 4 1.
3; Idaho yeailliiR 0 .1
D8 Idaho yearlings, feeders ,. . 4
t attle, Sheep and l ambs , Lower
lliii Strong; to Higher.
CHICAGO, Aug. 16 CATTLK-Keccii ..
19.000 head; market inline lowtr; steers,
Sa.i,7.60; cow, S350fi6.25; halters. 33501)
6.00; bulls, I30O64N5; calves, t;i00'UV."6.
stockers snd feeders. 32 7665.15. (
HOUS Receipts, 26,000 head; market
strong to 5c higher; choice heavy, 8!.S5f
8 00( butchers. 87.808.00; light mixed. 3?
t7 0; choice light, 17. soil 8 UU, packing, 37.40
((.'f ori; pigs, 35.507.76; bulk of sale, 1:2.-.
(a 7. 15.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 30.000
head; market, 1iV?j.26e lower; sheep. 33 00a
4. Ill; lambs, 85.77.75; yearling."
St. Lonls Live Stock Market.
ST. LOUIS, Mo,, Aug. 16 CATTLE-Receipts.
8.700 head. Including 5,600 Texans;
market, higher; Texans, lower; nstlve ship
ping and export steers, 31-7037 3; dressed
beef and butcher steers, 35. 40 6 60' steers
tinder 1,000 pounds, 34,25tt5.f5; stockei and
feeders, S3.604i4.w); cows and heifer, 8325'iV
6.50; canners, Sl.75tg2.25; bulls. S?.Srtp.30; -
calves, S5.2567.50; Texas and Indian steers,
S3. 40.20; cows and heifers, 12.50.g4.S5.
HOGS Receipts, 4,400 head; market,
higher; pigs and lights, 8.0O'g7.9il: packers.
7.7537.96; butchers and beat heavy, $7. 90ft'
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 2,000
head; market, steady; lnmbs, lower, native
muttons. S3.50fif-4.60; lambs, 86 25ji7.75; culls
and bucks, S2-604.76; stockers, S3 004.00.
Kaaaaa City Live Stock Market.
Receipts, 26,000 head, including 7.000 south
erns; market steady to lOo lower; choice
export and dressed beet steers, S6.40S7.ild;
fair to good, S6.0O36.26; western steers,
84.26(36.25; stockers and feeders. S3.0Otf6.70;
southern steers. 33.268w4.60; southern cows,
82.2V33.90; native cows, 82 10ft4.50; native
heifers, S3.2O6.00; bulls, S3.OOu3.75; Calves,
HOGS Receipts, 6.000 head, market 5c
higher; 'ton. 87.90; bulk of sales, S7.66f?.8S;
heavy, 37.707.80; packers and butchers,
87.70tg7.90; light, 37.403 7.; pigs, 35.50-7.26.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 7,000
head; market steady; lambs, 8.5037.60;
yearlings. S4. 50-26. 25; wethera, Si.00ti5.26.
ewes, S3. 766. 00; stockers and feeders, S3.0n0
St. Joseph Live Stock Market.
ceipts, 8.000 head; market steady to 10c
lower; steers, 84.507.26; cows and heifers,
S2.&ig 6.00; calves. S3.lKxa7.0O.
HOG8 Receipts, 3,700 heed; market 6c
higher; top, 87.90; bulk of sales, SO. 7 5
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 3.500
head; market 10(3160 lower; lamba, 34.60
Sloaa City Live Stock Market..
SIOUX CITY, Ia., Aug. 16. (Special Tele
gram.) CATTLE Receipt, 3.000 head;
killers weak; feeders steady; beeves, 34 26
67.16; grass cows. S3.004.26; feeders, S3-7
t4.85: yearlings, 83.003 4 25. 1
HOGS Receipts. 1.500 head: market
steady to 6c higher; range of prices, 37.26
67.60; bulk of sales. 87.354T7..45.
Stock In StsTBt.
Receipts at the six principal western
markets yesterday were:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha 7.600 1.400 18,000
St. Joseph 3.000
Sioux City 3,000
Kansas City 25.000
St. Louis 8,700
Chicago 19.000
....66.300 42,000 61,100
tTotton Market.
market opened steady at an advance of 396
points and sold 10 to 11 points net higher
right . after the opening 'In response to tho
rally a. Liverpool, reports that the weather
was cliarlng off warm In the southwest
and .'expectations of bullish private condi
tion figures for the half month, to be pub
llshed at midday. Offerings increased on
the advance, reflecting the persistency of
the selling by leading bears, and the mar
ket during the middle ,of the morning acted
nervous and unsettled at a reaction of 306
points from' the best.
Futures opened steady; August, 12.30c;
September, 126o bid; October, 12.05c; De
cember, 12.08o; January, 12.07c; March,
12.06c; May, 11.11c
Future cloeed I Steady; August, 12.22c;
September, 1317c;l October, 12.14c; Novem
ber, 12.13c; December, 12.11c; January,
13.08c; February. 13.07c; March, 12.09c; April,
12. one; May, 13.10c..
Spot closed quiet at t points higher; mid
dling uplands, 1176c; middling gulf. 13c.
Sales, none.
at I840. .
ST. LOUIS, Aug. . 18.-X)TTON-Un-changed;
middling, 12c; sales, none; re
ceipts, none; shipments, none; stock, 13,818
quiet; unchanged; middling. 12 5-16c;
sales, on the spot, tiu bales; to arrive, 100
bales, .'
Evaporated Apples aad Dried Frails.
APPLES Market rules steady, with fancy
quoted at fca(g94c; choice at 8484c; prim
at TiOVrW, common to fair, &aic.
DRIED FRUITS Prunea are unchanged,
with quotatlona ranging from 240 to 11 Sir:
for California and from 6a to c fur Oregon
fruit. Aprtcota are quiet but firm, with
choice quoted at 10104c; extra choice at
104al0c; fancy at ll'ulSc, Peaches art
reported firm on the coast and heavy ship
ments of green fruit have reduued the
supply available to driers. Choioe are
quoted, at S'rt'&fc; extra choice at iVJjl-c;
fancy at 7t)S4o.
Visible Sapply of Grata.
NEW YORK, Aug. IS. The visible sup
ply of grain In the United States on Satur
day, August 14, as compiled by the New
York Produce exchange was as follows:
Wheat, 8,283,000 bushels; Increase, 83,
000 bushels.
Corn, 2,124.000 bushels; decrease. 242 000
Oats. 2.442,0000 bushels; decrease, 361,000
Rye, 154.0X1 bushels; Increase, 30,000 bush
els. .
Barley, 205.000 bushels; Increased, 17,000
The viuihla suddIv of wheat In Can art a
on Satutday, Augut 14, was l,3b8,000 bushei J
increase, i.,uj ousneis.
Liverpool Craia Market.
No. t red. western winter, nominal. Fu
tures, quiet; September, 8s 3'4d; December,
7s 94d: March. 7s 84d
CORN Spot, new. American, mixed, via
Galveston, steady at 6a 64d. Future quiet;
September. 5s 4d; October. 5s 4-d
I'F'.AS Canadian, steady at 7s 104d
FLOl R Winter patents, steady at 34a 64.
tuffre Market.
NEW YORK. Aug. 11 .--COFFKE-The
market far .cwflee futures opened quiet, at
n ... .114 1 1 471,
I utii l, an: d ;"n- n,1 t t.rj ilud in -li- ab
sence m utr i- ititcn v ulv f i 11 Ii ill, cto
Minei, tn-i niicn.-iiiai d 10 putti; ni4ti-i
mii were lepoitril of 2. bags including
September nl i m- St -iinei; Kn-, No ..
1 ,"i-4i'. f-ntiv No. 4, k ig.1!.', mild dull,
I KIIIU14, n I. I-
staple and Inner Prodaee Prices Far
nlsked By Baivra aad Wkwleaalers.
14UITKH Creamery. No. 1. delivered te
the 1 eta il trade in 1-1 b. carton. 2Tc, n
1. Ill bO-lb. tubs. 2"ic, No. t. in 1-lb. car
tons. 2.1c; in H-ib. iuts, ;k-. packing slock.
ltH-, tanrv dan. Hit., ilfliic, common
1 oil. Iresli mad. lIHiC. Maikct changes
every Tursd.
EUtlS Push ell.nt stock, candled. lie
No stot'MK' tun n iii Otnalia market.
OHEkSfcl 'ni VV'Isconaln lull cretm.
twins, i,-; ioi.'ih Ainerlcaa. 4 In hoop.
154c; fvorlte, ,n hoop. lc. dalle. 20 f r
hoop. 154c, ciea n brick, full cae. 16c;
block twh-. Lie. tull cream llnibut ger. lc
POl LTIIV Hi-uiiris, Ik; alive, spring,
tsc; hens, 10V: ewek. 4c; flucka, sc;
geest, 5c; turksys. 15c; pigeons, per do.
ufc, guinea fowls, pet do.. S2 50; sqnsbs,
per do.. 32. Dressed hen, lie; springs.
IMiMc: cock. 64'. aucka, lie; geese, 114c;
turkeys, 22c
FISH Fresh caught, slmoit all are
dressed: Halibut, ec; buffslo. c: trout.
12c: bullheada. 14c; catfish, 17c; crapples.
sutifVsh. 6iic; black bass. 2.V; whlleflsh.
13c; pike. 12c. salmon, 14c; pickerel, 10c;
frog' leg. Sfec. Freah froxen: Whlteflsh. No.
1, 10c; round. c; pickerel, dressed and
headless, 7c; round, Sc; pike. dresed. 10c;
round. 9c; red snspper. lto; Spanish nick
el el, ISc. native mackerel, 3i"e each.
FRESH FRl"ITS-Florlda pineapple. 1
to 4Sr. 32.75 pet crte, grape fruits, JR si
per box. ..; 4h sise. w, m sixe. sv: n-
nana, fancy select. 11 i.tioj to; apptes nome
' grown, per on m:nri, wc, niamri u9
I k. t 4",r
j MEAT 'l 'I S- . I rlhi l4c; ' No I
I t llis. 13', : No. 1 l ib. 'c:- No. 1 loin. 17c;
; No 2 loin. I4t : No. i Ic-ln. 104c; No. I
'chuck, fl'ic: No : chuck. 5c; No. 3 chuck.
4 -c: No. 1 I'Mitiil. 10c; No 3 round, 94c!
Nil J round, 'ic; No 1 plate. 54c; No. 8
plate, .V; No 3 plate. 40.
V'KOKTA PI.1 "S- Kansas sweet potatoes.
;2J."i per bbl. tYlery. Michigan. 26o bunch;
' MilHlli-r, t;0c "abbRge, home grown. 114!
i lb, Wisconsin Red Globe onloes,
per lb. t nlirornia caiilinower, s.i' per
crate. Tomatoes, Tennessee. 4 baskets.
90c: crate. It 00. Lettuce, per do. ;We, Par
snips, turnips, carrots. 7tc per dos Flor
ida new beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips,
etc.. per dos.. 75c.
POTATOES New. Srte per bu.
HlIE9-No. 1 green, 10c; No 1 cured, llfl.
Oils and It 01 a.
OIL CITY, Pa.. Aug. 1H, -OIL-C're.llt bal
ances. 81.58. Runs. .t2,tll bbls : averags.
151,681 bbls. Shipments. 361.210 bbls.; aver
age. 163.275 bbls.
SAVANNAH, tlti . Aug. 10 - OU Spirits
of turpentine, firm: .M,4"-0,lC
ROSIN Firm; gti.nn H tlfrtj:!; 1 1.
83.H0iil3.46: E. 33.0tii3.M. F. SI :sto. 5. U. Ss f
44.00; II. 84 25; I. 4 .;-.: I 3.". OtMr.'.il'O; M.
85.105.30; N. S.'. tO-ijo tV VVU. 8.ilaA5
WW, 85 75
Bricklayers (ilve Over for the nay
In Siinir Places and 4ther
VV orkera ttsft.' '
" On account "of the heat work was sus
pended early on the Brandels annex and
theater building, the hrlrklayej only labor
ing one hour. The Thompson-Starret com
pany, which Is putting up the building, did
not mind, because It Is able to go ahead
at night.
A big ctew was at work Sunday night
and the scene looked not unlike a big Iron
foundry, for the men had stripped .to the
Work on the new. court houte -building
went on despite the heat, but all the labor
ers took a leisurely gait'.' The Southern
Coal company, which Is hauling material
for the court house, suffered the defection
of five teamsters on account of the heal.
Demaad Increaeed; They Say, Willie
Pastures Are Growing; Poor aad
Farmers' Milk Soarlaej.
Milk prices have' been given a boost In
Omaha" 6 cents a can. or 24 cents A 'gal
lon, wholesale. The prices to tho ret Alter
have not been relfed. although some, of the
dealers say there may oon be an Increasa
In price. ....
C. V. Schwager, manager of the Alamltj
Sanitary Dairy company, says that the
raise Is necessary because of the shortage
of milk, while t the same lime there is a
heavy demand for Ice cream and soft
drinks. He says that the pastures are
drying up and bad, and in addltlpn to that
a great deal of the farmers' milk sours
before it can be brought to the clt
Carl Hostlaad Tells Police ' JHe
Wrather Made Him Assaalt Maa
on City of Peoria,
"The heat made me so blind I could not
tell what I was, doing,". '
By this plea Carl Hoagland succeeded
In getting out of police court without a
fine for assaulting James Collin bt 313
Pine street. Hoagland took an excursion
on the steamer Peoria Sunday and got
into a mlxup with a stranger on board.
There was ne fight there, but Hoagland
swore he would have revenge wheh- tho
boat landed.
After he went ashore he started up
Douglas street and met Collins, whom he
supposed was the fellow, who had made
hlru the trouble on the boat, and he pro
ceeded to brat him. Collins broke away
and ran for u policeman, who took Hoag
land In tow.
The hut weather story secured his re
lease. 1
Water Works tor Tva Tewme.
SIOUX FALLS. 8. D., Aug. 16. (Special, I
Movement have been Inaugurated In two
South Dakota towns, White Lake and
Wagner, 10 construct g new waterworks
yatem and to extend and Improve a pres
ent system. At White Lake the resident
have circulated a petition asking the city
council to call a special vecUon and sub
mit to the voters the proportion Of Issu
ing bonds for the' constru lion ' of A' sew
municipal system of waterworks, which It
is believed can be Installed for from 38,000
to 10,000. At Wagner a special eleoUon
ha breu called (or Monday, August 24.
foi the purpose of submitting to the
voters the proposition of Issuing bond
In the sum of 85.000 for the extension n
the waterworks system and to secure an
additional supply of water for fire . pro
tection and domestic purposes. The pre
posed bonds will mature In ten year and
will draw interest at A rate not exceeding
five per cent
Deep Vela ef Coal gtraek.
PIERRE, S. D , Aug 16. -(Special. )-It Is
reported that a four foot vein of coal wa
pierced while sinking an artesian well It:
Florence township, Hand county. The
coal was above the artesian basin, but
at such a depth that it is hardly likely
to be considered a workable vein .
Serious l.areratlaaa
and wounds are healed without danger of
blood poisoning by Bucklen's Arnica gatve.
the healing wonder. J5c. Sold by Beaton
Drug Co.
Herbert L Good. Co.
Brokers and Dealers
VaVTIS1303rS. rrOCKeV,
Otvaba Office i 810 ST. T. Life Slog.
Well Telephone. Douflae Ml.
3aApaB. A-Sltl ess A-flSS
Oldest gua 4a4t-aai HauM Ja. aU-e l'ata