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    THE BEE: .OMAHA. .SATURDAY. ..rRIL 24. lf00.
11 Dour. Si
OTH yQm 1Q1 A 1. 1. PKFTS. !. A-1S41 f
New Arrivals for Saturday
Our silk dresses are beautifully made. They have that correct air so essential to a etyl ish
dressed woman. Prices $25.00, $35.00 and $40.00. . . .
Our cloth tailor made suits are models of fine tailoring. Many new models now being
shown at very moderate prices.
We make a specialty of women's fine white serge suits. They are all clean, crisp and
new and are fitted by eiperts. Prices $25.00, $32.50, $35.00 and $37.50.
All alterations made free of charge. ' .
Dainty Waists. Linen Suits. Rep Suits
Dutch necks are very stylish. We re the We ar, now beginning, to show the new style for
first to show them. I summer wear. Come in Saturday and see the latest.
Children's Wash Dresses.
Sizes 6 Months to 4 Years.
Mothers will not want to bother
with making thelr children's dresses
when they can be bought for such lit
tle money. We tnvKe your inspection
of our new spring line.
Children's colored wash dresses In
percale, ginghams and madras, $1.00
to 91.60.
One lot of soiled white dreses,
Slses 1 to 4 years at greatly reduced
On lot of soiled wash bonnets that
sold regulsrly at 76c, $1.00 and $2.00,
Saturday,. at each $9c
Vlalt oar beautiful new hair de
partment on the Third floor. Many
spedUU price Inducements for Bat
& our lth Htreet Window of
White Madras Waistlngn, regular
35c and SOc values at 2Ac yard.
fk) not fail to visit our Millinery
Department On the Second floor.
All the newest creations are al
ways shown first at our store.
Saturday Will Be an Important Day at the New Bargain
Commencing at A. M. we will sell:
Oriental spool silk Saturday at a spool, enly 2 He.
Or 21c a dosen
John J. Clark's spool cotton in black and whits. Saturday at a spool,
only tVic. Or 2So a dosen spools.
Pearl buttons, 1 dosen on card, 6c values, Saturday a card, only to.
Hooka and Byes, 2 dozen on card, regular 5c values, Saturday at a card
only te.
Safety pins. 1 dosen on card. Be values, Saturday at a card, only 8c.
Beautiful embrotdeiiea, values up to SOc a yard, Saturday at a yard,
only 10c.
Linen and ootton torchon laces, also Vsl. lacaa, values up to 12 4c,
Saturday, at a yard, only sc.
' Women's Hose.
Black or tan Hals hose that will wear, cava double soles, heels and toes,
50c per pair. . , s ,
Black allk lisle hose, double soles, garter top, loo per pair. S p r tor $1
Children's silk Hals hose, colois tan, black, sky, pink and white, 25c, 5c
and 60c per pair. s .
Saturday Candy Special
' Ralduffs delicious maple gems, regular, price 40c a pound, all day Saturday
and evening, at, a pound only 20c
Men's Neckwear Special Saturday.
Men's neckwear, beautiful new patterns In four-in-hands and string styles,
cut from regular 60o silks. In Saturday's sale, at, each I6C
f PROMPT AND t?'rL6-j&t0X ($&&$3J
If B-4-JJ-.
Needed Toilet Articles
Saving Prices.
Aluminum Soap Boxes, regular
price 1 6c, Saturday at, each 12 He
Nail and Flesh Brushes, regular
36c and 60c values, Saturday at,
each 19c. '
Ideal Hair Brushes, regular
ll.Ou value, Saturday at, each
Eyebrow pencils, regular price
10c, Saturday, each 7 He.
Nail enamel In cake form Satur
day, each 16c.
Sanltol tooth powder, Saturday
Sanltol Soap Saturday ISc.
The New Shirts.
Are prettier than ever. The cut of the collar bands, the shape of
the sleeves and the size of the body are auch that it gives the entire
shirt the air of custom made garment. We can give you the beet shirt
In the city for ONE DOLLAR. Ask to see the new shirt. It has two
large box plaits in front, very nifty. ..
Plain blue chambray shirtg with pleated front, coat style, with
cuffs' attached, price $1.60 each.
Men's Department, convenient from either entrance.
Senator Nelson' Advocate! Large
, Appropriation by Congress.
Mlaaeaota Btateamaa ,8ays Improve
ment of Waterways Will Be Wei.
routed by . Present Transport
tatlea Maes.
WASHINGTON, April 2S. (Special.)
The work of tho pioneer In the develop
ment of the country Is no novelty to the
railway, but it Is a decided novelty in tho
development of the waterway. The ques
tion of T aterway Improvement has grown
with the growth of the nation until It has
bcome a subject for serious consideration,
not only on the part of the general govern
ment, but by the Individual statea as well,
for It Is only through the hearty co-operation
of the federal power, and the state
authorities that anything- Ilka a compre
hensive policy n looking to the Improvement
of -our rivers snd harbors' ean be accom
plished," . sld Senator Knule Nelson of
Minnesota, a member of the commerce com
mittee of that body.
"The railroad haa had no more reason
to fear or to oppose the aleamboat than
tha trolley car. Both have their unee of
co-operation and competition. Both are
necesssry to aerve the Increasing need of
our domestic and foreign commerce. There
will be businesa enough for the railroads
nt raving rates no matter how much the
rWers sre improved or how cheaply they
can carry freight."
Among the men of the senate, who have
made waterway Improvements a aystematlo
study. Knute Nelson easily takes first
rank. A pioneer himself, having gone Into
Minnesota In 1871. he early became inter
fated In the development of the Mississippi
and all Ita tributaries. And he haa con
tributed much to the literature of water
ways,' bringing to the aubjeot hard-headed
huslnrss sense, s tribute to his Norwegian
Bysteia la Itaareveasea ts.
"I am firmly convinced that our water
way improvements ought to be carried on
In a systematic manner and only such Im
provements should be made as wtll prove
of substantial ad to navigation. . I feel
that ho matter how many railroads we
get, waterways will In no wise interfere,
with the Railroads In the movement of
heavy and slow freight which the rail
roads do not 'hanker' for. I recall very
distinctly when we had up in congress the
bill providing for the building of the Lake
Erie and Ohio canal and I wondered at
that time, having been Informed that the
railroad . were antagonistic to the . Im
provement of ouf waterways, why the
Pennsylvania railroad company would not
oppose tho bill and I was informed that
the freight on the railroads was congested
and that the rail carriers welcomed any
movement that looked to the lifting of
auch congestion because the railroads
realised that only the heavier - and the
bulkier freight could be moved to advan
tage by water.
"I have . watched with Interest ths
growth of the movement for a compre
hensive plan of waterway development in
the United States-and a very great deal
of the praise for the Crystallisation of this
sentiment Is. due to the .National Rivers
and Harbora cpngiees and I feel sure that
the agitation begun by this great body of
business men was largely Instrumental In
the appointment of the waterways com
mission provided for in tho last river and
harbor bill.
Woald Spend Large Sam.
"I believe we could spend from thirty to
forty millions a year on waterway better
menta and I feel that ths sum could b
taken out pf current revenues without
cramping the treasury to any appreciable
extent. Tho passage of the last river and
harbor bill, which was essentially an
emergency bill, providing for new surveys
and the completion of surveys already be
gun, will give the two houses of congress
an opportunity next winter to enact a
river and harbor bill which will connect
up various projects, now under wsy, for
the development of ths rivers, harbors and
canals of ths country. When we consider
what Germany, Prance and even England
are dotng for their waterways It behooves
us to stir ourselves or else we" will be
found wholly unprepared to meet these
nations In the great war of commerce now
going on."
Send for new spring catalog
much style
-great vim
for $18.00
Law of Nations
Topic at Meeting
in Washington
American Society . of International
Law Begins Third Session, with
Elihu Boot Presiding.
WASHINGTON, April 23. Important
phases of internal! rial law will dis
cussed at the trlrd atnuai meeting of the
American Society of International Law,
which began Its third annual meeting her
tcday. The session will continue for-two
days. Among the speakers wtll be men of
International reputation In such questions
as to the growth of the American system
of international law, ' as compared with
urlveraal international law; the powers
which International courts of arbitration
should possess, political offenses In Inter
national extradition, and ths codification
of maritime International law. . ...
Senator Root, president of the society,
opened the meeting today, taking for the
subject of his annual address, "The Rela
tion Between the Jurisdiction of National
Courts and International Arbitration." This
waa followed by a discussion of the topic,
"Aribtratlon as a Judicial Remedy." Among
those taking part In the discussion bring
former Secretary of 8tate John W. Foster,
who delat with English and American
cases of arbitration, as did also Prof. E.
W. Aymar of the New York University
Uw School. Wayne MacVeagh spoke on
the work at The Hague In matters of ar
bitration, while Senor Luis Anderson, late
special envoy from Costa Rica ' to the
United Statea, covered Latin-American
President Tart, who. Is ons of the vie
presidents of ths socletty, will receive the
members at the White House tomorrow
afternoon, and ths conference wtll close
with a banquet tomorrow night at which
Secretary of Stats Knox, Attorney Oeneral
Wickersham, Dr. Lyman Abbott and Dr.
R. S. Woodward, president of the Carnegie
Institute of Washington, will speak.
ranch of Charles 8. Brackett, situated in
the western part of Lyman county. The
gathering will be in tho nature of a fare
Well, to J.he cowboys and ranchmen, whose
former . ranges in that part of the state
bave been' , occupied by homesteaders.
Every cowboy m a wide scope of country
will' be prevent to participate in. the affair
an talk over the old days when the cow
ma's and hta herds were the only occu
pants ot that vast region.
' An elaborate program has been prepared
for the occasion. Among the features
will be tle .branding of horses, cattle and
mules; Wild , broncho, riding, roping con
tests between some ot tha ' most expert
ropers In the northwest and a representa
tion of an immigrant train being attacked
by. Indians., Real Indians Sioux warriors
front the adjacent Lower Brule reserva
tion will participate In this feature.
Numerous--cowboys ..will relate, tot the as
semblage experiences of life i on Inb" for
me great range! Dr. '. Oi H. ' Murrair,
widely, . knotit ihroughoiit that region as
the "wboyvjracher," wlh be among the
speaker i ;. r .; -. ; .-( .
kra Ittaet at Huron.
HURONj JS. . D.; .'April 23,-8peciJ,)-The
urai annual convention or uroup 5 OT tne
South Dakota Bunkers' association ' closed
here Thursday night,' . The counties com
prising the'' group art Spink, Beadle, Kings
bury and .Miner, In which are located slxty-
tliree banks? fifty-two being members of
the association. '
At the different sessions s number of 'ad
dresses were delivered and matters per
taining to banking Interests were discussed,
the proceedings being Interspersed with
numbers by the msle quartet composed of
Messrs. I. A. Churchill. M. E. Wslter. W.
F. Long and J. C. Dexter. The following
officers were chosen for the ensuing year:
J. W. Campbell of Huron, prealdent; H.
I. Ilston of Lake Preston, vice president;
George C. Pulllnweider of Huron, secre
tary, and R. F. Chenoweth of Wolsey, J.
A. Crane of Redfield, E. O. Bratrud of
Roswell and U. W. Ells of Iroquois, as the
executive committee, in the evening a spe
cial supper wss served at the Hotel Royal,
followed with an Informal social and
smoker. About forty bsnkers were present
from out of the city. Huron wss named as
the place for holding the next convention.
Farewell Fest
by Cowboys
Wild West Performance Will Mark
Passing of Range Conditions
from Lyman County.
SIOUX FALLS. S. D., April 23. -(Special.)
One of. the most unique affairs In
the history of western South Dakota will
take place Saturday of this week on the
lajarea Editor Near Death.
HURON, 8. D.. April XS. (Speolal Tele
gram.) A. M. Skinner, . editor of the
Hitchcock News, who fell beneath a mov
ing train on . the Northwestern line at
Hitchcock yesterday, resulting In the loss
of a leg, is reported In a critical condition.
National Bank for Yankton.
WASHINGTON, April 2S.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) The application of R. O. Hanger,
F. C. Danforth. Otto Pemldler. C. H. Dil
lon and Thomas Thorson to organize the
Dakota National bank of ankton, South
Dakota, with 50.000 capital, has been ap
proved by the comptroller of the currency.
our size range in.elothes means from 32 to 38 only
" Yungphellow V sizes but believe us, reader, it's a
warm, fairly radiant line as far as it goes quite IN
IMITABLE. tbi spring we are ihowing PLENTY of fabrics the
other fellows HAVEN'T got cannot get styles that
really ripple with fashion.
for instance, velours in vapor shades; green striped
cheviots; cheviots in grey with inch apart stripes;
velour tweeds; plain blue or self striped serges? diag
onal herringbones with fancy stripes, and others as
we'll taboo any make that looks common coats must
hang different but proper; trousers must get away from
the "mere bag" idea.
if you admire "tone in clothes", and what young
. fellow doesn't then here's a stock that will FASTEN
, itself to you with a grip.
- ' i
1 1 -M I I ' H a vm strr-j
mil itoiiik
II a l Mil US&tZJ awas-w-
ui-t3i7 Douflas Street Omah- Nu.
rf-srwTM in i II n
rI'llel I 1 1 I f '
what shoe?
we'll answer this annual
-query in regard to proper
shoes for Miss or Child.
trust us for proper capers in shoe styles for misses'
and children's wear this spring.
one CANNOT go wrong on ANY shoe chosen even at
random, from this admirably selected stock.
we've something new in ANY sort of shoe you may
have been wearing; be it oxfords, pumps, ankle straps,
colonial styles with gilt buckles or ankle strap pumps.
"Look well, wear long" kinds.
of coarse we've all the leathers tan calfs, patent
calf s, red calfs, dull leathers and white canvas varieties.
Very unique new sprighty. x
in misses' sixes $2.00, $2 50 and $3.00 in children's
sizes at $1.50, $2.00 and on up to $2.50
(Send for New Spring Catalog)
fi arw--i
1813-tsir Doutflas Street Oman- it.
Federal Body Indict Nineteen Hen
and On Woman.
Letter to Colored rrlead Tea 1.1 rely
far Malls Taralral Promoter's
feavssy weer Oat aa
Twenty Indictments were found by th
frdoral Itrend Jury, which completed tls
work Friday afternoon, ha vine; been In
session since Tuesday. The most ImpOrtsnt
Indltctments returned sre sgalnst tho fol
lowing: Carrie McKensle of Omaha, for mallins;
Improper matter In the form of a rather
vIvM letter, addressed ' to ..a : masculine
colored friend. Bhe Is out on ball.
H. Raynor. alias H. B-4intt, alias W.
Bennett, accused of using tho mails for
fraudulent purposes. It la charred that
Raynor advertised that he was about to
start a carnival company and wanted to
hire special talent. Then, the accusation
was, he secured a couple ot actors ambi
tious to Join his "Karnlval ' krewe" and
muloted them of several dollars each as
an advance, and absorbed the proceeds,
without starting; the company. But ha did
succeed In starting 1 rouble with the United
Ststes Postofflce depsrtment.
Theresa Krloboom of Crawford was In
dicted on a charge of violating section I
of ths act ot congress of February 20, 1907.
which prohibits the importation of women
loto the United Slates ofr Immoral pur
poses. She Is charged wtih Importing a
girl named Louise Floree fir such purpose
from Belgium. Therese Kricboom is now
out on fl.500 bond.
John P. Kelley of North . Platte la in
dlotcd on the charge of perjury In a bank-
suptcy esse. It la alleged that ne sougnt
to secrete a cash register belonging to the
bankrupt estate of Cloe, Luellla Ihdon,
doing business aa the United States Grocery
company.. Kslley was a witness before the
referee In bankruptcy, tV. V. Hoagland,
snd the alleged perjury was committed dur
ing his testimony before the referee. He
Is out on bond.
Peter T. Unruh, alias F. R. Thomas,
alias C. O. Senneke.. alias B. B. Thomas,
alias T. P. Unruh. Is Indloted for alleged
use of the malls for fraudulent purposes.
He is now in the Douglas county Jail. The
particular offense with which he Is charged
Is In fraudulently promoting the "Mennon
tta Aid association, through the malls,
claiming that he was the agent and sec
retary of the company, which had Ita head
quarters somewhere in Minnesota. He
operated in the vicinity of Anoka and Em
met. Holt county, and Induced a number
of Mennonltes In thst vicinity to Invest m
the enterprise. Unruh was formerly post
master of tho town of Tyndall, 8. D., and
was for one term treasurer, and for two
terms recorder of deeds of Bonhomme
county, South Dakota. At tho time of his
arrest last winter he attributed his down
fall to the excessive use of liquor. Two
indictments were found against Unruh.
John Sldel of Omaha Is charged with
breaking a lock on a bonded warehouse,
the warehouse of the Standard Distilling
and Distributing company In Omaha. The
offense wss committed last winter. He,
too, la out on bond.
Harvey Montgomery of Logan county Is
accussed ot impersonating a government
officer. He Is alleged to have represented
himself as a special agent of the land de
partment out on a tour looking up land
frauds. He Is charged with having de
frauded W. F. Gift of $2 and Frank SuK-
raw of North Platte, a liveryman, of 35
worth of livery hire and M. K. Brimcomb
of the same locality out ot a $10 overcoat,
all through his pretensions of being a
government officer. eH is in Jail at North
Thomas Gallagher of South Omaha. Is
charged with selling tobacco without first
having the necesssry stamps requirea Dy
the government affixed thereto. He is said
to have dono a thriving trade in selling
government tobacco obtained from soldiers
at Fort Crook. He Is out on bond.
. The other eleven indictments are for mis
cellaneous minor offenses against the
postal laws and for bootlegging. Nona of
these eleven psrtlea is yet under arrest
and Jhelr names will not be given out
until they are placed under arrest or have
given bond.
Uatoa Paia laereaaea N amber af
Cars on I.oap Cltr-"t. Paal Maa
Because af Demaad.
The Union Pacific will put additional
motor car service on the Loup CUy-St.
Psul Una Monday, tha present service prov
ing so popular and traffic being so heavy
that the new service is far from being an
The new servicle will eable passengers
and mail ot arrive at Loup City at 11:66
a. m.. Instead of 1 p. m. It will also
enable passengers on the Pleasanton branch
to make good connections for Loup City
or St. Paul. The following la tha schedule
which goes into effect Monday morning:
St. Paul
Rock vllle ;
Loup City
yp ::::::::::::::::::::::: iiE
Austin i -i& m m
Dsnnebrog '
BtAPaur.. P'"-
rear af Vlaleaec Leads ta Transfer
af Trtalfraaa Otisaws ta
OTTtTMWA. Is., April It -Owing to fears
of violence. Judge ; Vermillion in tha dis
triet court here todsy decided to transfer
the trial of John Junkln, the confessed
murderer of Clsra Rosen, to Centervllla
Is. Junkln Is now In Fort Madison penl
tentisry for safe keeping.
, 10:00 a. m.
, 10:9 m.
, 10:67 a. m.
, 11 M a. m.
, 11:38 a. m.
, ll':S6 a. m.
Lake NstIisIUs Opens.
ASHLAiND, Wis.. April 2J.-NaviatlOB
on the south shore of Lake Superior was
opned todsy by the errtval of the steamer
Charles O. Jenkins at Ashland. The Jen
kins Is the first vessel to cross Lake Su
perior this spring. There Is still consid
erable Ice.
Personal Persons afflicted with blood pot
son in any stage, or rheumatism in any
form. ean. learn of a permanent cure by
addressing ths Salvar Company. St. Louis,
Announcement !
I beg to announce that the
Chesapeake Cafe is now
under my management.
Moot Attractive Sale of
the Season
Juftt received by express
in the latest creations, in all the gor
geous colorings. They will be placed
on sale Saturday; values up to $35.00;
your choice
Also received
in satins, Rajahs, silks, voiles and all the
latest fabrics in Empire and Princess
effects; values up to $35.00; your
choice. .
Open Till
9 P. M.
SI 2.50
It Will Pay You Big
Com down town Saturday
doLr Howells
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a cakes, ne Bonn, BSo raokera Tar Moan, Iga 10c Ivory Soap, To.
of Taloam rowOara -IBo 6olgates', Williams', Mennea's, SaBttoL for lBo ISc kinds
for 10 10c kinds for So. ,
on Boa Paper, Tablets and Bmvelopea. Three packs extra hesvv Envelopes for loo
Bo Tablets, 2 for So 10c Tablets, tor 16a -Jeo and ttc Box Paper, lie fa.00 Peas
tala Peas, a.M.
nnvT nvrniiinif ditto tii'rrkr. nnnns rii.r
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Half regular prices, toe Tooth Brushes, asa 40o Toots Brashes, le 25c Tooth
Brusbss, lOo.
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Water, 4to 50c Perfumes, 20 odors. 8Bo an ounoe Williams' Boarta Stick, iOo
Baaltol Ism Oream, lie $1.50 Oriental Craam, a Bo.
6c Owls, I for 10 lo Pes Tarrlora, t for IOo IOo Howell's Saturday Bpsoial, Bo '
10c X.a Plor Xe Orients, Bo.
Store open from 7:00 A. M. to 11:19 P. M.
Specials for Saturday
Our prices tell the story.
5c Little Toms, Saturdsy, 3 for
Boa of 6. $1.60.
10c Tom Moore, Boquet else. Saturday,
limited 10 clrsrs to a customer, each So
10c Henry George, I for IOo
10c Preferencla, Conchas else, Saturdsy,
each Bo
Box of 60, $2.60. Limit one box to a
customer. ,
IOo Palmer House, Invincible 5a
Box of 26, $1.25.
10c Ml Elecclon, Conchas size Bo
Box of 60, $2.60. ' Limit one box to a
15c Gato, Marconi alee, Rsturdsy ... IOo
Box of 60. $4.70.
16o Princlpa De Gales, Pullman sle IOo
Box of 26. $: $6.
15c La Mesa. Strictly leading clear Ha
vana Clears, Saturday ,r... IOo
Box of 60. $4.75.
By mall, add 10c box or 25, and lie for
box of 50.
Drug Co.,
15th and Farnam Qts.
Came rap hone
Presenting the marvel of the ay
Actual Talking and BlnjIaB
Thoy talk, sing
and act
Program changes Sunday snd Wed
nesdsy. Exclusively presenting tho
biggest hits from New York in
buUt -, "
Illustrated Songs. -
This theater Is under new manage
ment and tha best pictures thst can
be hsd will be shown In the future.
Tour patronage solicited. Matinee
beginning Monday, April SB, Bo to all
Any seat in the house Nights,
adults 10c; Children. 6e.
Souvenirs will be given to all ladles
attending Monday Matinees April M.
For the Money
The Best Meal
1514 Farnam St.
Tata Afternoon, Toalaht and Saturday
Bally Matinee. . . ,
PhotogTaphle Beproauotioa of
Heavyweight Cnampleasalp Motloa Plot
area. Popular Prloes.
Banday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednsadsy
WadncaAs SSatlnae
Tho Familv
A Play ta Penr Acts By Bobert Darts.
1 a Ph
nes: Douc. 160t; Ind.. A-150S
Matinees 1 wus., toots, aaa a at.
The Play with Western Atmosphere,
Clyde Pltoa. Bent, "OX.D KBlOBZx'
tne acaasTieia Ttmosj. au-a.
br Civ
May IT IB-IB, Mrs. Plska, "Batratia BaU
NOTE: Curtain 8:15
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