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(Conyaueroin .First Page .) ;"
l'.ut, ...neKertheleaa,. none of -th ... ulaut
likely td provoke a reopening of hostilities
reraw1-'--' '' .-&'.wJ-
Although a number tof minor amendments
which 'had been "passed over In former
considerations of the bill were taken up
and settled amicably. It la reported that
all of the conferee noted aa If they feared
a volcanlo eruption. Soon after noon aome
one suggoeted that an adjournment would
be advisable, and no objection waa raised.
When aakad why an early adjournment
for the day waa 'taken, Mr. Aldrlch and
Mher oonfereea aald It waa to give all of
item an oppotunlty to consult with col
leagues and conatltuenta about proposals
for the settlement of numerous amend
meats. They deolered that. Urns, would rbe
Saved by having no afternoon or evening
sessions. Then It was that Mesara. Aldrlch
and Cannon harried to the White House.
, , Payne Is With Taft.
It la declared by Mr. Payna'a friends that
his unawervtng attitude on the low rates
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asici aj.Xm dpt. fad. A-iS4i ,
f lithe house bill la dictated olely"bV a de
ifre to' see. President Taft successful In bis
contention . for -. downward revision of the
tariff.-' ;!;'r'V -T ,
The"tWenty-tJiree republicans; of hei house
who called upori Prudent, Vtt reiolliy to,
plead with him to recede' from hfs position
on raw material were considerably alarmed
today when they learned of Chairman
Payna'a action. It was- sajfj. that, their num
ber was-increased thrqugn. the., support of
Representative Hughes of West- Virginia,
who was not In the party that visited the
White House.
The possible attitude of the house demo
crats waa one in which they took great
interest. It waa aald that In the event that
President Taft and Representative Payne
were successful In obtaining a conference
report carrying out the free raw material
program, a large number of the minority
would be found supporting the twenty
four republicans If Jhey decide to. cote
against the conference report.
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Appointed Indian Inspector.
WASHINGTON, July 20. Joseph Norrls
of Outline, Okl., former chairman of the
republican state central oommlttee of Ok
lahoma was today appointed Indian in
spector for the department of the interior
to succeed Z. Lewis Dalby, resigned.
; , f or Rrfainiirf Health
Plays the Most Important Part.
i ,.., ... i. r
'. '' ' '' !.-"-
Hit Platform Doctrine Starts Lincoln
Democrats Talking.'
Charles W. Rrraa Pavers Coislr Of
tlnn. Senator Miller ft-O'Oork
Closing n4 Trenmore ('(
the Initiative.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., July 20. (Special.) The
indications are now that the democratic
state convention, to be held here net
Tuesday, will be the oocasion of one of
the warmest flghta pulled off In Nebraska
politics in many years. The fight will be
over the platform.
No sooner hud Mayor Pahlman's defl
reached Lincoln thla morning In The Bee
than hla challenge waa ascepted and the
forcea began to line up for battle.
While the big Isadora of the party agree
with Mayor Dahlman that the liquor ques
tion should be side-stepped If possible, if
any one starts anything, no lesa a per
son than Charles W. Bryan himself will
take Issue with the Omaha mayor. Mr.
Bryan la in favor of county option, and If
the liquor question Is ever mentioned in
the state convention next Tuesday he will
Insist that this be one of the planks. If
the matter cornea to a show-down J, E.
Miller will be for county option
Where Governor Shallenberger will line
up when these big forces begin to grind
Is problematical. When asked for a state
ment today regarding the platform, the
governor replied: "I have given the plat
form no thought, but It should contain
good democratic principles."
Senator Miller's Stand.
Senator J. E. Miller of Lancaster county
will take issue with the Omaha mayor,
for he Is In favor of endorsing the 8 o'olock
closing law, though he believes the con
vention can with perfeot propriety leave
out any mention of county option, because
that Is not an Issue this fall. Personally,
however, the senator favors county option,
and he would have no objection to having
it In the platform.
Senator Miller said: "I can agree with
Mayor Dahlman that It Is not necessary
for the convention to take a stand on
county option, but I am in favor of en
dorsing the 8 o'clock closing law. The first
damocratlo atate convention following the
legislature ahould endorse that law.
Should the convention desire to Include
county option In the platform, I have no
objection, because personally I favor
oounty option.
."I would certainly Insist that the plat
form endorse the Initiative and referen
dum. By all means this should be done.
In addition to the nonpartisan - judiciary
am) the. endorsement, of the income tax
fmen'dmeht,.' 1 certainly would endorse a
plank un.'the tariff.1 A good, strong plank.
Teat i may 'have no oonnectlon with the
preaent campaign, but we ahould Insert
It In our platform Just the same."
( Dr, P, L. Hall baa a plan , which , may
or may 'not commend itself to the cbnven
tlon. He woutd take from the delegates
what little authority they have under the
law and leave the platform solely to the
"I have thought very little about the
platform," said Dr. Hall, "but I believe
It ahould be left to the candldatea."
That the convention will result In a bad
split between democrats who for twenty
years have worked shoulder to shoulder
with Mr. Bryan there Is not the least
doubt. Charles W. Bryan stands for
oounty option if the liquor question comes
up and Mayor Dahlman, W. J. Bryan's
best friend and lieutenant stands opposed
to It. The presidential candldatte will have
to decide between them.
Brother Charley's Stand.
The following statement was given out
by Charles W. Bryan today:
"While the delegates to the convention
Oood Blood Hade by Good Food.
If one can aurely turn food Into good
red blood It will combat and conquer dis
ease more ttmee than disease will win.
Any phyelctan knows that good blood
and plenty of It la the best germicide
known and aurely and aafely cures dis
ease when medicines fall.
One of the many Illustrations la that of
tuberculosis, which refuses to yield to
medicine but must give way to good
blood. A man from Philadelphia writes:
"1 have been fighting tuberculosis for
some years, and with a weak stomach was
losing ground alowly every year. I had
tried many kinds of medicine without
relief, and finally got so that my stom
ach, liver, kidneys, bowels and lungs
were affected.
My stomach would retain no food but
peptonlsed milk and I was down to II
pounds In weight. The doctors said about
two years ago that I had but a month or
two to live.
About that time I was put on Grape
Nuts and cream. It agreed from the
start and In a few days I began to feel
Increased strength, so I kept on, with the
result that the healthy blood has driven
the dlseaaa from every organ of my body
except the lunga and la alowly driving It
from them.
I have gained greatly In vitality and
atrength and added II pounds to my
", weight. If I can keep on aa I have been.
It aeema clear that I will get entirely well.
: thanks to old Dame Nature whose work
. . waa. made, possible by Grape-Nuts food
which I could digest." "There's a Jaee
i evn
must decide the matter, letters and reports
t have received from throughout the atate
Indicate that there will be title. If any,
dlfferencea of opinion as to the questions
which have more or less national Interest
t thla time. The party seems to be a
unit as to the advisability of ratifying
the constitutional amendment authorizing
n income tax, also the election of United
States senators by direct vote of the peo
ple. I believe the putty Is practically a
unit In favor of a' bank guarantee bill,
also a nonpartisan Judiciary and school
officer bill. As to the liquor question.
In view of the state election this fall
Including only supreme court Judges and
regents of the university. U le hardly likely
that that question Will .be raised In the
convention. If It Is raised. I am personally
In favor of the party taking a position In
favor of county option, which gives the
people of each eounty an opportunity to
decide the question by a majority vote."
Treasurer t one's Proposal.
Trenmore Cone has, his ldeaa about the
platform and he is able to put up a fight
If necessary, and Trenmore's plan brings
up memories of the late legislature. He
said: .
'The liquor question should be handled
in the democratic stat convention by the
adoption of a platform which provides fcr
the Initiative and referendum, both for
municipalities and for the state."
(Continued from First. Page.)
to-operatlon with Mr. Abbott In admin
istration of affairs during hJs-absenoe. -
Senator Gamble has been laboring -vlth
the commissioner of Internal revenue to
Induce him to consent to the naming of a
deputy collector of internal revenue for
South Dakota. Today he was advlssd by
the Internal revenue commissioner that,
after oareful consideration of the needs of
the South Dakota district, he had decided
that a deputy collector, ahould be named
to assist Collector Ellerman, whose head
quarters are at Aberdeen. The appoint
ment of a deputy collector Is found to be
necessary because tf the ever-growing pop
ulation of South Dakota, and the conse
quent Increase of business of Uncle Sam's
internal revenue .agents. Whosovere may
be appointed to take the newly created dep
utyahlp will. It is understood, be drawn
from the civil service eligible list, and his
pay will be $1,200 per annum, with an ad
ditional allowance of $W0 a year for trav
eling expenses and subsistence. The deputy
will be assigned to the district including the
territory west of the Missouri river.
Senator Gamble was today advised l)y
Chief of Engineers Marshall that $5,000 had
been allotted from the general fund for
river Improvement to be expended at arid'
In the vicinity of Yankton, S. D., during
the present summer.
O. E. Bowers ot Gregory., and .A. T)..
Sheppard of Dallas, 8. D., were in Wash
ington for a brief 'visit en ronte' t6' -the
Atlantic seacoast reeorts. ' ''!''( -,i '
O. C. Anderson, West Point, and Kv. T.
Dlddocks and wife of Walthlll are In Wash
ington today. Mr. Diddocks has business
before the Indian bureau 'in reference to
Indian landa In TJiOrston county.
Appointments Annoonced.
Rural carriers Lppbfned: Nebraska
Berwyn, route1 1, 'J, C. Harley, carrier;
James Craig, substitute. Concord, route 1.
Amoa Anderson, carrier; Tilda Anderson,
substitute. Wilcox, route 8, F. V. Hul
quist, carrier; Chauncey Hulqulut,' substi
tute. South Dakota Langford, route 1,
Albert Tusan. eafrfe.r; .no substitute. . Per-
pont, route I, w, Q. Davis, carrier Ff: C.
Davis, substitute.
A. B. Benton of Sutton, Ray B. Carl-
berg of Bancroft, Neb., and John F. Lewis
of Polk City, la., are appointed land law
clerks in the land office service.
Ethel M. McDougall of Cedar Rapids, la.,
Is appointed stenographer In the land of
fice at Huron, S. D.
Mabel M. Lillian of Burlington, la.. Is
appointed copyist in the Navy department.
Mine Htranarelr Flooded.
BOONE, la., July 20. (Special Telegram.)
The mine of the Boone Block Coat com
pany is flooded with water, the. trouble
occurlng under peculiar circumstances. In
a hole down several hundred feet the
miners used threo blasts. The triple ex
plosion seemed to loosen a body of water
located near the bed of the mine and the
Inflow came with a rush. Pumps bpve
been wired for and it Is hoped to atop the
flow in a few days.
Farmer Klled at Newton.
NEWTON, la., July (Special Tele
gram.) N. L. Parson, a wealthy farmer
living three miles east of here, waa In
stantly killed today by being Jerked from
a load ot hay when the double-tree of .the
wagon broke. The horses, pulled him to
the ground, which he struck with his head,
his neck being broken. Parsons was a
brother of Oeorge W. Parsons, inventor of
Parson's band cutter and self feeder.
The Weather.
WASHINGTON, July 20-Foreoast of the
weather for Wednesday and Thursday
For Nebraska Partly cloudy Wednesday
and cooler In west portion. Thursday fair.
For Iowa and Kansas Generally 'fair.
For South Dakota Local showers; cooler
Wednesday. Thursday fair.
Temperature at Omaha yesterday:
Hour. Dee.
5 a. m 7l
a. m 1i
7 a. m 75
I a. m 7a
v a. m hi
10 a. m
11 a. tn
12 m
1 p. m
t p. m
t p. m
4 p. m
4 P. m
p. m
7 p. m
$ p. m
I P. m
... M
... sti
... 90
... Ml
... fci
... 66
... 4
... a
OMAHA. July JO. Official record of tern-
Maximum temperature.... 81 62 M 86
Minimum temperature.... 74 67 74 6
Mean temperature 81 . 74 82 76
Precipitation 00 .00 .00 T
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1
and compared with the last two years:
Normal temperature 77
Kxcesa for the day 6
Total deficiency alnce March 1 222
Normal precipitation 16 Inch
Deficiency for the day 16 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 14.73 Inchoa
Deficiency alnce March 1 10 Inch
Exceaa for cor. period In 1908 I 71 Inchea
Deficiency for cor. period In 1907 . 4.2S Inchea
Reports from Stations at T p. aa.
Station and State Tern. Max. Rain
of Weather. T P m. Tern. fall.
Bismarck, part cloudy w. 02
Cheyenne, clear 74 84
Chicago, clear 80 82
Davenport, clear 80 84
Denver, part cloudy 72 8S
Havre, cloudy i2
Helena, rain 62 70
Huron, part cloudy,...,,,.., W f4
Kanaas City, clear 84 M
North Platte, clear 88 94
I Omaha, clear M . .80.
, Rapid City, clear 82 88
1 St. Ixnile, dear 78 M
St. Paul, clear M
I Salt Ike City, clear 82 M
i Valentine, clear i
I WilllKton. part cloudy 82 .88
I "T Indlcatea trace of precipitation.
1 L Jl. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Strong Evidence Given That Lieutem
ant Sutton Shot Himself.
ntton, Thinking; lie Had Killed Com
panion In Frolic, Pat Ballet
Into Ilia Own
ANNAPOUS, Md.. July 30. The proceed
ings at today's session of the court of in
quiry which Is Investigating the desth -f
Lieutenant James N. Sutton. U. S. M. C.',
of Portland, Ore., took a sensational turn
when First Lieutenant William F. Bevan
of the United States marine corps, now
attached to the battleship New Jersey, tjok
the witness atund near the adjournment
of court and related his part In the trag
edy In the early morning of October 14,
1.107. when young Sutton met his death.
Lieutenant Bevan was officer of the guard
In the marine camp that night, and one
of the first men to reach the scene of Sut
ton's death.
Like Lieutenant Adams, he testified ihat
Suttun deliberately shot himself, but be
yond that cardinal fact his description of
Sutton's attempted suicide varied in Import
ant details from the story told by Adams,
the man who aald he had participated in
a life and death struggle with the young
lieutenant Just prior to his aot of self-de
struction. ,
The most glaring disagreement wlh Ad
am's story came when Bevan swore ;hat
he and two other officers were en top of
Sutton and trying to hold him down to
prevent htm from using his revolver, whtn
Suttun freed an arm from under him and
fired a bullet Into his own brain after
someone remarked that he (Sutton) had
killed Lieutenant Roelker. Adams testified
that he had risen from the body, and that
Sutton Tay exhausted on tile groutuJ when
he saw him. raise his right hand and fire
the shot that' ended his life.
Bevan's testimony also revealed that a
situation bordering on a wild west rampage
existed in the marine camp Just prior to the
shooting, when . Sutton had been trying
to make Lieutenant. Roelker dance by lev
eling two revolvers at his feet, and after
ward rushed rrom the oamp, aisregaraing
his arrest by the officer of the guard, and
shouted that he would quit the marinee JJer
good and all. ,
(Continued from First Page.)
hltn, -refusing to believe In his-death. Fl.
nally ,ln the late spring pf 18!tJ rfils friends
were, astonished. to leairn that fit had been
found alive and well, working In a menial
capacity and undelr an assumed namt In
Cijnton. la,- , ,j - -rt. : . . :, -
He was .identified ;and Jater returned to-
umana. lie was unauie iu iivr mir c
count of himself and sweimed to be wholly;
ignorsnt of his escapade. He left Omaha
a short:- while afterward, and- until- hla
disappearance from Kenosha, Wis., noth
ina had been heard from him by hla
Omaha friends.
Bar Rheda Halt Tears.
The Douglas county bar, of which Judge
Clarkson was a member at the time of
his .disappearance from Omaha, at once
took action regarding his supposed death.
On page 770, Docket No. 14 of the Doug
las county district court records for the
May term of 1892, under date of July 80,
1892, appears this record:
"In the matter "of the ' death of ' Hon.
Joseph R. Clarkson. Comes now certain
members of the bar and moves the court
for the appointment of a committee com
posed of members of the bar to call a
meeting of the bar to be held at a future
date to be fixed by such committee, and
that suoh committee report to such bar
meeting suitable resolutions for considera
tion and adoption. The motion was sus
tained and Messrs. E. M. Bartlett,E. R.
Duffle and Joseph H. Rlair appointed as
such committee. C. R. SCOTT, Judge."
It was hot until the September following
that any further action -was taken by the
oourt,: when; as shown' In docket No.
page 134, there ' appears this record: "
"Record of proceedings In Bane. "
' "In ' the mattei' of the death 'of Joseph.
R. Clarkson. The court designates t" S.
Estelle, II. D. Estabrook, Isaao Congdon
and Wlillam F. Gurley as' a commtttee of
the bar of Douglas county to prepare ap
propriate resolutions-relative to the death
of Joseph R. Clarkson. ,
.."HERBERT. J. DAVIS-, .Judge."
The next proceedings, as shown by the
records of the court, appear in. docket
No. 15s on pages W6- and 237 and 338. The
two first tpages are occupied with the
memorial resolutions, as evidently prepared
by" the last named committee. These -are
leaborately engrossedi and are . bordered
with, a aeerf'line" of black.-'
:' Name Is' Erased.1 ''v-
However, all reference to the name of
Judge Clarkson, and, anything Indicating
the identity of , the person in whose honor
the- memorial resolutions are dntwn, have
been carefully and artistically erased and
The memorial record Is as follows, the
Stars or asterisks Indicating the eraauiae
and eliminations: -
And now on this day came the oom
mlttee lieretofore appointed to prepare
and report suitable renolullona. touching
the death of and pteaenta Ita re
port in the worda, following:
It coming to the knowledge Of this hon
orable court that on the 29th of July
last and It appearing seemly to
the court that a committee be appointed
to take appropriate action In the premises;
we. the committee appointed by your
honors, aik that our report be spread upon
the ricords' of the court aa a meno
sentiment of the Douglas county bar
In that behalf.- We further ask that the
clerk be directed to make an exemplified
copy of this report and transmit the
of thla taking off. After a long life
rounded to Its close, death may cause eor-
frow but not bitterness. Uod has eo or-
dhlned that In such cases those wno mourn
shall be comforted and reconciled; whllnt
he who dies clatps hands with those he
loves on the horizon of this life and In
their bending eyes beholds an earnest of
that greater love.
Loan (jruairi and Moaning Sedge."
But to be met by death, as was our
brother midway of alloted years.
In the full senlth of physical and mental
powers; to reach out empty hands to empty
Skies; Instead of eyes suffused with love
to see oniy the glitter ot the tearless staia;
Instead of tender voices, to hear enly the
lonesome wind among the lush grasses and
the moaning sedge something higher than
philosophy must be the protest of human
nature against a fate like this.
But God Is good and His wisdom, even
through sorrow s eclipse, we may partially
discern. He hath imposed a test of char
acter and taught us its import and its
value. In the memory of a life, so manly,
upright, brave and pure, whisperers are
silent; niihtrust and circumstance have
no impresalvenes.
had a wide acquaintance in
this community, but the radius of hla In
fluence was not measured by his ao
uualntance. He was a man, a gonileman,
4 j with all the virile qualltie that the word
nr, j Implies, l.eonlne In strength and courage,
but with the quick sympathlea of a woman.
but not familiar; self-reliant, but not seli
assertlve: he waa a nobta, royal, honest
genUaman. As a ottlsan he was . native
born, of a Una of ancestors a ho helped
make our government, and gave the word
"olttaen" Its e'lgntf icance and 'glory. Ufa
heart kaew but one ullvgtaiioe. ills coun
try was.. his world.
He was a laer who honored hla pro
fession, and was hgnorsd If lb As to the
measure of that honor and the high esteem
In which his brothers held him. lit these
P'-eeents leetlfv. The short period dur'ng
which he presided over a co-ordinate di
vision of this court, proved him the p er
of any Jmlse who has from Its Irtbunnl
swave.1 the destinies of his fellow nv n
He reallae.1 to the utmost the sacred func
tions of the office and the gravity of its
reiponslhllltlrs. On the bench he knew not
friend or foe. T.ltlKants to him were ab
straction, lawyers a Impersonal as the
tooks thev read from. He was patient In
hearing, hut prompt In Judcment. From
the bar he exacted a rlRorous courtesy
which he was careful to extend; and If he
had a falling It was. perhaps, too great
severlt v In defense of Judicial preroga
tive. lut this was on the bench. Off the
bi'nch he resumed the ojd-tlme feeltlon
ehlp end not a wstlge of the Justiciar re
mained. Committeemen Rah Oat Names.
Several lines are here erased .carefully
from the record, even going so far as ti
rase the names of the committee and the
deep line of mourning at the bottom, which
Is drawn completely arvund the two care
fully written pages of the partially elimi
nated record.
On the back of the last page of the
record, and which had been overlooked
In the erasures, appears the following:
Ortober 1. Whrnnnnn It la hv the court
ordered that rfiit of respect for Joseph R.
Clarkson, deceased, thla court do now stand
ad'ourned until Monday momlne next at
8:16 o'clock.
There does not appear any further pro
ceedings on the oourt record relating to the
Clarkson caae. The order of elimination
or striking from the record waa evidently
rt oral order by Judge Davis, that shortly
followed Judge Clarkaon's disappearance
after his supposed death.
Illinois Cine Falls.
CltlCArtO, July JO. Inquiry at Glencoe.
fit., of the police 'of thst suburb as to the
whereabouts of Judge Joseph R. Clarkaon,
who disappeared Monday and was reported
In the vicinity of Glencoe today, elicited
the Information that no clue bad been
found there. ...
KENOSHA, Wis., July JO. A elue which
may lead to the discovery of the where
abouts of former Jtidgi Joseph R. Clark
son, who mysteriously disappeared last
week, was received here today from Glen
coe, 111. The information is that a manJ
answering Mr. Clarkaon's description haS
been seen there late Monday. Parties In
utomoblles are now searching the lake
shore around Highland park and Lake
It Is believed he Is suffering from
Sheldon Chaotausa Knds.
SHELDON, la., July 20. -(Special.) The
ohautauqua . that has had the center of
attraction here f of the last week, closed
lest night with Charles A. Payne's leoture
on Rome.
) Dr. (George R. Stewart, Ralph Bingham,
Dr. Robert 8. MoArthnr, Adrian M. New-
ena, the' Monotbglst;Jtidge George D. Al
den. Dr. Henry Hopkins, Dr.- Monroe Mark,
ley; Hal Merteri, The Magician, and Al
bert Armstrong presenting - Lorha Doonn,
with a host of musical talent, constituted
the large paff of the "program.
The exhausting beat of the Summer
weather causes untold suffering- and
misery to thousands ot men, women
and children. Deaths occur on all sides
from diarrhoea; dysentery, chills, chol
era morbus, typhoid and other fevers,
due in & great number of cases to Im
pure water and the consumption of un
ripe fruit by those whose systems and
stomach are not In a healthy condi
tion; ' " ': r' " ' ' ' ' .
The many Ills that come during the
hot, sultry weather can be avoided by
keeping the body strong and healthy
with Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, the
great body-builder.
If allvwere more careful to keep the
system in a vigorous, healthy condition
the germs of these diseases could not
obtain a foothold. Leading doctors
agree that. Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
has no equal as a destroyer ot poison
ous germs in the body. It 1s endorsed
by . clergymen of every faith, nurses
and doctors of all schools, as a positive
cure for dyspepsia, Indigestion, ner
vous prostration; all : diseases of the
throat and lurigsii every form of stom
ach trouble; malaria, chills,' fever
and. all run-down, weakened, . dis
eased conditions of: the body, brajn
and muscle. It is .a . heart tonio,
blood purifier and promoter ot health
and Jong life; makes the old hale and
hearty; the young ylgorous and strong.
Tonic and Body Builder
"I have used Duffy's Pure Malt Whis
key many yftars as a tonic and body
builder with the best results. My
health is much improved. I am so
pleased that I wish to let others know
ot this great medicine." Frank A.
Shower, Annlston, Ala.
If weak and run down, take a tea
spoonful four times, a day in half a
glass of milk or water.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey is sold
everywhere by druggists, grocers and
dealers, or shipped direct for f 1.00 per
Oar Consulting Physician will send
to every reader of The Bee advice and
interesting illustrated medical booklet
free of charge. The Duffy Malt Whis
key Co., Rochester N, Y.
Of eourse. In neee Says of colleges and
fine-equipment almost any dentist, wltfc
the eseaptlea of tsese waa So lot ckarge
esoagh to aUow the use of good material,
eaa do good dental work. , Bat there are
eery few wko are able to aUetate paaa tn
aaetx operation. ....
. Ia my office yen wlli flail practically all
actual tela sliinlnated. If you are Barrens
sag eery aeasttlTe te pal a, any office ta
tbe place ts.wralesi yes may aeve yeuv
flental work done wits the least alseow.
fort. DR. J. B. FICKES,
SIS-SIT Boers of Traae. Bath TVensa,
lata and raraaaa tV t
The promise for good crops of al Iklnds
In Nebraska were never better In the
entire history of the state. Now Is the
best time for one thinking of taking up
the writing of life Insurance to begin.
The Midwest Life, an old line Nebraska
company, with Its home offices st Lincoln,
wants more local men, with or without
experience. It also hns two or threo
choice openings as General Agents for re
liable and experienced men capable of pro
ducing $100,000 of paid for buslneaa a
In the first six months of 180 The
Midwest Life nieile a good net gain over
the corresponding six months' of 1808 In
assets and In Insurance in force. It has
1.100 satisfied policyholders fn Nebraska
carrying $1,700,000 Insurance. Write the
company at Lincoln for an agency.
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Dent's Corn Gum .STiS?
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Broiler Buffet
Parlor Car
lOO A. K.
5:9.5 T. K.
:4S A. X.
Bi60 F.
Meals a la Carte
Take this trala when
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maba and Xaaaaa
thob. r. oobpkkt.
Pass, and Tlokst At.
14S3 rernam St. Omalia.
Approved by Nstlon and State. Beet
riiraate and MeOtrmal Springs la
Amarlca. Flrat Claaa Hotoia. Uospk
tale and Balu Housaa Write ta -
Seeratary Commercial Clue,
Xot Borings. Be. Baa.
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Omaha vs Denver
JULY 10,20, 21, 22. '
Vinton Street .Pari
Game Called 8t45.
Boyd's, the Cool Theater
Performances, 1 o'clock to S.
Night Performances, 1 o'clock to 11
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Positively the beet moving picture
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and absolutely fireproof. Mon-lu-liaraabla
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Always Open, ..