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Knit Union Suits, nil regu
lar and extra sizes. . . .49c
In almost endless
variety; priced for
Saturday at Half
and Less A c t u a 1
Retail Worth.
Handsome Skirts, elabo
rately trimmed with lace
or embroidery and wash
ribbon?, -worth to $3.50;
choice ..$1.50, $1.98
Gowns Almost endless
assortment of styles, val
ues up to $3.00, on sale at
50c, 69c, 98c, $1.50
Corset Covers and Drawers;
samples and odd lots, val
ues to $1.50, on pale,
nt. .' 49c and 75c
Corset Covers, Drawers and
Gowns, at 25c
Ladies' Knit Vests 10c
$1.50 New Book 98c
The only place In Omaha you cn
buy th latest II. SO copyright
books, at Mo
ll.eo Rebound Copyrights, at..43e
I package fins Envelopes, for Bo
Two Remarkable
Millinery Bargains
Ostrich Plume Hats, regular
values to $14.00. Very lat
est styles in chip, hair braid
and milan; two and three
plumes on each hat, fP C
choice 4) J
Trimmed HaU f 1.00 Good styles,
neatly trimmed, bought to sell at
$2.50 and $3.50; to close quickly
t ....$1.00
The most complete line of Chit-
dren'a Millinery shown in Omaha.
All hats marked In plain figures.
.Ladles' Neckwear
We have lust opened a new Ladles'
Neckwear Department and offer
some very striking bargains, Sat
urday, up from lOo
peclal Bales of Brushes. Combs. Mir
rors, Soap Boxes, Hose Supporters,
etc., Saturday.
Ladies' Handkerchiefs
Pine all linen Handkerchiefs, each Be
Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, at . .3He
15c linen Handkerchiefs, each ..TVio
20e fancy Embroidered Handker
chiefs, each TVio
25c fancy Embroidered Handker
chiefs, each 19 Ho
Children's Handkerchiefs. for
Summer Suits and Dresses Saturday
. The heavy fabrics and more stately styles of the early spring
has given place to the most bewitching assortment of designs in
fine serges, cool linens, rich silks, dainty lingeries, etc., that has
ever been offered in any Omaha store. Our regular purchases have
- aft m
placed us in a position to otter bargains,
beyond question, the choicest ever.
Men's Furnishings at Matchless Bargain Prices
Values That Will Result in Rapid Stock Reduction.
Summer t'nderwear at About Half Price
$1.00 Union Suit 50c
$2.00 Union Suits $1.00
Union Suits, worth to $3.50; your
choice. $1.98 and $1.50
Men's Underwear Shirts and
drawers, made to sell to $1.00 a
garment. . .25c, 35c and 49c
Men's 50o Neckwear and Sus
penders, at . 25c
High Class Undershirts or Draw
ers; values to $3.00; American
Hosiery Mills goods 98c
other high grade makes; values
to $2.00 soft or pleated bosoms,
collar bands and soft collars, fin
est percales, madras, silk ging
hams, pongees, etc ; many $2.00 ;"
choice 98c
Men's Leather Garters; special
Saturday, pair 10c
Men's Sample Shirts Regular
values to $1.00; on sale Satur
day, at, choice 39c
Ladies' Summer Hosiery
Big Importers' Stock Purchase
Silk lisle, gauze and lace lisle ef
fects, all newest plain colors and
novelties, regular 50c values, 25c
69c and 75c values. .-. . .35c
. or three pairs for. . .$1.00
Misses' and children's lisle
thread lace hose, in black,
white and tan, 25c values,
at, pair ; .lZYzC
CORSETS Fine batiste, long hip models, boned with
rust proof boning, hose supporters side and front, values
to $1.00, at : , .09c and 49c
35c Ribbons 12ic
Extra wide all silk Taffeta Rib
bons, In all staple shades, 25c
to 35c values; on sale Satur
day 12H
$2.00 Hand Bags 95c.
A fine extra size leather lined
Hand Bag the greatest snap
ever shown.
35C Fancy Veilings 1()C
We show the largest line of plain
and fancy Veiling In Omaha and
will aave you money on every
number. For Saturday we fea
ture a complet line of plain and
. fancy veilings, regular iioc and
S6c values, at 10o
New hair Goods
We have recently opened a com
plete Hair Goods Department,
showing a eplendid assortment
of Rolls, Puffs, Chignons, etc.
You can easily aave B0 per cent
by buying her. See our splen
did new line.
$18 and $20 Silk Dresses at
$7.50 Messnlines, taffetas,
foulards, plain colors and
fancies; choice new de
signs, lace and applique
trimmed, nearly 400 of
them to select from, mag
nificent bargains, as shown
in windows, at $7.50
Women's Long Linen Coats,
$12.50 values, in Saturday's
sale at $7.95
Women's Long Loose Silk
Coats, $12.50 values, on sale
at, choice $7.95
100 Covert Coats, values up
to $7.50, all the new styles,
choice ....$3.95
Children's Wash Dresses
Sizes 1 to 14 years, all sizes
and colors, values to $3.00,
at 95c and $1.45
Dainty Lingerie Dresses, val
ues up to $10.00; trimmed
with laces and insertions
come in all colors, elegant
values at, choice. . .$5.00
$30.00 Serge Suits $19.90 A
swell line of these most
popular serge suits, ele
gantly tailored, trimmed in
black jet and buttons, de
lightful bargains at sale
price $19.90
A Magnificent Line of New
Wash Suits and Dresses
All the most beautiful tail
ored and fancy effects, all
colors, most complete line
in Omaha, at. .$5, $7.50,
$10, $12.50 up to $35
$3.50 and $4.00 Jap Silk
Waists; big assortment, in
Saturday's sale $1.49
Children's Spring Jackets
A splendid assortment for
selection, are worth up to
$4.00, at $2.95
Dutch Neck and Tailor
Waists; best values ever
shown, at $1.00
Children's Gingham Romp
ers; juet the thing for sum
mer play suits, regular 50o
values, at . . 29c
Monday ; yjff J""" Our June Clearance J
Big Bankrupt Sale of Shoes fZm D.J.Allen Co. Stock
' 150 Duane St., New York City, at About One-Half Actual Retail Prices
These people were only in business about eleven months and their goods were made for fine
city trade. On account of the size of the stock and lack of window space they can only be shown
in the department. Be sure and see the good3 as they are all this season's creations.
Men's patent colt, gun metal and gal
luus Russia calf oxfords, cartridge '
eyelets and the new high toe, worth
$4.00; Saturday $2.50
You young men who have been pay
ing $4.00 and $5.00 for oxfords, get
In on this, for they are right up to
the minute.
Misses and children's 85c Barefoot
Sandals 50
Women's vlcl kid, gun metal, patent
colt blucher or button, Goodyear
welts and hand turned toles, values
up to $3.50; Saturday. . . . .$1.98
Misses and children's tan vlcl kid blu
cher oxfords, values up to $1.75; Sat
urday $1.00
Men's patent colt, gun metal, box calf
bluchers, lace and button, worth
$3.00. at ....,....$1.08
Boys', youths' and little gents' shoes,
worth up to $1.76; every pair made
for hard knocks $1.10
Big Soap Sale
Drug Dept.
Elder Flower Toilet Soap, fine
bars for 18c
Meadow Sweet Toilet Soap, five
bars for 18c
Cocoanut Oil Toilet Soap, five bars
for 18c
Transparent Glycerine Soap, five
bars for 18c
Tar Soap, five bars 18c
2 bars Pears' Unscented Soap. 25c
3 bars Jap Rose Soap . .18c
J5c Woodbury's Soap,. at. .. .18c
Colgate's English Glycerine Soap,
3 bars 25c.
Colgate's Elder Flower Soap, 3
bars 25c
Williams' Shaving Soap at.... 5c
8 bars assorted Scented Toilet
Soapr in a box, regular 85c. .18c
S hot. "fic eize Peroxide Hydrogen. 18
J. 'A. I'ozxonls and Java Rice Face
Powder, BOo size, for 87c
Witch Hazel, Cucumber and Almond
Cream. 25c nlze, t tor .9Bo
Orlentnl Cream, at ,...$1.05
8-lhs. Moth Balls, for 86o
Shinola, per box So
Sammer Necessities
China Glassware
at Reasonable Bargain Prices
Majolica Lemonade Pitchers
3-quart size; special 25c
Juice Extractors
Ice Tea Tumblers JlP
Handled Sherbets wu
Patent "Hold Ice Back" Tumblers
special, each 5
Crystal Ice Cream . and Berry
Dishes, each 2
Water Sets 39
Grape Juice Glaasea 5k
Grape Fruit Bowla... 15
White Cups and Saucers; on sale,
each 2J
Hand Decorated Salad Bowls, large
size, $2.00 values; while they
last, at 60f
Big Special Sale
Framed Pictures,
Picture Frames
An immense line of . Frames,
every imaginable shape
values to $?.50'; choice 506
Small Frames Values up to
75c; on sale, each 15c
Any two for 25c
Framed Pictures, worth to
$1.75; hundreds of subjects
to select from, all sizes up
to 20x24 35c
Picture Dept., 3rd Floor.
Four Extra Specials in Our
High Grade
Linen Department
For, Saturday
Large size hemmed Huck
Towels, with colored bord
ers, worth 12Vi;C, Saturday,
each ,7c
Extra large, heavy and
absorbent Turkish Towels,
bleached, worth 19c each;
Saturday, each He
Heavy, good-wearing Sheets, size
81x90, seamless and well mada.
worth 79c; Saturday, each 50
Large and medium size Pillow
Cases, made from heavy muslin,
worth 15c; Saturday, each 10
Busy Hardware Dept. Every Item Bargain
No. 8 Gray Enameled Tea Kettles,
worth 98c, at 49c
14-quart Enameled DUh Pans... 15c
4-ball Croquet Sets, Saturday. . .50c
Heavy copper bottom Wash Boilers,
"Llsk Brand," the most perfect
made, wood handles, etc., worth
$2.00 1.23
Heavy Galvanized Wash Boilers, nt
only 89c
$1.25 decorated 60-pound Flour Can
for p 49o
14 gallon covered Oafbaca Caha, 11.88
13 gallon covered Oarbasa Cana ; MM
The old reliable Western Washer, for
only M.4t
4-foot Step Ladder, one to a customer,
for only . ., Mo
8-foot Celling; Duatera, only lo
$125 Food Choppers, only BSo
Large, medium and small, heavy Galvan
ized Tuba, each Oo, 45o and Mo
Hardwood natural flnleh Screen Door,
extra fancy trimmings, worth 12.00
at, each 1.35
Hardwood Doors, any alze 8o
No. t Copper Nickel Plated Teakettle,
worth $1.76 each, at 8 do
14 pound Family Scales, only ,...89o
ZSe Oraas Hooks, Saturday, each . .100
Mrs. Pott's $135 seta Sad Irons . ...o
IS. 00 Ball Bearing Lawn Mowers. 44.SS
tt.OO Guaranteed Lawn Mower for ta.SB
Closing Out Ice Boxes Saturday
Try MYDEN'S First
Grocery, Fruits, Vegetables, Crackers,
It's quality with low prices that bullUs
up our enormus business.
20 lba. best pure cane granulated Sugar
for 1.00
10 bar best brands Launary Soap 86o
B lbs. choice Japan Rice 85o
7 lbs. best Rolled Oatmeal 890
8 cans first quality packed Tomatoes 8Bo
8-lb. cana first quality Sweet Sugar
Corn, for 830
Peanut Butter, per lb 800
The beat domestic Macaroni, pkg. , , 8 Wo
OH or mustard Sardines, per can.... 40
14 oe. can Lu Lu Scouring Soap .... 60
Large can Condensed Milk THo
Small can Condensed Milk 4o
Gallon can Apples 8S0
Porn Flakes, pkg 7V4
The best crisp Pretzels or Ginger Snaps.
per lb So
The beat Soda or Oyster Crackers, per
lb 8o
The best golden Santos Coffea, per lb.,
at ISo
The best Tea Slftlngs. per lb ISo
Choice Dairy Butter, per lb BOo
Fancy Dairy Table Butter, per lb. 83o
Fancy No. 1 Country Creamer Buttr,
per lb 86o
Butter and Cheese Prices Saturday
Full cream white or colored Cheese, per
pound ,...18o
Full cream Brick or Limburger Cheese,
per pound 180
Neufchatel Cheese, each o
Sap Sago Cheese, each THo
rresb-Varetablea for Too Sunday
Fresh Spinach, per peck Bo
8 bunches fresh Unions 80
10 bunches fresh Radishes ; 60
2 bunches fresh Turnips Bo
Large Cauliflower, per head 60
Fancy Wax Beans, per lb 60
4 bunches fresh Fleplant 80
2 large Cucumbers 60
4 heads fresh Leaf Lettuce Bo
2 bunches fresh Parsley Bo
2 bunches fresh Asparagus Bo
New Cabbage, per lb. 8Ho
Fresh Beets, per bunch 4o
isa rvtAmxm tom sattwday
The Florldss aro the richest flavored
Pineapples that grow. Saturday wo will
open this car and place them on sale at
the following prices:
Each Bo, TVio. 8V40, lOo, 13Ho
Pel .lozen Mo, BOo, 860, 81.10, 81-38
Per crate, any size 93.80
Travelers, Attention
All your needs can be
readily supplied here at a
substantial saving. Travel
ers' goods of all kinds.
Trunks, $2.50 to $45.00
Grips..... 45c to $22.50
Suit Cases, 75c to $25.00
See Our Big Line of New
Straw Hat Styles choicest
values you'll find on sale,
at... 15c to $3.00
One Hundred and Forty-Two County
Oluoeri to Be Chosen.
ruin Period Oateas Jon 18 and
Him ) Month and Primaries
Aro Dated for Seventeenth
of Aaaast.
One judge, s
One treasurer. f
One clerk.
One register of deeds.
One sheriff. '
Ona eoroner. .
Ono surveyor.
Ono superintendent of schools.
One eommltsloner.
Two' poJlco Judge.
TWrty-sovon Justices of ths peaoe. '
Thlrtj--oven constables.
Twelro road overseers.
Forly-fivo deputy assessors.
One hundred and forty-two county of
ficers aro to bo eleoted this fall and 140
of them aro to bo nominated In tha pri
maries. The number Is Increased forty-five
by a chsngs In tho state law, which makes
ths deputy assessors elective. Instead of
appointive by tho county assessor aa In the
In addition to tho above county officers,
two judges of tho supremo bonch and two
regents of .tho state university will' be
elected. Candid tea for these offices and
for county Judge and superintendent of the
jubUo Instruction will not go on the pri
mary ballot, but will be given until Octo-
ber 1 in which to file.
Date of Primaries.
The county primaries will be held August
17. Candidate can file any time between
June 18 and and July 1H.
The new law provides that each assessor
district In cltica shall cover a territory em
bracing , as nearly aa possible, 4,u00 people.
The wards and precincts in Omaha and
South Omaha are not made according to
population and, therefore, the county com
mlRbloners will fix these precincts before
the time for filing of candidates. One will
be accorded twenty-Blx deputy assessors,
Houth Omaha will have six and the other
thirteen will be In the country districts.
Kueh of. the country precincts, fourteen
in number, wll be given two justices of
the peace and two constables, and there
m ill be six Justices and six constables la
Omaha und'thiee oonatables and three
justices In South Omaha. Ths twelve road
overwwrs will all be elected for work In
thek country.
All the prrsent county officers will be
candidates for re-election, ail these being
republicans but the coroner. The present
democratic Incumbent was elected last fall
to fill an. unexpired term caused by the
death of Harry B. Davis. The republican
officeholders who aro figuring to run
again are:
Frank A. Furay treasurer, serving his
first term; D. M. Haverly, clerk, serving
his second term; Frank V. Bandle, regis
ter of deeds, serving his first term; E. F.
Bralley, sheriff, serving his first term,
and Herman Beals, surveyor, serving his
second term. County Judge Charles Lea
lie and County Superintendent W. A.
Yoder, each serving their second term,
will be candidates again In the fall eec-tlon.
The democrat have not as yet got over
Your Hair is Worth It
Afraid to use hair preparations? Don't know exactly what to do?
Then why not consult your doctor? Isn't your hair worth it?
Ask him if he endorses Ayer's Hair Vigor for falling hair,
dandruff, a hah tonic and dressing. Have confidence in his
advice. Follow it. He knows. tS.flSS'
the effects of the spring primary and are
not saying much about the fall election
or the summer primaries. O. Fred Kl
saBser, who was the democratic candidate
for treasurer two year ago, is now su
perintendent of the county hospital and
will not be a candidate again. Harry P.
Deuel and Murray Bchwartx, democratic
candidate two years ago for register of
deeds and surveyor, respectively, will not
again be candldatea.
Lee Bridges, councilman from the seo-
ond ward, was the democratlo candidate
the last time for sheriff, but he says he is
too busy now with city affairs to give a
thought to county politics. Tom Flynn,
street commissioner and boss of the local
democracy, la looked upon as a positive
candidate for sheriff.
In the event that on the average of four
men belonging; to each of the three parties
republican, democrat and socialist file
for offloe this summer the primary ballot
will contain nearly 1,800 names. Carrying
this furUier, nearly $1,000 would be paid
into the county treasury by candidates as
filing fees at $5 per candidate.
Two Vomn Over
Eighty Die in Day
Mr. Adra Baboock and Mrs. Sarah J.
Fairfield, Both Octogenarians,
' Are Dead. '
Two octogenarians, both women, died In
Omaha Thursday. '
Mrs. Adra Babcock. M year old, died of
old age at the home of her son, W. C.
Terry, 3t.ll Miami street. Tbe body Is at
the Cole-McKay chapel and will be taken
to Alexandria. Nebraska, for' burial. An
other son. Ben L Terry, is a merchant at
thai town.
Mra Sarah J. Fairfield of Plattsmouth,
died at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Faber, d California street. The body is
being tared for by Undertaker Jackson,
and Is to be aent home Saturday morning
for Interment. '
Discover! Power in Charter to Come
Back at Council.
And If "Traitors" Try to Sew Him
lp He Will Lets Back and
Be Joat as Cote aa
They Are.
As has been said before, "The best laid
plana of mice and men gang aft agley."
Mayor Dahlman has discovered a way cut
of the difficulty and is laughing In his
sleeve over the awful things he will do to
the "traitor" councllmen If they attempt
to abolish the ordinance offices as a means
of severing certain members of his cabinet
from the city pay roll. For if the "trait
ors" try to sew up the mayor In thla way
the mayor can turn around and refuse to
concur in recreating the ordinance offices.
The mayor sat up nearly all night and
read the city oharter from beginning to
end and In that same charter be found a
section which gave him peaoe of mind and
rest to his soul. This is section (3 and
The mayor end city council may create
other offices than those enumerated In
this act and suoh offices shall be created
In the following manner. The necessity of
such new office shall be declared by reso
lution proposing the salary and duties of
such office. After such resolution has been
published once each week tor three suc
cessive weeks the council may by ordi
nance create such office and fix a reason
able salary not exoeeding the amount
fixed in such resolution. Such offices shall
not hereafter be created unless by consent
of the mayor and two-thirds vote by city
It Is the ' last sentence, "Such offices
shall not hereafter be created unless by
consent of the mayor and two-thirds vote
by the city council," thst gives Mayor
Dahlman such great Joy, for tha city legal
department advises blm that he can refuse
to concur in the creating ordinances and
the council cannot pass them over bis
"I can be just as funny as the council
and If It wants to get cute and abolish
then? ordinance offices t can be Juet as
cute and refuse to consent to create them
again," said the mayor, "This will put a
crimp in them, I think, and it will be a
cold day before an attempt Is made to
abolish these offices."
Councilman Johnson, "traitor," repeats
his statement that the fight now centers
on, Tom Flynn and Dr. Connell; Mayor
Dahlman is Just as confident that the city
prosecutor is the stumbling block, and
Bohs Flynn says he Is so ashamed of the
three "traitor" democrats that he would
not think of asking them to vote for him.
"I told Johnson the other day that I fully
expected six democratic votes for toy con
firmation the first night and that I would
not belittle them by asking for their vote,"
said Flynn. "I would like to ask them
what kind of democrats they think they
are to go againxt me when as chairman of
the committee I did everything possible to
elect them." ,
Ginger Bread
on Ginger Block
Free Feeds of Old-Fashioned Loaves
Latest Thing of the Five
Hundred Club.
"Free ginger on ginger block."
This is the latent stunt of the "&00 Block
Ginger Club on south 16th street, where
one block, on both sides of the street. Is
showing the other parts of the city what
a little real enterprise will do.
In the block are located a few restau
rant, and In the windows this sign ap
pears: "Olntier Club dinger Bread Served Free
with Noon Lunches."
Not only have people the privileges of
looking on a really cleaned street, where
show windows and modern fronts give a
block of metropolitan appearance, but now
comes the final offer to put up some gin
ger bread "like mother used to make" or
While giving away some of Its ginger In
the bread, the 6o0 block club still main
tain a street sweeping department, con
sisting of on muscular mtu in a white
duck suit, who proceeds to keep the pave
ments clean. This one man works. When
he puts a shovel under a pile of dirt, It
goes under like the man had eaten ginger
pancakes for breakfast and washed them
down with ginger ale. Then the shovel Is
lifted not like an ordinary street cleaner
lifts a shovel. It comes up with a sharp,
muscular Jerk as though the man wanted
to lift the dirt.
Probably Took the Poison with Sol.
cldal Intent, Says the Verdict
, of laejneat.
Chloroform, evidently taken with suicidal
Intent, caused the death of J. B. Gould,
the striking electrician who waa found
dead Wednesday evening at his room, 622
South Sixteenth street. Coroner Heafey
conducted the Infjuesy Friday morning and
the Jury returned a verdict that conveyed
the chloroform suicide theory. Gould la
said to have been suing for a divorce from
his wife, who Is employed et the Koehler
hotel at Grand Island and has not come
here for the funeral. Gould has a sister,
Miss Mabel Gould, living at Kingstorj, On
tario, Canada. The funeral plans have not
been mad.
her huainMB an4 Imtt nmah. .. t
.. ki jrnri
ago and has lived In Peekakul since, that
vOTi. iicr MUIM0 miori coming west,
A Frightful xaerieaee
of biliousness, malaria and conatlDation i.
quickly overcome by taking Dr. King's
r.ew 1,1 re j-iiis. zac. For sale by Beaton
Drug Co.
Former Resident of Omaha, Widely
Known In West, Die at
Word ha been received by Omaha rela
Uvea of the death of Mrs. C. F. Hickman,
formerly of this city, which occurred at
Peeksklll, N. Y., Thursday evening. No
particulars were given In the message,
which came to a niece, Mrs. N. C. Mitchell
of 2319 Harney street, but ber death was
evidently sudden, as she had not been 111.
Mrs. Hickman was a resident of Omaha
for many years, having come here with her
husband In lSet. She opened a millinery
store and ber business grew until It war
ranted Mr. Hickman's resignation from th
government service to assist her with It.
Later they extended It to th wholesale
field and for yeara were well known
through the west. Mrs. Hickman closed Out
The Cost
Published .
Oleaaers and
Byrs la tho
It's Inter
esting and
It's Free.
Bend for s
1521 Howard St., Omaha
A soeiUr lo be iUU Uta u ism. 11 fee
save ul.4. ttkini lu irjr Alloa's ruut-gast. t
rtats the tt aoa makta n or light taova eaa.
Curia a.-bin. aaroliaa. hot, awaettug feat. aatiaa
corua ana bunloua of all pals ai g-Waa raat an
coaifwt. Try It toaajr - Sol br all lrviaglia iu
Shua Ktoraa. tftc. ioo't ac4pt aaf auballtuta. for
FHXS trial clui, alio rra Sim pit of tbe roof
BASIC Sanitary CORN-PAD. Intauua, a,
great Ailaa a OiaMM, Le M. I.