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The New Redfern Corsets
15 lO
Pressed Steel Cr Works Bring: in
1,080 Strikebreakers.
u n; oMAii.v kin-day vr.E: ArnrsT ir. ioop.
II 1 ill
We nre pleased to announce the arrival
of our Redfern Corsets for fall. Every new
style feature has been closely studied; so we
can safely say they are the most scientifically
designed and the moRt comfortable and stylish
corset made. One feature which is noticeable
at first sight is the extreme long hip and at
the same time is comfortable. This can be
done only by a designer of unqualified ability.
Redfern Corsets are acknowledged as the
height of corset art. May we not have the
pleasure of seeing you at the department
Monday and show you these beautiful new
Comfortable fitting rooms and expert fit
ters always in attendance. Second floor.
All Redfern Corsets have the Sf-tft-Itubber
Button Hose Supporters 0 V1-
Wash Goods Dept.
The Summer Wash Goods season is draw
ing to a close and we shall soon need the room
h that Wash Goods occupy for winter materials.
iV To dispose of all Wash Goods at once we have
40c Imported Chevron Ginghams, Monday at,
a yard 19c
35c Imported bordered Ginghams, 44 inches
wide, at, a yard 19c
15c Batistes, at, a yard 9c
50c all linen Suitings, Monday, at, yard, 25c
Remnants of all kinds of Wash Materials
at still greater reductions.
Special Sale White Pique for Women's Skirts and Dresses
4 pieces 50c White Pique, in this sale, 25c 1 piece 50c White Repp, in this sale. .25c
Special Sale of Ruffled Swiss and Snowflake Curtains at Half Regular Prices.
Attempt Will Be Made to Rename
Operation Monday. Soldier Are
Still on Gnard at Port
William, Oat.
PITTSBURG. Aug. 14-Two train loads
of men. numbering 1.0S0 arrived here to
night from th east and were housed in
the Bchoenvllls plant of the Preened Rteet
Car company. The men will be placed at
work on Monday In the place of the em
ployes of the company who have been on
a strike for nearly five weeks.
No trouble was experienced when a boat
containing the workmen was landed at
the river urate of the company's plant, the
strikers evidently being overawed by the
show of force made by the state constabu
lary and the deputy sheriffs. A Ratling
Run has been Installed on the boat.
The majority of the new arrivals are
said to be skilled American mechanics,
and with several hundred men taken Into
the plant earlier today, the company has
approximately 2.000 men ready to resume
operations Monday.
More than 200 families of strikers oc
cupying company houses were served with
eviction notices tonight, and ordered either
to return to work or leave the company's
A mn.ii meeting cf the strikers has been
called for tomorrow to discuss plans for
settlement of differences with the company.
"Steve" Ilorvath, the striker who was
killed dOrlng an attack on Major Smith,
a negro, at McKees Rocks Thursday, was
burled today.
Three thousand strikers from the
Pressed Steel Car company's plant 'escorted
the body to Pittsburg from Schoenvllle.
Quiet at Fort William.
FORT WILLIAM, Ont., Aug. 14. Condi
tions are normal tonight In the dock dis
trict, except that a line of military pickets
Is covering several miles of railway and
thirty blocks in the coal dock district
where the strikers reside. The strikers
kept close to their homes tonight and all
lights were out. Strict guard was main
tained throughout the night and every In
dividual approaching tha military line was
halted and turned.
In the big freight sheds men tolled by
electric light. The accumulation of truf
fle is enormous and 160 green strike break
ers cannot do the work with dispatch.
A few Hungarians and Poles slipped Into
the military lines and under protection of
guns resumed their labors, ' but the body
of strikers remain stolid and Indifferent.
$2.25 colored Snowflake Curtains at $1.13 a pair.
2.75 colored Snowflake Curtains at $1.38 a pair.
$4.60 colored stripe Snowflake Curtains at $2.25
a pair.
4 Be white stripe Swiss Curtains at 19c a pair.
$1.10 white Swiss Curtains at 56c a pair.
McCall's Maga
zine for
Now Ready
$1.20 -white figured 8wlss Curtains at 60c a pair.
$1.25 white dotted Swiss Curtains, Monday at
63c a pair.
$1.80 colored figured Swiss Curtains at 80c a pair.
$2.60 colored figure Swiss Curtains at $1.25 a pair.
Enjoy the
Resting Rooms
on Our
Third Floor.
Boy Bank Robbers
Are Arraigned
Youths Captured at Santa Clara, Cal.,
Admit They Planned Series of
Bee, 8-15-'09.
HETDLER MAKES R0 CHANGES ' mof,t them have been directed against, hibttlon games for six weeks in San Fran
Will Continue the Same System aa
Was Used by Pnlllam.
NEW YORK. Aug. 14. No change of
policy will be made in the management
of affairs In the National league now that
John J. Heydler Is president of the organ
ization as tha successor of Harry C. Pul
llam. There is no particular reason why
there should be. Mr. Heydler has been
associated with the former National league
president from the time that he accepted
office as the chief executive of the organ
ization and Is as thoroughly acquainted
with the details of the position as if tie
had been the head of the league. After
settling tha affairs of tha estate of the
former president Mr. Heydler will return
to New York and assume the general wor
of the organization practically where it
ceased when the late ptesident returned to
this elty after his vacation In the west.
As a matter of fact, Mr. Heydler has been
the real head of the league for most of
the present base ball year.
It Is not an office wtlcli was sought by
the' present National lengue president. He
hns repeatedly stated that he could not
be Induced to accept it, but he was the
logical successor of the former president,
and the man fur tho place, in view of the
fact that he virtually had oeen at the
head of the league's affairs all through
the season of 1909.
As a rule there has been comparative
peace on th fields of the National league
this year. Now and then some one has
broken out in sore anguish, and upbraided
the umpire, and a few punishments have
been visited on the heada of offenders, but
managers. The umpiring hasn t been so
awfully good that the umpires can olaii.i
any special credit for seal on their part.
It is simply the disposition of ttya players
to let the judges of play alone, and if they
do say anything to them to poke fun at
them rather than ebuse them. It is true
there are some umpires who haven't any
sense of humor. If they had It would be
difficult to get one or two of them to go
on the field.
Broadly speaking, the days of umpire
baiting seem to be waning. Now and
then there Is a sporadic outbreak of clamor
and hullabaloo, but it doesn't last If the
umpires are very bad there la hope that
they will strike an equitable average
somewhere, and If they are very good no
one wants to say anything.
It would be well if some of the spectators
would accept the situation In the same
light. There has been so much written In
fun about abusing the umpire that some
of the younger element of New York who
are desperately fond of base ball, but
accept American humor with a grim sense
of seriousness, look upon the Judge of play
as an enemy to all mankind.
Cisco, Los Angeles and other cities out that
way after the coast league season closes
on October 31. At this time the plans are
rather hazy, but Long has stated that he
will open negotiations in a short time and
believes that the plan will not only go
through, but will prove a success.
SANTA CLARA,' Cal., Aug. 14.-The two
youthful bank robbers who were captured
yesterday after an automobile chase fol
lowing their robbery of the bank in Santa
Clara, today confessed to Sheriff Lang-
ford that they had planned a aeries of
bank robberies, and that the Santa Clara
holdup "was only an experiment."
Aocfjrdlna- to Joe Wlllots. hp and .his
companion, Frtl Crr, had so far ma
tured their plans that on last Thursday
with a hired automobile awaiting their re
turn, they entered the First National
bank. In the heart of Oakland, and calmly
weighed the chances of making their
escape with a fortune. So many people
were In the bank at the time that they
decided not to make the attempt.
The two boys were arraigned in court
here today and held under $20,000 bonds
on a charge of robbery. Both were taken
to the Jail at Ban Jose. In court they re
fused to divulge their Identity.
Play follows the Middle West at
Omaha Field Club.
Tha Eighth Annual Missouri Valley Ten
nis championship will be held at Kansas
City the week of August 23, a week after
the middle west tournamunte In Omaha It
will be held under the auspices of the
Kansas City Athletic club for the cham
pionship in both gentlemen's singles and
doubles. Entries should be made to J. S.
Trltle, chairman of the tennis committee,
before August 21. The privileges of the
club house and athletic field of the Kan
sas City Athletic club will be at the dis
posal of the players. The winner In sin
gles will be called upon to. play Harry
Brewster of St. Joseph.
Roal Success
comes to the man or
woman who stands
squarely on two feet
with mind and body
In poise and nerves
that don't fail when
If you eat GRAPE-
NUTS, made from the
field grains which
contain the natural
phosphate of potash,
placed there by Nature
for rebuilding brain
and nerve cells, you're
bound to have "gin
ger" and nerve."
"There's tv. Reason."
Read "The Road to
v Wellville." in pkgs.
It's a little gem on
right living.
Thin as Being- Whipped In Shape for
the Annual Meet.
NEW YORK. Aug. 14.-For tha annual
golf championship, which this year will
be held over tha Apawamls links. Septem
ber 11 to 18, the Intercollegiate Oolf asso
ciation Is already beginning to have things
whipped into shape. According to a slight
change In tha constitution, any college In
good standing may now be elected to mem
bership, but the most Important departure
this year will be with regard to the scor
ing for the team championship. This will
allow of only on point for a win In place
of the old system of a point for the match
and a fraction for every hole up. One
matter which the officers of the associa
tion are proud is the reduction of the debt
to $o0. Borne five years ago this deficit
stood at 1700.
The week's proceedings will open with
team matches on Monday and Tuesday, the
whole of Wednesday being set aside for
the individual championship qualifying
play over thlrty-slx holea. The composi
tion of all the aides for the team matches
has not yet been made known. Yale, how
ever, will have a strong representation tn
the following: K. E. Moaner. H. O. Logg.
Robert Hunter, B. P. Merrltnan, ' 11. V.
Haytie and W. B. Langford. Logg is this
year's transmltslaslppl champion and
Merrlman and the Connecticut tllleholder. Hooper.
Capable substitutes have also beew chosen. Hurst....
Clifford Dunning and R. L. Jackson will b1,"
form the backbone of the Williams team! s auijii".
The colleges at present la membership are: Baker.
Yale, Harvard, Williams, Princeton, Co
lumbla, Cornell, Dartmouth and Pennsylvania.
Chose a to Cross Poad for the Davis
LONDON, Aug. 14. A team to represent
the British Isles in the preliminary lawn
tennis matches to be played at Philadel
phia, beginning Keptxmber 11, In order to
decide whether a British or an American
team shall go to Australia In an endeavor
to bring back the Dwlght F. Davis inter
national cup was recently chosen. The
teum will be made up as follows: A. W.
Gore, the English champion; L. H. Esoombe
and W. C. Crawley.
(Continued from First Page.)
day brought tha news that a large part of
the Invading army had landed from trans
ports somewhere on the Buzzards bay
According to the rules of the war game, all
telegraph and telephone lines are supposed
to have been cut Immediately after the first
news was flashed from the south shore to
Boston that the city was threatened will;
The news of the landing places of the In
vaders was, by the rules of the game, sup
posed to be learned by the army of defense
only by means of the field telegraph, scouts
and possibly by the use of balloons.
Oeenral Leonard Wood, the chief umplie
In the war game, arrived at New Bedford
during the day and established his head
quarters on the White farm, In Rochester
ten miles from that city.
(Great MttcFatioi Sale
Our entire stock, all our spring and summer goods, also all our early
fall goods that arrived during the extensive alterations done on our
building must be closed out before we announce our formal opening.
Don't miss this opportunity ot buying high class
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All Oar Tailored Salts at
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alteration sale price $1.98
ment will be closed September 6. This
feature of the fair is in charge of J. P.
Cintllllon of Casper.
Finds Wife Has
Negro Blood and
Shoots Her Dead
man, was overcome and was taken home
In an unconscious state. Ills case is not
considered serious, however.
Tragedy of Races Ends. Married Life
of Eight Years Woman
is Beautiful.
COLUMBUS. O., Aug. 14. Ascertaining
after eight years of married life that his
wife had negro blood in her veins, Alfred
Haberman, a white man, after a visit to
Washington, D. C, returned today to their
home in this city and shot her and him
self. Neither oan recover. Mrs. Haber
man was considered a beautiful woman.
Jumps from Train,
Dragged by Heels
Man Has Skull Fractured While Try
ing to' Escape from Detectives.
More Bouts at 'Frisco.
BAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14. The man
agement of the Mission Athletic club of
this city has announced a bout for tha 115
pound championship on August 20. Monte
Attell, the tllleholder, will meet "Percy
Cove for twenty rounds. Johnny Fray no
and Dick Hyland fight at tha Mission
club on the same day.
Hasten and (larva Meet.
The Hanfctrs and the W. U. Clarks will
play ball at Florence Sunday at 2 p. ni.
sharp, these teams have met twice this
year ana etcn team lias wun one gamn
and keen rivalry exists between them. Botli
teams have been sirengihened and a close
game U predicted. Kender will pitch for
the Rangers, while A-.devson or Baker will
throw tor the Clarks. 1 lie lineup:
ouiou. Kanusi K
Kirai Mitchell
. tNeuona Kiglei
.'third Hart
fchoit Pickett
Left Harunun
. renter Knee
. K ht , LangiT
I'aicner Overman
. l'l cher iiender
. Pitcher
Bin Ball at Wyoming Fair.
DOUGLAS, Wyo., Aug. l4.-tSpeclal.)-A
baae ball tournament with big purses will
be one of the features ot the state fair to
be held at Douglas September 28 to Oc
tober 1. Seven hundred dollars will be dis
tributed to the winning team, $200 to the
second team, $100 to the third and $50 to
tha fourth. The entries for this tourna-
e- Vn j)
NEW YORK, Aug. 14. Attempting to
jump from the window of a moving tralr.
on the Third avenue elevated railroad to
day to eecupe detectives who had him un
der arrest on a charge of burglary, Wil
liam O'Brien was held by the heels and
dragged for nearly a block with his head
bumping on the railroad ties. Ills skull wun
fractured and he is not expected to re
cover. O'Brien was chatting with the de
tectives until he made a sudden dush for
the window and plunged out of It. Many
skeleton keys and pawn tickets were found
in his rooms.
Two Big Loavara Teams to Play la
NKW YORK, Aug. 14. It la reported here
that Danny Long, secretary of the Pacific
Coaat league, is cherishing an Idea, whereby
tha fans of the far slope will be shown
some major league baa ball neat autumn.
Long plana to have two picked teams, on
front the American leagu and tha other
from the National organisation, play &-
triors Art Victors.
a fast and Interesting itimc the Vic
tor defeated the Young Men's ChrixtlMi
association team by the vcore of S to 3. In
five innings. Frank ir.ininian. the strike
out pitcher, twirled for the Victors and
allowed but four hits and struck out eight
men. The veteran catch 'i'. Ovcrnmn, ha 1
to leave the game In the third and Johnson
succeeded him and did fine work behind
the hat for the Victors
Desperate Buootlua
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jj trti and Far nam ait. B
Government and State Etlte"1,
Investigate Pellagra at Httfte
PEOniA, 111., Aug. 14.-"Pellagra," the
recently discovered disease among the In
sane at the state Institution at Uartonvllle,
has caused an investigation by the dif
ferent branches of the government, as
well as the state board of health. Dr. J.
A. Kfe-an, secretary and chief executive of
liie state board of health, on returning
from the asylum yesterday Immediately
. i.-.t the marine dcDtti tment at W'ashtng-
i.;n and Dr. Lavlndar Is on his way to
WASHINGTON, Aug. 14-"There lx
more 'pellagra' in the country now than
at any time since the new disease i
discovered, and frcm Information received.
It apparently Is on the increase, especially
in the eourh."
Thi statement was made by Surgeon
General Wyman of the publlo hialth and
marine hospital service today when asked
concerning the visit of Dr. Davindar, the
pellagra expert, to Peoria. III., where tha
dlseaae Is believed to hav developed in
the Illinois Insane asylum. Dr. Wyman
stated that Dr. Lavindar as sent to
that institution fn response to a request
from th authorities there, who have under
observation about fitly patients bsllevid to
be affected with the disease.
Balloon Corps
Latest by Glidden
Autoist Will Organiie Volunteer
Department of Prominent
BOSTON, Mass., Aug. 14 Massachu
sett 1 to have the first "volunteer bal
loon corps' In th world, according to
the announcement made today by Charles
J. Glidden, the well-known aeronaut and
automobllst, who la now making plana
for organizing th aeronautlo corps this
The volunteer corps will consist of men
of prominence who ar Interested In
aeronautic and will be made up of two
divisions, pilot and meteorological.
Among those who have been Invited to
join the meteorological section ar Prof.
W. H. Pickering and Prof. A. Lawrence
Rotch of Harvard and Prof. David Todd
of Amherst.
at the age of 25. He has been prominent
I In business circles of western Iowa for
many year. He leaves a wife and two
Mary Collin.
Mrs. Mary Collins, S0t South Twenty
first street, died Friday night at the age
of 70 years. She lived in Omaha for twelve
years. Th funeral will be held Monday.
Interment Will be In Holy Sepulcher cehi-tery.
Flv Officer and Two Enlisted Men
Commended for Cdct
Under Fir.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 14.-for gallant
conduct whll under fir of th enemy In
th Philippines or tn Cuba, flv officer
and two enlisted men yetaerday war
awarded medals of honor by th War de
partment. Those thus honored were Major
James Church and Major Paul T. Btraub,
medical corps; Lieutenant George C. Bhaw
and Lieutenant Charles O. Beokman, Twen
ty-seventh Infantry; Lieutenant Charles K.
Kilbouine, signal corps, and Peter H.
Qulnn and Beth E. .Weld, private.
F. O. Head.
F. O. Hendee, a wealthy cltlxen ot Sloan,
la., died last night at St. Joseph's hos
pital In this city of peritonitis. Early this
week, while returning from a Visit to Kan-
saa with his family, he was suddenly at
tacked and was taken from th train her
tn the hosDltal. An operation failed to
save his life. Mr. Hendee was 61 ye'
old. He was a native of Llncklaen, N. T-,
having removed from that place to Sloan
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. . .Corsica
Gentle Dentistry
Did you ever notice the dif
ference In the manner In which
various dentist clean teeth.
Most dentists polish the visi
ble surface only, leaving the
spaces between the teeth and
at their backs just as unclean
and full of souring food a
they were before.
In my office, It takes a long
time to clean a set of teeth.
Kvery surface, and every little
apace between the teeth are
thoroughly cleansed and prophylactic-ally
treated. I charge
1 for this.
Dr. J. B. Fickos
217 Hoard of Trade,
Doth 1'luines.
10th and Farnam Kt., H. W.
ill it sell Kfti&a
Wi miki
Onuha Trunk Factory
W also oarry a fin ltn of Leathsr goodi
Dong-. 10&a ISO raraam St. In. A-10S8
l.lahtulug strike Farmer.
LOUP C1TV. Neb., Aug. ll.-(Speclal Tel
egram.) Whll engaged in stacking alfalfa
on his farm, some six miles southeast of
) town, this afternoon, Mike Zodzka, a Po
1 lander, was struck by lightning and in
stantly killed. The fearfully hot aeathcr
j for the last few days claimed one victim
yesterday aftormxiu. Kay Uradley, a dra
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