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of The
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2 .
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, . 40.830
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, .41,930
. .41,080
. .41.870
. .41.810
. . 40.880
. .48,880
. . 41,740
. .41,710
. .41,870
. .41,740
1 7 "
1 40.300
19 41.M0
0 41,780
"l 43,490
j 41,10
jt 41.800
JH 40,160
; 41,T0
27 41,080
28 41,640
JS 41,840
10 41.SS0
Jl 41,680
Returned copies
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Notary Public.
subscriber tearing tbe city tem
porarily ahaill S...T- The Bee
mailed them. Address will he
Colonel Roosevelt might get a Job in
the Spanish army.
What is now wanted is a nonpartisan
chairman of tbe democratic atate com
mittee. Deliberate and premeditated murder
ill find no sympathy In this com
munity. Lincoln's new city attorney has Just
appointed his son as bis deputy. They
. o It everywhere.
'I he World-Herald's forte has always
I ten Id putting up straw men In order
i knock them down again.
What arrangement do the promoters
expect to make tor the straphanger
when aeroplanes carry passengers?
Several cars In the Glldden tour fin
ished with perfect acores they did
not kill a single person during the trip.
There will be one common point on
which to start future discussion, and
that 18 that the tariff has been revised.
Cuba has a new cabinet, which
demonstrates at least that the country
has material enough for more than
A Arm of submarine boat builders
has gone Into the airship business
That la certainly playing both ends of
a string.
If olives and almonds are high this
coming winter do not charge It up to
the tariff the Spaniards are too busy
to gather the erop.
An antt-clgarette law is In effect in
Minnesota, but at last reports the
youth of that state were still permitted
to smoke elm roots.
The French are said to be dissatia
fled with our new tariff bill, but then
the bill aa not dealgned specially to
please foreign nations.
There la some consolation in having
been defeated for re-election to con
gress. J. Adam Bede has been able
to fill his Chautauqua dates.
If the east will only loan u enough
men to move the crops from the field
to the bin, the weat will try to And the
noney to move tbe grain to market.
A baae ball umpire In Connecticut
has sued a player for libel. The only
way he could make sure of
however, would be to get
Jury of
Last chance to withdraw from the
official primary election. Withdraw
als later on .will be by popular edict
without waiting for the aid or consent
of th person eliminated.
The Newman Grove Reporter says
that where The Bee credited It with
saying something sensible It meant
Imply that for once both agreed In
the same view. Let It go at that.
We have It from reliable If not au
thoritative aourcea that the Lincoln
Star proposea to "hand a package" to
the editor of The Bee on every pos
sible occasion. The editor of The Bee
will try to survive
Of course the fact that the populists
ware suddenly seized with a fit of non
partisanship at Lincoln at the very
same moment that the democrats broke
out with the disease la merely coinci
dence, These little coincidences be
tween the democrats and the populists
are qwite common In Nebraska.
Tht Extr S""011 pltnk
Among other things projected
platform planks by the convention
purporting to apeak for Nebraska dem
ocrats at Lincoln last week la the fol
lowing with reference to the proposed
amendment to the federal constitution
giving congress power to levy an in
come tax without apportionment by
population :
We pledge the democratic party In Ne
braska to assist in securing ratification of
that amendment and to that end we ask
Governor Shallenberger to call a special
session of the legislature at an early day
that Nebraska, a pioneer In the advocacy
of an income tax. may have the honor of
being the first atate to ratify the amend
ment. For the privilege of having Ne
braska recorded as the first state to
ratify a constitutional amendment our
democratic friends would have Gov-
ernor Shallenberger convene the legis
lature In extra session. The cost of
such a program seems to cut no more
figure with them than Its palpable In
effectiveness. So far as ratifying the
amendment Is concerned, of hastening
Its Incorporation into the federal con
stitution, it will make absolutely no
difference whether Nebraska Is the
first to take actioD or the 1hlrty-flfth,
because the amendment will not be op
erative until ratified by three-fourths
of all the forty-six states In the union.
Just what a special session of the
legislature would cost may only be
estimated, and would depend upon Its
duration. There are 133 members of
the house and senate who draw $5 a
day when the legislature Is in session,
and, with the secretaries, clerks, door
keepers and other necessary attend
ants, the salary roll may be placed at
1.000 a day. A ten days' session
would cost $10,000 in salaries alone,
and to this would have to be added
the mileage allowance, cost of supplies
and other incidentals. So that If an
extra session could do the Job within
ten days the taxpayers of Nebraska
would be called upon to pay from
$15,000 to $20,000 for the empty priv
ilege of having the honor to be tbe
first state to ratify a constitutional
But if Governor Shallenberger
obeyed the instructions of the demo
cratic platform makers and Issued his
call for an extra session of the legisla
ture forthwith, Nebraska still could
not have this honor. At leaat two leg
islature are in session right this min
ute, those of Alabama and Georgia.
In Alabama the ratifying resolution has
been Introduced and referred to the
proper legislative committee, and - as
there is no opposition it will be adopted
at the first opportunity, and the assent
of Alabama will be complete this week,
making It the first state on the alpha
betical list of states and the first on
tbe list of ratifications. While we
have no exact Information as to what
the legislature of Georgia is doing on
the subject, It Is safe to say that
Georgia will follow suit with little loss
of time and will be the second state to
ratify tbe amendment! So the very
best that Nebraska could possibly do
with an extra session of tbe legisla
ture costing from $15,000 to $20,000
would be to get In third or fourth on
tbe list of ratifying states.
If Governor Shallenberger has noth
ing else for the legislature to do but to
tickle the vanity of some eminent
statesman who has been a pioneer in
advocating tbe income tax he will
think twice before convening an extra
session of the legislature.
New Departure in Insurance.
Several life insurance companies
have announced plans for furthering
public health and incidentally extend
ing tbe age expectancy of its policy
holders. The movement ts subsidiary
to and inspired by public and private
enterprises. The object la laudable
from tbe viewpoint of humanity and
possibly profitable from the insurance
standpoint. There is reason, however,
to doubt whether it comes within the
province of Insurance companies and
Is likely to be challenged It it In
volves the expenditure of any consid
erable sum. Life Insurance companies
are trusteeships and every expendi
ture of these trust funds must be
clearly for the benefit of the existing
policyholders, and courts have held
that such benefit must be direct and
clearly shown. Statutes and court de
cisions have left little discretion to
Insurance company officials in han
dling company funds, the fields of
Investment even being limited, and If
the theory of trusteeship as previously
construed Is strictly adhered to the
companies cannot go very far with the
proposed plan, although in the mean
time a number of them are getting
much .good advertising at little ex
pense. Spanish Republic Proclaimed.
The proclamation at Barcelona of
a Spanish republic appears to be noth
ing more than an effort to find a
rallying point for the dlacontented
elementa. Tbe previous experiment
with a Spanish republic, though It
had the advantage of the leadership
of the greatest Spanish statesman of
recent times, Emello Castellar, was
a failure because of tbe Inherent In
capacity of the masses to sustain pop
ular government. Even a representa
tlve monarchy seams to be too ad
vanced for a large portion of Spanish
people. Viewed In the light of the
past, there appears to be little hope
for a republic no matter what may
be the fate of the present dynasty.
The difficulties that beset the gov
ernment in Spain are many, even in
times of profound peace. Tbe massea
are Ignorant, tbe percentage of illiter
acy being tbe highest In Europe. ' The
people aa a whole -are desperately
poor, their main Industry being agri
culture In a land not particularly fer
tile and farmed in a primitive way as
ompared with the more advanced ua-
tions of Europe and the t'nlted States.
On top of all this la a national debt
of over $2,000,000,000, accumulated
almost entirely as the result of for
eign wars. It Is the oppression of
this debt and Its cause which Incites
opposition to the war In Morocco,
which Is being waged to hold a value
less strip of territory wrested from
the Moors in 1496.
If a Spanish republic could lighten
the people's burdens, it would have
some claim to the aympathy of other
nations, but It holds out no such hope.
Enlightened statesmanship may In
time raise Spain from the slough of
despond, but the leader who can and
will has yet to appear.
Featurei of the New Tariff.
Some features of the new tariff bill
are commonly overlooked and others
entirely misunderstood. Among the
common misapprehensions is that the
wool and woolen goods duties were
raised above the Dlngley rates, which
Is not the case, the only change be
ing to lower the duty on tops to give
proper proportion to other parts of
the wool schedule. The cotton goods
rates are perhaps the least under
stood when quoted as Increases over
the Dlngley rate. The new cotton
goods rates are identical with those
supposed to have been Imposed by
the Dlngley bill and which were, In
fact, collected under it for four years
after its passage, until the courts de
cided that the law did not say what
It was Intended it should.
Another salient feature, and the
one which dominates the purpose of
tbe bill is that where Increases have
been necessary to produce revenue
needed by the government they have
been made almost exclusively on lux
uries. Census bureau figures show
that the total yearly consumption of
goods on which increases have been
made Is $852,512,525, of which
amount $579,850,322 are of luxuries,
the largest single Hera being wines
and liquors, and the next largest silks.
On the other hand reductions were
made on articles of which the United
States consume yearly $4,978,122,124
On one of the most vital items
lumber there has been a reduction
all along the line with the exception
of shingles, and this last concession to
the producer Is explained because the
standing cedar timber is practically
exhausted, and In the shingles made
from stumpage domestic mills could
not compete with Canadians sawing
from the full trunk.
With one exception, the entire Iron
and steel schedule has been cut, and
this exception is for the salvation of
the small independent manufacturer
and Industries scattered all over the
country. On steel beams and all
kinds of ironwork except structural
steel punched and fabricated for use,
the duty Is lowered. The big steel
mills are cut on their product while
the hundreds of local workshops all
over the country which finish the
product for tbe builder get the only
Whether the bill Is revision up
ward or downward It turns some
what on its revenue-producing quali
ties. It la estimated that tbe new
tariff will produce $40,000,000 more
revenue than the present Dlngley law.
Of this the corporation tax is de
pended on to raise $26,000,000, the
Increased internal revenue on tobacco
$9,500,000, and customs $4,000,000
additional. To produce this Increase
In customs revenues, the Increased
duties on luxuries must be several
times $4,000,000 to offset the reduc
tions upon necessities and raw ma
terials. The Czar'i Tour of Europe.
The police are familiar with the
troubles of the Russian czar, and
probably before he returns home the
rulers of the leading nations of Eu
rope will have the details at first
hands. White its troubles are com
mon knowledge, yet In spite of re
verses In the Japanese war and strife
at home Russia Is a power to be reck
oned with in European politics, and
the Imperial powers are so great that,
more than any ruler, the guar la able
to commit his country to a policy.
With International politics so tan
gled, the present visit of the cxar to
the rulers of all the northern powera
Is credited with a wide Influence in
shaping future events. Russia's re
lations with Its powerful neighbors,
Germany and Austria, have been con
siderably strained of late and the two
meetings with Emperor William are
expected to bring about a better un
derstanding. Had tbe czar stopped
there, Russia would have been In
danger of creating grave suspicions
in Great Britain and Prance, with one
of which It has an alliance and with
the other is making every effort to
draw closer together. Diplomatic
understandings are so sensitive that
the hint of an alliance with Germany
without a quid pro quo to France and
Britain might lead to serious results.
One feature of the czar's tour can
not escape the attention of every
careful observer and that ts, no mat
ter what may be tbe sentiment or In
clination of tbe rulers of all the na
tions visited, a large element of the
population of each lr Implacably hos
tile to the Russian government and
to Its ruler personally, a sentiment
which, if the powers dared, would
leave Russia without a friend in Eu
rope. A break with one, however,
would throw Russia Into the arms of
another group and seriously disturb
the balance of power.
For some Inexplanable reason Sena
tor Gore's suggestion that no candi
dates be nominated In opposition to
tbe progressive republicans who may
seek re-election to congress has not
been very enthusiastically received by
the nonpartisan democrats of Ne
braska. Nebraska has three progres
sive republican congressmen whose
seats are coveted by various budding
statesmen of democratic proclivities.
Our amiable democratic contempo
rary complains when United States sen
ators do not listen to tbe voice of the
people, and then it complains again
when they do listen to the votce of the
people. The only way the senators
could stop these complaints would be
to place themselves subject to orders
from our local democratic contempo
rary. It does not appear safe even for the
royal family to criticise the British
methods, as it now appears that the
resignation of the duke of Connaught
was requested. The navy Is a touchy
question and it behooves all In Great
Britain to speak of It softly.
It is suggested that as tbe Panama
canal Is to be neutralized there is no
necessity for fortifying it. But that
does not accord with the doctrine that
the best way to preserve the peaqe Is
to be so strong the other fellow is
afraid to start anything.
It will certainly seem strange to
Iowa politicians it the next campaign
for republican nominates there
should be quiet and free from contests.
The fight over the nominations use'S to
be about all the excitement Iowa re
publicans had.
Without any desire to interfere in a
celebrated trial now In progress, we
would suggest that if every person suf
fering from exaggerated ego were sent
to an Insane asylum and kept there
the present accommodations would not
If the czar of Russia can find no
other place where he is wanted he is
respectfully Informed the "Welcome"
sign blazes all tbe time in Omaha and
he can make out that it Is for him if
he will come to this hustling city.
According to a Chicago professor,
the West Point and Annapolis cadets
are useless snobs. Chicago professors
must get even with somebody for the
many unkind things said about them
in recent days.
A Georgia legislator has introduced
a bill making It a crime for women to
ride astride. That Georgia law-maker
evidently never reckoned with the
emergencies of riding a bucking
Evidence, of Sanity.
Louisville Courier-Journal.
In a letter to Evelyn Nesbit, written
some years ago, Thaw said that with his
money he would settle down and become a
senator from Pennsylvania. Now who says
he waa crazy f
"Ali a Well that Kadi Well."
Kansas City Journal.
And one of the vary beat things about
tariff revision la that It la now at an and.
There is nothing about the tariff so hurtful
as th uncertainty inseparable from an at
tempt by congress to revise It.
Pitted to Ita Part.
Washington Herald.
Tarlfa, the Spanish town from which the
word "tariff" comes, used to be the head
quarters for a famous pirate gang. The
party who coined that word knew Just
precisely what sort of word he waa look
ing for.
Taking; o Chances.
Chicago Record-Herald.
On the very day after M. Blerlot had
aucceeded In aviating acrosa the English
channel the British government decided to
built four more Dreadnoughta. Apparently
It Is not expected that Germany will suc
ceed In getting M. Blerlot to sell his patent.
Wild and Woolleaa East.
8t. Loula Globe-Democi at.
There has been a train robbery between
Jersey City and Paterson, N. J., under the
shadow of New York City Itself. We may
now finally hear the last of "the wild and
woolly weat." The east haa often been wild
and the only reason It can never get
woolly la that It la too easily and too often
la It Worth While I
Chicago Tribune.
Without defending anarchy, riot, or the
doubtful patriotism of certain Spaniards at
home. It may be questioned whether It was
worth while to plunge the country Into a
war which la costing ao much blood and
money. The entire Spanish possessions in
Africa produce an annual dlflcit of 2.000.0UO
pesetaa, and are of little commercial and
no strategic value.
Perplexities of fttateamen In Dealing-
with Amateur Compounders.
Denver Republican.
"Gumshoe Bill" Stone of Missouri Is the
lam person In the world one would have
expected to have lost r!a temper the way
he lost It In a train to the extent of
alapplng In the face a waller with a dark
skin. The next thing he will be entering
the "Chautauqua" lists and dividing honors
with Tillman.
It Is not fot us to challenge anr state
ment made by the senator but we are fmm
Missouri too and when he asserts that he
made the onslaught because the waiter re
fused to bring him a "large glasa of nateri
and a small glass of Scotch," w havo our
doubts. If it tad been the other way
about the provocation would have bean
gieat and the entire aympathy of the
"Millionaire club at Washington" would
have gone with him. Aa it !a. while the
words of the slender, silent man from a
great state will not be challenged openly
It might be well for him to secure witnesses
who heard the colloquy, particularly his
demand tor more water and less liquor.
But these be degenerate days after all
ar.d our aympathy goes to the matter, who
brot ght fl ist a amall glasa of water
(amount of liquor not named) andt alter
a reprimand brought a large glass with no
water. Is It not possible that he recognized
In his guest a gentleman of the old school,
air. who had beet, accustomed to resprct
water in Ita proper place, but never to us
It for the purpose of adulterating the
"barley brew." or the Kentucky boui bon.
until the prohibition erase came upon the
south? A plea of extenuating circumstances
on behalf of the Pennsylvania railroad's
cupheaier ought to be entered. He had
precedent on his aide, no doubt.
Around New York
mipplea en tba Current f Life
aa 8)n la the Oraat Amarloaa
Metropolis from Day t Bay.
A moral or two may be drawn from the
report rendered by the gas companies of
New York City to the tnltcd States dis
trict court concerning the sums rebsted
to consumers under the decision upholding
the reduction of the ptue of gas from
II to NO cents. While the case was In the
court 20 cents for earh 1.0,10 feet of gas
paid for the impounded, pending final
decision. The decision sustained the 0
cent law. and the money Impounded was
ordered returned to the proper person.
The court commissioner has repaid $9,
2I0.000, leaving at this late day a balance
of over 11,760,000. and of this It is calcu
lated that hardly $1,000,000 will find own
era. That Is not all. Several months be
fore the litigation closed Judge l.acombe
ceased requiring the deposit of the re
bates with the court, well knowing that
the amounts then accumulated would suf
panics, should the case be decided against
flee to meet all claims against the coin
Here Is what Gertrude Hoffman wears
when illustrating Mendelssohn's "Spring
Song" and "A Vision of Salome." accord
ing to the attested Inventory Issued by her
attorney, John F. Mclntyre;
Pink roses on her breast.
Three layers of chiffon about her waist,
rink tights five Inches long.
A lot of gauze.
"That is enough," continued Attorney
Mclntyre, who was Indignant during Miss
Hoffman's arraignment In the West Side
police court, following her arrest by order
of Commissioner Baker.
As Mr. Mclntyre wants to get out of
town on hla vacation, and as Iawyer Mor
ris Meyer, attorney for Wtllam Hammer
stein, wants to go away, too, the examina
tion of Miss Hoffman was put over until
October 4.
So the three maids who accompanied
Miss Hoffman to court were not put to
the trouble of getting her "Spring Song"
and "Salome" costumes out of the little
bag her brother carried and arraying the
actress so that Magistrate Stelnert might
judge whether Commissioner Barker was
really and properly shocked or only fancied
he was.
Between now and October Matron Mc
Mahon of the West Forty-seventh street
police station will be assigned to the"extra
duty" of watching Mlsa Hoffman dress for
her performance, and reporting whether
Miss Hoffman la properly dressed to ap
pear before a mixed Hammersteln audi
ence. Mrs. McMahon is an austere Individual
and no foolishness about art for art's
sake will confuse her notions of pro
Besides causing almost dally disaster of
some sort to craft navigating its waters
a new use is to be found for the tur
bulent currents of Hell Gate which sweep
around Mallets Point at the rate of five
to eight miles an hour on the different
changes of the tides. For several weeks
experiments looking to the harnessing and
utilization of this tremendous water power
"have been under way.
These experiments are being conducted
with the utmost secrecy, and the ma
chlnery or motors which are anchored
within the current zone are Jealously
guarded. At present the experiments are
being conducted on private property Just
off the southeast end of the government
lighthouse, although before the experimen
ters get through every available point in
Hell Gate will be tried out.
The motors used In the experiments are
dealgned to try the velocity of the currents,
and also to determine both the feasibility
of utilizing the water power at that place
and what horse power might be expected
It Is understood that the experimenters
believe that power sufficient to run elec
tric light planta for the entire city of New
York can be gathered from the waters
that sweep through the Gate.
This Incident Illustrates the summary
disposal of the old man who seta forth In
the pitiless wilderness of New York, seek
ing a Job.
One look at his gray hairs and even the
office boy turns him down.
A leading city newspaper on Sunday last
put one of Ita advertising pages to the free
us of unemployed men above 50 years of
age, who were out of work.
One hundred and sixty-six accepted the
offer and Inserted their advertisements.
The list would have been much longer had
all the members of their class known of the
Among them were lawyers without
clients, editors without desks, ministers
without pulpits or pensions, merchants
without business, musicians with no one
to pay them for their art; also Janitors
skilled mechanics, coachmen, carpenters,
nurses, etc. In every case there waa the
one conclusion: "The objection to me la
my age."
The youngest was Juat turned M; the
oldest was 75. He had been a bookkeeper
and a printer In fgrmer ycara.
A merchant who employs many men, in
commenting on the above facts, said:
"I do not object to an old man because
of physical reasons, for many who come to
me for Joba are In better figure and
stronger than a lot of our young fellows.
The trouble Ilea In their mental attitude.
"They have their notions, their opinions
and their ways of doing things, and It Is
hard to get them to change. In too many
eases there Is a dogged determination to
do things their own way and not as I want
them done.
"In the case of men who have grown
up and become old in this place, there
ts no trouble in that respect. They learned
the ways of the house when they were
"I never even guessed that I waa a aeer
until the spur of poverty drove me Into
prophecy," writes James Andrews In a
recent Issue of Harper's Weekly. 'Then
I happened to light upon the advertisement
of a wholesale dealer In prophesying ml
chines, and he sold me an oulflt for a
low price. Advice h gave free. 'Look
wise.' he said. 'Hand 'em a line of hoi
talk full o" big words. They'll fall easy.'
How the author set up his automatic ma
chine, with Ita large, pasteboard head of
Abdul Axis Khan, at Coney Island, and
raked In the nickels of the credulous Is
told In this interesting confession. Th
victim were not of the uneducated type.
They wore fin clothe, ate cosily foods
and many of them cam In automobiles.
And yet the fortune-teller often took In
between three and four thousand nickel
during an aftemoon and evening."
A dlvln healer Is In Jail In Brooklyn.
When locked up h waa In rags, which
concealed $776 and several diamonds. He Is
charged with obtaining money under false
pretense, having promised a cur that
was not forthcoming and for which he
waa careful to collect In advance.
I p to tbe Airrsie Mark.
Indianapolis News.
On th other hand. It must be admitted
that ihns platform pledges were kept as
well as a good many skeptical people ex
pected Hit) would Lwj
Is Your Money
well invested or is it lying
some place perhaps not
gether too safe! If not needed
for some time why not put it
Earning Money
Our 3 per cent Certificates of
Deposit are in an absolutely
safe form of ivestrnent, hacked
by $12,000,000 of assets.
First National Bank of Omaha
United States Depository. 13th and Farnam Sts.
Norfolk News: The selection of Wil
liam Hayward once mora as chairman of
the state committee will be acceptable to
the large majority of republicans through
out the atate, who realize that his work
In the past has been of high caliber and
materially effective.
Beatrice Kxprees: The naming of Wil
liam Hayward of Nebraska City as chair
man of the republican state central com
mittee was a wise choice. He Is a staunch
republican, a firm believer In republican
pilnclples and standing squarely on a re
publican platform, will fight from start to
finish to win.
York Times: To csp the climax and
Rive practical strength to the cause Wil
liam Hayward was made chairman of the
slate central committee. This will Inspire
confidence, renew courage and give as
surance of victory. With such a platform.
with SOU leading republicans enthused and
awakened and with William Hayward to
lead In the fight the battle is aa good as
Falrbury News: The election of Wil
liam Hayward as chairman of the repub
lican central committee will have an In
spiring effect on the members of the
party all over the state. He has had con
siderable experience in the organization
of campaign, of which his connection
with the national committee Is an Impor
tant part, and he Is one of Nebraska's
promising young republicans.
Kearney Hub: The selection of Will
Hayward of Nebraska City as chairman of
the republican slate ocntral committee In
sures aggressive work by that organiza
tion. If this young man's past may be
taken as a guide for the future. He haw
been In touch with th progressive move
ment In the state. Is In harmony with
President Taft and his policy, Is secre
tary of the republican national committee
and, while having held no public office,
has a political record that Is satisfactory
to the republican rank and file In the
Tecumseh Chieftain: The republican
state convention In Lincoln accomplished
a most commendable piece of work when
It so unanimously agreed that Hon. Wil
liam Hayward of Nebraska City should
again head the state committee as chair
man. Mr. Hayward is one of the fore
most republicans of the country today.
and his ability haa been so recognized
that he haa held much more responsible
position In the party than the one just
conferred for a second time. He waa one
of the very best chairmen the republicans
were ever fortunate enough to select.
Young, energetic, able, a natural born
organizer, and possessing the confidence
and esteem of all Nebraskans are some
of the superior qualifications the newly
elected chairman possesses.
Mrs. Honora Tully, a native of Cavan.
Ireland, now on a visit to Brooklyn, Is 104
years old, and eats lobster and keeps
house. t
Georrta. facing temporal y bankruptcy
from tha losa of Its revenue from liquor
licenses, is conaiderlng a tax on the old
town pump.
The published pictures of the dethroned
shah of Persia show him wearing a crow n
that makes him look aa If he may have
been the Inventor of the peach-basket style
of hat. If so, hla fate Is mild, Indeed.
Grant M- Overton, a young newspaper
man, shipped as an ordinary teaman aboard
the British ship Wayfarer, which sailed
on Saturday from San Francisco for Eng
land The trip will take five months, and
Overton expects to learn a lot of things
about a Bailor's life.
Private J. M. Palzell of Ohio, who has
had an extensive correspondence during his
long life with presidents, generals, poets,
authors, statesmen, etc., finds It desirable
to dispose of his highly valuable collection
of autographs. The autographs are not
merely aienaturea, but in many cases let
ters of greater or test length.
pleased eoffe customer tnoraas th trade of ,1Jr'r,e!
Tal 1 why up-to-date grocer have bung out tbe
w if ao todex not only of auperlor coffee Quality, but ol Ue
beet OI ITirumi in mo imvvrr im
I i Mn
ns blank A'ss;
hoiM blend of tbe at
guaranteed by
coffee xperL iu
It go
C. r.
The shah of Persia we. asked If a pension
of 125.000 would be satlsfartorv.
"And with Mrs. Howard Gould getting
Mfl.OOO?" he queried peevishly. "Not on
your tlntype."-Phlladelphla ledger.
Conductor (on railroad train) This Isn't
the right ticket, sir.
Absent-minded Passenger Whafa th
matter with It?
Conductor This tli ket ealls for a diamond
ring. Philadelphia Bulletin.
"Here, this writer In desarlhlng the fin
says the flames rsn along at a rapid pare
I wonder what sort of a path they ran on?"
"Must have been a cinder path." Balti
more American.
Husband Why don't you have Bridget
shut the kitchen door? One can smell the
breakfast cooking all over the house.
Wife We leave It open on purpose. The
smell Is all that gels the family up. Judge.
She Hoes Gladys look any different
since she and her husband have separated?
He Tea. She wears her hair a la di
vorcee. She Goodness! How's that?
He Parted. Kansas City Journal.
"Say, maw, do 1 look like vou?"
"Why. yes. Willie. I think there Is a re
semblance. Why do you ask?"
"'Cause when Mr. Plpton laid his clgsr
down on the porch rail, I took It up an'
smoked It, an' he said T had your eyes,
maw, an' your nose, en" your chin an'
paw-'g nerve!" Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Miss I'pper I do so enjoy repartee.
Mrs. Cumso My husband won't drink
anything but Oolong Boston Transcript.
"It strikes me you are reading a great
deal of humorous literature." said the con
fidential friend.
"Yes." answered Senator Sorghum; "1
am reading all the funny stories I ran
find." . ,,
"You are In a merry mood?"
"No. Hut I've got to have something to
tell my constituents when I get home."
Washington Star.
"A woman In Connecticut ran a needle
Into her finger, and the other day It came
out at her elbow."
"That's nothing My wife swallowed a
needle and two days later had a stitch
In her side." Cleveland Tlaln Dealer.
Mistress Jane. J can't have you enter
taining company In my kitchen all the
New Cook Faith, an" It do be vour on
I fault, ma'am. Vez should ,'ave advertised
for a plain cook. Puck.
Patience She saya she never forgets a
Patrice No wonder she's subject to
nightmare. Yonkera Statesman..
Yes. I like a chap like Bilklns; he's th
kind that don't explain
When affairs gi) wrqng and give him Jus1
a little toueh of pain.
Why, when he's flunked at college. In a
bygone freshman rlass.
When requested to give reasons, ha Jut
answered, "Couldn't pass!"
When the team was thrashed at foot ball
and he lost a pot of cash
For old nilklns loved to gamble, and h
frequently was rash
When they asked him at the finish why hie
team had met defeat,
He Just shrugged his manly shoulder.
he answered, "They got beat."
When his best girl frowned upon him anr.
eloped with Billy Jonea.
There waa not a bit of whining, there were
no heartrending groans.
When they asked him for a reason, why
the maid should treat him III
He Indulged no explanations, but replied.
quite simply, "Bill."
When he ran for public office, back in
eighteen nlnety-nln.
And was snowed up like a trolley on a
North Alaska line,
Some one asked him how It happened that
his lurk had been so tough.
It wav chiefly, so he reckoned, that he
"hadn't votes enough!"
When hla uncle died and left him only
sixty-seven cents.
It may be his Inner feelings were un
pleasantly Intense;
But ha never showed he felt It. or aa
pected greater wealth.
He Just "blew" the sixty-seven "to lb
dear old duffer's health!"
Yea, I like a chart like Bilklna: he Is such
a great relief
TO th general run of cussea who delight
to share their grief.
It is nice to find a wlgbt who. when he
gets a solar pleck,
Leaves explanatory piffle and Juat takes
It in the neck!
grown conees
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uniform nreniia inu xquisii flavor
whlob cannot be duplicated la any
eon at iu same prioe.
Lb. Packag. Nt Weight
farther In the making
any oioir sdo eoree ies
i ball a cent a aup to make.
. U.U. 0. S. A.