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Comparison of Nebraska Output With
Some Other Products.
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W'hcxler ...
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I 41
Big f4r Will Hare Eg.
Mttema af riaMt Vnrk
Pr. Car Kntltled
Total without Scott's
Crark Hrri at
The Nebraska Stat
especially favored ttla
Imiio nor.EB
K-nm a Staff ?orrespondent 1
LINCOLN. Neb, Aug. 2 tPpeoiaJi.-ror
nine reaaon tha Nebraska chicken crop
thla year U worth M.SB1 1ms than a year
aro. whan the ajmeaaor made his rounds.
Ona explanation of tha dwrnn Is the high
prtea f poultry, which may hava csued
heavy sates, as tha figures given repre
sent tha poultry on hand. Lancaster tops
the counties with l.m worth on hand,
aralnat $11,239 last year. Then comes tha
hi atate of flage." with $12,372 worth,
against 112,447 laat year. Douglas county
Is third with Ill.MJ, against 111.210 last
With Reotta Bluff eounty missing the
total alue aasessod of all poultry on hand
this year amounted to KS6i,n. a-alnat a
total of 13S7.W last year. Th total last
year wan Scotts Bluff county waa W,
fA. The actual value of the poultry crop this
year 1 five times the assessed value, or
The. poultry Is north more than was the
sheep in lSf more than the annuities, than
the bonds, fire arms, patent right, water
craft; almost as muoh as the steam en
gines, more than the safes and typewrit
ers, safes or adding machlnee; more than
the typesetting machines, and two-thirds
as much as the hook accounts, and more
than all the monfy loaned In the state;
more than the money Invested In Judg
ments, in tax sales, money paid Into build
ing and loan associations; stock In corpor
ations, cash registers, pictures and en
gravlngr. telephones, billiard tables, or
gans, almost as much as all the planoa In
the stale, more than Is Invested In auto
mobiles. And the business Is by no means
The following (able shows a comparison
of the value of poultry by counties for
the two years.
Assessed Value of poultry
Bluff. HB7.SS2.
tale Fair.
fair aeema ta be
vaar In that H ta !
likely to have herds from tha three ex- I Phil Ranch
niouors wno were tha competitors ror the Kallnre
grand championship of the world on
Shorthorns at tha International show tn
Chlcaao last hewmhor.
Secretary Mallnr renot-fa the rerelnt nf i
fttilrla f.H m V TXT 1J r ,1 1 u -... V. i i at
Wis. Oeorge White of Emerson, la., and j
Howell Heea or Fllger. Nab., have algnl
S( IT1H and tie ground Is so horoughlv
J Jj caked that the c in will rlj well without
S.0M i mora rain foi som- time W heat threshing
S i!. !' progreeslr.g finely, with a ger.e.-al vle'.d
of from twen'v to twenty. five bu.h!,
oceas' f:e!ji yieldicg Uigh-r. The
quality !s fin:
".Speaker Will Punish Insurgents by
7?4 I
4.M3 i
Mi-trite With Tlcsr
nnriay Morning.
MADISON. Neh. Aug 2 -. Special -Phil
Bsueh was suddenly strlrken with heart
failure while moving shout hi, hed room
11 O'clock P'lnn'av mnrninv Am.U ....
ulrg almcst Instantly. While Mr. Fs'.-h
had been crippled since Knvhnn an.4 v,h
fled their Intention of maklna- ntrlaa ani I always been In delicata t.uh . v.. v..
being present at the state fair September actively ena-igeo! n business manv
to 10 In the final award of the cham- ' Vrs and ahre to be at his office with
plonshla at Chicago, these three men were i h exception of a few days several weeks
the owners of tha animals shown In the ' o Saturday he was at h,s desk at the
,,n' " i grana mam- rstme..' elevator dur'ng business hours
p'.onshlp. which resulted In awarding the
championship to the animal owned by Mr.
White, with tha Howell Reea animal sec
ond and tha F. W. Harding animal third.
A number of other entrlea hava been
received from tha crack eastern herds,
which are on thatr wajr to the Seattle
exposition. It Is therefore qulta likely that
the cattle show at Nebraska this year
will contain the very beat of tha animals
of the United States.
Carr Entities' to Mall.
Dr. K. Arthur Carr has received a letter
from the assistant postmaster of Lincoln
that ha Is entitled to receive and open all
mall addressed to secretary of the Site
Board of Health. This action of the as
slstant postmaster was tha result of a
L-iiiiiimnraunn irnm tne acting assistant , .
attorney genera, of the Vnlted States. P. nUmh'r
V. Kevser. who ..Id n,M th. con . 'ho h"'1 kn n hlm n"rln M forty
alt.y Of the law- Is tested in the courts the ! ''T' ,hls "'y-
new law under which r.rr n.. .,,,., I Arrangments have not been definltel
would he presumed to be valid and there
fore he Is entitled
and retired as usual last evening and arose
In the morning cheerful and apparently
Philip Pauch wa horn near Kankakee.
11'.. March . 1V4. and came with his par
ents to Madison in 1171. November X
1KJ. he married Ollie Mary Pteen In this
city. There survive him to mourn his
sudden and unexpected death his widow
and three daughters Amelia .lustlna and
Kstella Marie, who are well known teach
ers of the county, and Florence Rhoda.
wife of Christopher Courtland. a merchant
ff Madison also three sisters Mrs. F. W.
Barnes formerly of this rltv, but now re
siding In San Diego. Cal.; Mrs Delie Zipf
of Chirago and Mrs. Mary Fiollman of
Kankakee-and a host of friends and ac.
Adama t 1.16
Anieione J
Box Butte
Buffalo ..
Ce.'ar ....
Chase ....
Cherry ...
Colfax 3
4 nwt
1 823
S 30S
Dodge .
From let-. 3.3:1!
Furnas 8.4S7
Gage 12,4f7
Garfield SOI
Gosper , 2.BM
Grant 137
Grealey 2 ISO
Hall 5,6m
Hamilton. , 6.833
Harlan ; 3.097
Hayi-s 1.271
Hitchcock s , 2,1IS
Holt 3,SfA
Hooker .'. ly
Howard J.747
Jeffi son g.SS7
Johnson , 5.242
Kearney S.!?7ii
Keith 74ft
Keys Paha 1.109
Kimball d-
Knox R.20K
McPnerson ..
Merrick ,
Nil je
Nucitolls ....
nd wfiiow.
n chaidson
fraah'lers ....
F o'-'s Bluff
: .ii .an . . . .
Fhnnan ....
12. 21
'3.04 s
7 379
3 MP
9 S3
S 3W
1. "3
2. 7
I o.3
4 l:W
1 097
1 441
3 479
1. :
3. 109
5 287
a 101
2. ITS
16 372
.. Hi
44 ti
9, If
8 214
to the mall addresse.1
to tha secretary of tha board.
Dr. Carr. who was arrested for opening
mall addressed to E. J. C. Sward, secre
tary of the board, will have his hearing
tomorrow. Dr. Sward Is secretary of the
old hoard, which was legislated out of
Hntt Mores ta Otnnha.
Manager Lee Huff of the Nebraska Tele
phone company has resigned and will move
to Omaha with his family, where he will
become the manager of the Bulck Auto
mobile company. Mr. Huff started out
with the telephone company twenty years
ago at Fremont and has been manager at
several Important points in the state
Frank A. Mam of Omaha Is to be com
mercial representative in Lincoln. J. R.
Donley, wire chief here. Is to he In charge
of the plant department, and J. R. Carter
of Norfolk is to be chief of the traffic
department. All of which is under the
teeer.t mt-ger of the Bell companies of
several states.
Two-Cent Faro Cue.
John Dawson a ppe-ial attorney for the
Kansas railway commission called on At
torney General Thompson today to ask hlm
about the 2-cent fare litigation In which
Nebraska and the various railroads are in
terested. Kansas Mr. Dawson said was
holding back waiting for a decision in the
Nebraska case though he was rot sure
that the decision in this state would bi
accepted by Kanaaa.
Scott's Blaff la Slaw.
Scott's, Bluff county, may hava to pay
the expenses of a representative of the
State Board of Equalisation to that county
to get its. assessment abstract. Though
the board has written and tel
telegraphed tha returns hava not been
sent In. Now the board Is seriously con
sidering sending out an agent at. it can
under the law at the expense of the countv
to get the figures.
I'nloa Depot Proposition.
At a meeting of the council this morn-j
Ing the Burlington waa formally Invited tc
submit a proposition for a union depot to
be used by all tha railroads. The spokes
man for tha Burlington. Colonel Wester
velt. informed the council that th i-ni..n
Pacific and tha Burlington had been
negotiating for a year on a proposition for
the I'nlon Pacific to use the Burllngtjn
depot. The Burlington submitted blue
print showing Just how tha atatlon would
be fixed and where the, tracks would be
iaiei ror all the roads. Tha council invited
settled fo- the funeral, but probably
will lake place some time Tuesday.
C riming Connty Committer.
WEST POINT. Neb., Aug. 2.-iSpeclal. I
The following republicans have been se
lected as county committeemen for the
coming campaign: Bancroft township. K.
H. Mack; Blaine. Peter H. Hoist; Cuming.
L. Latirltzen; Elkhorn. Herman Graunke;
Garfield. George Vandenberge; Monterey.
John Schorn; Neligh. Chris Groth; Slier
man. Martin Bysong; St. Charles. Samuel
Berkenhauer; West Point. First ward, H.
Thomsen; Second ward, F. D. Sharrar;
Third ward. Elmer Peterson; Wlsner, First
ward. A. Llnnemann; Second ward. A. J.
West. F. D. Sharrar of West Point and
C. W. Weller remain chairman and secre
tary, respectively, of the committee.
Chairman of ftanklaa; Cnmmlttee ta
Be Whipped for Oppoclag Can
non's t a Bdldacy May Ig
nore Ranking Members.
WASHINGTON. Aug. i-A rhntce selec- 1
tlon of committee assignments Is to be
handed out by Speaker Cannon this week.
Faithful service and fidelity to the speaker!
and tha republican "regulars" probably will j
be rewarded before the special session ad-
Journs. It Is not likely that there will be ,
anv time for speeches as to the mo-its of'
the speakers assignments, but this docs
not Indlcste thst the members of the house
are not personally more lntrtH in
"I'ncle Joes" program than thev have
been In the tariff. j
n iiuiiiurr in regulars will or necessity
be considerably grieved over the appoint
ments, as there Is a relatively small limit
to the number of chairmanships to be
dealt out by the speaker.
Representative Charles N. Fowler of New
Jersey, chairman of the committee on
banking and currency, during the last con
press Incurred the displeasure of Mr. Can
non by "Insurglng" early In the season,
and a little later added to his displeasure
by actually coming out as a candidate for
speaker against Vncle Joe It Is therefore,
in the nature of things congressional, that
a new chairman will be named. It Is no
secret about the house and Representative
Vreeland of New York Is the speakers
Mr. Vreelaod was not even a member of
the hanking and currency committee during
the last session, and his appointment will
therefore open the way for the speaker to
niake other appointments where the mem
ber named for chairman has not served on
the committee of which he will become the
head. As a result manv i.nlv.n.. .. t.
j Il(sllia nnu .11 T
"hue At pretent tt is Imrossih'e to e'l-
r.i'.e th percentage of damage that hat
teen done
State Board In onth Dakota Hits
Railroad, on ala-atlon.
PIERRE. S D. Aug 2 Special. i-The 1
late asses.-ment hoard has completed Its
work of assessing corporate property for!
this year snd has incrrssed ihe total as- 1
sessment value of that class of property In 1
the state 12.324 02 for the year, making
toial of t32.1202 for all property of thale
The figures on the different classes I
When You Deposit
!fYUl RaKlEY,l
Total Increase .
S O 3 .5 "7 l: i4'.o; 1
92 1 1 lis
.."' .1 11 '
4 5". v, r
2 12.C01 I
Express companies.
Sleeping csrs
"! SU. !?. $2 324 :
The Increases on railroads were the
heaviest on the Milwaukee and the North
western, the two principal s.isiems In the
state, for the former berng $:i2.O0O and for
the latter .t74 Ono. The average Increase In
these systems was over l.'OO a mile. It Is
estimated that the Increase In real estaie
In the older counties from changes In as
sessment valuations, made by the county
auditors, will bring :5.000 onO. and the new
real estate which goes on through final
proofs will add several million more, which
will bring the total assessed valuation of
the state for this year to somewhere be
tween SS.onooon and $l5 0no.oV and S:jO 0v. -000.
or a total increase of state valuation
for the year of nearly l0.000tlo
It Is Scoured by the Bank's
Capital 3nd Surplus of $1,200,000.00
"Home Protection l.eaane" In tnnley
Coontr Is Committing
And Total Assets of over $15,000,000.00
Deposits made on or before August 10th drnw inter
est from August 1st.
Deposits of $1.00 or more received.
3 Interest Paid on Deposits
Llahjtnlna; Strikes Wheat Stark.
HUNTLEY. Neb.. Aug. 2.' Special. I A
good rain lute yesterday evening and twj
Inches last night -nd another good one this
morning has set Turkey creek on the rsg
nd almost Insures a bumper corn crop for
this county. Nick Metrgei- had a whea'
stack struck by lightning, also Bert
Schroeder's windmill lower whs wrecked
and H. D. N.tlnn'.-t residence was badly
damaged during '.he storm by llghtninsr.
Takes Position In Omaha.
BLOOMFIELD. Neb.. Aug. 2-.Speclal.)
F. J. L'ehllng, formerly cashier of the
First National bank here, has accepted
a position with the Saunders-Westrand
Oraln company, who have recently moved
their headquarters from Wakefield to
Omaha, as bookkeeper and will e
Omaha at once to take up his new work.
Charles Knapp Still Alive.
MADISON. Neb.. Aug. 2,-iSpecial-Charles
Knapp, who shot his wife and then
put the gun to his own head and sent a
bullet Into his brain. Is still alive. Mrs.
Knapp Is improving rapidly and will recover.
3.'.t,ne railroad to submit a detailed proposi
tion wnnin tnirty days during which time
the city will take no further action.
Railroads Ask Postponement.
Attorneys for tha railroads win ask the
state railway commission to postpone
either the data for taking testimony in the
2-cent fare case or the class rate schedules.
Both of the hearings ara set for the latter
part of August and tha first of September
and tha railroad attorneys want one de
layed until the other Is out of the way.
4. :il
5. T91
2 I' !!
7 4.J
Bond election at Valley.
VALLEY, Neb.. Aug. 2. (Special Tele
gram.) A special elertion was held here
today on the proposition to Issue I17.W0 in
5 per cent twenty-) ear bonds to construct
a water plant. The Issue was approved
by a vote of 115 to 22.
The Benson & Thome Co. Ta Take
Up the Making and Retailing of
"Balduir Sweets.
Tha forthcoming ramova of the Benson
a Thorna Cos. "Young Peoples' Outfit
ting Establishment" to the Farnam St.
location, until now occupied by tha "Bal
duff" Confectionery and Reataurant. has
already become the -topic of conversation
for thousands, but here la an additional
surprise ona that will please tha en
tire feminine portion of Omaha to say
nothing of the legion of youngsters who
delight in sweats of the purest sort.
Commencing today tha Benson Thome
Co. will operate and conduct the candy
and soda water departments of tha for
mer "Baldufr establishment tha restau
rant featura having been discontinued.
"Candy and Soda' will thua become de
lightful departmanta of tha promised
Benson At Thorna Co. store.
All the old time candy-making experts
that hava helped to make the very name
"Balduff famoua will be retained in the
mploy of Benson Thome the randies
produced muat ba equal to. If not better,
than those of tha past.
Tha Benson Thot.le Co has planned
that Omaha la still to retain a really high
class candy department, and will insti
tute sa captivating a section of sweats
that It cannot harp but become a mecca
and mealing place for women and chil
Producers r tna umtj Balduff" Can-
Frank T. Winer, Former Resident,
Sent to Wisconsin PenltenJIary.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Aug. J. (Special Tele
gramsWord has been received here that
Frank T. Wagner, a former Beatrice resi
dent, was sentenced at Madison. Wis., last
Saturday to three years In tha nenltentlarv
for giving perjured testimony before, the
senatorial Investigation committee. Before
leaving Beatrice Mr. Wagner took an ac
tive part in politics, being strongly identi
fied with tha Farmers Alliance and popu
list movements. Soon after locating In
Wisconsin he waa employed as a private
detective and he was acting In an official
capacity when ha testified before the com
mittee. Arthur C. Hughes, a resident of West
Beatrice, died suddenly this morning of
heart trouble. Ha waa a barber by trade
and leaves a wife and sis children.
Mrs. Marian Clayton of Nebraska citv
died today at the home of John Bradbury,
where she had bean visiting. She was 7S
years or age. The remains were taken to
Nebraska City this afternoon ' for Interment.
Heat Fatal to Stork.
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb.. Aug. 2. -t Spe
cial. -The heat last Thursday was the
most intense that baa been felt in this
section during the season. It was so hot
thai in places farmers lost their stock.
One man oq tha aaat side of tha river
lost fourteen head in one pasture, deapite
the fact that he had plenty of water
and ahade. In tha evening a severe storm
prevailed, accompanied by high wind of
a cyclonic nature, and south of the city
one school house, a farm house and other
outbuildings were partially destroyed,
while trees were torn out by tha roots.
BLOOMFIELD. Neb.. Aug. J-tSpecial
Oeorge Fletcher, county treasurer of An
telope county, has purchased the Poepe
shil opera house and taken possession of
it. The consideration waa 13.000 it .
understood that Mr. Fletcher will lease
the new play house to local parties.
Heavy Rain at Fwlrnnry.
FAIHBCRY. Neb.. Aug I -tSwrlsl i
Nearlv two Inches of rain fell at an earlv
I hour thia rr oin n. accompanied by a severe
jelectr.c storm. No donas' has been re-J the man
Nebraska .News Notes.
GRAND ISLAND-Walter Thomas, an
employe of the Independent '"elephone
company, fell from a tr enty-tfoot pole es
terday. The Injuries are not ser'ous snd
while the young man is at tun hospital
there are no doubts of speedy recovery.
WEST POINT-Joseph Morrow. an
Italian laborer, of Wlsner. has been bound
over to the district court In 11.000 bond on
a cnarge or atahbiog William Ueisc-i. a
fellow workman, and is now In Jail In
default of ball.
WEST POINT-D. J. Crellln and John
H. Llndale have been nominated for Jus
tices of the peace and Auaust Hanft and
John D. Neltgh for constables (or West
Point precinct, also Charles C. Malchon
formerly city clerk, for township assessor
for this precinct.
GRAND ISLAND The work of paving
in- oumness section or the citv is well
under way and the contractor "lias large
forces at work
ing and lalng the cement foundation. The
stone siret crossings are being
taken up and used In other ..t .u.
- - ' .a inr
VBRRaCU"A f'lTl- t-, . .
- i no uioe bounty
Teachers association meets In this citv
next Monday for a week. Some of the
best Instructors In tha state will be pres
ent and take part in the dallv program
It is estimated that over 200 eachers will
feast '"""nt and take p,rt in Ihe ek
WEST POINT-A young man named
Htmv Damon has been anes'ed on a
charge of forging eri.i uttering a number
u checks upon local merchants. The
cheiKs were dr.wn i prni th First National
bank of Feernr and ere for sums ran -it,
from to :. The r.amcs of August Jardls
and F.d Gellacher. well known farmers
were signed to th checks I
OKAND ISLAND At the meetin of the!
Liederkrani society the committee previ- I
ously appointed to consider the advisa
bility of building an auditorium on the'
south half of the society's block and to j
present plans therefore, if ihe committee ;
found the protect feasible, by an almost !
unanimous vote reacted ihe motion t- lav '
the ina'ter on the table, and received the
report, and ordered the a
committee of nine to canvass the situation '
as to the terms of the honds and the suh- I
ciipuon-s mereiore. and make sulisrnueni
WEST POIXT-The . w enty-oiahth annua!
session of the Cuming County Teac'.ers
Innnite will be hell In Wiener from n
gust to is. Include. Lcct iit will ha
given during the session as follows- The
Important Facts to Be Taught in History
Physiology, orthography and Arithmetic "
Superintendent H. C Fillev of Albion
"How and What to Teach in Geography'
Reading snd Aarrieuluue." prof. V. T
Stockdale of Wlsner, "Snm- lmpo-'tent
Facts In Reference to School Law and the
Neiv Course of Sttidv." Superlniendent R
M. Campbell of the Wttt Point schools.
NEBRASKA flTTFrank -.s- .u-
llverynian at lumbar, reported to ihi Uni. . rierlit
sheriff esterday that one of his best hC OU r,Pm-
, , --" " "Ha nao oeen gone
since last Thursdsy. It seems that a man
giving his name as C. Hill and claiming
to be a land it.nt haiiin erAm -
- - -t.-..-. nun, ..iiiana.
had been at work about that place sev
eral using a team from this barn
i io usii prospecm e purchasers. He a!-
ways drove back on time, but TKnriv
ha secured the best tesm in the barn snd
since then nothing has been heard from
hlm. As far m the officers i-ould learn
the mn after getting the team drove di
teclly out of the county and made good
his escspe. rewsrd is offered for both
and the team.
ranking members of their committees
much concerned lest their aspirations be in
Mann for Hepharn'e Place.
This situation applies especially to the In
terstate and foreign commerce committee
of which 'Colonel Pete" Hepburn was
chairman for a number of years. Vice
President Sherman was next In rank to
Hepburn, but his promotion to president of
tne senate leaves Representative Wanger
of Pennsylvania as the ranking member.
Representative Mann of Illinois, one of the
stalwarts" of the house, however, ranks
next to Mr. Wanger and has been a most
active member of the commerce committee
and he Is said to be the choice of the
speaker for chairman. That the speaker
has decided to give Mann the place, seems
to be indicated by the number of special
favors showered on Wanger durfhg the
special session. The speaker has on sev
eral occasions turned the gavel over to the
Pennsylvanlan and he has been recognized
In other ways calculated to show the
speaker's good will.
Should the speaker see fit he may apply
the same program to the committee on
postoffices and poatrosds and the Judiciary
committee, both of which will be very ac
tive during the next session.
Conservative members of the majority,
however, contend that the speaker cannot
afford at this time to create farther enmity
by Ignoring ranking members of commit
tees In selecting the efialrmen. It Is said
therefore, that Representatives Gardner
and Parker will, get the postoffice and
Judiciary committees respectively.
An entirely different status governs the
apoplntment of a chairman for the Insular
affairs committee. Representative Cooper
of Wisconsin, who was chairman of this
committee In the last congress. Is still s
member of the house, but he was one of
those who voted sgalnst the "Cannon
rules" and Is therefore scheduled to lose
his place. It Is generally conceded that
Representative Olmsted of Pennsylvania
will supersede him.
When Theodore E. Burton was elected
t'nlted Statea senator from Ohio the chair
manship of the committee on rivers and
harbors waa left vacant. Representative
Acheson of Pennsylvania, who was the next
In rank on the committee, has retired from
congress, leaving Representative Alexander
of New Tork as the man who would ordi
narily get the berth of chairman. It is
said Mr. Alexander could have the chair
manship of the Judiciary committee If he
desired it. but he Is understood to covet
and probably will secure the vacancy left
by Senator Burton.
riERRE. S. D. Aug. 2 -tSpeclal )
Reports from Southern Stanley county In
dicate that there is an attempt in that
country to take a leaf from the southern
night rider book of rules and apply it to
the settlement of real or fancied grievances
In South Dakota. Frank Luko. who lives
about twenty miles southeast of Fort
Pierre has made a comnlalnt to th author.
jities In rcgatd to depredations at his place.
having found on going to his hsv field, thst
the tongues and other wooden portions of
his mowing machines had been sawed into
small bits; that a new hay loader had been
cut Into kindling wood, and the ropes cut
Into small hits and plied with the olhr
wreckage. He had a little trouble with
Conrad Kreuger over hay land, but an in
vestigation on the part of the authorities
led them to believe that Kreuger not only
knew nothing of the damage, but had him
self suffered. Charles M. Williams, an
other man In the same vicinity had his
farm machinery damaged, and found a
card posted on a fence post, signed "Home
Protection League" In which Williams and
his wife were warned to withdraw certain
land contests, and ordering him and his
wife to leave the community before the
flrt-t of August, and announcing that It was
the last warning and they should beware.
Tvro Pardons In Snnth Dakota.
PJERRE. S. D., Aug. ..-(Special Tele
gram. 1 Governor Vessey today granted
pardons to Iver Johnson, sent from Rob
erts county on a charge of criminal aa
sault. and to Floyd Purvis, sent from
Charles Mix county on a charge of for
gery. Both these pardons were granted
on recommendation of the State Pardon
Artist Lcavitt
Home Again
Former Husband of Peerless Leader's
Daughter Brings Famous
NEWPORT. R I . Aug. 22 -Bringing with
him from Lurope "The Last Supper." the
1100.000 painting which Is said to have been
the cause of his divorce. Willisiu Homer
Iavltt. the former husband of Ruth
Bryan, daughter of William Jennings
Bryan, has returned tn his Newport home
Already ihe artist and his much discussed
work have become the center of interest
to the summer colony here.
I'nder the guidance of a special com
mittee of citizens headed by the mayor,
the artist's masterpiece this week will he
placed on exhibition In the largest hall In
the city. Later Mr. Leavitt will exhibit
the painting In Chicago and other cities
In the country.
Recently, when Ruth Rrvan l.envltt u. !
cured a divorce from the artist. It was said FRANKFORT
among the friends of the couple that It airship Zeppelin
was tnis painting that had been the chief fort thin
cause of destroying their romance. Six various
years ago Mr
Or. Lyon's
Tooih Poyder
Cleanses, beautifies and
preserves the teeth and
purifies the breath
Used by people of
refinement for almost
Half a Century
Zeppelin II Leaves Frankfort fter
Performing Many Fvolntlona
Over the City.
Germany. Aug. 2 The
II ascended from V'rank-
mornlng. and after performing
Leavitt. commissioned to for Cologne, about 110 mllen distant. The
weather has been fine but near Cologne a
storm Is coming up
WASHINGTON. D. C, Aug. I -Wilbur
Wright will return to Washington early
next week lo instruct Lieutenants Lahni
and Foulols of the signal corps In the
brother and sister living in Sully county
Frlarbtfal Snasma
of the stomach, liver torpor, lame back and
weak kidneys are overcome by Electric
Bitters. Guaranteed. 50c. Sold by Beaton
Drug Co.
Hessian Files Appearing-.
SIOCX FALLS. S. D.. Alls. (Snaclal
The first reports of Hessian flies working
In South Dakota grain fields come from
Haytl and Florence, where It has been
discovered that these little Dests are busv
. . . n.a.iipas r air
In the barley and macaroni wheat fields In Tuesday; Wednesday
ine vicur.iy oi inr places namea. At
places In macronl whtat fields where the
flies sre working the stalks have turned
Three Thousand Will Attend Spokane
(ODgresa Aaatost 0-12, Says Pab
llsher of Irrigation Age.
'Indications are that there will be rono
delegates attending the National Irrlgntlon
congress which meets at Spokane from
August 9 lo 12," 'aid D. H. Anderson.
publisher of the Irrigation Age and the
Primer of Irrigation, v ho was In Omaha.
Irrigation is making such rapid strides
atid there Is such an increased Interest In
a'.; Irrigation work that a large attendance
Is asured. It Is no longer In the experi
mental tage. but Is an exact science. A
few years ago It was difficult to talk
irilgatlnn to the farmers of the middle
stntes. but now they can see the wonders
which may be worked out of the foil by
always having water st hand and irrigated
land is always a teady sale."
Pueblo and .San Francltco are both mak
ing a bid for the next irrigation congress.
paint a portrait of Mr. Brvan at Lincoln.
met there and married the lS-vear-old
daughter of the "Commoner." For several
years they lived happily together. Then
the artist became absorhed in the crea
tion of his palming. He traveled the
noiy L.ana ana riung himself Into the I , , .. ... .'
work with the utmost Intensity. The nlf. ! l""nlp.u,Vlon. f h " r1'h, P'"-
ferenccs with his wife grew anace until I cnai"?.. ny MRnal ,'orp'' Th" ln,4,rut-
flnally society awakened to the news that I 'n ar" ,nke pl"f' ' Co"r
Kuth Bryan Leavitt had brought suit for I Fark' Md" acco!"l" " the present plans.
The contract with A. M. Herrlna- for an
j aeroplane has been annulled because of
tne tenure or Mr. Herring to deliver his
machine by August I.
L'ORIKNT. France. Aug. 2-Whlle ex-
a military
In detail a modern realization of the f- : aeroplane of his Invention. LI eutenani
mous scene when lh Nazarene said lo i Gros of the French army
a stiall and dashed to the ground, and
separation from her husband.
Mr. Leavitt has received enough praise
to furn the head of the average artist.
"The Ijtst Supper" Is a remarkable work.
over thirteen feet In height and exceed-
Farmer Killed By Lightning.
PIERRE. S. D., Aug. 2.-Axel Pearson,
, . ' . ' " vjver inirieen reet in height and exceed- """lr""' ug. z
four miles north of the city today whileh , .!... J nerimenim-
, nip, iftiiij-inii fT-V Ml irilKI II, l pOnry S 1 v i"ia. nil
operating a header. His only relatives are n h.i.ii . m.r .ror,ina ,.r 1,1. i...i..
was caught in
"That thou doest. do quickly."
suffered severe injuries. .
The Weather.
"In this matter
of Health you
cannot buy an
irrununity bath
with avbank
15 cents
in a
WASHINGTON. Aug. 2.-Forecast-r.f the
weather for Tuesday and Wednesday:
For Nebraska and Iowa Partly ciooiv
showers and cooler Tuesday; Wednesday,
For Colorado and Wyoming Generally
For Kansas Fair and somewhat enniar
l-or .south Dakota-Fair and somewhat
cooler Tuesday; Wednesday, fair.
For " Missouri-Partly cloudy, continued
warm. '
Madam-Just Try
PorR and Peas
The trial will prove a revelation to
you a brand new culinary sensation
for you and the whole family.
,toe v Ioom"?""
) I i'H I
ha yesterday:
Hour. rjeg.
S a. m 73
n a. m ;.:
7 a. m
a. m
! a. m si) j
1" a. tn ti I
11 a. m s.
12 m si
1 p. m '. ss
2 p. m 7
5 p. m st
4 p. m ft I
6 p. m 87
f p. tn s.i
" P. m Si
p. m s; i
J p. ni 79 j
PorR and Peas
all ready to terve, will make you friends with
your family every time you use them the
most succulent, the most delicious, the most
toothsome, mouth-waterinjj, pure, whole
some, healthful dish you ever put in your
mouth- Serve Cold, a Delight.
Served Hot, a Revelation.
Buy a can today and prove it. Enough for a family of six.
SLx Big Helpings. Fifteen Cents Everywhere.
Packfti onl by
Tl Wisconsin P Csnatrs Co. Chioag
fwkeri of ibe Fuboui Liketide Bnuid Peu and Beau.
On Demonstration at The Dennett Co.
In sickness or in health the best food is
! ! !
I. oral Rrrord. j
OMAHA. Aug 2. Official reiord of
peratnre and preilpitaii in. compared wi ll,
the corresponding period of the last three!
years. U1. 190K lan?. ljOi. I
.Maximum temperature.... xk 3 73 st ,
Try it fop breakfast with milk or cream
easily ingested strengthening and sat-
is tying.
Minimum teniperat ut e.
will start you right, anl the lit
tle Look, "The Road to Well-
ville," foum I in vke., will help
"There's a Reason"
I Davenoorf. clear
i Denver, part tloudv
.. ii. One ittle book is p acer ir"na ",ar
Huron, rain
in every third pkg. Trust you
won't fail to find one.
73 70
Mian temperatur.- so S2 M
11 ei 1 pi 1 at ion mi no on .7
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1
anrt compared wiih the last two ytars
Normal temperature
Deficiency for the day
Total dff liieni v aime March 1
Normal prei ipitatwn
Defuinecy for the day..
Total rainfall shire Mati h 1 1
Deficiency mnie March 1
F'xreajs for .or nriori In lit
Deficiency for cor. period in 17.
Heports "roni lations at T 1
Station and -State Tern Max.
of Weather 7 P M Tern
Rli-marck. part cloudy 2 W
t'lievenne. part cloudy.
1 hicago. clear
n Inch
IS Inch
71 ini-hei
M Inch
. Inch
4 9j Inches
fall on
Old Folia' Livers
need an occasional stirrinir tin in L-n (.-. k;
r - r -" uivi.a i - w . 1 1 .v . 1 1
rnn.linat.H k, im,. - 1 .. II.. i . . . i
. ---t --m &iitiaujr run uunn. ttne same x
time, tne laxative mutt not Ke r. uinl-n. . . 1 i. . l - .....
, . -.. - . v. .u ,,ulbm M ivwiirckuiB ijrncill
uv miuc ama.uig ana sicgncs
Battle Creek. Mich.
Kanfias City, clear...
Omaha, clear
St. I.ouis. clear
St. I'aul. psi-t cloudv
alt Lake Citv. clear
Valentine, cloudv. . .
T indicates trace
of precipitation
is the ideal treatment for old folks' livers never faiis to art. vet
never inucu. tonic ( well as a laxative, licit for con-
stipation, rheumatism, biliousness any and all troubles of
uci, iiiiiiinn ana do we it. j ane an r K UDlet to-
: c . in m i i .
mgni you ii icei uetter in the morning.
.is Get a 25c Box
7 At
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster