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Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
TV OoaacU Blaffs Office ( ibe
Omtkl Bee U it U SSrees.
Dvl, drugs.
CORRIOAN8. Undertake. 'Phone 148.
Woodring Undertaking company. Tel. S3
Lewla Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone J7.
When you want reliable want ad adver
tising, una The Bee.
peering blndera and mowera. Spearllni
at Trlplutt. 827 Hroadway.
Pr. W. V. Magarell. rptometrlst moved
to 2M-20 City National bank building.
Undertaker. 'I'hon tft. 14 N. Vein fcit.
Muff Citv Maorilo lodne will hold a spe-
clal meeting thin evening for work In the
firm degree.
ri-ir;H. ai.k.xanijeii a akt mtoki:,
The chairmen of the several committee
having In charge the arrangements for the
entertainment of tha Olldden auto tour
tourist on the nlaht of July 21 are re
qu-sted to meet Friday coon at tha Grand
During June of thla year 17J transfer
of real estate, with a total of I2HJ.B4S, were
filed In the office of tha county recorder,
aa against I'M tranafera during the aame
month of laat year, when tha aggregate
consideration amminted ta m,S4.
Manr Malonay requeeta that the com ml t-
teea having la charge tha arrangements
for the public Independence day celebra
tion at Fatrmount park on next Monday
meet with the city council thla afternoon.
when the rotincllmen will alt aa a commit
tee of the whole.
1 Edwar 11. Terrell, who for. sereral years
ha been In the practice of law at Pallas
Tex., hoc declfled to locate In Council
lUi-.ff. lie tut opened an office at 627
West Broadway and will engage in the gen
eral practice- of law.
Funeral service ever the late Mrs. A. J.
Orcutt will be hold thla afternoon at
o'clock at the family residence, 1002 Hec-
cnl avenue, conducted by Ilev. Marcus P.
McC'lure of ihe Flrat Presbyterian, follow
In which the body will be taken to Kan
aa city. Mo., for burial.
. John Hermeloreeht. tha farmer of Ban
croft, Neb., who claimed to . have been
l.tinroed out of S.".0no by the J. C. Maybray
swindling syndicate', called at the county
Jail yesniuav u aro Frank Hcott, who
alleged to have "steered" Hennelbi echt
aicninst the gang. Scott waa recently ar
rested In Sioux City and brought to Coun
c:l 1 luffx, where two Indictment had been
returned attalnst him. Beyond passing
few commonplace remarks H-Tmelbrecht
tl d not talk with Boott. He told Sheriff
Wti artery he merely wanted to aee that
tue right man waa In custody.
The Wine-man, Tecolvcd a telegram to
come home at once on account of sickness
it lie did not have enough money he
telephoned the Iowa Ioan company, ,corncr
Ivarl and Broadway and waa able to catch
the first train home. If It la money you
want nee them.
Wanted Two carrier to carry The Bee,
15 Scott street. Apply at once.
I'.rror In Abatement Bond.
When Mt. May Noble, proprietress of
the KlveiKlde hotel, filled tha abatement
bond In the sum of fl.000 In order that ahe
might reopen the place. It was dlacovered
that the description of tha property In
the original proceeding and In the court
decree was wrong. Reference to tha plats
of the? county showed that the property
aa described In the court ordera was that
belonging to L. S. Axtel, In Rockford
township. As the matter now stands tha
injunction and order of abatement aa Is
sued by the cxjirfrstaafcarnst Axtel's
farm !n HockfoMl Towtfslrtp Instead of
against the Riverside hotel. An order of
court lo rectify the error will, It 1 under
stood. Ix necessary. Harry Brown, clerk
of the dle'rlct court In the absence of any
Judge -here accepted the bond presented
by Mrs. Noble yesterday, leaving the mat
t r of rectifying the error In the descrip
tion of the property to be settled later.
The fashion ladles' tailoring. R. II. Em
Icln, proprietor. We do first-class work
reasonable. We make aulta for $15, skirt,
IS. Would you give u a trial. 33 South
Main street.
K. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. SO. Night, F-1701
To Enjoy
the full confidence of tho Well-informed
of tho World and tho Commendation of
the most eminent physicians it was essen
tial that the, component parts of Syrup
6f Figs and Elixir of Senna should be
known to and approved by them; there
fore, tho California Fig Syrup Co. pub
lishes a full statement with every package.
The perfect purity and uniformiiy of pro
duct, which they demon! in a laxative
remedy of on ethical character, arc assured
by the Company' original method of man
ufacture known to tho Company only.
Tho figs of California are used in the
production of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna to promote the pleasant taste, but
tho medicinal principles arc obtained from
plants known to act most beneficially.
To pet its beneficial effects always buy
tho genuine manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. ordy, and for Bale
.v nil I MiHino- rlnir'"
TS. -
Benefit of Edmundsoa Hospital,
JULY 3, AT 3:00 P. M.
Ideal Hustlers Park
letb ATsnae and fta Street
Tlcksta aao, on sale at Clark's
Drag Btore,
IVe are open lor Bids on Cement
We manufacture the boat ceipent block
on the market, the continual aJr-apac
cement block. The walla Inside never
gut wat or damp Put up la cement will
tt a hi time.
Cffloa, laeom S, First Xatloaal Bank
BuliaiBf. rhou luit. 844. fiast SUt
ktreet ana xirat atom.
LeflcH'sSr Lenses
r r i w r tf In rl
asn IM Jf
' aotMirmit am
aiiw eterra, m
West Broadway Again Flooded from
Eighth to Illinoii Central.
Another Dam Forma and Water Back
I p for Several Block Addi
tional Damaate by Mod
and Water.
For the third time within two weeks In
dlun crfk overflowed lta banka yester
day shortly after noon and flooded Went
Broadway from Eighth street to the Illi
nois Central railroad tracks. The damage
to building" on the north side of Broad
way, however, was not great. The flood,
however, added another deposit of mud
and debris on the streets, whlf l the city
has been trying to clean since the heavy
flood of last week.
At North Eighth street the debris
washed down from above caught In tha
hanging girder of the bridge and soon
formed a dam, causing tha water to back
up and overflow tha banka. Tha recent
heavy ralne resulting In tha overflow of
the creek three times In lea than two
weeka haa demonstrated to tha ctty offi
cials the necessity of replacing tha bridge
at Eighth street with a modern structure
of concrete ao that tha water In time of
flood may have a free passageway. '
Whlla a portion of the city experienced
a heavy fall of rain yesterday noon, there
waa not any In the southern part of the
city. Smith of the tracks on Sixteenth
avenue the sun wa shining and there was
no rain In that vicinity.
We hava a large number of bankers'
carpentere,' clerks.' and stenographers' pen
cils which we are giving away aa long
as they last. Call at our office and get
them. Towa Loan company, corner Pearl
and Broadway, suite E.
Oets Order Restraining Wife from
Interfering trltb Ills flnslneea.
Otto Herring, owner of a large rnrych
near Columbus, Neb., Hn a few weeks
ago became landlord of the Goodrich ho
tel on Broadway and Eighth street, yes
terday filed In the district court suit for
divorce from Maude Herring, to whom h
was married on December 8 of last year
at Lincoln, Neb. The divorce proceed
ings form the sequel to the attempt of
Mrs. Herring to commit suicide late last
Sunday night by the morphme route.
In addition to filing his suit for divorce
Landlord Herring xernred from' Judge E.
B. Woodruff of the district court a tem
porary order of Injunction restraining Mrs.
Herring from committing any acts of vio
lence on him, from Interfering with the
conduct of the business of the hotel, from
Inviting to the hotel men or women of
questionable or 111 repute, from appearing
at the hotel In an intoxcnted condition,
from engaging In violent or unseemly con
duct In the hotel, from Interfering with
the guests, patrons or employe of the ho
tel and from Interfering with or moving
the personal property pertaining to the ho
tel. In brief, while there 1 nothing In the
restraining order to hinder Mr. Herring
from occupying her apartments and taking
her usual meals at the hotel, it requires
that ahe shall properly conduct herself
while so doing. In order that the restrain
ing ordar should becoma effective at once
Herring filed a bond In the s"um of ,p0.
In his petition for divorce Landlord iter-
ring states that since acquiring the Good
rich hotel It has been his Intention and
desire to conduct the place In a. reputable
manner and In compliance with the law
and, further, that he la anxious to con
duct it In this manner, but hi effort
have been thwarted by hla wife, who, he
alleges, has persisted In Inviting and caus
ing to come to the place men and women
of 111 repute for Improper and immoral
purposes. Furthermore, landlord Herring
charges that his wife has been In the habit
during their brief occupancy of the hostelry
of coming Into the place In a condition
Indicating a oo liberal Indulgence in strong
liquors and creating disturbance at un
seemly hours of the night, much to the
annoyance of tha patrons of the place and
to the detriment of the business.
Herring also alleges that his wife
threatened to take his life and that, with
out hla permission, had packed up aome of
his personal property, to all of which he
objected. He, in addition, makes statutory
charges of misconduct against his wife.
Ladles, we invite you to attend the spe
cial Chl-namel demonstration this week at
our store. We are giving a practical dem
onstration of the new miiwlon finishes.
P. C. DeVol Hardware company.
Addition to Federal Bolldlna.
Although the plans for the addition to
the federal building hav not yet reached
here. Postmaster Hazelton yesterday re
ceived the specifications, and they have
ben placed on file for the convenience of
conyactora who may desire to bid on the
construction. The specifications are volu-
mlnoua, and cover over 100 pages of closely
printed matter. Jamea Knox Taylor, bu
pertnlending architect of the treasury, has
made an approximate estimate of $126 Xl
for the construction of the addition and
remodelling of fhe present building. The
specification call for the completion of
the building by January Y 1911. Bids have
to be accompanied by a certified check in
an amount equal to 2 per cent of the bid.
The work Is to be paid for monthly.
Wedding It In are,
Pure gold, (eamleas, all sizes, thus no
it lay or altering, ti to 112. Kntsiavln.'
free. Leffert.
Marrlaaie Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday
to the following:
Name and Residence. Age.
W. A. Evans. Woodbine, la 2i
Kdtth Myrtle Terwllllger, Woodbine, la. .13
Paul D. '.Vrlght. Pittsburgh. Pa 27
Olive Paultn. Pittsburg. Pa ........27
Ralph H. Cheney, Valley Junutlpn, la. ...30
Kllen McSorley, Council Bluffa..., 30
L. L. Rood. Kansas City, Mo li ?5
Elizabeth J. Mucrae. Council Illuff l
A. H. Stola. Council Bluffs 24
Genevieve Cronland, Council Bluffs 22
Frank Belt, Crescent. Ia 21
Neoinla M. Vincent, Orescent, la Is
J. W. Dorenee. Omaha 25
Beth lAKan. Omaha 23
Wqnted Two carriers to curry The Bee.
15 Scott street. Apply at once. i
Attempt to Abandon Daby.
A middle-aged woman, and whose name
the police stated they did not obtain, but
who la aald to hnve come to Council Illuff
from Havelock. Neb., left a J-weeks-
1 C'A'KCiL ulUFFt
A' U2
old baby on the porch of the Oood Samari
tan hospital on First avenue and Eighth
street last evening, shortly after 9 o'clock.
Mrs. Pangle. wife of the late Dr. Pangle,
who conducts the hospital since the death
of her husband, heard the woman running
away and ran out of the house In time
to ee the woman, who came back when
Mrs. Pangle called to her. Mrs. Pangle no
tified the police, and the woman and baby
were taken to police headquarters. Iater,
after the woman had told her story to Cap
tain Shafer. she was allowed to go on,
promising to return to Havelock with the
All this week we are demonstrating tha
Chl-namel mission flnlshrs for furniture,
porch chairs, swings, etc. Come and learn
how to grain and finish furniture yourself.
P. C. DeVol Ilaidware company.
lllh School Pratn Are Dlncnaslna;
New State l,m,
The Omega Eta Tou fraternity, the na
tional convention of which opens In his
city today, owes Its organization to a group
of Councl Bluff High school students. Ita
organization waa planned as early as 1893,
but It was not until 1M)1 when the fratern
ity, with the name It now bears, was es
tablished. In that year Alpha chapter was
formed by Albert Treynor, Harry Joslln,
Mae Hanchett, Uoy Smith, Frank Rlnder,
Charles R. Hannan, Jr., Carleton Wood
ward and a few others. The fraternity
soon spread and eventually a strong na
tional organization was formed. There are
now fifteen chapters, located at Des
Moines, Ames, Chicago, Evanston, Cin
cinnati, St. Louis. Cleveland. Newark,
Rochester, Boston, Philadelphia, La Crosse,
Detroit and Council Bluffa.
One of the principal matters It Is ex
pected to be considered at the convention
will he methods of meeting the conditions
arising out of the enactment of laws In
Iowa, Minnesota and some other states
placing a ban upon all fraternities and
secret organizations In the public schools.
A number of the delegates arrived yes
terday and are being entertained at ihe
homes of the local member or former
The present officers of the national
chapter are: Charles A. Purcell, Evanston.
III., grand ruler; Edward A. Fisher, Evans
ton, 111., grand treasurer; Edward Newall,
Des Moines, high keeper of the rolls; Her
bert Manning, Ames, master of ceremonies;
Morris lackey, Council Bluffs, magazine
editor; Fred Weston. Chicago, president
of the executive board.
FELD CO., 619 SO. MAIN. 'PHONE 323.
Base Bnll Tcnma from Two Court
Ifonnea Piny Saturday.
All arrangements have been completed
for the great ball game Saturday afternoon
between the Pottawattamie Indians and tho
Omaha Cliff Dwellers at Ideal-Hustlers-park
on Sixth street and Sixteenth avenue.
The weather bureau mon has promised to
shut off the rain for that duy, at least,
and as the proceeds of the contest will be
turned over to the Woman's Christian as
sociation for the benefit of the Jennie
Edmundson Memorial hospital, an attend
ance that will bulge out the park fencing
Is looked for. The line-up of the two
teams. It 1 announced, will be as follows:
Pottawattamles. Cliff Dwellers.
Wyland Catcher Tracy
Mayne..t...........ritcher Mornrlty
Hess. ..:... ..First base Shaw
Parghauaen. ........ Second base Fraser
Hrown Short stop Rehschuh
Rodwell Third base Reynolds
WnAii Left field Price
Hlnklev Center field Lynch
Messnec Right field L,unaDiaa
All of the remaining officials ana aepu-
tles In the Pottawattumle county court
house have been enlisted as substitutes In
case their service are needed. The Ed
mundson hospital ambulance will be kept
In readiness and a corps of the graduate
nuraes of the Institution will be In attend
ance to render first aid to the Injured.
Oxfords and strap pumps In all leathers.
Prices the lowest, quality considered. Dun
can Shoe Co., 23 Main St.
Real Estate Tranafera.
These transfers were reported to The
Bee June 30 by the Pottawattamie County
Abatract company of Council Bluffs:
J. H. C. Ptuhr and wife to Henry
Maner, lots 1. 2 and 3. block 4, Great
Western addition to Mlnden f 800
S. C. 1 lodire and husband to George
H. Russell, west 22 feet of lot 4.
block 18, Grime addition to Council
Bluffs 2.M0
Total two transfer $2,600
Oxfords for the Fourth. You should have
a pair. We can please you and save you
money. Duncan Shoe Co., 21 Main St.
Saloona I.oae by Two Nnmea. .
MANILA. Ia., June 30. (Special.) Lack
ing Just two names of having a majority
the aaloon men, who have been seeking to
get consent to open saloons here, have
failed and thla place will be dry until after
the next general election. Those who were
circulating the petition were given un'll this
morning to make their final filing. At" the
last minute they reported that they were
unable to secure the two namea required to
give the petition a majority.
Anaruatana Collcae Reunion.
FORT DODGE, la., June 30. (Special. )
The annual reunion of the students and
alumni of Augnstana college, Rock Island
111., Is to be held here July 14 and 15, and
people will gather from great distance
and participate In a plrnlc, two evening
programs and other features for their es
pecial amusement.
Cells Wife and nt Throat.
OREENVILUE, Ia.. June 30-( Special.)
Arlstlng from bed and calling his wife, who
waa in an adjoining room, Steven Pubolse,
of thla place, took a raior, slashed his
throat, then went back to bed. When his
wife came Into the room he was dead. No
reason la known for the aulcide.
Iowa TV o tea.
OTTVMWA The thirtieth annual meet
ing of the Iowa Pharmaceutical association
la to be held in this city on July 8. 7 and
. The address of welcome will be de
livered by Senator E. O. Moon of Ottumwa
and H. Tohert of Dubuque will reipond.
The annual address of the president, Eil-
I win Fianken, la the only business scheduled
for July (.
CHHTON A a result of flooded
grounds at Corning, a good siied string of
horses that were to have been tracked at
the Corning Fair ground this summer,
have hern brought to this cltv and taken
to the fulr grounds, where the track Is In
good condition and offer excellent facil
ities for work.
FA lit FIELD Three hundred and fifty
dollars have been raised by Fairfield busi
ness men for the erection of a kiln at this
point to test the commercial value of Jef
ferson county clay. Modeling done recently
by 11. F. and L. C. Pumphrev Interested a
number of Chicago capitalist and In case
the clay Is found suitable a pottery factory
mill be established.
oltod y lm Toa Old
to learn that the sure way to cure cough
it cold 's with Dr. Kln-s New Dlseoverv.
!0c and $1 U0. For sale by Beaton Drug Co.
Watch the Grocer's Basket
OUR grocer is not going to offer you
a "substitute" for Shredded Wheat Bis
cuit He knows there is no substitute
for it He knows that Shredded Wheat
is in a class by itself unique and incom
parable that no other cereal can take its
place but mistakes happen in the best
regulated groceries. See that the grocer's
basket always contains
Shredded Wheat Biscuit
Give your grocer a standing order
packages a week that means health and happi
ness for children as well as grown-ups it means
well-nourished bodies, strength and health for the day's work.
Shredded Wheat is made of the choicest selected white
wheat, cleaned, steam-cooked and baked. Try it for breakfast
to-morrow with milk or cream. The Biscuit is also delicious
for any meal in combination with fresh or preserved fruits.
Official Answers Impeachment
Charges Under New Law.
Denies Charge that lie Waa Dronk
and mym Fact that He
Drinks Waa Campaign
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
PES MOINES, Ia., June 30 (Special
Telegram.) In the district court at Ma-
renjro today Mayor A. M. Henderson filed
his answer to the Impeachment suit started
by the attorney eeneral's office on com
plaint of Marenso cltlsens, t'nder the
term of the new law the. supreme court
has named Judge Gamble to tjiear the case.
Mayor Henderson denies the. six charge
of Intoxication filed against him, except
to admit that on or about ' those dates,
as well as before and after, he did drink
liquor, but claim he was not incapacitated
for his duties. He claims that It has been
long well understood that ho Is a drinking
man and that this was made an Issue In
the last election, when the electors, know
ing that he drank, elected him mayor:
that the election took place before this
law was passed and took effect, and
therefore the law Is rold ana can have
no bearing on his case, and further that
the law Is unconstitutional In that It de
nies a trial by Jury.
Federal Rate Hearing.
The federal rate hearing will probably
terminate tomorrow. Today waa devoted
to hearing the testimony of F. W. Luts,
traffic manager of the Minneapolis & Rt
Louis,, who maintained that Dea Molne
already has equitable rates to the north
west, though on cross-examination he ad
mitted that Dea Moines business Is greater
than that of IaCrosse, which has lower
Complaint of Brick Maker.
I.,. J. Hasklns of Sergeant Bluffs, seven
miles from Sioux City, filed a petition
with the railroad commission today, charg
ing that the Northwestern road, on which
his $711,000 brick plant Is located, charges
him $13.S0 to haul a car of brick to Sioux
City, under the Iowa distance tariff, while
the Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul chargea
but $3 a car of the three competing brick
companlea at Klveralde, five mile from
Sioux City, and that the Northwestern re
bates this f3 when shipments are over Its
line, though the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul will not pay any rebate when Has
klns ships over it. He charge discrimi
nation and conspiracy to drive him out of
The State Railroad commission today re
ceived a complaint from the Leon Commer
cial club, asking for better atatlon service
on the Turlington.
The commission ordered the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul road to change the
name of it station at Elk Port to corre-
A Hard
Day's Work
It has been said that "a woman's
work is never done." The thousand
and one household cares and duties
which crowd on the shoulders ol
every housekeeper soon sap ambi
tion and wreck the delicate adjust
ment of the nervous system.
being an extract of rich barley malt
and choicest hops, will help you to
conserve your energy. Being pre
digested, it is easily assimilated. It
builds strength and health and. at
the same time induces peaceful
sleep, restoring the nerves to
their normal state.
Insist Ufim It Bmf Pals
moisri! fiui ihhh "'Mnii timu nf
a. v. A .
Order a
Dozen from YosaT
Local Drug gist
spond with the name of the town. The
town I called Oarber, and the postofflce Is
Oarber. Confusion arise because there Is
another Elk Port.
A requisition was Issued by Governor
Carroll today for Buren Ixcke, who Is
wanted In Madison county for the alleged
seduction of Miss Etta Atchison, and la
now under arrest In South Dakota.
Injunction Aaralnat Loveleas.
The supreme court today affirmed the
decision of the lower court of Harrison
county In the case q William Loveless
against Clark Ruffcorn and others, hold
ing that Loveless ha no right to destroy
or to cut, even temporarily, the embank
ment or levee that has been maintained
between the Soldier and Missouri rivers for
the last fifty year. Loveless cut the em
bankment and put In a culvert Once on
authority from the supervisors, which the
township's trustees at once removed and re
paired the embankment. Injunction pro
ceeding were then started to prevent his
cutting It again, and the court affirms
the action of the lower .court In making
the injunction permanent.
Swearlna; Over Telephone.
A man may swear moderately over the
telephone tinder, due provocation, but at
the same time the telephone company has
a right to cut him off from service If, after
being warned, he does not desist from his
I profanity; and If hf doea desist and
I show proper humility, the company must
continue him sen-ice or restore such serv
ice, if It has been cut off. This Is the gist
of a decision handed down by the supremo
court today In the case of George Huff
man against the Marcy Telephone com
pany of Boone.
Huffman waa on a party line with five
other families. The neighbors got Into
something of a wrangle because of the
fact that while Huffman was trying to
talk to someone over the phone some of
the neighbors "butted In." and Huffman
made an Insulting remark. Ill feeling was
further engendered. Huffman repented
and apologized, but the telephone company
cut him off, anyway. The court say the
service must be rertored, but that Huff
man must not swear any more.
Election July 5.
Adjutant General Guy Logan today or
dered the election of a brigadier general
of the Iowa National Guard for July 5.
This will be the date on which the guard
goes Into brigade formation, and will be
the flrat time the guard has been so
formed. The ballots must be mailed to
the adjutant general and musi bear post
mark of July 5, on or before 6 p. m. of that
day. The ballots will be opened here July
7 at 8:30 a. m.
Three Insurance Reports.
There will be three insurance reports
Issued by the stale auditor this year, in
stead of two. The regular fire Insurance
report ha already been Issued from the
state printer. The life Inwurance report
will be in two volumes this year, Instead
of one. One will contain the fraternal
beneficiary reports and the other all othci
classes of life Insurance.
That containing other than fraternal in
surance will be Volume II, and will be
ready in a short time. It will show hat
there has been a healthy Increase in life
Insurance in the state and will show tha'
Iowa pays 1 10, 6 15, f J. 41 a year for Its lifo
Insurance, which 1 about M a year for
every man. woman and child In the state.
The report will show that the Insurance
In force by the ten old line Iowa com
panies has Increased from 1U0,40,M3 in 1907
to I112.&M.767 In If"!, and the amount paid
policyholders Increased from tl.207.06J to
11,28.671. That the Insurance In force by
the thirty non-Iowa companlea Increased
from 17l67,7:a to $18fl.t!fci.254. The Insur
ance In force with the Iowa and non-low
assessment eompunles Increased from I7S,
J57.0U0 to $f3.442.620.
Letters ( omlni Bark.
The secretary of state mailed a cartload
of letters to corporation In Iowa a week
ago. Beginning yesterday armfula of :h
letters addressed to corporations now not
i doing business began to return, sent back
by the postmasters. For years Iowa cor
poration have been required to report an
nually, but none reported because there
was no mean at the hand of the secre
tary of state to compell them to report.
Hundreds of corporation have gon out of
businesa without notifying the secretary
of state.
North Iowa I'nder )Wnter.
State Architect Llebbe, who returned to
day from a trip to the state Institutions
in the northern part of the state, declared
that the crops of Iowa must of necessity
be short thU year. He said he could go
" " 1 """ I, 1 ""ii i 1 1 " - ii
for so many
by boat from Fort Dodge to Cherokee
through the fields by dragging his boat
over some few high place, the heavy
rain putting the flat country under
l' for stenllngt Stamp.
Roy Price, a porter at the Savery hotel,
was taken before I'nlted States Commis
sioner McArthur this morning for prelimi
nary bearing on a charge of purloining
stamps from the Luther, Ia., postofflce
last spring. Price was bound over to the
federal grand Jury. Ills bond were fixed
at iriOO. So far he ha been unable to
give bonds and will be taken to the In
dlanola Jail to await trial. Price say he
found the stamps In his possession ' yes
terday when arrested on the streets of
Luther. It Is believed that he picked the
postmaster's pocket.
Supreme Court Decisions.
The following supreme court decisions
have been handed down:
State against George Baker, Montgorrrvy
county, convicted of manslaughter; af
firmed. State against Lulu Bennett, Scott county,
murder in first decree; affirmed.
William Loveless, . appellant, against
Clark Ruffcorn et al.. Harrison countv,
suit ever right of plaintiff to cut levee; af
firmed. State against William McPursley, Polk
county, criminal assault; affirmed.
George Huffman against Marcy Mutual
Telephone company. Boone county, suit to
compel reinstatement of telephone; af
firmed. Wild Man Taken at Clinton.
CLINTON, Ia.. June 30 (Special.) Clad
In rags, with his hair and beard matted and
disheveled, an Insane man, who has been
living In the woods near Delmar and who
has been terrorising the people of that
place, waa captured and brought to this
city today to be arraigned before the com
missioners of insanity. In his more rational
momenta he says his name Is Joseph Mur
phy. Murphy ran wild through the wood
When the blood becomes infected with the virus of Contagious Blood
Jroison, the symptoms are soon manifested. The mouth and throat ulcerate,
copper-colored spots appear, a red rash breaks out, the hair begins to com
out, and usually sores and ulcers show themselves on different parts of the
body. At the first sign of the disease 8. 8. 8. should be taken, for the
trouble is too powerful and dangerous to trifle with. If allowed to run on
the tendency is to work down and attack the bones and nerves, and some
times it makes a complete physical wreck of the sufferer. The disease can
make no such headway If S. 8. 8. Is commenced and used according to direc
tions; its progress can be stopped, the poison removed, and health preserved.
B. 8. 8. goes Into the blood and removes the Insidious virus, cleanses the
circulation and makes a complete and permanent cure by driving out
the cause. S. 8. 8. quickly takes effect on ' the blood, and gradually tha
symptoms disappear, the health is Improved, the skin cleared of all spots,
sores and blemishes, and when 8. 8. 8. has thoroughly purified the circula
tion no trace of the disease is left. S. S. 8., a purely vegetable remedy,
cures Contagious Blood Poison because it is the greatest of all blood
purifiers, tested and proven for more than forty years. Home treatment
Look and any medical advice desired free to all who write.
near Delmar for day. Approaching the
town at night he would rap on doors, and
windows and thus established a -reign of
terror, until a posse waa organised and he
was captured after a hot chase.
Injunction Against Brewery.
WAVKRLT. Ia.. June 30. Judge Smith
at the last day of the term yeeterday en
tered a perpetual Injunction restraining
and enjoining the Waverly Brewing com
pany, Carl Hoppenworth, Its secretary, and
Henry Parrot t, Its general manager, It,
officers, directors, agent and employes
from the Illegal manufacture and keep
ing for Bale of beer in the brewery or In
this state. This Is the first Injunction
granted against a brewery under the pres
ent law. The Brewing company filed a
bond to prevent the building from being
locked up and the beer In the vats de
stroyed. flit for Denatured Plant,
MARSHALTOWN. Ia.. June 80.-(Spec-lal.)
The National Denatured Alcohol com-
pany, a $200,000 corporation recently organ
ised in this city, today purchased1, What. 14
known as the Danskln elevator property,
which la a tract 1P0x390 feet, on which It
will erect an alcohol manufacturng plant
to use 1,200 bushel of corn dally. Materia!
I being hauled to the site today, and It
is expected to have the plant completed
and In operation by the time the corn crop
Is harvested.
Iowa Man Killed by Train.
CHICAGO, 111., June SO. Leaping from a
freight train directly In front of a pas
enger train at Hammond, Ind., T. V'. ,
Stafford of Thornburg, Ia., waa Instantly
killed. Stafford with three companion
was trsvellng over the country In search
of work. Stafford was 4fl years of ; age,
and his family residea In Thornburg.
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Iff MB IMiWWfc.
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City Ticket Office, 1324 FarnamSt.
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