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"6 7 ' '
Every Day is Remnant Day at Our Remnant Square
. , v in Basement.
RtifnaJta; oT i$e' fercalcs, a(, per vard . . . lOo
' ReijiaiiU iof 25c Printed Start ras. tut, per yard 14o
Remnants -of 16c Qlnghams. at, per yard lOe
Remnants of 20c Shirting Madras, at, per yard 11
Remnants of 2Se Foplln Suitings, at. per yard. . . HHe
Remnants'-of lSc vand 18c I.tnen Finished Suitings in solid color, at,
per yard So
Remnant" of Figured Dress Swisses, at, per yard flOe
l Smart SMrts to Your Special Measure.
They are made by men tailors and have an air of "chic" not easily
achieved a home, i, Clioooe any material from our great stocka of col
ored and Blank dress goods and we will make it to your special measure.
See tijodels in the dress goods section. We also make petticoats to your
special measure. Choose any material you like.
k Special
Price on the Famous
Aviator Faints,
; Machine Drops
Italian Lieutenant Severely Injured
While Trying to Operate Wright
ROMS. May Lieutenant Caldetara of
the. Italian nary' was Injured here today
while f lying In a Wright aeroplane. Ax
ha was making a- sharp turn the machine
fell 40 the ground' and the aviator was
picked up unconscious.' It la estimated he
, fell a distance of. about forty-five feet. .
Th lieutenant, who Is a pupil of Wilbur
Wrlght,.:waa revived an d, moved to a mili
tary hospital.
Speaking; of pie accident . rater he lakl
ha -ha ilown 'M..lTifrnirig because three
of hlaj uncles i.'Jrtdn'obma-' purposely from
Verona to witness his performance. , He
said that he felt ill and fainted ana must
have slipped froth his seat He thus fell to
the ground, first and ' the machine came
down after him. , ...
The machine was badly damaged.
Million Dollars
ZmAqCX p teriir ban j
Company Incorporated to Run Line
-i from Sioux City to Bjou
Hills." S. D.
: PIERRE, 8. D May (.Articles of In-
corporation were filed here today for the
., South) . Oaketav IntWVbtn iRailway com- !
parur. with headquartera at Centerylile !
and capital of M.OOO.OuO. It is propoaed '
to eeststruct ISO miles of road from 61oux '
City, la.. to Bijou Hllla, 8. D. !
m - rr !
-i ,f cabers trawler Arrest at i
Pwlaith aa Char see of Black-
aaall a4 Harier.
DlTlUTH. Minn., May .-Chargd with
robbery,.! blackmail and murder, four a!,
leged members of the Black Hand koclety,
who part, of the time have made their
headquarters In Duluth. have been rounded
up tgr William H. Dean, immigration office
Ins; ctor and it ik peeled the arreat of
othera will . follow. , Dean discovered an
organUKNl branch of the black hand work
ing In' northern Mloneaotat and along the
Canadian border. '-'
Traveler Make Bl Plane.
'YANKTON. t:,' May .-Bpeclal.)-At
an executive aaaalon here of the officers
of the State Traveling Men's association
final plana were made for the big con-
384 Girls' Coats
in Thfe Selling
Benson & Thorne Co. Promises
Eeal Sensation in Girls'
Garments Saturday.
Following the custom wherein the East
looks to the West to help dispose if a
manufactured eurplua. the firm cf A.
Portfolio Co., of S E. lUh Pi.. Nt
' Tork City, ha told to Messrs. Benson 4:
Thorne of Ull and HIT Dnuglun tt., a
lot of aiaclly IH girls'. prin cuats at
prices lew enough to go on record as -tn-uinely
The deal was consummated entirely 'oy
mall arid tiHgraph no question arose a
tothe merchandise,, for Master. Benson
Thorn KNEW the garments to be the
flneal ever made up for girls It 4il re
solved Itself into a question of priie.
fttf When Benftm A Thorne r.te: "We
williguas 5- rnuebj" the uer
closed' and as a i-eeult. Friday u'.i,g
papers will contain news of a eatuiuay
aala that will be watched with interest
by thousands ' l (
Olrls" absolutely, highest class, fault
lesaly mjul V it length coals
that ahoM balarlfngiug 3 00, t Oi)
IT t will oV marked A J:. Hi the usual
S 19. II0.0U and til 5d -riagj at li.00.
The wlndowa on . irytay '. will bear out
pepaon Thorne a claim: "We never have,
lor never will carry .anything . shoddy or
worly made even at bargain figures."
teu've-aeen valuea and. .values, but there's
new'eia-al ,ts,ia' ta si ere for you here
Mt Baturdal
BFTt. 14. t-lMl
Th New Spring .Models it Yo rfct
In accordance) with the prertUIng fashions
here and sbroad. The flat hip la eorractly and
irrarefully emphasized In these new Spring
models, but every woman who would have the
satisfaction of knowing that her figure and
gowns comply with the present mode in every
detail, should come to us for one of these
"Tapering: Waist" R. & 0. Corseta
V.'e have a complete line of shapes and sires
for all figures, and can Insure you not only fault
less style, but perfect fit and comfort as well.
show here one of the most fashionable moa
ns, marie with a medium bust, long skirt and
extra long back. The -price of this stylish corset
in batiste (A45) is $1.00.
"Yvette" Hair Goods TMs Week.
B-S-'A. " '
ventlon to be held here June 18 and 11.
This Is the fifth annual convention and It
bids fair to eclipse all the previous gather
ings, whlrh have taken rank with the
most important gatherings in the history
of the state. Governor Vessey will be a
guest of honor and parades, drives and
big ball games are among the attractions,
In addition to the convention sesslona
Patten Still at
Bartlett Ranch
Brothers Deny He Hit Returned to
Chicago or that He Direct!
CHICAGO, May l-Reporta that James A.
Patten, the bull leader' In wheat, had re
turned to his home after bis vacation In
the west, were denied today by hla
brothers. George and Harry Pa'tten.
" Mr. Patten has not returned; he haa no
private wire to the Bartlett ranch, as re
ported and we haven't a word from him
for three days," is the way George Pat:en
entered bis refutation of the story.
TRINIDAD, Colo., May f. Jamet A. Pat
ten la soil, on the Bartlett ranch Jn north.
VA ?3.-MiSScv . . ; .
Apparently Mr. Patten ;, haa .. pa. present
Intention of leaving tiet ''happy-, 'hunting
grounds " he has fourtd in the foreata and
mountains of northern New Mexico -and
accordjng to the reluctantly given Informa
tion over a long distance telephone he is
having the vacation of his life.
Continued from First Page.)'
Judiciary committee that he would at once
formulate formal chargea of Impeachment
against the two Judges.
KAK8A8 CITT. May .-"r have nothing
to say at this time and will make no state
ment until Representative Murphy for
mally presents . hla charges of Impeach
ment." aald Judge Phillpa when shown the
Washington dispatch. Judge . McPheraon
also declined to make a statement.
Later Judge Philips said:
"If Impeachment proceedings are inau
gurated i shall answer these Imputations
agalnat me In a legal manner. I ehall
welcome the Investigation of a congres
sional committee, should Impeachment
chargea be made. But If no such pro
ceedings are started I shall reaerve the
right to make a public statement later, If
I should see fit to do so. answering all
the chargea Included In the resolution of
Congressman Murphy."
Hla Wlad, bat Ma Lews of Life,
aa Waa ait Flrat Be.
GUTHRIE, Okl.. May ( -According to In
formation received here today there waa
no loea of life nor serious damage to prop
erty In the etorm that etruek Ardmore.
Ok!., last night. A heavy wind demoral
ised wire communloatton fer several hours
and the report spread that tha town had '
nee a ostroyed. wire facilities were still
badly crippled today, but sufficient waa
learned to ahow that the wind did not even
damage small house.
Jeaee-At water.
SEWARD, May tBpeclal. A. T.
Jones, until last year president of the Jones
National bank of Reward, waa married
last evening to Mias Dorothy Atwater.
daughter of Mr. and Mra. W. A. Atwater.
The. wedding took place at the Jonea real-
detue and guests were summoned as to an !
vn.tK company without being Informed
that ti.e wedding waa to take place. ' Su
perintendent Bln.l of the Burlington
brought- a number of Lincoln frleads in a
private car to attend tha wedding aod
L.oan residents were also In attendance.
R ri George Williams performed the
eiearaer Karaaal laa.
ORAKTO.V. Neb.. May . -Special. )-One
of the best games ever plavd on the lota) ,
grounds a a between tha Kearney Normal
and the Oiafton team. In whW'h Kearitry I
won by a score of I to 1. it waa a plu-h-
! mill iroin me start, jonnsion for
Keart.ey striking out ten men and Milea
, for Ornfon elgjit men. Oraftoa failed to
get a hit In the em. re game but Kearney
made four safe one. Kearney still main
tains it reputation of having a fast team
ana ras a nne schedule for the year. Bat
teries: Kearney. Johnston and Drum;
OraMon. Miles and Ray.
I.atker Plared Wlibaat Brewr.
DEC RAH. la.. May l- Special )-Ne-braska
lust to Luther. 4.1a a Luther
played errorless hall. N'liiMh, for Luther,
did not allow Nebraska a hit and iTouty
allowed tha locals only four singtea. Two
walks and two hits gave tha (scale two
Si-ores In the third, rVore by innings:
Nebraska: eeS0S0A 00 0 1
Luther ..-..... ! t 1 ,
Itaitarlea: Prouty and OraanaUt; Nae
aeth and Hanson. Umpire: Larson.
Jury Retnrni Verdict After Being
Out Fifteen Minntei.
AS Plret Witness la the Faaees Case,
Billy Wattla Telle he Hot ef
Hie Aklsetlss fi-am the
karea aehaal.
MBRCER. Pa.. May . -James Boyle waa
convicted of th abduction of 'Billy'
Whltla Of Sharwn today, the Jury being
out fifteen minutes. When the court con
vened title afternoon counsel for Boyle
entered a plea of nolo contendre or a r
fusal to offer any evidenca. t'nder tn
clrcumatancee Boylea conviction In the
abduction caee waa assured.
"Billy" Whltla on the witness stand today
pointed hla finger at the defendant aa the
latter at In the prisoner's box and said
with a poettlveneea that could not be de
nied, 'That is the man." Ha had been
asked If ha could point out the man whn
tfwk htm away from Bharon last March
and hla answer waa given without the
slightest hesitation
Hundreds crowded the frail - building
serving for a temporary court house when
court convened this morning and the doors
were ordered locked to prevent a possible
dlaaater from overcrowding. Jamea Boyle
entered a formal plea of not guilty, the
Jury selected yesterday waa awom and
the opening address to the Jury was made
by T. C. Cochran. In chsrge of the prose'
cutlon. He spoke nearly half an hour, out
lining what the atats will attempt to prove,
which differs In no material point from
accounts of the kidnaping already pub
"Billy" Whltla waa th first' witness
and before being swom caused a ripple of
laughter when he answered the qtietion aa
to where boys go who do not tell the truth
by saying, "They gn to hll." In hla bov
ten way he told the story of tha man. who
aald hla name Waa Mr. Jones, calling fnr
him with a buggy at the achool and tell
In him he had ben sent to take him
away on aeeouat of amallpox. that he waa
to take othera also, nnd that "Billy
would meet hla friends on the train.
Addressee Letter te Mother.
"Billy" aald "Mr. Jones" gave him a let
ter and asked him to write his mothr's
name snd addresa on It, that ha did ao
with a pencil and the man mailed It in
Bharon. When asked to describe the dif
ference In the man's appearance them and
now "Billy" said that when he first saw
the man "lie had his whiskers here." point
ing to his upper Hp. He said tha man took
tha whiskers off after a whUe. When
Abner Hancock, a barber of Nilea. O., waa
asked to stand up "Billy" identified him
as the man who had shaved Boyle. He
told of tha drive to Warren, tha subse
quent trip to Nlles and Ashtabula, of
visiting a party at Astabula and standing
beside a cannon. Then he said he waa
taken to Cleveland where he was told he
was in a hospital. It contained, he aald.
two rooma and a bath. He told of hiding
in tha bottom of tha buggy and In the box
under the washstand In the "hospital" lest
the doctors aheuld see him and put htm In
a peethouaw. He aald Mr. and Mra. Jones
directed him to do so.
tariff bill
rt , v t i ' . at- ;
(Continued from Flrt PafO .
Mr. Dolllver. In his attacks upon the pend
ing tariff bill, Senator Cummins turned to
Mr. Aldrieh and said that the man who
challenged the republicanism of senators
because they' seek to revise the schedules
of duties forty years old, was taking a
moat remarkable course.
"Have we arrived at that alavlah atate
of p J bile opinion." he aeked. "in which
It becomes a question 0f poltiical fealty to
Insist upon the correctness of schedules
made forty years ago when we consider
them in relation to conditions existing to
day?" Senator Beverldge Joined Mr. Cummins
In asking from tha oommlttee on finance
an explanation of the fact that the duty
on oil clothe had been doubled by making
it apply to narrow widths.
Mr. Flint of the committee replied that
the answer Would bo made in due time and
added that If members of the finance com
mittee "had the ability of the senators
from Indiana they would give the answer
Mr. Snioot explained that the oil cloth
duty had been put up to protect the Ameri
can producers but before he had concluded
was Interrupted by Mr. Cummins, who said
he did not care to give way for a speech.
Aa the aenator from Utah resumed his
seat Mr. Burrows, rising in his place and
apeaklng in low tones, deliberately said he
did not think the senator from Iowa "had
been qjite courteous ' to the aenator from
Disavowing any Intention to be discour
teous. Mr. Cummins returned to the con
troversy, aaytng he was not satisfied
with Mr. fimoot's explanation. He wanted
something less threadbare. He wanted to
protect the home manufacture but he
Wanted to kno-v why theae dutlea had
been raised.
Attoraer for Steel roaiaaar.
Mr Cummins stated he had had npeclal
opportunities for understanding the af
fairs of tha American Steel nni Wire
company. Mr. Owen Inquired how he had
acquired auch apeclal Information.
"1 waa attorney for the company," re
plied the Iowan.
Mr. ".rott inquired whether the jenator
had received his fee aa attorney .in
money or In jiock.
"If 1 hid lled In West Virginia, ' re
aponded Mr. Cummin's "and hud ben
aurrounded with influences prevalent
there. I fear I would be ashamed to
answer, but as I live In Iowa, where
there is an honest atmosphere. I can re
ply that my pay wsi In cash and I had
rothlng whatever to do with the capital
stock lasued by that company."
Futtier replying to Mr. Scott, Mr. Cum
mins said t!i. the stock of the t?el cor
poration hsd r up so hih becaviae
of Itt unlawful profits. "I'nliwful from
a nu ral stantitx lnt, 1 niuan." lie said,
lie further declared that from a moral
standpoint the profits were dishonest,
lie said that corpoiatlona could not pro-
Those Corpuscles
In your blood, red and whit,
kp you welt tf they ar healthy,
caua you sickness If diseased.
To make and keep tLetn abundant
and healthy, u to bavu pure blood, free
dom (rota disease and vigorous health.
The chief parpoae of Hood's Saras
parilla ia to do tint, and its aueceae ia
attended by thoua&nda of wonderful
cures. Cures of all blood diaeasea,
scrofula, ecsema, rheumatism, catarrh,
flat M today as la minal UaaU form er la
aasiislstsS teals torn sailed aanataaa.
As a result of a contract just closed for $50,000 worth of high grade pianos with the largest
are able to offer the greatest piano value in the history of the business at terms that mean nothing
selling. Here are the unusual terms -
These terms bring to the
T"T! ' f
4 '
$350 LICHTE &CO. PIANO, $155
duce a single ton of steel more cheaply
than could Ita constituent companies or
than the so-called Independent companies
can. lie denid that it was loonerntve
to any extent, caylng that lis tmployea
had been allowed to purchase itnck aa
anyone else could do.
Responding; to a query by Mr. Ippew,
Mr. Cummins aald that he had not ven
tured to look forward "to that disastrous
day In which o l the Industries of the
United Ptatea and of the worll are con
centrated In a single hand or a sinrfia
board of directors , When lie aald the
day should dawn that a single man shall
r?lrect the energies of the enrth and con
trol the fortunes of mankind, so far aa
manufacturers are concerned, 'there will
still remain the lainp-posta and the com
mon people after the law haa failed In
order' that the country may be rid of
thoae monopolists who coerce the whole
Armenians Saved
from Death Are
Like Iiost People
Adana Missionary Says 25,000 Sur
vivors Have No Homei. No Work
and No Way to Live.
ADANA, Asiatic Turkey, Wednesday,
April 28. Via Constantinople, Ifay 6. Rev.
Stephen R. Trowbridge, a missionary of
the American Board of Commissioners for
Foreign Missions, estimates the number of
Armenians killed In the province of Adana
since the outbrak of the anti-Christian
rioting at 23.000. The missionary saiti today:
"A conservative estimate of th. Chris
tians killed In the city of Adana ia 3.0U0.
Thia calculation la made up from the lists
prepared by the priests and other officials
who give permits for burials. Not less
than 20,000 perished In the towns and vil
lages of the province. This figure Is baaed
upon the .full Information aent forward by
the British consul. .
"Tha surviving Armenians In the entire
province are largely women and children.
They amount to about 26,000 souls, and are
today without homes, shops, tools, clothing
or bread. A most pitiable and wretched
multitude Is passing up and down the
si roots of Adana like a lost people. They
throng the big factor' yards, where a dole
of flour Is given out by the relief com
mittee. Crowds of broken hearted women
and children are coming in from the coun
try to even greater mieery to the city.
BEIRUT. Aslatlo Turkey. Msy .-The
altuation at Buadla, where a number of
Armenians have been massacred, has been
r.M.v.,4 u. . r., ,k A I
exertions of the captain of the British bat
tleship Triumph and the British consul at
Alexandre tta. who went down the coast on
board the Triumph.
The two officials visited Galadoran and
Keesab and found these towns indescrib
able charnel houses. . There are more than
1.000 helpless and destitute women In a
village on the aea "coast near Kessab.
Rev. !athaa Bermar Thomas Con se
rrated la C'hlarrh at Phila
delphia. PHILADELPHIA, May s.-In the pres
ence of many church dignitaries and hun
dreds of clergy and representative laymen,
the Rev. Nathan Seymour Thomas was to
day consecrated first bishop of the new
Protestant Episcopal diocese of Wyoming
In the Churrh of the Holy Apostles, of
which he was rector. Bishop Tuttle of
Missouri was the ronsecrator.
Waa Klcat Firsts aad Elarat SrconiU
frosi Kearney High.
KEARNEY. Nob. May . (Special. )
The dual Iravk meet between the Keariey
High school and the Kearney Military
academy track teama waa held Wednrndav
afternoon and the Academy hoy a were the
I -tors with a score of M to 44. winning
eight firsts, eight seconds and tied for one
first and two aeennds In the fourteen
events. The day was very windy and the
track soft but rvrn at that some good
race were in evidence.
PathSader Will ArrlTe I
This Afteraaaa.
Dal H. Iwls. the driver pf the Glidden
tour pathflndlng car. sent the following
telegram from Jefferson, ia., to II. K.
Fredarirkson last etening:
"Arrive Omaha tomorrow (Friday af
ternoon via Missouri Valley. Leave Oma
ha Saturday morning."
!,wls waa at Fort Dodge at noon yes
terday. Bigger, Better. Busier That's what ad
vertising in Tlie Bee jiots for your
home of the most humble wage earner, this the most wonderful piano
0 Loghte a
This unheard of
always sold at $350.00, is now offered to music lovers of this city and tho west at e155.
A clear saving of $195. Here is your greatest opportunity to save money vTo se?arethe
highest quality and to have immediately and without delay in your home that long de
sired piano. Come to our salesrooms tomorrow and have one of these pianos,-the musi
cal marvel of the age, sent to your home. Remember no money down, 30 days free trial,
freight prepaid, $1.00 a week, free stool, free scarf and free delivery.
Out of town buyers may take advantage of this offer by immediately writing for
full information and descriptive price lists. - ;.('
The Largest, Oldest and Most Reliable Piano House in the West. Established 1859.
Operating Five Stores and a Factory at Omaha, Council Bluffs, South Omaha, Sioux
City and Lincoln. "
1311-1313 Farnam Otreet. Phones: Doug. 1625, Ind. A-1625
Swedish Consul Donates $25,000 to
Found Series of Lectures.
Delegate Are Oweata af Cklcagro Aa
oclatlosi a-f Commerce, Ballin
a-er, Tawaey an Barthelgt
Beta gr Speakers.
CH1CAOO. May . The firat material
fruit of tha National Peace conference,
which cloaed here laat night, la a fund of
12&.000 donated to Northweatern unlverelty
by John R. L.yndgren, Swedish conaul to
Chicago and caahier of the State Bank of
The fund provided by Mr. Llndgren la tn
be utilised for the purpose of founding a
permanent aerlea of lectures" and 'to se
cure the annual payment of prices for
essays upon, the questions of International
peace and. Interdenominational religious
Feeling that a real step forward In tha
world's peace movement had been taken
delegalea to the second national peace con
gress brought their three daya' convention
to a close with a banquet last night.
Ambassador Count von Bernstorff of
Germany and Minister Wu Tlngfang In
persona appeared for their respective coun
tries, and illness In hla family alone pre
vented the presence of Herman Da Lager
crana. the gwedlah minister. Secretary of
the Interior Bellinger represented the
United Btatea. Othjera were Alfred Mitch
ell lnnes, counsellor of the British em
bassy; K. Mataubara, Japaneae conaul at
Chicago, and Dr. Halvdan Koht of the Uni
versity of Norway.
Baasuet ta Delegates.
Ist night the delegates were entertained
at a banquet given by the Chicago Associa
tion of Commerce, Secretary Bellinger and
Congressmen Tawney and Bartholdt being
among tha apeakers.
Tha actlvtttea of the day were led by
Amtoaaaador von Bernstorff and Congress
man Bartbotdt.
Mr. Bartholdt presided at the afternoon
session. On one occasion he tangled the
respective countries of the Oerman and
Chinese diplomats, saying:
"I now have the honor of Introducing to
you the official representative of a nation
where militarism Is spelled with a amall
m' and peace with a large "P." " aald ba.
"I have the honor to present bia excellency,
Wu Ting-fang, minister of the German
empire In the United States " The mis
take waa soon noticed and tha chairman
was stopped by shouts of laughter. Ha
then announced that the negotiations which
have been dropped for a year or ao for an
arbitration treaty between the United
Statea and Germany have been resumed.
Mr. Bartholdt declared that not one dollar
had been expended to fortify thia country
agalnat Canada, and that at the last Hague
conference America and; Great Britain
stood together on a resolution for gradual
disarmament of the natlona.
For the benefit of Mr. Mataubara. touch
ing on the late race troubles In California,
the congressman smilingly remarked that
wa clouds In the United States have a
propensity for darkening the horison just
before the matter of appropriations for the
army and navy coma up.
Break la Ranks 0ars Wits Tvea j
Theasana Decide ta Give I
RONNF. TERRK. Mo . May 6. A break In
the l-ad mlnee strike occurred today, whoit j
it h. cnine evident that half the niriklng j
miners of this place will return to work i
Friday without the increase in wages for j
Tickles and Pleases
the Appetite
A Crisp. Flavory Delicacy.
"The Taato Lingers"
fepalar pkj. ISc; Large Faally tiu lie
value this High-Grade Beautiful Guaranteed Piano,,.. which! has
which they have bean contending. The
remainder of the local strikers and a.11 the
men out at Ladwood and Flat River are
reported a being determined to prolong
tha struggle. About 2.000 men are affected
South Dakota
Interurban is
Has Million Dollars Capital and Will
Sun from Sioux City to
Bijou Hills.
PIERRB, 8. D., May -(Special. -Articles
of Incorporation ware filed here to
day for the South Dakota Interurban Hall
way company, with headquartera at Cen
terville and a capital of Il.0u0.000. The
line proposed Is to extend from Sioux City
toBIJou Hills, In Brute county, S. D., a
dlet&nce of 1X miles. The directors of
tha company are Fred E. Graves. William
EI Miller, Ralph W. Thwlng. Charles E.
Todd of Bijou Hllla and George A. Miller
of Academy.
Tha propoaed line la to crosa the coun
ties of Union, Clay and Brule. Tha pro
moters have already secured subscriptions
to a large amount of their capital stock
by residents along tha proposed Una, and
while it Is a local organisation they claim
they are out for business and not aa a
promoting plan.
Box Cars Are
Buffeted by Wind
Three Take Long Trips, with Gale as
Motire Power No Dam
age Done.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb., May a (Special
Telegram.) Tha high wind laat sight blew
bog cars off Union Pacific aide tracks at
Loup City, Eddyvllle 'and Amherst, and
tha cars were driven twenty-two, thirty
five and seventeen milea, respectively, be
fore coming to a atop. Only branch lines
were affected and tha Hnes are now clear.
Btaba Ha a Vera 's rartaer la Bark aaa
Fight Coa-tlagr Sevea Lives
EL PASO. Tex.. May S. Additional re
ports received hers of the recent riot on
the Sanborn ranch near Vera Cms. Mex
ico, are to tbe effect that seven persons
were killed during the fight and that Har
old Sanborn of Chicago, eon of tha presi
dent of tha I .a Junta plantation, waa dan
gerously wounded. Toung Sanborn Is atlll
being held In jail, the charge agalnat him
being the killing of a 11-year-old girl who,
it la alleged, atabhed Sanborn'a ranch patt
ner, Vicente Espinoao, In the babk. The
killing of tha girl took place In the gen
eral fight that followed.
Cabin . Paaaeaetera fre Omaha, I.ln
ealn and Orand Island mm Board
PWsldeat l.laeola. ,
OHICAOO. May i (Spclel.)-Tha follow
ing cabin passengers were among those
sailing yesterday on tha steamer President
Uncoln. Hamburg-American line, for Lon
dsn, Parts and Hamburg: Mra. L. H.
Leschlnsky. Mies I.ydla Ischinsky, U H.
Ischlnaky, Walter Ieachlnsky, all of
Grand Island. Neb.; Mlsa Uiletta Atwood.
Mlsa Ruth Holmes af Lincoln, Neb.; Heln
lich Ven Ota 1 em of Chapman, Neb., and
Mrs. Howard H. Raldrtgs of Omaha, Neb.
Fires Tanses SSO.OOO Loss at Aber
deen aad gaO.OOO at Olld
dea. la.
A BF, RDF.CN. S. D.. May l-(Speelal Tel
egram. )- Fire last night destroyed the ele
j valor and warehouses of tha Freeman
! Oraln company. The loaa Is SAO.OOe and in
i surance lit..
OMDDKN. Is . May -Forty thousand
bushels of oata and corn were burnsd up
I In s fire hers this morning. Tbs Mere.
house elevator, four residences and seven
I barna were destroyed. The loaa will reach
Kehraeka efea from Capital.
' WASHINGTON. May .-(Speclal Tela
! gram. (-The comptroller of the currency
haa atproved tha conversion of tha Cl'iaans'
T7 TfPf
manufacturer in tlie worla we
short of a revolution in piano
value ever offered.
ffoir IS
bank of Mct'ook, Neh., into the CJtiaefia'
National Bank of McCook, with 160,000 capi
tal. The secretary of the treasury haa
awarded the contract for construction of a
public building at Kearney, Neb., to tha
Northwestern Construction company of
Wahpeton, North Dakota, at their bid of
Royal Achates.
All members take notice Joint class
initiation Friday night, May 7. at Barlght'a
hall. Tour attendance Is urgently re
quested. Refreshments. COMMITTEE.
fiOTTLIt at rut mms. Bum Ptit, Mswaaag,
are synonymous
Original at the Calumet and only to
be found there.
Wats yaw tar Gold Medal Flaws
he ssre It la Waahbara-Crsshy's Gold
Medal Floar. Tht. s Important.
Opens Thursday Even
ing, May Bth. Message
from President Taft.
Fine Musk and Wondeitul
Electircal Demonstrations
Admission Adults 25c
Children 15c
cxasiii rmoxKAjr rzssTTfl
a wis A. Belkla'a AU Slav Tlddlah Co.
7 it la
Sunday Eve "Her Past"
Mon. Eve. "The Power of Love"
rnonea: Uoui lfcot. ind. A-ilwt
Iflfcta. Tbe Psstoral Drama
Tues. I "SX.US1 JSAHn"
Tsars. I X.aearhs aad Tears Blended
. I Tes "oirl From Oat Tender"
May 1T-1-1-Mrs. Flake In Halvatlon Nell
May J-::-ll-8hubert's Co. Ths Blue Mouse
, DOUG 4"
Belly hTstlnaes sua. Every aright
Tbe Patriot; At the Sound of the Go,
Seldom'a Venus; Agnes Mahr; John Kel
ler; The Sisters Milch; Vernon; Km
drome. Prioas, 10c, tbe and &0c.
Grand Biill
sTnUewnk. Van
wa v sf
Ttie Nonparlel Club
S4th aad 9 Streets, Seats Omaha
Sal. Eve, May 8lh, tobJ
Oleson's Orrheetrs Ticket. i-
All are Welcome.