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Whon You Deposit
,YUGi CU 1?n3 LEV-
State Commiiiion Receives Informa
tion from Interstate Body.
. -Of THE
It It 8ourd by th Bank's
Capital and Surplus of $1,200,000.00
Aad Total Assets of over ... .$15,000,000.00
' ' Ieposits made oivor before August 10th draw inter
est from August 1st.
Deposit of $1.00 or more received.
3 Intorost Paid on Deposits
More Pay for
Assistants to
'- Postmasters
Salaries Advanced at Points in Ne
braska, low and South Dakota
Eural Carrien Appointed.
("From a. Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. D. C, Aug. $.-(?pecial
Telegram. The salaries of the following
assistant pootmaoter have been Increased,
effecttvo July 1: Nebraska, Hastings.
to ItttO. .Jioldrege, 11.100 to South
Dakota. Pierre, $1,100 to $1,300; Rapid City.
$1.10 to 10,300: Redfleld. $U00 to $1,200:
Yankton, ttW) to $1,300. Iowa. Albia. $1,100
to $1J00; Amea, $1,300 to $1,300; Charles City.
$1,W to $1,300: Manchester. $U00 to $1.10;
Mount Pleeveaat, $19 to $1,200; Muscatine.
$L0 to $1.K; Newtpti; $1,200 to $1,300; Oel
weln. JLMS to $LJ00; Waterloo, $l,S0O to
ti.m: l .. . .
Blda ware opened today at the Treasury
department for tho construction of the ex
tension' to publlo buildings Bt Council
Bluff a, la. Tha lowest bidder was J. W.
MlUer of 8U Paul, Minn.. $125,987.
The secretary of the treasury has awarded
the contract for construction of the public
building at Shenandoah to Charles W.
Glndele Of Chicago at $44,100.
Rural carriers appointed In Iowa are;
Audubon, route 7, Julius Rasmus-son, car
rier; M. Peterson, substitute. Stockport,
route 1 J. M. KIsllng. carrier; T. C. Dap.
substitute. ' South Dakota: Louis N. Van
nesa, carrier; A. J. Bunker, substitute.
Girl Formerly erf OnaaJia. la Placed la
C'aatodr of Setk Terry.
BEATRICE, Neb, Aug". $- (Special -A
rase waa disposed of In the county court
yesterday afternoon that haa attracted
muob attention ln-taia county. It waa the
cane of Beta Terry of Plckrell against J.
Alfred Johnson, Josle Sweexy and Jessie
De Lorle of Omaha, whereby the plaintiff
sought to obtain custody of his grand
daughter and ward, Effie Johnson. 14
years of age, daughter of J. Alfred John
son, and niece of the two other defend
ants. June 18 Mr. Terry secured a writ of
habeas corpus for the return of Effle
Johnson from Douglas county to
Beatrice. The case waa set for hearing
August t in order to give tha defendants
time to answer, but tney ruea no
answer. nor5aid they appear yesterday In
court to fight tbe case. Judgment was
rendered accordingly In favor of Seth Terry
and he was awarded the care and custody
of tha Johnson girl.
Tha attorneys for Johnson have ap.
Grew Worst in Spite of Six Months
of Ablest Treatment Sleep Ter
ribly Broken Face, Heed and
Hands Masses of Dreadful Humor.
.-V I It ray duty to let tto know
VIEh what success I bare used the Cuti-
oura Remedies).
When our baby
was seven week
old be broke out
with what wo
'thought waa
; heat but which;
gradually pew
worse. W
called in a doc
tor. Be said it
was ecsem and
from that time
we doctored six month with throe of
tho beat doctor in Atchison but he only
got worse. Hi face, head and hand
war a solid sore. There was do end to
tha suffering for him. Wo had to tia
hi little hand to koop hint from scratch
ing. He nerer knew what it wa to
sleep well from tha time he took the
disease until he was cured. He kept us
wake all hour in the night and hi
health wasn't what you would call good.
We tried everything but the right thing.
Finally I got a set of the Cuticura Rom
dies and am pleased to say we did not
use all of them until he was cured. Wo
have waited seven months to see if it
would return but it never has and to
day hi skin is clear and fair as it pos
sibly could be. I hop Cuticura may
are some one else's little one's suffering '
and also their pocket-hooks. John
ueaaon, 1403 Atchison rit., Atecuson,
., MOT, S and 17, 1908."
A Cuticura comfort for all who suffer
Trom facial eruptions such as ai ne (pirn
pl and blackheads'), acne rosacea,
facial araetna. ringworm, tetter, redness,
roughness and oily perspiration is found
in gentlo anointing with Cuticura fol
lowed br warm bath with Cuticura
6oap. Tor preaerTing, purifying and
beautifying the skin. salp. nair and
hands of infants, children and adults,
Cuticurm and Cuticura Soap are rricelet.
Cawrur MP 7V ). CMtleurw Ointment (Me I
Sal Cxjtlcur Raolt Cc 'Or n tb lorra o'
ttiinuu In 14 ri.l IV per nl ( Ml. Sal4
ttnuWwl l wart f altar Dm a I btm Cor,
sr- 4i r-na fvoeura I
nsaaaa, awiawaat sad
i si nenm si is taia.
pealed to the supreme court from the de
cision of the district court and for that
reason did not appear to contest the case
In county court yesterday. In case the
higher court rules that the district court
erred In Its decision then the case will
coma back to the latter court for a hear
ing on Its merits.
Dr. Carr Held
to Grand Jury
Secretary of State Board Must Answer
for Opening Dr. Sward's
(From a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN. Neb., Aug. 3. (Special Tele
pram.) United States Commissioner Marley
this morning bound over to the federal
Brand Jury Dr. E. Arthur Carr. secretsry
of Governor Shallenberger's State Board
of Health, who Is charged with opening
mail belonging to Dr. Sward, secretary of
the old board.
Dr. Carr was represented by T. J. Doyle.
His bond was fixed at $500, which he
Dr. Carr's defense was that he held an
order from the assistant postmaster at
Lincoln telling him he was entitled to open
Dr. Sward's mall. It was brought out that
this order was written after he had opened
the letters complained of.
Dr. Carr opened two letters which had
been written by Dr. Johnson, another mem
ber of the old board, to Dr. Sward. On the
stand he said he opened the letters because
as secretary of the new board, he believed
they contained official Information to
which he was entitled. Furthermore, he
produced a statement from the assistant
United States attorney that he was en
titled to the mall addressed to the secretary
of the board until the court decided the
law under which he was appointed was
declared unconstitutional.
Attorney General Thompson testified that
he had advised Dr. Carr not to open the
letters but to take tha advice of the pos
tal authorities In the matter.
Dr. Carr took copies of the Sward let
ters and then sent the originals on to
Flarfct on Melsner Appraisement.
KEARNEY, Neb.. Aug. $. iSpedal.)
Objectlons have been filed in Buffalo
county court in the matter of appraise
ment of the Melsner estate. J. L. Creary.
county attorney of Hall county. Is the
party filing objections, as a part of the
Meisner land lies In that county. It Is
stated that the value placed on the land
in this large estate Is entirely too low
and thai at least $AS,000 could be added to
the total apralsement. County Attorney
Easterllng of Buffalo county la to file
objections on the same ground and It is
also stated that the appraisers were not
sworn In and qualified according to law.
Farm lands are appraised at from $40 to
$76.50 per acre and this Is declared entirely
too low for the land considering the excel
lent Improvements on all the land. Consid
erable trouble haa been had so far in the
Meisner estate, which Is valued at $1,500,000
and Is composed of farm lands In sections
and half section tract mostly.
.. : I
..roruna rweww .votes.
BEATRICE The Commercial club met
last evening and decided to assist Post
master HoUingworth In having a rest room
piaceo in me new addition to the govern
ment building.
KEARNEY Pierce Crlsmar. have sold
their grocery business to B. F. Rogers and
m. r.. rosen. i ne two men buying It are
from 'Washington. D. C. and have moved
ineir (amines to this city.
BEATRICE The local union of the
Painters and Decorators of America met
last evening and decided to observe Labo
day. Other unions In the city will assist
in preparing a good program for that day.
BEATRICE Benjamin w. Kitchen and
Mlsa Marjorie Jackque of Walnut. Ia., were
married In Omaha last week. The mar
riage waa kept a secret until yesterday,
when the announcement was made. The
young couple In Beatrice.
BEATRICE Deputy Sheriff Burke, who
went to Liberty with a warrant for the ar
rest of Henry Dewey, charged with as
saulting Arthur Marti with a pitchfork,
returned yesterdsy without his man.
Dewey, upon learning that a warrant had
been Issued for his arrest, concluded to
skip out.
BEATRICE W. H. Otis of Washington,
D. C, arrived tn the city yesterday to
make a thorough Inspection of the
mechanical equipment at the poalofftce
He will report whether or not the equip
ment will be removed or used In connec
tion wtih the new addition to be built to
the postoffice.
BEATRICE The Beatrice district Sun
day School association was perfected here
Sunday by the election of these officers:
Andrew Anderson, president; A. H. Voort
man. vice president; L. R. Chamberlain
secretary treasurer. An effort will be made
by the association and the Commercial club
to land the next annual state euiulay
school convention.
KEAR.NEY-Miss Laura Huntley and
Robert C. Hurst wore married at the home
of the brides parents. Mr. and Mis. F C
Huntley, Monday afternoon. Twenty in
vited guests were present and the cere
mony was performed by Rev. C B. Steph
ens. Mr. and Mrs. Hurst left In the
..veiling for Und. Wash., where they will
make their future home.
FREMONT - Charlea Lee and J.nh
Welsh, who are thought by the police to
nave maae a Business or snatching suit
eases, were arraigned In Justice court
Tuesday morning for stealing a suit case
belonging to Earl Couloumbe of Sioux City
They demanded aeparate trials, but aftei
a number of wltneesea had positively iden-
iiiiea inim aa in men wno got away
with this particular case. Welsh change
his mind and pleaded guilty. Both weie
sentenced to thirty days in ths county jail
Harrlsaaa'a Health Better.
NEW YORK. Aug. $. Private cable ad
vices received here today stated that E. H
Harrlman s health was greatly improved,
his condition being better than for several
years. Mr. Hsrnman will probably reach
here from hi LrlU abroad about Septam-
Railroad Attorneys Ask Delay In
Hearing na Propoaed Clnealflra-
of Frrght
(From a Staff Cm respondent. 1
LINCOLN. Aug. ?. (Special Telegram )
The State Railway commission has re
ceived from the Interstate Commerce
commission Its rulps regarding the
length of time records of railroads muit
be kept before being destroed. The rules
provide that the following records shall be
kept permanently: Register of claims;
register of vouchers or accounts, and in
dexes; register of accounts receivable bills,
records of cost Or Imentory value of
equipment- deeds and other title papers,
general and auxiliary ash books; trial
balance, sheets of general and auxiliary
ledgers; general and auxiliary ledgrs;
general and auxiliary Journals; files of an
nual reports to the Interstate Commerce
commission anil supporting papers; re-.
ords of capital stock certificates; capital
stock ledger; cancelled Interest coupons or
trustee's certificate of destruction thereof;
annual reports to stockholders, minute
book; ledgers. Journals and other records
or memorandum showing In detail all the
items affecting additions and betterment
or expenditures for road and equipment;
records pertaining to depreciation and re
placement accounts; code and cipher
With the exception of a few items the
remainder of the records must be kept
seven to ten years. Some detached records
can be destroyed at the end of three years.
No records may be destroyed except
upon the written order of the president of
the road or the executive head. A com
plete statement of the records destroyed
must be kept on file permanently. The
order became effctlve July 1.
Railroads Ass. Delay.
Railroad attorneys appeared before the
railway commission today and asked that
the hearing of the proposed classification
of freight rates be postponed until after
the federal court has heard and paesed on
the evidence in the cases now on file thre.
It was argued by the attorneys that the
rates in effect in 1P07 and filed with the
commission were not compensatory and
that the rates proposed by the commission
are not compensatory, and therefore, the
commission shoLld rot take any evidence
until this is passed upon by the court. The
attorneys said It would take about three
weeks to get all of their testimony Intro
duced and they would be willing to go on
with the case before tho commission with
out waiting for the other case to go to
the higher court.
The railroads ware represented by W. D.
Stomach Ache
and Diarrhoea
Eating green vegetables and unripe
fruit, sudden change in weather, ex
cessive heat, gulping down iced drinks,
etc., cause stomach ache, craps and
dysentery. This causes a gTeat deal
of discomfort and suffering, and gome
times death.
In any case of this kind you will
find Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey a sure
and quick remedy. -A teaspoonful in
half glass of milk every hour will
bring instant relief.
Mrs. Freeman Vigorous at 114.
In an interview with Mrs. Campbell,
who lives at Red Bank, Pa., and who
Is the daughter of Mrs. Freeman (114
years of age, she stated: "My mother
has been using Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey and is anxious to have me
tell you that she felt it strengthening
effects at once. We know that it has
done her a great deal of good. She
Is 114 years of age and needs some
thing to sustain her strength. She
thinks it is a great stimulant, and no
old person should be without it. I,
myself, know what she says about
your medicine is the truth."
It kills the disease germs and keeps
the system in a normal, healthy con
dition. It keeps the old young, the
young strong; It Is invaluable as a
tonic for overworked men, delicate
women, and sickly children. Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey Is an absolutely
pure distillation of malted grain;
great care being used to have every
kernel thoroughly malted, thus pro
ducing a liquid food requiring no dl
gestion, In the form of a pharmaceu
tlcal whiskey, which is one of the
most effective tonic stimulants and in
vigorators know n to science; Its palat-
ability and freedom from injurious
substances render it
be retained by the
so that it can
most seasative
If weak and run down, take a tea
spoonful four times a day in half a
glass of milk or water.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey Is sold
everywhere by druggists, grocer and
dealers, or shipped on order for ,1.00
a bottle.
Our Consulting Physician wll! send
to every reader of The Omaha Bee
advice, and an Interesting illustrated
medical booklet free of charge. The
Duffy Malt Whiskey Company, Ro
cheeter, N. V.
McHugh, Ben T. White. James Kelby. The !
commission has not passed on the request.
Reports aad Accounts.
The Interstate Commerce Commission has
forwarded to the State Railway Commission
its rule governing the reports to be made
by the various common carrier to the
commissions. Several Important changes
are ordered from the present reports. The
distinction between additions and better
ments has been eliminated.
It Is no longer permissible to charge
such expenditures to income, profit and
loss, or special funds In such a manner as
to exclude any expenditure for additions
and betterments from the property ac
counts in the balance sheet.
The present classification provides that
operating expenses should be charged only
In case the abandoned property (other than
land equipment) Is replaced; and the
amount to be charged Is now based upon
the cost of replacing In kind the aban
doned property instead of the original cost
as provided In the circular.
Where property Is abandoned and new
road built, the value of the property thus
abandoned must be deducted from the ex
penditure. A single account, "Equipment." has been
substituted for the various accounts for
merly covered by the various classes of
Mlsan Over Karnole Ballots.
Secretary of State Junkin is having a
bushel of trouble with certain county
clerks over the make up of the ballot. The
secretary certified out a sample ballot.
which contained the names of the state
candidates, and he has received back a
sample which contained the names of not
only these candidates, but also county and
precinct candidates. The secretary, acting
under the law- enacted by the state legis
lature, (section 17. election laws) holds
that precinct officers, township officers
and municipal officers In cities under 25.
000, are nominated by caucus and are not
affected by a primary.
He so notified the county clerk of
Thayer county, who came back at him
with an opinion by the county attorney of
that county to the effect that these offi
cers had not been exempted by the pri
mary law. This opinion, however, was
based on S. F. 109. which fixes the date
of the primary.
One sample ballot sent back to the sec
retary contained the addresses of the can
didates, which Is prohibited by the law,
but It took an order from the secretary of
state before the printer Would consent to
make the change. On this ballot Harvey
New-branch appeared from Omaha as a
populist and from Lincoln as a democrat.
The secretary of state believes that this
is stretching the nonpartisan business too
ftarety Company Aska Order.
The American Surety company naa filed
a petition In federal court asking for an
Injunction against the state bonding board
to prevent it making rates surety com
panies charge In Nebraska. The hearing
Is set for August 7 before Judge Mungei
In Omaha. The bonding company re
cently reduced rates of all the bonding
Alleged l.lfter Appeals.
diaries W. Spence. who Is charged with
bringing liquor Into Lincoln for the pur
pose of Illegal sale, has appealed to the
district court. The complaint was filed
by Chief Rlckard of the police department
July $, and the case waa set for heat inn
In the police court Tuesdsy. It was trans
ferred to Justice Bacon's court on a change
of venue and was appealed from there.
Boadla Company Saed.
John Rakes, Jr., has brought suit in the
district court for $20000 against tha Lion
Bonding company of Omaha, charging that
while Intoxicated by the liquor sold at
the Schneider saloon In Nebraska City he
attempted to board a train and had his
leg crushed so that it bad to be ampu
tated. The accident occurred on the Mis
souri Pacific railroad on June I. last. Th
suit Is brought by John Rakes, sr., the
young man who was injured being under
Desertion Salt Is Filed.
Edna McCable of Lincoln filed a suit tn
th district court Tuesday afternoon al
leging cruelty and deaertjon by her hus
band. William B. McCable. Mr. and Mrs
McCable have lived at Wayne for several
3 ears, but the wife asserts that she came
to Lincoln some time ago because she
was unwilling to live with her husbands
mother, where, ah says that she was
compelled to do more than her share of
work. She asks separation ajid alimony
luXLueal to support her and bar child.
TO introduce fine materials, clean
methods, scientific equipment
into the making of soda crackers
was one triumph
To actually bake into them a subtle
goodness, a real individuality, never
before known, was another triumph
But to effectually protect them so
that the fullest benefit of these fine
materials, this careful, cleanly baking,
this unique goodness comes to you
unaltered, was the crowning triumph
that gave the world
Lad Flags Train;
Says that Bandits
Tied Him Down
Wreck on Burlington Near Crawford
it Averted by Quick Work
of Engineer.
CRAWFORD. Neb.. Aug. $. (Special.
Quick work on the part of Engineer Wade
on Burlington train No. 36, ten miles out
from Crawford about midnight last night,
saved the heavy train from being a com
plete wreck. Steel rails had been chained
to the track and thene would have wrecked
the train, as It was going at a good rate
of speed.
An 18-year-old farmer lad. Chris Berger,
flagged the train and railed the attention
of the engineer to the obstruction. His
arm was bsdly wounded and at first he
said ho had been accidentally shot by the
discharge of a gun and later he said that b
had been bound to the track by two masked
r " 1 r 1 '- T - - ' i
Our Inherited Love of Mother Nature
Has bred within our blood and bone the strength to make us a nation of conquerors and
the leaders of the world's civilization. '
From the dawn of spring until old Jack Frost first covers our land there will be
thousands of camps pitched along the pine-clad rivers and lakes of our beloved country.
No camping outfit is complete without a case or two of good old
The King of All Bottled Beers
This matchless brew holds in living life the juices of the best barley grown in America,
and the fragrance and tonic powers of the finest Saazer hops grown in Bohemia.
The Most Popular Beer in the World
Bottled Only at tho
Anheuser-Busch Brewery
St. Louis, U. S. A.
11 ii
bandits and had been able to wrench him
self loose Just in time to flag the train
He Is now held awaiting further develop
ments. Berger now claims that he had nothing
to do with the Job. but was at that point
to flag the train to go to Alliance when
the masked robbers bound him to the
It Is reported that the train carried $2i0.
000 in gold bullion, billed from Butte to
New York City, but the railroad officials
will not confirm this statement.
Ponra Old Settlers Organise.
PONCA. Neb., Aug. 3. t Special. I A
goodly number of the old settlers held a
meeting here and organized themselves for
the purpose of perpetuating the memories
of the early days and their experience..
They will make and keep a record of all
the old settlers and keep a record of the
deaths of all who still remain In Dixon
county as they pass away.' The age for
membership is from 56 to 70 years.
The following officers were elected:
President. S. P. Mlkesell; vice president.
J. H. Logan; secretary, G. W. Walbeek;
treasurer. O. P. Sullenberger. The
original plan was to hold an old settlers'
. !-v
picnic in the near future but that was
postponed until next year to give ttm
to complete their record of the old ;ei-tlers.
Alleged forger Arrested.
ALBION. Neb., Aug. J -(Special.) Sher
iff Evans returned from Columbus yester
day afternoon with Charles Orendorf. whi
Is charged with uttering a forged check
The facts as reported are that Orendorf
had been working for his brother-in-law.
Mr. Barnes, east of Petersburg. Ijtst Fri
day, it is alleged, he drew a check on thn
Cltixens State bank of Petersburg for fl
and signed his brother-in-law 's name to it,
and soon thereafter presented the same to
the band and received the cash. He then
went to Oakdale and from there to Co
lumbus, where he was arrested.
Brakeman Killed at Alliance.
ALLIANCE, Neb.. Aug. 3.-lSpec1at Tele
gram.) While switching In the Burlington
yards here today, switchman F. P. Brcn
nan, was caught between the cars and so
badly crushed that he died In 30 minutes.
Mr. Brennan Is practically a stranger here,
having been employed only recently. His
home Is in Riverside. Ia.
Anheuser-Busch Co. of Nebraska
Bel TWjm Dowglas ) - Am ahs 'PWso A-118