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    The Omaha Daily Bee
PAGES 11 TO 10.
goes to the homes la tead by the
women sells goods for advertisers.
A Deal in Messaline Ribbons
Save half on summer Ribbons Mescalines, In
six-Inch widths, all silk, 40c quality; white,
black and thirty shades. Abso- -
lutely greatest value on most deslr- KMf
JL. s
able ribbons worn.
Neckwear New nov
elties in Jabnts and
Dutch Collars, pret
tily made, each 25
Veiling We still have
small quantity 25c
veiling, all colors,
t 10
Dalduff Marshmallows
1,000 packages for Saturday. A fresh, rich,
creamy confection that Is simply delicious.
Made by Balduff Candy Co. Their beet
20c quality; Saturday only, per box. . . .
CHOCOLATE CREAMS For Saturday only.
Bennett's special, freshly made for one day's
. selling by Balduff Candy Co. Their
best 40c grade; pound box
If IKOl MIWTWO A aloe quiet place peotally I 1
attractive to ladles So ft M
Over a Thousand Titles
In This Lot. Well Known
Musical Successes.
Dying Poet, Nearer My God to Thee, Anvil Chorus. Falling Waters. Rocked
in the Cradle of the Deep. Dixie. Merry Widow Walts. Llttlo Fairy Waltz.
Alone, William Tell. Wearing of the Oreen, 11 Trovatore, Flower Song, March
ing Through Georgia, Alpine Hunt. Black Hawk Walts, Home Sweet Home.
Angel's Serenade, Lohengrin Wedding March, Second Mazurka, Your Father
Was a Soldier, Bohemian Girl, Mocking Bird, Way Down South in Dixie, 23
Songs from Grand Opera such as Tanhouser, Alda, Etc
on sale
We Bought the Balance of the Jos. Brown & Co.'s Bankrupt Stock Jewelry,
Clocks, Diamonds, Watches and Cut Glass at Fifty Cents on the Dollar
on sale
The overwhelming success of our last sale of the Jos. Brown & Co. bankrupt jewelry one month ago, has taught us this truth, that Omaha knows and appreciates real jewelry values. So remarkably successful was
the sale, while hundreds were unable to be properly served on account of the crowds, we immediately wired our order to the American Savings Bank and Trust "El r ,-r-4-Q OTI "Ult4 T) nil ai
Co., receivers, agreeing to take entire remaining stock at our original bid. This lot is bigger and better assorted than the first and just as big values. A 11 L y vdl LO V-Ill J-SKJLLU.L
The enormity of this dqal and the full meaning of it to the Omaha public cannot be adequately told In cold type, nor ita Importance fully realized un
less you see the good themselves In all their wonderons brilliancy and the magnetic charm of the low price at which every piece is marked.
The Jos. Brown & Co., of Chicago, was known as the largest and one of the most reliable wholesale jewelry concerns in America. Unfortunately the house was forced into bankruptcy and their stock sacrificed to
meet the demands of pressing creditors. So we say this is a sale of honest jewelry with every piece bearing our unqualified guarantee. An opportune sale for all who have wedding gifts to buy. i
This second lot of the Brown purchase includes almost a thousand Clocks. This stock Is so enormous and requires so much display space that, to facillate the selling, we Khali not offer Clocks for sale nntJl Monday.
Balance of Brown Stock Watches
Men's Watches, Elgin or Waltham 7 Jewel movement. 12 size, 2 0 year guarantee, gold
filled open face case. Brown's price $14.50, our price (Hunting case for $7.95) 57.50
Men's Watrhes, Engin or Waltham 7 Jewel movement, 20 year gold filled hunting or
open face case, beautifully engraved, Brown's price $12.50, our price $5.08
20 year bunting or open face case, Brown price $16.75, our
vLrTM) Price $8.95
.Men's watcnes, 16 or is size, minting or open lace case, spe
cial lot, 15 and 17 Jewel Waltham or Elgin movement.
Brown's price, $20.00, our price $10.50
Men's Watches, 300 assorted, 20 and 25 year gold filled Jas.
Boss, Crescent, Dueber and Faye cases, 17 Jewel Waltham,
Elgin, Hampton, Illinois, Appleton, Tracy or Wheeler $30.00
watches, for $13.75
Woman's Black IntmtM BTaw England Chatelaine Watches Brown's
price. 1 10.00: our price 94-98
Woman's Watches, 0 slxe, 20 year gold filled, hand engraved hunt
ing case, 7 Jewel Elgin or Waltham, Brown's price $16.00: our
price $9.95
Women's Watches, 0 site, same as above, but 15 Jewel: Brown's
price 121.00, our price 910.95
The Jas. Drown & Co. Stock
Unset Diamonds
We shall hare in this Saturday
sale about $33,000 worth unset
diamonds, from V4 to 3 oarat slses.
One lot of about 60 magnttlcent
gems In H to carat slxe, all
good color and perfectly cut, ex
opt lonally big values. These we
offer at rate of 9139 per oarat.
Most extraordinary diamond sale
ever In this city. Diamonds never
deteriorate in value; they are
really an Investment.
$225.00 per carat grade stone,
at ". 9178-00
$216.00 per carat grade stones,
at 9168.00
$210.00 per' carat grade stones,
at 9188-00
$176.00 per carat grade stones,
at 9138.00
$165.00 per carat grade atone,
at 9130.00
$100 three-stone diamond Brace
lets S50.00
$125.00 diamond aet Brooch 969.00
$200.00 diamond aet Brooch 9100
Trom the Drown Mock
Men's Watch Chains
These are finest rrade gold filled
Chains from euoh makers ti J. I.
Sturdy Sons, Providence Stock
Oo and S. O. Blgnay, Taluea to
99.OO, for 93-98
liold filled Fobs, $4 values, at 91
Women's solid gold set Kings
from the Brown Block set with
opals, rubles, emeralds, sap
phires, etc.
Kings, values to $3.00, Saturday,
at 91-60
Kings, values to $4.00, Saturday,
at 91-98
Rings values to $6.00, Saturday,
at 93-98
Thousands of Cuff Buttons and
Tie Pin Sets, Jabot Pins, Beauty
Pins, Jet Jewelry and Rogers'
Silverware and other novelties
In gold filled and solid gold at
half and less than Half Prloe.
Bat Fins Large - amethyst and
topaz set, with circle of bril
liants, $1 00 values 6O0
Jewelry Novelties from the Brown Stock
Wedding gifts should he selected Saturday,
Sale Silver Mesh Bags German silver,
hand made ring Mesh Bags, silk lined.
$6 German Silver Mesh Bags $3.00
$7.00 German Silver Mesh Bags $3.50
$8.00 German Silver Mesh Bags. .. .$4.00
$10.00 German Silver Mesh Bags ... $."5.00
$65.00 Sterling Sliver Mesh Bags.. $30.00
$48.00 Sterling Sliver Mesh Bags.. $25.00
$40.00 Sterling Silver Mesh Bags.. $20.00
$20.00 Sterling Silver Mesh Bags.. $10.00
La Valliers Fancy rose gold and green
gold finish, newest designs; Brown's price
$5.00 to ,$7.00. for $1.08
Cuff Links Solid gold; Brown's price to
$5.00, for $1.98
Bracelet Solid gold, plain, chased and
stone set; Brown's price to $15.00
for $5.00
Adjustable Bracelets, worth $4.00 and
$5.00 for $1.08
high grade Jewelry was never sold for less.
Cuff Buttons Solid gold front, signet and
fancy stone set, values to $3, for.$1.00
Gold Killed Lockets Free, with any
Locket we will give a 22-lnch gold filled
$2.00 chain free.
Lockets Gold filled, finest quality. 10
year guarantee, values to $6.00; our
price $1.08
Genuine turquoise only
Stick Pins, value to $.oo. for 91-98
Brooches, value to $8.00, for 91.98
Cuff ButUns, values to $10.00, for 99.98
Shirtwaist Kings, solid gold turquoise matrix.
for 93.80
Mounted Combs, values to $1.60, at 88o
Mounted Combs, values to $5.00 at .... 91.48
Mounted Combs, values to $6.00, at 91.18
Genuine Jet Combs, values to $3.00, at.. BOo
Sliver Waist Rings, oriental designs, aet with
genuine turquoise. Jade, Amaxonlte, coral,
etc., values to $6.00, at 91.00
Underwear a Full Third Less
Women's Testa, fancy knit
sleevealeaa vests, low
neck and laoe trimmed.
16o garments. for....l0o
Women's Tests, fine Rich
elieu rib. low neck,
sleeveless, taped neck
and arm, JOo garments,
for 190
Knit rants, excellent
quality, wide lace
trimmed knee, a real
bargain, 25o gar
ments at lBo
Xnlt rants, a quality
selling at double In
some stores, wide
Women's . Teats, a very
nice quality cotton vest,
with crochet trimming,
low neck, 26c garments,
for 15o
Women's Tests, a fine
mercerized silky effect,
low neck and sleeveless,
35c garments 9So
knee, lace trimmed,
36c garments for 880
Union Suits, for wo
men, fine rib, low
neck, sleeveless,
tight or wide lace
trimmed knee, 75c
garments 800
Milanese Lisle Gloves, two clasp;
brown, white and gray, 60c regu
larly, for 29J
Misses' Silk Gloves, two clasp, tip
ped fingers; tan, brown, mode;
60c kind 35
Silk Gloves, 12 and 16-button
lengths, samples, worth up to
$1.75. at '.....75
BIRSON Fasldoned STOCKINGS Without
a seam, 125 dozen regular 26c grade
all strictly first quality Bur
son full fashion hose for wo
men; Saturday
Women's Lisle Hose, Imported,
garter top and split foot, best 35c
quality; pair 25J
Gauze Uslo Hose, garter top and
double sole, high spliced heel, 50c
grade THREE PAIRS ..$1.00
Women's Black Cotton Hose, full
seamless, 20c line 12H
Tailored Suits at Hall Off
off )
A sweeping clearance of every colored or black cloth suit in stock. This
embraces all women's and misses' junior suits without a single exception.
Greatest sacrifice ever made so early in the season. Saturday first day.
Women s Suits I Misses Suits
$50.00 Suits for.... $25.00
$40.00 Suits for $20.00
$35.00 Suits for $17.50
$29.60 Suits for $14.75
$19.60 Suits for $ 0.75
$15.00 Suits tfor $ 7.50
$22.00 Suits for . .
$19.50 Suits for..
$17.50 Suits for..
$15.00 Suits for..
$12.00 Suits for.,
$10.00 Suits for.,
$ 9.75
$ 8.75
GIRLS' REEFERS A lot of pret
ty coats for little girls to 13
years, suitable for cool evenings
for traveling and fall wear, large
line plain and fancy coats that
have been marked to
$5.00; pick any at. . .
GIRLS' PRESSES For little toU
2 to 5 years; we show many
clever garments In madras and
percale, daintily made
and trimmed
Dresses, 6 to 14-year sizes,
cale, of Sea Island per
cale; special
of per-
Just in from New York; best Sea
Island percale, in white grounds
and blue, black and lavender
dots, finished with button hole
stitch edge, new Dutch
neck effect
Double Stamps in above departments on all purchases Saturday.
Boys' Oxfords Just Like Daddy's
Smart styles with extension soles, regular and blucher cut, la tans,
oxblood, dull and shiny leathers.
Sizes 9 to 13
Price. .$1.75 to $2
13 to 2
$2 to $2.50
JV4 to 5K
$2 to $2.50
Sale of Men's Oxfords
The year's most effective low cut shoes,
all sizes, best $3.50 and $4 Good
year welt hand sewed oxfords; choice
of tun, oxblood, patent $.
leather and gun
Women's Gibson Ties Patent colt and pat
ent kid, $3.50 lines; Saturday
Ankle Strap Tumps for Misses and
Children all leathers
8Vi to U4. 11 H to 2, 2H to 6
$1.50 $2.00 $2.50
Tennis Slippers, black or white, for
men and boys, sizes up to 2 for 50c
2 4 to 5 4 for 60c; 6 to 11 for 75c
Corsets $1.29 Regularly $2.50
Rarely are such splendid models so cheaply
quoted. Light weight batiste corsets for sum-
Fashioned along the new straight hip-
less effects, stayed with non-rustable boning,
trimmed with embroidery and hose f JQ
supporter attachments. tJ
Shirt Waists A Great Purchase
While in New York last week our buyer closed
out one hundred dozen very fine lingerie
waists beautiful conceptions, in lace and em
broidery, high and low neck, long and three
quarter sleeves; values up to $3.50, 1 CI C
for l.ZrD
Men's Good Suits for $15.00
Ilere's demonstrating again the Bennett way of clothes
selling. Instead of seeing how much we can get we say
how little can we mark this or that suit. It brings the bus
iness, too lots of it.
We shall have about 300 nobby, new, all wool worsted suits
Saturday that not one store in a hundred
would sell for less than $18.00. Most of JJ
them would get $'U.U0. You'll snap at
the chance to get them for
Hammocks, Lawn Mowers, Screens, Etc.
hammock A on day apclttl. A
fine miKr, roomy hummock, tancy put
tern, Uttp fringe or valrnce. the beat
made; 12 50 ham
mocks, for Saturday-
SI. 9
Lawn Mowers "Atlantic," ball bearing,
14-in. machine, high wheel, self sharp
ening steel knives, including grass
etcher $5.00
Challenge Moweirs, 14-in., the best ma
chine for the money $2.85
Bathing Suits, very
nice assortments site
to Si, tor 754
Croquet Seta, one very
attractive set, includ
ing 8Q stamps. G5t
Kubbrr Hose, in 60-ft.
lengths; we give a
hose reel free with
each, per foot
15 12 10
Gasoline Stoves, 1-hole
burner .. ..$1.65
ticreen Doors One lot
doors worth up to
$1.75, a little dam
aged; closing out at
75 65 50
Extra quality Screen
Doors, any size, blng
Included; special at
onir $1.35
Screen Window Frames
adjustable, . .15
Sink Strainer, Elite,
25c kind 15
Stain Paint and var
nish stain, lot 15c
and 15c cans, to close
out 10
II 10 kind, 1.' al. . Uo
1. H kind. It l..$l.a
tiraaa thera for . ..10
glcklaa Alwaya handy;
gata the (rua th a
mower can't reach. tfta
Boys' Finest Suits
SS and $7 Worsteds
S3. 85
New styles as brought by Amer
ica's foremost maker of boys'
clothing. Very fine worsteds in
all the new shades, our $6.00
and $7.00 lines; your pick for
my $3.85
Boys' Indian outfits, f Military
Kahkl Suits and Bloomers and
Blouses Second Floor.
Straw Hats for Men
Every late summer shape in sailor
and roll brim styles.- There's a
becoming hat for every man here
and price invariably is less than
they ordinarily cost
$1 $1.50 $2.50 $3 $4
Panama Hats Genuine South
American Panamas, in bent
shape $4 $5 $6
Dollar Sale Shirts
One of the best shirt propostlons we
have seen is before you Saturday.
One hundred dozen purchase light
and dark madras shirts, In large va
riety of excellent patterns. The qual
ity of these goods is up
to the $1.50 standard.
Buy a summer's supply
The qual-
Fishnet Underwear
Men, there is no cooler, more comfort
able summer undergarments made.
It's an open or mesh fabric of light
texture. Coat style sleeveless shirts
and wide knee length drawers, usu
ally 50c; our price,
Night Shirts
75c line, SOc Made of extra light
weight cambric; collarless style for
summer wear, trimmed or plain; cut
wide and full and full length, Cj
actual 75c values JUC
For your Sunday Dinner, Bennett's Market
Fresh Dressed Hens, 5,000 lbs.
on sale 12C
Pig Pork Loins, 5,000 lbs.-
special, lb. ..' 1034c
Fall Lamb Legs, per lb. 12VC
Veal Chops, per lb 10c
Veal Stew; special, 4 lbs., 25c
Boiling Beef ; Saturday, five
pounds for 25c
Coupon Brand Hams, Morton
. Gregson famous product
2,000 lbs. on sale, at. . . IOVsC
(30 stamps with each ham)
Choice Pot Roast, per lb., 11c,
9c and 7c
Cudahy's Bex Bacon, 5,000 lbs.,
special, lb 12V2
Good Salt Pork, 2,000 lbs. on
sale, per pound . . 9C
Double stamps on all Pail Lard.
The Drown
200 pieces remain from our
original purchase of the Jos.
Brown bankrupt stock, We will
close them out Saturday.
Bowls, Vases, u
Tankards, Jugs, X""aM
Tumblers, Decanters, T-iTp
Bon Bons, Olives, etc. J x
5,000 Pieces Fine China
Saturday only we give you pick of a magnificent line of high
grade china pieces, including Chocolate Pots, ps
SalAd Bowls, Plates, Trays, Sugars and Creams, 5flf
Cups and Saucers, etc. values up to $3.50, at. . . .
Have You Any
Pictures to Frame?
Sample Frames
Traveler's and house samples, also
all the odds and ends from our
own moulding stock, made up
Into frames by our own framing
department. On sale at M reg
ular selling prices; sizes 4x5
Inches up to 10x20 Inches. Oval
or square shapes. Choice of oak,
black, gold and brown all
widths and patterns. Bring pic
tures with you. Values 40c to
$2.00. In Saturday's sale you
fbou.rm ...10c to 59c
Fruits, Vegetables
Oranges, per doi , SOo, 25c, 30c, 40 o
Lemons per dozen 15o and 30
Florida Grape Fruit, each aoo
Large Cantaloupea, each lOo
Leaf Lettuce, four bunches ...6o
I-arge Head Lettuce, per head 60
RadUlieH, alx bundles So
Hpuiach, peck 100
(Jreen Onluna. alx bunches 60
Wax Heana, iiuart lOo
Red Beeta, three hunches 10c
Turnlpa. two hunrhea 60
Cauliflower, large heads '.7Ve
Oucumbera 60
Tomatoes, lb 10c
Do You Kodak?
You'll, surely
want to take a
Kodak with you
on your vaca
tion trip. There
will be twice the
pleasure in it if
you do.
and Camera
sure Beat.
Folding Pocket
Kodak (like
cut), No. 1 A $13; No. 3 A $20
Eastman's Jlull'seye Kodak, No. 2
for $8.00
Eastman's Brownie Cameras, Ho. 2,
for $2: No. 3 for 84'
No. 2 llrownle Developing Box . . . $ 1
Eastman's Sollo Taper, 4x5 inches,
dozen for 25
(We also have all sizes.)
Azo Developing Po6t Cards, any sur
face; two dozen cards for.... 25
Plates Stanley, Seeds, Cramer and
. Hammer Plates, all sizes and va
rieties. Developing Powders and Solutions of
all kinds.
We have everything for successful
photography for amateurs.
In Omaha's Greatest Grocery
Bennett's Best Coffee, three pounds for ....
Bennett's Beat Coffee, one pound for
Bennett's Teaa, asaorted, pound
Bennett s Tta Blftlnga, pound
Bennett a Capitol Baking powder. 6-lb. can ..
Bennett' Capitol Kxtract. bottle
Mignonette Marrowfat Peas, 10c quality, por
A. B. C. Catsup, per bottle
Yacht Club (Salad Dressing, bottle
I-aundry yueen Soap, eight for
Pickles, assorted. Mason quart Jar
Nutlet Peajiut Butter, two Jars
Tea Garden Preserves, lare Jar
Galllard Olive CHI. large bottle
Armour's Corned Beef, No. 1 tin
Veal. Hhiii Beef Loaf, can
Potted Tongue, small can
Hafety Matrhea, dozen boxes
6t): cans California Ripe Olives
IHamond C 8osp, 10 bars for
Kddy a Dome Mustard. French; Jar
Bennett'a Capitol Flour, sack
Singer Snaps, package
Olives, Mason quart jars
Snlder's Tomato Soup, large can
Beauty Axparagus, tan
Dried per pound
BVTTSBkQXK rSII-In cold Buttermilk serv
day In Butter Department.
.$1.00 and 100 green stamps
. .35o and 30 green stamps
. .68o and 76 green stamps
..ISo and 10 green stamps
.91.00 and 100 green stamps
. .18o and 20 green stamps
80 per doxen SOo
,.83o and 20 green stamps
..85o and 10 green stamps
. 350
. .B5o and 10 green stamps
, ..SOo and 10 green stamps
..40o and V0 green stamps
. .70c--and 60 green stamps
, ..15c and 10 green stamps
,..10o and i greea stamps
. . .30o
. . a so
.IS'-iO and 10 treen etampa
.fl.70 utid 50 jreen stamps
. . lOo and : ' treen atamps
. .30o and 1' ,'i ; n stamps
. .SOo and 1 it-en slumps
...SOc and 10 treen stamps
ed free to customers Satur-