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    m OMAHA SUNDAY BEE: JITTA" 4, 1909.
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
n 4
Minor Mention
f XraanU a.arrs Offlea of la
Oull In U at It Boats iml
Bet Tkratt 40.
Darts, drugs.
CORRIGANS. Undertakers. Thones 14S.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. -Tel. S3
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. "Phone 37.
The public library building will be cloned
all day Monday.
When you want reliable want ad adver
tising use The Bee.
Peering binders and mowers. Spcarlin?
A Trlplett. 7 Broadway.
l)r. W, W. Mftgarcll. optomt-frl't moved
to 200-206 City National bank building.
Undertakers. 'Pa one l.:2. 14 N. Main 8t.
To Whom It May Concern: I will not be
responsible for any debts contracted by
my wife after this date. E. L. Champrwy.
Judge A. B. Thornell notified Harry M.
Brown, clerk of the dlstrti-t court, yes
terday that he would be here Thursday
to hold a session of court.
Deputy Sheriff A. Johnson of Avooa was
in the city yesterday enroute to Clarlnda
with Jens Burner, aged 85 ears, who had
been committed to tne Mate asylum.
Monday being quarterly pension day the
office of the clerk nf the district court
will be open from 7:30 to 9:30 a. m. for
the accommodation of the old soldiers.
' The Toung Men's Christian association
will hold memorial services for mate Sec
retary Magee at the Redwood stump In
' Falrmount park this afternoon at t o'clock.
Frits Julius Johnson and Alma Amelia
Theuer, both of Omaha, were married yes
terday morning In this city at Kt. Paul's
Episcopal church rectory, Rev. J. W. Jones
Mrs. Lulie Smiley, wife of J. C. Smiley,
811 Tenth avenue, died yesterday, aged 30
years. The funeral will, be held this aft
ernoon at 3:45 o'clock from the residence
and burial will be In Falrvlew cemetery.
Frank W. Mayo and Martha C. Lenner.
Iwtk nf XIw Vtsflr fit. . I ..
this city yesterday morning by Rev. James
M. Williams at the Broadway Method st
parsonage. They stated they were on their
way to the beanie exposition.
Fire In the coal sheds of the Droge
company at Ninth avenue and Sixth street
call'd out the fire department at 1:30
o'clock yesterday afternoon. Half of the
big -shed wis burned before the blase was
The body of Louis, the Infant son of
Mr. and Mis. J. A. Smith, who died in
Topeka, Kan., aged . 2'i years, will be
brought to this city this afternoon and
taken direct to Walnut Hill cemetery,
where Interment will be held.
Carl Francis, the Infant son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Miller, 2200 Avenue C, died yes
terday morning. The funeral will be held
tnis afternoon at J o clock from the fanillv
rsldence and burial will be in St. Joseph's
crmeiery. ev. ramer j. . u IN ell will
conduct tne services.
Rev. and Mrs. Homer Worthlngton Starr
' and two children of Winnetka, III., ar
rived yesterday and are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. C. R. Tyler, 641 Sixth avenue. Rev
Mr. Starr,- who was formerly rector of
St. Paul's Episcopal church In this city,
will preach the sermon to the graduating
class of St. Paul's Sunday school this
morning. y
State Senator C. G. Saunders will deliver
the Fourth of July oration at Tabor Mon
day. - Ho spoke yesterday at Kirkman, la
John M. Galvln was the Fourth of July
orator at Logan yesterday. City 'Solicitor
Kimball delivered the Independence day
oration at Hancock yesterday. Charles M.
Harl Is booked for the Fourth of July ora
tion at Clarrnda Monday.
There will be many mishaps resulting
from the fourth, and many soiled clothes
that need cleaning and pressing. We can
clean and press the clothes to suit your
entire satisfaction, but we cannot fix up
the mishaps. Call us up after the fourth
and we will rail and get your garments
and bring them bark cleaned and pressed
In strictly first class manner. Bluffs City
Laundry. Dry Cleaning and Dve Works.
C-24-D6 N.,Maln. Both phones 314.
A stranger apparently about 30 years
of age who. from papers found on him. Is
believed to be Frank Beats, was discovered
yesterday afternoon In an unconscious
condition In the alley east of Main street,
near Story street. It Is believed the man
had taken some mixture containing laud
anum. Among his papers was a card on
which was written. "In case of accident
or Illness notify Newton Hen Is. Falrmount.
Orant county, Ind." The man was taken
to police headquarters, where he was at
tended by City Physician Tubhs. At a
late hour last night he had not regained
Harry and Kathyrlne Mitchell, In a rip
roaring comedy sketch with a cyclone
finis. "A Strange Stranger"; piano playing
and singing. The most entertaining and
comical bill of the season. Diamond
theater. The coolest place in town. Four
Wedding nines.
Pure gold, seamless, all sizes, thus no
delay or altering, 3 to SU. Engraving
free. Leffert.
Hammocks! Hammocks: ! - Right now Is
the time for hammocks. Wa have the
finest line of hammocks In the city.
Teterson and Schoenlng Co.
Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to wed were issued yesterday to
the following:
Nam and Residence. Age.
C'larnece R. Ingram. Council Bluffs 22
Nellie M. Henderson, Council Bluffs 20
F. J. Johnson, Omaha 21
Alma Theuer, Omaha m
or Sale at
it II
House and three lots, three of the best lots oh Avenue
A, house almost new, five rooms finished, space up stairs
for two more large rooms, electric lights, bath room, city
water, good cellar, young fruit and shade trees, splendid
location, two lots for garden ground.
Jo W)a Johnson
201 Sapp Block.
I flAti P inn FY flM
LUilll l.lUliL I Ull
I Treaty Yean of Successful Busmcsa.
NjtonnMiion with the firm railing
DOTH rKO.M9S .C17.
Order of Exercises at Public Celebra
tion At Fairmonnt Park.
Oration M ill Be kr W. K. Mitchell ol
Kidney and Miss Dietrich Will
Head Declaration at
The program for ihe celebraMon of In
dependence day at Fairmount park Monday
was not announced until late yesterday af-
fernoon, the committee having this In
charge having been compelled to await the
result of the canvass for funds made by
the finance committee. The money needed
to successfully carry out the celebration,
was, however, secured during the day and
If the weather Is propitious thef will. It Is
expected, be an Immense crowd at the
park tomorrow.
The exercises, which will precede the
sports, will be held at the banasiana ana
will begin at 2 o'clock. Mayor Thomas Mi
loney will preside BJid the exercises will
be opened by prayer by Dr. Otterbeln O.
Smith, pastor of the First Congregational
church. There will be music by Scotch bag
pipe players and Miss Fanny Dietrich, the
well known elocutionist of this city, will
read the Declaration of Independence. The
oration will be delivered by W. E. Mitchell
of Sidney, la. '
in addition -to" those given for the vari
ous events on the program of sports prizes
will be awarded to the homeliest man on
the grounds, the largest family on the
grounds, the oldest maid, the heaviest man,
the shortest man and the person with the
largest mouth.
The committee had planned on offer
ing a prize for the handsomest man, but as
this would have been a cinch for Mayor
Maloney, he requented that the prlxe be
awarded for some other contest.
The following program of sports has been
Fifty-yard race for boys under 15 years.
Fifty-yard race for girls under 15 years.
Ladies' egr race.
Free-for-all race, 100 yards. Professionals
Snck race.
Fifty-yard race for young women over 15.
Ladles' base ball throwing contest.
Pie eating contest fur boys.
Pie eating contest for girls.
Chase of a greased pig.
Robert Huntington will be in charge of
the rports and will be assisted by Charles
A. Beno as official announcer and John T,
Mulqueen as official starter. The judges
of contest and sports will be Councilman
A. Bellinger. Park Commissioner Frank
Pettrson and Councilman James McMUlen.
Dr. Donald Macrae will distribute the
E. H. Doollttle. H. A. Qulnn, J. J.
Hushes, J. Q. Wadsworth and C. R. Han-
nan, 1r., compose the reception committee,
whose duty It will bo to see that everybody
has a good time.
In the evening there will be a grand dis
play of fireworks, including a number of
elaborate set pieces, which will be under
the personal supervision of President
Graham of the Park board.
, English Go-Carts, 20 per cent discount
' Reed Oo-Carts, 33V4 per cent discount.
Peterson & Schoenlng Co.
Real Estate Transfers
These transfers were reported to The Bee
July 3 by the Pottawattamie County Ab
stract company of Council Bluffs:
P. P. Maloney, single, to F. J. Day,
lot 8, block 12, Beers' aubd. In Coun
cil Bluffs., w. d $
Interstate HSealty Co. to C. O. Durfee,
lot 11, block 17, Evans' 2d bridge add.
to Council Bluffs, w. d
Edith B. Mable and husband to John
J. Gordon, part lot 1, Aud subd.,
nw'i nw1.,, and part lot 3, Aud subd.,
neVi nw'4, 32-75-43, w. d
C. V. Miller, single, to C. O. Durfee,
lot 10, block 7. EvanB' 2d bridge add.
to Council Bluffs, w. d..-
Peter E. Olsen and wife to A. B.
Johns, lot 3. block 1$. Bsyllss' 2d
add. to Council Bluffs, w. d
J. T. Brooks and wife to Greenshlelds
& Everest Co., lots 12 and 13, block
A, Perry's 2d add. to Council Bluffs,
q. c. d
J. J. Gordon and wife to Edith B.
Mable. lots 4. 5 and 6. block 4. Morn
ingslde add. to Council Bluffs, w. d.
Total, eight transfers..
Take Good Care of Year Eyes,
Not only because of any pain In them,
not only because you experience difficulty
In seeing, not only because of fear of ultl
mate loss of eyesight, but because the con
dition of the eyes has so much to do with
more than one bodily ailment. Consult us
at the first Indication of eye trouble. Dr,
W. W. Magarrell, optometrist, 203-20$ City
National Bank Building, Council Bluffs
Factory on premises.
Minister Dawson Home,
Hon. Thomas Cleland Dawson, United
States minister to Chile, who still calls
Council Bluffs, la.
AT nF-nl P TIIV rmirir. n irva
thenutaivM Thm Clark Mortrajrs Co.
r. iiiiuii, Mgr.
Council Bluffs his home, arrived In the
city yesterday morning from Washington
after several months in the national capi
tal, lie la registered at the Grand hotel
and ex pec's to remain here for several
days. Mrs. Dawson and their three chil
dren are lr Washington. Mr. Dawson,
whose full official title Is "envoy extraor
dinary and minister plenipotentiary of the
United States to Chile." will said July IT
from New Tork for his new post at 8an-
iiago, vnue.
The Alaska, the only real Ice-saving re
frigerator on the market. Peterson &
Schoenlng Co.
have added a new press to their printing
plant, 18 North Main street.
Services at the C'bnrphea.
Broadway Methodist Church, Rev. James
M. Williams, Pastor Class meeting at 10
m. ; morning worship at 10:30; the regu-
ar quarterly sacramental service; baptis
mal services; admission of members. Par
ents having children to be baptised will
present them at this service. Sunday school
t IX F. H. Orcutt leading. Epworth
league Devotional, meeting at 7 p. m. Pa
triotic service at 8 p. m.; A. H. Sniff of
Missouri Valley will address the meeting
on "God in Our National History"; the
Broadway male quartet will sing; all pa
trlotlc organisations of the city are In
First Congregational Church, Dr. Otter
beln O. Smith, Pastor Morning service at
10:30. Sunday school at noon. No evening
service till September. Communion and re
ception of members at the morning serv
Ice; special music, anthem, "I Will Praise
the Name of the Lord"; aolo, "The City
Four Square," Mrs. Covalt.
The People's Congregational Church
Rev. C. S. Hanley, Pastor Sabbath school
at 10 a. m. Subject for morning sermon,
'Present Privileges in the Christian Life."
Regular monthly communion service fol
lowing, with opportunity for baptism and
reception of members. Subject for even
Ing service, "Obligations of Christiana to
Each Other and Their Neighbor Non-Pro
The First Presbyterian Church, Rev.
Marcus p. McClure, Minister 10:80 a. m.
The morning service; theme, "The Strength
or the Bearers of Burdens. 8:80 a. m.
The Primary department of the Bible
school. 12 m. The Bible school. T p. m.
A service for young and old under the
direction of the Toung People's society;
subject, "Happiness." There will be no
evening preaching service during July and
Second Presbyterian Church, Rev. George
A. Ray, D. D., Pastor Morning worship
at 10:30 a. m.; subject, "Our Duty to Our
Country"; the Lord's supper will be ad'
ministered at the morning service and sev
eral persona admitted to church member
ship. Sunday school at 12 o'clock. Chris
tian endeavor at 7:15 p. m. ; service appro
prlate to the national Independence day.
In the evening the pastor will commence
a course of story sermons entitled, "Simon
the Leper." Evening meeting at 8:30 p. m
St. John's English Lutheran church, Rev.
O. W. Snyder, pastor. Communion service
at 10:30 a. m. ; sermon subject, "Communion
and In Remembrance." Sunday school at
noon. There will be no evening service.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, will
hold services at 10:46 a. m. in Masonic
temple hall, when the subject of the lesson
sermon will be . "God." Sunday school im
mediately after the service. Regular mid
week testimonial meeting Wednesday even
Ing at 8 o'clock.
First Baptist church. Rev. F. A. Case,
pastor. Regular services at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. Sunday school at noon. Young
People's meeting at 7 p. ra.
First Christian church, Rev. Edgar Price,
pastor. Services will be held in the Danish
hall. Park avenue and Broadway, where
services will be held until the new edifice
is completed. Bible school at :45. Preach
ing at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Christian En
deavor at 7 p. m.
Trinity Methodist church. Rev. Frank
Caldwell, pastor. Sabbath school at 10 a. m,
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Ep worth
league at 1 p. m.
Memorial Baptist church. Preaching at
10:30 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday school at
noon. Young People's union at 7 p. m.
Fifth Avenue Methodist church. Rev. S.
Grant Lewis, pastor. Services at 10:30 a. m.
and 8 p. m. Sunday school at noon. Junior
Epworth league at 6 p. m. 8 en lore at T.
Prayer service Wednesday at 7:30. Teach'
era' meeting Wednesday at 8:30. Class meet
Ing first Wednesday of each month at 7:30,
West Side Christian church.' Sunday
school at 10 a. m. . Preaching services at
U a. m. and 8 p. m. Young People's meet
ing at 7 p. m.
Epworth Methodist . church. Rev. A. V,
Babb, pastor. Sunday school at 10 a. m
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Epworth
league at 0:30 p. m.
Bethany Presbyterian church. Rev. John
Kroonmeyer, pastor. Services at 14 a. m.
and 8 p. m. Sunday school at 11:45. Chris
tlan Endeavor at 7 p. m.
Seventh Day Adventlst church, W. A
McKlbben, elder. Sabbath school at 10 a.
m. Saturday services at 11 a. m.
Latter Day Saints' church. Preaching at
10:46 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday achool
Woodbury avenue chapel Sunday school
at 8 p. m.
Free Methodist church, Rev. D. C. Lam
son, pastor. Sunday school at 10 a. m
followed by preaching. Preaching at t p. m,
Frederick A. Weston af Evanston
III., la Grand Exalted Raler.
The national convention of the Omega
Eta Tau high achool fraternity, which
closed with a banquet at the Grand hotel
last night, elected tke following officers
for the ensuing year:
Grand Exalted Ruler Frederick A. Wes
ton of Evanston. 111.
Members of Executive Board Joseph
Tyrrell and Hugh O. Slddall, both of Chi
Keeper of the Records Harry Gerhauaer
of Kit roll.
Grand Treasurer Ralph Carpenter of Dea
Master of Ceremonies Dan McCord of
Des Moines.
Magaslne Editor George Ludolf of Roch
ester, N. y.
Roy Wilcox of this city, who was noml
nated for the office of grand exalted
ruler, declined the honor, as ha said he
would be unable to give It the attention
that It needed. Charles R. Hannan, jr
and Carlcton Woodward, both of Cooncll
Bluffs, who had been nominated as mem
bers of the executive board, also with
drew their names on account of the fact
that they would not be able to find time
to properly handle the duties of the po
Next year's convention will be held
either in Chicago or Detroit, tha selection
of one of these cities being left with the
executive board.
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 2&0. Night. F-IT02.
Complete line of Clark'a Jewell gas
stoves. These stoves usa leas gas than an
other gaa atova on the market, and It Is
a real oleasura to prepare your meal on
Schoenlng Co.
aly 147 Arrests Mad Daring; the
The report of the police department for
the mouth of June, Issued yesterday, shows
that Council Bluffs continued to be free
from crime of a serious character during
that period. Only 147 arrests were recorded
urlng the month, and of this number
Ixty-slx were for drunkenness, which is
marked decrease.
The arrests were for the following causes:
Drunk S
nsorderly 21
Vagrancy a
Disturbing the peace T
Held for Investigation (
Drunk and disturbing the peace (
Violating city ordinance 6
ssault I
Drunk and disorderly 1
Assault with intent todo great bodily
injury . i
Disturbing tha iwim kv flrhllnv
Larceny 1
Disorderly conduct 1
Breakimr and enterina-
Drunk and exposure of person 2
Assault and battery 2
Kmbecslement 1
Carrying concealed weapons l
Maintaining a nuisance I
Disturbing the peace. Interfering with
officer i
Fugitive from justice 1
Total 147
There was a marked falling off In the
umber of transients seeking lodging at
the city all, only fifteen being so ac
commodated during the month.
Oxfords for the Fourth. You should have
a pair. We can please you and save you
money. Duncan Shoe Co., 23 Main PL
Mr. Leslie LeRor Rood and Mlaa
Mara-aret Macrae Married.
The members of the Proto club en loved
a basket picnic lunch at Lake Manawa,
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Ray Blxbv of Oakland avenue en
tertained the Thursday Kensington club at
luncheon Thursday afternoon.
The members of the Corona eluh will
be entertained Thursday evening at the
home of Miss Susie O'Hara, 101T Third
Mrs. E. rinnlnr mnA inn Richard nf
Oakland avenue, arrived home Friday
morning from an extended visit with rela
tives at Denver, Colo.
Miss Adelaide Rood and Miss Grace
Rood of Lincoln, vhn v.r. t th
Macrae home on Park avenue, returned
io meir nome Thursday.
MISS Acnes Drake. nrlnclnal nf tha
Thirty-second Street school, has gone to
mew xorK wnere sne will take a summer
course at the Columbia university.
Rev. Marcus P. McClure of the First
Presbyterian church and family have
moved from 107 Glen avenue to 828 Wil
low avenue, the property recently ac
quired by the church.
Miss Eusebla Dudley entertained at
luncheon at the boat club cafe at Lake
Manawa Friday afternoon for Miss Doro-
tny Htevens, Mr. Blaine Young and Mr.
Raymond Lowe of Omaha.
Mrs. C. J. Sttlwell entertained the Af
ternoon Bridge club Thursday at her
home on Glen avenue. The prize was
awarded Mrs. Paul Kodwels. At the close
of the game a course luncheon was
Mr. and Mrs. John Sunderman and
daughter. Miss Lena .Sunderman, have
left for an extended trip through Minne
sota. While away they will 'visit rela
tives at Worthlngton and Luverne, Mtnn
and will return about the middle of this
Miss Ruth and Miss DorethV Felt left
Monday for Verne, Mont., to be guests
at a ranch house party, given by miss
Mattle Brown. Miss Brown's seven guests
are all olassmates at St. Mary's school,
Knoxvllle, Mo, They will return home
August 1.
Miss Vincent, chaperoned a party of
young girls who spent the latter part of
the week at the boat house at Lake
Manawa. In the party were the Mlses
Erma Glllllland, Lorena Hammell, Nellie
Sperling. Helen Canning. Gladys Faus and
Nellie Kinsel.
Mrs.: p. Gunnoude entertained the girls
of the Blue and the Gray at a week end
nouse party at tne nunting coitaite - rne
Hunters" at Loveland. Her guests were
the Misses Gladys Glllllland, Luclle Mc
Magdalen Kinaan. Mary Ade. Irene Parr.
Helen Menefee, Alta Williams, Catherine
Kieeiine and Sue Cheyne.
Miss Lulu Spetman entertained at a
kitchen shower Monday afternoon at her
nome. in nonor or Miss KiisaDem Macrae,
whose marriage to Mr. Rood took place
Wednesday evening. The afternoon was
spent at an informal kenslngton. after
which light refreshments were served.
The guests were Miss Elisabeth Macrae,
Miss Madge Walker, Miss Fannie Delt-
rick, miss irvme spetman. Miss Adelaide
Rood, Miss Grace Rood.
Mr. Austin Henry Stols and Miss Gene
vieve Cronland were married Wednesday
evening at the home of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Cronland, 610 South
Tenth street. The ceremony, which was
witnessed by a large number of relatives
ana rrienas or tne trifle ana groom, was
performed by Rev. J. W. Jones, rector of
St. Paul's' Episcopal church. The house
was prettily decorated and following the
ceremony a wedding supper was served.
Miss Ruth Hollenbeck and ' Miss Fay
Semmons entertained the members of the
Men Coles Nochle club Wednesday even
ing at an outing party. In honor of Miss
Birdie Oliver. The 'guests went to the
School for the Deajc In a carry-all. Indi
vidual lunches being served on the way.
Mrs. Will O. Pryor acted as chaperon.
The guests were Miss Birdie Oliver. Miss
IOdla Hamilton, Miss Emma Peterson.
Miss Alberta Ingraham, Miss Jennie Wil
liams, Miss Ethel Williams, Mls Nina
Swanson, Miss Segrid Swanson, Miss
Commella Beck, Miss Lillle Madison and
Reba Seanson,
Announcement has been received In
this city of the marriage of Mr. Abram
Robert Shepard of Wichita. Kan., and
Miss Margaret Crystal Hewltson of Chi
cago, which took place Wednesday after
noon in Chicago, at St. Paul'a church by
the Lake. Both Mr. and Mrs. Shepard are
wen known in this city. Mr. snepara is
tne son or Mr. and Mrs. William M. Shep
ard. for many years residents of this
city while Mrs. Shepard la the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. William 8. Hewltson,
formerly or council Bluffs, now of Chi
cago. Immediately after the ceremony,
Mr. and Mrs. Shepard went to Kanaaa
City where they will visit before going
to wicnita. where they will be at home
after July 16.
The marriage of Miss Francis Gallacher
and Mr. Clarence Smith of Stanherry, Mo.,
was solemnised Tuesday morning at St
Geo. W. Klein !
I'pholstring, Furniture Repair
ed and Rtfinlshed, Feather
Renovated, Mirrors Replated,
nd all kinds of mattress work
Both 'Phones.
19 So. Main St., Council Bluffs.
'Dave It Done Right'
We are open for Bids a Cement
Wa manufacture the best cement block
en the market, the continual air-space
cement block. The walls insltla never
-et wet or damp Put up in cement will
last a lite time.
Office, Koom a. First national Bask
Building1, rboae Xnd. MO. fiaut 871a
treat aad Tlrst Artu.
Le f f c rt 2EE Le n a c
Cmust Caawsrl Kaawa Is Wasns el Oast
III HSmmmmt aa krar
m a
rr .irtTEgrs
sl imitasnut lart
Jewell. Price 110.00 to $31.50.
I'l I i If I fi is UMa
mm urn LZAJ
will begin again Tuesday morning, July Gth, and continue
throughout the week.
Many have taken advantage of our remarkable prices to do
their holiday buying. Others lvive found within their reach some
piece of fine jewelry that had been secretly cherished for years.
Every line in our stock is being discounted. Here are some
of the extra good values we are offering:
25 Discount on best quality guaranteed Silver Tableware this
gives you a set of $5.00 Knives and Forks for $3.75
33Vs Discount on all gold-filled jewelry you can buy n beauti
ful Bracelet, Necklace, Chain, Comb or Fob, worth $3.50, $2.35
20 Discount on solid gold and gold filled Boss and Crescent
Cases, with Elgin, Waltham and Illinois fine jeweled movements.
Gents' gold filled, open face, dustproof case, with fine 15 jew
eled Elgin movement, patent regulator, now $12.00
Everything in our stock is marked in plain.figures.
Do not let this opportunity pass.
Our new location 503 Broadway next to the First National Bank.
Porch or Lawn
As long as they last.
Don't fail to get one.
These Chairs will not be delivered.
We have every
thing to famish
See us for your
complete outfit.
Francis Xavler's at the ( o'clock mass,
the Very Rev. P. P. McManus officiating;.
Miss Alice Gallagher was bridesmaid and
Mr. Hoy Xlrk of Ktanberry acted as best
man. The bride wore a traveling; suit of
champagne cloth, with shoes and gloves
to match and a brown hat. A wedding
breakfast waa served after the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith left Wednesday even
ing for a wedding trip to Buffalo, Niagara
and other eastern points. They will make
their home In Stanberry. The bride was a
member of this year's graduating class of
bt. Francis' academy.
A pretty June wedding was that of Mr.
Edson Sheldon Damon and Miss Ethyl
Thomas, who were married Wednesday
evening at the home of the bride's mother,
Mrs. Mary E. Thomas. 127 South Eighth
street. Rev. Marcus P. McClure, pastor
of the First Presbyterian church, officiated
In the presence of a large gathering of
relatives and friends. The ceremony was
performed under a bower of palms and
daisies. The bride was attended by her
sister. Miss Evelyn Thomas, as brides
maid, while Masters Bruce Wallace and
Frank Damon, nephews, respectively, of
the bride and groom, were the ribbon bear
ers. The bride wore a gown of Imported
mull, trimmed with baby Irish lace and a
veil. Her bouquet was ' of bridal roses.
The bridesmaid was gowned In apricot
silk and carried a big bunch of gladiolas.
Following the ceremony refreshments were
served In the dining room, which was deco
rated In yellow and white. Red rones,
pslms and ferns were used In the decora
tion of the other rooms. Among the out-of-town
guests were: Mr. and Mrs. B. 8.
Clayton of Indlanola, la.; Mr. and Mrs.
Brennan of Wlnterset, la.; Dr. and Mrs.
McCluskv of Qlenwood, Miss Woodrlng of
Olenwood. Miss Mabel Hicks, Miss Wheel
ing and Mr. and Mrs. Redfleld of Omsha,
tr. and Mrs. King of South Omaha, Miss
Mazfleld of South Omaha and Mrs. Brad
ley of Topeka, Kan. After a short wed
ding trip Mr. and Mrs. Damon will make
their home ror the present at Ui eoutn
Eighth street.
A pretty home wedding took place
Wednesday evening at t o'clock at the
home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs.
J. R. Macrae, SI Park avenue, when their
daughter. Miss Elisabeth Jane Macrae, was
united In marriage to Mr. iaiie utnoy
Hood of Kansas city. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Marcus P. McClure, In
tne living room, wnicn wss premiy a un
rated with schaatra daisies and asparagus
ferns. The bridal party entered the room
to tha strains of Ixhenerln's wedding
march, which was played by Miss Urace
Hood, sister or tne groom. Mrs. rseii nar-
acted as matron of honor and was the
only attendant. the wore her wedding
dress of white chiffon on tafeta. The
bride wore a white net nlr" "-., -
satin, made entrains, with a long tulla
veil, held In place oy cnt..rk ilu... .. .. ..
also carried a shower bouquet of the same
flowers. The and mantles were
banked with ferns aad palms and made a
prwuy bacasTound ta tba wedding party.
At the cloaa of tbe ceremony, whicn was
witnessed or Lhlrtr-f Iv. immediate friend
and relatives, a luncheon waa served in
tha dining room. Asststing were Mlra
mmamm w ajarr, n wm uuul caiman, Ml ill
Mary Nlchol and Mkas Gntca Rood, wnilc
Mlaa Adelaide Rood served punch in tri
raceptUm ball throughout the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Rood left Wednesday even
ing for their new home In Kansas City,
wnere sr. ttood is advertising manager on
the Kansas City Journal. Tbe bride is
well known in this city, being a graduate
of tbe Council Bluffs Hixh rchool In tlm
class of '04. Among the out-of-town guests
were: Mrs. Adelaide Rood, mother of-the
groom; Miss Grsce and Miss Adelaide
Rood, sisters of the gruom, and Mr. Ar
thur and Mr. Clifford Rood, brothers nf
the groom, all of Lincoln, Neb.; Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Rood of Omaha. Mr. and tur.
Edwin 8. Rood of Benson, Neb.; the Misses
Rood of Omaha, Mr. and Mr MercMou
of Ortswold. Ia.; Mrs. C. F. Hall of Wai
nut, la.; Mr. Herald Hall of Walnut, la,
and Dr. Merchlaon of Hamburg, la.
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Chl-namel mission finishes for furniture,
porch chairs, swings, etc. Come and learn
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Second Drowning
in Single Day
After Spending Day Searching for
Body Fort Dodge Man Him
self Drowns.
FORT DODGE, la., July . Special Tele
gram.) After aiding in the search all day
Thursday for the body of a boy drowned
the night before C. F. Hamilton, himself,
was drowned here in sight of his wife, who
was on the bank watching him swim. This
Is the second drowning here in twenty-four
Hamilton, a Minneapolis & Bt. Louis con
ductor, was . bathing in the river with
James Karcher. Mrs. Hamilton and her
two children did not go into the water, but
remained on the bank while the men dived
In the' water. Hamilton's struggles were
not observed until it was too late to rescue
him. ' Karcher almost lost his life trying
to save him. - The body has not been re
covered. MARSH ALLTOWN, la., July S. -(Special
Telegram.) Going In swimming In the cold
springs that feed the pool, while he was
overheated, Peter Raskoff, 34 years old, of
Quarry, was seised with cramps last night
and drowned before his companion could
rescue him. The body has not been recov
ered. IOWA CITT, la., July JWSpeclal.)-Forty-five
minutes after he was last seen
to sink the body of Bertram Graves of
Dows, la., the university student who
was drowned here yesterday afternoon
m I
r "i
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count on all Reed
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variety to select
while awlnming in the Iowa river, was re
covered by a searching party headed by
Sheriff Rowland. Work of resuscitation
waa quickly begun by several physicians,
but failed. Graves was a freshman In the
college of liberal arts at the university the
last year and this summer has been work
ing on the new liw building.
Rev. Frank H. Wellmeyer laceambi
to Attack of Heart Dis
ease. CHARLES CITY, la., July I. (Special
Telegram.) Rev. Frank H. Wellmeyer was
found dead in bed at Rudd this morning.
He had preached there last night and had
gone to the home of John Wechel after the
services. Heart failure is supposed to be
the cause.
He has been a minister of the German
Methodist Episcopal church for thirty
three years. He came to Iowa in ltT70 and
Is survived by four sons and three daugh
ters. One of his sons is principal of the
schols at Gladbrooke and a daughter
teaches music in Marshalltown.
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Three Drowned at Davenport.
DAVENPORT, la., July I. During a
hard storm Friday evening a skiff in
which five men were returning to Moltne,
111., after a swim in tha Mississippi, cap
si led. Two of the occupants after a hard
battle for life succeeded in swimming to
shore. The other three men were drowned.
They were Homer Jerens, chef of the
Manufacturers hotel, Andrew Mangold,
and Charles Harrla, all of Molina. Tha
bodies have not been recovered.
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