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Nonpartisan Judiciary Act to Come
Before Court Again.
Tern Allen la Considering? Matter ef
Calling; Stat Dfmofrillc Con
ventionsSmooth Scheme
of Es-Convlrt.
Whenever, wherever, however you see an arrow,
let it point the way to a soda fountain, and a
glass of the beverage that is so delicious and so
popular that it and even its advertising are
constant inspiration ror imitators.
Are you hot r Coca-Cola U cooling.
Are you tired ? Coca-Cola relieve fatigue.
Are you thirsty? Coca-Cola u tnint-quenchmg.
Do you craye something just to tickle your
palate not too sweet, but alive witn
1 1 - y- 1 1 !
jca-voia is aencious.
5c Everywhere
you tee an
Arrow think
of Coca-Cola.
Cause of White Tragedy Goes on
Witness Stand.
i ' -
Conrt Eliminates Evldrnre of Con
versatlon Blwr Husband and
Wife, Trading to Show
Prrirnl Insanity of Tkan.
- V
WHITE PLAINS, N. T.. July 13,-Evelyn
Nesblt Thaw, pretty as ever, petulent rind
chool-(tlrllsh, and dressed In the familiar
blue which she affected so much during
the trial of her husband, Harry K. Thaw,
for the murder of Stanford White, was on
the stand for more than an hour before
Justice .Mills in the supreme court here
today, subpoenaed by the state In its fight
to keep Thaw in the asylum for the crim
inal Insane at Matteawan.
But for the absence of the dainty eton
collar which Mrs. Thaw wore so much
Curing both of the murder trials, she ap
peared today much the same as she did
When District Attorney-Jerome- was trying
to send Harry Thaw to the electric chair.
She Is a little more mature, perhaps, but
he showed the same glrllshnesB that won
sympathy for her while testifying hereto
fore, and at times she was petulent to the
extent of tears.
Her Story Helps Thaw.
Though called by the state in an en
deavor to prove Harry Thaw Irrational,
what Roger Clarke, the deputy attorney
general, drew from her Hps created rather
a, favorable Impression for her husband.
She was excused from tse stand shortly
after 4 o'clock, but was resubpoenaed by
the state and Will probably appear again
Upon the ultimate outcome of Evelyn
Thaw's testimony the state's fight largely
rests. Mr. Clarke tried hard today to get
her to admit that Thaw had threatened
lier life when she visited him on one occa-
Child of Four Would Scratch Her
Head for Hours When Fifteen
It Got Worse Hair Came Off
In Spots Hundreds of Dollars
Spent in Vain Cuticura Soothed
Like Cold Water on a Burn and
"When I was four years old a humor
Nim out on rny scalp. It would make
a thick scab In one night, itching and
burning terribly. Mr father spent
many hundreds of dollars trying to find
a' doctor who could cure this humor,
but none of them oould aver help it even
litUe bit. At th. age of fifteen year
I had the measles, and afte- that tha
ore became maturated and I had to
oak ray hair out before I oould comb it.
My hair cam off in spots and my head
was in a bad shape. ,
"About this tint a friend of my
father suggested ha try Cutioura for me.
My father took this advice and bought
tha Cutioura Soap. Cutioura Ointment
and Cuticura Raaolvent. I used them
faithfully and to my surprise they
stopped the itching at onoe, like cold
water to a burn. In a week my head
was clean from tha scab but was very
red and inflamed, but I had experienced
mora relief from the terrible itcmng anu
slon after his committment to Matteawan.
But turning appeallngly to the court she
repeatedly refused to answer his questions,
and after a clash between counsel Justice
Mills ruled that he would hold the conver
sation In which the threat was supposed
to have been made a confidential one be
tween husband and wife, and therefore
privileged until the state presented proof
to show that Daniel O'ltetlly, the New
York lawyer, who was present at the time,
was not then acting as counsel for both
Mr. and Mrs. Thaw. This Deputy Attor
ney General Clarke promised to do, and
Mrs. Thaw was excused after identifying
a number of papers In her husband's hand
Many Witnesses Favor Thaw.
Aside from Evelyn Thaw's appearance,
which was the sensation of the day, the
testimony was much like that of yester
dayaccounts of witnesses called by
Thaw's counsel, all of whom attested to
his apparent soundness of mind. The
eagerness to see Mrs. Thaw was Just as
Intense as when she appeared dally at the
criminal courts building.
A throng of curious spectators crowded
Into every available foot of space In the
new court room, the rumor having gone
out earlier In the day that she would
testify. When she left the stand such
a crowd followed her that she had to take
refuge In the district attorney's office.
When she first entered the court room
and made her way to the stand there was
a buzx of excitement and a rlppple of
comment; but she showed little concern.
On the stand she was reluctant to answer
Mr. Clarke's questions and had to be
Instructed to do so a number of times by
the court.
Evelyn Is Petulent.
The tears came to her eyes when Justice
Mills ruled against her and she turned
to him and said petulantly:
I guess I will have to obey for I cannot
afford contempt proceedings or go to jail.
My husband Is not paying me anything
now and I haven't enough money to pay
She told little, If anything, to show that
Harry Thaw Is Insane, while a score or
more of lay witnesses, who had observed
Thaw at various times since his commit
ment to Matteawan asylum, spoke in his
favor. The witnesses consisted of citliens
from Feekslll and Poughkeepsie, where
Thaw was Incarcerated for several weeks
In the jail pending further habeas corpus
proceedings, attendants from the asylum
and various friends of the Thaw family
who had visited the prisoner. They all
testified that his conversation and actions
appeared to them to be entirely rational
Keeper Is Help to Thaw.
Perhaps the most favorable bit of test!
mony for Thaw today was that of Frank
Toomey, his bodyguard for five or six
months at Matteawan. He said that Thaw
had exhibited no irrltatlonal tendency
during that time.
The state's representatives announced
that they had retained Dr. Austin Flint
and Dr. Charles B. McDonald, who, with
Dr. Amos B. Baker of Matteawan, will
make up the stste's trio of alienists along
lines agreed upon by counsel yesterday. Dr,
Flint was In court. Thaw's counsel had
not decided what alienists to call.
It was agreed, however, that the state's
alienists are to be permitted to make
physical examination of Thaw In the White
Plains jail. The mental examination to
test his sanity is to be conducted in open
court, by the lawyers, prompted by the
burning than ever before. I did not ex-
ing oould do that, but I had to use some-
pact to be cured, as I thought that noth-
thicg all the time and Cutioura was
cheaper than doctors.
"After some time, to my surprise, I
woke to the fact that my bead waa
cured. It was as free from tha disease)
M though I bad never suffered. 1 am
now forty-two and have never had any
sign of my old trouble since I was cured.
I owe health, happiness and life to
Cutioura. Every one thought it was in
curable. I used to dream sometime
that I was oared but thought it never
oould be, but Cuticura made the dream
come true. Fancy a child sitting up in
bed until tan or eleven o'clock scratch
ing her head I 1 couldn't help it either,
the itching was terrible, night and
dav It is a wonder I lived through it.
but I can prove all 1 have writusn by my
old neighbors. Mrs. Florence E. Ames
Oetchefl. Box 503. HeUoweu, Me., too.
old nel
9 and 13.
Csuaurs " sn sols' rrrrrtkm.
Drw a l.M.Tor . Prop . k
il-Cstini-t a saia tons a-tlae
Boy Who Shot
Playmate to Be
Held for Deed
County Attorney at Broken Bow Is
sues Warrant for Eleven-Year-Old
George Crist
BROKEN BOW, Neb., July i:.-Speclal
Coroner Cole Is much dissatisfied with
the verdict his Jury rendered, finding th
killing of Johnnie GUI by George Crist
last Sunday to be accidental. The coroner
Is convinced frem disjointed accounts given
of the shooting of George and his cousin
Lester, that many important facts arc be
lng held back and has scted accordingly
County Attorney Oadd late yesterday aft
ernoon issued a warrant for the arrest
of George Crist and If served today he w
be brought to Broken Bow for the pre
liminary hearing.
Lester Crist will probably be held as
a witness. Both boys are 11 years old
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, July 13 (Special.) Arthur
Mullen, state oil Inspector, who defendei
the nonpartisan Judiciary act before the
supreme court will file a motion tomorrow
for a rehearing In the case. At least to
day Mr. Mullen said he expected to file
the motion. Mr. Mullen Is not satisfied with
the derision of the court and Is anxiously
looking for the opinion In the case.
In the meantime Tom Allen, chairman of
the democratic stste committee, has sent
out letters to the members of the execu
tive committee asking for opinions regard
ing tne calling of a state convention. While
the lew passed by the late democratic
legislature provides for a state convention,
Mr. Allen Is not sure the democratic party
will obey the law.
Should the democrats hold a convention,
there Is no question but what a big fight
would occur over a platform, so the lead
ers sre of the opinion this fight may be
avoided by simply failing to call the con
vention. Rx-Conrlrt Has Smooth Scheme.
Reports have reached the penitentiary
that convicts whose terms have expired
are working a clever game to get money
out of relatives of convicts still confined.
One woman living In South Omaha, the
mother of a convict, was called upon the
other day by an ex-convlct, who Introduced
himself as a penitentiary guard. He In
formed the mother that her son was In a
bad way and was not receiving decent
treatment at the hands of the penitentiary
officials, and he desired $10 with which to
buy some needed delicacies. The mother
dug up the money and the ex-convlct
then started for the street car line. It
began to rain and the ex-convlct was In
vited back to the house and remained all
lght. After he left the next day the
oman discovered that a boarder at the
house was out a gold watch and a 175 dla
mond pin, which It is supposed the ex
convict took.
The mother then wrote to the warden
sklng about her son and was Informed
that he was doing well. She was also In
structed hereafter to Investigate before
she gave up any more money to supposed
guards. This was the second 110 this
woman had given over to supposed guards
The authorities are now after the ex-
Pardoned Convict Guard.
Jacob Frahm, who was pardoned by Gov
ernor Bhallenberger July after having
served fourteen years of a life sentence,
will not leave the prison. Warden Smith
as made him a guard and he now walks
the east wall. Frahm did not care to
leave the place which has been his home
for so long. He was sent up for wife
murder and still maintains his Innocence
Governor's Absence Canses Delay.
Governor Shallenberger's Chautauqua
dates have seriously Interfered with the
organization of the now printing board
created by the late legislature. Tha gov
rnor was made a member of the new
board to take the place of the state treas
urcr. Yesterday was the date set for the
organization, the secretary of state and
the auditor being the other members, but
tho governor was not on hand and some
bids for supplies were not opened on that
account. The governor was also out of
the city when the board of purchase and
upplles meets. Lieutenant Governor Hope
well Is now acting governor but he Is not
n Lincoln.
Majors Attorneys File Demirrer,
Clark and Allen and W. D. Oldham at
orneys for Thomas J. Majors In the case
wherein the attorney general has brought
action to oust him from the new normal
beard because when appointed he was a
member of the legislature, which passed
the act, has filed a demurrer to the petl
tlon of the legal department. Judge Old
ham Is a lawyer In the case
Bollard Takes Vacation.
S. Bullard, head janitor at the state house
for a number of years, left today for
vacation trip of two weeks. He will visit
son In Boulder, Colo., and friends and
relatives at Beaver City. He waa accom
panled by Topsy Bullard, the little dog
which has become a fixture around the
state house. The dog will be left In Colo
rado, a preseat to Mr. Bullard's grand
Hospital Needs Ifew Esglst,
Attornsy General Thompson, Land Com'
mlssloner Cowles and Secretary of State
Junkln visited the Hospital for the Insane
at Lincoln todsy and decided that the im
mediate purchase of an engine and the
construction of a standplpe is imperative
The present emergency engine Is twenty
six years old and therefore of little value
while the -present reservoir would be little
help in case of fire. The farmer at the
hospital has started cutting wheat, the
Institution having about seventy-five acres,
Jndgre Dean to Speak.
Judge Dean of the supreme court left
for Merna this afternoon, where to
morrow afternoon he will speak at
meeting of the old settlers. Custer county
Is the home of Judge Dean and he antlcl
pates a glorious picnic among his old
Dope Treatment Snecessfel.
Warden Smith of the state penitentiary
Is still treating his dope patients and he
has hsd such success that one batch
wh.rh he has confined, taking the treat
ment, has quit asking for the poison.
Every prisoner taking the treatment, th
warden said, seemed anxious to quit th
habit. The dope fiends were separated
from the other convicts and gradually
they are losing their desire for the rnor
phlne. When he started the treatment the
warden found one prisoner was using
drahm of morphine a day.
Pop Convention Called.
C. B. Manuel, chairman and E. A. Wal
rath, secretary of the populist state com
mlttee has called a delegate convention of
the members of that party to meet In Lin
coin July 27, at I p. m. The call suggests
that mass meetings of populist voters be
held In those counties In which regula
conventions cannot be called. In sace no
delegste is present from any county any
populist voter from that county will be
allowed to participate In the convention.
Search for Dr. WaJ.worth.
A woman claiming to be Mrs. P. V.
Walsworth, wife of a Lincoln physician,
Is here from Kansas City trying to locate
the doctor who left his office upon the
day of her arrival. She Is now In charge
of Mrs. Doyle, the police matron and Is
badly wrought up over the disappearance
of the man she claims Is her husband. Dr.
Walsworth came to Lincoln from South
Omaha some months ago. None of bis
ecqualntances here know where he Is.
Widow fine for Relief Money.
The Burlington railroad is defendant In a
suit which has been filed In the district
court by Mrs. Ada L. Crulckshank, the
Idow of Conductor William Crulckshank,
who was killed on the Alliance and Edg-
mont Tne March 28, last.
The suit Is to recover $2,400 which she
lieges that her husband held In the In
surance department of the railroad. She
says the officials promised to pay her the
relief money, but that they had In consid
eration of this required that she sign an
agreement relinquishing all right to re
cover any claim from the road which
might have occurred on account of the
eath of the defendant.
Crulckshank was a freight conductor
ho was killed by being struck by a box
car while on the cupola of the caboose
In the Alliance yards. The plaintiff alleges
that when her husband was killed his
Insurance was fully paid and that he Is
ntltied to recover the full amount.
Free Water Denied Cam p.
By a vote of eight to four the council,
Monday afternoon, denied the petition of
the State Holiness association for free
water for Its camp meeting at the state
fair grounds during the latter part of the
curren month. When the request from
Secretary W. H. Prestcott was read ask
ing that the camp meeting be supplied
with free water during ten days Alder
man Schroeder of the water department
promptly moved that the petition be re
Members ef Dean Family are th
Principal Heirs te Ur
ROCKFORD, 111.. July 11 (Special Tele
gram.) Walter Dean, a brother and Jennl
and Grace Dean, nieces, all of Mlnden,
Neb., are leading heirs of Harriet Miller's
IX, tot estate at Rocafocg
Commercial Clnb Confers with Com
mittee from Mennonlte
BEATRICE. Neb., July lt-(Fpeclal.)-
The directors of the Beatrice Commercial
club held a meeting last evening and con
ferred with a committee from the Men
nonlte church relative to building a hos
pltal here next fall to cost IZ5.0U0. The
church has asked the Commercial club to
assist it In the enterprise, and a commit
tee was appointed to confer with the church
delegation relative to the matter. Presi
dent Begole appointed the following com'
mlttees for the coming year:
Public Improvements W. H. Caman, A
II. Kldd. D. S. Dalby, A. H. Holllngsworth
and C. O. Baker.
Manufacturing, Jobbing and Traffic
V. Burgess, E. 8. Uarber, J. A. Kees,
C. Sonderegger and R. R. Kyd.
Retail Commercial Interests H. A
Thompson, J. Klein, H. L. Harper, J. E.
Ltni ana u. p. ruiton.
Finance J. A. Kees, R. R. Kyd and J. A
Can get well
by change to
"There's . Rition"
Imported" Doesn't Mean
"Best" Ginger Aid
Don't think that there is no ginger ale better than imported
brands. There are many imported not so good as Hydro.'
If you pay twice what Hvdrox costs for imported, it's simply
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Even the best imported ginger ales do not surpass sparkling
Hydrox when it comes to an actual comparison.
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THE CONSUMERS COMPANY. Producers, Chicago, I1L
Where to Get Hydrox Ginser Ale:
Courtney & Co.,
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Omaha, Neb.
Five Men I'nder Arrest at Nebraska
City Have Been Released.
AUBURN, Neb., July 13. (Special.)
Every effort possible Is being made by
County Attorney Lambert and Mayor Mc
carty to apprehend the two holdup men
who held up and shot to death Perry
D. Allor, a prominent real estate man
of this city, on last Saturday night, near
the fair grounds. Posses were out scour
ing the country roads and meeting all
trains Saturday night and Sunday. Sev
eral arrests were made, but no valuable
Information was secured thereby. Officers
wont to Omaha and yesterday returned
with John Orasuel, Ray Palmer and John
Drlnkwater, three concession men who
were on the fair ground Saturday even
ing, but dlsappepared Saturday night and
could not be located after the holdup. It
Is thought they will be able to throw some
light on the case.
Tramps Refuse Harvest Jobs.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., July 1S.-
(Special.) Tramps are very numerous and
at Paul, a station six miles south of here
Friday there were eighteen able bodies
men on the platform and all of them re
fused to go to work for the farmers near
that place although they were offered
good wages. Two of them went to the
home of the section foreman, of the
Missouri Pacific road, the husband being
absent, demanded dinner and sat down
In the house stating they would wait until
the wife cooked It. The husband returned
shortly and coming in the back way, se
cured his revolver and the tramps con
eluded they did not want anything to
eat. They struck out through the corn
fields, over plowed ground and In the
ditches, in fact anywhere to get away from
the irate husband and the bullets which he
threw after them. The officers here dally
have from ten to twenty of this class and
they refuse to permit them to beg, but
make them move on as fast as they find
New Chapter la Johnson Case,
BEATRICE. Neb, July 13-(Speclal.)-Another
chapter In the Effle Johnson
habeas corpus case Is to be enacted In
the district court. A writ was procured
at Pawnee City from Judge Raper by
W. H. Kelllgar, attorney for J. Alfred
Johnson, father of Effle Johnson, compel!
Ing Seth Terry to appear In court with the
girl. It Is alleged In the application for
a writ that she Is being deprived of her
liberty by her grandfather, Seth Terry
The Johnson girl was recently returned to
Seth Terry from her relatives at Oman
on a writ obtained by Mr. Terry
This is set for hearing August I.
&msaii , z
tMtaanwnsManwW8nsssnss)snwBn i minimi i i i musssi I
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CEO. S. PENTECOST, Dir. Put'r Art
14th and Faraaas Sts Omaha, Neb.
Aabara Snapec's Released.
NEBRASKA CITT, Neb., July l.-(8pe-clal.)
The five men arrested here on the
order of Sheriff Rohr of Auburn, being
suspected of murdering the real estate man
at Auburn, have been released. Mr. Scholl
of Paul was at Auburn and Identified the
raxor found near the body of the murdered
man as belonging to his stock, and which
waa stolen when his place was entered by
burglars last Friday night. The burglars
also took several revolvers, and It Is
thought that one of them was used in
murdering the man, the stolen ones being
of the same caliber used in the murder.
Arcnsed ef Beating; Wife.
LYONS, Neb.. July U (Special Tele
gram ) Andrew Myer. a farmer, was Jailed
here at 7:30 o'clock this evening on a
charge of beating his wife. The extent
of her injuries Is not known, as she es
caped Into a cornfield and hid. Searching
parties have gone after her, but It Is
doubtful If she can be found tonight.
Woman Attempt. S.lrld..
LYONS. Neb.. July It. (Special.) Jo
Peterson of this place received word by
'phone that his daughter-tn-law, Mrs.
Stella Peterson, who lives northwest of
Walthlll, attempted to cut her throat this
morning esrly. She still lives and there
are hopes of recover)'. She is th. daugh
ter of Ed Sims, east of Lyons.
Nebraska Mew. fV.tea.
BEATRICE-Hugh Millar, th. young eon hold another Chautauqua next year,
of Mrs. Lottie Miller, was thrown from a, enantauqua was a succeaa. although
'''' j
ho re. and had both arms broken. Charles
Harsch, who was riding the animal with
young Miller, escape unhurt.
BEATRICE Albert II. Gardner and
Miss Marie Schlegel were married here
yesterday morning, Rev. Mr. Petrasch of
ficiating. COLUMBUS Burglars gained entrance
to the Johannes & Krumland grocery and
hardware store Monday night by cutting
the screen above one of the rear doors
and took about StiO worth of cutlery.
ARLINGTON The fruit In this section Is
entirely free from worms, according to a
statement made by G. A. Marshall, one
of the owners of th. Arlington nursery.
Mr. Marshall says that the old orchards
have lut per cent of a crop, while the
young orchards average between 10 and 75
per cent.
NORTH PLATTE North Tlatte's first
Chautauqua closed last evening and It was
decided at th. session Monday evening to
hold another Chautauqua next year. The
stockholders will be called upon to meet
a deficit of about 100. Th. program war.
well attended.
1 FALLS CITY The residence of Ur. C.
N. AlllHon was struck by lightning during
the storm Monday morning. The kitchen
chimney was torn down and a hole made
In the roof. The damage was about 100.
Or. and Mrs. Alllnon were In th. front
part of the house and escaped Injury.
NEBRASKA CITY-Mis. Violet Braye
has filed her petition In district oourt,
praying for a divorce from her husband.
Harry Braye, on the grounds of cruelty
and nonxupport. She says they were mar
ried In Johnson county In April, 1907, and
since then she hss worked in hotels and
restaurants and given all of th. money
nlie earned to "hubby."
BEATRICK The gas company Is prepar
ing to ask for a change In their frsnchlse
which shall extendi for K years. Th. name
of the company has been changed from the
R R. Kyd. Ed. S. Miller, C. 8. Baton
and others. Th. capital stock ia placed at
COLUMBUS Chairman Dloklnaon catted
the republican central oemmtttee together
yesterday afternoon and July M waa m-
rlected as the date for th. convention. Ti.
primaries will be held th. Saturday before,
July U. Ther. will b. nln.ty-oa. dele
gates entitled to seats In th. convention,
and that body will select delegate, to the
state convention and elect a county central
M'COOK A thousand rallread peopl. and guests from this elty Indulged In
a grand picnic at th. etty of Cambridge.
It was the occasion of th. first annual
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ployes of the entire McCook division. The
event was graced by th. presence ef tVe
perlntend.nt Koller and Master MsstisnW
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Gage County Gas and Power company. I a
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