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Hetry Preiiure by Betri and Liqui
dating by Loriji Eaie Wheat.
lures barely steady; May, ; July,
npp!mnr, ss f'4o
4 ORN Spot, strong; American
mixed (via Oalvestoni. e - Id; futures,
stesdy; May. 2Vfrd; Julv, 6 ?M
Till la. rladaced br Weak It
hies Rally (tan wlik IB
fJacalag stf the Cash
OMAHA. April 30. 1.
Heavy pressure by the besr faction and
liquidating by longs eased wheat values at
tha mart and further decline cam later
on weak rabies. A rally came with tne
opening of tha Man" market,', but. on the
whole, the market was Week end ahowed
lark of strength. ,
Com waa steady . on good demand and
firm to higher cables. Bidding waa strong
for corn to arrive.
Wheat opened a shads lower and run
erratic, flucl iistlne? aharnlv under lies' v
Belling all day. Lower cables and e'rorf
bearlah sentiment told heavily at the cium
and price stumped for a 8'4C decline.
May wheat opened at ll.2lr4i nd cloaed at
Corn waa ateady sgsln and acted Inde
pendent of wheat. Values ndvanced stead
ily with support from leading longs. Cash
advanced today and light offerings were
well taken end fancy btda were offered
for corn to arrive. May corn opened at
KHc and cloaed at c.
Prfmsry wheat receipts were SlU.Wfl
bushels and ehlpmenta were 4m.oon bushels,
sgainst receipts last year of 220,000 bushels
and shipments of 2V4.00O bushels. 1
Torn receipts were "213,ono bushels snd;
shipments were 436,000 bushels, against re
ceipts last year of 621.0no bushels and ship
ments of 277,000 bushels.
Clearances were 118.000 bushels of corn,
100 bushels of oats snd wheat and flour
equal vO 96,000 bushels.
Liverpool closed imst lower on wheat
and unchanged to Id higher on corn.
Local range of options:
Articles.! Open. I High. Low. I Close.l Yea y.
Wheat I 1
May... 1 ! 1 23?, 1 1 1 81i
July... 1 lOVi IW lOOHJ 10Hj 1 104
Com I 1
May... S5S H H. 96'V
Oats- ) ( I
May... 52 62U CV 62S1 64
' Oaaaka Casta Prleaa.
WHEAT-No. 2 hard. It. 291. S: No. 3
hard, tl.22i01.23: No. 4 hard. Ii.tt431.30; No.
I spring. 11.2391.21.
CORNtNo. 2. MHiti. K. I. MHc; No. 4.
Ac; No. 2 yellow. (Wc; No. I yellow. (Wc;
No. 2 white, 7fco; No1 white, 7V,i37Sc.
OAT8.N0. I tnlsed, I2(f6tc; No. I yel
low, U4c; No. S white, 63443Sc; js0, 4
white, bmSf2e; atandard, 64c.
RYE No. 2. tci No. 8, 74r5c,
Carlai' Kecelat.
Wheat Corn. Oats.
23 12 212
6 a 13
Chicago .
Omaha .
Pglcee aa Bosird of Trade.
CHICAGO. April 'Si. Wheat prices on the
Board of Trade, broke 'today from 14c to
4,o per bushel from -the filgh point of the
day and 'the market closed extremely weak
and pnly a trifle above the low mark.
Corn closed about steady;' oats were easy
and provisions weak.,'
Almost complete demoralisation prevailed
til the wheat pit for a brief period late In
the session and only tha most determined
support by bull leaders saved the market
from utter rout. Immense quantities ot
wheat were dumped. 'Into the pit during
the day and the strength of the bulls wss
taxed to the utmost to prevent the occur
rence of tha sensational slump earlier in
the session. As It was the price' declined
In the first half houT from IV to 2rcf2o
from yesterday's close pn general selling,
but quickly recovered much of. the loss on
buying by snorts. it was a rigm Detween
y "delivery the bine of con-
Cooler . Wedaesday.
OMAHA, Neb.,. April 39, 1909.
The cool wave thst spread over the cen
tral valleys during Sunday has continued
eastward, and decidedly colaer weather
prevails this morning In the Ohio valley,
lower lake region, and eastern states. Rslns
mere general within the past twenty-four
hours in the lower Missouri valley, and are
falling this morning in the middle Mtssls-
Ippl and Ohio valleys and eastern states.
Excessive rainfalls are reported In southern
Indiana and Kentucky. Uenerally cloudy
weather prevails throughout the west, and
rains and snows are falling In the extreme
northwest. Temperatures are slightly
higher In the Mieaourl valley and mountain
districts, and the westher will be some
what warmer In this vicinity tonight, fol
lowed by cooler Wednesday,, with probably
showers tonight and Wednesday.
Record of temperature and precipitation
compared with the corresponding day of
me iui inree years:
V. 19"S. 1907. Won.
Minimum temperature ... 39 67 11 M
Precipitation , 00 .00 .00 .00
Normal temperature for today, 63 degrees.
Deficiency in Drecioitatlon alnc Maroh
1. l.ti Inches. .
Deficiency corresponding period In 190s,
2.24 Inches.
Deficiency corresponding period In 107,
i.w inrneej.
L, A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Corn and wheat region bulletin for
Omaha, Neb., for the twenty. four horns
enaing at 1 a. m.. Toth meridian time.
Tuesday, April 30, 190: -
Temp Rein
Stations. Max. Mln fall. Sky.
Aahland, Neb 62 30 .00 Cloudy
Auburn, Neb 49 32 "' .00 . Cloudy
Rroken Bow, Neb. 53 . 24 .00 Cloudy
(Vlumhua, Neb... 64 2 .00 Clear
Culhertaon, Neb.. 40 30 .04 Cloudy
Falrbury, Neb... 48 M T Cloudy
Fairmont. Neb... 60 : .00 Cloudy
Or. Island, Neb.. M ; 22 .110 Cloudy
Hartlnglon, Neb. 68 22 .00 Oar
Hastings, Neb.... SI H .) Cloudy
Holdrege, Neo.... 45 24 .00 Cloudy
Oakdale, Neb M 21 .on Clear
Omaha. Neb 62 St .00 Cloudy
Tekamah. Neb... 55 S3 .00 Cloudy
Alia. Ia 66 32 .00 . Pt. cloudy
Carroll, Ia 63 2 .00 Clear
Clarinda. la 52 ' 32 .no Cloudy
Bibley, la M 27 .00 Clear
Sioux City, la... 62 2 -00 Clear
Minimum temperature for twelve-hour
period ending at S a. m.
No. of Temp.- Rain.
Central. Stations. Msg. Mln Inches.
Chicago, III 2
Columbus, 0 15
Dew. Moines, la.... 14
Indianapolis, Ind.. 12
Kansas City. Mo.. 22
Louisville, Ky i
Minneapolis. Minn.. 31
Omaha, Neb 19
Bt. Louis, Mo 13
Showers occurred In the northern portion
of the corn and wheat region within the
last twenty-four nours ana neavier rams
ihfouahmit the southern pertlon. .The
rains were excessive In southern Indiana
and Kentucky. Freeslng temperatures con
tinue In the extreme western portion of
the corn and wheat belt.
L. A.", WULBH,
Local Forecaster. Weather Bureau.
Strength of Reading Principal Sus
taining Influence in Market.
InsrarH Deaaaae) for Money tal
es go for Mere til t ees Is Be
' garget aa Favorable Farter
Boods Irregalar.
60 88 AA
AS 40 .20
64-- S T
M 40 .4
4 M .
74 40 1.7
6K- 2 .00
53 30 T
54 42 .74
the bulls and the. "weather, man,'.' with
July a
tentlon. Leading bulls ttave contended that
wheat for
on account of drought last fall It would be
impossible to deliver on July contracts any
great amount of wheat from this season's
crop, but reports received today from thel
souttiweiA seemed to disprove this asserv
tlon. With the advent of "growing"
weather the new crop waa said to be mak-;
Ing rapid headway. One dispatch claimed
that the outlook In central Missouri had
greatly Improved during the last few days
nd that "fields pronounced dead early In
the season now show prospects for an av
erage yield." Tho situation In the north
west waa equally optimistic. Sending In
Minnesota and tho Dakota Is In full blast
snd wlth-ntln,ua4-. favotable weatber'lt
was predicted that by the end of the week
the work-would be completed and that the
acreage would be the. largest ever known.
In addition to thoao domestic conditions
the foreign situation waa against the bulls.
Cables were decidedly week. Liverpool
being off Id to Had, and tho weekly crop
summary claimed that the outlook for the
wheat orop of Etiropo In general waa ex
cellent. Following so close the exceed
ingly liberal shipments from Russia last
week, f as reported yesterday, this news
proved too much for the market to with
stand. The market ppened weak t prices
off to lfjlVio. compared with yester
day's close, the July delivery showing the
greatest loss. Initial quotatlona on this
option were tl.lM to II. 15V Before the
end of tho first hslf hour the price had
declined another cent on general selling.
The market then ' rallied considerably on
covering by short and for & time held
comparatively ..steady. In the final hour,
however, the market again slipped from
the control of the bulls and prices tumbled
from 2ltn to 4So from the high potnt of
the day and from ia to Co compared
with yesterday's high mark. The bottom
for Julv was reached at II.IZ. May sold
oft to ll.SiVa and September to 1 04. The
close waa weak, witn July at i.izi. May
2lor4 at U.24& and September at J1.0&3
-The corn market held uo remarkably well
considering the- oevere slump In wheat. At
the cloao price were c lower 10
higher, compared with yesterday's flnjJ
quotations.' May sold between TOo and
nun and closed at 70c.
Oata were firm at the start, hut eased
att later. Tho Iowa crop bulletin, which
showed that seeding had been delayed by
wet weather, was a bullish faotor sarly in
the day. At the close prices were Vio to
Ho lower to c higher than tho previous
Provisions displayed moderate firmness
early In .the dsy, but weakened later. At
the close prices were a shade higher to 15o
Jo war.
The leading future ranged as follows
. b.
Oaotatloas of the Day Varloas
NEW YORK. April 20. FLOUR R-
ceipts. 23,000 bbls.; exports, 2.200 bbls.;
irturket dull and unsettled: Minnesota pat
enta. tti.00nda.b0: Minnesota bakers. 4.wT
b.10; winter patents, I.00.i0; winter
straights. $S.te4i.16; winter extra, I4.
fr.OO; winter low grades, . 14.25(94.10; Kansas
straights, I&.7W&5.S6. Rye flour, firm; fair
to good, ti.J&; choice to fancy, 14. SO
Y)RNMKAL Firm: white and yellow,
$l.rXtfl.66; coarse, 1.4fl.60; kiln dried, 13.40
RYE Firm; no. z western, trac, 1.
K Vork
RAHj.KTsiMiflvi maixina. xhbtoc.m;. i 1.
Itiw Td?Sifedftirif mi. "4 it Hew
York. ' ; 1 ' '-
AVHBVAT Receipts, ,tw Du.. exports
I4 0ti0 hn Hoot market unsettled. NO.
red,. 11.40 asked, elevator, and si.u nominal
n t itrtnat: ro. 1 norxnern. iiiuin
iixitt t. o. b. afloat: No. 2 hard winter
II.31H r. o. D. aticat. wneat openea tu
lower under disappointing caoiea,- gooa
wuthfr itt home and abroad and broke to
a 8c decline later under an effort to sell
long wheat and -cloaed unsettled at a nei
rio.'Ttnn of l(ri'2Uc. Mav closed at I1.29H,
July closed at- I1.20H and September closed
t It 12V.
CORN Receipts, 26.900 bu.: exports. S.900
bu.; No. 2, 80c, elevator, ana iik i. o.
afloat: No. 2 white. 10c nominal and
o. b. afloat. Options without transac
tlons; closed firm at Me to c net ad
vance. May cloaed at 80c, July closed a
77n and HeDtember closed at 7Hc.
OATS Reoeiota. Si.&uo bu. Boot market
ateadv : mixed. to ti pounds. 6iWSbHc
natural white. 'X to 82 pounds. 5KM3Mc
clir.tKd white. 24 to 42 pounds, bVtaaQ-
HA T f irm; ZNO. , imu'iov:, gooa l cavm,
H1DK8 Steady; Hoiota, lc. --entra
American. lVc.
LKATHEK Ouiet; acid. ZCfM'OO.
PROVI8ION8 Beef, ateady; family, 114.50
frl5.00; mesa. 10 6ofrll.00: beef hams. 124.00
6M.O0; packet. 111.0023.00; city extra India
mess. I21.5O&22.00. Cut meats, steady;
ptcktad bolliea, lio.oo; pickled nams. iio&o.
I jir1 ateadv: weatern. I10.8n0.76; refined.
ateady; continent; 111.10; South America,
Ill.SO; compound. 7.7.O0. Pork, steady;
family, !; snort ciear,;
rrvess. U 60Q1M.50. .'
TALLOW Steady; city (C per png., oc;
country (pkgs. freel, 5"rVgio.
R1CPJ Firm: domestic, rair to extra, va
(V: Japan, nominal.
BUTTER- Fancy graaea. nrm. tnners
essler; receipts. 1J.S02 lbs.: creamery, held,
third to extras. 21S3c; process, oommon to
special. 17(fJ3c: western factory, first. 19c.
POULTRY Alive, dull; western chickens,
broilers. 26&S3c fowls, 16J)lc. Dressed,
firm: western chickens. 12c: fowls. 14rlSc.
EX JO ft Firm; weatern firsts, llMiMc;
seconds, ywacic; southern firsts, 21JjilHc;
seconds. 2O20Vc.
Artlol ! Open.J High. Low. Close. Tes'y.
fl 2041 1 Sil
1 154-llfA,
1 04061 1 06S
TOVB'sl 71
1 nW 1 24U 1 27
1 1?V 1 13S I 16HH
1 04 V 1 OBfOUi 1 117
1 OS ( 1 031 I Oo4
0S9.7tr! W i r'
6sl 6SH
4H-S 49L
41 41
41V 4iL,
IS 26
18 20
18 20
18 35
U 2&.
18 20
60S! fV G&v
4SI : 4Si. 4U'O.V
41S tiSA-m 41H
41S; 43 41
i 87H; 10 40
10 66 I 10 at
10 70 I 10 70
B 80 I t ,
70 ! RW
I 82Vtl I g
IS 06
18 10
18 07,1
10 36
10 45
)0 m
18 08
18 10
18 0TV
10 S
10 474
19 u
7a 74j
80 80
NEW YORK. Anrll 20. The strtnath
of Resdlng Was the principal sustaining
Influence in todav'a stock market. With
out that prices apparently would have
saggea, as ssies to tsKe prom were tne
oroer or tne asy in tne majority 01 mis
list. inis nss come 10 oe sum a usual
thing on Tueadavs that the trading ele
nient has adopted It as a' precedent and
works on the short side of the msrket
when Tuesday arrives The especial
strength of Readinr was the outgrowth
psrtly of the persistent rle In price of
Central Railroad of New Jersey, of whluli
Heading Is a large holder. This strength
was transferred today to Baltimore
Ohio owing to the fact that the company
shares with the Lake Shore the control
of Reading Itself. As to the direct rsuse
would be a rsclflc solution of the crisis In
er lark Mower Market.
NEW YORK. April 30.-MON"KY-On call.
easy at ISfe'2 per rent: ruling rale, 2 per
cent; closing bid, 1'n'per cent; offered at
1 per cent. Time loans, soft snd quit
active; sixty days, 2tf?'4 per cent: nlnetv
dsys. THOH per cent; six months, INt
per cent.
per cent.
actual business in bankers' hills st 14 MWMI
I4 SS4S for slxtv-dsy bills and at I4.H770 for
demand; commercial bills. I4.86tr4.&61.
SILVER Bar, 51Vl Mexican do.lsis. 44c.
BONDS Government. steadv: railroa.l.
Irregular. ,- ,
Closing auotatlontt on bonds were at fol
V. S. raf. is rf .....! 1nt M. M. 4i 71
to eouaan Hl VJipn 4a s
V. H. -rf ..rr.,....l01V n 4S S
to eotnnn ... v K'lH 14 Mriet KS
l;. S. 4a. ff t , Int. 11 ' K. C. So. 1st T(
da eouiion l.u '!.. b. sea. 4a l:n
Alli4- kal. lat &a H i'l.. N. anl. 4 )1
Am. At K. T. lat 4a...l"0
Am. T. a T. er. fa..i" 19 lat rar. a.... pi
Am. Tobacca 4a.: 71 o n. 4V 1S
da aa U'"io. racinc 4a
Ac-biaon tan, 4a 1l N. T. c. Ivta n
da s. L.. Ill M " aa an 4. -a
do tt. 4a.-;:.-.; HSN. Y. CHy 4Wa saw. .11:4
do 6a. a T . N. H. H.
A. C. L lat 4a 7"4 c. 4a ..'
Ba). ft OHIO 4a A W. 1st ron. 4a. k
do I'ta..... 94 do vw, 4a 98
do s. w. IWa is. Fariric It. :v7
Bra. Tr nr. 4a , -i0. S. V. rids 4a .... i
can So. in ta UPtna. it. isi 1i5... M',
central Loaihar 5a... HRe(Jlri an. 4a lno
r. of N. 1. a....liS8t. L. A s. r. fs- 4. HO1
Chea. A Ohio 44a....l05i,8t. L g. W. r. 4a.... 7
Chlraan A A. Ia ... iS o lat told 4s 4
r , B A Q. . 4 anadSaabnard A. L. 4a ... Tls
C. M. A .. g. 4a mso. ftotfic eol. 4a ....
C. R. I. A P. c. 4a.. fw ftf lat raf. 4a s
do col. ta lSo. Railway ta. Ill1
do rfds. 4i dn aan. a m
OCC. 4 61. U I. 4a. l7ul'nloa Parltic 4a 1"8
"olo. Ind. 5a "4 do er. 4a KU'i
Colo. Mid. 4a 7 do lat raf. 4a ... M
r. s. r. A . 4a.. Wi'V. 8. Rubbrr In84j s. Htaal Id oa 1"4
. ,li;'4 Va.aro. Chen. ia... M44
. ; txl'a WabaaB lat 5a II. '4,
.. 7a do lat ox. 4a "'4
.. sbVWeatorn Md. 4a S3",
:.T4 Waot. Eloc. ct. 5a .... 91
. . 74 Wis. Central 4a SS
.. JHD. A R. O ref. ta... 4't
..1404r. O. rf. ctfa. 5a..l01-1i
III. Ten. lat raf. 4a...losN. R. R. of M. 4ia.. 4
11 Mat 4a 78So. Pacific 4l rtr ...
Bid. ffad.
D. A H. r. 4a.
do lat ref. 4a..
P. A R. O 4a...
DltUllsra' 5a ....
Erie p. 1. 4a
do sen. 4a....'..
do 4a series A.
do aerlea B
Oen. Els ct. ta.
of the original strength of Centrsl Rail- f'",ysi H &J 1!;I,1" ,cftn
roaa or isew jersey, no news wss forth
coming. The advance In Delaware. Lack
awanna st weatern and the seeming em
barrassment of Its directors to find it plan
ror suitaDie distribution or the company a
surplus, ha a stimulating effect on all
the coalers. One report that srlses In
conneotion with this movement 1s that tho
plan for meeting the possible confirma
tion of the commodities clsuse of the
Hepburn law will nrovlde for some distil.
ouuon or assets among stocKholders in
the anthracite companies.
The avmosthetlc nature of the strength
of this group and of a miscellaneous
collection of specialties was not convinc
ing ana tn general list did not. at anv
time, respond. While the demand In the
Reneral list failed to respond, there wss
esltatlon about selling. The const iuence
was a considerable reduction In the vol
ume of the market's activity outside the
coalers and a narrow price movement.
The selling became more conspicuous late
in tne asy. The hlililv speculative na
ture of the ordinary Reading movement
and the doubtful character of some of
the aoeclaltlea broutrht forward Into
prominence caused their Influence to
wane. Part of the repression on the mar
ket was due to an apprehension that a
crlsl might be aonroachlna In the wheat
speculation. Growing disapproval of the
speculative movement in wheat is nenrci
in the financial district, but a sudden
collapse in wheat would not be without
power of disturbance In other markets.
Chicago reported some Improvement In
the demand for money for mercantile
uses, snd this was accented as a prom
ising Incident. Securities markets every
where seemed to regard the march of
events In Turkey with tranoullllty. - No.
tlce by the bankers of sn advance In the
offered price of the Michigan Central
debenture 4 per cent bonds was regsraea
as evidence of the sustained Investment
demand for securities.
Bonds were irregular. Total ssies psr
value, S. 484, 000. United States bonds
were unchanged on call.
Number of aales sno leading quotations
on stocks were as follows:
galas. Hlfh. Low. Cleee.
Local Deearltles. '
Quotations furnished by Samuel Burns.
Jr., 614 New York Life Building:
Bid. Aakes.
....... 14 17
Amalgamated Copper ..
Am. C. A r
Am. C. A r. pfd
Am. Cottoa Oil
Am. H. I- prd
Am. lea Securities
Amariean Llnaead ......
A marl nan Locomotive .',
Am. Locomotive pfd....
Am. S. A R
Am. S. A It-, pfd
Am. Sugar R arming ...
Am. Tobacco pfd
American Woolen
Anaconda Mining Co....
Au-htaon ,
Atchlaon pfd ,..(......
Atlantic Coast Una ...
Baltlmora A Ohio
ilal. A Ohio pfd
Brooklyn Rapid Tr
Canadian Pacific
Central Leataor
Central Laminar pfd....
Central of Naw Jersey.
Chesapeake A Ohio.....
Chicago Gt. W
Chicago A N. W ,
c, at. St. r.
lt.JOO 74' 7STa '
g.tlXl 50i 44 49 1
1IM Hl'4 lilt U14
Baatrlcs Craamery. common
Cody Canal Aaaoclallon. t
Columbus L. H. 4 P. ia 124
City ot Omaha Bonda. 4Via lt
Douilaa County 4a II
Oaia City Malt Company t
German rlra Int. to
Ind. Tel. 6a 1937 (50 Pfd bonsai
Kanaas City R. A L. ta ltll
K. C. R. A L pfd t
Nebraaka Tel. Stock
Omaha Gas ta 11J.....'
Omaha C. U A P. ta 1931
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry. ta 1914
Omaha C. B. St. Ry. ta UU
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry. pfo. t
Omaha A C. B. St. Ry. com. 4
Omaha A C. B. Ry. A Bridge pfd 4
Omaha Water Co. ia 1919
Omaha Watar Co. oa 1944...,
Omaha Water Co. Iipt pfd
Omaha B. of T. Bldg. t o. pfd 9
Omaha B. P. A T. Co. la 1911
Fact flo T. A T. Co. to 1917
Rrott'a Bluff, Neb., Water 4
Sooth Omaha Bewar 44a 124
Sioux City Stock Yards pfd 4
saim m company
Trl-state Land Co. pfd. 7 (com. bonus) 15
Topeka St. Ry. b
Villon Block Tarda Co., Omaha, 4.... I24
9 VI
13 V,
104 13
95 H
10S 1V4
11. nn
ns infH
tioo 14
100 Mia
Receipt, of Cattle Much Smaller Than
Last Week.
Light Receipts of l.imki aad err
Slow, Frlce Cootlaae
A boot atcadr.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Official Mondav 67
Estimate Tuesday 4.00
Two davs thla week... 7 T8
Pams days lsst week.... 10. 773
Same days t weeks ago.. 7.Z1S
Same davs 3 weeks ago..l2.0S0
Same days 4 weeks ago.. 4. 141
Bams aava laat year .&aa
Tke following tabls shows the receipts 01
csttle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha tor
th year to date, compared with last year;
1kp. Inc. Dec.
Cattl 17 Jfawi
Hogs 840.SW S12.0M 71,103
Sheep bJb.SU 447.6M 7S,T'
The following tame snows tin average
price of hoga at South Omalisj for the last
several days, wtlh comparisons:
i.y.i a.oAi
i:.ono taio
1.71 8 0hl
14.917 ItS.Wl
7S. CI 17,4
17.2 n,-4
iMi 15,54
Date. I 10. l0S.lVJ.19o. 106. 1904. il0.
April ...
April ...
April 10..
April 11..
April 12..
April II..
April 14..
April IS..
April 14..
April 17..
April IS..
April 19..
April 30..
I vt
7 00
( !
e 8m
S 74 Ml
4 481 4 tt '
t mi 1 m
t 72 4q
I 4 I 4b
I 66!
6 43i I
I 87 U
M'V I 431 6 39
4 68 4f
s :
I 1B 4
s 46
I 4!
I 10
I M I 34 I 421
I 31
6 2
6 23
6 Oil
6 2:
4 11
6 19
t r
7 16
1 26
1 a
4 Jt!
4 Ml) T 19
IK 13
4 M) 7 II
4 8
I 04
4 98
4 U
7 07
7 30
7 1
7 19
7 10
The official number ot cars brought in
today by each road was:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.H'r's.
C, M. & St. P........ 4 4 .. 1
tVabasli I .. ,.
Missouri Pacific 1 4
1'nion Pacific 41 V I 1
C. 4V N. W., east.... 4 1
C. & N. W west.... 43 49 2 I
C, St. P. M. & 0 11 10
C, B. & Q , east 12..
C, B. A U.. west.... 64 42 6
C, R. 1. & P., east.. .. 3
C, R. I. A P.. west.. .. 2
Illinois Central 1
C. O. W I 3
Total' receipts ....169 180 16
The disposition of the dsy's receipts, was
as follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head indicated:
Cattle. Hogs. 8hee..
Omaha Packing Co, 896 1,43 W
bwirt and company b z,4i i,z4i
.... i
I.O09 . 4i 4S 4
l.vm loi'a l7V in;u
' 400 10C4 1M 1W4
44. mo 114. 11. 'a
77 744 itt
1109 177H 17SH 17H
tort Mi SIS, 9H
ins ion, ioi'4 101
400 IM S79'4 ikll
It. 1100 ; 7d4 744
400 I'A S'i f.1
4I0 181 111 ll'lt
1.500 1MM 1414 1494
o r r a- ar 1...
Colorado TT t. .. 1,K WV tt't.
Comraflo A So. . X ... . . ( 4,0 , S4T
944 74
' ni'a
J0' 9H14
47 47
.It 31
700 UIH 1M
. 1454 144
400 t 4
l.inn 14', 14t4
l.noo 114
" 1(10
4.1 'V
U 30
IS 20
U 20
10 1714
10 62i
10 66
I 7ti
I 80
No. 8.
Cash guolatlona were as follows:
FlA)UR Htaady: winter patents, i
l.O, winter straights.; spring pal
snta.. i.9tKU.10; spring straights, 4.ul ,u,
takers, I3.40ei4.70
BARUCY reed -or mixing, Oifitkic; fsir to
fhok-e malting, JBi&4i7Vi'. .
tilCEDS Flax. No.;l south western. ll.fcSV;
S'u. 1 northwrstero, 11 6V Tunothy,
Clover. 19.79.
I ROVJSIONS Men pork, per bb!., Ili 1143
U 10. Jid, per loo lbs.. 110.36. tihurt ribs,
i dea llooao). 14 l.,1'rJ-S- Short clear
sioV'a iboxedl. tj ttiV-ilO 56.
Total clearancaa of wheat and flour war
equal to 94.0U) bu. ITlmary rrcelpta wer
119 OuO bu.. oompored-. wltu ),W bu. the
corresponding day .a -year ago. Tho world s
riaibia supply as shown by Bradstrsei'a,
ncreased T.6u(i.0ta bu.
r.stimaled receipts for tomorrow: Wheat,
'1 cars, vorn, 43 cars; oata. 64 car
St. Loot (General Market.
ST. IXUIS, April 29. WHEAT Futures
lower; cash higher; track. No. 2 red, cash,
Jl SoSU-!1: No. - hard, I1.21W1.36; May,
I1.24S: July, I1.09H. '
CORN Firm; cash higher; track. No. J
cash, Wif'i; No. t white, 74c; May,
,04jo; July. 6SHc
OATS Futures lower; cash firm; track.
No. I cash. aocbotHsc; No. 3 whits, 67c;
Mav, 64c; July, 48c.
RYE Nominal, &Wfi13c.
FIjOUR Firm; red winter patents,
6.SO(h7.00; extra fancy and straight,
I&.604J 1.16; hard winter clearg, 4 20tf
KKF.r Timothy, 12.16 01.16.
CORKKBA 1-13.60.
BRAN Firm; sacked, oast track, 11.294
HAY Strong; tlmotny, 112.00017. 00; pral
rle. Ill.Oott'U 6IX.
BA0K11NO 7 1-lSc.
PROVISIONS Pork, loser; jobbing 117.6
lrd. unchanged; prim steam.
Dry salt meats iDosed), nigner; snorts,
110.60: clear ribas tlO.76; short clears, 110.76.
Bacon iboxedl. higher; extra short. 111.74;
clear rba. Ill 7V; short clears, 111.76.
POL'I.TRY-Qult; chickens, 12vc: strings
18c; turkeys, 14417c; ducks, lie; geese, 6c.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls v 6.W0 iii.ono
Wheat, bu 69.0"O
Corn,- bu 2 600 6i.Oi
Oats, bu IM00 41.601)
- Philadelphia Prodoe Market.
Firm; fair demand: extra western cream'
erv.'c: nearby prints. 30c.
IXK1J4 Firm; Pennsylvania and other
nearby firsts, free' cases, 22c. at mark:
current receipts, returnable cases. Sic, at
mark: western firals, fien casgs, 22c. at
mark; current receipts, free case. 3HT
2K'. at mark. '.
CHEESE-Firmer;, Ntw York. full
creams. thoicA, Wc, .fair to good, 140lac.
Toledo Beoal Market.'
TOLEDO. Asrll .-EED llover. cash.
Id.86; April, tfr fc: tietober, W.S-''i; Decem
ber. K."; Marcn,'o.iJt(j; Mo.. 2. 14.70; No
3. g-.i.'4. rejected. IS. Su; no grade, 64 74.
Tlmotiiy, prima, 11.10. Alslke. prim. 14. 10.
Colo. A So. lat tM....... 7 12
Colo. A So. 14 pfs
ConaollaatMl (las 1 400 1J
Corn Pro4ucu I.ono 5:4
Dalawara Huilann 1,900 186
TMDTsr A Bis Grands 91. HO 14
D. A R. 0. pf4..
manners' Securities .
Erie lat pfd
Rrls 94 pf4
General Ctectrlo
Great Nnrtharn pfd....'
Oi. Northern pfd ctfa.
Illinois Central
Isterboroush Mat
Int. Met. pfd
International Paper ...
Int. Papa pfd
International Pump 1,700 3944
Iowa Central I.too 4'
Kanaaa City So l,4t 44
K. C. So. pfd K 72S
Loulavllls A N...
Minn. A St. I....
m , Bt. P. A a. a.
MlaasuH Pad flo .
M., K. A T 19.4O0 4314
M.. K. A T. Pfd 90S 7S4
National Load It. 900 90
Na York Central 4. SO 131
N. Y.. O. A W... 15.000 M4
Norfolk A Wasters 1.900 924,
North American .7,900 144
Northern Pacific
Pacific Mall
People' a Cas
P.. C C Bt. L.
Praseed Steel Car
Pallman Palace Car
Railway Steel Spring....
Republic Sieel
Republic Steel pfd
Rock Iitand Co
Rock leland Co. pfd
St. L. A S. r. M pfd...
St. Louis S. W
St. L. S. W. pfd
Sloas-Shefftetd S. A I...
Southern Pacific
So. Pacific pfd
Southern Railway
So. Railway pfd 114
Tennessee Copper " 41
Tsiaa A Pacific 1.010 14
t.. at. a w so 44
T.. St. U A W. pfd 4
t'nlon Pacific 72. tu 1M ll 117 'a
Union Pacific pfd H 964 964
II. S. Rubber 1.400 4 M
V. S. Rubber 1st Bfd 1.4'X 14'4 1"4 104
C. S. Steel 57.101 124 il'i Hit
I'. S. Steel pfd
t'tah Copper
Vs. -Carolina Chemical
Va.-Caro. Chen. pfd..
Wsbaak pfd
Weetlnshouee Electric
Western Colon
Wheeling A L.
Wleconain Central ....
Am. T. A T Co
Tout sales for the day, 944. too shares.
' Ualoa Stock Msrket.
IiONDQN. April 30.-iAmerlcan securities
were, aulet at Irreguhtr prices during the
first hour tmiftv. Roadlhar declined 'a. hut
H I flurtiiullona In the rant tt tha list ..r
11I 'imlted and ranged from above to 14 be
low yeateraay s mew-torg closing.
ucnaon closing stocic-quotaiions:
Conaola. money 95 M,, it. a T
do account.... .1 to S: T. Central.. .
Anaconda ' Norfolk A W....
Atchisnn .: 1104. 4o pfd...'.......
do eM. in4 Onurlo A W....
Ball I more A Ohio. ...101 PcnoayWanla ... .
Canadlao Pacific lwi4Rnn Mines
Cheespeaks A O...... 1SU itoadln
CMcaro O. W 44 ftouchern Ry
chl.. Mil. A St. P..1U4 d pfd
Tie Boors 1J4 Southern Paclrle.
Deaver A Rio O &34GTilm Pacific... .
do pfd..... o .dor pfd. .v
Frle I14i' iv stasl......
do 1st pfd 41 do pfd
94 Wabash
10 do pfd
1494Spanleh 4a
Xioulavllfe A N 14144 Amal. Copper....
SILVER-Stesdy at 23 11-lSd per ounc.
MOsi-i per cent.
The rate of discount In the oDen "market
for short bill Is IV per cent; for three
months' bills, A.1V per cent.
19 4
l 4
do Id pfd.
Orasd Trunk
Illinois Central..
. 90
. 914
. I4
. tv
. 744
. 04
. 43
. 94
. U4
. 19
. m
. H4
. 7I4
.Treasury Statesurot.
WASHINGTON. April 20.-Todav s stste-
metit of the treasury balances In the gen
eral fund, exclusive of' the 1150.000.000 gold
reserve, shows: Available caBh balance.
II27.613.97i;; gold coin and bullion. 147,860,682;
gold certificates, l3S,9np.2i0.
Bank Clearlags.
OMAHA. Aorll 20. Bank clearlnirs for to-
day were 12,136,861.62 and for the corre
sponding date last year 11,539,481.68.
LherpMl Crala Market.
1JVERPOOU April SO. WH KA T Spot ,
N. I r4 setiara wilier, 9 141. at-
Mllstaakeo Crala Market.
. i norii.ern i no-. northern
i .tan I V July. inr-V bid ... . .
I'lATo Standard. 6'V''
BARLLi:-tUmi.lvMt, ooafl.
WO 18K4 1314 iH4
1400 6M4 694 69
400 13T4 114 1.17 V
9.100 74 744 744
4!H 41
134 11
94 M4
I'.S'i 134
49 41
91 VZ
91 . M4
11.604 14t 1444 144
63,100 1114 114 1
1.4U0 111 114 li4
700 SI
7 1974
IV 40
.S74.T00 148 4
9"0 14
. 14.100 M4
. 9, 19
0 41
11.900 120 ltl 1197,
IIS) 1214 1-34 14
4.109 18 18
0 67 67
Cotton Market.
market opened steady at an advance of 1
point, which waa lower than due on the
cables s a result of scattering liauldation
prompted by private reports of rain in
Texas. Shortly after the opening prices
mprovea on neavy Duymg by Liverpool
houses, strength In New Orleans, covering
Dy recent sellers ror a turn and a renewal
of bull support from some of the leading
trade interests. The market waa quite firm
and active during the middle of the morn.
i Ing, with prices ruling some 649 point net
17 higher.
14 Knot closed OUlet. 20 Points hls-herr mlI.
994 idling uplands. 10. lie; middling gulf. 11.10c;
no ssies.
Cotton futures opened steadv: Mav. in.Ym-
July, 10.84c; August, 10.21c; October, 10.14c;
uecemDer, io.ioc; January. 10.04.
Futures closed steadv: AdtII. 10 4At- Mav
10.49c; June, 10.49c: July. 10.49c; August',
10.38c; September, lO.aic; October, 10.29c;
November, 10.2e: December, 10.26c; Janu
ary, 10.20c; March, 10.19c.
ket higher at 10 6-loe.
OALVHSTON Anrll Sn rriTTnf.' u...
U't higher. 10 6-lftc.
?: I ST frills inrll mVWTnwO...J...
i.uu.ii.B. vna-t mmtm. iiu II , - WCBipir, WSI
bains; shipments, 006 bales; stock, . 44,071
Orchard & Wilhelm
qiq'Ifc'lS South Sixteenth Street.
"We would like to show you this most
practical of filing devices. We are sole
local agents for (Jlobe-Wernickc Com
pany's Elastic Filing Business System.
These come in steel and wood. They
are the most iopular and best per
fected filing and systeinizing devices
of the day. Adapted to any business,
any size.
J a. lv- ' 1 j
llf J :
t- ""-TaJ-? '
to pretty good sdvsntsge, but some of the
largest buyers were refusing to even look
at light hogs, claiming that tlisy did not
have any orde.s for that kind. Other
buyers took advantsge of the decreased
demand and started out bidding decidedly
lower, In many cases as much ss htflOe
lower than the asms kind ot hogs sold for
yesterday. It Is hardly necessary to add
that the market on light hogs was very
slow, salesmen being backward about tak
ing off, and the forenoon was well ad
vanced before anything Ilka a clearance
wss effected on thst kind.
When th light hogs finally sold It was on
the basis of prices that were weak to 6c
lower on the better grade. The common
light loads were hard to move, bids on
that kind being IfriO lower and at the
tlm of closing thla report there were still
a number of the poorer loads unsold.
sellers. A few of the very best loads sold count of the stormy westher. Jotibcrs from
Cudahy Packing Co 851 !,26
Armour & Co 833 3.042
Vansant A Co 1"0
Carey &. Benton 34
lrfbman A Kothchlld J"
W. I. Stephen 1
Hill & Son .12
F. P. Lewis 68
Huston & Co 35
J. B. Koot & Co W
J. H. Bulla 113
U Wolf 43
McCreary A Carey
Bam Werthimer W
H. F. Hamilton 6ft
M. Hagerty & Co 122
F. O. Inghram 8
Sullivan Bros 32
Llimnr Bros 7
1'nlon Dress Beef 139
Hoffman " 21
Illinois Packing Co 1-4
Swarts-Boland 272
Othr Buyers S31 .....
Totsls ......4,211 10,431 4.042
CATTLE There wa'e a fair run of csttle
this morning, but still a very heavy falling
off as compared with Tuesday of last week.
Ths receipts for the week to dat are de
cidedly short of the record of last week,
but are still about up to the average.
As was the case yesterday, the supply
of stockers and feeders was comparatively
light and as there was a good demand the
market opened first on that kind of cattl.
Prlue paid were steady to a little stronger
on Kim if tha best kinds. One bunch of
Wyoming hay-feds reached $6.76. the. high
est pries paid so far this year. tor western
feeder. Everything in sight waa soon dis
posed of, the trade as a whole being very
satisfactory to the selling interests.
Cows and heifers were In fair demand
and they sold In good season, though the
ma.-ket wss at no tlm very active. The
best heifers sold up to 16.60, with spayed
Wyoming hay-fed heifers at 16.20 and 16.30.
Beef steers wr slow sellers all day long.
Buyers picked out here and there a few
loads that Just happened to suit st prices
that were close to steady, but, on the other
hand, they were bidding a muen aa 103l&c
lower on other cattle, and a good many
had to sell that way.
ynotatlims oni tattle: Good to choice
cornfed steers, Io.90i84i.40; fair to good corn
fed steers, I5.60t(.90; common to fair corn
fed steers, 4.60.60; good to choice cows
snd heifers, V.W&o.iO; fair to good sows
and heifers, l3.S5sf4.76; common to fair
cows and heifers, !2.2633.86; stork heifers,
13.0034.26; veal calves, 13. 26.76; bulls,
stags, etc., I3.004M.9O; good to choice stock
ers and feeders, M.EOA&.TS: fair to good
stockers aiu feeders. It.OOG.fSO; common to
fair stockor cid feeders. I3.2&34.00.
6 J
13. .
At. St.. fr.
.. 94 ... I II
..9M 100 4 TS
.194 SO 4 10
..119 10 I TO
..194 ... 110
..194 40 79 40 1 7i
. .907 10 4 7
..1K4-... 4 74
..171 ... 4 16
,.9M 100 t 71
..119 tn III
. .Ml 120 I IS
..197 ... 4 10
..114 90 IA
141 140 I 90
SO I to
49 4 94
40 4 U
40 I II
ISO I 44
til 190 I 94
191 ... Ill
104 40 I 94
il4 41) I 90
142 ISO T 0
114 ... 190
191 ... 190
tot 44 90
917 t40 I 90
2C0 ISO I 96
911 10 I 9r
140 ... I9S
242 120 I 96
.... SHI 40 I K
140 40 I 971
22 200 ;n4j
tt .
II. .
44 .
72 Ibt
99. .
94. .
Oh. Pr.
SO 7 0(i
40 1 0
) 11
... 7
90 7 no
... I on
40 no
0 i no
... 7 0
90 7 ft.
40 7 00
... t 00
... 7 00
... J n
... 7 00
90 7 00
10 T on
... 1 Oo
.Ii4 110 7 00
.944 ... 7 OO
.299 199 7 00
.291 249 7 06
292 ... 7 0
.. 7 til
.204 90 7 06
...100 140 J 06
...20 SO 7 06
...Hi 40 T 06
...960 ... 7 06
...241 ... 1 07Ve
...960 ... Kli
...941 90S 7 10
...290 SO 7 10 190 1 10
...IU 40 T 16 '
...191 90 1 It
1.100 1HK 114V lU't
4110 4?.4a 42.1 4'i
10 47 41
12 V
tl4 i
flcial closing:
Atchlaon adj. 4s ....
4a 4s
Alrhlsan R. R
4 ra
Buatan A Albany...
N. V., N. H. A H
3410 per cent.
Boatoa Stocks ssd Boaids
B08TON. April 20.-Money, call loans. 2
ju per cent; time loans,
. 9A", Butte Coalition
.iOral. A Aruona.
.I'4iral. A Her la....
.1021 Copper Rente ..
it pair west .
t'nisa Pacini 197 Uranbf 94
Am. Arts. Chem lAUrnni Cananea 10Va
4a Sf4 94 lei Royals 24
Sm. fnau. Tub IteMase. Mining , 44
A mar. Sugar Ut Michlsaa it
as prd i39aMobaii toi
Am. T. A T....; lilSMoni. C. A C 24
Amer. Woolen CSeNeveila i
to fd ; 4 UI4 Uomlnlos i74
Demloion I. A 14 Oireaia 1JS
Maes. Rlactrlc 1:' Parrot ut
so pf4 Qaimr U
Msaa. Oaa 44 Shannon 14
I nlte4 Prult 114 Tamarsck 64
tnlted S. 14 4HTrlBltf 141
4o ptt 99 I site roesar u
I'. 9. Steal el I'. S. Minis 46
so aid 1144, r. a. on j
AOTsnisr e'ltab 414.
Allsues Victoria 4
Amalgamates 7aWlnons 142
Artioaa Com 4 4Wolrerlne , ill
Allenuo IvNortb gutts 17
Metal Market.
NEW TORK, April 20. METALS The
London tin market was higher today, with
snot quoted at X134 6s, and futures at 136
7s 6d. Locally the market wa firm nd
higher also, with spot quoted at 29.50b
28.70. Copper was unchanged In the Ixmdon
market, with spot quoted at 67 6a and
futures at 4:68. The local market was dull
11, o wit n' ana unchanged, with lake quoted at I12.874
l.l ia"V 11714 134i 4HJJ.U0; elertrolytlc at 12.501?.M. and cast
ing at L2.37Wfe12.DO. Lead waa unchanged
at 13 Is 9d In London. The local market
waa firm at 4.2U$4.26. Spelter waa un
changed at 3 12s &d In London. The local
market remained firm st tfi.02H307V. Iron
was unchanged In the English market, with
Cleveland warrants quoted at 47s 9d. A
somewhat steadier tone la reported In the
local Iron market, with No. 1 foundary
northern at I15.7516.50; No. 2 northern at
HS-Mi 11.26; No. 1 southern and No. 1 south
ern soft at tl6.60ttll.00. '
ST LOII8, April ao.-METAI-flLead.
weaker at H.12v Spelter, steady at 64. 96.
Franklin le4
Coffee Market.
NEW YOHK, April 20. COFFEE F'u
ture market closed steady, net unchanged
to 6 points higher. Havre wa Me higher.
Selling in th local market reflected scuttur.
ut ling liquidation, chiefly In the near positions.
tor wnicn mere wa a good demand from
trade In tnts and shorts. Sales were re
ported of 19,750 bags, including April and
May at 4.96c. July at I.l0fe l&o. and Sep
tember at 106c. Spot, quiet; Rio No. 7,
Ho: No. 4 Santos, 'c. Uild, dull. Cordova,
ew lork Mlalasr Stocks
NEW VORK. April 3). Closing quotations
on mining stocks:
Alice 13 fsdrllle Coa
B.-uaiwLS Cos I Mule thief
Com. Tunas', atock. -' Meikas
0o aenOa
Con. Cel. A Vi
Hera Sllier
Iroa Sller
taj Ot.tar.a
.. 6 uphir
. . ai SisrdarS .
.10 tallow Jarkst
.. 4 4
. is
. M
. ei
Forelga Flaaarlal.
BERLIN. April 20-Prices on the Bourse
todsy rose strong y upon the expectation
that there would be a re-establishment of
order In Turkey without a civil sr and
the Improved Amxncaa iron market re
ports. PARIS April 30. Prlies on the Bjurse
today- moid firm tin to Inlwt Uiai Iter
agar and Melaaars.
NEW TORK. April I1O.-8LOA R-Raw.
steady; fair refining, 342c; centrifugal. 9S
test. 392c. Molasses sugar, 1.17c. Refined,
steady; No. I, 4.46c; No. 7. 44uc; No. k, 4.3iie;
No. 9, 4.30c; No. 10. 426c; No. 11, 4.20c;
No. i' 4.16c; No. 13, 4.1oc; No. 14. 4.1uc;
confsitloners' A, 4.76o; mould A. 6.30c; cut
loaf, 4.76c; crushed. 6ioc; powdered, S.06c;
grsnulsted. 4 96c; cubes. 6.2ur.
MOLA88E8-4iuiet; New Orleans open
kettle, good to choice, Sift43c.
Oils aaa Hoala.
OIL CITY. Pa.. Apri' 30.-OII-Credlt bal
ances, 11.71; runs, 4.104 bbls.: avrag
1I1.764 bbls.; shipment. 211. 3n bbls.; aver
age. 1S3 1 bbls.
pull ac. .
KOSIN-Firm: B. CVj736: r. 8 40: K.
KI66: F. t): Q. ti. li. tn'i.S, I, 94 l':
K. tr. 06: M 16 ?R. N, Ai.30, W. G , 16 3i;
W. W, b.4ta 4i.
Me. A Pr. No. . FT.
4 10 4 76 91 ll 10
9 1M I 10 II 1136 I 10
6... 1214 I 20 je 1041 I SO
li 944 I 90 9 1S72 I H
I HO i 26 21 1231 I 90
I ISO 6 16 It 1996 6 90
I ISO 6 99 19 1141 I a.i
1 964 6 In II Ill I M
II 1100 t 16 17 .....1411 6 96
16 14 I 40 17 1100 00
14 1116 6 66 22 1221 I 00
II 1lo 6 Id 21 1.121 I SO
I?.. Hit 190 V. Ittl I n
40. 1 1014 I 70 II Uti I I
II 1176 I 71 1 1130 I 10
62 1119 6 76 90 UN I !
9 111! 6 16 14 nil I 1
II 1160 i SO U 1016 I 10
II 1364 I 90 10 lii I n
4...... 1012 2 90 1 1104 4 7
1 110 I 46 6 1110 4 10
7 Ml I 16 II 1000 4 Is
4 Hit I 90 It 91 4 45
i 946 4 00 17 1141 4 90
4 10S.-1 4 00 1 1041 4 96
1 940 4 on 1 inso 1 00
4 946 4 15 I 1910- 6 90
1 917 4 60 1 .1161 I M
I 1000 4 46 I im I 24
6 1140 4 TO
1 690 4 00 1 1100 I 00
3 146 I 23 1 166 6 06
I l I 60 1.... 190 i 16
1 144 I 65 64 966 S 20
7 491 I 75 12 942 I 2
7 937 I 15 9 96 I 26
14 Tt i 26 II 909 6 26
1 760 4 60 9 1070 I 24
I Ml 4 60 46 Ml 9 20
91 740 4 46 1 110 I 10
II 740 4 16
t 1900 9 16 - 1 914 4 IS
1 IN IM 41 1961 4 4
1 1U0 9 66 1 12SO 4 64
1 9M I In 1 1U0 4 10
1 110 I 7.1 1 9070 4 ;i
1 1114 I 76 1 1610 4 T6
1 1190 9 16 1 1709 4 78
1 1374 4 1 1460 4 15
2 1146 4 10 1 1700 4 15
1 11164 4 16 1 I0
1 104 4 it 1 4740 4 90
! 411 4 60 1 199 I Oo
1 190 6 00 9 120 I 00
1 110 9 00 I Ill 16
1 2J0 I 00 1 144 I 15
I 140 6 OO 1 100 I M
1 90 I 00 1 us I 16
1 933 4 00 1 130 I 16
It 201 I 60 I lul I 24
1 190 I 60 1 319 I ...
I 100 6 60 1 10s 24
I 171 I 74 t II I 15
t 120 I 00 1 140 I 60
1 210 4 00 1 170 4 60
1 40 I 46 I 4 I 70
4 7S0 4 On 6 714 t li
10 &5 4 II II 7J4 4 1)
14 411 4 9 17 144 I 10
II 696 4 40 41 nil 6 60
BHKKf Both sheep and lambs com
manded steady prices on this morning's
market. Receipts were only moderate and
tne quality or the offerings not as good as
usual. NOtwithstand n 1 aht rece Dls.
buyers were Inclined to discriminate at ,tlie
opening, and as a result, trade through
out was somewhat slow. It waa one those
featureless market where everything
move slowly at unchanged ouotatlona.
Practically all of the offering had changed
nanas Dy :so o clock
A bunch of choloe. light-weight Mexican
lambs made 18.00. the too of the day. A
few Mexican wethers, cut out from a drove
or yearlings, were aood enouah to move
at tS.W. but offerings In sheep, as Is gen
erally in ease, were in tne minority, and
there was nothing of any consequence
with wnicn 10 mini a test or tn market
The market, a a whole, while not ex
hibiting any particularly strong soots, waa
equally rree rrom depressions.
(Quotations on sheep and lambs: Good tn
cnnice iambs, wi.bWQH.w. rair to good lamb,
I7.2&S-7.50; good to cholca light yearllnaa.
6 8MJ'7.26; good to choice heavy yearllnaa.
H. 6034.86; good to choice wethers, 16.000
t.oo; rair to gooa wetners, 46. (bw.oo; good
to choice ewes, 5.7Ti4?00; fair to good ewes,; cuua ana ducks, t1.uuqp4.uu.
Representative sues;
191 western Iambs
67 western Iambs
270 weatern lambs
6u9 Mexloan lambs
660 western- lambs
26 spring Iambs
9 western lambs
16 western lambs, culls..
43 western ewes
22 western lsmbs. culls..
840 western lambs
210 western Iambs
1 western yesrllng ewe.
560 western lambs
41 western ewes, culls...
7g western ewes
151 western wethers
I western ewes
Wyoming Walters Bros,
IS feeders.. 1011 I 60
Wyoming Diamond Cattle Co.
61 feeders.. 104 6 76
HOGS Ther was a very liberal run of
hogs hsrs this morning, la cars being rs
ported In. making tha receipts for the two
days 1I.9U) head, as against 14.900 lsst wsck
snd 10.000 heed for the week before. Dur
ing the sams two days last year only
9900 bead war received, in other word
ther ha been a gain for the two days
over a year ago or i.ouo read.
Ths msrket opened with heavy hogs of
good quality in very fair demand and ot
ferlngs of such met with quits ready sale,
prices ranging anywhere from steady to
so riigner. 1 nus a ronsiaersme proportion
of the heivy hogs brought 7.0O'a7.0&, snd
on up ss high ss 17.16 for strictly good
loads. Most ef the heavy hogs chsnged
hands In very good season In the morhinc
Light hogs, oa tb oiner band, wet slow
At. Pr.
AS 7 73
.73 7 75
. 0 7 90
73 7 M
.61 I 00
,38 10 00
, 7 7 75
.72 I to
1 110 6 00
OS 6 76
,72 7 70
,64 7 70
, 9.0 4 00
, 91 7 75
.. 98 4 26
,.96 I 76
,.1'W 10
.. 7 6 00
the west and south are coming to the mat-
kot more freely to look ovtrr the cotton
goods situation. Cotton ysrns sr consid
erably hlaher and are se.MIng ' moderately.
1 otton goods rum steady at prices higher.
with a good business in primary houses.'
Miscellaneous export trnde is lair, nut the
eastern markets are mote quint. A goodly
number of duplicates on men s wt-ar fcr
fsll are being rt-ceivcu ami prices aiv
firmer, ranging. from & cents to 13 cents a
yard advance. 1
Cattle Steady, Hoga Steady ta Higher
aaal Sheep Steady to Slraag. .
CHICAGO. April 20. CATTLE Recelt 4s.
2.600 head; market ateady; steers. t6."S'7.0U;
cows, l4.0U0ti.76; heifers. I3.259.00; bulls.
.76aj6.i6; calves, t3.6OgS.90; stocker and
feeders, l3.3u436.3o.
HOG43 Receipts. 10.000 head: market
steady to 6c higher; choice heavy shipping,
l7.-j'7.40; butchers, I7.lfxit7.l6; light mixed.
M-Mi'MO; choice light. t7.0lKfct7.2&; packing,
I7.uurs7.20; pigs, 6.0O(Jt).26; bulk of sales.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 16.000
head; market steady to strong; sheep, I3.2tk$
6.60; lambs, 6.60)e.l6: yearling. I6.2kai7.36.
Kansas City Lira Slock Market.
Receipts, 11,000 head, Including 800 south
erns; market steady to loo lower; choice
export and dressed beef steers,;
fair to good, t aB.uo; western steers, i&.uu
&4.30; stockers. and feeders, I4.00&6.60;
southern steers, 4.60tp6.20; southern cows,
I3.0wii4.00: nstive cows. I3.1b'96.7&; native
helfors. 14.0UG1.26; bulls, I3.7bft6.i0; calves.
HOOS Receipts, 14,oiio bead: . market
steady to strong; top, 17.26; bulk of sales.
tUo&7.20; heavy, I7.00ft7.'.; packers snd
butchers. .8fxtf7.a6; light. 16.607.06; pigs,
15. 500 25.
SHEEP AND IA MBS Receipts. 6.000
Lead; market stesdy; lambs, !7.00i3.00;
Colorado larrvhs. 18.00; yearlings, 6.264j';.40;
wethers, K.OtKtiti.ftO: ewes, u.2&a.00; stock
ers snd feeders, IU.50i66.j0; Texas muttons,
taple n Fancy r radar Prices hf
Ished by Bayer aad Wholesaler.
BUTTER Cramry. No. I. delivered to
the retail trade In 1-lb. carton. 21c; No. t
In 40-lb. tub. 30c; No. 2. In 1-lb. cartons,
tc; In 0-lb. tubs, S7Vkc; packing stock, 19c;
fancy dairy, tubs, lurglc; common roil,
Ireah mads, IbQllo. Market change viy
KOOS-FreHh selling stock, candied, 209
He No storage stock In Oman markot.
CHEESE Finest Wisconsin full oresm.
twins, ltf; young Anisrtcaa. 4 in huop, Mv.;
favoiii, s in luoy. 10c; aaisies, 20 10 noop,
UUo: cream brick, full case, loc; blot
wlks, 16c; full cream llmburger. Hie.
POULTRY Alive, apringa, Uo; hens. 11c;
rocks, 4c; duck, lie; gees. 10c; tut-
ksys, lc, pigeons, per uus.. soc; guinea
fowls, per dos., 12.60; squabs, per dus.. I
Dreaaed, bans, 11c; springs, lLihic; cucka, '
sajc; ducks, 12c; geese, Uu; turkeys, 21c.
UlBH wniteiisn, iioxen, jut; neritng.
IV:; salmon, 10c; pike, 9c; pickers, 6V14I1V;
trout. iuc: catitan, imauc; uauuui. o, tea
snapper, 12c; black baaa, 2uv; ci jpples. sj
Ic; perch. Sc; coUfiah, 12c; smelts, kg; eels..
uo; looster. green, sic; uousu, eve; irogs
lefe. 4c.
Kiba no. 1, 17c; iso. z, lie; No. 3, 9ftc
Loin No. 1, nsa; No. 2, 13Vc; No. 3, MHc.
Chuck No. 1, IVac; No. 2, b-c; No. 3, tiVftc.
Hound No. 1, 84jc; No. 2, bc: No. 3, 4c.
Plate No. 1, 6c; No. 2, 6c; No. 3, 6o.
FRESH FRUITS Apples, western box
apples, 2.00iQ'2.60. Bananas, 6-buncn lots,
to per lb. Oranges, 2.86ti.25. Lemons, 13.60
424.00; Orspe fruit, 14.60. Grapes, Malagas,
17.60 per keg. Florida pineapples, per crate,
18 00.
VEGETABLES Kansaa sweet potatoes,
12.76 per bbl. California celery, 1are, 9Uc;
smaller, 60c. New York Holland seed cab
bage, 4o per lb. Wisconsin Red Gioo
onions, 2c per lb. California cauliflower,
11 per crate. Tomatoes, Florida, l-baskut
crate, 3; Cuba, 4-basket crate, 13. Lettuce,
par dos., 40c. Old vegetables parsnlpa.
turnips, carrots 12.26 per bbl. Florida nsw
beets, carrots, persnips, turnips, mi:., per
dor., 76c.
STRAW BERRIES 13 00(31.25.
HIDES No. 1 green. Ic: No. 1 cured, 9a.
Wool Market.
BOSTON, April 20.-WOOL The ' locl
wool market continued very strong and al
though trada Is ra,Ui;r..,!UlU prices on
wools grading quarter- and three-e'ghths
blood show a decided upward tendency.
This stiffening of values Is spparent In
both foreign and domestlo stocks, In addi
tion to the speculative movement In
scoured wools there is a ateady demand
for foreign stock of msny grades. Shearing
continues In Utah; Nevada, California,
Texas and northern Arizona. Very little
has been done In Idaho to date, however.
The leading domestic quotations range ss
follows: Ohio and Pennsylvania fleeces,
XX, BlfTOic; X, XyffZSc; No. 1 washod. 3.S'
39c; No . 2 washed. 2D(ii24c: half-blood,
combing, 8031c7 three-eighths blood, comb
ing. SOtfjaic; quarter-blood, combing. JfygJli?;
delaine, washed, 39t40e. Michigan, Wiscon
sin and New York fleeces, fine unwashed,
22 'a 23c; delaine unwashed, 2fc?&c; half
blood, unwashed, 29&30c; three-eighths
blood, unwashed, 29c; quarter-blood. Btiji
29c. Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri, three
eighths blood, 29-UOOc; quarter-blood, tSQ
20c, Scoured values: Texas, fine, 12 months.
loftCc: fine, I to I months, effete ; fine.
fall, 4647o. California, northern, tsijiwic;
middle county, 48'360c; fall, free, 4(4T-.
Oregon, eastern. No. 1 staple, ms&c; east
ern clothing. 6&$S7c; valley. No. 1. 48&oc
Territory, fln staple. 63&5c; fine me
dium staple, 60tu-4Uc; fine clothing, &.S(a3-'c;
fine medium clothing, 6t5Wc; half-blood,
60aj43c; three-eighths blood, 6Mii0c; quarter
blood, 604j63c. Pulled extra, 64tc; tine A, ,
6Ktrfi2c; A supers, hWfAc.
ST. LOUIS. April 20. WOOIr-Flrni ;
territory and western mediums, viwff.'ti';
fine mediums, 184).22c; fine. UfeIKu.
Kansas City Grain aad Provisions.
I1.23V4; July, 1.04'4; September, lr9'4o
CORN May, 67c; suly, otacj Si-ptcmbor
OATS Unchanged to tje lower;' No. i
white, 6w6tic: No. 2 mixed, 6tfMc.
RYE-0(&b3o. -.
HAY Steady to firm; choice timotliv
IU.76&12.UO; choice prairie, fa . 2Sfj 9 . 75 ; choltt
alfalla. Ilti.0ufuil7.00.
BUTTER Creamery, 28c: firsts. Jbc; Sec
onds, 24c; packing stock, 18c.
BOGS Extras. 22c; current receipts, fist,
zuc; seconds ana dime, too.
Receipts. Shinmeuis.
Wheat, bu Sti.OiiO 7S.Oi4)
Corn, bu 14.0)0 Vi.C'fl
Oats, bu 8.000 2,rtio
t. Lels LIti Stoek Market.
ST. IOUIS. April 20 CATTLE Reoelots
!.2l0 head. Including 060 Texans; steady to
10c lower; native shipping and export steers,
I6.0utgi7.00; dressed beef and butcher steers.
I4 00&A16; steers under 1 OuO lb., I3.600j4i.00;
stockers and feeder, M.6uif.26; cow and
heifers. n.oOiti.; canners. 62 0062.60; bulls.
14 0155 26; calves. I4.60ty7.00: Texaa and In
dian stexrs. t4.00tf4.26; cows and heifers,
H(J8 Keceipts, 7. nesa: market txstoc
hlaher; pigs and lights, 94 Sixa.; packers.
14907.16; butchers and best heavy, 17.260
7 45.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 2,4fiO
head; VkSl&c lower: native muttons, 14 fVuft
lambs, 16.004.00: culls and bucks, 13.60
fe6.00; stockers. 3.O0:i4..
at. Jasegh Ulv Itsek Market.
reipts, 2.8U1 head; msrket loo lower; steers,
4.6ilr4.b0; Vows and heifers, 12.60i36.76;
cslvea. I3.nul.uu.
HOQS Receipts, 1.080 head: markst
steady; top, 17 lb; bulk of sales. 94 9tsjy7.06.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 4,000
head; market steady; lamb t4.6037.9O.
gtsxik ls light.
Receipts of live stork at th flv principal
weatern markets yeateraay;
Cattle. Hogs. Sheer.
. I.i0
. I ttO
. 2.600
Omaha .......
St. Joseph ...
Ksnsaa City
St. Louis ....
Totals ...
w Yrk Dry Uaads Market.
NEW.-YORK. April 20 -The dry goods
market Was lominuil mors quiet ou au
.23.060 49 KO 30.400
Options at Kansas City:
Articles. Open. I High. Low. Close.
Wheat I . I '
May 1 24 1 24 1 23 ' 1 23B
July I 1 07S 1074s , 1 tVl 7A
Sept lOIVs 101'k 8',e 694A
Corn I
May 6mti 67H 47 67HH.A
July 66417 7U 604, MfcA
Sept fcV 4k 4i
A, asked; B, bid.
Visible 8 apply ef Grata.
NEW YORK. April 20-Steclal cable arid
teltgraphio communications received bv
Bradstreet's show the following changes
In the available supply, as compared with
the previous account: Wheat, United
States, at or Rockies, decreased 2.796.O00
bushels; Canada, decreased 1.240, WJ bushels.
Total. United States and Canada, de
creased, 4.036,000 bushels. Afloat for and tn
Europe, decreased S.oOO.OOO bushels. Total
American and European supply decreased
7.63&.009 bushels. Corn. United States snd
Canada, decreased 2,100,000 bushels. Oata.
United States and Canada, decreased 794 099)
bushels. The leading decreases and In
creases reported this week follow: Det
craaaea, Manitoba, 1,391,000 bushel; Chlcaga
private elevators, ZW.UUO bushels; St. Jobs,
164.000 bushels; Goderlch. - 77.000 bushels!
Portland. M., 71.0ul bushels; Port Huron.
4B.0U0 bushels; St. Joseph, A,0u; Mlniiei
apolis private elevators. 60.009 bushels. In
creases, Louisville,' 68.000, bushels.' - .
Mlaaespolls Floor Market.
WHEAT May, 11.214,: July. I1.21S. Cash:
No. 1 hard, ILlMVO'l.'-tV No 1 northern,
11 .23Val.23'; No. 2 northern, ll.21StW.2l';
No. I northern. ll.lhSli"7,.
PIJtX-Clod at ll.taV ' ' " " -
BRAN In bulk. IOO.tO.
"LOUR First ptaenta, tW OOft 20; second
milenll IA flfvnel tftr flrel i-l,t,a Ll 4jM
second clears, IXsotllso. ' ,
s-eorla Market. ' '.'
PEORIA, April 20.-COR N-Highsr : No
1 yellow. 75c; No. I yellow, 71Sct Nc X.
12c; No. 3. 714c; no grade. jc.
OATSr-Firm;. No. I white, tttjU'a:.
Dalalh Urals Market.
ni'Li;TH, Minn. April W.-WHRAT-Mv.
i.v4: July. tl.:is,: 'No. l noilliein.
if-t'r. N I nonutiu, IL.-OV .