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    TOE BEE: OMAHA. FRIDAY. JUT A' 30, 1909.
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
f JU
flte ful Staffs Offlee
Mk m ta M IS
Pevla, drugs.
CORRIOANB, undertakers. Thone 1.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. 333.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 87.
When you want reliable want ad edver
tlpi. use The Bee.
TrVrlng binders and mowers.' Bpearllng
s Trlplelt, 37 Broadway.
Wanted a boy . to carry a Bee route.
"Apply H Scott street, Omaha Bee.
Undertakers. 'Phone 13, N. Main Ht.
Df W. W. Magarell, optometrist, moved
to IOS-20S City National bank building.
Nntice F. O. K., 104. you must have your
uniforms ordered by Aug. 1. (orders
througn job nmitn or Metcair av Lo. t. U,
lenel, chairman. ,
The last week of our tO per cent disonunt
sale on our entire stock of up-to-date
shuns, all well-known brands. 21 8. Main
M , liuncan 8hoe Co.
Joseph W. Smith arrived home Wednes
day night from. Los Anieles, Cal.. where
)f was me sole ablegate to the Elks'
nd lodge meeting from the Council
.'iff! lodge.
ames 8. fltandeford. a former traveling:
aAesrnan residing on Third street, was
yrsieraay aajuaged insane and ordered
committed to the state asylum at Clar-
inan. ii 10 os years 01 age.
Alice Clara, the Infant daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. 1. . E. Kitamlller, 121 Twelfth
avenue, died yesterday morning, aged lo
months. Tha body was taken yesterday
to defiance, la., where tha funeral will
be held.
Announcement was made yesterday that
the construction work on the extension
of the street railway to the Iowa School
for the Ieef would soon be completed and
I hit nmrm u.111 piiimlnn ... afe, n ,
. ...... ..... HH iiitiii, V,B i.iit. vg
August 15.
City Solicitor Clem F. Kimball arrived
home yesterday morning from an extended
eastern trip, during which he visited New
York, Washington and other points.
While away Mr. Kimball attended the na
tional convention of the Dramatic Order
of the Knights of Khorassan at Ashevllle.
Mrs. Carrie Bushel, living at tha Ogden
hotel, lost about $10 from her pocket book
wnne in tne ornce or ir. -R.--0. Williams,
a dentist, Wednesday afternoon. Bert
, Deeds and Joe Pmitt, who ware In the
vwaltlng room of the office, are suspected
W taking the money and are under arrest.
They ate to have a hearing In police
t court this morning.
Charles Roadman, the special agent of
the Great Western railroad who shot and
seriously wounded Charles Mandel, a one
armed youth In the local yarda Wednes
day morning, furnished a bond In the stim
of f 1.500 Inst evening and was released
thouifh siifferlna: considerable nstn from
his wound, was reported last evening to
he doing nicely with every prospect of
f his recovery.
Thomas O. Wright and Emma P.
Wright, who stated they had been di
vorced In Douglas county, Neb., about
seven months ago, secured a marriage li
cense In this city yesterday and the cere
mony of reuniting them was performed
bv Rev. Henry DeLong. They both gave
their residence as Omaha. "I hope to be
able to hold her tight this time." re
marked the groom with a smile after the
ceremony to Rev. Mr. DeDong..
The condition of John A. Johnson, the
rarmer living east of this city who was
trucK and severely Injured by an auto-
fst'ione owned and driven by George W,
Adams of Walnut, nreslilent of the Inai.
and Omaha Short Line company, Tuesday
rvrninn st nnarovir and Scott street,
was reported ypsterday to be serious. In
1 aonmon to a fractured arm end severe
i calo wounds Johnson Is stated to have
suffered a dislocation of the hip and his
chest was .badly crushed besides.
& ft). i.. ...,,. -
.Nearly Ten Thousand Unllira tnr
I The Jury of appraiser appointed by the
sheriff In tha right-of-way condemnation
' proceedings Instituted by the Iowa &
1 Omaha Short Line company completed Its
. deliberations yesterday. A total of $9,703
P for lund and crops on the ntrlp sought
by the ra'lwuy company for Its rlght-of-
jjj vay In awarded by the Jury. Forty-sixth
k mid nitic-tcnihs sen's of land wera Inverted
in the eleven condemnation proceedings.
It a.H aimed yesterday that the rlght
of wuy puichasejl without condemnation
lihoc td riK cost about 12.000 less than
IMllt h hud lo hi nciiilre thrmiah V, r..-.,,
tl .tiitintion procfcdlnas. This would hrlns
J tlie total cost i f the ritfht-of-way between
JTrcvror and the point where the road la
lo cunneci v. Ilh Hie Wabash tracks at
i n uk to aouut iio.uuo or approxi
mate fl.tou per mile.
Tho Jury of appraisers awarded the own-
fin cf the land the following amounts:
V lllsni J. Damltz snd Herman Damlts.
1 1 1: acr e. ..); uostave C. Hlumer, l.
j ucif, .:t; rjut Montgomery, 4 J7 acres,
I wu.i)i J. Nuaser, 4.82 acres, H45;
J'llins Kurgan. 4.03 acres. $810; W. A.
ti.IT acres. 1.40; II. P. Knowlrs
SJ t il .''.- Ir.1,,1 (' UAU t1 .OK. tClllt..
Lr iiu , , m rr. rnvsi); Ktortenbecker ea
'tatc, ,.tH acrrs. $800: Frtderlck llobus. 1 il
i 'eter . f 1 ,l n tnan. nn .KA . 1nnnl.
fr.rm. a"av.ld $u0 for damages to
c. o.', ui-.U Uuam A. Lewis, tenant oa
't l-isir Montgomery
nar(l(,i i o.
kr our i
.it ni'K Ju-. i? arance sale of
i.auicd p:.:Sints, pyrography sets, etc. Soe
our rct.itiun! o .plctura mouldings. Alex
anders, Broadway.
Mtirrlas I.tfrnaea.
Llcentita to wad were Isrued
to tha follow Ing:
N'sma and Residence.
Herman 11, 1 anocti. Avoca. la.
Lotta Verne button. Shelby, la...
Thomas O. Wright, Oirmha
KrntMu i. Wrt;ht. Omaha
" IL
Let us llnire your contract on painting.
We know w can satlafy you. II. Ber
wick, til Routa Main street.
24tti and Farnum
Cremnery Butter, per pound. . . . 30c
Fresh Eggs, per dozen 20c
Peas, per dozen cans $1.10
Corn, per Uoezn cans 90c
Tomatoes, per dozen cans $1.'1.3
No. 1 "Whole Hams, per pound 15c
No. 1 Strips Bacon, per pound X7lAc
Vhoaea. Bell . 1M1, lad. A-asn.
f Cou
ncil Bluffs
Three Petitions Tiled by Alleged
Victims of Big Store Gang.
Jeeepra W. l.eloea of Menominee,
Sllch., tlnaltfled as Stakeholder
Pnttln tn IO.OOO Tales
of Other F.sir Marks.
Another Installment of three petitions In
the suits brought In the district court at
Council Bluffs by "Mikes' against J. C.
Maybray and other alleged members of the
swindling syndicate were filed yesterday
by Attorneys Wadsworth and Crawford. Of
the twenty-two suits brought by these at
torneys on behalf of the alleged victims of
the "big storo" gang, original notices of
which have been served, eight petitions
hava now been filed In the district court.
The plaintiffs In tbo three suits In which
petitions wcro filed yesterday are:
Joseph TV. Ielsen of Menominee, Mich.,
who" claimed to have been bunkoed out of
$10,0) on June 7, 1907, on a fake boxing
Joseph P. Walker of Denver, Colo., who
claims to have dropped $5.? on a fake
horse race on July t, 19W, and to have been
robbed or a diamond stud valued st $mo
by one of the gang of "conspirators." lis
sues for $4,106.
J. E. Harrington of HarUel. Colo., who
says he was swindled out of $4.0UO on a
fake horse race on August 20, 1U0S.
The defendants who are the same as
thosa named In the petitions filed last
Saturday in the other five sulta are Ben
jamin Marks, alias No. 7ft; First National
bank of Council Bluffs, Ernest E. Hart,
Ernest E. Hart (Incorporated), John J.
flplndler, James C. Maybray, alias J. C.
Gordon, alias No. 66, alias 'B." alias J. T.
Barnes, alias B. S. Ansel; John K. Dob
bins, alias Becky DobblnB; Frank O. Scott,
alias Frank Maxwell, alias George Wilron.
In the petition In Joseph W. Lelsen's case
no alleged "steerer" Is named as one of
the defendant;. In Joseph P. Walker's
case. Frank Adams and George Ryan are
made defendants as alleged steerers. In
Harrington's case, W. H. Coon Is named as
the steerer and Is made a defendant.
Fake Bexlng Match.
Tha petition In the case of Joseph W,
Lelsen, the "Mike" from Menominee,
Mich., who claims to have been separated
from $10,000 by the gang Is somewhat dif
ferent to tha others, as Lelsen says he
was bunkoed out of his money at a fake
boxing match Instead of at a horse race,
as most of the "Mikes" were. Although
not named as one of the defendants Harry
Lewis Is alleged by Lelsen to have Induced
him to come to Council Bluffs to osten
sibly act as stakeholder at a boxing
match between Lewis and a man named
J. C. Gordon. The stakes were to be IM.OOO
a side and Lelsen had to show that he
was a man of means In order to officiate
as stakeholder. As evidence of his finan
clal standing Lelsen brought $10,000 with
him to Council Bluffs. He returned home
without It. The boxing match, Lelsen says
in his petition, was pulled off in a building
at the southwest corner of Broadway and
Blxtecnth street. After a few rounds one
of the boxers fell to the ground and pre
tended to be dead, while blood gushed
from his mouth and nose, tha same trick
of the bladder containing blood from
chicken was made una of In the fake horae
races. The members of the "Millionaires'
club" became acared when the boxer fell
and Lelsen was at once told of the neces
sity of flight to escape arrest. He fled
and In the excitement Lewis, who had
held lelsen's $10,000 forgot to return htm
his money. This fake boxing match la
alleged to hava been pulled off In June,
1907, a year before the gang made Council
Bluffs its headquarters.
Walker Loses Diamond Stad.
Joseph P. Walker of Denver alleges that
In addition to being bunkoed out of $o,306
on July 3, 1908, on a fake horse race near
Manawa, one of the members of the gang
robbed him of a diamond stud valued at
$800. Although not so stated In the peti
tion filed yesterday, Walker, when relat
ing hla experiences with the gang to
Postofflce Inspector Swenson, accused
George Ryan, a saloonkeeper at Hot
Springs, who was arrested a few months
ago, with taking his stud. Walker told
Mr. Swenson that Ryan stepped up to
him and cooly unscrewed the stud from
his, Walker's, shirt front and put the
Jewel In his own pocket.
Red Leo and Abble L. were the two
horses w'.tch figured In the race which
cost Walker his wad. The same trick
of one of the Jockeys dropping from his
horse and spitting blood was employed In
Walker's case, as In many others.
For the horse race which cost J. E. Har
rington of Hartsel, Colo., $4,000, a horse
named Bullet was matched against Abble
L. Charles Murphy and Tom Wilson are
named as having been the Jockeys In tho
race Instead of Charles Barrett and Tom
Rosers, ho figure In so many of these
fake horse races. The race 1n this case
was run like the others near Manawa
and the usual stunt of one of the jockeys
falling and spitting blood was pulled off.
Sntor Amends Petlttou.
ftamuel Sutor, tha hotelkeeper of Cass
Lake, Minn., who was the first "Mike"
to bring suit to recover the money out of
which he claimed to have been fleeced by
the Mabray gang, yesterday filed an
amendment to his petition In the I'nlted
States court in this city. 'The amendment
is for the purpose of correcting an error
in the name of one of the defendants.
In the original petition Ben "Marsh" Is
named as one of the defendants. Tha
Council Bluffs Iowa
. III 1
amendment shoes that tha Individual
meant Is Hmjamln Marks of this city.
Besides correcting the error In the name
the amendment specifies that all the
allegations, charges and aocusations con
tained In the original petition ara applied
to the defendant B. Marks.
Man (hnrsred with shooting; De
fendant In Another Bnlt.
Charles M. Sanford under Indictment on
a charge of shooting and wounding Claude
R. Gano, who was surrendered by his
bondsmen and lodged In the county Jail
again Wednesday, and who Is to have a
hearing today before the commissioners for
the insane as to his sanity was yesterday
made defendant In the second divorce suit
brought by his wife. Mrs. Lulu B. San
ford. Mrs. Sanftrd filed her suit for divorce
on April 22 of this year and this suit has
never been dismissed. County Attorney
J. J. Hess appeared aa attorney tor Mrs.
Sanford In this suit. Mr. Hess Is at
present out of the city. In the suit filed
yesterdsy Thomas Q. Harrison appears as
attorney for Mra. Sanford.
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford were married In
Chicago on March , WS, and hava one
daughter, aged 4 months, the custody of
which the mother seeks. Mrs. Panfffrd
eharges that her husband treated her In a
cruel and inhuman manner and that on
July 27 of this year he choked her and
threatened and attempted to take her life.
Mrs. Sanford asks temporary allamony
and suit money In the sum .of $300 and
Judge Wheeler yesterday ordered an at
tachment under which George Hill, the
county Jailer was garnlsheed. Tha return
showed that Jailer Hill had In his charge
$27.42 of Eanford's money. Under an at
tachment Issued ot tho time of the filing
o fthe first suit for divorce wages due San
ford by the Burlington railroad were
garnlsheed to the amount of $2'5.45, but this
money was absorbed by the attorney and
court costs.
There Is also pending against Sanford In
Justice Gardiner's court a charge of as
sault with attempt to kill a man nemed
LlyUOR CO. 519 8. Main. 'Phonea S323.
Mrs. Helen Campbell Arrested.
Mrs. Helen Campbell, living at 160 West
Broadway, who recently filed In the su
perlor court an Information charging
Charles Clausen, said to have been a
former roomer at the place, with the theft
of a parlor suit, a diamond ring and other
articles of Jewelry was herself arrested yes
terday afternoon on complaint of the Iowa
Loan eorrlpany, which held a chattel mort
gage of $!.99 on the goods which were
missing. The charge against Mrs. Campbell
Is disposing of mortgaged goods. In de-
fault of bail placed at $200 Mra. Campbell
was committed to the County pending a
preliminary hearing before Justice Gardiner,
Prior to filing the charge against Clausen
in the superior court Mrs Campbell com
plained to the police that her apartments
at 160 West Broadway had been entered
during her absence and tha parlor suit and
Jewelry carried away.
Blue white three quart coffee pots now
49c Tea kettles 4c. Dish pans 4c. P. C.
Da Vol Hardware company.
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The
Bee July 29 by, the Pottawattamie County
Abstract company of Council Bluffs:
Frank Richardson, unmarried, to
Frank B. Blanchard. let 8, block 12,
Crawford's addition to Council
Bluffs, w. d $
Charles E. Phillips and wife to H. L.
I.tnrit all of Mock 72. Railroad addi
tion to Council Bluffs, w. d X
Sheriff to lsaao Erickson, lots 1, 2, I,
4, 6 and 21 block 28, Railroad addi
tion to Council Bluffs, sher. d 587
Henry W. Hazelton and wife to Her
man Roach, lot 20, block 14, Mill
addition to Council Bluffs, w. d S.MO
Total, four transfers $4,312
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. r0. Night, F-1702.
Turns Turtle
Joshua VanSandt of Madrid, Iowa,
Seriously Hurt in Midnight
Accident in Dei Moines.
DES MOINEB. Ia.. July 29. An auto
mobile driven at a furious pace by a young
girl and containing another girl and two
men at midnight turned turtle on a steep
hill In the fashionable district, throwing
the ncoupants out and seriously Injuring
Joshua Van Sandt, of Madrid, la. He Is a
student at Still college In this city. His
shoulder was Droken and he sustained In
ternal Injuries. Gus Nelson, another oc
cupant also suffered contusions. All ef
forts to establish the identity of the two
young women were frustrated though It
Is known they were not seriously hurt. '
Will Incorporate Mew Road.
IDA GROVE. Ia., July 29. (Special.)
R. H. Baldwin ot Chicago, the engineer
who made the preliminary Investigation
for the backers of the proposed Sioux
City, Climbing Hill & Ida Grove Inter
urban, says that the road will be Incor
porated In a short time under the name
of the Sioux Oky A Eastern Traction com
pany. He Is now selling stock to the farm
era along the line who will be benefited by
Its construction, and says he is every
where meeting with support and enthu
siasm. This project Is entirely distinct
from the proposed Des Moines & Sioux
City road, which aUo passes through Ida
Grove, and whose officers are also very
enthusiastic as to the outlook for the
construction of the road. With so many
electric railroad projects on tap Ida Grove
feels certain ot getting one road built
without fall, and hope to get both.
Threshers Are Boosting; Prices.
IDA GROVE, Ia., July 29. -(Special.)
As tha result of general high prices, the
owners ot thirty-six threshing machine
outfits 1n Ida county have formed a com
bination and Issued a statement with a
new schedule of prices. The schedule per
bushel for threshing will be: Wheat, I
cents; rye. ( cents; barley, S cents; oats,
2V cents; timothy, 15 cents. The threshers
claim they have not made a cent In the
laat five years and that the Increase lu
prices will only give them a fair profit.
From 1 to 4 cents a bushel has been the
ihaige in the past.
5iew Instrartor at I nlverslty.
IOWA CITY. Ia.. July 29. -(Special. )
Howard Barnum, Instructor In the Ithaca
Conservatory ot Music and director ef
the band and orchestra ef Cornell univer
sity, has been elected to take the place in
the school of mualq of the state university
made ujtcant by the departure of Prof.
II. G. Cox. This Is only part of an almokt
complete reorganisation ot the school
which has taken place this summer.
Waterloo Seeks to Secure Mason
Plant, Now in Dei Moinei.
Waterlee Men Pnrrhaae Controlling
Interest Des Moines 8tack
holders Raise Law
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES. Ia.. July 29-(Speclal Tel
egram.) After a hot pace of weeks between
Waterloo and Des Moines over the loca
tion of the Mbson Automoblla works.
Which are now located In Des Moines,
tha Waterloo people secured, or thought
they had secured the locstlon of the pro
posed new and enlarged plant by pur
chasing a controlling Interest In the stock.
Today Des Moines stockholders consulted
attorneys and claim that the plant cannot
be removed without the unanimous con
vent of all stockholders and they Inter
pose objection and will Institute suit to
prevent the removal. It Is alleged that the
supreme court had decided that where ar
ticles of Incorporation name tha place of
business ot a corporation an unanimous
vote la necessary for a change. Waterloo
has tha majority of stock, but Dea Moines
claims It jrtll keep tha factory. Senator
Maytag of Newton recently purchased
controlling Interest In the plant and was
planning to enlarge It. He sold hla con
trolling Interest to the Waterloo people.
Four Overcome by Heat.
Four persons were overcome here by the
heat today, which at I o'clock registered
91 by tha government thermometer. Those
overoome were James Willis, a prisoner in
the county Jail; an unidentified man on
tha street; James Risser, an employe of a
lumber yard and Emmet Burger, a city
employe. '
Half Million.
It was announced today that In order to
make the Improvements counted on next
year Des Moines may have to Issue bonds
to the amount of $600,000.
Crofford Pardon Meld l
Governor Carroll has not acted on the
Crofford pardon aa yet, and the Intima
tions from his office are that he will not
be hasty In acting. The pardon was rec
ommended to the governor by the State
Board of Parole largely because of the
evidence of Dr. Brown of this city, whose
testimony establishes the nature of an
alibi for Dr. Crofford. If Dr. Brown'a
testimony Is true Crofford could not be
guilty. Some of the newspapers In the
southern part ot the state In Decatur
county, especially where the crime was
committed, are criticising the action of
the board of parole in recommending the
pardon, and seem inclined to doubt the
word of Dr. Brown. Besides persona op
posed to the pardon of Crofford are urg
ing the governor not to grant the padon.
Recnre Patent Attorneys.
The Municipal Protective league has se
cured TV. R. Lane of the firm of Orwlg
& Lane, patent attorneys, here, to contest
the suit of the Cameron Septic Tank com
pany for Infringements of patent In the
erection of septlo tanks In many of the
cities of Iowa.
Located In Nevada.
C. J. Burroughs, wanted here for a num
ber of forgeries, has been located by the
police In the state penitentiary Jn Nevada-
women In Piurade
A parade at the state fair ground and
demonstration Is being planned by the
equal suffragists of Iowa. The organiza
tion has for years maintained a cottage
on the grounds from which literature was
distributed.-' This year It Is expected to
make the campaign attract more atten
tion, and following the parade It Is pos
sible that speaker of national reputation
will speak.
Senator Shirley Gillllland of Mills county
has Issued a challenge to Rev. Miss Von
Petsold of England for a joint debate in
Mills county. They debated at the chau
taqua here on suffrage, and It was the
general agreement at that time that Rev,
Miss Von Petsold had tha best of the
Balld New Hospital.
As soon as a location Is decided upon
the work of erecting a $00,000 hospital will
be commenced in this city. It will be put
up by the homeopathic Interests of the
city, may citizens taking stock In the
concern. The new company will be Incor
porated In a few days. It will be on the
cottage plan, several small two-story cot
tages being connected by glass sub-rooms.
Western I'nlon Answers,
The Western Union Telegraph company
has answered Secretary Hayward's offer
to file their articles and accept the fee
and waive the resolution of the company's
board of directors. The company questions
his right to waive this formality and re
fuses the fee of $125,000 which it was hoped
to receive, on the ground the company's
federal charter allows It to do business
without paying such fee and on the fur
ther ground that the company was doing
business In Iowa prior to ISM, and so la
exempt from such fee by the Iowa law,
The letter from the company's attorney
seems to end all hopes of a peaceful agree
ment between the sta'te and the company,
and the next step will be to try the case
out In the courts. -
Coramaader-ln-Chlef Carroll.
Governor Carroll made his first appear
ance as commander-in-chief of the Iowa
National guard today at Independence,
where he reviewed the Fifty-third regiment
In camp there. He was accompanied by his
military staff.
Motte for Iowa Boostera.
IOWA CITY, Ia., July .-Speclal.)-' In
God We Trust" did not look good to the
advertising committee of the Iowa City
Commercial club on its recent search for a
phrase to advertise the city, and Instead
of giving the $0 prise to the man whj
made the suggestion the committee hua
warded It to Miss Antonla Stober of Brook
lyn, la., a teacher In the local high school.
Miss Stober submitted aa the best ad
vertising phrase, "The Iowa City Way
Wins." This sounded good to the club
and will be used In a big -electric sign to
bi put up at the passenger depot, where
all passing tourists may read it.
Traction Line Beys Coal Land.
BOONE. Ia.. July 29.-Ppeclal Tele
gram.) General Manager J. L. Blake of
the Fort Dodge. Des Moines ft Southern
Interurban company today announced the
purchase of extensive coal fields north and
south of Ogden. this county. The com
pany owns over t.OuO acrea of the best
land In the county and will develop the
largest coal field In the state. "
MARSHALLTOWN. Ia.. July If. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Edward 8. Gifford. em
ployed by William Murphy company,
wholesale grocers of Omaha, and Mrs.
Sarah Cain were married at Jefferson
yesterday. Mr. Gifford Is a former retail
clothier of this city. He ar1 hla bride
sre visiting here.
Miss Mfta Pommrenlng, daughter of
Fred Pommrenlng of Clinton. Minn., and
Joseph Amlsh of -Iowa City, la., were
married by Rev. Charles W. Savldge Wed
nerday evening at his residence.
Pinnace Into Swollen Stream nnd
Draa-e Ont Fonr-Yenr-Old
SIOX'X FALLS. S. D., July 29. (Special )
The 12-year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Pobunda, sr., well known
residents of the little town of Tabor, re
cently proved herself a heroine of no
small degree by rescuing a 4-year-old girl
from drowning. The little girl with some
playmates had been playing on the bank
of a creek, which flows through Tabor,
when she lost her balance and fell Into
the stream. The water was running like
a mlllrace, and the little girl was car
ried through a cluvert thirty feet long
and four feet square, and finally lodged
against a barb wire fence, which became
entangled In her clothing and held her.
At this Juncture the Pobunda girl plunged
Into the swollen stream and went to the
rescue of tho child, and after some effort
succeeded In bringing her safely to shore.
The rescued child had no sooner recovered
herself than she asked for her "little
whip," which she had dropped when she
lost her balance and fell Into the stream.
Dog Ba-res Lite of Girl.
SIOUX FALLS, 8. t., July . Speclal.)
To the sagacity of tha family dog Is due
the saving of the life of the little daugh
ter of Gus Jones, a well known rancher
of Meade county. While playing on the
banka ot Kim creek near her home the
little girl missed her footing and fell Into
the stream at a point where there was a
deep hole. This was at some little dis
tance from the house, and the parents
failed to hear the screams of the child.
But the dog did hear and Immediately
started to the rescue. The first knowledge
the parents had of the accident and nar
row escape of their daughter was when
they chanced to look toward the creek and
saw the dog emerge from the water drag
ging the little girl In Its mouth. The dog
had grabbed the chlrd's dress between Its
teeth and pulled her from what would
have been certain death. The dog now Is
a "star" boarder at the Jones' home.
Conrad Ilclsel.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb.. July 23 (Spe
cial.) Conrad Helsel, a pioneer citizen and
the first miller in Nebraska, passed away
in his home In this city last evening. Mr.
Helsel was born In Hessen, Darmstadt,
Germany, April 24, 1830, and came to Platte
mouth In 1856, where he had alnce resided
and for something like thirty-five years
was engaged In the milling business. He
was united In marriage to Miss Emeli
Pauline Rublemann In 1353. He la sur
vived by a widow and three sons and three
daughters. The funeral services will be
held at the home Friday afternoon at 1
Mrs. Kirk Ilelmer.
SEWARD, Neb., July 29 (Special Tele
gram.) Mrs. Nick Helmer. who died here
yesterday morning, waa buried this morn
ing at 10 o'clock. She leaves a husband
and a small son. She was a member of
several lodges.
Charles Tarner.
SEWARD, Neb., July 29.-(Speclal Te'e
gram.) Charles Turner, a pioneer of this
county, died today at Bee. He has re
sided In the county more than thirty
years. Death was the result of a long
Illness. He was an uncle of Dr. H, U
Cummins of the State Board of Health.
If you have anything to sell or trade
and want quick action advertise It In
The Bee Want Ad columns.
Loyal Woman
Tells Yankees of
Omaha's Glory
Mrs. George N. Peek Gets Ammunition
from Commercial Club for Cape
Cod Campaign.
The fame of Omaha has spread to all
points of the compass, but . there Is one
region wbich needs education. Down In
the Cape Cod district of Massachusetts,
where the only Inhabitants ara summer
hotel keepers and Yankees of tha nasal
accent variety there seems to be a dearth
of Information about the Market City.
Mra. George N. Peek, wife of the secre
tary of the John Deere Plow company,
has been staying at the Nobscusett hotel,
at Dennis, In the Cape Cod region, and as
loyal Omaha woman she haa determined
to better matters. Mrs. Peek has accord
ingly written the Commercial club for
printed matter regarding Omaha, which
will be dispensed to the Cape Cod folk.
Mrs. Peek will be bountifully supplied.
"Some Yankees seem to think that
Omaha Is Just a little western village,"
declared Z. T. Llndsey, back from the
same region.
i "They are shrewd enough men, but need
posting about this western metropolis."
One la reminded of that atory of the
Boston girl who mot a westerner and
politely discoursed about the country he
came from,
"No I have never been west," said ahe.
"But father has. Father's been to Buffalo."
rnnn rnu
ervena sssa
a ww v wbo rind their pi
bo find their power te
-wjp vrc
work and youthful vigo
laXJ aone aa a result of ever
work or mental exertion should take
GKAY'b NiKVk: FOuD PILLS. Tfaty will
make you eat and sleep and be a inea
M l Boat a boxes aa.00 by mall.
Car. lata aad .-;age Streets,
Cor. ltta aae Barnes arts. Oaaeaa. Bek
Lcllert's XHZSl LnitL
GmsJmI Cesjlsrl Eeewe is Wears) el i
SM-naa. jtdZS Sans mm kr e
Ions Falls Woman Rana Away frosa
llasbaad, bet Is taaght In
. D. Wolfe, foreman of the press room
of the Sioux Falls Press, came to Omaha
and found his wife at the police station.
where ehe had been confined since Wed
nesday afternoon, when she was arrested
on Information by Wolfe.
Over five days ago Mrs. Marie Wolfe
ran away irom her nusuana at pioux
Falls, taking her S-yrar-old girl. She came
to Omaha and was arrested.
Wolfe said there had been no trouble be
!,;.( ,n i. , ...r,rt
t) If if rltM
A Boarding; School Home for manly boyg. New fireproof build
lngg, splendid location, forty acres of campus, one Instructor for each
tea boys.
Academic. Military, Manual Training, Business Courseg. -prepares
for college or business; school accredited by the University ot
Nebraska and North Central Association of Small boys' de
partment from 8 to 14 years. Number limited. School opens Septem
ber 16th. 1909.
For lnformaton or catalogue address,
11. 1). IIAVWAHD, Superintendent,
Office 14th and U Sts. Lincoln, Nebraska.
Full Term of the
Mosher-Lampman Business College
Begins September 1
Our course In 20th Century Bookkeeping and general business studies
will fit you for a first-class business position.
A course In Mosher Shorthand snd Touch Typewriting will prepare you
to hold the best stenographic positions In Nebraska,
Thorough courses In Business, Kngllsh-and Special Penmanship.
Plenty of good positions for graduates.
Our teaching Is not done by advanced students, but by the most exper
ienced and skilled corps of Instructors in the west.
Our little booklet, entitled "GUARANTEED STATEMENTS" Is brimful
of valuable Information regarding business education. You should get one
right away. It contains some of the finest specimens of penmanship ever
Cut out this ad and mail It to us and we will send you "GUARANTEED
STATEMENTS" free. If you do this at once we will credit your account
with 11.00, payable to you In bonks and stationery when you enter our school.
It will pay you -to read this booklet before you decide what school to attend.
Work lor
A place where manly boys are mode
i seml-mllltary discipline. Prepares
ttlon healthful and building fire proof.
n bsSSBinMnnswsssHsMM
write far lUnstratsd catalogue.
HARRY N. RUSSELL, Head Master, : : Kearney, Nebraska.
Wentworth Military Academy
Oldest and Largest In Middle West. Government Supervision.
Highest rating by War Department. Iniantry. Artillery and Cavalry
Drills. Courses ol study prepare for Universities, Government
Academies or for Business Lite. Accredited by North Central
Association of Schools and Colleges. Manual Training. Separate
Department for Small Boys. For catalogue, aJaress
The Secretary. nV A. Lesinfiton. Me.
Hoistings, Nebraska
isr It IIIHnnir
VV KBICI (siiuiui j
, i i i a. Y m I 1
Six modern
ii. . .. . - .n,i.mA nnri mliltirv deDartments. Highest
tinns. Rated Class "A" by War Department.
Immediate application advisable,
M ,58
Rt. Rev. Arthur LHilllams.L L D.
President of Trustees.
ansa mabsdiot, wbibcital.
Certificate admit without x
amlnatlon to WeJlesUv. Smith.
Vaaaar. University of Chicago
and high eastern Institution.
College preparatory, academic
and collegiate, courses. Native
French and German teachers.
Experienced instructors-' lu
music, all educated lu Europe. Ex
cellent advantages in Fine ArU.
Thorough courses in domestic
economy Sewing, Cooking, etc.
Well equipped gymnasium and
outdoor sports under professional
supervision. "-
Illustrated year book sent on
YOU won't find a bette
school for your boy
than Racine College.
Our wonderful success in de
veloping character is the best
reason you can have for sending
your boy to us. Write for par
ticulars. Racine College.
Racine, "Wis.
Summer camp affiliated.
Xdaoola, sTsbraaka.
A kifk (rmd school emlsiiU4 r s
irons la'ulir and figuring (or ta
M positions I4l lor.ttom. Mo
Mloon. In Lincoln. Kail osonlsf
Hoik. 1. Sinto for kooutilol ou.
k-cvo. Aoom W. M. kiiui, rm,,
lo.) 0 SU-ool UawilD, si.s,
tween blm end his wife ami )c did no
know why she left home, lie said he did
not care if he wlsh.-d to leave him; ho
would let her go; but lu wanted the child
and that was the rrnson he followed her
to Omaha. He thoucht his wife wo on'
return home lth him now thnt she hai
seen the ways of the world wire cold and
rtrwamtt Wrecks Hatldtnata
as completely as cough and elds wreck
lungs. Cure them quick lth Dr. King's
New Discovery, 60c and $1.00. Sold by
Beaton Drug Co.
Bee Want Ads are Business Boosters.
1 "71 r if ' tnj i - k
Into manly r
for all colleg
All athletics, a
men. Home lire combinea
and Tor business life.
nd all carefully supervised.
. -m v Upper Alton
-n,w- e. Illinois
buildings. Fire proof Barracks.
accredlted college rsla-
Athletics encouraged.
waltlng list arum-
cradnates establish
ed 1884) are filling- highest
positions ot trust ana
prom, w put yem n?
men and women In tha
way of true success in life. Ours Is a
thoroughly equipped, working school
with a school atmosphere ana adran
taes second to no other. Practical,
thorough. All courses.' 000 students.
No saloons. Write for prospectus.
limooui busmiss conies
ae swa is is arM l !, ee.
Information concerning the ad
vantages, rates, extent of cur
riculum and other data about the i
best schools and colleges can be
obtained from the
.School and College Information
Bureau of the Omaha Bee
All information absolutely free
and Impartial. Catalogue of any
particular school cheerfully fur
nished upon request.
49th Tear. College and College repertory.
Certtftcato aauilts to Welleslsy, tiinllh,
Vussar and Mt. Holyoke. 14 Instructors.
tlon necenaary. Hoard Villillll I
and tuition $266-26.
KU, AJrnA BaTEZD CAlTllf Prest
MIIQIP omtttk Science,
lYlUajiVs Art, Eipreuion.
" """ Sperlsl Courses. Normal
Cuuiki lor TekcDrrt. Full Courses leadlug to
The Best Inntnirtlnii Ressonsble Rataa.
rlealthlul snd llclplul College Hurrouiulhigs.
Woman's College, Bet 26 JscWstUU, UL
PennsylTajila, Xeroereburf.
Mereersborg Academy lor Boyi
College Preparatory Courses
Person.! Interest tak.'n, with aim to
inxplre In pupils lofty Ideals of
scholarship. sound Judgment ad
Chrtstlsn manliness. For catalogue
William Mass Irrtae, Ph.