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    niE BEE:' OMAHA, TtTKSDAY. AUGUST 3, lflOf).
Pes Moines Defeats Omaha; Heydler Succeeds Pulliam; Baron Whips Wins " the Stake Race'
Little Senator Unable to Stop Dei
Moinei in Ram
lowsna t'se Tbr Pltrktn Win
Tney See (Vara U Doubtful P"
Uh Glenulrln f huara Flourke
Off Grounds.
PES MOINES, la. Aug. 2 D-R Moines
and Omaha played another strenuous ajame
today, Ies Moine winning to 7. Omaha
amain gave Dm Moines a big scare in the
latter part of the encounter and Dwyer
was oompelled to change pitchers three
time. McGregor started and with the ex
ception of the first Inninf. pitched Rood
ball. He was a little wild in the seventh
and BIrMlorfer was put In. He be
came wild In the ninth and tnge went
In. He passed two men. forcing In a
run. but struck out Oondlng for the lut
out In the cam.
Des Moines batted Keeley In timely
fashion. Hard batting tied up the score In
the first Inning, .after Omaha had scored
three runs. The, batting of McGregor and
Niehoff waa noteworthy. Twelve sacrifice
hits were made during the game.
In the eighth Inning Rourke's remarks
from the bench riled Olenaivin and the
Omaha manager-owner was chased to the
far end of the park, from where he watched
his team maJte a gallant fight for the
game. Score:
AH. R. H. O. A. E.
Dalton. rf 3 1 i J
folllgan. as 0 i I i V
Bader. If 3 0 0 0 1
Maitlck. e 4 1152
lver. lb 4 1 1 10 0 9
Meiioff. 3h 3 3 i 1 2
Williams. 2b t 1 0 2 4
MrMimn c 2 112 3
McUresor. D 2 1 2 0 2 1
Hlersdorfer. p
l.angn. p
0 0 0 1 0
0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 27 t 10 27 13 2
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
FlKher. If 4 10 10 0
Pendry. 2b 2 2 12 10
King, ss 3 2 2 0 1 0
Welch, rf 8 10 0 0
Kane, lh 4 0 1 18 3 1
Shlpke. 3b 4 0 2 0 0 0
ltollenbeck, if..: 1 0 2 0 0
Cadman. c 4 0 110 0
. Keeley. p 4 0 0 2 7 0
Oondlng 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 32 1 7 24 12 1
Hatted for Keeley In the ninth.
ri-s Moinr s 81000202 I
Omaha S 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 T
Two-base bits: Niehoff. Schlpkw. Three
base him: Hwyrr. McGregor. First base
on balls: Off Mcfirepor. 2; off Biersdorfer.
2; off lounge, 2. Wild pilch: McGregor (2),
ltleradorfer, Kan (re. Lift on bases: Pes
Moines. ; Omaha. 9. Struck out: By
Biersdorfer. 1: by Lange. 1; by Keeley, 1.
Stolen buses: Palton. Welch (2). Pendry
(2). Hits- Off McOreror. 6 In six and one
third Innintrn; off Hlerpdnrter. 2 In two
innings. Sacrifice hits: Palton. Colllgan,
Bader, William i2i, Mi-Manm. McGregor,
Biersdorfer, Pendry. Welch. Kane, Schlpke.
Time: 2:15. 1'mplre- Glenalvln. Attend
ance, "SO.
Fans Object to Close Decision and
Chase 1'mplre to Clabhoaae.
LINCOLN. Aug. 2 -Kloux City bagged an
eleven-inning came from Lincoln today by
a 4 to 3 score. The Links both outbatted
and outflelded the Champions, but were
nosed out at the wire. McCafferty pitched
a stronx! until the ninth Inning, when
Andreas ind Towne Mere passed to first
with two - out. Welch lifted a high fly
to Green, who lost It In the wind and let
It go for a three-bagger. The tying runs
scored on the plav. Edmondson's two
sacked and Welch's hot single to center
sent the winning run to the plate. Ho
grolver made a dash for home on a steal
in the tenth Inning. Towne Jumped a yard
in front of the plate, took Frora'.i pitched
ball and tagged the runner. Manager Fox
claimed tho run should score on Interfer
ence with the batsman, but Clarke ruled
again against Lincoln. Fox then protested
the game, filing written notice with the
umpire. After tho game a crowd of 300
fans pelted Clarke with cushions and
chased him Into the club houso. where he
was protected from violence by the Lincoln
players. Score:
AB. R. H. PO. A. E
Hosreiver. 3b 8 0 116 1
Gaunter, ss 6 114 7 0
Waldron. If 6 0 2 5 0 0
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Standing of the Team. (
W.L Pct ! W L Pet.
PI' ux Cltv....K 36 fil Minneapolis . 69 4S .5M
Pes Moines 62 38 . 6T8 Milwaukee ...60 4J.M
Omaha 51 40 .61! Louisville M M .623
Penver 44 43 .fA) Columbus ....63 64 4
Wichita 47 41 St. Paul 62 62 BO
Topeka 42 44 .177, Kansas City. . 49 M 40
Pueblo 66 SW Toledo 49 66 .47
Lincoln 84 .110) Indianapolis. .47 61 .4.
W.LPct.i W L Pet.
Pittsburg . . . .64 1" .719i Detroit M 83
Chicago MM .MI Philadelphia.. .6 S .60
New York....Cl S3 BlBoeton 64 48.567
Onclnnatl ... 46 .rW Cleveland ....49 44.62T
Philadelphia. .40 f .4441 Chicago 48 i .611
Pt. Louis WM.a'New York. . . .42 61 4f.2
Brooklyn . . . .83 67 .87; 8t. Louis 40 68 . 430
Boston 26 H6 .261 Washington.. .24 68 .2iT
Western League Omana at Des Moines.
Sioux City at Lincoln, Denver at Pueblo,
Topeka at Wichita.
American Association St. Paul at Colum
bus. Kansas City at Indianapolis, Milwau
kee at Toledo, Minneapolis at Louisville.
National League Boston at Chicago,
Brooklyn at Pittsburg. New York at Cin
cinnati. Philadelphia at St. Louis.
American League Chicago at Philadel
phia. St. Louis at New Tork. Petrolt at
Boston, Cleveland at Washington.
Thomas, lb...
Davidson, of.,
Green, rf
Jones, 2b...u.
Fox, 2b
Sullivan, a....
i : .
Mason, o...
.. 1
McCafferty, p......... 4
Totals ..44 8 13
AB. R. H.
Campbell, If 6 0 1
Hunter, lb 4 0 0
Smith, ss.. ............. 4 0 0
Andreas, 2b 4 10
Towne, o 4 10
Edmondson, cf... 6 12
Welch, 3b, ............ 5 0 1
StovaJl, rf t 1
From, p.. 4 11
83 21
PO. A. K.
2 0 0
Totals 88 4 2 83 12 2
Lincoln 1 200000000 08
Sioux City 0 000010020 1-4
Three base hit: Welch. Two base hits:
Thomas. Green (Z), Edmondson. Double
play: Welch to Hunter. Stolen bases:
Davidson, Thomas, 8ulltan. Struck out:
By McCafferty, 2; by From, 6. Bases on
balls: Off McCafferty, 2; off From, 6.
Hit with pitched ball: By McCafferty, 1;
by From, 1. Wild pltcheet McCafferty,
From 2i. Left on bases: Lincoln, IB;
Sioux City, 6. Time: 2:16. Umpire: Clark.
Eighteen Rita Off Wrlarht ReaaU la
Fourteen Hast,
WICHITA. Aug. 2.-The Jobbers treated
R&sty Wright shamefully today, pounding
his offerings for eighteen hits and fourteen
runs, while the visitors gathered but four
runs off Brennan. Brennan pitched an
other easy game, lobbing the ball over In
a careless manner, depending upon his
teammates to keep him out of trouble.
They did. In all bat two Innings, when
Downie and Fenlon each secured a home
run, with one on base. Score:
AB. R. H. O. A. K.
.. 6 3 2 200
Cole, cf ..
White, ss
Hughes, 2b
Pennell, lb
Westersll. Sb
Mlddleton, If
Pettigrew, rf
Weaver, c
Armstrong, e
Brennan. p
41 14 18 V 11 2
AB. R. H. O. A. E
Wooley. cf..
Geier, rf....
Kunkle, 8b..
Fenlon, If...
Kahl. 2b....
Kerns, c...
Abbott, lb..
Downie, ss.
Wright, p...
Totals 38 4 10 24 14 4
Batted for Wright In the ninth.
Wichita 40012340 14
TopQka 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 04
Struck out: By Brennan, 2; by Wright, 2.
First base on balls: Off Wright, 2. Hit
with pitched ball: By Wright, Pennell,
Westersll. Wild pitch: Wright. Double
play: Pettigrew to White. Two-base hits:
Pennell, Westersll, Mlddleton. Pettigrew,
Fenlon. Three-base hit: Westersll. Home
runs: Cole, Fenlon, Downie. Left on
bases: Wichita, 7; Topeka, 6. Time: 1:40.
Umpire: Haskell. Attendance, 600.
I.ocke PI tehee Shatont Ball, But Er
rors Let la One Rnn.
PUEBLO, Colo, Aug. 2 Locke pitched
shut-out ball today and, although a change
lineup plied up five errors behind him,
Denver never had a chance. Olmstead waa
given one of the worst beatings of the
season, twelve hits, many of them being
for extra bases, being secured. Denver
st-cuied the first tally in the second on
two errors and after that they were held
safe, two faBt double plays aiding Locke.
Two catches of line drives off Jones' bat
by Prltchett, one of them being con
verted into a double, being the feature
of the game. Score:
AB, R. H. O. A. E.
Maag. Sb 2 0 0 14 0
Helden, If 3,0 0 2 0 0
Cassady, rf 4 0 2 0 0 0
Jones, cf 4 t 0 3 0 0
Lindsay, lb 4 0 1 9 1 0
Stankard. 2b 4 0 0 8 3 0
Hartman, ss 4 0 113 0
Haas, c 2 0 1 3 0 0
Olmstead. p 3 0 0 0 2 1
Haley 1 0 0 0 - 0 0
-Honannon l o 0 0 0 v
32 1
AB. R.
Curtis. If...
Spencer, cf..
Clark, lb
Miller, rf...
Mine, ss
Walters. 2b..
Pritchett, 3b.
Welgdelt, c.
Locke, p
Totals 82 6 12 23 18 t
Batted for Haas In ninth and Olmstead
out bunting third strike.
Batted for Olmstead In ninth.
Dener 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Pueblo 0 0 0 2 1 0 2 0 (
Stolen bases: Jones. Hartman. Clark.
Two-base hits: Cassady, Locke, Pritchett.
Clark. Three-baae hits: Clark, Waiters,
Spencer. Double plays: Walters to Clark.
Pritchett to Walters. Left on bases: Den
er. I; Pueblo, 7. Sacrifice hits: Mttse,
Pritchett. Struck out: By Olmstead, 3: by
Locke, 3. Babes on bails: Off Olmstead, 2,
off Locke. 3. Time: 1:46. Attendance: 600.
Umpire: Mullen.
Towasends Win Game.
The Townsend Gun company team added
another victory to their list yesterday
afternoon at Vinton atreet park, when they
defeated the L.-G.-A. Originals by the
St ore of 14 to S. Score RH E
Townsends ...0 0206100 114 16 2
L.-G -A.a 200210000-171
Batteries: Townsends. Hamilton and
Cavanaugh; L. -G.-A.'s. Fahey, Lynch and
Haatiaajs Blanks Red flond.
HASTINGS. Neb.. Aug. 2. (Special Tele
gram.) Hastings took the first of a as.
ries of three games with a srore of 3 to 0
today. Three singles in one Inning, a man
L. , 4 , I .T
ii I v inv nror av 1 1 i u i a runs.
Hits: Hastings, t: Red Cloud. 1 Errors:
Hastings, 0: Red Cloud. 4- Batteries: CI egg
and Carroll, Red Cloud; Rltsman and
benoonover. Hastings.
- j .
Rash for Sen Getsaes.
Interest Is being worked up In the series
with Sioux City, which opens In Omaha
Sunday at Vtnton park. Many fans are se
curing boxes ahead to Insure seats, and
the 'ud any Packing company has bought
eighteen boxes, with six seats to the box
fur the game Sundaj
Funeral of Base Ball Maemate Held
at Louisville.
erretarr of National League la Pro
mated to Be Its President
Many Oamee are Post
poaed for Faneral.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Aug. t-The body of
Carry Clay Pulliam. late president of the
National league, was brought back this
afternoon to Louisville, the city he callel
"home" and from which he departed twelve
years ago to begin the rapid climb which
landed him at the top In the base ball
world. The body arrived In Louisville
shortly after 11 o'clock In charge of Mr.
Pulliam's brother-in-law. C. W. Cain of
Nashville; John Heydler, Mr. Pulliam's
dose friend and acting president of the
National league and a guard of honor com
poeed of club owners and men Influential
In the affairs of the American and Na
tional leeLguea, the American association
and other base ball organization. The
coffin was taken to the chapel of an under
taking establishment, there to be viewed
by a great number of friends.
Among the honorary pallbearers were
B. B. Johnson, president of the American
league; John A. Heydler, secretary of the
National league; John E. Bruce, secretary
of the National base ball commission;
President Dreyfuss of the Pittsburg club,
President Stanley Roblson of the St. Louis
club. President John Dovey of the Boston
club. President Ebbetts of the Brooklyn
club, President William Shettsllne of the
Philadelphia club and a number of men
prominent In Louisville affairs.
It was a day of half-masted flags and
deserted grounds In memory of Mr. Pul
liam In the more important cities where
the national game Is known. The Southern
league carried Its flags half furled and
President Kavanaugh requested that
no games be played.
Instead magnates, players and friends of
Mr. Pulliam gathered at his grave.
Heydler Succeeds Pulliam.
LOUISVILLE. Ky.. Aug. 2. Not more
than an hour after Harry C. Pulliam, lata
president of the National league, had been
burled in Cave Hill cemetery, this city,
John Heydler of Cincinnati, secretary of
the league, had been chosen president In
his place, at a special meeting of the di
rectors. There was some feeling, of which Presi
dent Charles W. Murphy of the Chicago
team was spokesman, that It was Indeli
cate to name Mr. Pulliam's successor at
this time, but the league's Immediate
need of a qualified head was such that
the directors decided upon an Immediate
Besides electing Mr. Heydler, who Is to
fill Mr. Pulliam's unexpired term, the di
rectors concerned themselves only with
paying tribute to Mr. Pulliam. They desig
nated the remainder of his salary as presi
dent during 1909 to his estate, and they
appointed Garry Herrmann of Cincinnati,
Barney Dreyfus of Pittsburg and C. W.
Murphy as a committee to select and have
erected In Cave Hill a monument to Pul
liam. ,
In addition to this they provided that
the players In the National league shall
wear crepe for thirty days. The meeting
was attended by four of the five league
directors Murphy, Dreyfus. Ebbets of
Brooklyn and John Dovey of Boston. Garry
Herrmann, the absentee, will reach Cin
cinnati tomorrow from the west.
President Hcydler's Career.
NEW YORK, Aug. 2. John Arnold
Heydler, the new 'president of the National
league, has been Its secretary since 1902.
He was bom In La Fargeville, N. T., on
July 10, 1869. He learned the printing trade
In Rochester and later went to Washing
ton, where ne was employed by the govern
ment. For three years Mr. Heydler waa one of
the substitute umpires of the National
league. While sporting editor of a Wash
ington paper he helped the American
league gain a foothold In that city. He
Is universally popular with club owners,
managers and players.
Respect for Pollara.
Bat and ball were laid aside by thirty
professional base ball clubs today out of
respect to the memory of Harry C. Pul
liam, president of the National league, who
was buried at Louisville, Ky., this after
nonn. This Is the first time in base ball
history, it is said, that all clubs of the
National and American leagues simultan
eously refrained from their sport.
The New York State league was the only
minor organization to call all of Its games,
but two games of the Eastern league,
those at Rochester and Buffalo, were post
Kansas City Defeats Indianapolis By
Score of 8 to 2.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.. Aug. 2-The visi
tors were unable to do anything with
Slagel in the ninth, when two triples, a
double, an out at first and a aqueese play
gave Kansas City three runs and another
I viciury over Indianapolis, score:
B H.O.A.E. B.H.O.A.C.
Shannon, of., t 0 I Orhadb'rna. II 4 ft 0 0 0
8h. ia 4 1 3 4 OHtyden. rf...4 110 0
Bfklay. lb. 4 0 11 I I Smith, cf 4 I 0 6
lltllman. rl..4 10 0 orrr. lb I 1 1 0
LK"a. If I 3 3 0 OBurk. 3b.... 4 0 0 3 1
HMMng. 3b... I 1 1 3 lHowler. e.... 3 3 3 1 0
Bolra. lb 0 0 0 0 Ownilitna. 3b. I 0 3 4 0
Braahear, 2b. 1 1 4 3 0 Hopita, M ...3 13 11
SuMWan. C...I 0 4 3 lSlagia. p 3 0 0 0
fwann, p 4 3 0 4 OGraham. p ... 0 0 0 1 0
Toiala. 33 fit u 4 Totala 7a 14 3
Chadbourne out, hit by batted ball.
Hewing out on bunt strike.
Indianapolla 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 03
Kansas City 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 88
Two-base hits: Hetling. Three-base hits:
Mailman. Love. Struck out: By clagle, 2;
Swann, 1. Stolen bases: Howley, Burke,
Swann. Double play; Carr. unassisted.
Hits: Off Slagle. 7 In 8 1-8 Innings. Bases
on balls: Off Slagle. 8. Sacrifice hits:
V-arr' B"rke' S1le. Sullivan. Umpire:
King. Time: 1:40.
, Milwaakee Shots Oat Toledo,
TOLEDO, O., Aug 2 -One hit. a sacrifice
and an error gave Milwaukee a run in the
first, the only one scored during the
same. Score:
trunk. ef ....4 1 3 McCthr. cfJb 0 3 10
B,rr. " 3 0 1 0 Smoot. rf-cf.. 4 0 3 0 0
McOann. lb . 4 0 li 0 Fraaman, lb . 3 1 11 0 1
Randail. rf... 4 1 1 0 Hickman, if . 4 1 o
'' ennBian, xb I 0 3 3 0
Robtnaon. aa. 3 3 3 0 Abbott, c 3 0 4 3 0
Mdtorm'k. 3k 3 1 1 ( OEIwart. 3b . ..3 10 3 1
Wamar. a.... I 0 3 1 1 Ln4. rf 3 0 0 0 0
Mctilyna. p .. 3 0 i ILrnch. aa....3 0 3 3 1
Owan, p. .1 10 3a
Totala. H UU I - JJ
TsiaJa II n U I
Z, do . 9 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Milwaukee i 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
hlTWO"aM hlU; Hickman. Three-base
hits. Elwerth. Left on bases: Toledo 8
Milwaukee, (. Double plays: Clark Mc
cormick and McGann. Bases on balls
Owen, I; McGlynn. . Sacrifice hits:'
rreeman. Warner, Barry. Stolen bases
Hlnchman, Freeman. Clark. Btruck out
"V", Time: 150. Umpires: Sullivan
and Guthrie.
St. Panl Wins In Tenth.
COLUMBUS, Aug. 8.-81. Paul put Co
lumbus out of the first division by win
ning a ten-lnnlng game, T to 1 Each error
of commlsalon by the home players was
costly. The deciding run was scored on
Murray's hit, Geyer's wild throw to second
and an ootfield fly on which Kruger se
cured a double play at first. Empire
Hayes ruled that Murray crossed the pla'e
before the third eut was made. Lelse kap
the score from being tied In the teulh by
sn ankle-high catch of Congalton's drive.
ST. ftll. rOLlMBt'S.
B H OA B HO A. 5
t-elaa. If I I o no gniirka. lb I I I I I
r't rf I 1 1 onarkti. If .... I 1 ) 0
Armb atar. 16 1 14 0Krur, tf . . I 3 1
Murray, rf . . t 1 1 0 0Jime, r 4 3 I 1 9
O Brian. Sb .. 4 0 1 0 OnoriMlton. rf 4 3 3 0 (I
Bu-hr, aa . 4 2 I 3 Indwell, lb .. .4 I It I I
Wrl(lr. Sb . I 3 0 I OMoriarltr. alt I I 1
Carlach. c ... 3 I T 1 Orrlel. lb 4 13 8 1
P-'an. p 10 14 OGejer. p I 1 I
Oahrlrn .... 1004
Laror, p 1 0 0 10 Totals ....41 14 30 It 4
Totala X 11 Jn la 1
Batted for Ryan In sixth.
Columbus 0 2 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 00
St. Paul 0 0 1 1 1 3 0 0 0 1-7
Stolen bases: Clarke. Llese. Boucher.
Saorlflce hits: Kruger. Congalton, Wrtglev.
Carlsch. Bsses on balls: Off Oeyer, 8: off
Ryan, 2: off Leroy, 4. Two-base hits:
Clarke, James, Boucher, Carlsch. Three
base hit: O'Rourke. I'ouble play: Kruger
to Odweli. Struck out: By tieyer. ; bv
Ryan, 1; by Lerov, 6. Hits: Off Ryan,
In five innings; off Leroy, 6 In five in
nings. Time: 2:83. Umpire: Hayes.
Protest Awards
in Gliddcn Tour
Rival Concerns Assert Pierce-Arrow
Can Were Not Penalized
for Fault.
BUFFALO, N. T., Aug. 2. Protests have
been filed with Chairman Hower by repre
sentatives of the Premier Motorcar com
pany and the Mollne Motorcar company
against the award of first prises In the
GUdden tour to two Plerce-Arrow cars.
The protests are based on allegations
that the Plerce-Arrow cars were not pen
alized for tha absence of rear lamps.
Based on Dee laloa Which Caaeed
Mobbing of Umpire.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Aug. 2-Manager
Chlvlngton of the Louisville club has pro
tested the second game of yesterday's
double-header won by Minneapolis. The
protest Is based on a decision by Umpire
Conahan, which angered several thousand
fans to a degree that required twenty-five
policemen to protect Conahan and his col
league, Umpire Owens, as they walked off
the field. Hughes and Packard had crossed
the plate while Dunleavy waa running out
a slow infield hit. First Baseman Gill of
Minneapolis reached for the throw, which
was wide, and the ball In the mlxup rolled
Into the field. Conahan called Dunleavy
safe, but ordered Hughes and Packard back
to bases, claiming Dunleavy had Interfered
with the ball.
lamas Announces Trade for Maaree
Will Mot Re Made.
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 2.-Felix Isman
today announced the failure of the deal
whereby the Philadelphia National league
base ball club was to get Mike Donlln from
the New York Nationals In exchange for
Outfielder Magee of the local club.
Mr. Isman announced that he had decided
not to enter his option for the purchase
of an Interest In the club. He said:
"My principal Idea was to have Mike
Donlln as captain, manager and player.
This Included the deposing of Mr. Murray
as manager. The other owners could not
see the matter In this light and this after
noon I notified the parties to the negotia
tions that I would not buy the stock."'
Batting Rally Wins Game far the
Deoatnr Team.
BLOOMINGTON, III., Aug. 2-Decatur
won from Bloomtngton, 4 to 3 today, on a
batting rally In the seventh, when four
runs were made. Score: R.H.E.
bloomtngton ...2 0001 000 08 7 1
Decatur :,,0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 04 6 2
Batteries: favfdson and Smith; Jacobsan
and McN'amara. v
DAVENPORT, la.. Aug. 2. Two passes,
a sacrifice and two singles netted Rock
Island three runs In the first inning and
gave them the game. Score: R.H.E.
Davenport 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 02 6 3
Rock Island ....3 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 462
Batteries: Fleet and Edwards; Wilson
snd Starke.
Thorpe Leads the Way.
Charles Thorpe, the former Jockey,
showed a clean pair of heels to the shoot
ers at Townsend park Sunday afternoon,
carrying off the honors and money by a
score of 94. while George Rogers, his near
est competitor, broke but 90 out of 100. The
scores were!
Thorps 24 24 22 2494
Parker 19 21 22 1S-1
Rogers 23 32 32 350
Townsend 26 20 22 20 37
Griffen 20 2 3 22 2-
Nichols 22 20 20 21 S3
Karsch 20 21 20 1879
Hove 21 22 20 21 4
VM-ite 22 20 19 21 S3
Eaton 22 23 21 22 88
Oiacomlnl 20 22 19 21 M
"ght 14 21 20 21-
Frye , 21 2380
Omaha Team Beats Hooper.
HOOPER, Neb., Aug. 2 (Speclal.)-In
poorly played -game of ball here yesterday
tne Royal Achates team of Omaha won
from the local boys by a score of 0 to (.
The Omaha team won mainly through their
superior stick work, mingled with errors.
Score: R.H.R.
Achates 1 2 0 A 8 2 0 0 0 9 12 4
Hooper O00400OOS RS
Batteries: Achates. Adams and Kennedy:
Hooper, Meier and Jensen. Two-base hits:
Craig, Tompsett (2). Brown, BurgharAI.
Parkert. Home run: Basler. First base
on balls: Off Adams. 6; off Meirr, 1.
Struck out: By Adams. 8; by Meier, 5.
Double play: Saup to Baker. Hit with
pitched ball: By Adams, 1. Time: 1;M.
Umpire: Robertson.
Valentine Defeats Cmwfar.
V AT 1TVTI VP V.t. A .. ,p i.l !.,..
gram). Crawford played their second game
wane umn vim .limine nrrf loasy ana
mt a It'nr,. A mf ma t than m.Aar . I.
SCure belnir k In I firnr' ' D u
Valentine T .0 0 8 0 2 0 0 0 3 4
t-rawiura 0 1 0 0 0 I 1 0 03 3
uatteries: Valentine. Sharpnack and Cox;
, .. 1 I J . n .
. c uiann, reus ana riurns. airucK
vu, . ciiiipntcK, v, mann, ti; cress, n. em
pire: Dr. Koyee; Time: 1:80. Good crowd.
Seward Defeats Snperlor.
SEWARD. Neb.. Aug. I tSneeial Tele.
gram., In one of the best games of the
xrasun newara won from Superior todav.
Howard 0 1 0 0 0 2 2 0 5
Superior 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 S 8
Uatteries: Seward. Stewart and Ling; Su
perior, Wllford and Depew. Struck out,
Stewart. 6: Wllford Threa-h ki
Neff and Herrlll. Two-base hits, Klaxel!
Sime teams play Tuesday and Wednes
day. Red Cross Easy for Friend.
(i HIT1 TGT A X'T V.k A... a , e- . N
Telegram.) Friend played all around Rd
iuuij, tactile: n.
X 0 4 1 0 2 2 0 T 18
Red Cross 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 03
Batteries, Friend, Morse and Lucas;
Ite1 ('mm T n . . A CHn. T .
and elevn. Hits, seventeen and five.
W'laaer Wins and Loses,
WISNER. Neb.. Aug. 2 -(Special.) Two
games were played on the home grounds
yesterday by the local team, one with
W'est Point and one with the Little MIs
sourians. a colored bunch, Wlsner winning
the first and losing the second game. The
scores, respectively, were 7 to and to 6.
Berate Win a Game.
The Berg Clothing Company defeated the
Rlvervlews , Sunday by a score of 4 to 3.
Huntsinger's pitching continues to be tha
feature, only allowing two hits to he mare.
Ihe Bergs aie looking for out-of-ton
games, one for next Sunday being espe
cially desirable Address Glen Rogers, t.04
Maple street, Omaha 'Phone Webster 2972.
Anbnrn Defeats Atralson.
ATCHISON. Kan., Aug. 2 (Special. )
Auburn won from the lmals here Sundtv
in a fast and exciting game. Kratzberg
for Auburn allowed only three hits an. I
struck out twelve men. Batteries: Kratx
hers and Rnnh..vr: Reynolds and Cope- I
land. I
Jamei R. Keene'i Horse Comei Out
Firit at Saratoga.
Open Ins; of Midsummer Meeting; l
Attended By Large Crowd
Oral Bettlnat la Only Kind
SARATOGA, N. Y.. Aug 2 -James R
Keene's Affliction, played from 16 to 1 to
8 to 1. won the Saratoga handicap, one
mils and a quarter, the opening of the
Saratoga meeting today. The victory was
anticipated by the betting on the Keene
filly and under a hustling ride of E. Mar
tin she managed to stagger home a winner.
The meeting opened under favorable con
ditions. The crowd numbered 8.000 per
son, much above expectations for a Mon
day. The Saratoga handicap, the feature, drew
out a poor lot of horses. There were two
withdrawals and King's Daughter was
added. She opened at 8 to L but was
quickly played down to 18 to B, while the
insiders from the Keene atsble managed
to get blK odds against Affliction. Ala
bama went back to 4 to 1. The start was
good, with Maltble the first to show. Go
ing around the first turn Affliction raced
into the lead, followed by King's Daugh
ter. The latter dashed In the lead In the
ruu down the back stretch. She set a fast
pace and took a two lengths lead. At the
far turn she still led by two lengths but
Martin pulled her over to the rail and, sav
ing many lengths, managed to get an even
turn with the leaders In the stretch.
King's Daughter began to tire and Afflic
tion, running strong, outgamed her and
won by three-quarters of a length, King's
Daughter second and Olsmbala third.
Waldo, the favorite, won the $1,200 Flash
The Saratoga association has put racing
within reach of all by opening the $1 field
stands. The field was closed last year On
all tracks, and also this year at the metro
politan tracks. There was betting In the
field enclosure, but only oral bets were ac
cepted. Summaries:
First race, selling, six furlongs. 2400
added: Tim Pippin (123, Grand. 8 to 5)
won. Ruble (M, Leach, 8 to 1) second,
George W. LeBolt (M. Garner. 4 to 1) third.
Time: l:13Vb- Sandpiper Tete, Sundance,
Descomnets, Lily Pad, Personal, Bird of
Flight II and Quantloo also ran.
Second race, selling, steeplechase, about
two miles. 8400 added: Byzantlna (148, Ray,
4 to 1) won, Marksman (114, Simpson, 4 to
6) second, Gtandpa (148. Sampson, 11 to 6)
third. Time: 4:32. Malacca fell. Grandpa
lost rider, but was remounted and finished
Third race, the Flash stakes, value t.V0,
five and a half furlongs: Waldo (122. Mc
Carthy, 7 to 6) won. Fauntleroy (112, Page,
12 to 1) second. Amelia Jenks (109, Butwell,
Z to 1) third. Time: 1:07. Rocky O'Brien,
Medallion, Shannon, Dslhousle and Her
kimer also ran.
Fourth race, the Saratoga handicap,
guaranteed gross value 86,000. one mile and
a quarter Affliction (0. Martin, I to II
won. King's Daughter (101. Taplln, 13 to 6
second, Olambala (116. Nicoll, 4 to 1) third.
Time: 2:06. Maltble, Bouquet, Lady Bed
ford and Petticoat also ran. King's Daugh
ter added starter.
Fifth race, selling, $600 added, one mile:
Masuma (103. Musgrave, S to 1) won. Imi
tator (101, Grand, 8 to 1) second, Blackford
(88, Glass. 6 to 1) third. Time: 1:40. John
Carroll, Eybright, King Sol, Campaigner,
Right Guard, Escutcheon and Dark Night
also ran.
Sixth race, $400 added, five and a half
furlongs: Barley Thorpe (112, Taplln, 8 to
6) won, Ben Loyal (112, Butwell. 8 to 1)
second, Eddie Dugan (112, Powers, 4 to' 1)
third. Time: 1:074. Barron Dieskau, Cap
tain Swanson, Odd Rose, Bishop, Mazarln,
Danfleld, Judge Leasing. Lorlmer and Ollva
also ran.
Results at Windsor.
First race, five and one-half furlongs,
?urse $400, for 2-year-olds: Inflection (102,
. Reed, 9 to 2) won, Lotta Creed (101,
Ross, 10 to If second. Scruples, (101, G.
Burns. 7 to 1) third. Time: 1 :07V4. Omlcron.
Jackstraw, Slmonette, Plnkard. La Veno,
inm ueacnev. rear ivaugnt ii ana Ual
lant Pirate also ran.
Second race, about two miles, purse $500,
steeplechase for 4-year-olds and up: The
Poet (143, Pollok, even) won, John Dillon
(148, McKinney, 12 to 6) second, Class Lead
er (148, Wickllne, S to 1) third. Time: 4:43.
Huddy, Gipsano and Bell The Cat also
Third race, one mile, purse $.rO0. for 3-year-olds
and uo: First Premium (WK.
Howard. 1 to 6) won. John A. (97. Hufnaele,
S to 1 second. Palemon G07,. Kennedy. 30
to 1) third. Time: 1:394. Pr. Waldo Brlggs
also ran. Cave Adsum bled and Hyperion
I was pulled up.
Fourth race, five furlongs, purse $400,
for maiden 2-year-olds, fillies: Patsalaga
(108, J. Howard, 6 to 2) won, English Es
ther (108, J. Reld, 10 to 1) second,
Grace Dion (10S, Mclntyre, 16 to 1) third.
Time: 1:02. Tortuous Lady Wells. Delf,
Lady Melter. Amanda Lee, Kyle and Polly
Lee also ran.
Fifth race, selling, horses and geldings,
3-year-olds and up. five and one-half fur
longs: Strike Out (101, Ross, 5 to I, 4 to 6.
2 to 5) won. Security (99, Reld, t to 1, 2 to
1 and even) second, Woodlands (106, J.
Lee. 8 to 1. 8 to 6 and 3 to 6 third. Time:
1:08H. Ned Carmack. Brown Tonv, Odin,
Croydon, Luckola, Tropaganlst, Mapleton,
Running Account and Youthful also ran.
Sixth race, five and one-half furlongs,
selling: Coney K (10 to 1) won. Selwlk
(betting later) second. Edgeley (5 to 20,
show third. Time: 1:06.
Seventh race, mile and one-half: Flora
Rllot (6 to 7) won, Doubt ( to 6. place)
second, Malediction (g to 1, show) third.
Time: 2:33V
Emperor Wlllams Boat Awarded
Prise In Regatta.
COWES, Aug. 2. Regatta week at Cowes
opened today under promising auspices
The competition of Emperor William's new
Meteor, King Alfonso's Hlspana and other
German. Spanish and French yachts gave
an International flavor to the racing. The
principal race of the day waa for big boats
over a course of fifty miles. The Meteor
and the Germanta were the scratch yachts.
The Germanla finished first, but It crossed
on the wrong side of the finish line and
the prlie of $300 was swarded to the Meteor.
Backer of Colored Fighter Pnta t'p
fS.OOO for Principal.
CHICAGO. Aug. 2 George Lytle backer
of Jack Johnson, today posted $5,000 forfeit
with a local sporting writer to cover a sum
already put up hy James J. Jeffries as a
preliminary to a championship ring battle
between Jeffries snd the colored man.
Miller Park Golfers.
Miller park golfers have finished their
second round of the monthly competition
on the public links at Miller park. The
results of the mate hea were:
Miller park, second round monthly com
petition: Shearer beat Allen.
Hume beat Brown.
Wilson beat McClure.
C. Donley default from Davidson.
Vette beat Babrork,
Sehumacker beat Turney.
Townsend beat Reanchamp.
Isltt beat Ellis.
F. A Andersen beat Peters.
Gilliaple beat S. C. Brown.
H. W. Andeen from Kelsey by default.
Merrlam beat Reed
Tracy beat G. R. Andersen.
Bothwell beat Murray
Wllmeth'beat MrCiune.
IteaaKa at Rlpnn.
RIPON. St. Alfrled. Knrland. Auw
The Green 2-vesr-o'd plate of ion
--. six furlongs was won irvtav
by "S. S."
Races at at-rinwn Park.
SAN DOWN PARK. " d. Aug 3
The paddotk 2- rsr-old ssaejjf, plate of ISO
sovereigns, distance five furlongs, was won
todav hy Rroad. The holldav )-vear-old
Makes of 400 sovereigns, distance five fur
longs, was won today bv Mount Felix The
i.ubbock handicap of T sovereigns! for
. year-olds and upwards, distance five' fur
longs, was won by Viscount.
What's in a Name?
Bill Anderson
Gives the Answer
Veteran Hotel Clerk Puta One Over on
His Old Friend, Bill
Colonel William Anderson, chief clerk of
the Rome hotel, at your service, sah.
This Is ths way be Is known to the
traveling public, but to those who know
him best, and by that token necessarily
love him most, he Is plain "Bill" Ander
son and so he will remain to the end of
the chapter.
Know all men also that Bill Is a person
of some years and wide, broad and deep
experience In the ways of the world and
although anything but garrulous ha can.
w hen so minded, a tale unfold whleh would
do credit to any old salt that ever sailed
the Spanish main.
One day when business was slsck BUI
leaned over the counter, elbows on the
hotel register and In a confidential tone
relieved himself of the following yarn. He
says, says Bill:
It was thirty years ago. I has already
been cruising some and had signed articles
from several ports when finally I landed
a berth as first mate of a seaworthy old
craft at Des Moines.
"One night we was beating along on a
light breese with a fair spread of can
vass and everything was going so smooth
that even the lookout was sleepy, when
suddenly there came a call of passengers at
the gangway. I kicked up the cabin boy,
sends him for the luggage and into the
purser's office there comes four as likely
looking land lubbers as you would see In a
month's sailing.
"They walks over to sign up In the log
book and the first one takes the quill and
writes, 'J. R. Buchanan, New York.' The
second man steps up, looks at the other
name a little surprised and writes, 'J. L.
Buchanan, Chicago.'
"The third party takes his place, reads
the other names and says, says he, 'Is
this a Joke or a coincidence?" Neither,
says I, It's Just happened that way. No. S
takes the writing Iron and signs himself,
'J. R. Buchanan, New York.' At that I
rubs my own eyes and begins to feel
creepy, but I waits for No. 4 who comes
up. looks at the other names and his eyes
bulge. "I don't believe It,' says he, but he
takes the pen and writes his name and
what do you think It was, J. L. Buchanan,
"And if this Is not true." says BUI, "I
hope Davy Jones gets me this night." No
body said a word and the silence got on
Bill's nerves.
"Here, you hearties." roars Bill, "If you
don't believe It, one of those four men is
living In Omaha today and remembers It."
But the silence was unbroken, save by an
occasional bark from the dog watch.
Henry Tmffle to the West Imposes
BlaT Task on the Pnklle
Western railroads are preparing for a
big lush of business through this gateway
the lat,tr part of the week because of
the Grand Army of the Republic encamp
ment at Salt Lake City.
The Burlington Is preparing to run its
afternoon trains Friday and Saturday In
several sections to be able to handle the
business. A special train of nine cars will
haul the South Dakota delegation leaving
Omaha Friday night at 11:60 over the Bur
lington and Denver & Rio Grande. Two
special cars from central Iowa will leavi- I
Omaha on the Burlington at I 10 p. m
Friday nnd beyond Denver will use th
Colorado Midland.
Tha Burlington Is the official route for
the old soldiers from the South Platte
country and a special train of ten cars will
leave Omaha Saturday afternoon at 4 -10.
This train will pick up delegations at all
Junction points and all stations along the
way snd will be transferred to the Denver
R!o Grande at Denver.
A special train for the Missouri delega
tion will run over tha Burlington through
PI. Joseph, but will not pass through
Omaha. A special train of the Indiana
delegation will use the Burlington from
Chicago to Omaha and the Union Pacific
will handle the special to Salt Lake City.
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that by using The Bee advertising columns.
o A
Not only Its proven ability to curs, but its absolute Safety at a remedy,
has made 8. S. 8. the most extensively used of ail medicines in ths treat
ment of Contagious Blood Poison. Unlike the strong mineral mlxW.
which temporarily remove the outward symptoms and shut the disease up
In the system, there to carry on Its destructive work on the delicate and
vital organs, 8. S. S. strikes directly at the root, and by purifying the blood
2 e1 t?c of. the virus' comPltly nd permanently cures the trouble.
B.s.s. is Naturo's blood purifier, harmless In Its action and oertain la Its '
good results. It is made from a combination of roots and herbs, eaoh at
which has a definite and specific action in purifying the blood. Years were
spent In selecting and proportioning the different Ingredients, bat when
B. S. B. was perfected it soon demonstrated Its superiority over ail other
uiuuu medicines, ana now, auer 40 years, It Is still the one and only certain
cure for Oontaglous Blood Poison. While driving out the poison from tha
circulation S. S. 8. builds up and strengthens the system by its fine vegetable
tonic effects. If you are suffering with Contagious Blood Polsoa 8. 8. 8. Is
your most certain reliance, and because of its freedom from mercury,
potash or any other mineral, it is absolutely safe for every one. Home
treatment book with valuable suggestions and any medical advice sent free
to au who write. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAUTaY, CA.
Chestnut Pacer Takes Feature Event,
at Kalamazoo.
saaBBsasssanBSas '
Mar K., Taken the SiSO Par ia
train tit Heats After Making;
Bad Break la Final
Round. , (
KALAMAZOO. Mich.. Aug. 1-Three hard
fought races featured the opening of ths
grand circuit races cn a track that was
slow from the raJn early this morning.
Two favorites were beaten, tha winners
of these events hardly being suspected of
having enough ability to win from such
The S: pacing stake, which looked. like
a gift to the blind Hal Raven, waa Won
by Baton Whips in straight heats. Hal
Raven led to ths three-quarters In the
first heat and then refused to respond to a
drive, being unable to paoa fast on buiJ
a track. "
After that Hal Raven did nettei rnrt
she could sot endanger ths lead of Baron
Five heats were required In tha :11 trot.
In which Inner Guard was choice. Peter
Balta won the first one In the stretch,
Bell Bird won the second by Inches from
Nancy Royoe and Nancy took the third and
fourth. In the fifth Nancy tired in the
last part and Peter Balta again landed In
a drive with Inner Guard. This gave Peter
Balta first money, as hs stands best In
the summary.
Lady Jones had all she wanted to heat
Carlokln In tha 2:08 trot. Carlokln hroke
In the stretch in three of ths heats and
Lady Jones best him through his mistakes,
although she hroke In the second heat.
Mary K. had no trouble In the l pace,
even making a bad break In the last heat,
and then comlng In and winning. Hum
merles; 2:11 trot, purse $1,000
Peter Balta. br. g. (Snow)...... 1 421
Nancy Royce, blk. m. (Mc
Carthy) 4 1 1 1 t
Belle Bird, b. m. (McDonald).... 2 16 4 3"
Inner Guard, b. g. (Murphy).... S S 2 K 2
Mae Heart, ch. m. (Hyde) 6 4 8 4
LaBoldue, b. tn. (Sanders) S II 6 6 I
Great Medium, gr. h. (Warner
and McMahon) ? 8 7 dr
Demarest, b. g. (Ross) t i 7 t dr
Just the Thing, . blk. m. (Mc
Mahon) ds
Time: 3:11H. 2 :11V. 8:1.4. I:I0H, 2:K.
2:08 pace, stake 23,000
Baron Wrhlps, ch. g. (Murphy) 1 1 1
Hal Raven, b. m. (Snow) 4 2 2
Governor Searles, br. h. (McMahon) 2 5 4
Gift Line, b. g. (Carter) 3 3 3
Arthur J., b. g. (GeersJ,. B 4 5
Rollins, b. g. (Loomis1).. 7 R
Minnie M.. ch. m. (Hoffman) 7 6 7
Time: 2:8H, 2:0SH. 2:0S4.
IM trot, stake $2,000
Lady Jones, blk. tn. (Murphy) 14 11
Carlokln. br. h. (Durfee) 4 1 8 l
Genteel H.. br. h. (Snow)... 2 2 4
San Francisco, b. h. (Hodges) S 3 2 4
Time: 2:10t4, 2:08. 210H. 2:09.
2:20 pace, stake $1,000. -
Mary K., b. m. (McMahon) 1 1 1
Dan J., b. g. (Colby) 8 2 2
W. D. S., ch. g. (Saunders) 2 8 8
Mabel J., b. g. (Cunningham) 4 4 4
lime: 2:16. 2:12, 2:2a
Alliance Keeps on Winning:.
ALLIANCE Kh A,, 1 T.t.
cessful trip Saturday evening and defeated
Sidney yesterday, the first game of the
ciicb, u Kvrv ua r 19 a.-
Ball Payer is Sold.
K'ttw Trmr a., a Th. kt
TorU American League club sold George
MeConnell to the Rochester team of the
Eastern league today. MeConnell will be
rwaiirq in ine iail.
Begins Conduct of Affairs aa Sug
gested by Hughes Com
mission, -
NEW YORK, Aug. 2. Carrying out the re
forms recommended by Governor Hughes'
Wall street Investigating commission, the
New York Metal exchange today began
the conduct of Its affairs on a new basis.
Fer the first time in many years, actual
sales of ,metal took place on the floor of
the exchange, and quotations were thus
established on the actual transactions.
The total of transactions today was esti
mated at not more than 100 tons.
Flsmes are Threaleslng Woods In
Massachusetts With Grent
Damage. '
NnrtTH rit.vriiiTH m... a,. 1
Two hundred men were today fighting' the T
forest fire which had crept over from
Bourne, where Saturday and Sunday It
did great damage.