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filer, Stewart &
AiimI August
is arousing the greatest interest of any bargain
event that has been heM in Omaha for many
Yesterday the entire store was literally jtacked
with Omaha's best people striving to secure some
of the bargains which this sale offers.
In Sunday's papers we were able to list only a
few of the great values. Here is a stock of more
than one hundred thousand dollars worth of the
best styles of Furniture, Carpets, liugs, Lace Cur
tains and Draperies to select from. A visit to our
store is necessary to appreciate the magnitude of
this sale. -
Now is the time to secure your lace curtains and
portieres for the fall which is only a few weeks
off. Trices reduced 'S'.lVn to .") per cent.
Bed room furniture comes in for a big cut in
prices. Iron hah-, brass beds, chiffoniers and
dressers. Every piece has beon marked for clear
ance, and the prices are very interesting.
If you are in need of a piece of furniture for par
lor or living rooms, don't wait until fall. Your
chance to get exceptional valiif is right now.
Porch Furniture, Hockers, Settees, Chairs,
Swings, Etc., all must be sold. We will rot carry
anything over. The prices we name will do the
We have not mentioned linoleum, the most staple
of all floor coverings. AVe have about 100 pieces
to dispose of.
(iOc Printed Linoleum, large quantities, at, per
square yard 29(
(iOc Printed Linoleum, suitable for small mom
and bath room, per sq. yd 25
7f)c Printed Linoleum, per sq. yd CGv
$1.00 Inlaid Linoleum, per sq. yd GBc
Inlaid Linoleum, per sq. yd.! Slit
$1.50 Inlaid Linoleum, per sq. yd $1.10
Council Bluffs
Young Wife of Old Man Sue for
Legal Separation.
Woman thnrgeK t'rnel anil Infcaaaaa
Treatment and 1'etltlona far
$75, OOO Fermaneat
The Inadvlsabllltv of December and Mav
mating Is once more marie evident In the
suit brought in the district court yester
day by Mrs. Hhoda Hutler for divorce from
W. H. Butler, to whom ahe was married
but nine montha.
Mrs. Hutler not only asks for the Judi
cial severance of the marital knot, but
would have the court decree her 176.000 of
her husband's wealth as permanent ali
mony. She also asks temporary alimony
In the sum of $5,000 and a fee of $2 500
for her attorneys, Reed &. Roberiaon of
this city.
Mrs. nutler Is 33 year of age. while
the defendant Is 74 yeara old. Trior to
embarking on the present marital venture
Hutler had been married once before, and
Mrs. Hutler twice. W. II. Butler Is a
wealthy land owner and stock raiser and
one of the pioneer residenta of Neola, Pot
tawattamie county.
Mis. Butler, by her previous marriage,
had seven children, while Butler waa with
out offspring. The advent of his second
wife's seven children Into his home life,
It Is said, was deemed by Butler as too
much of a burden and hence the trouble
whith culminated In Mrs. Butler yesterday
filing suit for divorce.
Mrs. Hutler charge her aged husband
with treating her In a cruel and Inhuman
manner and alleges that on July 21 of
this yenr, when, she was sick and weak,
he struck her several times with a heavy
club and drove her and five of her seven
children, who happened to be at home,
from the house. Mrs. Butler and her chil
dren went to live on a little homestead
left her by one of her previous husbands
t'pon petition of Mrs. Butler, Judge
Wheeler yesterday ordered a writ of at
tachment upon Butler's property to the
amount of $25,000 and an Injunction re
st rained the defendant from disposing of
any of his property, pending the determina
tion of the divorce suit and from annoying
t lie plaintiff or going upon her homestead.
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
lha OtuoU Blmffa Offlea f MM
Omaha Baa U at 18
Both lltoaaa .
.lat. drugs. T ',
CulUUUANS. . undertakers. 'I'hone US.
Wooiliing I'ndertaklng company. Tel. 33'.).
Lewi-i Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 37.
When )n'i w.mi icilaUc want ad adver
tising u. e Tin lice.
1 ! Ins- I Inn' i . mill mow ci a. Spearllng
,V Tiliil. it :i.7 liroadwvty.
Watuid a boy t'i carry a Bea rouie.
A t'pl 1j Scott f iver, Oiuulia Bee.
BA 1 HI '. lilM ILXEi'KKK & BO LAND,
l uiKi lakers. liiolie 1-2. N. Main Si.
It W. W Magarell, optometrist, moved
to ftty National h.tuk building.
Don lieno left lost evening for Colfax
plains for u sojourn In the hope of re
cuperating Ills health.
Hluff City Masonic lodge will hold a spe
cial meeting tills evening al 7 o'clock Uti
wi rk In the second degree.
The choir of St. John's English Lutheran
church will meet Friday evening for re
hearsal instead of tonight.
The regular meeting of the Woman's
Christian Temperance union will be held
Ui 1.4 afternoon In the club rooms at the
public library building.
The Helping Hand society of St. John's
English Lutheran church will meet this
afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. II
liaker. J714 Third avenue.
Louis Zurmuehlen, president of the Board
of Fire and Police commissioners, accom
panied by Fred L. Johnson, chief clerk In
the poNluffice, went to Davenport last
evening to attend the state firemen's tour
nament. Mayor Maloney yesterday was spurting
a nanosome diamond-studded Elks em
Hoard Derides that a I HO.OOO M ill Br
l eii aired for Next Year.
That it will require close upon $ls0.000 to
run the public schools of Council Bluffs
for the next year was the conclusion
reached at the meeting of the Board of
Education last night. This amount Is about
I'.D.OOO more than last year, the Increase
being In the sum required for the teachers'
fund and the $10,000 to be levied annually
henceforth to pay off the school house
bonds. The tax levy for the schools last
ear was 2T.(Ki mills, but It will requite a
lc v of practically 41'j mills to secure the
sum needed for the ensuing year.
The expenses of the school district for
or guardians by the police. Fifteen run
away hntses were overtaken through the
sprinting abilities of the members of the
department, four stray teams were cor
ralled and cared for while no less than
thirty-seven stray horses, many of which
had been turned loose by their owners to
pick up their sustenane on the sidewalk
parking were taken In charge.
Congressman to Re Tendered Ban
qnet on Ills Retara.
Congressman Walter I. Smith Is to he
tendered a popular reception and a banquet
will be given In his honor on his return
from Washington. Preliminary steps to
thus honor the congressman from the ninth
Iowa district were taktn at the weekly
meeting of the executive committee of the
commercial club yesterday.
Another meeting of the committee will be
held todays noon at the Orajid hotel to or
ganize and take up the work of planning
for the reception and tho bnnquet. No
formal Invitations will be Issued except to
the speakers and prominent guests from
outside the state. Announcements, how
ever, of the event will be sent to all parts
of the district. Inviting all who may desire
to participate In the welcome home to
the distinguished congressman.
Although this matter was not decided at
yesterday's meeting a dollar a plate ban
quet appeared to be most favored. Should
the number of those desiring to participate
In the affair warrant It, the reception and
banquet will probably be held In the Audi
torium, otherwise It will be at the Grand
Cameras and Photographic Supplies. C.
E. Alexanders, 833 Broadway.
Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday to
the following:
Name and Residence. Age.
Oscar R. Thomas. Council Bluffs I'l
Beatrice M. Keithley, Omaha 23
Frank H. Hawkins. Council Bluffs 23
Lulu Belle May, Mlneola, la 13
R. F. Heffner, Omaha 32
Nina Ware, Omaha 30
Girls -TT-anteil.
Girls who can work all fall and winter
will be given employment wrapping Wood
ward's pure sugar stick candy and Wood
wards real butter scotch. John O. Wood
ward & Co.
Pardon for Woman
Who Tried Arson rtUAr,tu,l ... v,; t I...,
by the members of the police department! i ensuing year were estimated as follows:
Mrs. W. E. Meyers. 213 South Main street. ! '"ontlngent fund $ 34.000
received w ord yesterday of the death of j Transportation of pupils l.onn
her mother, Mrs. Thomas Giltuure, In SanFiee text books 3.000
Diego, Cal.. Monday. Mrs. Uilrnore had I Teachers' fund 90.000
mau Xrlenda in Couwjl Bluffs and Omaha. Interest school house bonds t.000
The hearing in the case of Charles M. ! School house bond fund 22.500
Sanford, charged with being Insane, was! Bend sinking fund 10,000
commenced before the commissioners yea
of nine wit-
terday. After the testimony
nesses had been heard an
was taken until today.
John (Julnn, agtd 7b years, died at a late
hour Monday night at St. Bernard's hos
pital. The body was removed to Corrl
gan's undertaking rooms and today will
be sent to the former home of the de
ceased at Papllllon, Neb.
In the court of Justice Gardiner yester
day E. T. Killtf waa Dlaccd under bonds hi
the sum of to keep the peace towards There are several vacancies in the corps
Hattic Gallup, whom It was charged nei(,f teachers to be filled before the schools
nan uiieaienea io snoot, ine iniormation
upon which King was arrested was filed
by Slu-mian Humphrey, janitor of the
Total 31W.500
The contract for the plumbing and gas
fixtures at the Ook street school was
awarded to the New York Plumbing com
pany on its bid of $'. J. C. Bixby & Son,
the other firm bidding, asked $1.0Stf.
The resignation of Miss Nellie L. Hep
ford, a teacher, was received and accepted
reopen In September.
Bids for coal for the school buildings are
to be received by August 15 and the board
county court house,
after..,;,,; a. " the confecTlone, y .tori of ,vl11' 11 H hold a meeting probably
Lelfert's Lensts
CiimnCsaWsrl aasasat Wa m at
a. mr us Li
. m. warn, w sixteenth avenue, were
yesterday ordered by Justice Cooper de
stroyed. Constable Baker will place the
machines hors de combat today with ins
trusty axe. Ward has been released, It
being shown that the machines were the
property of an Omaha man.
The receipts in the genual fund of the
Christian Home lust week Were $4.(Xj.s0.
being $:t.s5!t.M above the current needs of
the week and reducing the amount needed
In the contingent and fund
for lli09 to $7,010.11. In the manager's fund
the receipts were $104.75. being $if.75 above
the needs of the week and decreasing the
deficiency in this fund to date to $jJS09.
Attorney John M. Galvln. Dr. Charles
E. Woodbury and Judge Horace E. Deemer
of Red Oak left last evening for a month's
fishing trip In the Big Horn mountains
Dr. Woodbury took his camera along,
while Attorney Galvln provided himself
with a set of si ales and the understanding
Is that .hidce 1 ifi-tner uus i-.K.-n ,,ui:i-;
by the Bluffs men so that affidavits as
to the size of the flsli caught might be
filed before him.
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 200. Night, F-1702.
en Augubt 17.
LIQUOR CO. 619 S. Main. 'Phones J323.
Real i'.state Tranafera
These transfers were reported to The
Bee August 3 by the Pottawattamie County
Abstract company of Council Bluffs:
J. W. Squire and wife to O. Newton
Martin, lots 3 of Aud's subd. of lots
4 and 5 In block 2 In Williams' subd.
of Mill lot In Mill add. In Council
Bluffs, w. d $1.3j0
vnaries i. ctnyre ana wire to George
B. Folsom, lot 5, Aud's subd. of
lot 4. Greenwood add. to Council
Bluffs, w. d 1.3H0
v.ny or uouncu inurrs to Board of
Park commissioners, lots 1, 2 and 3
In block 1 In Rohrer's park 1st add.
and out lot 1 In Mill add. In Council
Bluffs, d
Jerry C. Vollstedt and wife to James
Hoover, lot 9 and s4 of lot 10 In
Mock 7 In Walnut, la., w. d 1,000
Agnes Folsom. et al., to M. Wollrnan,
lots 9, lu and 11 in block 6 In Central
subd. Ill Council Bluffs, q. c. d 1
Montrose L. Lee. et al., heirs of
Charles R. Lee, deceased, to Marietta
G. Lee, lot 6 In block 9 In Bayllss
2d add. to Council Bluffs, w. d 1
Total, alx transfers
Mrs. Anna Meyers, Who Tried
Burn Family of Stepdaugh
ter Freed.
MT. PLEASANT, la., Aug. 3 (Special.)
Mrs. Anna Meyers, an aged woman who
has been tinder life sentence for arson. In
the attempted burning of the home of her
step-daughter, Mrs. Levesey, near Wln
fleld, with the Intent to kill the members
of the family, has been granted a pardon
by Governor Carroll, and will be released
Into the care of her family. The pardon pro
vides that Mrs. Meyers shall leave the
state, and this she Is preparing to do.
The alleged crime was committed a year
ago, and efforts were made to secure the
woman's acquittal on the ground of In
sanity. She had not been Imprisoned pend
ing an appeal of her case to the supreme,
Mayor Has Building- Destroyed.
MASON CITY, la., Aug. 3. (Special.)
Under the supervision of Mayor Klrsch
man, firemen and policemen, watched by
hundreds of citizens, tore down a large
livery barn. This barn was recently par
tially destroyed by fire, and the mayor
had several times stopped the work of re
building the frame structure, which was
within the fire limits. The tenant persisted
that his lease gave him the privilege
of rebuilding and during the night hours
the repairs were made. The mayor's action
followed and the liveryman has been com
pelled to seek quarters elsewhere.
Our Semi-Annual Discount Sale
Two months hence you'll more than likely be planning some furniture improve
ments. We can't wait and you can't afford to wait until then.
It is decidedly to your advantage to give your furniture needs some fruitful
thoughts just now. More than likely some of your rooms need a new chair or table or
maybe an entirely new set of furniture.
This is our Semi-Annual Discount Sale, but bigger and more important than ever
one of the greatest money-saving events of the year so by all means don't miss it.
'tw-LVo uroaaway, uouncu Bluffs, Iowa.
Secretary of Iowa Pharmacy Commis
sion Sends in Resignation.
Charge of Drunkenness and ."Neglect
of Doty Against K.s-Mayor ol
Marengo to De Heard
August IT.
Ki plosion In Laboratory.
IOWA CITY, la., Aug. 3 (Special.)
The heat caused a liquid carbon gas tank
In the Btate bacteriological laboratory to
explode yesterday with a disastrous effect
upon many of the specimens in alcohol In
the room. The tank is In effect an Ice
machine and fortunately was provided with
a safety valve for lust suh emergencies.
Joseph Anderson, the laboratory assistant,
happened to have left the room Just pre
viously or the flying glass blown from the
shelves of the room would almost surely
have done him great harm.
Pig discount on refrigerators, lawn
mowers and hammocks. From 20 to 3;'
per cent discount. V, C. Del Val Hard
ware company.
i nfifi Hnnrv nn horses, cattle and
Tat aatff Tasam af isMoaaafal BaaJnesa.
Me aprmactloa with lata Cmbb aalrrajr ttia sslvaa Tba Clark Mortgage Ca.
BOfH ruCKUbS B17. JSU. F. TIN LEI, 1
I.lltht C.aard Kendy for Camp.
The Dodge Light Hoards, forming Com
pany L, Kifty-fifth regiment, Iowa Na
tional Guard, will leavo Thursday f r r
i Charlton, Khere the reglnunt will hold lis
annual encampment tlis year. Captain
.am Cireene, commanding the Dodge Light
li'iards.. has receivid orders for the com
pany to leave Council Bluffs on the i;ur
lingiun at fi:45 a. m. This train, whic h wil,
pick up other companies enronte. will
arrive at Charlton at 12 30. The cricam;.
irent uill close August 14 and the Iiluff
to.npany will leach home about midnight
on that due (ientral J. II Lincoln will
be in command of the cemp.
24tti and Farnnm
'J) Vhoaaa, Sell S. 1511. Xnd. A-8S1L
Specials fop Wednesday
Sirloin Steak, per lb 15.
Pot RoTist, per lb gc
No. 1 Flour, per 43 lb. sack $1.85
Fresh Eggs, per dozen 20c
I do first-class work reasonable. I make
suits for (i'l, skirts $6. I also do altering to
suit. Would you give me a trial? The
Fashion, ladies' tailoring. R. H. Emlein,
proprietor. Late fitter Orkln Bros. 33 s
Mi.n Si.
Monthly lleport of Police.
With only ITS arrests during July and of
thi.s oi half being "plain drunks." as
si, own by the monthly report of Major G.
II huhniMiid, chief of police, Council
III .fi- continues to enjoy an Immunity
fi m crime uf a serious character.
Mis HiookK, the city Jail caterer did
n.u entirely lack patronage as she fur
nilid the montH 367 meals to pris
oners and lodgtrs at the expense of ti e
..i" u- rainy.
During the mon'h eighteen lost rhiMren
"T'i h iT "Vi W ai lidW' , v,l": "d returned to their patent.-
Town Dry Ihrouah Hrror.
ABERDEEN. S. D., Aug. 3.-(Speclal.)
Through a misinterpretation of the law on
the part of the town board of Java, S. D.,
that town will be without saloons for a
time. The South Dakota law prohibits
more than two saloons In towns of tinder
1.000 Inhabitants. Java has about 500 peo
ple, but the board granted licenses to three
saloons. Later the error was discovered
and the board, to get on a legal basis,
revoked all three licenses, refunding the
money advanced. Two saloon men ac
quiesced In the action of the board, but
the third. Carl Doerr. refused to close his
saloon, claiming the board had no right to
revoke the license. He was accordingly ar
rested and fined t'O and costs for selling
liquor without a permit. The board will
let th saloon applicants try again, and
will grant but two licenses, In accordance
with the law.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, la., Aug. 3. "Special Tel
egram.) C. W. Larson, secretary of the
Pharmacy commission today authorized the
statement that he had resigned to take
effect August 7. In a written statement,
given to the 'press, he criticises what he
terms the dilatory tactics of the new
members of the commission and gives this
as the reason for his resigning. He will
return to Ked Oak to look after his drug
store there, which Is one of the largest In
the city.
Members of the commission today ac
knowledged they had received the resig
nation, but have not acted upon It. Mr.
Eaton, chairman of the commission, said
the board would likely select for secretary
as Larson's successor, E. J. Moore
of Eldon, who Is stato representative from
Wappello county.
By dilatory tactics It Is understood Mr.
Larson means that the members have not
been as vigilant In getting after violators
of the law as he thinks they rhould.
In authorizing the announcement of tils
resignation Mr. Larson said today that his
resignation was due to the "dilatory tac
tics" of the new members of the board.
He gave out a written statement in which
he said:
I was a candidate for member of the
board, but circumstances prevented me
from being appointed and I was elected
secretary, which place I have filled under
protest, as I did not want the office at
I the time. However, I wish to stata to the
druggists of the state that I have filled
the office to the best of my ability and
for the best interests of the majority of
our profession. I have had the courage
and conviction at all times for a square
deal to everybody as the records In the
office will show. I have at all times taken
the Initiative in suggestions to the board
for the betterment of the conditions of the
drug trade of Iowa and I find that to tuke
this stand Is apt to create friction. It Is
my o"ilnlon that some of the new members
of the board have ndonteil dilatory tac
tics and for this reason I am tendering 1.
Mr. Larson Is one of the most prominent
druggists of the state of Iowa. When he
look the state examination in he stood
the highest In the class of eighty. Only
twenty of the class successfully passed the
examination. Mr. Larson worked as a
drug clerk for many yeurs studying phar
macy at nights. He was a traveling sales
man for sixteen years, four of which was
for a drug company of Omaha.
Henderson Trial Continued.
On application of the defendant the trial
of ex-Mayor Henderson of Marengo for
removal from office for drunkenness and
neglect of duty under the new state law,
has been continued to August 17. Recently
Mayor Henderson was badly Injured by a
pulley falling on his head while watching
telephone linemen at work, and has not
recovered sufficiently to stand trial yet.
Although not officially announced, It Is
learned that Governor Carroll has decided
to suspend the sentence of S. K. Smith of
Davenport, who Is serving a sentence for
embezzlement and larceny of trust funds
placed in his hands. He will give him
permission to leave the state, which will
allow him to return to his relatives in the
east. The State Hoard of Parole recom
mended a full pardon.
Hetrieriiiaer Will Itrtltn,
Jack Heffleflnger, for several sessions of
the legislature, sergeant-at-arms of the
house and for three years postmaster
at the state house, will resign his position.
It Is understood that Owen Bryne, one of
the Janitors at the state house, will bo
appointed to the position.
Oakley Doesn't I.lkei Woman.
The patrons of the Chicago, Burlington A
Qulncy railroad at Oakley, la., do not
want a woman for station agent because
she can't Juggle the baggage and freight
around. Several of the citizens there have
joined In a protest to the state railroad
comrnlsston. The station Is a small on
and they claim the company has main
tained a "weak man physically" most of
the time relieving him occasionally with
a woman and now they are about to change
to a woman permanently. The station
agent complained of Is Miss Esther K.
No Increase In Polk.
It was discovered today that the lnerea
of S per cent in the land valuation In Polk
county by the executive council was an
error of the clerks In trTe offlco uf the
secretary of the council. There was 11c
increase ordered for Polk county.
gnnth Dakota Dralmiie niteh.
PIERRE. S. D.. Aug. 3. (Special. I-Stale
Engineer Lea, who has just returned from
an Inspection of drainage conditions in the
eastern portion of the stato, reports sev
eral drainage projects of considerable mag
nitude under way. In Clark county a
dri.lnagi' ditch Is projected which will be
fifty-five feet deep at the dpest point,
and will involve nearly a mile of cutting
which will average twenty fett In depth.
While this Is an expensive project, the
land to be reclaimed by the project are
very fertile and the work will be of great
value to that portion of the state.
Tears Scalp In Machinery.
SIOL'X PALLS, S. D.. Aug. 3.-1 Special.)
Mrs. Clarence Llllie. a well known resi
dent of Bijou Hills, a small town In the
southern part of Brule county, was the
victim of a distressing accident. Her hus
band operates a ferry boat on the Mis
souri river at Bijou Hills. While aiding .ier
husband, her hair caught In the n.wrhi iery
of the boat, and before her husband or any
of the boat's crew could go to her assist
ance a great deal of her hair was torn
out by the roots and her Jaw and arm
were broken.
Bit- Yield of Wheat.
ABERDEEN. 8 I).. Aug. 3 Special.)
Wheat harvest la now well under way In
northern South Dakota, and the reports
from the harvest fields Indicate an excep
tional yield, both In quantity and quality.
Hail near Rowdle and hall and wind at
Selby yesterday afternoon did some dam
age oer a limited area.
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"TH K IIOl'SK OF Ill(;il MF.KIT."
lllll II llaWla-sl rtMi UifcWiismfassl
BLATZ COMPANY, Wholesale Dealer,
HOtl Douglas fit.. Cor. 8th. I'hone nui?1n ftnl'