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Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
Tna Council Blaff Offlo of th
Omaha la at It Boot Street.
Both 'Pheaas .
Davis, drugs.
CORRIQANS. undertakers. 'Phona Its.
For rent, modern house, T2 tth avenu.
Woodrliig Undertaking company. Tat. S3.
Uwli Culler, fdneral director. 'Phona 17.
When you want reliable want ad adver
1 ilslng, us Tha Bee.
Deerlng binder and mowcn. Sperling A
Trlplett, 127 Broadway.
Wanted, a boy to carry Bea route.
Apply U Bcott street, Omaha Bea.
FALL. TERM Waatern Iowa college
opena August JO. Bend lor catalog.
Undertakere. 'Phone U2, M. Main aueet.
Dr. W. W. Magarell, optomatiiat, moved
to 206-2 City .National bank building.
A marrlags license waa laaued yeeter
day to VS lliiam Ureer. aged ill, of Council
Illuffa and Nora Miller, aged Z3, of Hop
kins, Mo.
The Board of Supervisors ot Pottawat
tamie county will mot today In adjourned
session, at which time a number of drain
age dltoh mauera are expected to coma
up (or action.
Walter H. Potthaat, a telegraph opera
tor at Manning, la., and Will F. Schmidt,
a farmer of Crawford county, have filed
voluntary petitions In bankruptcy In tha
federal court here.
Jonas Johnsburg, aged Tl years, died
yeaterday morning at his home, 2139 Ave
nue D. He la aurvlved by a wife, two
daughters, Mra. A. . C. Carlaon and Mrs.
KUnhu Upariman both of (Hromsburg.
Neb., and one eon. Henry Johniburg of
Victoria. 111. Funeral aervlcea will be held
thla mornliii at t:20 o'clock at tha family
residence, after which the body will be
taken to Btromsburg. Neb., for burial.
Patrick Murphy, aged 28 yeara, claiming
New York aa hie home, had a foot crushed,
while trying to "Jump" a train In tha local
vat-da of the North weatern railroad at
late hour Wednesday night He waa taken
In the rltv ambulance to Meroy hoapltal
where City Physician Tubbe found It
necessary to amputate the big toe of tha
Injured foot. Murphy said he waa trying
to beat Ills way to Clinton, la.
. I - .1 I 111.. . I . , , AAWM
died yesterday morning at nla home, 1435
North Fifteenth atreet. Ho la aurvlved
by four daughtera, Mra. M. Wakehouee,
Mra. Charli-s Patera. Mra. Fred NorgaJ
and Mra. Elmer Lane, and three eons
David. Edward and Fred. Blumenateln, all
of whom are realdenta of Council Bluffs
Deceased waa a native of Germany and
had been a resident of Council Bluffs
for thirty yeara. The funeral arrange
ments have not been completed.
Mrs. Lull May Mowery brought suit In
the district court yeaterday for dlvorca
from John Thumaa Mowery, to whom aha
was married In Omaha on May 12, 1900,
and from whom aha waa forced to sepa
rate on July 16 of thla year, on account, aa
aha allege, of hit eruel and Inhuman
treatment. In addition to decree of dl
vorca Mra. Mowery auks the court to
award her the custody of their four minor
children. Judge Wheeler, on tne appiica
tion of -counsel for Mra. Mowery, yester
day issued a temporary Injunction, re'
straining the husband from molesting or
Interfering with Mra. Mowery pending the
determination of the suit.
Makes Statement Denying the Story
of George Pride.
Evldeaee Teaii t Baw lettm
Hat the Asjaresso la tha"
Fight aaa Waa Down
Win Shot.
Louie Francis, the negro shot by George
PHde at the latter'a residence, uua Avenue
B, Wednesday noon, died at an early hour
yesterday morning at the Edmundson
unrii hnsnltal. wnere ne was laaen
soon after the ahootlng.
An Information charging Pride with
murder waa filed yesterday morning oy
Assistant County Attorney Dillon Ross and
Pride's preliminary hearing was set for
thla morning before Judge Bnydc-r. The
understanding yesterday was that Pride
would waive 4 preliminary hearing and
allow tha case to go direct to the district
grand Jury, which will convene August 81,
At the Inquest held yeaterday afternoon
at the county court houae by Coroner
TreynOr, the Jury composed of N. W
Williams. O. J. McManus and Frank C
Hendricks, returned the following verdict
That Louis Francis came to his death
by a gunshot wound from a revolver In
tha hands ot one George i'rieie.
Prtda was not present at the Inquea
and his wife, although anxloua to testify
was not allowed to take the atand by At
tomey Charles M. Harl, who- appeared
for Pride.
There was no evidence at tha Inquest In
support of Pride's assertion that ha shot
Francis after the latter had attacked him
with a raxor. On the other hand, such teg
tlmony aa was presented tended to show
that Pride deliberately shot and fatally
wounded Francla after Pride had accused
Francis of being Intimate with Mrs. Pride,
llstenest of Victim.
Dr. Donald Macrae and City Physician
Tubba, who attended Francis, testified to
tha ante-mortem statement made by th
dying negro. They aald that Francis, who
fully realised that he had but a short whll
to llvs, between hla gasps for breath, thti
bullet from Pride's revolver having pierced
hla lung, begged to be permitted to kneel
and make a statement. Thla the doctors
refused on account of tha nature ot the
man'a wound, and Francla, with uplifted
hand, swore before God that what he said
waa tha truth. He aald that Pride unjust. y
accused him of being Intimate with his
(Pride s) wife and ahot him without any
Acting under directions from Coroner
Treynor. Lr. Macrae and Tubbs performed
an autopsy on the body of Francis and they
further testified that they had found that
tha bullet, after entering tha left side.
pierced the edge of the left lung and
emerged Just tinder the left shoulder blade.
They found two severe concussions on the
sku'l where Francis was struck by Pride
with his revolver before the fatal ahot Was
fired The wound, the doctors testified. In
uicatea mat Francla waa ahot as he was
arising to his feci after being felled by the
blows fnm the revolver.
Mrs. Lena Skalth, a white woman living
act ess the atreet from tha Pride home, testi
fied to hearing a noise as If some person
had been struck a heavy blow, followed by
two shots. After the two shots, the witness
ald, Pride came out on the porch of hla
house, then re-entered the house, when the
witness heard tha sound of a third shot.
following whlrh Pride again came out on
me porcn, this with the revolver in
his l and.
of Hat
as member of th Hoard or Trustees to
fill th vacancy raused by tha resignation
of Victor E. Bender, who recently removed
to Illinois
Alteadaace la Salt
A large crowd participated In the annual
outing and picnic of the Council Bluffs
Retail Grocers' and Butchers' association
yesterday at Falrmount park. Many went
to the park during the morning, but the
festivities proper did not begin until 2
o'clock In the afternoon, at which time the
band, after making a street car tour of
the city, reached the park.
Despite the Intense heat, everybody ap
peared to have a good time, and this was
especially true of the hundreds of children
who throngsd the swings. The feature of
the afternoon was the program of sports
which kept the crowd occupied for about
two hours. During the afternoon and again
in the evening there was a band concert
Following Is a summary of the sports:
Girls' race, fifty yards: First, Gladys
ttanooipn; seconm Lisale Downey; third,
Nina Handrtx; fourth, Dorothy Nelson:
fifth, Vera Williams.
Boys' race, seventy-five yards: Fln.1,
Gordon Fauble: second, George Clark:
third, F. A. Potter; fourth, Sherman Fryer;
iirtn, etewart narK.
Married women's race, fifty yards: First,
airs, u niei; second, Matti James; third,
Etta Cooley; fourth, C. Kretchmer; fifth,
airs, tu, k.. raoore; sixtn, Mrs. Donnelly,
Men s nin-ciimbing contest: First, Arthur
way ne; second, o. c. Brown; third, Fi A
fotter; fourth, N. C. Oliver; fifth, A. U
Fine Diamond
A Rare, Opportunity for Buying
. The finest and best In elegant jewelry at prices without
C7C ( kfl Beautiful Diamond and Pearl Sunburst
O 0 U U Brooch, 14-Karat Gold, can ft A AA
be used ns Pendant POuvU
brilliant Diamond
Solitaire Diamond Brooch,
Gold Mounting, perfect, CCA 'V
fl y C A A Magnificent Diamond Brooch, 14-Karat
vD I 4J ,J J Gold Mountmsr. Solitaire Diamond in
center, surrounded by ten smaller
Diamonds . .
7 C A A Diamond Bracelet, fine hand engraved, 14
vp eJ.UU Karat Gold, secret joint' and catch, set
with three beautiful " QL( A A
CT f? A A A Ruby and Diamond Bracelet, Roman finish,
vDajUalll 14-Karat Gold, secret joint and catch, set
with one Ruby and two
CfP A A Handsome Garnet Bracelet, Genuine Bo-
tPJUU hemian Garnets, brilliant
ly cut, secret joint and catch
;mond in center
Fine Diamond Locket, 14-Karat Solid
Gold, large Solitaire Dia-
Diamond and Pearl Horse Shoe Scarf Pin,
two Diamonds in each button
Diamond and Ruby Cuff Buttons, 14-Karat
Gold, one large Ruby and (PM CA
vjJa-r 9 iiu
These are but a suggestion of the many fine pieces
in our stock that will be sacrificed for cash during the next
few days.
Caaarll Preparing to Pnt tt l.aer
In Operation.
The city council. It Is expected, will at
its meeting next Monday night take steps
to organise boards of trustees to have
charge of the pension funds for retired
and dlsnblcd members of the police and fire
departments under the law providing for
such pensions, which went Into effect on
July 4.
Tender th statute the city tressurer and
city solicitor are made members of both
boards of trustees, acting In one case with
the chief of th fir department and In
th other with th chief of th police de
partment. The law provides In relation to each pen
sion fund that "all rewards In money, fees,
gifts or emoluments of every kind or na
ture, except when allowed to be retained
or given to endow a medal or other pre-
manent or competitive reward on account
of extraordinary service, and all fines and
penalties Imposed upon member shall be
paid Into said pension fund."
The question has arisen whether the prise
money won by th Council Bluffs fire team
at the recent state firemen's tournament
at Davenport must be turned Into th pen
sion fund tor the fir department. This Is
a question which will have to be deter
mined by the trustees.
The city council has ordered a tax levy
of U mill for each pension fund, which
will bring In a revenue of about $1,000 for
each fund. No pensions can b paid to
either firemen or police officers before
January 1, 110, and so far no applications
have been made by members of either de
partment. Several applications can be
looked for. It Is said, before the first of the
olio f OS
Boys' shoe contest: First, Tom Pranty;
second, Harry Henderson; third. Willie
Cohn; fourth, Herman Nelson; fifth, Ueortie
Young women's race, fifty yards: First,
Minnie Olson; second, Anna Amy; third
.ditn Hlnrlch; fourth, Gertrude Smith;
nun, uum xvisor.
women s egg race, twenty-five yards:
ruse, mmnie uison; second, airs. E. E
Moore; tnird, H. D. Williams; fourth. Grace
maitaon; inn, Mrs. George Brown,
at men a race, fifty yards: First, R.
leviotaaie; second. Howard Huff: third
Herman Bartmelter; fourth, Walter Short.
women s pie-eaung contest: First, Mln
nie Olson; second. Edith Hlnrlch- thiri
Mrs. William Brown; fourth, Julia Meyer;
mu, mis. vtt numore.
Mopping race, clerka and deliverymen:
First. Frd flliw runH a r-o.t... .
third, Jordan Fauble; fourth,' J. P. ChrlstofI
ferson; fifth, o. R. Thomas; sixth, Stewart
Potato race: First; W. M. Nelfert; sec
ond, Joseph Omaek; third, Peter Balduff;
lounn, j. n. nancock.
Women'a hill-cllmblng contest: First,
Minnie Olson; second, Nina Carl; third.
Pearl McCall; fourth, Julia Meyer; fifth.
Mrs. E. E. Moore; sixth, Edith Hlnrlch.
Broad Jump: First, E. Countryman: sec
ond, Korenson; third, Townsend; fourth.
Clay Platner.
Three-legged race: Ftrst, Elmer Moore
and P. Dougherty; second, O. C. Brown and
A. O. Newton; third, B. Cherry and H.
Dagus; fourth, F. A. Prouty and G. Fauble.
Women'a bail-throwing contest: First,
Nina Cone; second, A. Gordon; third. C.
Kretchmer; fourth, Blanche Cottrell; fifth.
Mrs. Mattheson.
Free-for-all foot race, seventy-five yards:
First, Fred Shaw; second, Moore; third. A.
O. Newton; fourth, G. Fauble; flftb, H.
Dagus.' ' ."
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 160. Night, F-1709.
yOU won't find a better
school for your boy
than Racine College.
Our wonderful success in de
veloping character is the best
reason you can have for sending
your boy to us. "Write for par
ticulars. Racine Colleee.
Racine, Wis.
Summer camp affiliated.
Direct action gas stoves save gas. Be
them and know why. P. C. Da Vol Hard
ware Co. fiM Broadway.
Arthur J. Chiasm Dead.
Arthur J. Chlsam. son of C. H. Chlsam,
president of the Council Bluffs Coal and
Ice company, died yesterday morning at
his rooms at th corner of First avenue
and Seventkr atreet, after a prolonged Ill
ness from tuberculosis, aged St years.
Mr. Chlsam was a poiular member of the
Council Bluffs lodge of Elks and funeral
services will be held In the lodge rooms
this afternoon at 4 o'clock, conducted by
Dr. Otterbeln O. Smith, chaplain of the
lodge. Following the services the body will
be taken to Atlanta, 111., for burial.
Information concerning th ad
vantages, rates, extent of our
rlculum and ether data about th
beat schools and colleges can be
obtained from the
School and College Information
Bureau of Ibe Omaha Bee
All Information absolutely free
and impartial. Catalogue of any
particular achool cheerfully fur
nished upon request
Rail roa 4 Flies Mortgage.
A supplemental mortgage from th Union
Paclflo Railroad company to the Equitably
Trust company of New York for S. 402,000
waa filed for record In thla city yesterday.
The Indenture filed yesterday Is supple
mental to a first refunding mortgage ct
Jure 1, 1906, for the Issuance of bonds not
exceeding 1300,000,000. Since that date Im
provements have bean mad upon th
system to th amount of tS.4ttL000 and these
are by th supplemental mortgage sub
jected to th original mortgage.
Cameras and
E. Alexanders,
VMmmaeBgggBSMttESBBUBBIUKtBI'l" ' i ' i'VII' fills aCSS
Program far Park Dedication.
Arrangements for the exercises this even
ing which will mark the dedication of
Lincoln park and commemorate the fiftieth
anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's visit
to Counotl Bluffs, were completed yester
day. As previously announced Congress
man Walter I. Smith will preside and the
proceedings will be enlivened by tnuslc"by
Covalt's band. Rev. James M. Williams,
pastor of Broadway Methodist 'church, a
relation of the martyred president, will
deliver the Invocation. Following Is th
complete program of th exercises:
Music by Prof. Covalt's band.
uvuvauon oy nev. j. m. Williams, pastor
mcinuuin .episcopal cnurch.
Address by Hon. Charles M. Harl.
Muslo by CovaJt's band.
Address by Dr. Charlotte McCluskey
representing Daughtera of th American
f ormii presentation of the new Lincoln
" ueeu to tne Board of Park
Commissioners by Hon. Thomas Maloney
Formal acceptance of the park and deed
by Hon. A. C. Graham, president of the
uumu ui r commissioners.
Muslo by Covalt'a band.
LIQUOR CO., 19 8. Main. Phones 3328.
Real Estat Transfers.
meee iransrers war reported to Th
Bo August 12 by th Pottawattamie
County Abstract company of Council
Claus Ehmk to Lena Ehmk. lots
I and 4 and n7 feet lot i, block
4. Noes' add. to Walnut, w. d I
Edward McEvoy. single, to Richard
McEvoy. w(t neli. 10-77-43. w. d
David J. Hutchinson, widower, to
Charles Kontgmacher, trustee, lot
10. block 16, Grimes' add. to Coun
cil muiis, w. a iwv
, , iu Carolina
Levin, lot 10, original plat, Council
Bluffs, q. c. d
C. W. Stall! and wife to Margaret' l!
McGee, lot 3. Greenwood sub nwW
ae'i and s26. acres ot swV neV,
i-i.-vi, w. a 3 fwi
.. iinuHiiii ana wire to
Kiddle's Bub. In Council Bluffs w d
Wllilard E. Curtis and wife to a"
a . Clark, 2 acres. In nwU u ii.7r.
44. w. d.
Total, seven transfera
T , - i . . .
uu urai-ciass worK reasonable. I make
suits for 115. skirts. S5. I also do altering to
sun. would you give me a trial? Th
""IU". iaies tailoring. R, H. Emlein,
i""i"'ui. nicer cirkln Bros. SJ a.
Aiain tit.
Photographic Supplies. C.
83J Broadway.
Pythians Beat
Plan for Home
Iowa Grand Lodg-e Vote Down Prop
osition by Hundred Majority
Dei Moines Next.
SIOUX CITY, la., Aug. 12. (Special Tele
gram.) The principal feature of the ses
sion of th grand lodge. Knights of Pythias,
this morning waa the defeat of the plan
for the establishment of a Pythian home
In Iowa. Th proposition waa beaten by
nearly 100 votes. The place ot holding the
next convention has not been decided, but
It Is generally conceded that Des Moines
will be selected. It Is possible that either
a night session will be held or a meeting
tomorrow to finish the business.
At th afternoon session of th Iowa
grand lodge. Knights of Pythias, Des
Moines waa formally selected as the meet
ing plac In 1910. At the last moment
Dubuque retired from the race and the cap
ital city had no opposition.
Several Important changea were mad lit
the by-lawa of the order. It was found
necessary to hold another session tomorrow
to complete th business.
Equal to a Course
in a School of
Read the Twentieth Cen
tury Farmer from week
to week an up-to-dat
agricultural Journal that
keeps In touch with the
most scientific methods
and latent experiments.
TAM.HZM, Omaha.
Only On Dollar a Tsar.
PH ymfaetf lor sssssss
buriiint lite la s
modern, siactlnl ackaoL
i Wt offer anaqualM aa
nnuin. Na taloaat la
Llncola t 900 aixlrsu
sasMSBBS UMrur. Holaensfaar
Jr diplomat easunana tne bait litaatlona.
W Write lot arotsecnu and set full lalonsauas.
I go N. 13th SirM, llaala, Hasraasa
I 180
Teaetaaa all OoaunemlsJ
Branch!, BoaKatptnf ,
Xhorthuid, Tpawrftlnd.
Knglllfc, CMI Sorrlra. Tl
aa i
aaraphjr. OOtrlal Tralnlnc
ai4. Wrlta toda;
R. hool U. r. K. H. Taleo-ranl
ipartmrnt. May work for
. In, hi
Ovi ;,iA. NEBRASKA fV. ! hi rotIm. Pro.
The oldest school is not necessarily the best.
The largest school is not nlwnye the best.
The best school is the one thrt hna the best courses of
study, has the best teachers nnd is indorsed by every one of
its students.
On the 28th day of May, 1909, the students of All de
partments of the Mosher-Lampman College met and unan
imously adopted a set of resolutions from which the follow
ing is an extract.
1. That th Mohr-Dampman College furnishes It students, ot all
dopartmenta, th Instruction of capabl and expert teachra of many yeara"
t. Th personal attention and individual instruction of auch teacher
are of untold advantage to the students of this college.
I. W know by the work done by our fellow atudenta, who hav already
completed their courae of study, that the system of shorthand and method
of bookkeeping taught In this college are exceptionally practical and capable
of producing results that are unsurpassed. If Indeed they ar equalled by
th methods In us In any othsr business college.
t. Th Moshr-Dampman Colleg affords Ha studnt th I'KKSON At,
Instruction ef one of Amerlca'a foremost penmen.
. The Mosher-Lampman College makes good vry representation and
pledge in lta catalogue and advertising.
. Th Mosher-Lampman College la fair and square In its dealings, and
reasonable In th price it charges for book and school supplies.
7. The Moahtr-Lampman College takes a deep Interest in th welfar
of IM atudenta, not alone while they ar in school, but to our knowledge,
after they have completed their courses, manifesting thia interest by being
ever on th alert for obtaining higher and better positions for Its ex-aludenta.
I The Mosher-LAmpman College takes a henrty Interest promo
tion of athletics, not alona In spirit but In financial support.
. Th superiority of th Mosher-Lampman College la all the more
apparent to some Of ua who have prevloualy attended other schools. There-
r RESOLVED, That w, th tudnte now In attendance at the Mosher
Lampman College, being In a position to know whereof we speak, take pleas
ure In giving this formal expression of our endorsement of the Mosher
Lampman College, and that we hereby recommend thla Institution to young
men and women of the WEST, and assure them that here they will find a
school, which by reason of lta unexcelled courses of atudy, capable Instruc
tors, honest dealings, and keen Intereat In tha Welfare ot Us students, Is fully
worthy of their patronage.
Cut this ad out and mall It to- us and we will give you credit for 11.00
t apply on your bonks when you enter School, and also mall you a copy
free of "OUARANTEED HTATEMKNT8", which Is perhaps the most spicy
and reliable business colieg catalogue ever published In the west Addreaa,
17th and Faraam Streets, - - Omaha, Neb.
Conducted by the Sisters of Charity, B. V. M.
MTIQIP Domestic Science,
lYlUulV' Art, Expression.
1 Special Courses. Normal
Courae lor Teachers. Full Courses leading to
The Best Instruction. Reasonable Rates.
Healthful and Helpful College Surroundings.
Woman's College, Bex 26 JackteavilW, IU.
Supposed Murder
Victim is Alive
Congratulates Man Who Was Tried
and Aoqnitted of Alleged
CHARLES C1TT, la., Aug. 11 (Special
Telegram.) Charles Boyer, for whose mur
der Lafe Phillips was arrested, tried and
acquitted a week ago, showed up here to
day and congratulated Phillips on his ac
quittal, lie had been at Spring Valley,
I eura quliklf, complatalr ana pernunantlr tha
moat stubborn cam at aummarlng.
Mr apaolaltf li volra and tpaaeh dataet wblck
othera fall to aura. Mr malhod la tha moat aua
u(ul In tha world. No lallura In II raara' prat
tlca. Wrlta at onea tor sartlculara.
1. B. Vaughn, Praa., lnatltuta tor gummarara,
410-411 Raima Bla., Omaha. Nab.
). L& uJCaJgjj CffisCj, - a-fyp1
F""" ieV - aa. ' ar .. ' ffltt II aPiilflRB I I iM.tJBJsasVr
Collegiate Degrees, University Affiliation. Excellent facili
ties offered for the education of Young Women. Conservatory of
Music and Art, Domestic Science.
One mile from Dubuque. 4l2 hours' ride from Chicago.
Direct railroad connections with Omaha, St. Paul and St. Louis.
Extensive grounds Pineries. Private Rooms. Normal Course.
Grammar Department. Business Course.
For Catalogue address SISTER SUPERIOR.
Special advantages offered to Collegiate,
Ministerial, Medical, Normal, Academy,
Music, Elocution, Art and Business stu
dent. Oood equipment. State Teachers'
Certificates granted Normal graduate.
William Prince Aylsworth. Chancellor.
Catalogue and Art Souvenir
Free, Add re Dept. "J."
Coiner University, Bethany (Uneola),
a" j
Lineoln. Nebraska.
A hi ih crada achool eondsctag by a
atrons faculty nd preparing lor Ike
boat poallloae. Ideal loeatlos. Ns
loom In Lincoln, rail Opanlas
Sapt. 1. Writs tor baaullfa! eata.
logua. Aadraaa W. M. Bryant. rr.,
1611 O ItraaL Uncolu. Nab.
Peculiar Delastoa - Causes Iowa
City Mas to Kill Him.
IOWA CITT, la., Aug. l.-(8peclal.)-Imaglnlng
that he was married, although
he had no wife, and that enemlea were
torturing himself and bride, William Dob
rey, aged years, killed himself by drink
lng carbolic acid while on one ot the main
streets of this city.
renasylTaala, afereersburg.
Hereersburo Academy lor Hoys
College Preparatory Courses
Personal Internal taken, with aim to
Inxplre. In pupils lofty ideal of
scholarship. sound Judgment ad
Christian manllnesa. For catalogue
William Mann Irrlna. PH. D., Praa.
Book stack for Library.
At the adjourned meeting of the Board
or Trustee of th public library last even
lng bid from thre firms for ths new steel
i . . . .
uuuk smcKs wer received. Th... kih.
rang from i00 to 5,100 and wer referred
to President Dean and the committee on
booka and catalogues with power to aot.
" " oooa stacks win form a seoond
tier over the present stacks with a glass
floor between them.
Mayor Maioney announced yeaterday that
he would appoint Theodor Laskowskl,
cashier of th Council Bluff Savings bank,
itth Tear. OoUag and Collage Prapartorr,
Certiflcato admits to Wellesley, Smith,
VssHar ana hi. noiyoKe
Gymnasium, tsxpres
slon. Prompt applica
tion necexsary. Board
and tuition 1266-2.
14 Instructors
For Young' Women
And Girls
' I Omm
m JL. Ntki
tsrm. isJ
. Ntkrmskm
High standard, attraotlva surrounding, happy horns ll(a.
ColUga preparatory, aoadamlo and oollaglata oouraa.
Certificate admlti to Vasaar,
WUaley, Smith, Mount Holyoke,
University of Cbicago, University
of Nebraska, etc.
Pull equipment for instruction In
nm s. MAUDS, m.
domestio science and domestic art.
Native French and German
Exceptional advantage in muslo
and art.
The Dishop of Nebraska.
Aw Principal. 'President Board of Trustees.
The Influence of Teachers
who are recognized masters music, is of great importance
to the student.
The University School of Music
Write for Catalogue "B". Fall term begins Sept. 6th.
for Partlawler aSSraas
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COUIttB OP Z.IXZKAI. ABT Qrsduates of accredited schools are admit
ted to thla department without examination. I-ads to A. B. degree, with high
grade Instruction, reasonable eapense. In a community and achool whose nor
mal, social and literary opportunities and eurruundlnga are the best.
Information regarding thla department, or The Teaohere' College, Tha
a ademy, The Boaool of Art, The Bohool of Gumma roa, Th School of Saprea
f.lon and Oratory. Th Cnserratory of Mnalo or any other department will be
furnlahed upon annllcatlon to The Registrar, Dsat. P. University Plac, sTso.
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dpt T WTTTTH' flfiT T HTm With a beautiful campus and elevating aur
tt&l,JJVUE.vUilXiUJ!j roundlng,, a Ur, ni bi. faculty, clean and
aucceasfut athletics, offers at a low expense the following courses:
OOLLBaB Degrees In Classical, Scientific and Philosophical Courses.
ACADEMIC Preapratlon for any Collrga or University.
BOaVsaAI. aCmOOI. Elementary and advanced couraaa. State certlflcatas
,rncoIIBVATOT Theory of muslo. piano, voice, violin, elocution and art
Modern dormitories for both men and women.
AAdsaea PaVBB. B. W. ITOOIIT, llLLlTCl, BEB.
Western Military Academy r..'i
Ideal location near St. Louie, fix madam buildings. Plr proof Barracks. Excep
tionally strong acadsmlo and military departments Hlgheaf accredited collage rela
tions. Rated Class "A" by War Department. Atnietirs encouragea. waiting Hat en:iu
Sana waa. ava.aa aa. m
ally. Immediate application adv
Educates the Whole Man! Select, limited, thorough ! The Ideal school
for nice boys. No Failures! The crowded school cannot touch us
Turns out finished scholars and polished gentlemen. Give your boys
the best chance, even if it does cost a little more. Do not estimate their
welfare in dollars and cents. That would be pitiful. Send them to the
school that makes no failures! AddreaB,
Col. W. D. FONVILLK, Mexico, Io. Ilog A-2I.
A plac where manly boys are made Into manly men. Home life combined
with aeml-mllltary discipline. Prepares for all colleges and . for business life.
Location healthful and building fire proof. All athletics, and all carefully supervised.
Writ for Illustrated catalogue.
HARRY N. RUSSELL, Head Master, : : Kearney, Nebraska.
Hastings, Nebraska
Wcntworth Military Academy
Oldest and Largest In Middle West
Highest rating by War Department. Iniantry,
Drill. Courses of study prepare tor Universities
Government Supervision.
Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry
Academies or tor Business Lite. Accredited by North Central
Association of Schools and Colleges. Manual Training. Separata
Department for Small Boys. For catalogue, a Jdresa
Taa Baertary. Bo A. t-ealaytoat. Mo.