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    THE BEE: OMAHA, TUESDAY, .111 A" 13. 15)09.
i Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
The Oemaoll Staffs Offls ef the
Omaha In la at 1 Saott immI
Hot TkomM 4S.
Aggregate $35,000.
Davis, dl'Ufce.
CORR1QAN8, Undertakers, 'phones ltt.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. J3J.
Lewis Culler, funeral director. 'Phone 17.
When you want reliable want ad adver
tising, use The Bee.
Deertng binders and mower. Spearllng
Trlplett. 7 Broadway.
a-wEffSH:?T.,'ILAl:E ' TOWN 14
Undertakers. 'Phone U2. N. Main Bl
Booten aaM he had heard that eueh a
charge bad been made against Mm and he
wlehed an opportunity to deny It. Com
missioner Crawford held him under bond
Valnt of Prises to Be Offered Will the of o to appear July u be
fore him for a preliminary heartnf. Dep
uty United States Marshal Cole recently
went to Henderson with a warrant for
Booten but was unable, to locate him.
Booten yesterday denied to Commissioner
Crawford that he had hidden when the of-
! fleer was la Henderson.
Pnfcllshers. Masiftetiren nad 5tr.
eerymea Donate Maay Ar-tlc-lee
far Prises aad
Prof. S. A. Beach of the Ames Agrl
cultural college, George M. Marshall of
I nilltlBluil, vil, v. sa&m ... .a...
A-'T. W. W. Maaarell nnlnm,irl,l mnv. I. . -1 til... u ri .
to -V City National bank building. v.-..,, n, ...
DROP-PATTERN BAI.K of nlrtnre I a?.,...- .' . T.'I-..- -u .
Broadway. city yesterday and held a conference with
At a mMin. ,K. ilk....- ... i... superintendent freeman l eea ana otner
n.rhtVr"11 fLt.'i.J0".."1. officer, of the National Horticultural con-
m n ! iTk. . I . a . I I mntt mb1. . H. flnnjlul A I t rtl.
i ii a. A, nonrir secretary. 1 1 anv vuuieieuuv wsira ivr n,iki I ' " " i"" i u i'o.
Conditions la Flooded Districts Die
rawed Lut Night.
Much of the time of the session of the
city counclly last night was taken up
listening to complaints from owners of
property In the flooded districts, and re
quests from these parties that the city
do something to relieve the conditions com
plained of. Everyone was given a patient
hearing, and the councilmen will meet this
afternoon as a committee of the whole
Oak Leaf cmn Rt.v.i Nihhf.r hours and related to matters of vital in-
America, will meet In regular sess on terest to the forthcoming fruit show and
'luesday evening In the Mem,., blue. especially to the work of preparing and
Mr. and Mrs. D. Frank C. Riker of Den- Issuing the preliminary premium bulle-
vvr. ioio.. ara auema rar a raw hkvb nr tin
. nr. ana Mrs. J. u.
""' irn. I .,., h.. h. k.. ....... .ii ...... .v.
Robinson of South 1 he great interest In the National Fruit
country gives ample assurance that the
Councilman Belllnrer will leave Wednes
day for an etnd tiualnMa trln In I'lil.
cago. New York City and other eastern Piemlum list for the 1909 expositions will
points. He expects to be gone about three be of a most attractive character, reaching
or four weeks. or eceedlng the amount of 38,W0 fixed
, ?rof:A.Howa.ra 6togh of Midland col- BOme time ago by the officers of the
tnTeS..., -.r. 'o manufacturer..
Lutheran church. He is the guest of publishers, seedmen, nurserymen and
m"V' -n4i i'c"' t' 8n,der mn1 -r. and others Interested In horticulture, offeilng
. , . .loui?' thm th opportunity to contribute to the
comolauied to r.v nVori t,riU;r mT P'U t by donating articles or
J'.Vh-. f.'fL?' the- Juvn" ,fou". rPhle -or Prises, have brought many re- Eighth street until such time as the city
terday that boys made a practice of put- sponsea, and they are continuing to come ..,, ,, .,.. ., ,h. . .
ting out of commlaslon the electrlo warn- -i .j,a rata of two or three each dav d PUt ,n concret" br,dM at thl" PlnL
in. k.i i in.,.n. k.. .v. - . . " l"e rate ot two or tnree eacn aay. h .,...,in A.A ., .m,
In several Instances the railroad grades
were declared to be responsible for the
flooded conditions In certain neighborhoods,
and larger culverts under the tracks was
one of the remedies suggested. Represen
tatives of these railroads will be asked to
go over the ground with the committee of
the whole this afternoon. Numerous com
plaints of stagnant water were filed, and
these will also be Investigated by the com
mittee this afternoon.
The committee on bridges was directed
to commence at once the necessary repairs
on the Indian creek bridges at Elliot and
Benton streets. Councilman Tounkerman
suggested moving the bridge now at Eighth
street to Elliot street and closing North
Inff hull Install ..1 K tfca amrtan,r aft . V. -
Woodbury avenue crossing. The Stark Bros. Nurseries and Orchard
The funeral of the late Warren Johnson. oom)any of Loulln. M- ' lv CI1 Bluffs Improvement club, filed
ii ui ssr. ana Mrs. MacK Johnson, an- six premiums irom ineir nursery sioca
nouncea lor yesterday afternoon, was nnitinv nt i nun twn worth from cam. I . . . . . ... . ...
postponed until thle afternoon, when It " "7. "'i ,1 IZl., . J m ?ny own X n inirty-sec
The suggestion did not meet with favor,
A. C. Keller, president of the West Coun
a re
quest that the sidewalk ordered In front
will ba held from Outlet--. ,.ni;..,r. ... o nis eacn. in meir leuer me nursery
tabllshment. and burial will be In Falrvlew men say: "Last year's congress was one
cemetery. The services at Cutler's will be
at i o Clock.
The lire department was called at I
o ciock last night to the Keppner auto
mobile garage at 1417 West Broadway. no 1
While filling the tank of an auto the gaeo- I greatly eclipse the first
nno overflowed and cauaht f re. The auto
was wheeled out Into the street before It
was aamagea to any extent and the dam
age to me garage was Immaterial.
of the greatest educational gatherings.
horticultural!, ever held In this country.
It was far-reaching in Its work 'for advanced
horticulture, and this year's show will
The Harrison nurseries of Berlin, Md.,
offer a trophy and 100 Mcintosh trees, the
ond street, north of the school house, be
cut out of the list The request was
granted by a vote of 4 to 8, although
Councilman Bellinger stated the walk was
needed for the convenience of the children
ttendtng that school. Some of the coun
cllmen expressed the opinion that Mr. Kel
ler should not have objected to the side'
walk, seeing that It was for the Improve
ment of the section of the city In which
he resides.
The councilmen declined to pass the pure
milk ordinance because the city solicitor
had failed to provide them with copies
highest priced and best selected stock, to
van Larnen. a driver for Oelse'a Bottllna I h. . tnr nnmium iiuinil
stance of Dr 7 Donald Macrae, president of The W At,e Burpe 8eed mPBr of
the Council Bluffs Automobile club, under Philadelphia offers cash to pay for a cup
tn nw ominance pronioning ine creaking nr . ..ri.if crises to ba riven In their I l" i""" "'"' w'"'
of bottles on the public street. Larson was 0t P t0 ' " . th measure as directed at the previous
requested by Dr. Macrae to pick up the name, leaving the matter to the discretion ... .
5."" nJ !. Then Dr. of the officers. I '"Z ..a,;:;: ,h.
i'vim nuLuiru ina do ice inn I .rMn', I - I - - ..... ' i 1 '
arrest followed. Ha waa rla...t 1 D. 8. Lake, proprietor Of the Shenandoan, reouest from th Omaha drain TT.r.
mA,rninbndTth-PPIr ln P"!'0, court this la., nurseries, offers to contribute any change that It be permitted to establish
m 15 to isa i Th iaiTto Si..h k.. reasonable amount of nursery stock for scales and an office at the Intersection
a standing offer of a reward or no fr- h. premium purposes or anything else that of Pearl and Main streets was referred
arrest of any person guilty of this offense, may be suggested by the officers of the to the committee on bridges and city pro
n . , . . . I congress. I perty.
" " n.Li,uni bafetv rm
Most liberal offers have also been re- I
Attention was called to the failure of
a number of owners of business property
I . . . . . - T.I - I J
. . a, i.'m t rnrti innai iwnnip. i . . vv . oncijuiiaiu.
up ratios to Remove It Falls to Save . V . ....... . Ion Broadway and other streets to clean
marager 01 ine eanawicn annuiioiunin i - -
Child's Llf
Leroy Lewis, the -months-old
son of
company, sent In six catalogues containing
the sidewalks after the recent flood. A
list of the delinquents Is to be furnished
uiu nun VI . , i . . .i. link VI VI I O UCIIII14UBI1UI
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Whltloclt, 201 South of tn made nd hnal4 b th the police department
First street, died yesterday mornlns- at Sandwich company, and offering tha off!
the Edmuiidnon Memorial hospital after oer of the coi.gress to select any article
an operation for the removal of a safety shown, which will be donated. Some of aajr afternoon.
pin wnicn he swallowed Saturday evening. I the machinery catalogued Is listed as high
The child picked up the pin. which waa as $1,500.
smaii sixe ana open, and before the The Meneray Crescent Nursery company
mother could prevent, swallowed It. AsL.v. Tv,r,.nitv to .uhmlt a list of
The council after disposing of more or
less routine business adjourned to Thurs-
hot al
to Biece&
Not much relevancy at first thought in this headline as ap
plied to dry goods, but it describes what is being done
With the Prices at Kiipatrick's Improvement Sale
Dress goods, silRs and books will receive special
attention for a few days
On Tuesday, July 13th, we will place on Bale all that
is left of short ends, waist lengths, dres3 lengths and pet
ticoat lengths.
Messalines, Peau de Cygnes, Satins, etc These
goods sold previously at $1.00 and $1.25; on Tuesday one
price, 49c a yard.
We will not cut short lengths nor can any be ex
changed. -
Five pieces yard wide Black Taffeta, extra heavy,
formerly $1.50, will go at $1.15.
Three pieces 19-inch Black Messaline, worth 75c; will
go at 49c.
Three pieces 19-inch Black Messaline, worth 85c, will
go at 59c.
Two pieces 26-inch Peau de Cygne, worth $1.00, will
go at 79c.
Two pieces 24-inch Black Satin Panne, worth $1.25,
will go at 89c
Two pieces 19-inch Black Peau de Soie, worth 85c,
will go at 59c.
Two pieces 23-inch Black Peau de Soie, worth $1.75,
will go at 98c.
Two pieces 27-inch Black Peau de Soie, worth $1.50,
will go at $1.15.
Three pieces 36-inch Black Taffeta, worth $1.00, will
go at 79c.
Will clean up all that is left of the odd line of Foul
ards originally sold at $1.00, at 39c a yard.
All that's left of the Kimono Silk, 50c and 65c grades
at 39c.
All the Rough Pongees, plain and fancy, formerly 75c
and $1.00, at 39c
DRESS GOODS Here is where you will make a de
cided saving and the time for wool dress goods will soon
be here. You may have a little difficulty in finding the
dress goods items as they are scattered over the store.
One counter a mixed lot Mohairs, Serges, Voiles,
Albatross, Batiste, etc. worth 65c, will go at 33c,
One counter of mixed checks and fancies, worth up
to $1.50, at 49c.
One counter of Veilings, Voiles and Mohairs, worth
up to $1.25, at 69c
All that is left of the $3.00 Broadcloths will go at
All th$ fine Colored Drees Goods, worth up to $2.50,
at $1.19.
Every yard of Black Goods of every kind will go in
this sale at greatly reduced prices.
The Books and Stationery will suffer most This
entire department had to be moved and we are simply
stumped for room and know not where to place them
properly. i
To induce you to take them away we price for Tues
day all religious books Bibles, Prayer Books, Hymnals,
etc., at one-half price or less.
One big 10c table contains books worth up to 50c.
One big 25c table contains books worth up to 75c.
One big 49c table contains books worth up to $1.50.
Sets one-half price and less. Posters and Mottoes
one-half price and less. Cards from your plate 39c per
100. Stationery at about half.
Come in the morning, please, if you can.
a last resort, the babe was taken yeater-
rl ft V mnrnlno a t . a kABnii.i i
IIUOJJIW, WIICIV ID I . . .. L 1 1 -.1...
operation was performed. .among w,, w... ...
The funeral will be held Wednesday troph,e' r" f ?" bp! MUf "
morning at 10:30 o'clock frnm ,.,Z Better Fruit. Hood River. Ore., and the
residence and burial will be In Falrvlew Oregon. vice pretldent of the congress, and
cemetery. Rev. Edgar ,,Pi1ce, pastor of 1 pubhers 01 me jrruu urower, ni.
rim tnniuin cnurcn. wilt conduct Joscpn, no.
the services. .1 Letters with enthusiastlo comment on the
prospects of the 1909 exposition are received
Utah Horticultural commission says: "We
k'flH MTTT.Tr A T A x r-k sm a arse v
TIT TV YAfTP TTMTADO at n T,A-.,e, u 7 '
T.TQTTrm pa kio a Krin
v ' -. liv.iva- ikMd. I . a
I tlV III 1 UU oj iiipoiu "itt vug nuia
The Tashlon. ladles' tallortna. It w 'ur on Deln ther wlu trtt' n"1
Emleln proprietor, late fitter Orkln Brn. "h fruit enough to make them sit up ana
1 do first-class work reasonable. I make ulte notice."
suits for 115, skirts 16. I also do altering - K- White of the Michigan Agricultural
to suit. Would you give me a trial? U college and one of the Michigan vice presh
South Main street. dents of the congress says: "There la a
J oh a R, Dobbins Gives Bond.
John R. Dobbins, alleged member of the
J. C. Maybray "swindling syndicate," se
cured his release yesterday afternoon from
the county jail, where he has been con
fined since February 15, on furnishing
bonds In the aggregate sum of $,000.
Dobbins la alleged to have acted as
"steerer" for the Maybray gang in the
particular case of T. W. Ballew, the banker
and lumber dealer of Princeton, Mo., who
was fleeced out of $30,000 on a fake horse
race In this city on October IS of last year.
Agents of Iowa Lines Ask for De
crease in Assessments.
J. Edward Taylor of the Two Indictments were returned In the early
"", and organlr.ations to whom I have spoken
Pure gold, seamless, all slses. thus ne concerning the exhibit from Michigan, and
oe..y r .k... m 10 ,u. tngravlng j am ,reaUy ,neouraged
1 1 o. . imiai.
part of February by the district court
grand Jury against Dobbins for his alleged
, complicity In the Ballew case, one on the
charge of larceny and the other on the
charge of conspiracy. His bond under the
two Indictments was originally placed at
110.000. but waa later reduced to S6.00J.
The sureties, on the bonds furnished yes
terday are Hubert Tinley, cashier of the
willingness to assist shown by all parties state Savings bank, and W. A. Maurer, a
Thar Iaslst that Lands Are Assessed
at Leaa Than Half as Mack aa
Railroads on Earning
The wise-man racerved a telegram to
come home at onca on account of alckness
us ha did not have enough money he
telephoned the Iowa Loan company, corner
Pearl and Broadway and was able to catoh
tha first train home. If It la mo:aey you
want sea them. -
well-known business man of the city,
Dobbins was arrested in New Tork City
and brought back to Council Bluffs by
W. A. Oroneweg, former deputy sheriff,
who was recently appointed deputy United
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. ISO. Night, F-1701
Raal Catata Tranefera.
These transfers were reported to The states marshall for this district.
Bee July 11 by the Pottawattamie County
Abstract compony of Council Bluffs:
William F. Hledentopf, et el., to
Bertha M. Simon, lot 6. block X Tur
ley & White's subd in Council
Bluffs, o. c. d I 3
Herman Hotie and wife to William
M. Hotie. se4 6-74-40. w. d 18.000
Bertha M. Mllliran and husband to
Read This Care
fully, It Will lo
tesest You...
From now on each day will sea
this space filled with nma and
prices ot xoods In feur stock of
groceries and meats, particularly
interesting for the season and the
dsr, ,
Each day we will also give you
one or two specials at prices which
will afford you a material saving
and at the same time Insure you
Quality, freshness and wholesome
'Phpne numbers: BeU. Douglas
1611; Independent, A 1611.
24th and Famnm SU.,
J. O. Jones, lot (. block t, Turley
it White's subd In Council Bluffs,
w. d
Alma Sheets, et a!., to Earl Sheets,
iwtt nt. nw seVi, nthi iw). In
11-74-J9. w. d
Ingleetta Robertson and htiKhand to
Mitchell Rlcard. lots IS to S3, block
t, Morntngslde add to Council
Bluffs, w. d
Eva A. Watts and husband to Jennie
Wood, lot 11, Aud subd, t neVi
J6-76-44, w. d
Donald Macrae, jr., and wife to Hay
Tool Manufacturing company, lota 17
and 18, block 24. Beer's subd In
Council Bluffs, w. d
E. L. Young to T. Young, lot S and
w lot 14. Highland place add to
Council Bluffs, w. d
Camilla Hanna and husband to Ber
tha M. Mllllcan. lot , block 1. Tur
ley White's subd in Council
Bluffs, q. c. d
Charles Mueller, et al., to Bertha M.
Mllllcan, lot , block S. Turley &
White's subd In Council Bluffs,
q. e. d
Walter Hanson and wife to Mrs. Lue
Ager. lot 10. block . Burns' add
to Council Bluffs, w. d
Margaret Drake, widow, to Alexander
Stuart, wfe seVi and swK 16-77-SS,
w. d
R. E. Baxter, single, to Cora A. Wil
son, lot 4. block 1, Plalnvlew add
to Council Bluffs, w. d
Martha West, widow, to William
Arnd, lots i and i. block 43. Beer's
subd m Council Bluffs, n c. d
A. Smouse and wife to Katherlne R.
South. ots SU and 19. block S. Twin
City Plaoe add to Council Bluffs,
w. d
Thomas H. James and wife to A.
ftmouee. lota SK and ). block S. Twin
City Place add to Council Bluffs.
Will Entertain Apto TonriatS.
"Council Bluffs Is on the map for the
Ollddens. Let's show the place so they
will never forget It."
So reads a notice posted at the Lake
Manawa clubhouse of the Council Bluffs
Rowing association requesting all the mem
bers who can possibly do so to be at the
club on the night of July 21 to assist In
the entertainment which has been planned
for the visiting autolsts.
At the meeting yesterday of the executive
committee of the Council Bluffs Auto
mobile club a subcommittee was appointed
to call upon the business men of the city
and request that they decorate their stores
and places of business for the occasion ot
the tourists' visit.
We are (pen for Bids oa Cement
' We manufacture the beat cement block
an the market, the coaUnual air-spaoo
cement block. The walls laslde never
tat wet or damp Put Up to cemeat will
laat a life time.
-Mitrs eunaw x.oox oo
Offlea, koaaa S, Vtn ataUaaal Bash
BuUaiag. raeae la 4. Sett. IT laat SUi
wee aaa rust Avaaaa.
tZVEl rLenaei
C m -t
at aa
sixteen transfers.
John Daagherty need.
, John Daugherty, aged 66 years, died yes
terday morning at his home, (2 Avenue D,
after a six months' Illness from Brlght's
disease. He had been a resident of Coun
ell Bluffs for forty years and Is survived
by Ms wife, a daughter. Mrs. B. 8. Kelley
of Canon City, Colo.; a stepdaughter. Miss
Ella Darnell, a teacher In the city schools
and a sister, Mrs. K A. 8app ot Millard.
O. Mr. Daugherty was a soldier, having
served during the civil wsr as a corporal
In Troop U Fifth Ohio volunteer cavalry.
He was a member of Council Bluffs lodge,
Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The
funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon
at S:SS o'clock from the residence and
burial will be In Falrvlew cemetery. Rev
Edgar Price," pastor of tha First Christian
church, will conduct the services.
Jantea Baaten Slvea Band.
Tama. VI nn I a . . fnTfll,, MliMlt fit
Council Bluffs, against whom a oharge of
bootlegging at Henderson. Ia. had been
filed, appeared before United Stataa Com
miaaioner Crawford yea tarda aftaraea.
Three Resorts Raided.
Armed with search warrants sworn out
by the county attorney, a squad o
constables and deputy sheriffs raided three
resorts In the business district last night
Jessie Miller. (14 West Broadway; Myra
Graves, 226 West Broadway, and Maggie
Hill, 817 South Main street, were arrested
an the charge of conducting disorderly
houses. A quantity of liquor waa seised a
the Miller and Hill places. Jessie Miller
furnished a 1300 cash bond and Myra
Graves a $400 surety bond signed by Wal
lace Benjamin. Maggie Hill was unabl
to furnish bond and was sent to jail. Thl
ts said to be the beginning of a movemen
to drive houses ot this class from the
business section of the city.
Jalr Clearance of Pie tares.
Big discounts on pictures, both framed
and unfraWd. Alexander's Art Store, KZ
Let us figure your contract on painting.
We know we ran satisfy you. H. Bor
ick, 311 South Malnt street
Danish Festival Tharaday.
Thl Ladles' Aid society ot the Danish
Lutheran church, assisted by the members
of the Young People's society, will hold
Danish festival Thursday evening of thl
week In the chapel at tha corner of Twen
ty-first avenue and Elghtrenth street.
There's lletJth
nd Happiness
In tha' habit ot eating
The food Contains 'elements from
Wheat and Barley which rebuilds
Broken Nerves and Brain.
Try It ten days.
"There's s, Rstsoiv"
. Thomas Kilpatrick & Co.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, la., July 12.-(Speclal Tel
egram.) Because of the death of Governor
F. Carroll's sister, Mrs. Jane Rouch at
Bloomfleld, the executive council, which
met today to assess the railroads, ad
journed till tomorrow, after listening to
the representatives of the Dubuque and
Sioux City and Colfax and Northern, be
cause the representatives of these roads
cannot be present tomorrow. Only minor
matters were considered today, the coun'
ell not going Into the broader principles.
Tomorrow 'the railroads will ask for I
substantial reduction of their assessments.
It Is understood that Representative White
of Story county will appear before the
commission and ask that the assessment
be left where It Is and that no Increase
be made In the farm land assessment. He
will claim that while land values have
gone up in the past few years, ths Incomes
from the farms are' no greater than 'six
years ago.
Railroads and Farms.
W. W. Baldwin of the Burlington has
discovered by Inquiries to the county aud
itor that the taxes which farm lands rent
ing for cash rent pay Is but per cent
of the cash received as rent, while the
railroads pay taxes, as he claims, which
Is IS per cent of their net earnings, the
net earnings corresponding to the cash
rent of the farms. The fact that reports
this year show wide discrepancies between
the assessed value and sale value of
farms, showing that the sate value on the
average has inqreased nearly 40 per cent,
while the assessed value Is actually lower
that formerly. Is the feature of the assess
ment business this year.
Manv claim that under the law, -.he
executive council cannot get around rats
Ing farm assessments nigner man iney
have ever been before. j
Opinion on Moon Lave.
Attorney General Byers Is preparing a
decision relative to the Moon law at the,
request of a number of persons who have
asked him for his Interpretation of the
aw. This decision will probably be made
public tomorrow. It Is understood that he
will hold that the legislative Intent gov
erns and that the intent of the Moon law
was that no further aaloon permits be
granted above one to each 1.000 population
after the passage of the law, which was
April U.
Flaht on New Ratea.
The railroads may ask for an Injunction
to prevent the order of the Interstate Com
merce commission relative to rates through
Des Moines and from Des Moines to the
northwest going Into effect till heard by
the court. The order of the commission
was considered a great victory for Des
Moines business. It Is claimed the Rook
Island will ask for ths Injunction.
Will Teat Rope Law.
A test of the hotel law requiring a rope
In each hotel room long enough to reach
the ground and other requirements as to
fire escapes, will be started In the Folk
county district court the last of this week.
according to present plans. It Is claimed
the law will cost the hotel men $XW,0.
and on behalf of the state association the
constitutionality ot the law will be at
Forger Commits Salelde.
J. L. Davis, arrested today on a farm
near Knoxvllle, charged with having
passed two forged checks ia Dea Moines,
committed suicide when granted a few
minutes' absence in which to change his
clothing. Davis passed worthless checks
totaling (26 some months ago and officers
traced him to the farm of Mrs. John Mc-
Intlre, a sister, living near Knoxvllle. When
confronted with the oharge Davis admitted
his guilt. He was 2S years of age and
Governor Retaras Tomorrow.
Governor Carroll returned Saturday from
a trip to the Anamosa and Fort Madison
penitentiaries, and no sooner had he reached
home than he received word of the death
of his sister, Mrs. Jane Rouch, at Bloom
fleld, Ia. The funeral of Mrs. Rouch was
held today In Troy, la., the old family
home. Governor Carroll will return to
morrow to act with the other members of
the executive council In the railroad assess
ment, the law requiring that the assess
ment be made, at this time.
Settle Mine 'Difficulty.
Trouble In the Iowa district of the United
Mine Workers of America has been settled
without the assistance ot Hon. William
Jennings Bryan, who had consented to act
as one of the arbitrators. Mr. Bryan could
not sit with the other four members till
September. The four members of the
board got together and agreed unanimously
on a decision. Charges " had been made
that John P. White, the president ot the
local district, was trying to wreck the
order. Jonas Gott charged that Harry
Baker, district secretary, and James Arch!
bold, the local president at Centervllle,
had circulated such a report. The arbitra
tors found that such was not the case,
whether the report had been circulated or
not; that Intemperate statements had been
made by both sides and in brief that the
best thing to do was for everyone to "drop
their hard feelings for the good of the
Kerosene Lamp Explodes.
By the explosion of a kerosene lamp,
which she was using while curling her
hair, Miss Ella Drone was severely
burned and may die. Almost all her
clothing waa burned from her body, and
when the physicians sought to remove the
remainder, flesh dropped away In places.
She was a chambermaid at the Chamber'
lain tiotel.
alrlde'a Wife Is 111.
From brooding over the murderous at
tack her husband made on A. II. Todd,
and his subsequent suicide, Mrs. Minnie
Rice has become so 111 that she was taken
to Mercy hospital. She has but lately
arrived In America, and does not under
stand the English language.
State Day at Fair.
Thursday, September 2, will be State day
at the Iowa State Fair, and that day will
be an anpual feature hereafter. All the
state officers, the governors of seven ad
Joining states, the representatives in con
gress from this state, and all the mem
bers of the Iowa legislature are to be In
vited especially to attend, and all other
publlo officials of the state. There will
be no speaking, but the people will be given
the opportunity of meeting the officials
of the state at close range, and the jruesta
will be shown especial honors.
Many Prosecutions.
H. R. Wright, state food and dairy com
missioner, toay mailed ten cases to county
attorneys for prosecution under the state
laws. Four were against merchants who
had sold linseed oil purchased from an
Omaha company, It being charged that
the oil is impure.
If you are dissatisfied try me. We keep
our customers In good humor all the time
and HONEST GOODS. Here you get the
benefit of yeara of experience, our per
sonal attention and care of the eyes. Re
member that we grind our own lenses and
guarantee satisfaction. "Eye-sight Is my
Specialty." W. W. MAGARRELL, Opto
metrist, 20(1-8 City National Bank building,
Council Bluffs, Ia.
Northwestern Makes Changes.
BOONE, Ia., July 12. Speclal.)-Effeo-
tlve today, former Assistant Superinten
dent John W. Doyle of the Chicago As
Northwestern becomes superintendent of
the Pierre, Rapid City 4b Northwestern at
Pierre, 8. D., taking the place of C. T.
Dike, who goes into construction work.
Former Trainmaster C. T. Booth at Coun
cil Bluffs becomes assistant superintendent
at Boone and former Chief I)lin.ihr
August Syverson of Wisconsin beoomes
trainmaster at Council Bluffs.
' We have Just received a big line of the
celebrated Perfect Flreless Cookers. We
show them In three nixes, with aluminum
vessels or enameled. We Invite your In
spection. Prices, 7.50, $9.00, $12.00. P. C.
De Vol Hdw. Co.
Railroad Men
Die in Accident
Robert L. Knabel and William Brand
Pitched Into Ditch at
Dalton, Ia.
SIOUX CITY, Ia., July 12.-Robert L.
Knabel, superintendent of the Sioux City
division of the Chicago, Milwaukee ft St
Paul road, and William Brand, division
carpenter, were fatally Injured today when
their automobile apeeder was derailed near
Dalton. Knabel's back was broken.
We have a large number of bankers'
carpenters,' clerks,' and stenographers' pen
cils whloh we are giving away as long
as they last. Call at our offlae and get
them. Iowa Loan company, corner Pearl
and Broadway, suite V
Bigger, Better, Busier Tnat's what ad
vertising In The Bee does for your business.
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