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Nearly Klllloa Dolkn en Hand at
XnA i Juae,
IffTttll 1 Aemklnv Wao Rm Reeemtly
Visits too Koaraey Inlln,
Says Poo Saoollao Arc
Banning; Law,
(From a Staff Oeriaapondont.)
LINCOLN'. Neb., June lsV-8peeial.-The
monthly report ec tha Stat Treas
urer Brian tor the month af June shows
he has a beJanae la ail fuatas e fMlMOJI
against 'a balaaoe of UM tha tint
of tha month, Tba saoatnta havo amounted
to IUi4.400.4L' ana tha dlaosxraomenta to
IL0i4.eas.ii. .
Tha caakr and oasti Items amount to 8S3J,
00019. but of thla $1 08,01s ma tor Douglss
county bond tomorrow, and tba 1 arose
part of tha balance It to m tar bonaa a
tba aarna time. Tba eaao on deposit
amounta to SfilO.SOs.
Tha general tuna amowrrta to att.ODT with
no general fwnd warrants reglotared. but
advanced money to par thorn, at Kearney
advanced money ta par thorn at ataarney
Normal school, $1100, aod at Para Snoot
Following la tba report la Aotail:
nerwtBta. Pamela. Tune SO. OS
Oeneral ....$
Tern school.
M.4S V
Tern, unl....
Hoe. Insane
Per. school.
Per. unl..
As. col. end.
Nor. end....
Nor. Int.
Teru lib
Stete lib
Agr. M A.
17. 8. Er Sib .
I'nl. cash..
Kear. Nor, I ,
Orth. ho;...
Forest res...
rm. ine
I nut cash
31?.l! 14
i.w4 m
SM9 87 ;
14,723. U
2.008 41
80.818 81
8,178 22
S.I70 06
112 M
78. 63
IS " $
Totala ..ll.134.4S0 .41 tl.044.(W.U $62,Bfl0
Cssh and caah Items on hand.. ..$332,000 19
Caih on deposit 630,600.00
Trust funds Invested:
.SM2, 600. 80
Permanent school fund. ........... .$7,084.8314S
Permanent university fand 13JBK.rtJ
Agricultural college endowment.. (03.8K3.79
Normal endowment 0S.Z44S.O4
Total ............. 17,707,760 96
Warrants (unl.) t 106.047.(6
Bonds 7,081,709.30
Toteol e e eaeae aaaaivaeaeae f77B7t 766.96
Industrial School Steeds Panda.
The report of tha condition of the Indus
trial School for Boys at Kearney, brought
back by members of the State Board of
Public Landa and Buildings, who have
Just visited that Institution and the Insane
asylum at Hastlnga, is anything; but flat
tering to the late legislature.
According to Secretary of State Junkln,
the Industrial home Is lr bad shape, due
not so much to bad management, said
the secretary, as to tha lack of money to
run the Institution. '
-For breakfast the boys are given bread,
butter and, coffee. Tha Institution has on
hand few ! potatoes and cannot afford to
buy any more without making a deficiency. I
The buildings are seriously In need of "re
pair. f Mr. Junkln, Land Commissioner Cowlea
end,(-TTeabreer Brian visited the Inatltul
tlon at the request of Superintendent Man
uel, who ' told tha board of the serious
condition of the finances. The members
of the board went before tha legislative
Committees last winter and asked for larger
appropriations for this Institution, but
their recommendations ware turned down
at a time tha legislature waa trying to
make a record for economy. The board
members yesterday advised Mr. Manuel
to give the boys plenty of good wholesome
food, regardless of the condition of hie
finances. f
At tha Hastings aaylum tha board re
ported everything In good ahape. though
' the plumbing will shortly need repairing.
Tha location of the . new 130.000 building
was marked off.
Halt Conaty Solea Married.
H. R. Henry, who represented Holt
county in tha legislature c-f 1900, 1907 and
for a half dosen or . more aeaslona before
that, la married. A ad thus many things
are explained. Mr. Henry . waa married
at 8 o'clock tonight to Mias May Martin
of Mount Vernon, la. And not only that,
but he has written friends In Lincoln that
' if
tty ; ; 1
v in
be Intat via to make his home In Mount
Tarnoa for at least a year and If he likes
the place be will remain there permanently.
Mr. Henry was a candidate for speaker
of the bouse last winter and up te within
a few days of tba caucus he bad not ar
rived In Lincoln, much ta the annoyance
of his backera. It waa explained that he
had been celled to 'Iowa an very urgent
bualneos. The Sunday before the caucus
Mr. Henrv could not be located and his
friends gave It out that ha re f need to cam
paign on Sunday. It la now . bellved he
waa campaigning very dlllgenly over about
Mount Vernon. Beversl times during the
aeaaion the gentleman from Holt had a far
away look In his eyea and ha waa accuned
of not paying attention during tha reading
of the Journal. Mr.. Henry haa been a
resident of Halt county for a number of
yeare and waa one of the strongest mem
bers af the late legislature and took an
Important part In all of the legislation
dear ta the heart of Mr. Bryan's demo
cratic party.
Ssweaaa taastlea far Dr. Itoe.
-The coffee and the ham and tha bacon
fed to tba inmates of the Feeble Minded
bteUtuta at Beatrice la not the kind of
food that Dr. O. L. Boa, superintendent,
llkee to eat ar feed to his awn family.
So Dr. Boo secured permission from the
Beard of Purchase and Supplies to get a
higher grade far binaatf and family. In
tha Mils from tha tnatltutian fhle month
la a permit whten allows tha superintendent
ta pay 16 cents a pound for coffee, IS cents
rer ham and a cents for bacon. The con
tract price of the same articles furnished
the inmates la as follows: Ham, 11 cents:
bacon, IS cents, and coffee, 14 and ZD cents.
On tha permit tt waa act out that the good
were for aha superintendent and his family.
Oapaaa af LIjaor Lavrra.
Representatives of tha temperance forces
of the ataie have bought 1.000 copies of
the liono laws and will distribute them
among taanperanoe workers out over the
stata. Elmer E. Thomas, W. R. Patrick,
Lysle Abbott, A. 0k 'Wolf en ban? er, Thomas
Darnell and several other lawyers have
been employed to pronecute liquor dealers
who violate tha lam
Oortraer Goes ta Crawford.
Governor Shanenberger and his start, or
a part 9f his staff, are all ready to charge
on Crawford for July 4. A part of tha
staff will leave Lincoln Friday evening,
and on Saturday morning the governor
and his Omaha colonels will leave over
the Union" Pacific Tha two troops will
-ln at Grand Island. Saturday afternoon
the governor will speak 'at North Platte.
The party will reach Crawford Sunday aft
ernoon, and will take dinner at Fort Rob
inson that evening. The governor speaks
at Crawford Monday. The following
colonels will take the trip with the gov
ernor: Sophus E. Neble, Omaha; E. J.
Shlnn, Beatrice: P. O. Cooper, Crawford;
Robert 8. Oberfelder, Rldney; B. F. Mar
shall, Omaha; L. P. Utterbadc Nebraska
City; H. W. E. McDaniels, Omaha; R. B.
Tyler, Mlllerton; E. W. "Weaterfeldt, Lin
coln: E. W. Getten and J. J. Derlght,
Omaha, and Adjutant General Hartlgan.
Colonel Fanning la net going.
Asylam Employes Dtscbarfrefl.
The payroll of Superintendent Woodard
of the Lincoln asylum, filed today, shown
that the following persons have been dis
charged from their positions at the Insti
tution, though no reason Is assigned for
the action of the superintendent: Kathryn
O'Connor, a nurse; Earl Clauson, assistant
engineer; August Schilling, assistant cook;
Llbei Hammond, night cook; Minnie Jones,
seamstress; Clara Parka, nurse; H.- W.
Shumate, attendant; Frances Swehla,
nurse; P. M. ttiidtfe, ntiiwe; J." B. Sheehan,
night cook.
Kathryn O'Conner haa been employed at
the Institution for several years, as have
several of the others who nave been let
Seaator Ash taa fa Lincoln.
Senator Fred Ashton of Grand Island
was In Lincoln today on legal' business In
the federal court Mr. Ashton was a mem
ber of the senate In 1907, but today he said
he knew nothing of pontics, having been
so busy with hit private affairs he had
little time for anything else.
Three Wacom Loads of Beer.
The faot that at least three wagonloada
of beer a day are delivered Into Lincoln
Is disturbing the excise board and a meet
ing has been called for Thvraday to take
steps to prevent the practice. The beer
la brought In from Havelock. and as Lin
coln receives no license money new, the
excise board Is determined the town shall
be dry th accordance with Ahe vote cast
at the last election.
Case Acalnet Maya Love.
County Judge Cos grave haa been cited
to appear before District Judge Stewart
and show cause why the case brought by
There always have been soda crackers
There always will be soda crackers
There never
any other
Bob Malone aralnut Mayor Love In a oon
leat for the office of mayor should not be
dismissed. The county Judge held that he
had Jurisdiction to try the rase and this Is
denied by the sttorneys for the mayor.
Itarheroe for Eaa-laeera.
The locomotive engineers, who are hold
ing a grand union meeting, spent the after
noon at Capital beach eating a roast ox
and the evening In a bta aance. Judge
Coegrave addressed the picnic this after
noon. Chief Ftona held a meeting with the
engineers this morning.
Mndell Hotel la Sola.
The Lln?fll hotel waa sold today by
Hoover A Son to Miller dt Paine, proprie
tors of ons of Lincoln's department stores.
Ths consideration was $115,000. Invoice Is
being taken tonight and the new owners
will take charge of tha hotel property to
morrow morning.
Norfolk Girl Tells
of Engagement
Miss Butterfield Makei Announcement
to Members of Wellesley Col
lege Class.
BOSTON, Mass., Juns SO (Special) Miss
Josephine Butterfield of Norfolk, Neb., got
up before the other 270 members of the
Wellesley college class which graduated
yesterday,' at a dinner in Boston and blush
ing a rosy red, confessed she has fully
determined to get married. In faot, that
ahe Is already engaged to a young man
whose name she was excused from giving.
Fred Caramlnera and Assistant
Fifty Feet from tharcK
CENTRAL CITT, Neb.. June ). Spe
cial.) While painting the stseple of the
Swedish church at Hordvllle, Fred Cum
mlnre and an assistant by the name of
Mllderbach experienced a fall and seri
ous Injuries Tuesday afternoon. Tha scaf
folding supporting them gave way and
they fell to the ground, a distance of fifty
feet. Cummlngs suffered a severely frac
tured leg, while Mllderbach was Injured
Internally. Cummlngs waa married three
days ago. He waa taken to his home In
Polk, which he hsd Just recently finished
fitting up. Mllderbach wss cared for in
Hordvllle and his injuries may turn out
to be very serious.
Former Mayor MeElhlaney Stricken
with Aooplexy".
HASTINGS, Neb., June 30. (Special Tel
egram.) Information has been received by
relatives that D. M. McElhlnney, formerly
mayor of Hastings, was stricken with
apoplexy In Fanta Cruz, Cal., yesterday.
His condition is quite serious and his son
here hss been been called to the bed
side. Mr. McElhlnney was for a long time
prominent In state Masonic and Odd Fel
low circles.
Funeral services for 8. O. Couch, pioneer
traveling man In Nebraska, were conducted
this afternoon. The body will be taken to
morrow to Glen Beaulah, Wis., for burial.
Funeral services for Mrs. Anna Burton,
an early settler, were conducted on ths
lawn of the family home last night. The
body was taken to Madison, Ind., for
H. J. Stoffer, who says he merely
'Wanted to break up a gang," was fined
$n and costs In Kenesaw thla morning for
assault and using a twelve-Inch dirk In a
threatening manner. He was brought to
the county Jail here to serve out his fine.
Nebraska ns on Wllhelm II.
NEW YORK. June $0. (Special Tele
gram.) Among the cabin passengers who
sailed for Europe yesterday on the North
German Lloyd line steamer Kaiser Wll
helm II for Plymouth, Cherbourg and
Bremen were: Ed H. Funke, Miss Minnie
Funke and Otto Muller of Blue Hill, Neb.;
Method Hruban and Mr. and Mrs. B. L.
Danforth of Omaha; Mrs. Anna Jasehke,
Herrmann Kamler, Mrs. Amelia Kamler
and Mrs. Johanna Schmlta of Shlckley,
Neb.; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Simons, Mr.
and Mrs. Louis Vesley, Miss Blanche Ves
ley and Miss ' Bessie Vesley of Ravenna,
Neb., and Mr. and Mrs. Max Wolf of
Albion, Neb.
Pioneers Baoly Injured.
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., June 80. (Spe
cial.) Thomae Cole and wife, pioneer set
tlers of this section, were thrown out of
their buggy on their way home and both
seriously Injured. It is feared that Mrs.
Cole is fatally injured.
were and never will be
Soda Crackers to equal
The Soda Crackers of
Anton Krupicka it in Critical Condi
tion nd Slay Die.
Crime Committed with Small Rifle
Which Was Fownd Barled Near
House, Wrapped In Woman's
SIDNEY, Neb., June . peclal Tele
gram.) Anton Kruptcka, a well-to-do
farmer, residing fourteen miles southeast
of Sidney, waa ahot In tha right temple
about midnight last night, supposedly by
his stepson, Andrew, a lsd aged 16. The
father was sitting at the dlnlngroom tsble,
and the shot waa fired from the outside,
shattering the glass In the window. The
weapon used waa a 13-rallber rifle, which
tha boy had recently purchased here.
After tha ahootlng the wife wrapped the
gun In her apron and burled It near the
house, where Sheriff McDaniel unearthed
It They boy, who is half-witted, claims
his mother fired the shot, and that he
stood directly behind her, while the mother
says the lad did the shooting. An effort
was made at the last term of district court
to send the boy to the reform school, as
It was charged that many of the pralria
fires which had been kindled In the vicin
ity had been started by him. The neigh
bors filed a complaint, but through the
assiduous efforts of the father the charge
was withdrawn. The home has been the
scene of msny family quarrels.
The bullet Is still Imbedded In the nead
of Kruptcka and if the patient does not
die before tomorrow morning he .will be
taken to the Methodist hospital at Omaha.
He rallied a short time thla afternoon, but
can only apeak in gutturals. The boy Is In
Jail and tha woman, who la under surveil
lance, aeemlngly displays little anxiety.
Sheriff McDaniel ' also found $740 In cur
rency burled under the window, near where
the rifle was found. The case has caused a
great deal of excitement among the Bo
hemian residents In that neighborhood, as
Kruptcka waa looked upon as an Ideal
citizen and home-builder.
Two Weddings at Lyons.
LYONS. Neb., June SO (Ppeclal.)-Mr
Charlea E. Shaw waa married to Miss
Martha L. Kroeger at 1:30 o'clock p. m.
today af the home of the bride's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kroeger, two and
a half miles north of town. The young
couple took the 7 o'clock train for Den
ver to spend their honeymoon, when they
will come back and settls down here, where
the bridegroom has a nice house all ready
prepared as a home.
Mr. J. L. Mlnler and Miss Mabel Ren
ard of Oakland were married at the Cath
ollc church, this morning, Rev. Father
Motiarlty of South Omaha performing the
ceremony, immediately after which the
couple took the train home, accompanied
by many friends who had come up to see
them married.
Water Meters for Fremont.
FREMONT, Neb.. June . (Speclal.)
The city council las 'evening passed, on
first reading, an ordinance requiring all
water consumers to put In meters and fix
ing a minimum water rate. About 75 per
cent of the consumers already have meters
In, but there are some who are objecting
to them.' The average' rofirfumer pays less
on meter rates thsn'"jfler the old flat
rate. Water consumers hereafter will have
to call at the commissioner's office and
pay their bills within ten days or be cut
off. A strict enforcement of this part of
the ordinance will mean a big saving In
bad bills. The new plant Is finished, but
has not yet been tested and approved by
the city.
Wheat Catting Begins.
BEATRICE, Neb., June SO. (Special Tele
egram.) Farmers In thla locality began
cutting wheat yetserdsy. The grain is
very heavy and It Is estimated the yield
will average from twenty to thirty bushels
to the acre. Oata la ripening fast and with
favorable weather will be ready to cut
as soon aa the wheat harvest Is over. Pros
pects for- a bumper corn crop were never
brighter In this section.
Crop Prosooets Are Good.
CENTRAL CITY. Neb., June $0.-(Spe
clal.) Crop prospects at present are the
best with which Merrick county has ever
bad an opportunity to become acquainted.
Corn, oata and wheat are stacking ip In
the best manner possible. Farmers are
Just getting into their fields again with
their cultivators after a long layoff caused
by the wet weather, several days of wsrm
sunshine having dried out the ground.
There will be a great amount of fruit
raised In the county this year, especially
In and about ton. Cherries, plums, cur
rants and grapes will be gathered by the
bushel on many places.
Body is Carried
Twenty Miles
Stench Leads to Finding of Corpse
of Milton O'Neill Near
Grand Island.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb., June SO (Speclsl
Telegram.) Induced by the stench thnt
filled his nostrils. James Denman. farmer,
living along the Platte, south of Alda, rode
to the river's edge to Investigate and found
lodged to a wire fence that stretched to an
Island, the body of a man with his hand
raised up and fearfully bloated. The
sheriff was Immediately notified and with
an undertaker's wagon went to the river
and removed the body to the morgue In
this city, where it was identified as the
body of Milton O'Neill, who was drowned
while bathing south of Shelton Sunday.
The river had carried it about twenty
York Plumber Badly Beaten I'p.
YORK. Neb.. June 30.-(Speclal.)-Charles
Mason, the plumber who was so brutally
beaten up by Hoffman, Sholton and Price,
Is slowly recovering, and If nothing differ
ent sets in, he will recover. Mr. Mason
was a boarder at the Rhodes hotel, and
tried to quiet Hoffman, Shelton and Price,
county bridge builders, who were making
a disturbance outside of the hotel, and In
the mlx-up Mason was hit over the head
with a heavy office chair and pounded
until he was hardly recognizable. The
trio are In Jail, and will be held until it
Is learned whether or not Mason recovers
so that the authorities may know what
charge to make against them.
Five Inches of Rain.
CAMBRIDGE, Neb., June SO. Special!)
This section of the state received another
heavy rain yesterday evening, when two
and five-tenths Inches fell. Seven miles
northwest of this place five inches fell
during the night. Considerable wind came
with the rain, but no damage was done.
Prospects for crops were never better than
at present.
Scratch on Foot Fatal.
BEATRICE, Neb.. June 30 (Special.)
Mrs. Pauline Wlttulskl died yesterday aft
ernoon at her home In West Beatrice from
blood poisoning caused by a scratch she re
ceived a few days ago on her foot. She
was 63 years of age and leaves a family
of eight children, fve daughters and three
sons. The funeral was held this mornlnu
from the Catholic church.
Nebraska Newa Notes.
WESTON Richard Cllngburd of Iowa
and Miss Anna Yanek of thla place were
married in Omaha today.
BEATRICE The towns of Cortland, Fil
ley, Rockford and Clatonla will celebrate
the Fourth in true American style.
FALLS CITY County Judge Gagnon Is
lam Vom Weg of Omaha and Miss Louisa
lam Von Weg of Omaha and Miss Louisa
Marmet-of Humboldt.
SUTHERLAND The TnlOn Pacific has
removed its material yards from O' Fallon
to Broadwater, a station on the new North
Platte river extension.
YORK Lee M. Sturdevant, proprietor of
the Star grocery, has announced his can
didacy for the office of register of deeds,
subject to voles of republicans at the pri
mary. NEBRASKA CITY-Maud Pierce has
begun divorce proceedings in the district
court praying for a divorce from her hus
band, Joseph Pierce, on the grounds of
cruelty and nonsupport,
FALLS CITY MIhs Iva Back, who has
been principal of the Central school for
five years, has resigned her position here
to accept that of critic teacher in the
grammar department at the South Dakota
State normal at Spearfish.
BEATRICE "Puss In Boots," an extrav
aganza, was presented at the Paddock
opera house last night to a large audience
br local talent. The proceeds will go
toward Improving the boys' department of
the Young Men s Christian association.
WE8TON Both of the Csthollc lodges
from here, headed by the Weston band,
participated in the Catholic celebrotlon at
Bralnard Tuesday. About 200 from here
helped to make up the special run for the
NEBRASKA CITY-The friends of Jesse
Young, who was sentenced to the penl
tentlary for the ahootlng of his friend
James Botts are circulating a petition to
have him paroled, aentence commuted or
Aids Nature
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tissue-repsirinf, musole-msklng materials, in con
densed and concentrated iortn. with this help Nature
supplies the neoesisry strength to the stomsch to digest
lood, build up the body end thereby throw off lingering
obstinste coughs. The "Discovery" re-estehlishce the
digestive and nutritive organs in sound health, puri6re
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short ettsblishet sound vigorous health.
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pardoned. They want one of the three
things granted. Young still has forty
months to serve.
YORK Captain E. E. Woods, command
ing Company A,' Nebraska National guard,
announces that he has made arrangement
to take the local company to Stromsburg,
where they will take part In the celebra
tion at thht place.
BEATRICE Mrs. John Shaw, a pioneer
reMdent of Adams, died yesterday after
noon at her home at that place, aged 82
years. She had lived In that section of
the county for nearly half a century. She
Is survived by her husband and a family
of four children, all grown.
NEBRASKA CITY Charles Veerhusen.
aged 17. died at the home of his brother,
near Sterling, snd wss brought to this
city for interment. He was born and
reared near this city, but on being taken
sick went to the home of his brother, where
he died. He leaves several brothers.
YORK The first arrest made In York
fur fBst driving waa that of Ernest Bald
win, who was charged with driving his
automobile faster than speed limit, and he
was assessed a fine and costs. Since the
arrest automobiles have been more careful
and have strictly observed the speed limit.
COZAI During a storm Tuesday after
noon, a barn and a horse were struck by
lightning belonging to Mr. Charles E.
Allen. The horsf, which was a valuable
trotter, was killed Instantly. The fire de
partment made good by saving the barn
from total destruction, although there was
considerable wind.
FALLS CITY The Gagnon quarter sec
tion In Rulo precinct, known as the Char
ley Gugnon farm, sold Tuesday morning
at pvblic sale for $ln,2ft0. It waa bought
by f rea itaetne, one or Klcnarflaon
county'a prosperous farmers. Fifteen
acres In Rulo village was bought by Jacob
Majerus for $2,072.50.
TABLE ROCK At the annual school
meeting held here Monday, O. D. TIbbets
and Harry Freeman were elected for three
years. Miss Anna I'angburn was elected
for one year to fill a vacancy caused by
the removal of John R. Sutton from the
district. There will be nine months of
school the coming year.
SEWARD Otto Lane was considerably
bruised up last night In an automobile ac
cident, his heavy machine turning over
while crossing the rallinad track south
of town while out riding with a party.
Otto was caught under the machine and
quite badly bruised up and says this morn
ing mat his machine Is lor sale at a bar
BEATRICE During the last year Fllley,
a small town twelve miles east of Beatrice,
has been forging to the front. Among the
buildings erected are T. C. Hagerman's
two-story cement block store, a 20-000-bushel
capacity galvanised Iron elevator,
A. L. Stanhope's 40,000-bushel capacity ele
vator, besides a large number of resi
dences. SUTHERLAND At the annual school
meeting In Sutherland school district Mon
day the election of two members of the
school board for the three-year term re
sulted in the re-election of George White
and Frank Coates. The estimate of ex
penses for the school year foot up to a
sum in excess of $.".000. It waa also de
elded to employ another teacher In the
lower grades.
BEATRICE In county court yesterday
arguments were heard on the objection to
the Jurisdiction of the court filed by the
defendants in the habeas corpus esse of
Seth Terry, ss guardian of Effls Johnson,
against J. Alfred Johnson, Josle Sweezy
and Uussle De Lorle of Omaha. The court
overruled the objection and the defendants
were given until Saturday of this week to
file their answers to the petition of the
ALBION To ascertain whether Boone
county is entitled to a county recorder,
the assessors have taken an approximate
census of the county. The aggregate popu
lation is not far from 13,000, falling con
siderably lower than was generally antici
pated. The county assessor has not yet
finished the totals, but when finished the
total valuation of the county will show
that the average la Just about $2,000 for
each man, woman and child in the county.
NEBRASKA CITY Judge H. D. Travis
Is holding a brief session of the district
court. He tried the case of Van Busktrk
against McWllllams yesterday. In which
one sister Is sjlng the other for borrowed
money, which the latter claimed to have
paid. Today the divorce case of Asa against
Asa is on for hearing. Both are well
known residents of this county and the
wife charges the husband with misconduct
and cruelty. It promises to be a raoy
case before It Is through with, as the hus
band has retained an attorney and is
fighting the matter quite hard.
Persistent Advertising is the road to Big
Sold only in
Moisture Proof yk
Nonpartisan Law
to Supreme Court
Judges Will Hold Special Session to
Hear Arguments Before Pri
mary Day. .
(From a Staff CorreapondontJ
LINCOLN, Neb., June S0.-(8pelal Tele
gram.) An appeal from the decision of
Judge Cornish of the Lancaster county
district court who held that tha nonparti
san Judiciary law was Invalid will be taken
to the supreme court and It la thought the
transcript will be filed with the clerk of
the supreme court late today.
It has been arranged for the supreme
court to hold a special sitting in order to
listen to ths arguments of the lawyers and
a decision. It Is believed, will te handed
down before the fell primaries.
Hadley Names Commission.
ernor Hadley today appointed W. K.
Kavanaugh, Cyrus P. Walbrldge of St.
Louis, former Governor A. M. Dockery of
Gallatin. Walter S. Dickey and L. M. Jones
of Kansas City, members of the waterways
commission, ss provided by the legislature.
The Weather.
WASHINGTON. June SO. Forecast for
Thursday and Friday:
For Nebraska Generally fair.
For Iowa Generally fair.
For Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Mis
souri and South Dakota Generally fair.
Temperature at Omaha yesterday:
Hour. Deg.
ft a. m 1
t a. m 71
7 a. m "2
8 a. m "it!
S a. m '. IR
10 a. m i
11 a. m fU
12 m 8;
1 p. m i4
2 p. m... 77
5 p. m 78
4 p. m 81
6 p. m S!
p. m 81
7 p. m V
t p. m 7
5 p. m 78
Loral Record.
' OMAHA, June 30. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation, compared wltn
the corresponding period of the last three
rears: 1909- M0S. 1S07- M06.
Maximum temperature.... 84 78 11 87
Minimum temperature 6 si ss t
Mean temperature su
-ecipltatlon 4 .36 T M
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March L
and compared with the last two years:
Normal temperature 75
Excess for the day .' I
Total deficiency since March 1. 1H09 235
Normal precipitation 15 inch
Excess for the day -Hi Inch
Total rainfall since March 1. 1908.1111 Inches
Deficiency since March 1, 1909... .04 Inch
Excess for cor. period In 1908 3.11 inches
Deficiency for cor. period In 1907. S.80 Inches
Reports from Stations at T P. M.
Station and State Tern. Max. Rain-
of Weather. 7 p.m. Tern. fall.
Bismarck, part cloudy KS 76 .IS
Cheyenne, cloudy 74 82 . 00
Chicago, clear 78 80 .00
Davenport, clear 86 90 .00
Denver, part cloudy 80 8 .00
Havre, clear .. 90 .00
Helena, clear 80 84 T
Huron, part cloudy 86 90 .00
Kansas City, part cloudy.. 76 86 T
North Platte, clear 84 84 . 00
Omaha, cloudy 78 84 . 26
Rapid City, clear 80 82 .24
St. Louis, part cloudy 84 88 .00
St. Paul, cloudy 78 , ' 8 T
Salt Lake City, clear 92 4 .00
Valentine, clear 88 ' 8S .00
WllllBton, clear 72 74 .08
T Indicates trace cf r .ecipltatlon.
L. A. WE LSI-, local Forecaster.