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'w olo st t r.
OiifcGreal Semi-Annual Clearing Sale
Women's High Class Silk Dresses and White
Lingerie Dresses at Half Price
Included in the great clearance sale are about 50 white Lingerie Dresses and about 50
Silk prBMeg. Every garment is high class and was made for this season's selling."
All the 17.60 White Lingerie Dresses Wednesday,
each 93.75
All the $10.60 White Lingerie Dresses Wednesday,
each $5.25
All lh HVQ0,vWhlte Lingerie Dresses Wednesday,
each $7.50
All tie Tl.6 "White Lingerie Dresses Wednesday.
eagh . r', . . , ; i $9.75
All tho 30.00 White Lingerie Dresses Wednesday.
each i i $15.00
Sepcial July Clearing; Hand
some $1.25 Cream Storm
Serge, 50-in.; Now 98c Yd.
Most exceptional value! White,
serge. fashionable for the city,
the seashore, the mountains, the!
country club, yachting . ,Vou can
scarcely think of a place Where
a white serge skirt doesnt lend
an air of distinction to Its wearer..
Nothing so free from the catching
of dust and mussing as thesa
sergws. PHUl 6Q inches wide.
Ball, Doug-. 61S
dowr. tht.-Buft Str1 hill, which has
blocked the xlif J of Twenty-fourth
street, J,on.,thflr fit M cents per cubic
yard. (Wer "ifOOO ouiif yards of earth must
be remoVex! and clxf Engineer Craig said
the bid was'mori tttari 'reaona"bly low.
Do you know what it meanst If you
would like to know, writ W. 0. Cookson,
A. a. P. A., Grand Trunk Railway System,
136 Adame street, Chlqago, who will Send
you a beautifully Illustrated booklet, which
tells and at the same time describes the
new hotel which bears the name.
The Weather.
WASHINGTON, July lS.-Forocast of the
westhqr or Wednesday and Thursday
lfDfVskal - iow'a' and' Mlssourt-
For .JSouth Dakota-Falr
and ' cooler
WedK&da) ilThursd fclr. '
Per Kanee Falf and.tcontlnued rwarm.
For- Montana and. Cdlerado Generally
falf.ste4V' -.,.'j't- .
Temperatures at Omaha yesterday:
' 7 a. tn.. I......,,. W
UvUM.i....H...... 77
vV. m... ...... 7
; . ra.. ................. 78
. t Jfw3n..t.-t 81
ii- ...Wy H
S p. m-..s.v M
4 p."m U
7 p. rti. tl
5 p. m..., 80
9 p. m.... 78
truest Record.
OMAHA.- July lS.-rffletal record of tem-
o.iatur fin el preeipilaiton, compared witn
i if crfir; ipomllng day or the last three
ynn; . 1W. 190S. 1907. 19W
MaxIntfTm ttnprtur....' 83, 7 85
Mininiuni temperature.... v tt 70 6H
Meun temperature 74 74 7 74
t 'reci'pTrat loft J. . .00 . 04 .8 .00
in 'mine ana precipitation cienart
on 7.f, mint ul at, Omaha since Marc
nd ciMparrexl - With the lust two years
iot''ml temrM-f n ture
neftcien,eV the day.'.
. S
Total defk-lenry lnce March 1 Z36
Kormad-p uitUairin..e. lb inch
UeflckMrry 6r 'th day...; ,v .14 Inch
I'reiHpT'naoii M'ru.-f. ilaich 1 VM Inches
Rxrerfj jlnfe Iart 1..... 09 Inch
K&cefts for cor. period. lttlS t.6 inches
DeUci jnv.-for .er. jriod. 1W.... 7.01 Inches
Hrpurla f rom ' Htatloaa at T V. M.
atatio( and Slate Tern. Max. Rain-
f rather. 7 p. in. Tern.
Bismarck, raining; 62 82
Cheyenne, cjoudy 72
cnicaao, pi. cieuay is
l'avenpurt. uleaiv.
Ienver, cloudy... -
Havrew olvar'.m
Ueloka U,-ar:L..i..;,.. ....... 72
HuroriTji-ar,,. ...... 82
iNLannaJ'ily.- cfea?... W
Noiili 1'iatie. pt. cloudy.'.. . K0
Omaha, clear
Kapid Oliyrlear..,:.........
St. Louis, clear. .....
St. raul.l-.r
Bait 4ke lAkv. rjar..v...
Vale,nilpe, ieai
W UliSVcJI; Clttr...r..
i i& oau.- (.ace of preclp.tailon,
U A. WELSH, Local Forecaster
Rule Here
8cnspr Jhnjc. Xd.'i Clearancs
Successful Because' b! Un-
usual Lines Oflered.
The "small woman," who finds It hard
enough to secure pteperly modeled gar
ments at any time, -halls a "Benson 4
Thorns Co. Sale event," With double gusto.
The same holds good with those who
hays, to do with the supplying of mlwea,'
VirlB, boys' and young mens' attire need
fols and jhoe'pHTjf whlctt are now being
thoroughly 'bargaAued" at this popular
'.wttabltsatfnent, the oocaalon being the
"4inlA.nnuai .aiiearance Sale."
The yowdj participating In the presant
spacaJ, atlllng,. araf creating a new sale
. record i for . thai hoaseVpleaaed patrons are
the ' riiTe-ttbeVal buyini la aoparent In
'every 4jirien' . "V're the star twtoa
'larger the multitudes of shoppars would
Truly. 'fh ''HeniKa.nnOal Clearance Bitf'
c"ffrby ,th coirrn Is well worth ones'
'WhltarMlta ku Jjoi'1 Clearance offered by
,a thoiaaej 4bat guaids Ms reputation Jeal
. (ajaly ' e.-.. ,
. IseCllhfrs ajjma, gttlre iwed that VOU
.CwUldiLSeyat. a.tusuuldabla reduction?
,,lt. Vou wUt tlnd yourself pleasantly
waited pon. despite the ruah.
Ult-UIT tuuglaa u
4 Skirt Sale :. '
Bee, 7-11-01.
1 1
i lie
M. rif Jaly ul AofBt p SatnMay'e
All the 125.00 Silk
All the $30.00 Bilk
All the $35.00 Silk
ach ....
All tho $80.00 Silk
. ch
All the $65.00 Silk
"each '
Petticoats! Petticoats! Of
Heatherbloom Taffeta
Made to Your Special
Measure, $1.98.
, The Heatherbloom ' Taffeta
Petticoats we are making li our
"Famous Model" No. 00Y If
you' haven't seen it ask your
friends who have already
bought. Nearly all colors ex
cepting black and white. The
new browns and new Yale blue
are great favorites.
-Main floor.
How President Spend Say with Fam
ily in Far Off Beverly.
Ride Vsnallr Be-ln at i80 O'clock
with Some Member of the Cabi
net or Conarreaa ava at
WASHINGTON, July U.Prsident Taft.
the summer "Bachelor" of the White
House Is sharing the fate of many other
government officials and Washington resi
dents whose famine have avotfxa way to
mountains and seashore. "TTPS" president Is
taking the situation philosophically, does
not seem greatly to mind the hot weather
and Is reading dally letters from Beverly
which tell of the rapid Improvement In
Mrs. Taft's health. " '
Living bachelor fashion at the White
House is not fraught with the aaroe dls
comfort that beset the mre tnstf wtto has
bis , boms "dosed. . p on hm"V whea4il
wife goes 'away arid Is compelled to seek
food and lodgings as best he may. , , ,
The president and" Mrs. Taft divided' the
White Hotine-"help" when the occuaancy
of the Beverly cottage was begun, so the
president 4s well taken care of and domes,
tie affairs at the Whtta House run on
much the same. ' Nesgrtj?-. '
The president, however, allowed Mrs
Taft to take tha "first cook" to Beverly,
while he makee himself content with the
"second cook." Tha second cook Is a leg
acy from the Roosevelt administration, a
negro girl named Mary who halls from
Virginia anil whnae ura v nvr tha WhltA
House kitchens now IS complete. Mary
has tew peers as a cook In any matter
gastronomic, but aa Is to be supposed, she
Is at her best when frying chickens and
making hoe cakes. ; The president Is en-
tertalning many luncheon and dinner
guests during his bachelor days and the
second cook Is providing menus which few
Imported ohefs could hope to equal.
Ant Rid In Bvcnlnaj.
The president hss happily solved the
problem of disposing of the long evening
by takings automobile rides about ths city
and suburbs. He usually starts out on
these trips about 9:30 o'clock returning to
the house at 11 or later. Captain Archi
bald Butts, tha president's aid, la always
his companion on these Journeys and usu
ally the president telephone ah Invitation
to Some cabinet officer, senator or repre
sentative and stops at the tatter's house or
club to pick him up. The evening ride
often extend out Into the beautiful Rock
Creek park, which stretches for miles
along the little waterway whose name It
bears. At other times Mr. Taft has his
chauffeur drive about thactty or on the
Potomao park driveways which skirt the
river back of the White House and tha
Monument grounds.
Aiiaing at about T o'clock, the president de
votes nearly an hour, to dumb bells, pulley
weights and other forms of exercises pre
scribed for him. He breakfast and usually
alyne, although for the last day or two he
has had a guest from a.ncng tha tariff
conferee. During tha moriiinj meal, and
for half an hour or so afterward the presi
dent reads the newspaper. Between 8:30
and 10 he begins his busy day In -the, ex
ecutive office. At 1.30 comes luncheon at
the ' White House always, with soma in
vited guest tfor ' company. The afternoon
is devoted ta golf for ths president hopes
to play every afternoon that he remain
In Washington. - ' "Dinner always ' find
guests aaaembled and usually It is an' In
formal and delightful meal, whL;h begins
a little after V o'eloc miJ. continue for
and hour and a half.
Lnncheon for Mlee Taft.
BBVEKLY, Mass., July JJ-Mre. Levi
Z. Letter of Chicago was tha first Of the
summer residents of the Masaachusetts
north shore to act a hostess' to any
member of the president's family since
ths arrival of Mrs. Taft at Woodbury
1'olnt . '
Mrs. Letter today gave a luncheon In
honor of Miss Helen , Taft, lb preai
dent'a daughter, at the Dudley L. Hick
man cottage, on Neptune street, Vbr
the Letters are spending ths. summer.
Tennis preceded the lunobeon. - Among
tb guests was Miss Carolina Nabuco,
daughter of ths Brailllaa ambassador.
Dr. Alfred Schalek ha returned from hi
vacation in northern Wisconsin and re
sumed his practloa. ,
Harry H. Culver, who has been mana
ger for th Gaora P. Bamla Real Eatat
company during th last year, ha tndrdjj(
hi rMlsnatUxi. to tak effect next monthTrt'O
Mr. Culver expert to opu oirtoea of hla
own and engaa In th ral ttaiat bualn
for hliuxlf,
at ;30 F. a
Dresses Wednesday,
Dresses Wednesday,
Dresses Wednesday,
Dresses Wednesday,
'. ' . .$25.00
Dresses Wednesday,
Never were wash belts worn so
much aa this season. Our show
ing Includes all the good styles.
All are daintily embroidered and
have pretty pearl buckles, at 50c,
75c and $1.00 each. '
Jewel Bags, made of chamois,
also linen and silk covered, at 2 Be
and 50c each. . , .. ,
Traveling Cases, made of pretty
figured Cretonne with rubber lin
ing, at 75c and $1.00 each.
Main floor.
the Great
Skirt Sale
lad. A-1S41
Jaatiro Coekrell Remember When
Original Tom Thumb Traveled
with Greatest Show on Earth.
"It was just sixty-five years ago this
summer that I saw PT. Barnum with his
original show In Jerseyvllle. 111." remarked
Judge O. C. Cockrell, yesterday afternoon.
aa h was watching a large crowd trailing
toward the circus grounds to witness the
Barnum A Bailey performance.
"With Barnum at that time was the
original Tom Thumb. The circus traveled
In a few. covered wagons then and was
thought to be a great affair.
"From our town a few years later a
young fellow by the name of Hutchinson
joined the Barnum shows and ' traveled
around with them for several years. Fi
nally h was. taken -In as a partner when
the firm became Barnum, Bailey & Hutch
inson circus. A few years later Hutchin
son retired from the circus business and
now Is a prominent banker In New York
City. He quit the circus business, a million
aire."; : 'J . ".
EnatlUh Hai Draws' I'p Petition In
Behalf, of Caldwell A Drake,
. Court Hoosa Contractors...
The petition of the qounty attorney for
an Injunction 'compelling County.. Comptrol
ler Solomon to pay the warrants of Cald
well St Drake, the new court house con
tractors, has been prepared and ' Is ready
to be filed.
The controversy arises from the faot that
under the law of claims the county comp
troller Is forced to hold all claims allowed
by the county commissioners for ten days
before delivering them. Last Saturday,
when the board Issued a warrant for $6,700
to the contractors, they expected to get
their money Immediately, but were delayed
by Mr." Solomon's holding that their olalm
would have to wait as do all other claims.
The county attorney gave as his opinion
thst the payments to Caldwell A Drake
on their contract are not properly claim.
but liquidated debts, ; nd for that reason
should not be held. In the petition all
these facts are set forth, as well as the
reasons of the comptroller for holding up
the warrants, and the court will be ex
pected to ask tha comptroller to show cause
for his delay. If the construction of the
county attorney Is accepted, the court will
Issue a writ of mandamus, permitting Cald
well r Drake to get their money each
month, - as soon as tt Is allowed by the
Many people with chronlo throat and
lung trouble have found comfort and relief
In Foley's Honey and Tar, as It cures stub
born ooughs after other treatment has
failed. L. M. Ruggles. Reasnor. Iowa,
writes: "Ths doctors ssld I had consump
tion, and I got no better until I took
Foley's Honey and Tar. It stopped the
hemorrhages and pain In my lungs and
they are now as sound as a bullet." Sold
by all druggists.
Bon Pays Father' Debt.
CREfiTON, la., July IS. (Special.) Ful-
j filling the promse made to hi dying father
thirty year ago, Judg Tbomaa Hart-is of
Lincoln, 111., last week liquidated debts
amounting to between 12,000 and 13.000
among creditors at Bedford, this state. The
elder Harris was a farmer, and fortune.
the fickle Jade came not his wsy. He
lived for a - time at Pottsvllle, and later
moved to a farm near Bedford. On his
dying bed the memory oHte debts haunted
him and the son promised his father that
as soon as he was abl he would meet
all of tha obligation. He kept a memor
anda of them all, and twenty-four year
ago be went ta Illinois, where be studied
law, and gradually worked himself up to
his present position, of judge of the circuit
court of Illinois, to which he wss recently
elected. Bom of the creditor at Bedford
had moved away, and soma were dead
but th money was paid to the heirs of
those Who were dead, and th drafts
placed In the hands of the proper authorf-
ties to reaoh those who had moved away,
and thua jh ion kept acred th promit
mad to a dying parent.
Tynethetne In Session.
DETROIT. July it With an executive
committee meeting i hi afternoon th Na
tlonal Typotheta of America opened Its
twantv-thlrd annual convention Lere.
IC I announced that but llttlo Urn wiil
be given to th "opn shop" - at this
AfTtve. aaUaa.
. fevoiila
. Ul (Mnaaal ...
;....'... Scrapie.
.Hpran. '
K P O KurfuraC
.M. Watiln(iua.,Laxa.
w Toa.
H Am so...
I f?r. Ek, wiVi'
Erldence that ODonnell Acted in
Affectionate Manner.
' IWNn IW Wu Elwwhr
oa Nlgrkt of rimoii Bathroom
laeldeat Attorney a
CHICAOO, July IS Wrangling tawyer
andfurther testimony " Impeaching Ella
Glngles story r)f her torture In the Well-
ngford hotel February 17 marked the clos
ing hours today of the State's case against
the young Irish lac maker. '
An alibi was furtllshed for Miss Agnes
May Barretts,. proprietor of a lacs store In
the Wellington hotel, Who Is accused by
Miss Glngles of being the moving spirit
In tha plot to lesd her Into "white slavery,"
and of abusing and cutting her in the bath
room scene.
Mies Mary Hale, proprietor of a hair
dressing parlor told of. meeting Miss Bar
retts the evening of February 18, and of
attending the theater with her. Later,
she said, they went to Miss Barrette'S
room and went to bed. Th1 was the time
the Glngles tftrl testified she . was being
mistreated by Miss Barrette and her com
Did Miss. Barretts .have anything to
drink that evenlng.i' asked Mr. O'Donnell,
on crow examination.
"No I never saw her touch a drop."
Action of O'lonarll.
Detective Sergean Charles McNulty gave
testimony showing the peculiar actions
of Mr. O'Donnell whMT he was Informed
a mysterious note that his client was
in danger at tha hotel.,
O'Donnell met me in Captain O'Brien's
office," said MoNultyj "We got a taxlcab,
and O'Donnell .directed the driver to go
to 474 La Salle avenue. . I asked him why he
was going to the house first. He said hs
wanted to make sure: that Ellag was not
at home. He showed us the note saying
she was being killed at the hotel.' Then
we went to O'Dohnell's office and then
to the hotel."
"O'Donnell told me to go In and see If
Miss Glngles was there. , I asked the clerk,
and he said no on pf that name was there.
We drove back to the station. Captain
O'Brien met us and told us to. go back
to In hotel, as Ella was In the bath room.
On the way back to ths hotel O'Donnell
said that there waa a man at French Lick
who was employing Miss Barrette and
Mrs. Kenyon as procurers. He said the
man was Tom Taggart, I believe.
O'Donnell Embraced Girl.
When we got tt the hotel w .found Ella
tt bed. She was excited - and scratched
hit, O'Donnell leaned "over her and put
his arms around' her and called her
Dearie.' "
The witness then said that he examined
the bath room and found the transom
covered with 'dost, showing -that no one
could have crawled over it, as alleged by
Miss Glngles,
Attorney O'Donnell' lasted the witness- If
he (the attorney) eer"J had shown any
thing more than a friendly feeling for
Miss Glngles. ' Mr." Short objected, Saying
this was a self-serving- question.
In th- debate that followed between the
lawyers they nearly came t6 blows, and
fhe Judge Interfered with difficulty. '
.(Continued frtyn- First .Page.)
talned by Representative Kjlnkhead of New
Jersey, who. will mujjter ln.o service Rep
resentatives, darner,.. Texas; McPermott,
Illinois; - James, . Kentucky,; .Hughes, New
Jersey; Garrett, ..Tennessea Dan Drlscoll
New York; O'Connell, Massachusetts; Hef
lin, Alabama, and Robinson, Arkansas. .
Tha republicans, under the captaincy of
Representative Tenor: of' Pennsylvania, will
put forth Messrs. Thomas, Ohio; Anthony,
Kansas; Vreeland, New York; Cole, Ohio;
Butler, Pennsylvania; ' Dawnon, Iowa;
Taylor, Ohio; ' Morehead, Pennsylvania;
Bennett, New York; Longworth, Ohio;
Slemp, Virginia; ' Burke, Pennsylvania;
Denby, Michigan; Gaines, West Virginia.
and HawlSy, Oregon.
The proceeds w(ll go into the treasury
of th Playgrounds association.
Man Who Paaaed JUaay. Spurlons Or-
tlfleatea of Deposit on Iowa
Banks. Taken.
IOWA CITY. Ia.. July U.-SpeclaI.)-
John Bauer, the map who cleverly passed
a forged certificate of deposit for $1,600
upon the Iowa City -State bank six .weeks
ago, is in tha hands of the Rock Island
police and will be brought to this county
for a trial. Ths case has been In the
hands of tha leading detective . agencies
of tha country . for tha last month and
the prisoner was apprehended by JL A.
Grant of Chicago, a Plnkerton detective,
at Rock Islsnd, 111.
When confronted with- the Iowa City
men after his arrest Saturday at Rock
Island Bauer denied all knowledge of the
Iowa City - crime, but later practically
confessed and will undoubtedly plead
guilty when brought here for trial.
Bauer ha been working bin scheme all
over the unitea Mates ana wun great
success.. - His. plan was to present a cer
tificate of deposit and borrow a portion
of Its face value, taking a certificate of
deposit from the bank for the remainder
The original certificates he obtained from
an engraving house - In Cincinnati, by
posing as U representative of a bank
which was a customer of the engraving
house. - - "
Although he touched the Iowa City bank
for SU00 ' tt waa considerably less than
some other mitltution vuuea ny Bauer
A Grand Rapid, Mich'., bank paid him
over $2,500 and many other were atung
to the extent of 81,600 and over.
-Bauer- will be charged with forgery and
hi trial may reault In a flften-year sen
tence. -
Mis Laura M. Jordan, daughter ot
David Jordan, and Howard N. Barley
of Graad Junction, la., were married by
Rev. Charles W. Savldge, at hla resldsncs
Monday afternoon.
An lavltatloa ta Wonaea.
The Lydla E. Pink ham Medicine com
pany of Lynn, Ma., cordially Invite any
woman interested to call at their labora
tory at Lynn, Mas., and for herself
th car which Is taken with th vast oor
respondents relvd from th woman of
this country-' No lattar or testimonial ha
ver bra mad publlo without th written
wish or oonsant of th writer. Na onfl
dnc has ver ban violated, and never
In their" hiatory bava thy old or dla
poasd of any of their Utter from woman.
It 1 for the reasons that thousands of
suffering AmHcn woman vry year fl
ft to writ Mr. Plnkham for bar. valua
ble advloa, which la always given f rss of
1909 J U LY 1909
I 2 -3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
II 12 13 14 15 16 17
Id 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 2728 293031
Kava Boot Print n.
Omaha Bletrl Works repairs elevators.
Uafcart, photographer, nth Farnam.
Ktya, photo, removed ta llth Howard.
John A. sloott has filed for county com
Sc.tUtabl Ufa Polio, sight draftaat
maturity. H. D. Nsely, manager, Omaha
Xp you moay and valuabl tn th
American Safe Deposit vaults In th
building. Boxe rant from SI to 11.
Th Xabraaka Savings ft Xoaa Ass' a
loans on homes only In Douglss county.
Servlc prompt, terms reaaonabl. ioard
of Trad building.
Lumbar Company load John Vachal Is
suing tha Chicago Lumber company for
$10,000 for damages sustained while load
ing lumber In the yards.
Two More ril for Nomination Judge
Charle Leslie has filed for renomlnatlon
aa county Judge. Fred W. Anheuser Is a
democratic applicant for the primary
nomination as police judge.
toward Btor Work's Incorporates The
Howard Stove Works of Ralston has been
incorporated for $200,000 by L. Howard,
Irving F. Baxter, James H. Van Dunen
and Howard B. Graham. The Cook Shoe
company, a $7,000 corporation, has been
organised by Herbert Y. Cook, James D.
Jamieson and Surah H. Cook.
Ask $10,000 of Z.ameraax Hugh Wil
liams, an 8-year-old boy, 1 suing through
his father, John Williams, for $10,000 from
Edward W. Lamoreaux, a grading con
tractor. ' It 1 alleged In the petition that
the boy, who lives near Florence was al
lowed to play with some dynamite caps
and In the resulting explosion had several
fingers blown' off.
Qt Attachment on Clron An order of
attachment wa Issued against the Barnum
A Bailey Circus company yesterday by
Judge Cockrell and the management was
summoned to appear In Just court July
17 to answer to a complaint filed by Mrs.
Grace L. Blrkett Mrs. Birkett seeks $26
which she says Is due her for permitting
the agents of the circus to nail posters
on the front of a building owned by her
at 212 South Twelfth street
Manual Training
Given Impetus
. E. Brown, United States Commis
sioner of Education, Talks of
Convention While in Omaha.
Dr. Elmer Ellsworth Brown of Wash
ington, D. C, United States commissioner
ot education, was in Omaha for a few
hours Tuesday, the guest of Dr. William
M. Davidson. Dr. Brown arrived at 1:46
p. m. from Denver, where he attended
the National Education association meet
ing, and was met at the train by Dr.
"The Denver convention, while ' not the
largest wa have had, was one of the most
Important aa ' to results, and particularly
wjlh regard to the stimulus It has given
Industrial education' said Dr.' Brown.
"The three great features of the'. conven
tion were those bearing upon Industrial
ism, hygiene and morals in education.
These have become permanent factors in
the educational system of the United
States and will continue to occupy the
highest lank. The day of prejudices
against industrial training in the public
schools has long since paused."
Dr. Brown was given a drive about the
city during the early evening in company
with Dr. Davidson and General Mander-
'The old course of study must give way
to tha new course," said Dr. Davidson,
'and give emphasis to the practical side ot
education as well as the theoretical side," he
added. "Education today should be one-half
liberal and one-half .Industrial. The liberal
Is the education, that largely prevail. The
Industrial has been so far developed as to
demand that a new unit must be created,
this unit to be known as the vocational
unit. This may be segregated or not, but
it must be a unit and worked out aa such.
This vocational unit should begin with
th seventh grade and continue through
four year, two year In the grades and
two years In the high school. This voca
tional training should be begun In the
lower grade, giving the child basio work
In the vocation he or she expects to fol
low through life."
Dr. Davidson said It seemed good to get
back to Omaha where it is cooler, as all
the time he was In Denver the weather
Was stifling, and what was worse, the
air did not cool off at night. He made a
side trip to Pike's peak, and there secured
a breath of cool air.
Prof. Ellis U Graff, principal of the
Omaha High school, and Dr. Lorenso D.
Harvey of Menominee, Wis., retiring presi
dent of the National Education associa
tion, and President Hlller of the North
Dakota state normal school at Maysvllle,
accompanied Dr. Davidson on the return
trip. Dr. Harvey and President Hlller did
not stop In the city.
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Von Buelow to Be Succeeded by Yon
Relcbslagr 1 Adjourned by Emperor
Until Antamn Socialist Show
Their Disapproval of Blon
rchlrs.1 Institution. v
BERLIN, July IS. Prince Von Buelow,
the retiring imperial chancellor, will for
mally propose, in his audience with Em
peror William tomorrow, that he be suc
ceeded by Dr. Von Bethmann-Holweg, sec
retary of the interior and vice chancellor.
There Is reason to believe his majesty will
accept this proposal and that the appoint
ment will be gasetted at once. Prince Von
Buelow will thus be permitted to name hie
own successor at Emperor William's re
quest. .
Dr. Von Bethmann-Holweg la a college
friend of the emperor and during the lat
tes's entire reign ha oftn advisad his
majesty. -. ..
- He baa, however, shown a disinclina
tion to accept high offices. H 1 a man
of reserved and thoughful habits and some
times has been called th "philosopher
Even at his own receptions h some
times wears an air of pre-ocupatlon.
Dr. Bethmann-Holweg Is of Jewish origin.
He is now 53 years old. In his youth he
studied law and waa appointed assistant
Judge. Before he was 30 years old he had
been made district governor of Ober-Bar-nlm,
and later h became provincial presi
dent of Potsdam, where the suburban pal
ace of Emperor William Is located. During
his three years at Potsdam he saw much
of the emperor, and the . two took long
walks and rides In the environs.
Following hla sojourn at Potsdam, Dr.
Von Bethmann-Holweg's promotion was
rapid. He became president of th govern
ment ot Bromberg and later president of
the province of Brandenburg, from which
post he took up the portfolio of Prussian
minister of the interior. He then followed
Posadowsky as Imperial minister.
After fhe clerk of the Reichstag had an
nounced today the passsg of the bill pro
viding Increase in the salaries of civil
servants, Dr. von Bethmann-Hollweg rose
and said that as the representative of
Prince von Buelow, he had a message
from the emperor to read. His communi
cation was a dec re closing the present
session of the hou. which will not re
assemble until next autumn.
As had been expected, the socialists, to
show their disregard for monarchical In
stitutions, remained seated while ths mes
sage was being read. The socialists then
left the chamber, while the other delegates
gave three cheers for Emperor William.
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Omaha vs. Wichita
JULY H 11, 12, 13, 14.
Vinton St. FnrR,
First Gam Called 2:00 P. M.
Gam Called 3:45
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