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Hijher Foreign Market! Booit the
'' Wheat VfcUei. .
Tkla CIm Additional Itmtlk l the
Cuk Bltnatloa aad Advaaeea
frleee Slowly, kt '
r OMAHA, May 1. 190.
Higher foreign market boosted whrst
valuaa fvm the decline of yesterday. Cabin
were strong and hlgher-nt tha opening and
selling lata yesterday covered thalr sales,
and th loaa n soon regained. With
tha visible supplies decreasing, dally tha
cash alteration becomes stronger sari prices
are advenolng alowly. - t
Receipts of corn do 8dt Inert, ths
local demand la some .tvtter and fash
price advanced with hlgher-martiet aluea
at mitalda primary polnta. .
Wheat ' ripened strong and higher du4 to
hlgtier cable and better support from yes
terday's Aecllne. Short eovered and buy
ing gave' prices at qtilok bulge which eased
off later and 10 advance wss registered at
tha rlose). Mav what opened, at L Kit and
eloeed at (1 A.
Corn raanalna dull and unchanged, ruling
narrow, with no feature.- Mo change la
expected unless country receipts
Caah held strong and shRws a alight gain.'
Map opened at Tie and eloaad at Tic.
Prlmsi"f wheat. receipts wens 22,000 bush
els and . shipments war &. bushel,
against receipt last yeas of. 811,000 bushels
and shipments of XS.OOO bushels.
Corn racelpts were 178.000 bushels and
shipments' wara buahela, against re
ceipts last year of (21.OU0 buahals and ship
ments nf'45l,0fl0 bushels.
Clearances were 46,ooo bushels of corn,
none of oat and wheat and flour equal to
8X.000 huahele. .,..
Uverpool closed HffHd higher on wheat
and Sd higher on corn.
Local range of options' .' ''"'"..
Articles.1 Open. I Hlgh.j Low. Clone. I Tes'y.
Wheat-lf "f ""' 1
My...,l 2ST 1 S!
May... t 71
' May... 6'isl
Ojkaha CMk Prices.
HHIAVNo. 3 hard. l.a6 1.2; No. 8
hard. M.Crirl; No. 4 hard, tl.3Wl.2t; No.
H71 ;- No yellow, 71Ho; No. I yellow, THajc;
Ko. t wttti, ftfeVMo. ' wlllt. :By . . . ., .
OATS-Nn. t mixed, 644,6 66V: i No. f yel
low, s No: I white, 66Vi96i4c-, No..
4 whlta, 3,'&vHe. .
HTE-No. 4.JS(f7'jsNp. . TW877HO.. ,
" .Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago 114 . ..U4
Mianolls ,416 -. f ' ...
Urn ha ,t .,..'- .
IiMtut-- , -
ciiicAotk uitAiv and rnoviaiois
Feataraa at the Trlag, aad Cloalag
Trtras aa ,Bar f Trade.
CHl?AOv. fMny"l. Ovnp damage reports
from Kuoeu ha France n( ilgm receipts
in tula vbM(& creaiad conetdernoie' bullish
Kritttment in uia wat inarkct hare today,
nasi jjuoiauona asoim ot gains of Va-ic
10 agcompHred wltu yesteraay'a
cios, coin and Oats also strong, ' but
provisions were bariysiedy.
iTi wheat mil KM situng all day,
but., wild , the1 exception. ot moderate
activity tne tint hour, trading was not ot
Urge volume. Advances at ruarly ail the
k' ,ur60ao grain markets and con
imgea Jiaiu'eacrlpti at primary points in
tins chiiiry;t(vira.' the principal tactors
tvntrtuutihg jfn tAe htiengtn hre. Reports
ot 0ansg. Dy: droAiui to tha wheat crop
in Ir rMl.o. an J CHHnirn Russia were said
10 iViive, orV UrgUy leaponalDla for ad
Ootr. t '-WVatO0l. ' Unln and Paris.
AcOve" demane tor nan- grain at Min
nc polls by millers and a decrease of Du.iM)
urotlt ikainc late In tha setsion, partlcu
irly In the deferred fjiures and prices
iWyied mors tnsn Vc from the top point.
lneciose was strong, wltn Ju.y c Lit'
uMplts reports of Incrsased country ae
caplances from. Illinois -and Iowa th corn
market was strung tne entire day. Tne
cIom was strong, with prices ,c above
yesterdays final figures, wlta July at
IMs teature of trading Irt tha oats mar
kei was an active .demand for tha (Sep
tember deilveiy by Influential housea, in
Cluting a prOiiilnent . .cash Interest. . Dam
aged rporis trom .Nebraska and small re
ceipis at primary polnta were the chief
buuisn factors. An advance of mie In the
prlca ot ths cash grain also nelped to
strengthen tna options. The market was
strong all day and cloeed at net gains of
with July at 61'-c
rravislor.s developed considerable weak
neas following a (lrm tone at tne start.
1-rices at tne close were bo higher to Jfe'tf
6c Ifiwer. ' - ,:i
Ckmuig quotations were as- follow!
Ai i OpeiuHiighil Low. Cloae..Yes y.
Wheat I
I 1 I X
in-a-vii 1 if-i 1 14V14V10,
I Juiy
be pi.
I )ev.
May July
May July
1 13S
1 0M
1 04f
,IV4 -u .X 1 4-l . 1
1 ' i
S '''
. rflVs-tfV
. ,,lt 'l .
78 I 7SV
. "la
mm 8 f- swsi' - s
2 61Htl W' M'ai5m V
44Sl MVh-Wi 4SS
4i": . 44S.44'V' ai44iiS'H
I II 3 f II W
1 18 224l 18 ?7W II 10 '
It 40 .11 4JS U l'HrH S 18-tTVi
I 11 40 I 11,4 l II ) ! is 4a ll 40
I 10 (Sis' M 21 M U 1 10 17W1 10 87H
. '10 t W tiW M W 80 1 10 67
I 10 71 ! h) 71 i 10 7S W 72i 10 IP
May ' f Ml' f 110'
Juiv 1 iw 1 it;
it) ten' V otu: io jo'
10 00 1 1C08 10 OK
Rapt. 1- M ly 10
10 06 10 10 14 124
No. 1 . - , ....
Cah quotations were as follows:
rLOPR Strong! ' wtntsr patents, 14.303
ID; winter straights, I3.804M.J6: spring pat
ents, I6.K)M 1: spring straights, M 7Vsf.!),
bakers, I3.404M OR.. , r .
RYE No. t ISC.
Bl'TTER Steady ; creameries, 'Ht24c;
EOGS-Btesdy: at mark, caafa Included
ljup- firsta, 0c: prime flreta, 11 He'.
CHEESK- Steady; ..daisies. .U,al3ltc;
winp. uiii-; young America, JJBllc
long horaa. lVlfo. ' - '
POTATOEt (eadv: choice to fancy, 839
POl-LTRY-Steady; turtsyi; ; Wc; chlcjt
era. llf aprlnga, 16c. '
VIAL-tea4y; 60 to 09 1bs.( B7c M to
s ids , tdc: m ta no ibs., vmLe.
BARLY-Fd or nixing. TlSmj-UWc; fair
U choice mailing Timnnwo-
EeDbW riax. No, 1 southwestern, n.;
No. i irth wee tern, ll.a- Trmothy, ' n a
Clover. I 70.
FROV1SIONS Mess pork, per bbl., 18 SOS
U 86. 4-ant. jmr h rba., gu.t7. Short rtbe
aidea I loose). 110 0OA10.10; abort clear aidea.
(boxed). llO.ITH41o.6a
Total clearances of wheat and flour were
qua! sto KVOuO.bu. Primary racelpta Were
Skl OOO bu . 'oooirwarad , with tll.OOt hu. tha
correapondlng day a year ago.
Estimated ieijt tor tomorrow: Wheat
""corn, W cgrs; oat..,.ia cars; hogs'.
I. .Lakla 43bI .Market.
ST. LOUIS. May U-WHEAT-Hlgher:
track. No, t real, eaaaw U.641.M: No f
hard, tl WC1.W, May, no trading. July.
1 llU: September. II V
CORN Higher track, K).' I caah. 76A
7c. Ko. a Mt. jai7c; July, mtnac;
SepUmbar. c. ...... , .
OATS Higher: Iras. Na I caah. 67c;
No. t white, eV4uc;. Jaly, got; September,
4ive. - . .) ... -.
rll'Il-rStaaAi ;.rod wlater, .a.POJA;
extra faaoy ajit traighuL6-'4340; hard
Winter clears, U .Mnb4 90. 1
WKFIDt-Tlrriothy. IxtUfjSllA. ' '
O1A.'MEAL-4ll0. -i.-l
BaAH-tull. saakad. ait eraekr CHd
1 HAT-Owlc4 ttaiquiy,' Gjo9iB; 'palrla.
i hon crvrroir nes-4too. , ' ' ' .
BAHNf-T l-lv: .
HICkT riarTKB-n. f
PKO VT610N8 - roth. steady; jobbing.
1 IW 1 2M
10V. 4 ti'a 107
.. 71 ' 71
m 64
66V eivi
buanela In StiL UUa jna .usxiour. ay-a
wtn adaitlonVF BiSHilh 3Yimirns. During tna JuAyV-0llveiy sold beiweea
11. If and intW )0fcre wag considerable
t1fi.4. lr. ateady; prime iteirrj. 10 TV
T1047H i,rf ,,it .mMI,w iMti'l, in-
rtwnstd; extra shftta 111 ft); clsr rlba.
lil.'; ahorl clear. Ill.lZVt Racnn itvK'd),
ahort clesra. 112 UW.
I'fUXTRV - Hteadv; e
prlnga. turkey.' 1.71
hir-ltna 1 -
4c. : ' ' '.
Pi TTKR Weak: creamer v. Soq:jc.
EtlUS Firm. 18c, caa count.
Jteceipta. Shipment.
..i. ) g.ono
.... ,)
.... 11M 74.(W
Unur, bhll..
Wheal, bu...
Corn, bu
Oat, bu
Qaotatloaa of the Day Varlaaa
C ommodltlre.
NEW TORtf. May II -riX)CR Reeelpte, bbis ; exports, 1J.0OO bbis.; market
firmer; Mlnneeota patents, I &M fin
winter Stralghta. 60nija; Mlnneeota
bakers, 15100(1.50; winter extra. U MHt .;
winter patf-nts. l.00a.0; winter low
grades.; Ksnss atralghts. IB SO
B.S6. Rye, flour, barely steady; fair to
good. II.7MM m. -'
CORNMriAIfitaady: fine white and
"'low. I1.fljl.70; coarse, i.6Ck81.66; kiln
dried. ffr:
RYE-Dull; No. J western, 4c, nominal,
f. o. b.. New York.
B A RLE Y tjulet ; feeding, 78c, c. 1. f.,
New Torkr.
WHEAT Rerelpt 1,400 bushels. Bpot
wheat firm; No. 2 red. 11 4. nominal, eleva
tor; No. -t red. II. 46 nominal f. o.b. afloat;
Nd. 1 northern Duluth. II 36 f. o. b. afloat;
No. t hard winter. ll.SSTa f o.b. afloat. Vn
eapected strarig cables and a bullish caah
altuatlon- promoted an early advance of
IV a buahel In wheat today, with active
covering of ahorts a feature. Subsequent
realising caused a sharp setback, although
final prifea were still lie to lc net higher.
May closed 11.38. July, clewed ll liH; Sep
tember cloeed 11.11; December closed
' CORN Receipts ' 1.4oa bushels; exports
46,000 bushels. Spot market steady; No. i,
Mc elevator and fllHo f. o, b. afloat. Option
market without transactions, closing
net- unchanged. May closed 84c; July
closed 78jc; September closed':7MkC
-jOATB Receipts: 44.8iO bushels; spot
firmer; mixed oats 1132 pounds, Wig2o;
natural white W332 . pounds. g&g6o;
olpped White, S4S42 pound, 627V4c.
fEED Steady; spring bran, IJ8.I6; mid
dling, 128.36.
HAY Steady; No. t, 6W70c; good to
Choice; 86)c.
HOPS Steady; state, common to choice,
lie crop, lo&Mc : 19U7 crop. 3c; Pacific
Ooaet, 1 crop, SlOcr ln7 crop, 84J9C.
HIDES Firm; Bogota, 2mg2Mtc; Central
America, 22c.
LEATHER Steady; acid, 292!c.
PROVISIONB-Beef steady; family, 111.60
014.00; mess. llOioevn eo; beef hams. 124.00; packet. gl2.tAxai2.50; city, extra India
mess. IZ1.1HW.U S. Cut meats, steady;
pickled bellies. Ill OOfi'U.S; pickled html,
til 60, Lard, firmi western, Il08fjfl0.6; te
fined, easy; continent. 111.25; South
America, 112.00; . cympound, , l7.760g.12H
Pork, steady; family, Jlft ZtKjTO 0o: short
clesr, 1911.50; mess, I18.761J19 26,
TAiLOW Steady; elty f2 par lkg.),
tHr: country tpkgs. free), 6"67,e.
- RICE Steady; domestic, fair to. extra,
W'4- Japan, nominal.
BUTTER Hteady Io firm; creamery
special, 2624c; official price, Ci extras,
fcHo: thirds to firsts, ll25c; state dairy,
common to finest, linptc; process, com
mon to pecal,r lTQtiStyc; westerrt factory,
ftrsu,' Jf'C; Western unUatlori creamery,
first s,-ei-3c'2c.
CHEE8S Steady to firm; new state full
cream specials., li&U'c; new atata full
cream, small, colored or white, fsncy,
12Vc; new state full cream large colored,
fancy, 12c; new alats full cream, common
to fair, fctfllc; akima, full to special, affile.
EOG8 Klrm; atate, Pennaylvanla and
nearby fancy selected, white, 26c; state,
Pennsylvania and nearby fancy, fair to
choice, 2-IS26Vc; southern, best, Zlc; under
grades, southern, l&4Q20Hc,
' POULTRY Alive, , firmer; chickens,
broilers, 27&30c; fowls, 17V$U8c; dressed,
steady; chickens. 12Hc; lowli, 16fltlci
turkeys, frosen, lc.'jjC&c. '.
fair for Thaesday, With Hot jMach
Change la Temperatare.
OMAHA. May 1. IDC,
Showera were scattered ovec the central
valleys within the last twenty-tour hours
and continue In the extreme upper Mis
souri and lower Missouri and Mississippi
valleys this morning.. The pressure is rel
atively hfgn over tne northern portion of
the count! and Is lowest over tha south.
era sjiwrUon, . wiih nnxurat -depcwLpns
cwr Tneft)xtrn.aouthWuBl incf the lower
Mlaaourl valley 'and gulf states. Temner-
a tores afa slightly lower In the lower Mis
souri -vaiiey ana soutn to tne gulf, but no
Important nor derided change In tempera
ture nas occurrea in any section since the
ftrecedtng report. Killing frosts occurred
n Montana and Yellowstone park and light
frosts In Wyoming and Idaho. The
weather Is fslr in the wet and it will be
frtlr In this vicinity tonight and Thursday,
with no Important change In temperature.
Record of temperature and precipitation
compered with the corresponding day of
the last three years:
, ' I- 1908. 1907. 1908.
Minimum temperature.... 65 68 62. 60
rreoipiiauon t .oo t .00
Normal temperature for today. 61 degrees
' Deficiency In Dreclnttadnn lnc MrK i
114 inches.
uef elenev CorreSDondlna nartnrf In 1 one
1.50 Inrhea.
Deficiency correaDondlna nerlnd In torvr
5.06 Inches. '
L. A. WELSH. Local Poracastar.
Corn and wheat region bulletin for
Omaha, Neb., for the twenty-four hours
ending at 8 a. m , 7Rth meridian time,
Wednesday. May II, 1(K:
. '-Temp. Rain-.. " .
Stations. Msx, Mln. full. Pkv.
Ashland, , Neb.,.,. 7 . 60. .02
Auburn, Neb. .:-.i 53 ' .56
riear r
Clear '
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. oloudy
Pt. cloudy
Broken Bow, Nab. 76 .. 44 .00
Columbua. Neb... 77 '47 .00
Oulbertson, Nsb.. 74 47 .!7
Falrbury Neb. .W 73 t-ft" .
Fairmont. Neh. .i 70-' 48 - .no
Or. Island.-Neh.. 74 .00
IHartlngton, Neb. 77 " K -.OA
Hastlnga, Neb..;. 7S " Vt " .00
Holdrege. Neb..,. W.-" 47 .no
Oakdale, Web..... 78 49 ' .on
Omaha, Neb 7S 66 T
Tekamah, Neb... 7T 80 .32
Altaic la 74 49 ,23
Carroll.. Ia 78 - 60 . .11
Clarlnda. Ja..v.. 78 62 . 86.
Bible, la ..'..'71 ' 42 .00
Sloug city, la.;. 7 48 .30
Minimum temperature for twelve-hour
period ending at I a. m. Net included In
averages. t
. No. of -j Temp -- Rain.
Central. . . Stations. Max. Mln. Inches
Chicago, 111 K
Columbus. 0 17
De Moines, -la.... 14
Indlanapoll. Id..-1
Ksnsas City. Mo.. 23
Louisville. Ky 18
Minneapolis, Minn. 29
Omaha; Neb 18
St. Louis. Mo 11
70 . 48 .00
4 .08
71' 60 '.(K
W" SO .00
.,T4 64 . .14
I? 68 .00
' 44 1 .08
T4 41 'v .18
80 64 . .00
Bhpwers were general la tha weatcrn por
tion of the corn and wheat reaion. within
the last twenty-four hours, and excessive
rains occurred at points In western Mis
souri. L. A. WEI.8H.
Local Foreeaatar. Weather Bureau.
Kansas City Orala sal Provisions.
KANSAS City. Mo. May li WHEAT
Unchanaed; No. 1 hard. II .fettl.ln:
No. I hard. II 34: No. 2 red, 11.46
111 66 No. I red. 1.43ei .64.
CORN Unchanged ta Wo higher: No. 1
mixed, 74V: No. I mixed. 7Va74M; No. I
wnite, nc; no. s wnite, 7vsc.
OATS Unchanged; No... I white, 6I6o;
No. 2 mixed. Mxjosc.
RYE 8"Bi:ic.
MA Y I'nchanged; choice timothy, 111 76
4)1116; choice prairie. ll.KSni.l6; choice
airaira. lis. tworn.o.
BUTTER Creamery. 23Hc; firsts, Zic;
BOOS Extras, 21c; current receipts,
lie; seconds and dirties, 17Vr.
Recetrts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu ll.'wo . 28 two
corn, bu". ' 44.00)
OaU. -mi...:..... '..ltOlO ; 14,000
Options at Kansas Ctty: ' !
Articles. - Open. Hlgh.j Low. 1 Close
, July
; December
Corn -
...j i orU' i ns 'ibtish
... 1 uov j oim
V! 84SB
3 I : UA
A 'ashed. B bid.
. Poena . Mark t
prnpiA tu . . ta iarrMvuiiiv
No. 3. white. 74c; No. ! yellow, T4Vc; No
I yellow, 744c-. No. a, 74V: No. i. TSHc.
OATS Higher; Ko. I white, iic; No. 4
wnue, arc.
8udden Death of H. H. Rogers Has
Little Effect on the Market.
AaSlety that aperalator' Poaltloa la
Instable and Valnerable ta
Proves Wlthoat Fsaada.
NEW YORK. Mav 1) Tha alnrV m.rlcl
has rsrely met the death of a capitalist of
foremost prominence with o lntl dlsturb
sme as was caused bv thp iidrten rtfuth
of H. H. tloa-era today. It was concluded.
irnm mis, int there wai little ground for
the anxiety professed for several days past
that the speculative position had become
unstable and vulnerable. From . passive re
aiatance to depression, the tons passed to
positive strength The demonstration of
resisting nower rnulit nnt tii h...
other oonaequence. since the fear of over
speculsUon and, a top-heavy condition of
values which might lead to a violent re
lapse In esse of socldent had ten the
sole unfavorable factor which could be
pointed out In the situation.
Prices have suffered more serlou set
backs often on rumors of Mr. Roger's
death .r serious Illness than happened lo
aav following - his death. Mr Rogers
i rPrp"el to the Wall street sup
position, as much as any' one man.
L cn,raJ figures of the vaguerv
defined "Standard Oil group," which Is the
most potent of all the dimly apprehended
forces which work concealed from view and
supposedly armed with the most complete
knowledge of conditions snd control over
their regulation. The eudde-n removal of
SUCh a forte mav have rilntrmta pnnu.
(luences tb a speculative twaltlon. a in
in w or tna sudden denth of ex-Oov-ernor
Flower In the crisis of an excessive
speculation In which he had been the con
trolling figure. Even where there is known
to be no heavy speculative commitments
In the slock market, decided depression is
sometimes caused by the death of n man
or the vast property Interest and adminis
trative activity of Mr. Rogers.
The extreme effect today wns measured
i decline of 1H In the price of share
of Amalgamated Copper, of which company
ne was president, and of i In Consolidated
Oss and 1 In St. Paul, In which he wns n
wiTil i J.h r" 'or this Imperturb
blllty oulckly be came to be understood In
the general withdrawal of Mr. Rogers from
stock exchange operations of late years
:L B.'"iHenr witn ni pet project of
the Irglnla railway diverts u ,t. .,.
tentlon. Furthermore It wb believed that
"IT."; ne"h since an attack In
107.- had Induced hla retirement from
many former activities and the placing
Of hla affairs in order to- guard against
The Impression of the
ftd1tUn. of th stook market position wss
not the less strong on account of these
explanations of the resistance shown. Fac
tors of encouragement In the outlook which
have been In abeyance for eevoral days
came Into play again. United States Steel,
of which- Mr. Rogers was a director, was
conspicuously strong, rising through Its
previous record price of 6S to 50. Chrsa-
rvmnn at unio at m also touched a price
never' reached by that stock." The
movement In steel was attributed to the
restoration of wages by the Independent
steel companies nnd the Inference drawn
from that action as to the returning profits
cf the Industry, even at the lower prices
st which the receat heavy orders have been
booked. News from the copper trade con
tinued very encouraging and a buoyant rise
In copper was In progress In the London
market, when the decline In Amalgamated
Copper on account of the death rf the
president of the company checked tha ad
vance. Crop news was considered favorable In
spit of the rise In the price of wheat.
The further outgo of gold to France had
r.o Influence. Currency continues to arrive
In such volume from the interior as to
serve as an effective offset. The con
troller's abrtract nf national bank reports
for. April 28 ahona an expnnalon of up
wards of 1122,000.000 In loans since the date
Of the last reports on February 6. while
the comparison with May. 14 last vear
shows a growth In bsnklng credits cf $431..
74,000. This showing for period when
the use of credits for mercantile purposes
wa aluggigh.j-einpala.'thB extent , to-which
aectirittca nave btftn absorbed.-by the bank,
such holdings being Included In the loan
account. t
Bonds were Irregular. Total sales, par
value, 14,772.000. United States bonds were
unchanged on rail.
Number cf sales and leading quotations
on stocks war as follows:
Bain. High. Low. Clolf.
Alllo-Cktlmani pfd 1,'" (24 ft! 61
Aoialfainaiwl Copper M.VJO l4 821 I"
Amorlcao Asrlculturtl
Am. BM iusar l!.2O0 .1t4 UTS aS
An. Cas pfd l.ftif) n
Am. O P I, SAV &4' i.i
Am. C&ttoa Oil. l.M) e M4
Am. H AL. pf 300 41 41 41 14
Am. Ice Sarurltlaa 4.4M) 4014 40 4014,
American Llnaaad' 14
Amarlcan LoeomottT t.toO MS M't (7
Am. I. A ft . SIS 'S DSVi
Am. a. a a. ttt 10 no i: mat.
Am. Susar Retlolng 400 IUH lai W
Am. T. A T t.4U0 14HH 140 140
Am. Tobacco ptt too lout 1PH4 101 v,
Amarlcan Woolen ffX) H, H It
Anaconda Mining Co too 60 fto fr
Atrhlaon 25,1X IMS l' W
Atchleon pfd 2"0 104 104 H
Atlantic COaat Lin 127
haltlmor 4V Ohio 1,3(0 11S IMS "
B). Ohio pfd 4
Balhlahem tlael 1.100 27 S 17 W US
Broeklrn Rapid Tr I.loo 7S 1S; 79s
rna4taa Hacirio t'K 1S ll ltt'S
Central Leather soo 2t 28 s aS
Central Leather pfd too 1U3S 10JS
Central at N. J tit
Cheeapeak A Ohio 21. so 7'i 7
Chlcaso A Altos aM 701, s o
Chlcaso Oreat Western t'X 6 4S
Chrao A N. W , 100 ll.'li ln.'w U2s
C. M. A Si! r 4200 111 IW14 lN'U
C, C. c. 4a It. L -. 71
Colorado P. A 1 ll.ono 41 S 40 41 S
Colorado So 100 BI.S ili MS
Colo. A So. let pfd I'M) M'a US M
Coio. a so. id pfd too i m sou
ronaolldaied Oaa 4 .kl H.jS 143 14C
Corn Product t. 0 24 1114 H
Delaware Hudson 100 ls 17S 14
Denver A R. O !. (os 4:s f1'
D A R. O. pfd )u
Dlstlllert'. lecaritlee (on las M
Krte I. am) 14 jju asu
Erie let pfd 1.40 61S Ix'S t-'
Erie id. pfd 300 41 41 41 s
General Kleetrle 4fO 141W lltl l.w
Oreat Northern pfd t.ex 141 14S 14i
Oreat Northern Ore nfa.... 7JS 71 72S
llllnola Central Si 147s 14s 1"
Interkcrough Met 8'X) 4S ld'a 'S
Int. Met. pfd '. ' l.KO 4.SS 4:S
International Hanreeter ... y0 i tm m
International Marin pfd... 1,1 00 14 I4S 2i
International Paper i
International Pump 1,"0 41S 4i'S 4S
lows Central eo0 Sl J. s .1.
Kanaa Ciir to i 1 47s 46 47
K C. So. pfd (00 7J 7.tS S'i
LouiSTllla aV N lv.'S U l.l
Minn. It. L 800 (7S f7S f's
m , st. p. a s. a. m too ws i im
Missouri Parlfle 1 400 Tr.s 74S 1S
M.J K. A T 1.1)00 42S 42S S
m , a. a r. pfd tj
National Blartill 1
National Lead 100 81 u ttu
N. R. R. of M. let pfd us
New Turk Central 4) 131 s 110 is
N. T. o. a w 4is 4S
b'nrtk American 1.30a Hi kis hi
Northern Pacltie T.X li-S 146 litu
Paclfl Mall . u
PennarlTania Son iss 1U'4 135
People s Oaa l.0 11.1s i!4S H-S
p . c. c a at. l art ss j 92s
Prea4 Steel tar l.KO 41J 41S 41S
Pullman Palace Oar l.too lei s 1! 1I
Rallwar Steel Spring in) vi 4,'iS 4-1S
Reading lit 0 M 1(7 lit
Hepublle Steel 4 t-J i7S 27S 2S
Repuhlle Steel pfd i.l) ks 8"S '
Rock laland Co il I'D us .'S l.'s
Reck leiand Co. pfd i lis "ov us
at. l. a. r. 24 p' 41, v 1.-,
t. Louie S. W 4.SW 25V 25', 2. S
St. L. I. W pfd o.oo 4 us 41
lloee-Shettleld B. a I MO hi TVV .
Southern Paclho 11,700 11.1 122 i '.u
So. Pacille pfd Ub 1251 ii,
Southern Rallwar 1 loo 31 3os aov
So. Railway pfd i 70 .-s S
Teaneaeee Copper too 424 4:4, 4S
Teiaa Pacific 1.400 14s 4 3t'
T , St. L. aV W 1.100 5;S 61 62S
T . Si. L. a W. ptd t s its
t'nloa Pariflo M.Mf) los HotS 1M
Inion Pa.ifto pfd K0 Ks MS S
l I. Realty ka) 14 t4 14s
I' t. Rubber l.eno IDS i"i i!iS
t' I. Steel 'i ,oo r,s (us Ms
f. a. Steel pfd ao us lls lis
t'lah Copper 1.401) (2 m. .,t
Va. -Carolina Chemicai 1,) (os 4ss 4 V
WahaaS Kw li. is la',
Wabaan pfd T iwO (is ( (is
Weetera Maryland Ill If. 114 2'i",
Weatlnsbouee k.ecine 1 n l,s
Wen era tnloa l4 It 74 T7
Wheeling ALE
Wleronaia Central u It 4s
Total r the day, lll.luu iharu.
Baak Cleaiiagi. .
OMAHA. May II -Bank clearlnga for to
day wore I2.640.2s4 so and for tn con e pond
ing data last year l,4!.U9 6n.
Treavaary ttateaaeat.
WASHINGTON. May 19-Today'a state
ment of the treasury balance In the' a-.-n-sral
fund, exclusive of the li:m.i,M) jtoid
reserve, shots: Cloll coin snd bullion. Ili
ML4i'l. cold cerllflcate. M3.S4. '; availa
ble cash balance. S1 1 7. 4 4f,'Rj.
Srw lark Money Market.
call. eay; l'o2 per rent; ruling rate.
IS per cent: closing. 1 per cent; offered
at 2 per cent. Time loan dull and easier;
sixty snd ninety days. iS'U-1 per cent;
six month. Sua', per cent.
p r ct tit.
8TKRLIN1 F.XCHANOE Steady, with
acttml buine m bankers' bills til $4 "t'S
4 K'i fnr sixty. day bill and at 64. o for
dep'snd: commercial bills. 14. hotM aM.
FUA KR-HHr. 6.'Sc; Mtxlcsn dollsrs. 41c.
M i.VI'8 Ciovernment, steady; railroad,
Closing quotallona on bonds were as fob
C . ret. Is. reg....ism Japan 4
4o conpon tel do 4'tl 4:-
C. S i. reg 101 s tc Id aerlea M
do coupon 11 I., a deb. 4a IMl.... t4j
V. I. 4a, reg Ill L a N. unl. 4i K'lS
d.. coupon Ill M.. K A T ltt 4a... 100
Allla-rhal. let (1 R7 do let A ref 4a ... MS
Am. As 5 l-'O do gn. 4Se 1S
Am. T a T. ct. 4a..lIS,Mo Paolflc 4a M
Am. Tobacco 4a "S. T r. 1st H
do aa IU'4 do deb. 4e MS
A"-hlnn gen. 4 K'l N Y Illy 4S new IKS
do s I, let 4B HfS N T . N. H A M
do cv. 4a 110 ,c. it
do c. I, Ill's. N k W. In con. 4i.. &s
At. C. L lt 4t 41 Ao ct. 4a tS
Bal. Ohio 4a 1IS No. Pacific 4a lt
do IS" S do la T
do S W. ISa l O L rfd 4 WN
Brk. Tr. ct. 4a t Pen a. cv. ISa 115... 'S
Can So. lat (a los lo con. 4a 14S
t entral of Ga (a 11014 RMdlhs gen. 4a ion
Central Leather Hi.... WH St. L. S F. fg 4i. 7H
C of N. J. . Si.... KSft L. 8. W. c U.... Ill
t'hea. A Ohio 4Sa....McS do let gold 4 US
Chicago A. iS ... 7S Seaboard A. L. 4a. ... W
C. B A Q . 4a SSo Pacific col. 4a ... H44
C M. A I P. g. IS 1 do lat ref. 4a s
do col 4a HSPo Railway (a Ills
do col. 5s 3 so gen. 4a 2S
do rfd. 4a '.S I'nlon Tartflc 4a. . . . . .loss
ceo. St. L. g. 4s. t7s do ct. 4a 1H
rolo. Ind. (a lls do lm A ref 4a.... U14
Colo. SIM 4a est', S. Rubber 104S
r. A 9 r. 4 a 4Sa.. H f S. Steel 2d (la ...,1''4S
D H. ct. 4a 10sVs -t'aro. rhern. 6e... 97
do lei ref. 4 lOSSWabaiih irt ta 11?S
t. A R. tl. 4a 7S do lat A ea. 4a TH
riatlllera' 5 7s Wentern Md. 4
Erie p. 1. 4 so Wrat. Rloc. cv. (a.... Ms
do sen. 4 71 c. P. A Q. s 4....1'4
do cv. 4a aerie A . U C A 0 ref. (a 10; S
do aeries R 74 Wle "Sntral 4a .. t"4
Hen Elec. ct r 141 D. A R. O. ref. (... t
111 On. let ref. 4i..l"oSN R. R. of M. 4Sa..
Int. Met. 4S 7 St. L. A B. t. g 5a.. si
Int. M. M. 4Sa 74 go. Pacific ct. ctfe...l00
K r. Bo 1 aa ... 7l
Bid. "Offered.
Iloaton Stork annotations.
POSTON, May 19. Money, call loans,
.IS pr cent; time loan, StftS per cent.
Ofilclal closing:
Atchlaon adj. 4a N Atlantic
do 4a 10044 Butte Coalition 24
Atchison R. R 10scal. A Arlaona loi
do pld 104S Centennial SIS
Roeton 4 Albany 2.10 Copper Range 004
Boaion EleTated 127S Franklin in
N. Y., N. H. A H...17D Oranhy 101s
I nlon Pacific ioH Greene Cananea to
Am. Ar. Chem 13S tale Rovala ill.
Am. Fnt-u. Tube s Mm. Mining 14
Amer. Sugar l9 Michigan US
do pfd 128 Mohawk 44
Am. X. A T 140 Mont. C. A C
Amir Woolen 14 NeTada 2.1s
do pfd lof S Old Dominion M44
Dominion I. A S 44 Oeoeola , 115
Edlaon F.lec. lilu 147 Parrot , S4Vi
Mass. Electric 11 Qulncy (1
do pfd 70 Shannon 1F44
Maita. Oaa , . MSTamarack To.
t nited Fruit 131 Trinity 1S4,
Vnlted R. M (7s Cnlted Copper lis
' do pfd JDS V. S. Mining 4S
V. . Steol SS t'. I Oil J2
do pfd J1H Ctib 41 S
AdTenturw S Victoria 8
Allnuea J9S Winona (s
Amalgamated , HIS WniTarln 147
Arlaona com 44 North Butts US
London stock Market,
LiONDON. May II. American securities
were steady sjid fractionally higher during
the early trading today. At noon several
stocks showed slight losses, but the general
list ranged from sVs above yestorday s
New York closing.
. lxindon cloning stocks:
Consols, money US M., K,,A T 41 S
' do account aSS N. Y. Central. ..... .'.Il34
anaconda 1S Norfolk A W Jiu
Atchison 111 do pfd to
do pfd.. 104 Ontario A W. TOH
Baltimore A Ohio... .117 Pennsyltania t.. f4
Canadian Pacific IMS Rand Mine a
Chesapeake A O IIS Reading goat
Chltago Q. W ( southern Si $ju
Chi., Mil. A St. P. ..IMS do pfd 71
De' Beers 1..., 13S Southern Paclfie 12SS
Denver A Rio 0...,. 00 Unfon Pacific V..U3H
do pfd IS 4o pld. Ms
Erl c44,l'. s. Steel ,. M'4
do lat pfd H do pfd.... 122U
do Id ptd 41S Wabash ,., sou
Orand Trunk 214 do pfd.. us
Illinois Central. ...... .150 4s 9
aCu.'?T,'!,.?T K Ul . Copper. ........ I4S
HlUVj?R-Bar, steady at it J-lbd per oa.
MONEY 4 per cent.
The rate of discount In the bpen market
for short and threa months' bills Is 1 5-14
per cent. 1-
I.ocal Securities.
Quotations furnished by Samuel Burns,
jr., 614 New York Life Building:
Bid. Asked.
Cudahy Packing Co. 5a 1914 , H
City of Omaha 1111 , 101 i01S
City of Omaha Bonda, 4Ss 192... lois 108
Columbus, Neb., Electric Light 6 1126., 84s S5
Douglaa County 4 12 JOJs lOita
Oate City Malt Co. I per cent joo
Orrman Firs In. Co lug
Kanaae city Ry. A L. 5a 1113 7S 4
Nebraska Telephone Stock I per cent.... ITS K8
Omaha Oas 6a 1117 97
Omaha Elec. L. A P. 1131 100 101
Omaha A C H. St. Ry, 6 H14 (IS 101
Omaha A O. B. St. Ry. 5a 1D24 p ion
Omaha A C. II. St. Ry. pfd 6 per cent., us (4
Omaha A O. B. St. Ry. com 4 per cent.. 65 41
O. A C. B. St. Ry. A R. pfd 4 per cent. (5 its
Omaha Water Co. ia 1944 43 pj
Omaha Water Co. lat pfd g 22 '
Omaha lid. of T. B. Co. pfd 4 per cant.. 100 101
Omaha R1. of T. B. Co. com SO ho
Pacific Tel. A Tel. Co. (a 1MT t;u fg
Sheridan Coal a 1S23 M 100
South Omaha fewer 4Sa 1124 loou 101
Sioux City . Y. pfd I per rant gg SO
Topeka It. Ry. It pg
Vmon Stock Yarda Co. Omaiia per oen. 15 Ss
New York Mining Slocks.
NEW YORK. May 19. -Closing quotations
on mining stocks:
Alice 200 LeadTllle Con 4
BrunawUk 0011. .... Mttl Chief
Com'. TuSnel Mock... 17 Mexican Tl
do bonda 19 Ontario ,., 450
Con. t'al. A Va I'l Ophlr i
Horn SilTer a ftsndard 171
Iron Sllrer U0 Yellow Jacket S
: 'Offeied.
Metal Market.
Lmdon tin market was hlghr today, with
spot quoted at 131 5a nnd futures at 132
5s Ideally tin was dull and unchanged
at l.5.fri.SR. Coppor was higher In Lon
don, with spot st 5 9s and futures at
59 17s 6d. Locally copper was quiet, with
lake at 113 12i4jf7l 37H, electrolytic at S2.71
13.0X1 and casting at ll2.424HjH.sTVs. Lead
was unchanged at 13 4s 3d In London,
wrlle the local market was steady at 64.304)
4.35. Rpelter was unchanged at 22 In
I-ondon nnd locnlly firm nt 5.12Vi46.16.
Iron was s shaV higher In London, with
Cleveland wen-ants quoted at 4s lOd. The
local market was steady, with No. t ncrtrt
er:i foundry quoted at 116.UK9 16.50, No. 2
northern foundry a'. 115 Tf Sj 16 5 and No. 1
southern and No. 1 southern soft at $16.00
& ltl 25.
ST. Lorifl, May 19 MET A LF Lead,
qu'et at 14.27', 'Spelter, higher at 16.05.
Steaily, Vc higher. Bp"t anles on the prt
2.210 bales; to arrive. 2,6o. The market
closed on a firm tone at practically highest
of the day, 21 to 29 points up.
Wnol Market.
BOSTON, May 19 WOOL Only a few
bag of old wool remain. The leading do
mestic quotations riise as follows: Ohio
and Pennsylvania fleet es. . 345935c; X,
SS'ijOOc; No. 1 rahed, 3il(4oc; No. 2 waahed.
31'4c; fine unwaahed. J4ij25c; half-blood
comhing. SlSdic: tnree-eightha-blood comb
ing, 3144.12c: quarter-blood combing, 3ofi.lic;
Ielaln wanned. 3tii40c; Michigan. Wla
conaln and New York fleeoea. fine un
washed. IMi'.'ic; Delaine unwashed. 2V(f
3oc: hair-blfind unwashed. 3ru'.Uc; three-r-lghths-hlnod.
unwashed, SfyU31ei quarter
blood, 'jv&jtic: Kentucky. Indians and Mis
souri thrte-elgliths-blood. 30t.i3lt; quarter
blood. :'Wi31c.
1j'i.LON. May 1.9. WOOL A miscellan
eous collection, composed principally of
cross-hreds and amounting In 11.960 hales
was offered st the wool auction aale to
day, ro oferngs were quickly sold st
firm prices, home buyers paying a shade
dearer rate for coarse grade. Americans
took the finest clips and they paid Is lV4d
for the beat Punta Arenas and la 4d for
Victoria merinos.
Cottoa Market.
NEW YORK. May 19-COTTON-gpot,
closed quiet; middling uplands, 11.66c;
MldJIlng gu f. 11 !?; no sales.
Futures opened steady; May, 11 !Te: July,
lH.rtc; August, liliax-; October. loTTc; De
cetnber. 10 Mk-; Januarj'. 10.76c; March, 10.75c.
Cotton futurea closed firm: May, 11. 3w;
June, 11 Uc; July, 11.14c; August, ll.lylc;
Beptember.' 10 4c; October, 10 Mc: Novem
ber, lu.97c; December, 10 9eo; January, ID.sUo;
March, 10 92c.
at I're.
PT. mna, May 18 COTTON Market
firm; p iddling. loSc: sales. 24 bales; re
ceipts, &oa baud, shipments, iwi bates; stools,
35.127 bales.
Cattle Good, Both ia Quality and
Liberal Raa of lings Has Tendeaey
la Lower rrleea Coeidltloas 1st
he Sheep geetlen Are
OMAHA, Neb., May 19, lr9.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheen.
Official Monday 1.771 .o0 I (21
Offlclsl Tuesday 6.975 1 0.ORI 2.170
Estimate Wednesday ...4.300 ll.eA) In0
Three davs this week. . .14.044 I7.W1 4.991
fame days last week... 12,034 13.034 9.247
Sams days two weeks
ago 18,022 17.404 ll.OW
8ame days three weeks
ago 12,591 81.374 1S.441
8a me days four weeks
ago 11. IM 29.1'tl IS 933
Same days Isst year... 94ft 2A.01S IS M
The following table shows the receipts
of cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha
for tha year to date, compared with last
1909 190. Inc. Dec.
Cattle 3M.9DO 344.4H J8.494
Hogs 1, Of). 043 1,117.752 5R.T09
Shep 691,047 671.614 19,461
Th following table shows the sverage
price of hogs at South Omaha for tha last
several days, with comparisons:
Data. I Is . 1)904 ll77.lft.l.19rH.9m.
6 97 I 5 84 6 211 "I
I 6 64
4 68 4 2
6 6 i I 81 6 161
W'.il I lof 24 6 19
IK. .
90HI 6 41
6 21 6 17
4 4
6 4!
6 3'
6 15
6 17
7 OOVsl 6 42
7 IHStl 6 06
ao, I Z8
6 201
8 811 I
6 30 E 16 !
I 29; 6 20
33 1 5 2,
6 3R! 6 26
4 66
4 Xi
4 W
4 63;
4 62
I 361
I 30
6 ?4
6 19
8 21 1
7 08 I
1 i',TA
6 24
6 22
6 24
7 OlVfcls 80
6 34
341 S 201
4 47
of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
Cattle. Hogs. Bhcep. Il t'i.
C.. M. A
Pt. P..
27 5
42 .. 2
111 2 1
9 .. 1
12 2
2 1
146 9 8
Missouri Pacific
I'nlon Pacific ..
C. A N. W, east
C. N. W..
C. St. P. M.
west.. 49
O.. 62
B. & O.. east..
B. A Q west....
'R. I. A P., east..
ft. I. & P.. weat..
W .-
C. O.
Total receipts ....246
The disposition of the day a receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing the
number-of head Indicated:
Cattle. Hogs, gheep.
man a e-acKing CO 56 1,433
Bwlft And company 1.395 ' 2,474
Cudahy. -Packing Co 1,180 2.3
Armour A Co u3 2.996
Vansant A Co
Lobman Rothchlld
Hill & Bon
P. P. Lewis
J. B. Root & Co
J. H. Bulla
L. Wolf
McCreary & Carey
Sam Werthlmer
M. Hagerty & Co
F. O. Inghram
Sullivan Bros
Union Dressed Beef Co..
Illlson Packing Co
Other Buyers
.4,756 1,793 1,721
CATTLE Receipts of cattle were rather
liberal again today and the quality ot ths
offerings waa well up to the recent ex
cellent average. Advices from eastern
markets were decidedly bearlsb, as receipts
there were considerably heavier than anti
cipated and this, together with the liberal
local supply, made a rather depressing In
fluence on the trade, prices being un
evenly lower from start to finish. Some
of th4 handy light and medium weight
beeves such as all classes of buysrs were
after did not show so very much decline,
while on the other hand the' heavy grades
as well as the unfinished grades were fully
10c lower thatf yesterday and slow at that.
Outside orders were fairly liberal, but local
dressed beef men all took a very bearish
view of the situation and were indifferent
buyers throughout. It being well along to
ward noon before much impression had
been made on the receipts.
Increased supplies ot cows and heifers
also gave buyers a chance to cheapen up
and, while prices were fairly well sustained
on the light grades, the general market
was pretty close to 10c lower on the ordi
nary run of stuff. Tha trade waa rather
slow throughout, but the fair demand waa
sufficient to clean up the offerings in very
good season.
Inquiry from the country for stockers
and feeders has been Improving steadily
this week and In spite of the depression
In fat cattle tha market tor desirable stock
steers and feeders held fully steady and
the limited offerings of this character
changed bands In good season at firm
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice
cornfed steers. IB.oOigeJ.); fair to good corn
fed steers, 6.orjdj)6.40; common to fair corn
fed steers, la-OiXfjC UO; good to choloe cows
and heifers, 16. ffifo 6. 10; fair to good cows
and heifers, I4.40iJio.I5; common to fair cows
and heifers, !2.26u-.26; good to choice
stockers and feeders, S4.1KN&6.50; fair to
good Blockers and feeders, 4 0tX64.30; com
mon to fair stockers and feeders, tiM
4.00; stock heifers, I3.2i4.40; vsal -calves,
)4.257.il6; bulls, stags, etc.. 13. 206.50.
Kepresentatlves sales:
Ho. At. Pr. No. At. Tt.
14 f)i I U0 11 1294 4 25
30 I M 24 1J07 ft 6
1 lulO I 40 in r.M 4 -ii
It 1"U 4 e At .-..Ill U
1 lttf i 4.) 11 1214 4 it
11 1111 6 45 2! IIM I M
14 9)1 i 70 30 I to
4 '. 4W 7S 14 14,41 4 n
10 i tn 18 1234 u
17 1101 4 OA ti '....1141 I U
It ...,.. 4 00 If,..., 1171 4 15
81... ' 1117 4 00 44 1404 I 40
10 1137 4 00 1 134 4 4.1
IS leM I Ou 44 las 4 40
II 1"24 ul 5 11J4
20 1J7 I 14 . 4 14JI 4 44
17 1 4 10 1 1171) 4 M
It 1144 4 13 4 IMS 4 14
74 1245 4 Ih ti U70 I 4a
SI 1114 I 15 24 1444 I M
27 111 I tu 46 Ut 4 bo
I. . UM I . II I hi
14 1.41 I 20 If 1134 I 66
10 Ml IM 17 1000 4 40
I -'') I 44 tl Ui 4 t)
I 1 4 05 lOil loo
I "4 4 45 4 1017 6 00
I i 11 5 44 I On
2S 41 4 M 1 10,14 t do
I SJ0 4 40 4 1100 14
4 4 15 4....' 10.11 t 24
19. ...i l"e 4 74 I lr)80 I is
1 1151 4 74 10 Un t 44
4 1"J8 4 10 1 1314 41
II lotl 4 40 4 Ull i W
It 4M) I 00 420 I to
4 7.S 70 II 771 1 44
1 430 I 00 l ...s . ,.1410 4 15
1 1010 I 4t) 1 140 t 00
1 100 I JO 1 1464 00
1...... 4 I Ml 1 110 4 n
1 7-"' I 74 1 1M0 t 00
1 HS 4 ("0 1 l.)70 4 00
1 -'0 4 .4 1 1740 I ft(
I .,.1285 4 M 1 UM i It
1 1410 4 M 1 181,0 M
1 141 4 SO I ..! 4 40
1 UM 4 ! 1 1110 4 SO
1 10K) 4 4 1 t0 14
1 440 4 7t 1 UM I 44
1 140 4 00 1 140 4 M
1 Sio 4 25 1 110 I 74
: 1'0 4 So 1 no 4 74
1 ... 210 5 24 1 110 4 76
2 110 6 15 1 1H T 00
1 M 2- 144 T 00
1 1" t 60 1 100 T 00
1 300 6 50 1 171 t OO
1 1" 60 S U4 7 00
1 16" 4 00 I . Ill T 00
1 1K0 I 60 1 Joo T 00
1 210 4 40 I , t 00
1 110 4 1 12 t 00
1 I"0 4 40 1 lft, T or,
l. 140 4 W 1 1M TU
11 414 4 40 27 414 4 40
44 4 40 14 44 I 00
701 4 0
HOGS With 1M cars, about 11.600 hogs.
In sight and wltn outside reports all on Wis
bear order, sellers gnt up agulnst a pretty
hard market this morning. While svet
weather kept farmers out of ths fields and
enabled them to haul bogs mors freely,
still the liberal runs in ths midst of tna
planting season proves mors or less of a
surprise to tha talent.
That ths market would be lower was a
foregone conclusion sj that tha only ques
tion was as to ths amount of ths decline.
Dealors again played a waiting game so
that at 11 o'clock very little trading had
been done. Opening hirta were Indifferent
and Irregular but much lower pn every-
ppMi eMail
You rgn tor your valuable (nrg, gUvs-i-war. ftc,
nd obuin absolute protection by placing them In our
Fire Proof Vaults
At a cost of from 50c to
$1,150 a month.
Do not leave your valuable! In tbe house wnUe you
are away on your vacation.
Entrance to Vaults
307 South Thirteenth Street
thing. Early Mds and sales were around
10c lower from the slsrt snd with no pros
pects for Improvement, sellers were finally
forced to let go at the decline noted. The
bulk of the hogs sold todsy around and
under 7.oo for the first time In some weeks.
The trade wss slow and dull at the decline
en that It was very lste before anything
use a clearance was effected.
Tops tndsv dropped to 17.16 as Aa-alnst
17.25 yeaterdsy. whtle the bulk moved 4t
around sr. 76ff7 .05 as against a bulk yester
day of 4 anrff 7 16.
Representstlve sales:
Ko. At. Mi. Pr. No. At. Mi. Pr
o 1"T 40 4 SO 140 ISA !U
70 Ill 12 4 SO rt 174 44 MH
tl 114 40 10 in St! ... II
14 104 IS I Sfl S1 N ISA SR
71 211 120 4 40 t-T 1S4 140 H
7! 10 4 an 7 14! 40 4 M
ID KO 10 4 SO 30....... !l 40 II
7 ...... 104 120 4 40 72 H. 40 7 SO
1 14 ... 4 10 47 SOO T 00
Tl 171 l ltt 124 ... f AO
IS 21 ISO I M 44 K7 10 T OA
J 14 Id IM 41 S4I ... 1 .
Tl S13 SJI I 44 tl 21 ... 1 0
42 11 120 4 4 WT 40 T A
44 214 120 4 45 71..'. Itl 4M f 41U .
10S gll ... 4 16 43 S7I mo T 05
Tl tl 7 140 4 45 70 11 10 T nt
M SOD ... 4 17V 41 !7 100 lit
71 3)1 110 I fl 71 SUA ... T 10
71 .137 1 20 4 40 IT 131 ... T '
T7. -.1JB ISO I K)
SHEEP The bearish feeling that per
vaded sheep circles yesterday was still evi
dent today, but limited receipts served to
bolster up values and put the market on a
comparatively steady basis.
Supplies were onesided ss well as meager,
there being only a light sprlnklng of
wooled stock. There were not enough
wooled offerings among the arrivals to
make, much of a market. .
Clippers opened about steady with yester
day and met with a cool reception. The
trade was slow, considering the limited re
ceipts, but salesmen were determined in
their efforts to extract the limit of values
nd on moat sales trading figures were not
materially different from yesterday. Two
loads of clipped lambs, the kind that sold
yesterday at 17.90, registered In the same
notch today. A small string of shorn ewis
were good enough to make $6.10, but there
waa practically nothing In ewes or wetli
u with which to test values.
While the market on spring lambs Is
generally of a vary tickle nature and for
that reason difficult to call at Its true
level, prices on young stuff this morning
appeared to suffer more than values on
clipped stock. There were about three
decks of spring lambs on sale, the best
bunch bringing 610.00, and a band of light
weights moving nt 67.00.
Ountailon on dinned sheer) snd Iambs:
3ood to choice lambs. 17.5001.00: fair to good
lambs, 17 .onJ7 60; good to choice ngni year
lings, J4.J5(&ti.76; good to choice heavy year
lings, ft.7E'(( !.!; gone? to cnoice wetners,
$5.oft4l.40; fair to good wethers, 15. 60436. 90;
ooort to choice ewes, .7bi.; tair to gooa
ewes. fn.26fj6.76; culls and buoks, I2.0O0j6.O0.
Quotations on wooled Inmbs: Good to
choice lambs. t6.6tiC0.O0; fair to good lambs.
IS. 0008. 60.
Kepref entatlve sales:
No. . Ar. Pr.
46 spring lambs 41 10 00
37 western lambs, culls 76 7 90
150 Mexican lambs 76 7 10
10 western swes, culls 100 S 50
1D4 western ewes 104 10
173 springs lambs 46 I 25
20 spring lambs 41 T 00
23 spring lambs M f 00
ftfi spring ewes 104 6 00
16 spring lambs, culls 03 t 60
SO western lambs, culls 6 to
200 western lambs 76 7 60
200 western lambs 76 7 60
8 western yearlings and
wethers K 6 60
7S western lambs 64 7 60
10 waatern lamb, culls 67 4 60
160 Mexicsn lambs 76 7 DO
Cattle and Sheep Steady to Lower
Hosja Lower. -
CHlCAflO. May 19. CATTLE Receipts
estimated at head ; market stesdy to
lOo lower. Steers to.ZoSf.i, cows MOO
6.75; heifers 3.60S75; bulls 4.26VT6;
cslves. 13. 0Offl6.70; stockers and feeders,
- HOOS Receipts estimated ZT.uuo neaa;
market 10 to 15c lower. Choice heavy
shipping. I7.30tjf7.40: butchgrs. 17 S67 ft;
light.. 17.00(87.10; choice light. I7.10cj-7.16;
packing. 17.SW7.SO; pigs, I51ff476; bulk.
SHEEP Receipts 11,000 Market steady
to 10c lower. Sheep 13.7606.76; lambs, $6.50; yearlings, t 50(B'7.60.
Kansas City Lira Stock Market. .
ceipts, 8,;n0 head. Including 600 southerns;
market steady to 16a lower: slow; calves,
26c lower: choice export and dressed beef
steers. M.2Wi(i; fair to good, I6 8&S4.");
western steers. eo.oorr4."o: stockers snd
feeders. M.OtH&S.SO; southern steers. 14 Ttxtt
6.36; southern cows. 62 6t 1414 60; native cows,; native heifers. I4.00tj4.60; bulls,
ti-5"Si); calves. 14 0o4 60.
HOC16V-Receipt. 21.00U hesd. Market 10c
lower; top, 17. TV bulk of sales. 66.6ixJf7.S6;
heavy. l7.Ofiii7.27V4: nac kera and butrhnra.
9o7 2S; light, 16.; pigs. 5.6o$jJ 50.
Bnitr A.ii) u.AMB6 tteceipts. 6.000
head. Market ateady to weak; lambs. 16 60
fc 50; yesrllngs, I6.20jj7.60; wethers, 14 763
6 40; ewes, I4.o"20; stockers snd feeders,
t3.2S.25; Texas muttons. 4.6Gj.0.
nt. Loots Live Stock Market.
RT. I-iOt-IB. Msy II CATTLB Receipts.
4.00 head, including 1.W0 Texans; market
steady to 10c lower; native shipping and
export steers. 4.26fl'7.0n: dressed beef and
butcher steers. S6.5U&4V7I; steers under 1.000
pounas, i.txri.o: stockers and feeders,
M60.26; cows snd heifers. H.avaS.eO; csn
nera. .2Mig.36; bulla. 45ofi4LOO; calvea,
!6.0tKff6.25; exaa and Indian ateers, U 6& 40;
cows end heifera. 12 76rf6 26.
HOGS Receipts. I.700 hesd: market to to
10c lower: pigs snd lights. 14.76(7.20; pack
ers. 7.007.26; butchers snd best heavy, 17.30
07 40
head: market steady; native muttons. 14 60
an a: lamns. 4.6oia 76; culls and bucks,
S3.6(ne.0O; stockers. t3.0rtTT400.
St. Joseph Live Stork Market.
Receipts. 1,600 hesd; market stesdy to a
shade lower; steers, l4.6(Vrt4.T0; cows and
heifers. 2.6trt?6.00; calves. 13 6084 50,
HOOS RecMpts, 7,600 head: market
6-al'JO lower; top, 17.10; bulk of sales, M.60A
SHEEP AND LAMBS - Receipts. 1,600
head; market steady; iambs, I7.00te4.76.
Sloas City Lira Stock Market.
SlfH'X CITY, Ia.. Msy l-(Speclsl Tele
gram.) HOOIS Receipts, 6.000; market I
to 10c lower; range of prices, IAi&7.U;
bulk of ssle. 64.aW7.0O.
CATTLE Receipts: l.gno; market weak;
10c lower; beeves, 16.00(91.44; fst cows and
heifers. It"i(rji; feeders. 14 OiM Oo; year
lings, 3.0bg4 6O; heifers, H.OOC&3 50.
tort In Slajht.
Receipts of llv stock st the six prin
cipal western markets yesterday :
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha 4.300 H,6oo 1200
Sioux City 1 6.ii0
St. Joseph 1,100 T.6O0 l,6ti0
Kansaa City 1,700 tl.ur) . d
St. Louis 4.000 -. T.soo
Chlcsgo ' .14.0(0 J7.0J)' Jl.OOfl
Total . jn)4 u.M
Philadelphia Prodoro Market.
extra weat erg creaartary, r?c; extra
nearbv print 2c. .
ECKSS Klrm; Pennsylvania and other
iHilt'to VIM!
nearbv firsts, free cases, tic, at mark;
Pennsylvania Snd other nearby current re
ceipts, returnable rases. 2A at mark; west
ern first, free cases, 13c at mark; western
current receipts, free esses, lltj" o at
CHEESE Firm: New York now full
creams, choice. 13(jl34c; New fork pew
full creams, fair lo good, ' 12V4flc.
Staple and Wmmry ProeTar Prices fa eve
nlshed or Bayers and Wkaloaalora.
BUTTER Creamsry, No.'l, dellYaredl to
ths retail trade In 1-lb. cartons. 28c r No. 1
In 60-lb tubs. 174c; So. 2. In 1-lb. cartona,
tne; In 60-lb. tubs, HHj packing stock, 1;
falncy dairy, tubs. 190200 common roll. '
freah made, 18c. Markat change every
ECK18 Fresh selling stock, candled. JOo.
No storage stock In Omaha market.
CIIEESBr-Flnest Wisconsin full- cream,
twins. 16c: young Amsrlcss, 4 In hoop, 16Hc;
favorite, I In hoop, 14c; dslsles. SO In hoop,
lf-Hc; cream brick, full cae. 16c; block
6 wis, 16c: full cream limburger, 16a.
POULTRY Broilers, o; alive, springs,
UVtc; bens. HHc: oocka, 4c;. ducks, lie;
gee, loc; turkeys, lc; pigeons, per doa.,
tbc; guinea fowls, per do., 1160; squabs,
per dos., 12. Pressed hens, 11c; springs,
12tyi!Hc; cocks, 6ic; ducks, 11c; gee, lie;
turkeys, tie,
FISH Fresh caught; almost all ar
dressed: Halibut, 6c; buffalo. Se; trout,
12c; bullheads, 14c; catfish. Ho: crapplea,
sunfish, so to lc; black bass, 16c; white
fish, lSc; plka, 12c; salmon, 14c; pickerel,
10c; frog legs, S6c. Fresh frosen: White
fish. No. 1, 10c; round, sc; plckersl,
dressed and headless, 7c; round, 6c; pike,
dressed, 10c; round, Sc; red snapper, 12c;.
Spanish mackerel, lie; native mackerel. 6o
each. i
BEBF CL'TSRlba: No. 1, 16H'J No. J,
lie; No. I, 12o. Loin: No. L 17c; No. 1
14c; No. I, lie. Chuck: No. 1, 7V,c; No. t,
7c; No. 8, 7VC. Round: No. t ttC; TVo. 2,
c; No. I, l'c Plata) No. 1. 6c; No. 2,
6Ur; No. t, 6H.
FRESH FRUITS Apples, western bog
apples, 12.00(72.60. Bananas, t-buneh tots.
So per lb. Oranges, t2.86tf3.26. Lsmons, 13 60
44.00. Orspe fruit, 14 60. Grapes, Malagas,
17.60 per keg. Florida pineapples, par rata,
11.00. -
VEGETABLES Kansas sweat potatoes,
H.7B per bbl. California celery, large, goo;
smaller, 60c. New York Holland seed cab
baae. 4Ho per lb. Wisconsin .'Red - Globe
onions, lo per lb. California cauliflower,
(1.00 per crats. Tomatoes, Florida, 4-baaket
crate. 13-00; Cuba, 4Vbaskst orate, 13.00.
Lettuce, par dos., 40c. Old vegetables, par
snips, turnips, carrots, 12.26 par bbl. Flor
ida new bents, car rote, . parsnip, turbid,
etc., per dos., 76c
8TRAWBERR1ES-W.004W 25.'
HIDES No. 1 graen, sc; No. 1 eurod. So.
So gar and Molasses.
NEW YORK, May U.-8L'(3AR-Raw.
firm; fair refining, 1.46c; centrifugal, s
test, J.&6C-, rrvoUss sugar, g.fee. Bf med,
steady; No. 7, 4.40c; No. 6, 4.36c; Ho. I. 4Juc;
No, 10, 4.26c; No. 11, 4.20C; No. 12, 4.1ic: No.
1$. 4.10c: confectionsra' A. 47KC: mnulrt A.
6.20c; cut loaf, 6.76c; crushed, 6.66c; pow-
ucrea, s ine; grsnuistea, t.foc,
MOLASSES Stsady; New Orlaana open
kettle, good to choice, ffla-tSc.
Mlaneaaolla Oraln Market.
11.29"; July, 11.27; .September.
tl.. Cash:' No. 1 hard, $L: No. 2
northern. t VG.T.
FLAX Closed 11.274'.
BRAN In bulk, l24.uftgi24.oO. -
FLOUR First pats, 6.10tfJ.JO; second
pats. I6.OO04.2O; first clears, $4.7664 6;
second clears, li.864ftl.66. ,
Coffee Market.
closed quiet, net unchanged. Bales were
reported of 12.000 haas includln. Mav r
7.16c; July, at 6.60c; June, 5.90c; March.
6.00c; Bpot, quiet; Rio No. 7, 7V.c&.00; ; No.
4 Santos, ST500c; Mild quiet; Cordova,
Liverpool Oraln Market.
No. 2 red western winter, nominal. Fu
tures, oulst: July. 9s Vd: Santerrlh.r
8s 84.d ; December, 8s 3d.
i;urts npot, strong; new Amsrloan
mixed, via Oalveaton, 6s Sd. Futures,
steady; July, 66jd..
Mllwankeo Grain Markot.
HtaaflV. Wheet K' n 1 nn,lh.,n 1 1 ftai, . V-
2 northern. II. S2; July, II.H'4,jil.'l6 bid. '
vji i o tsianoara oKjetrsC.
BAKLEY Samples, 7tf72c.
Dnlnh Grain Market.
DT-T.TTTU - Ulnn u... a Tir . . e
May. I1.27H; July. i.271; Ssptember. ti oesT
No. 1 northern. 11.30; No. 2 northern, 11.28.
Pretty Little Child Innocently Smiles
When Woman Tells of Inability to
Get Along; with Her.
Whlls Mrs. Helen Ooodson was Informing
Judge Redlck that sho could not get along
with her step-daughter, the latter, a pretty
and affectionate child of I, was sitting In
tha court room smiling at all tbe strangers
In the room and beaming I'pon her father
at ths other end of ths court.
Mrs. Ooodson's antipathy to tks child
was brought out pn cr oss -exiuul nation by
C. J. Smyth, attorney for. Abraham:' E.
Ooodson. ths husband, who Is fighting bis
wife's suit for separata ms In tenancs. ,.
It Is Ooodson's second appearance In di-.
vorce proceedings, ths little girl mentioned
and her brother, being ths children of his
first wife, who Is separated from him by
a decree of the district court, an4 nas Idea
In Europe. . ' ,- ,
Mrs. Ooodson, on cress-exmlnatlon, as
serted that her husband said, she was 'not
fit to mention his mother's name" 1 and
that once he threatened her with a board
and said, "Don't you dare say you are as
good as my mother.". She also declared
that he frequently asserted hs would kill
himself and said, "He would wash, hts
hands In my blood snd I In Ms,"- .
, Goodson is a masseur, residing a! 4211
Farnam street. His wife left blm about a
year ago, soon after the btrtn Of her child,
who died. He, hi two children, and mother
keep house. '
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