Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 13, 1909, Page 8, Image 8

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    8 -
Want " Ads
aaata In tha waat
Nluui will V Um aatil II m. t
tha MMlM eIH a til SlSO .
a. Ir the saarwla M llT
Ouk aaast aeaaaaraar all ra.e'.
waat ads til a advarttaeaieat will
Mnlt4 far law taaa SO caata for
(Ire liMrtlw.
Rata apply ta either Taa Dally ar
air Baa
Oaataaaaataaa a( laltlala ar imkn
aaa aa aaa war.
Aian owes als wri ta a llaa.
cash katbi ron wawt am.
laaaatia, 1 1-t aaata aar wari aa 1
eaat aav mt far aaoa aahaoejaaat
iaaartem. Eash iaeertlaa made aa
ari t l- aaata ar wor f 1.54
ax llaa aar a oath.
Waat aaa far Taa Baa aaar aa left
at mmr af taa fallawlaa rw ataraa
aaa la yaai aaraar .Jjrigrita thoy
ra all Vraaob afttoaa far Taa Baa
aa raar a will aa laeerte Jaa aa
araaavtly aa aa taa aaata rataa aa at
the aaata affiaa la Taa Baa Ballaiaa-,
Savea.teea.tfc am4 Paraaa atraatai
Albaok. W. C. Hh and Farnam.
Baranak. 8. A,. 1401 8. Mth St.
Baeht Pharmaey, Benson, Neb.
Bemls Park Pharmacy, 8Jd and Cuming.
Slake Pharmaey. 2896 Sherman Ave.
Coughlln, C. R-. th and Pierce Bta.
Clifton Hill Pharmacy, 2311 Military Ave.
Conta, J. B.. list Ave. and Farnam Bt
Crisaey Pharmacy, 14th and Lake fits.
Cermak. Emil, 1J04-I 8. 13th Bt.
Enters, P. H., 2802 Leavenworth St.
Foster ArnoUl, 111 N. 26th Bt
Freytag. John J , IS" M. 24th St.
Florence Drug Co., Florence.' Nab.
Snyder Pharmacy, 30th and .wako BU.
Greenough, O. A., 1614 H. 10th St.
Oreanougn. O. A., 124 S. 10th St.
Hayden, William C, 3010 Farnam St.
Hoist, John, K4 N. Mth St.
Huff. A. L.. 2934 Leavenworth St.
Hanasorn Park Pharmaey, 1401 S. Uth St.
King. H. 8.. 2838 Farnam Bt.
Kountse Place Pharmacy, 2601 N. Mth St
Lathrop, Charles E.. iaM N. 24th St.
Patrick Drug Co., ISO! N. 24th St.
JOHNSON Edwin, V. Ago 10 years, 7
months and If days, at family residence.
1622 Georgia avenue, after an Illness of
eight months ot liver trouble.
The funeral of Edwin C. Johnson will
take place from the family residence, 1622
Georgia avenue, Thursday morning, with
Services at St Peter's church at 10 o'clock.
Friends Invited.
Tha funsral of Mr. Joseph W. MoLeod
will be held frem tha family residence, 1623
South Tenth street, Tuesday at 1 p. m
Interment at Forest Lawn cemetery
Friends Invited.
Births D. T. Murphy. 1116 North Twenty
ninth avenue, girl; William Carey, 2343
youth Thirty-fourth street, boy; George
Begerow, ivzb outn ourteentn street,
trlrl: Jesse Carmen. 814 South Twenty-
third street, girl; Joseph Wright, 215
Charles street, girl; Harry Rasmussen, 2121
South Eighteenth street, boy; Harry
Rubin, 170b California street, boy; Steven
Holowlnakl, 2308 Hickory street, girl.
Deaths George E. Bradford, Fourteenth
street and Capitol avenue, 49; Mra Agnes
B. Hoock, Long View, 77; Mary Helen
Dyer, 1136 North Seventeenth street, 7
months; Mrs. Jane Griffith, 104 South
Twenty-fifth avenue, 61; Thomas J. Sheri
dan, 1313 Georgia avenue. C days; Augusta
. Bohlman, Fortieth street and Poppieton
avenue, 74; Mrs. Caroline Baiter, 2453 South
Seventeenth street, (7; Maud 8. Wagman,
ran aoutn xwenty-secona street. 23.
The following marriage licenses ' have
been granted:
Name and. Residence. - Age.
Edward Jacobl, Chicago 21
Lucille Dlrbrow, Omaha 26
Frank Martlnec, Omaha , 26
Jennie Cosan, Omaha 11
William A. Dolson, Omaha 23
Lclta Nally, Omaha 21
Harry Gavin, Omaha 26
Ulanche Folansky, Omaha 1
Walter H. Bell, Omaha 24
Klsie M. Jones, Omaba 20
James E. Lesueur, Omaha tt
Rowena Rogers, Omaha n 26
William H. Greene, Omaha. 88
Myrtle M. Smith, Omaha 21
F.arle Hlnkle, Panama, la 12
Kllia Cook, Dunlap, la.. .... 17
Howard N. Bagley, Grand Junction 24
Laura M. Jordan, Omaha 22
Vlillam L. Young, Oskaloosa, I 21
Mamie Grimes, Oskaloosa. la 2S
Jesse N. Halstead, Omaha
Vera Ford, Trentan 21
Otto Thomsan, Omaha 21
Hannah Hansen, Omaha .. 24
OMAHA Safe and Iron Works maaa a
specialty of Ilia escapes, shutters, doors
auu sales, ii. Anoreeo. prop., uu a. 1st a.
Try a gallon, L It la wonderful. No-
, wata Land a Lot Co.. Suite H4 N. Y.
Life lilu-., omaha, NU 'Phone Red
I'pcu evouuia.
Monuments. J. V. Bloom A Ca., UXi Farnam.
DOUGLAS Printing Co. TaL Douglas Mi,
BULSlfl K1EP1N. funeral dtraetora, suo
aassors u aarry 11. Davuv Its) U. lsth sit.
SIGN PAINTING & IL Cola, 1M Douglas.
DAVID COLE Creamery Co.
REMOVAL sale monuments. 1417 8. 11th,
Missouri filters made at sold. 1310 Howard.
OLIVER A. HALL, architect at engineer.
UNIVERSAL Musical Bureau, KM Old
jMMuon etore iag. Aiusta inaexing oabl
OMAHA Mirror and Art Glass Co., art
glass mure cutting, beveling mirrors of
all kind, resiivann and framing. Office
aaa iaoiory iui vuiuuig bl oln phones.
SHOES called for and delivered free.
Blaudartl aho Repair Co., Vm Fainam.
B. W. F1TT. mechanical and consulting
engineer, drawing, designing, astimatea. ill
Use Bldg.
Xarvaa, tm Brandela IMlg. Tel. Had 7,
LIU COUPLES have been married by the
Rav. C. W. bavidge, and he ts praying to
aoarry 1,000. it you want him to marry you
cau nsDsier mi or o-xvu.
SkS POSIT VAULTS, Is burglar and flre-
proor. itetter t safe than sorry,
rasament Omaha Nat l bank, 110 S. 13th 6l
COMBa, 1&20 Douglas, expert ay fitting.
HE FUN, locksmith. iu-Douglas St.. up-
talra Doug. 2, or A-4M6.
PICTURES framed artistically. Prampt
wars, siegaatn oia. v.o., uiu ua rainan
OMAHA PASTE CO now looatad at Til
Bo. Uth 8t. Douglas 170.
J. R. Stevenson Roofing Co., gravel and
and r'arnam bis., Omaha. Tela., Douglas
all. Jk-wxi; xv es., wen. avt.
FOR watehe and Jewelry repairs see
Ouaialeon Hanancaaon, am No. liUt Ht.
WOOI, Dr. O. ., Ul New York Life
13Ug., Homeopathlsc
Jamea H. Craddeck. arahitaet. room
Waad Bldg., Ulh and Farnam. Red U74.
ranais mag., makers ot ly pa writ taa 1st-
tars in multiple tuanuuea. TaL D, WL
.WHIM wriung to Mjayjjaara,. kiodly Jftaa-
anaa at
RAMBLERS New, ana O-eyUndeT. N par
cem aisoounv, namoiar .auto. (Jo, 104
Farnam lit.
BEND for ear Ht of second hand ours.
1814 Farnam St
PAXTON-MITCMELL CO.. etorage, auto
mobile repairing, diamond tlrea 2311 Har
ney. STORAGE, centrally located, opposite
library. 1Q1 Harney St Brick P. Kuhn.
WE GIVE expert Information to prospeo-
tlva buyer of naw or second-hand cam,
Omaha School of Auto Eng, 2418 Leaven
worth St.. Tal R. 633ft A-1432.
WANT! We have farms, ranches.
HOMES IN OMAHA. We will trade with
yeu. Come In and see us. Nowata Land
an Lot Co., suite 124. N. Y. Life Bid.,
'Phone Red 141. Omaha, Neb. Open
TRADES If you have anything to trade.
write us. W can matoh anything. Our
lint Is large. Dean-Andrews Co., 422 N.
T. L.
ments. In good western Nebraska town.
Caen sales 13,00a par month. Will take 111,
000 to haoslle It. No trades. Address T 84,
rare Bee.
TO OET In or out of business call on
GANGESTAD, 404 Bee Bldg. Tel. D-8367.
WALL psper and picture shop. Invoice
about 11,400 to $1,600, doing a general con
tracting and painting business In a live
gas and oil town of S.000; change of loca
tion desired on account of health. Address
Y 122, care Bee.
FOR BALE Millinery fixtures very
oheap; fine opening for millinery stock.
Address Box 74, Genoa, Neb.
FOR SALE or trade, steam laundry in
growing county seat town; population 6,000.
Address Y 319, care Bee.
FOR SALE Oood paying hair dressing
business In Nebraska town of 10,000 popu
lation. Reason for selling, wish to retire
from business. W 88, care Bee.
FOR SALE One of the best paying gen
eral stores in South Dakota. Invoices
about 16,000. Reason for selling have gone
Into the banking business. Address Lock
Box 2, Chester, S. D.
FIRST CLASS furniture stock In one of
the bent county seat towns In eastern Ne
braska. Fine opening for some one, must
sell this month. Invoice about 25.000. Can
reduce stock If ' desired. Address Y 316,
oare ot lie.
FOR RENT Btor room, lust vacated.
In Msdgett building; all modern and up
to date; rise 22x00 Wm. Madgett. Has
tings. Neb. S
OOOD. clean harness stork for sale: onlv
Shop In town: Al farmlna countrv: laree
territory; 11,800 stock; do 16.000 business
per year, smitn uros., Herman, Neb.
heating, pump and windmill business of
southwestern Iowa. Have several con
tract obs on hand now. Will sell at In
voice. Address Y 181 care Bee.
WEBTERGARD can help you get In or out
ot Dustneaa. 403 Bee i'.ldg. Tel. D. 8443.
A ftAVTNfl InvMtmMlt tA frinv vnn, a
oi xracy rros. t;o., ana snare tne profits
TWO ohalr barber ahon for sale rnnri
business. Reason for selling, going to Cal-
uornia. oox (us, Crete, Neb.
BAILHT ft MACK. Id floor, Paston. D. 1085.
TAFTS dental rooms, 1517 Douglas St.
DR. F1CKE8. 18th and Farnam: he's a
good dentist; painless extraction. 50 cents,
IN FAMILIES Miss Sturdy. Tel. Ind. A 2577
TERRY College. 20th and Fsrnarn Bta.
See Monhelt Treatment on feet, 1411 Far.
DR. ROT. 1608 Farnam Bt. Douglas 6Q7.
Enter now for complete training In a'.l
commercial branches, Including bookkeep
ing, shorthand, ''-typewriting, telegraphy,
oivll service, railway mall and all govern
ment grade subjects. Handsome catalogue
furnished free upon, request. Address H.
B. Boy lea. President,! Omaha, Neb. Both
Offtolal training school for U. P. R. R.
Teleg raph Department.
Omaba Det. Ag'y., 428 Paxton Blk. D. 1319.
SHAMPOOING, balrdresslng, massage
and manicuring; home appointments.
Eollpss Halidressing rariora, aa Neville
CHINA decorating; order work a specialty.
Lessons Tuesaay, inursaay ana Satur
days Firing dally. Children's classes
Saturday morning. Mrs. C. C. Hungate,
tH Brandels Bldg. Tel. Red 6488.
At price Just as others oharge for th other
A. HOorK JU., in m iiuuuia si.
The West' Greatest Art Store.
at half retail prices. Buy direct from im
porters; save dealers prorita. lzit narney.
rPhon Doug. Htm. and agent will call.
Pkln. a r. H TS' Far nrm
at SPECIAL RATES during the aummor
months. M. R. Emig, Studio 936 N. Y. L.
yv m riRWT renatr. sell needle and Darts
for ll sewing machines. Nebraska Cycle
Co., 15th and Harney bis.
CLEANING and dyeing; biggest and best.
Only on office, 1518 Jones bt.
TU1. PiVTflimiM
TRUNKS, suit cases, traveling goods and
leather novelties: high class repairing.
Frellng Stelnle, 180! Farnam St., Opposite
City Hall
Tela. Best work, prompt service.
MARINELLO Consult the expert derma
tologist, latelle S. Paul of Chicago, re
sardina that rase of acne blackheads and
pimples. rlrtt treatment to tirat case
FREE. MARINELLO positively will cure
It. Hobson a Beauty Shop, lhus nougia bt.
Entrance through Kern millinery.
60C RIBBON nail file, 25c. Haines Drug
Co., 1610 f arnam.
HESS t SWOBODA, l'.!5 Farnam.
HENDERSON'S fresh cut flowers dally
rrem our hothouses for weddings and aoc
oratlona Douglas 1258. 1519 Farnam.
MENT South side of new store.
Repairing and resetting gas, leaky
furnacea Expert on remodeling furnaoe
to obtain mora heat on a fuel saving basis.
We Install new furnaces. Omaha Stove
Repair Works. Douglaa fit.. Both
Faeterr an Tradea,
HELP wanted In all department. Evan
Laundry Co., 171 8. 11th.
M a aaa k a stars an Dosaaatlaa,
WANTED Second girl. Kit Farnam St
WANTED Girl for general housework.
Mrs. L. Hahn, Ptt Dodge St.
WANTED st Once Good gtrl for general
housework, tit N. Uth Su
Ill ''I'1'
Uewsekeepera Doaaaatlea Coat'.
GIRL for general housework; bast af
wages. 2001 Blnney BU
GIRL for general housework. 2401 N.
Uth St.
WANTED Girl for general housework.
Apply 1207 8. 27th.
' WANTED Neat young girl to assist
with light housework. Tel. Ind. A-37&2.
666 8. 34th St.
WANTED A young girl to help at house
work. Apply Sunday. Mrs. Coffey, 1936
8. Uth.
A MAID for general housework; small
family; so laundry work; beet wages. 1060
S. 28th St.
GIRL wanted for general housework.
1328 N. 26lh St.. South Omaha.
GOOD laundress for Mondays. 2415 Man
derson Bt. Phone Webster 645.
GIRL for general housework. 119 8. Cen
tral Boulevard. Tel A-1881, or Red 172L
GIRL for general hoi"work, good
wages, 1008 a 340th Ave. .-hone Harney
WANTED Experienced girl; best wages;
no laundry. 2200 Harney 4jU
WANTED First class cook, 18 per we-k
to right person. Call at once, 3202 Wool
worth Ave.
WANTED Girl for general housework In
family of three. C. H. Rudlger, S326 S. lth
St., Omaha. 'Phone Red 30.(4
GIRL for second work; also girl for
housework. Tel. Douglas 62. 224 N. 13th St.
GIRL wanted to take care of Invalid
lady. 837 S. 24th. Call mornings.
GOOD girl for general housework. 443
Dodge St
WANTED Middle aged woman to care
for invalid lady and assist with house
work; references. Call at 820 S. 26th Ave.
WASHERWOMAN and girl for general
housework. 2401 Harney St.
WANTED A nurse girl at 327 S. 27th St.
'Phone Harney 231 L
COMPETENT laundress Mondays. 1021
Park Ave.
WANTED A nice girl to go to Fort
Robinson, Neb., for second nurse and as
sist In the care of a little girl. Apply 332
S. 87th St.
GIRL for general housework. Take Went
Side Hanscom park car to Woolworth. 1321
8. 15th Ave.
COOK wanted Immediately. 650 S. 26th
WANTED-Cook and second girl. 8416
Dewey Ave. Tel. Harney 1727.
WANTED A girl to do second work in a
family. 1046 Georgia Ave.
GOOD girl to assist In housework; small
family; good wages. Mrs. C. F. Belman,
4M7 Dodge.
YOUNG girl to assist In housework. 118
Sa. lath St.
COMPETENT girl for general house
work or one to take care of children. 823
S. 25th Ave.
WANTED Competent girl for general
housework. 611 Park Ave.
GIRL to assist with housework. 2211 Cali
fornia St.
GIRL wanted for housework: 6 rooms;
modern house; 8 In family; good home and
good wages. 959 N. 25th St.
WANTED A girl to work for board. Mrs.
Hoasater. 2211 Douglas.
WANTED A good girl for general house
work; experienced. 2011 Charles St.
COMPETENT girl for general housework.
2215 Sherman Ave. Mrs. Thos. S. hall,
Both Phones.
A COMPETENT girl for general house
work; no washing. 1329 S. 31st St.
WANTED Girl for general housework;
on that can go home evenings; 8 In fam
ily; good wages. 2009 Grace St.
GOOD girl for general housework: no
washing; good wages. Mrs. F. A. Brogan,
420 Rose Hill Ave , Benson. Tel Benson 127.
GIRL to assist with housework: no waKh-
Ing or ironing: wages to. 2406 S. 10th. Doug.
GIRL wanted for general housework;
small family. 846 Georgia Ave.
WANTED Competent girl for light
housework; good wages. 1314 N. 35th St.
Tel. Harney 26L
GIRL for general housework, 1626 Wirt
St. Tel. Webster 376.
A MAID for general housework: small
family; no laundry work; best wages. 1060
8. 28th St.
WANTED An elderly lady to do light
housework and lake care of child 2 years
old, for mother who Is gone all day. An
excellent place for one who desires a good,
quiet home. Apply at once, 2702 Lake.
WANTED Girl to assist In housework:
no washing. Phone Harney 741. 1304 So.
86th. i
rral housework; good wages and good
home. 1552 No. 19th.
GIRL for general housework. 1717 Chicago,
GIRL wanted for general housework: 2
In family; no children; no washing; refer
ence required. Come in person. 4933 Dav
enport. WANTED girl for general housework or
good nurse girl. 2919 Webster St.
GIRL for general housework; two fn
family 2966 Poppieton. Tel. Harney 4713.
LEARN halt-dressing; It pay you; can
easily earn 116 to $25 weekly; full course
taught. Brandels Halrdresslng Dept.
TWO ladles to travel, demonstrate and
sell dealers. Call or sd Ji sj at once Good
rich Drug Co., Oman. Neb.
Agents, Solicitor aad talaamesv.
WANTED A ollcltor with horse and
buggy to drive through the country and
solicit subscriptions. Call and se cir
culation manager The Bee Publishing Co.
WANTED Hat and and cap salesman
for Nebraska and Iowa; resident of Ne
braska preferred; also experienced. Apply
-. .. ILut 1 1 VAlnAH..nn. Mn '..
Milwaukee, Wis.
WANTED Young man for oostofflce.
railway mall clerks, carriers, and other
tovemment positions, salary 8uo to $2,000.
,lfe positions. Government Position Bu
reau, Rochester, rx. x.
WANTED A boy of small figure, 14 or
16 years of age, of good parentage; one
whose parent will allow hlra to leave home
to join a respectable and recognised aero
batlc troupe. Beat of treatment and ad
vancement assured. Call on or address
Martin Dollar, Dressing Room Teat, Bar-
num Bailey circus.
WANTED Boy about II years old to
learn trunk making, rrellng Ntelnle,
18ul Farnam St.
OarloaJ aa Offtaa.
IF YOUR ar a salaams, bookkeeper
office manager, credit man or clerk, see
us at once. W. have numerous positions
open ror immediate acceptance.
721-13 N. Y. Lit Bldg.
Read the Live Slock ads if
you are looking for a bargain
Clerical aad Oftloe) Coatlaaa.
WANTED Young man aa bookkeeper
and assistant In credit department. Must
be experienced, thoroughly competent, ag
gressive and willing to learn. No others
considered. Address D-109, care Baa.
WANTED A young man who has had
experience as cashier In Isrge mercantile
establishment or In a bank. Best refer
ences required. Address H 111, care Bee.
Factory aa Trade.
WANTED good cornice men and three
tinners; steady work. 1724 St. Mary'.
GOOD horseshoer wanted at onoe. C. W.
Tharp, Fremont, Neb.
WANTED Men to learn barber trade;
few weeks required; best paying work
wtthln reach ot poor man; can have shop
with small capital; wages 112 to 120 weekly.
Wonderful demand for barbers. Catalogue
mailed free. Moler Barber College, 110 8.
Hth St.
CENSU8 Office clerks must tak a olvll
service examination; over 8,000 appoint
ment will be made; a chance for anyone
with a common school education: salary
tO0 to $1,000 a year; full information free.
Columbian Correspondence College, Wash
ington, D. C. '
WANTED A first-class, all-around bread
and cake baker, experienced; must be
sober and steady; wages $16 per week. Ad
dress at once, J. Henner, Rockwell City,
la. P. O. Box 238.
DRUG store and job. Knlest. Be Bldg.
TEAMS wanted, 17th and Douglaa St.,
66o per hour. Thompson-Starrett Co.
A FIRST-CLASS bottler. Apply at once.
Mineral Springs Bottling Works, 724 W.
B way, Co. Bluffs, la.
MARKER and sorter, also waehman, at
Hlnchey Laundry, South Omaha.
BE your own boss! Make $4 dally sil
vering mirrors. Anyone can do the work
at home in spare time. Booklet and sam
ple free. G. F. Redmond, Dept 83, Bos
ton, Mass.
FREE Employment Dept. Business Men's
Ass'n.; no fees. Call 827 B. of Trade Bldg.
WANTED Railway mall clerks, post
office (.I.. lr a n.rrl.r. I-.
Omaha Nov. 17th; preparation free. Frank-
iin iiismuie, jjept. s$ u, itocnester, is. r.
WANTED, at once, foreman for up-to-date
country printing plant, one who has
had experience with Babcock Optlmus
press prefened, must be able to do flrst
class job work and be able to handle ordi
nary catalogue work; no boosers wanted.
Address The Sentinel, Onawa, la.
WANTED A steady man for general
farm work, $25 a month and washing. L.
B. Larson, Nelson, Neb.
WANTED Car repairers; steady work on
extra good wages; very liberal piece sched
ule. Blue Island Car and Equipment Co.,
Sheffield Station. Kansas City, Mo.
Horse aad Vehicles.
ELEGANT Cabriolet carnage. Stanhop
and harness slightly soiled If you want
one or all now at less than half price see
Johnson-Danforth Co., 10th and Jones St.
Cows, Birds, Iloiti and Peta,
GOOD cow for sale at 1916 S. !2d Aya.
Tel. Harney 3221.
LOST Sunday . evening, returning from
Council Blutf.s to. . Hanscom Park, west
side, large cameo pin. Reward. Tel. Har
ney 1033.
LOST on car or In Hanscom park small
gold and blue enamel open faced watch,
atoiched to blue pin set with pearls; liberal
reward. Tel. South 424.
LOST Plat of Summit addition, on trac
ing cloth, near li'.th and Farnam or on Far
nam car. Reward for return to
AT RALSTON, Sunday, gold watch and
fob, Mawhinney-Ryan movement; '.'A. L.
K." on watch: liberal reward. Call 601 8.
10th St., Western Union Telegraph Co.
LOST Pocketbook, four $6 bill and I. O.
O. F. receipts for dues. F. J. Paul, 4111
Farnam St.
STRAYED 2 very mall black Shetland
ponies, call Webster, 1537.
BEST nerve brace for man. Gray's Nerve
Food Pills. $1 a box. postpaid. Sherman
MuConnell Drug Co., omatia.
FREE MEDICAL and surgical treatment
at Crelghton' Medical college. 14th and
Davenport bta; special attention paid to
confinement cases; all treatment super
vised by college professor. 'Phone Doug
las 1167. Calls answeiad, day or night.
Vacation Money
Everyone needs It, and this Is tha place
to get It. Don't let money stand in your
way when It can be so easily obtained on
WAREHOUSE RECEIPT, or anything of
value. Our special low rate ar tlll In
effect. We advance money quickly and
confidentially, and our office strictly
Reliable Credit Co.
$d Floor, 807-8 Paxton Block, N. E. Cor
ner 10th and Farnam Sta.
'Phone: Douglaa 1411 and A-1411.
H Monev for VarHtinTis
1 - tt
$$ $10-$200 $
M uo you nm money r we ar go- $$
tt tng to loan our surplus cash to all $$
$$ worthy applicants at the LOWEST $$
$$ RATES EVER OFFERED In the city $$
$1 SALARIES, etc. It will pay you to $$
$$ see us before getting money else- $
$$ where. We are especially prepared $
$$ to accommodate SALARIED PEO- $$
II PLE. No delay or red tape and $$
U everything Is strictly confidential. $$
$$ Open till 1:80 p. m. Telephone U
$$ Douglas 2036 and Ind. A-2036. u
J! Omaha Financial Co., JJ
$1 601 Brown Block, Opposite Brandels. $$
$$ 16th 81. Entrance. fj
UnNW ln,nul l.rla M ...
- - - . . fwj.1. au ulnars
without security ; easy payments. Offices
In I'l principal cities. Tolman, Room 113,
- . IUI. A-M.V J31U.
6 on diamonds. W. FLATAU. 1614 Dodge.
PRIVATE money to loan on chattels; ioi
Interest WILLOWS, 864 Brandels Bldg.
or money for any other purpose make no
difference. What you are Interested In
most la a placs where yon can make a loap
at reasonable rates and where you can
deal confidentially and wli: get a square
deal. That's what we hsv been doing
for seventeen years.
Ill Board of Trade Bldg. 'Phone Doug. $296.
Entrance 4 8 ltth St.
LOANS, half ratea. $29 Board of Trade.
EXP. Delivery Co.. office Uth and Daven
port St., warehouse L3T7-0I Jrd Bt,
GU8 TURNER, graduat of Lelpsle, Oar
many Conservatory of Music; piano lesson
cheap. Tel. Red 1036 or drop me a postal at
1674 Harney St. and I will call on you.
Beaxdlaa- aa Boone.
DEWEY European Hotel. Uth and Farnam.
TWO oonnactlna room with board, to
permanent couple or two gentlemen. In
modern homo; reference. 1118 Cass. Phone
D. 1471
EAST and south side rooms with board
reasonable rates. 212 8.-26th St.
BOARD and room. In new, modern flat,
at 631 8. Uth BU Tel. Doug. 6512. Mai- anit hoard, new. all
modern flat, close In. for a few gentlemen.
31 S. 19th. Douglas 6511. No signs.
ROOM and board, close in. Large front
room with alcove, suitable for two or three
persons, either furnished or unfurnished,
114 So. 19th St. Phone Red 4031.
TABLE board, first class home cooking,
with or without room. IUI Capitol Ave.
FURNISHED room with board. 626 So.
19th Bt.
Far a lilted Boons.
nUhorf aniohlai for one or two aentlemen.
201 8. 26th Ave.
2610 DODGE, excellent south suite, mod
ern, detached house.
BTRICTLY modern, well furnished front
rooms, in large private resiaence; nice
summer home, first class location, con
venient to two car lines; breakfast If de
sired; no children. References exchanged.
Phone Webster 6418. 1D07 Wirt St.
TWO furnished room. 812 N. 22d St
NEWLY furnished room; porcelain bath.
2224 Chicago.
WANTED Lady room mate. 806 N. 18th
Bt 'Phone B 3169.
VTRY desirable room: fine location:
walking distance. 218 S. 26th St
PLEASANT rooms; two south window;
also large front, modern. 614 N. 23d. 'Phone
R. 4S54.
DON'T you want a nice cool room, with
or without piano, in a permanent homelike
place, where you won t have to move for
carnival or winter? Strictly modern, re
spectable, permanent; gentleman only. Mrs.
Davis. 2563 st Mary s Ave.
LARGE furnished front room: $27 8. 21st
St Tel. Doug. 6227.
FOR rent, for sale and furnished room
cards, 10c each. Corey & McKensle Print
ing Company, 112 8. Mth St
WELL furnished front room, private
family; nice lawn surround house. 702 S.
2mh St
GOOD rooms. ' $2 per week: fro bath.
Ogden Hotel, Co. Bluffs.
TWO nicely furnished room, complete
for light housekeeping, all modern, $12
per month. 2019 Webster St.
LARGE, cool, modern rooms for gentle
men. 1918 8t Mary's Ave.
fTntAl "RnmiAt. Formerly Karbach,
UOiei iJOquei Utn Howard St.
WELL furnished front room. . private
family; nice lawn surround house. 702 S.
29th St.
FRONT ROOM for housekeeping, 1814
Dodge. Douglas 4851.
YOUNG man to share comfortable fur
nished room. 2702 Farnam St
bedroom, connecting private family. No
other roomers. 1019 South 80th Ave.
ONE nice room with two south windows.
hot and cold water In the room, modern,
1815 Jackson, two blocks west ot Rome
PI.RAN. aulet room. 12 ner week, alx M
22d Bt
fornla. Phono B1J7B.
NICE furnished room, 2219 Douglas St.
ROOM In new house. 2018 Chicago St
in an eiegantiy tumisneo nome; large,
ccol rooms for two gentlemen; porch and
lawn, narney mn sis b. sou) AVt,
LARGE south alcove room, furnished or
unfurnished, with board. 2420 Cass St-
. - .j - .u. ,J.",'vu awn, luuun 11, v&.W ircr
...I..... ii.. rr 1 a ril. .
n, i , .villi l j . ., UOO. OUO o.
22d S t
PLEASANT front room. 1611 Leaven.
worth, 2d floor.
TWO nicely furnished rooms in all mod.
em home. 813 N. 20th Bt
month. 2666 St Mary Ave.
ONE neat room with board: home cook.
Ing. 2208 Harney.
REATTTllTTTT.T.V flirtiiaVia rr.m ai.1
board; reasonable. 614 Park Ave. Tel. Har-
nmy ww.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished room with
board. 212 N. 24th. Tel. D. 4707.
NICE modern fi-Ant enim. n.irat. . m
lly; board If desired. 1910 Webster St
SUITE of extra fine rooms, fine furni
ture, fine lawn. Private family; southwest
corner 20th and Chicago Sta
NICE, clean, cool rooms, modern; elec
trlo lights; close In; 810. 2104 Webster.
NICE single or suite of rooms, with board
it uesirea. suis racmc st
NICELY furnished room, south exposure;
modern; suitable for one or two gentle
men, or man and wife. 1708 Davenport 8t
FURNISHED room for on or two ladle;
modern. 1919 Capitol Ave.
WANTED Young man to take large
south room, with breakfaat; $20 per month;
every convenience. Call Harney 200L
TWO nice large room, modern, close In.
Tel. Doug. 444Z
NICELY furnished room In new modern
home, private family. Park Ave., near
Leavenworth; gentleman preferred Tel.
Harney 715.
Uafaralafco Heoma.
$ ELEGANT rooms, modern; new flat;
$17.61 month. 201$ Davenport
Aartaet aa Flat.
THREE and g-rooiw flat, Boargo Bldg.,
riH ii. Mth 8t. South Oraaha. Hall. 411
Ramg Bldg. Roth 'phone.
$17T-room flat, bath and closet Inquire
im r. ma, cor. teia ana urac.
NEW, strictly modern l-room apart
ment, oak finish. 17th and Jackson.
Bemls, Brandels Bldg.
8-ROOM flat 18th and California, $509.
Callr.gher Nelson, 40 Brandels Bldg.
$ AND 4-ROOM Apt, modern. Ill 8. $2d.
FOR RENT Only $MM for six-room, all
modern, ground flat, close in, to ehote
tenant If taken thia week. Apply at 607
i. ii n ot
Very desirable corner flat an elrht
roora modern brick, nearly new. in flret
class repair, and In choice section of West
Farnam district $40.
HI N. Y. Life. 'Phon Doug. Ml
-ROOM nt, 19th an Woolworth Av.
Tel. Harney 117. -
Heaaekeeala; Bta aaa.
EXCELLENT furnished room for house,
keeping; flrst-olsss street and neighbor
hood; olose In. Dr. Pribbanow, 74 Harney
St. Tel. Red 606.
SUITE room, parlor floor; modem flat;
newly furnished, decorated. 81 Mason.
Harney 4U8.
TWO unfurnished room. Inquire $07 S.
KMh St.
COOL and newly furnished room for
light housekeeping: also furnished sleeping
rooms; modern; walking distance. 26il
Harney. Tel. D. $427.
2 NICE furnished rooms for light house
keeping; modern; 1st floor. 164f N. 17th.
SUITS of three nicely furnished house
keeping rooms. 1201 B. 11th.
Furnished apartment, flv rooms; piano,
telephone, etc 200$ St Mary Ave.
MODERN furnished housekeeping rooms:
gas stove, clean, eool, comfortable. 2011
Webster St. phon Douglaa 62th
ROOM for light housekeeping! gas fur
nished. 1920 Dodge.
C, WV1, II 'wiy I 111.11 u , vrv u as, wi.
cooking gas, bath and us of phone; nloe
summer location: private family. 102 So.
THREE furnished rooms, gss for cooking
and lighting. $6 per weak. 51$ N. tlt St
I'hon B-6384.
TWO furnished light housekeeping rooms;
large pantry; ground floor. 420 N. 24th 8t,
South Omaha.
FURNISHED or unfurnished room for
housekeeping In modern flat. Ill 8. 2th ft
HOUSEKEEPING room, first floor. 1712
FIVE rooms, -modern except heat; no
children. 919 N. 27th Bt
TWO furnished rooms for housekeeping.
1716 Dodtae.
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms. Refer
ences. 2114 Chicago.
TWO or three room for adult; gaa
range and all modern conveniences. 04 8.
TWO nicely furnished rooms complete for
light housekeeping; all modern. 291$ Web
ster. TWO front rooms, furnished eomplet tor
light housekeeping. 2115 Spencer Bt Tel.
Webster 1059.
FOR RENT Two flno large front rooms,
for light housekeeping. All modern. ,2221
Willis A vs.
Furnished rooms for tight housekeeping)
1807 N. 17th St
8 ROOMS, housekeeping, modern, gas
range. 1822 Chicago.
TWO nice rooms for light housekeeping.
1714 California street.
FOR RENT Two room for light house
keeping at 4104 N. 24th 8t
WELL furnished dining room and kitchen
for housekeeping; house modern. 660 8.
26th Av.
THREE nice room, $10. M N. 23d.
TWO room, single or double, light
housekeeping, modern house. 1917 Web
ster. THREE nice rooms and bath. 2224 Chi
cago. MODERN housekeeping room. 2121 Web
ster 6t. Call after 6:20 p. m.
TWO elegantly furnished room, gas
rang, modern. 616 8. 22d.
TWO room for housekeeping, furnished
complete. 2223 Leavenworth.
ONE room, $2.60 per week. 2113 Douglas.
ROOM for light housekeeping. 1707 Dodge
TWO room, $12 per month. 201$ Daven
port Isrilikil neaeea.
f-ROOM furnished oor-sge, all modern. Mil
Clark St. Inquire iwi Howard.
FURNISHED house for rent for month of
August West Farnam district; references.
Address J 114 Bee.
Hoaaas aad Cattaarea.
FOR RENT Brick house at 1611 8. 29th
St., on block east of ParX avonue car
line; modern In every respect, with 4 bed
rooms on second floor; large parlor, dining
room, kitchen, buttery, large hall and ves
tlbul on first floor. Inquire at 1609 S. 29th
St Tsl. Harney 1509.
4 room house, 706 N. $2d, $12.60.
room house, 3233 Evans St., $11.60.
6 room bouse, 709 N. 32d., $10.
I room house, modern, 2409 Lake, $2L
J. H. Parrotte, Board of Trade.
Elegant modern eight room house, 21st
and Cass St, 'phon. Doug. 6328.
A 6-room house, modern except furnace,
located at 946 North 26th St.; paved street
and one block to car $20 per month.
Tel. Doug. 6101 or A-20S3. 136 N. Y. L. Bldg.
FOR RENT 7 and $-room modern
houses, good location. 8. D. Mercer Co.,
Tel. Douglas 1536, Ind. A-I616.
OMAHA Van and Btorag Co., pack. move,
tor H. H. goods; storehouse, 1120-24 N.
Uth, offloe 1609 Farnam. Tel. Dsug. 1651
A SIX-ROOM house, modern except fur
nace, located at M6 N. 26th St; paved
street and one block to car; $20 per month.
W. J. Dermody Investment Co., $36 N. Y.
Life Bldg. Tel. Douglaa 610$ or A-2C33.
HOUSES. Insurance. Rlngwalt. Srkar Blk.
ELEGANT l-room flat, located at 110 a
27th, all modern; price. $35. Bomia, Brandels
T-room. new, modern Mouse and large re
ception room; hard wood finish, combina
tion fixtures, east front, beautiful lawn; 704
N. 21d St $40.
6-room, new, modern St Louts flat, com
bination fixtures, reception room, hard
wood f'.nlsh; 714 N. $3d 8t-3x.
l-room modern 8t Louis flat reoeptloo
hall, combination fixtures; Til N. 23d St
$30. l-room modern brick houo; fOOO-2011 Wil
li Ave.-125.
1 room in apartment flat: 119 Clarke, $9.
$ rooms In apartment flat; 19U Clark
St. $160.
4 room. 1784 So. 13th t $10.
431 Paxton Block.
CENTRAL, no equal for solid comfort,
all modern, 4 or 6-room flat. Apply $21
N. 23d.
HOUSES, flat. Garvin Bro. 118 N. Y. L.
I-ROOM oottage, large lot Owner leaving
city. 612 8. 27lb 8t.
MODERN Dundee home, I room, large
barn, fine shad, nicely located. 'Phone
Doug. 1721
1411 Indiana Av., new 0-room cottage,
modern, $m.
2311 Dewy Ave., new 6-room flat, oak
finish, easy walking distance, very choice,
snap for the money. $10.
ON FARNAM HILL, on corner of $3d
and Harney, new modern house, I large
rooms, oak finish, ftae mantel, tiled bath;
nice lawn; to first class tenant only $40.
Tlie above prices are very low consider
ing the quality of the properties offered.
Let us hear from you at once.
ERNEST eWKKT. 11$ N. Y. L. DOUG. 1471.
FOR RENT 4 room house, all modern.
Mil Capitol Ave. Tel., Doug. 1918 or Red
cheap freight ratea; moving and etorlng.
Kxpresmea' Delivery Co. Ta. Doug, to.
4T PACIViC ST., Irroom thoroughly
modern houee, oak finish. $40. A. 1. Elllck.
$02 Be Bid.
HAGGARD Vsn Btorag Co. Tel. Doug.
14M. We suar an. moving, piano. huse
bol gooda
4-1 UX M oottage. WO Charles, $31; water
rent paid; mo4i n except heat: fin sur
rounding, paved street- Tel. Webstar fc0&
HOUSEd-Petar Trust Csx. M. X. la Blag.
Haaeea aa Cettagrea
; ISM Mapla.Si
SIX room, brick, modern
A MODERN, (-room brick house, 1113 No.
nd St; $36 per month. 'Phone Harney M0.
4VROOM, city water, barn. 161$ No. 19th.
NEAT 0-room cottag on block from
10th St car line, 1740 S. rth Bt Inquire 823
& 28th 8t Tel. Harney 1660.
BCAROe 61k., South Omaha, ISO N. Mth.
Hall, ill Re tag e Bldg.; both phono.
Desirable offtoea Karbach Blk.. 1$ A Doug.
olid oak ease, made by tha Library B
reau Furniture Co. This Is exceptionally
well constructed office furniture and will
laat a lifetime. Call Be office, 17th and
TYPEWRITERS Any make, all prices,
old and rented, rent applied; easy terms;
hipped anywhere for examination. Wrltt
for large bargain list and offer. B, F.
Swanson Co., 417 8. 18th Bt. Omaha. Neb.
M laeellaaeeaa.
DRUGS at out prtoe. freight paid on all
$10 order; catalogue free. Sherman
VIoConnell Drug Co., Omaha. Neb.
Cigar Stand Fixtures
Consisting of three show cases, one larg
wall ease, with sliding glass doors, two
counters about fifteen feet long, will be
old cheap for cash. Apply Be building
cigar store. 17th and Farnam.
FOR SALE New and 2nd-hand billiard
and pool tablea We lead the world Ii
cheap bar fixtures: easy payment. Bruns
wloa Balk Collender. 407 S. 10th St
NEW $86 Toledo scale for $36. Frank J.
Prucha, Ho wells, Neb.
FOR SALE Rowling alleys, five cc
tloi al. No. 1 alleys, with simplex pin spot
ters, used one set ten; will sell cheap.
Writ William Larch. Sioux City, la.
FOR SALE- Cash register and safe. Ad
4 res J 679, oar Be.
NICE nickel plated steel range at a big
bargain. 216 N. I2d.
10,000 MEN to amoke our cigars and share
our profits. Tracy Bro. Co., 1415 Douglas
If you Intend taking a course In business
college, see us about a scholarship. We
will sell you one at a saving to you. Ad
dress O 86, car Bee.
SEND us ynur mall orders' for drugs,
freight paid on $10 lot. Myers-Dillon Druy
Co., Omaha.
Second-Hand Boilers
W will stll two boilers that have been in
use at the Be building. They are eacn
17-horaepower return tuoular boilers, v
inch diagnotor by II teet long. They have
11 C. L tube. $ Inches by U feet Work
ing pi ensure 160 pounds per suuare Inch.
Heat surface 11,009 square feet Urate
ara 31H square feet.
We are very anxious to dispose of thess
boilers immediately and will sell at t
bargain. If taken at once.
17th and Farnam Sta.. Omaha, Neb.
HALL'S safes, new, Id-hand. 1811 Farnam.
JOHNSON. INS.. 418 N. Y. L. Tel. D. I
Dr. Katheryn Nicholas. 601 N. Y. L. Bids
OMAHA Stammerer' In., Ramg Bldg.
THE SALVATION ARMY solicits castott
clothing; In fact, anyllitug you do not need.
W collect, repair ana sen at w in. iitu
St., for cost of collection to the wormy
poor. Call phone Douglas 4136 and wagon
will oall.
DRUNKENNESS, drug habit cured to atay
cured, under positive guarantee. Write Kn
sor Remedy CO.. Dept G. So. Oraaha. Neb.
SMITH. JONES, BROWN and all other
will taVftd something of interest In our
profit sharing scheme. Tracy Bros Co.
Mra Ames of Wash., D. C, manicuring,
magnetic massage, hrs. II to 10. 1711 Dodge.
ANY lady wishing to be cared for in
private home during confinement reason
able. Mr. 8. U. Carson, 1810 St Mary
YOU will never "stopurklckln" until you
drink Shogo Llthia. Green Pharmacy,
phone Harney 186.
Mineral baths, electric, vibrating and
Swedish massage, lot Old Boston Store.
PRIVATE home during confinement;
babies adopted. The Good Samaritan Sani
tarium, 740 1st Ave., Council Bluff. Ia.
DR. EQGERS. private confinement borne.
1611 Martha St Tel. Douglas 6230.
MAGNETIC Treatment. Fmmelln Brott.
1319 & Uth. Doug. 6184.
M AONTiyTTfi treatment Mme. Smith.
MAUilIiJ.iO ta 8 uth St., third floor.
YOUNG WOMEN coming to Omaha a
strangers are Invited to visit the Young
Women's Christian association, 17th and
1 r 1 f , ...... ,l K. .... ...
nUWftlU Oia,., mill, iiitj ia, v, uiimvmi iv
suitable boarding places or otherwise as-
PlBieU. A UTtttUltw I vyi V. ... 1 1 1 1
elation meet train at tb Union station as
travelers' aid.
MASSEUR, restures health, makes you
look nice and plump, removes nervousness,
put your stomach, bow I a, liver and kid
neys In good order; Improves ths blood cir
culation by massage. Have you tried It?
Correct massage Is especially conductive
to good health. Call 406 Bee Bldg. D. 8C3.
D. O. BARN ELL. Paxton Blk. Tel. Re 7117.
WE HAVE on hand a number of Ink
barrels which ws will sell at 60o each. They
are fine for rain water or ashea. Call at
pressroom Baa Publishing Co.
REED ABSTRACT CO., Est. 1851: prompt
service; get our pricea 1710 Farnam BL
OANGESTAD. 404 Bee Bldg. Tel. D. $37.
AYNB INV. CO. first floor M. Y. Life.
. af ,
BENJAMIN R. E. CO.. 477 Brandel Bldg.
Downtown Corner Snap
Only $4,650
For a few day only w have an option
on a corner, five blocks from tija pot
offlce, with two good cottages, ren'aJ value
$50 per month. Live In one, rem th other.
Thia 1 a snap. Call us at one.
436 Paxton Block.
Acres, $760
Floreno boulevard, this side Miller park.
Harrison & Morton.
NEW brick St. Louis flats, Haneeotn
Park neighborhood; $4,600. Tei. Harney ts4.
WHEN you reply to advertlaaeaaat which
appear in these Waat A4. saliims kindly
BionUoa the t that ram saw thi aV