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Sold Mesa Bags Edholrrt, Jeweler,
ftaaelph . Bwotota. public Aceeanteflt
Riaeaart, fktmkir, lltb raMan.
Welkup Kaa,i x state c, M rutra !.
Keja, facto, removed to If and Howard.
. -uUeej tile Policies, sight draf ta at
n.aturtty. H. D. Neely, manager. OmiU
rata for OweaJe W. Bnoku (or council
11. an of the film ward on tna aemocratlo
W. X. Tul tt Flrat National Baak
feldg.. landa money an Oanana real ea(ta
in ihf SKATI IA IAdflA PmMnl ianrlj
. Tor Wege-aaraera the monthly repay-
In -fit clan af heme loans la aureat. chaao
ei, (jutckeau Nebraska, Saving and Loan
A0cJatl0n, H0 Faroara (treat.
" tand $70) Aa Aere Loui Doll h
hOt,ht the forty-acre tract weet of Elm-
woo 'd park, between Pacific and Leaven
worthi streets, for $28,000. The property waa
secured through the Chris Jenaer) Realty
company .
Have yon rot a chance on the Fidelity
and Casualty company" accident policy
being raffled at the Elks' fair? The one
that payi 1109 a, week the rest ot your life
fur disability-donated by H. E. Palmer,
Son A Co? .
Xnox Hold ate Freyer Meetiag On ac
count of the Calvin memorial service at
the Low anu 'Presbyterian church
Wednesday : evening the congregation of
the North Preabyterlan church will hold
no prayer meeting on that night. Many
of the members of the latter church will
attend the Calvin memorial eervlcea.
Federal Brand Jury The federal grand
Jury waa empaneled Tuesday afternoon a
1:80 by Judge W. H. Munger. The Jury
was formally Instructed as to its duties
and K. W. Burdlck, a banker of Herman
was appointed as foreman. Bailiff David
Miller haa been assigned to duty with the
grand Jury,'
frank Wolf to Boat at at. fcoula Th
body of Frank Wolf, 24 yeara of age, who
died Monday morning at the Omaha Qen
eral hospital. Is to be taken to St. Loui
Tuesday evening for burial. Wolf Wish
nuff. an uncle of tha dead man and
resident of St. Louis, is In the city and
will accompany the body. Wolf's mother,
who lives in Mississippi, will meet the fun
rial pariy at St. I,ouls and attend the ser
vice and burial there.
Becoptloa at Shops postponed The data
or the public reception at the Union Pacific
shops has again been postponed. A.
Mohler. general manager of the Union Pa
cific, haa. decided on Saturday a the day
for. Inviting the general public of Omaha
to visit the schops to inspect the now plant
for ahlcli Harrlman has spent several mil
lion dollars. Some of the machinery la not
installed and the public reception ia post
poned until a later dale.
TOiaer Dismisses Kls Case Tha $20,000
damage case ot Frank H. Uoagland, ad
ministrator of tha estate of Ralph Waldo
Moagland tgainn the Burlington, which
has been on trial In the United States clr
cult court for a day and a half, came to
an abrupt turmlnatlon Tuesday, by the
attorney, .for the .plaintiff, John O. Yelser.w
' dismissing the case without prejudice. The
petit ' Jury was excused until Thursday
morning, no other cases being ready for
Two Patleats Leave Hospital Two
ratlents of Pt. Bernard's hospital at
Bluffs may he In Omaa. The police have
been adv'eed that two women, Lottie Fad
den and Mary Llskley, left the Institute
Monday night and took a street car for
Omaha. The officers watched the bridge
while the cars were running and have been
Instructed to apprehend them if they are
. seen,, here. t. . tiernara a nospitai ia a
sanitarium, In one ward of which insane
persons ore kept.
. XVereaso Crounse Bailies Again Ex-
Governor lirenzo Crounae, who was ill
for aomn time recently with double pneu
monia, had a serious setback in his re
covery, but la again reported to be con- !
ateeclnt;. When It was supposed that he
had entirel) thrown off the lung trouble
e waa seised with a troublesome complaint
that was due largely to his weakened enn-
itlon after having pneumonia and for a
few days It waa feared that the long Illness
might have to be gone through a second
Ime. However, word from his apartment
t the Homllton ts encouraging.
Boa Car Thieves la aTew Jail The al
leged boa thieves moved Monday. They
are now confined In the ne'w Douglas
county jail on Dodge street, near Eleventh
and are In custody of Sheriff Spearman of
Sarpy county, who la keening them In
Omaha until the complaints are filed
against them. The charge will he receiv
ing stolen property, according to he police.
The men transferred from the city to the
county Jail are Alfred J. ftiyes, J. W. Adair
and J. .Walters. Lew Adair, said to tha
leader of the gang. . Is . still held In the
city jail and will be tried tor breaking and
entering, aay the officers, - ;
New Lighting Company Put in Bid
for City Work.
ftoeth Omaha Will VMajeleate
l.arae Ameaat ml Its Beaded
ladektedaess O Street
P.ilestles Attala I p.
Landscape At
High School Will
Have Good Care
Board of Education Decides to Em
ploy Gardener and Improve
Several Building?.
The Improvement of property of six
ward schools and the employment of a
landacapo gardener at tha high school was
decided on Monday night by the Board of
Education In its regular meeting.
Tha annexes at the Gibson, Druid Hill,
Train and Saratoga selioois will ba
painted and brick walls will be built at
the Saratoga school. The fences, heating
plant and plumbing at this school will
also bo repaired.. The grounds surround
1ng the Franklin and Lothrop schools will
be graded and resodded. .
Secretary Burgess presented a report
showing that a balance of $476,353.84 re
mains in all the apportioned funds. The
original apportionments smounted to
$598. 00, but of this $118.246. It has been
expended since the first of the year. Dur
lng the flrat three months of 1(0$ the
school district expended $112,898.(1, while
during the first t'ee months of till
year $118,248.18 waj expended. On April
1 there waa In the treasury cash amount
ing to $117,8(2, and In the alto and build
lng fund a total of $172.(14. 0(.
Four Democrats
for Fire and
Police Board
City Committee Names J. . Reagen,
Theodore Spratlan, Dan Connell
and John Brandt for Race.
The democratic city committee held
meeting Monday In the Dahlman club
rooms and selected John E. Reagan,
Theodore Spratlen, Dan Connell and John
Brandt as their candidates for the Fire
and Police Board at the coming elec
tion. Reagan Is an attorney,, Spratlen was
until recently connected with the Purl-tan-Hub
laundry, Connell la a plumber
and Brandt's occupation is given as a
musician and salesman.
William Aycrlgg, - whom MayOr Dahl
man has announced he will appoint city
engineer to fill the unexpired term occa
sioned by the death of Andrew Roeewater,
waa endorsed as candidate for city engineer.
Considerable difference of opinion de
veloped In tha committee over the choice
of the tour Excise Board candidates, and
several ballots were necessary before
four menx could bo finally determined
Suffered Terribly from Eczema
which Made Hands and Feet Swell,
Peel and Get Raw Arms Affected,
TooGave Up Hope of Cure.
1 Buffered from ecaema on my hand
arms and foot for about twelve) years,
any band and foot would swell, sweat
gnd itch, than would become callous
and go dry, then peel off and
get raw. I tried most very kind of
salve and ointment without success,
only -got temporary relief. A soon aa I
would leave off using them I would be
aa bad aa ever. 1 tried several doctors,
took arsenic for two yeara and at last
gave up thinking there was a cure for
caeroa. A friend of mine insisted oa
any trying the Cuticura Hencdiea but,
supposing they were the same as other
'cures' I had tried, I did vot give them
a trial until I got eo bad that I bad to
do something. I secured a oalce of Cu
tiowa Boap, a boa of Cuticura Oint
ment and a bottle of Cuticura Resolvent
and by tha time they were used I could
lea a vast improvement and my hands
ted feet were healed up in no time. I
used several bottle of Cuticura Re
solvent, This wss over a year ago and
have bad no trouble since. I think X
am entlrelv cured. Charles T. Bauer.
H.F.D. 65,' Volant, Pa.. Mar. 11. 1908.''
Of Torturing, Disfiguring
Humors by Cuticura.
The suffering which Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment have alleviated
among suin-torturea, dis
figured infanta and chil
dren, and the comfort
they have afforded worn
out and worried parents
have led to their adop
tion in countless home
. aa a orioeleaa treatment
' for the akin and blood.
Ecaema, rathe, and
totv form or ttcninc.
eoalv humor are speedily cured. In tha
majority of cases, when ail else faiU.
- - wiplMe ttmil and tavaraaJ Tfeelmaal toe
7 Huiacw at lotaat. C"ra te
v l Cv'Jrm c SO to rto th Slim.
Cullrurt Omuami Mc t IIm.1 Um Otia u t utl
r twinii ,toc . iM ia im tors el
t"uu4 turn. 14. ri Ttl af 401 ( Pvtpfr
( lauliait the var a. Patwt brag A CH.W.
Cr from . koaiaa. Maaa.
ae-Maaad Fia, CiMevt ofc ee DaMaaas
I Ats.
W. Krabtll ef Llnrola Finds His
gpoase with 4 aether Man,
' bat Forgives Her,
Eloping from Uncoln Mondsy evening
with a traveling salesman from Galesburg,
111., and coming to Omaha, Mrs. Q. W.
Krablll, whose husband Is s slationsry en
gineer In Lincoln, wss fr Mowed by a
private detective In the employ of her sus
pecting spouse, and, after being appre
hended and placed In jail for a few hours.
with the salesman, cloeed the affair with
kiss and forgiveness from Mr. Krablll.
who hurried to Omaha on the first train.
The reunited couple, after their half day
of sepsratlnn, left for Lincoln Tuesday
morning, having satisfied the Omaha po
lice and court authorises of the sincerity
of their reunion and their unwillingness
to have the matter handled by the courts.
J. 1L Rowe. whose homo Is aald to be
at Galesburg, was the man who left Lin
coln on Hock Island train Monday night
about the aame time Mra. Krablll left over
the Burlington. He met her at the Pazton
hotel, according to the police, and they
were found there, registered, by the pri
vate detective.
Detectives Ferris and Dunn and Emer
gency Officer Lahey made the arrests after
o'clock Tuesdsy morning.
Two bids were received for city light
ing at Mondays session 01 me ciiy
council. One was by the South Omaha
Electric Light and Power company and
the other by the Omaha Electric Light
nd Power company. The former bid on
three propositions for light and offered
to furnish a direct current for 70 per
arc on a ten year contract. For
an alternating , current the rete
was 7t per arc. The Incandescent
tamps and ana for lighting the
public buildtnga were to be at the rate
of II cents per kilowatt hopr. The bid of
the Omaha Electric Light and Power com
pany was $TK per 'c with a minimum of
110 sirs on a five-year contract under
similar conditions ss now exist In tha
The personnel of the new company Is
not revesled even to the councllmen. The
arcs offered as" samples are from the
Weatlnghouse company, and It Is prob
able that this company will back the
local corporation. It la said the new
company ts Incorporated and that sis of
the nine dlrectora are now and shall un
der the articles of Incorporation remain
cltliens of South Omaha. A, H. Mur
dock, as attorney for the new company,
presented the bid.
Action on the lighting proposition waa
deferred for one week and the matter Is
referred to the committee of tha whole
The poundmsster's ordinance was de
feated lsst night on tha point of the
slxe of the dog license fee. Half of the
council wanted ti and 5 and the other
half wanted $1 and IS.
Opealng of O Street to fllver.
A petition of considerable length waa
presented urging the council to tako
atepa for the opening of O street to the
river. This haa long been a bone of co at
tention In the city. It Is said by the
city attorney that under the new charter
the street may be opened and graded by
extending the Improvement district until
the burden of the special assessment
shall not be confiscatory.
The routine mettere contained the fol
lowing ltema. A petition was presented
asking that the intersection of Eighteenth
and P streets be repaired.
The Nebraska Artificial s"tone company
asked and was granted a renewal of the
lease of a portion of an unused street at
Twenty-eighth and K streets.
The oath of Dr. F. W. Faulk aa the new
member of the South Omaha Board of
Fire and Poltoe commissioners was filed.
The damage claim of Mr. and Mra,
Edward Shaffer waa compromised by
settlement for KS0. The claim arose from
personal Injury to Mrs. Shaffer nearly
year ago.
The contract between the Chicago Rock
Island 4 Pacific and the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Paul railroads for the open
Ing of Twenty-fifth street across the right
of-way was referred to the city attorney
for approval.
A half dosen sidewalk ordinances were
recommended by the Judiciary committee.
A change of grade of Twenty-seventh
street was also recommended. The junk
dealer'a ordinance waa ordered to second
and third reading.
yhe city , clerk was ' instructed "to draw
warrant In favor of the city treasurer for
S30.422.M to pay the clty'a obligations in
New York City.
The Dond ordinance for East Q street
paving was passed.
City te Llaaldate.
The city of South Omaha will liquidate
t30,it of Its bonded Indebtedness, includ
Ing Interest on the outstanding obligations,
Msy 1. The city treaaurer made his re
port of the amount due yesterday and in
eluded among the Items to be paid oft
$18,0(0 of the lower Twenty-fourth street
paving bonds which became optional this
year, or five yeara after the date of iasua.
The city hss collected above 111.?) In
special taxes in this Improvement district.
For thls reaaon the money was applied
to the retiring ot the bonds. The rest of
the bond Issue will run the twenty years
as provided. After the lapse of the present
year they may not be redeemed until the
full time. The collection ot so large a
sum In special assessments Is an unusual
thing in South Omaha. In the majority
of caaea the assessment haa been eluded
and the Improvement ahlfted to the ell v
at large, when the obligation must be met
out of the Interest fund.
Other large ltema In the expenditure
dating Msy 1 are $1,600 In refunding bonds;
13.160 Interest on the city hall bonds;
t5,636 semt annual interest on the general
sewer bonds; $900 Interest on psrk bonds,
and 1850 Interest on curb and gutter bonds.
Magle City Goaslp.
Lena B. Kllmrsh of Spillvllle, la., is the
guest of J. O. Vana and family.
.letter's Oold Top Beer delivered to any
part of th city. Telephone No. (.
The Royal Highlanders will meet this
evening at the Danish Brotherhood hall.
Mr. and Mr. II. P. Soreneon were given
surprise Sunday evening In honor of
a meeting at the rectory Wednesday at J 30
p. .m. offlcere for the coming jear will
be elected.
Furnished Home for Rent Modern In
everv pertlcnlsr. Inquire Aithur M. Howe,
rot North 241h St.. Bcuth Omaha. Tel.
South M.
The death pf Mra. U H. Denlson occurred
yealerday at the South Omaha hoepitil
after a long Illness. The body will be sent
to Ktrksvilic, Mo., for burial.
The railed meeting of tne South Omaha
Country club etockholdera will be held at
Library hall Thursday, Instead ot Tuesday
evening, as formerly announced.
Mrs. A. Reltmsn Is erecting a ll.dno cot
tage at Thirty-fourth and 7. streets. Qenrge
I'hllllps is" erecting a dwelling at Fortieth
and r streets. Frank Nmril t building a
cottage at Thirty-eighth and II atreets.
John Baptist hss agreed to give a lec
ore at the Baptist church Wednesday
evening at 7:S0 on the auhlect of the
Turkish situation. He la an Armenlsn snd
has en Intimate knowledge of the conditions
In Turkey.
General raasesgrr Atrat of Van-
ttalla Imereaaeel with Omaha
Wholesale District.
"Mar-ve-lous." said J. M. Cheabrough,
general passenger agent of the Vandalla &
Pennsylvania lines of St. Louis, as he
walked through the jobbing center of
Omaha Tuesday for the flrat time In
doxen yeara.
Mr. Cheaborough was formerly chief clerk
to Thomas Kimball, general manager of
the I'nion Pacific, and he telle many In
teresting experiences of the early days of
railroading In Omsha.
"In the old dsys traveling passenger
agenta would meet the Overland tralna at
Council Bluffa and Induce travelers en
route to Xew Tcrrk to go via Kansas City.
end trsveling agents would meet the Over
land traina at Kansas City and induce them
to come via Omaha and Council Bluffa, and
these tourists, traveling miles out of their
wsy, would pass esch other be'ween here
and Kansas City," mused the genial gen
eral pHsaenger agent.
Demands Tea Theesaasl Dollars
for the Death ef Her
The suit of Mis. Olena Saanson against
the I'nion Stork Yards company which hss
been on for several daya before Judge Ken
nedy In district court Is nesting Its con
clusion. Mra. Swanaon. who aaka $10,900,
contends that her husband, who was
section hand, was killed through the ctre-
lesness of the Stork Tarda company, whlrh
Is rhsrged with having sent a ear down
upon him while he waa shoveling with his
back turned .-
So Impresses New York that State
Enlarges IU Exhibit.
Deaa ef teraell sai t halrsaaa ef the
Coaatry Life Ceasmleeloa le,
Makla It Hia Baslaeas
. deest.
New Tork agricultural Interests were a ,
well pleased with the reaulta of the ex
hibit made by Cornell unlveralty at the
National Corn exposition, representative
of their state, that the agricultural college
Miss Ida V. J,inls. genersl secretary of - jniv.rity hss given notice that the
the Associated Chsrttles of Omaha, will or jn ,,r. y " .. ,,. v,.r .a
be the primlpnl speaker at the sesson exhibit will be made again this year and
of the South Omaha Gredera' Sunday
School union at the Young Men's ChristUn
assoclstlon this evening. She will. discuss
the work ot the union.
The South Omaha illce arrested N. J.
Welsh. George W. Welsh, Fred Schults,
Peter panlng. ueorge Long and James
Degnan last night as a gang of tough
oharactera who made trouble on the Fort
Crook car. by refusing to pay their fares
and acting In a boisterous manner.
Marcus If. Harding, superintendent of
the National Packing company, with the
local superintendents from St. Joseph,
Kansas City. Bt. Louis, Chtcsgn. New
York and Toronto were visitors at South
Omaha yesterday. They were on one of
their periodical tours of Inspection.
Miss Josephine Wsnek and Josef Hruby
of Omaha were married yesterday morning
at the church f The Assumption. Father
Chundelak performed the ceremony. Vic
toria Vana presided at the organ. Anna
Klouck and John Herman of Pocahontas.
Ia.. were also married at the same church.
The Afrlcen Methodist Episcopal church
will be greatly enlarged.
The Idea expressed by Dr. Liberty Hyde
Bailey and Prof. Lyon la that the New
York university will carry out iome par
ticular object lesson. Last year the New
Yorkers had hut a ahort time ta prepare
their exhibit, but they made a general
exhibit, showing In a graphic way that
the Empire state leads all others In the
production of hay, milk, potatoes, buck
wheat, beans, farm forest products, vege
tables, email frulta. flowers and planta, as
well as nursery stock.
For the 19n exposition Prof. Bslley haa
lid that the matter of the Cornell uni
versity exhibit will be taken up at once
and some definite plan worked out.
This Is In accordance with the wish ot
the exposition management that each agri
cultural rolleae or unlveralty settle on a
definite plan some particular object lea
nt South and North Omaha haa arranged wnlcn w, ,now the character of the
to give a muaical program at .the South , , . . . ... hlv, ...
Omaha High school auditorium Wednes- progressive work which the exhibitors are
day evening. April a, for the benefit of
the church in South Omaha. Rev. A. Wag
ner and hta congregation are making an
errort to raise 11.000 for a new structure.
The Melcher Drue company. Fisher-McOlll
and the Stott Stationery company have
agreed to handle the tickets.
Shawknlt hose are here, onlv 20 eta. Pres
Ident suspenders. 39c. We also place on aale
meti'i 60 ct. suspenders at 25 cts. We are
agents In South Omaha for Manhsttan
snirts ana stetson hats. One article on
which we can show you that we are selling
gooas cneaper man anywnere else is an
sll wool blue serge suit at $10. Tt Is
beautiful shade of blue and Is silk lined
v hen we hart our Sale several weeka ago
we closed out at a low price all the unde
sirable pants, we had. We have now re.
celved one of the finest lines of panta we
have aeon anywhere. Anyone who wanta
doing. If worked out by the dirrerent
states and different achool. It will give
great variety to the exposition and there
will be no eameness to state exhibits, even
when the states are located In the same
The New Yorkers are also to organise
local corn growers' clubs, similar to thoae
in Iowa. Illinois. Nebraska and other
..lAa Th Cnrnll renresentstlves dem
onstrated at he 190 expoaltlon that New
York haa corn, not only the flint variety.
but can produce a fine dent corn, showing
site, uniformity and maturity.
C. C. Rosewater, chairman of the ex
ecutive committee of the exposition, Is In
to buy a pair of pants from $1.90 to $6. we the east attending Several publishers meet
can show him a beautiful line of patterns Ines. and incidentally making It his bus!
ness to boost, the coming corn show. He
visited Dr. Bajley at Ithaca, N. Y., and the
dean, who Is also the head of the Country
Life commission, expressed himself as
gratified with the reaulta ot the exhibit
made by the achool at Omaha.
W. O. Paisley, assistant general man
ager of the exposition. Is In Indiana, where
he has found the grain growers preparing
for a big exhibit at the 19ot exposition, and
slso a number of seedmen and Implement
Spanish Wax Veterans Entertained manufacturer, who are anxious to reserve
and save him at leaat 28 per cent. All
pants aa well as everything else Is abso
lutely guaranteed. Store open Wednesday
until p. m. Nebraska Shoe and Clothing
nouse, cor. ann ana in his., south Omaha.
Anniversary of
First Nebraska
Monday by Hen's Club of
Presbyterian Church.
apace to secure the concessions they want.
Spanish war veterans were eptertalned
Monday evening by the Men's club of the
First Presbyterian cnurcn when a pro
gram was given for the Spanish war
veterans and the auxiliary societies and
the G. A. R. and Its auxiliary societies,
Sands F. Woodbrldge presided and the
speakers of the evening were Cadet Tay
lor, who told of the past and present con
ditions In the Philippines and the causes
which led. up to the wsr. He illustrated
hla lecture by some Splendid late pictures
which have TecentTjr-arrlved from Manila.
Past Commander Crook of Lee Forbv nont I him.
also spoke on the .condition of. the Phil. "I didn't know Bennie waa bad." said
ipplnes when the famous First Nebraska I Willie JackaonJ a l!-year-old colored boy
waa on the Island. Jo Barton sang aoma who waa arrested Tuesday morning and Is
Jnveetle Ceert Personage la Wow
Blamed for Theft of La
from a Bex Car.
Bennie Thomas Is now blamed for a box
car robbery. The elualve and light-fingered
lad. after serving several terms In the
state reformatory, entered as a candidate
for the navy nd. releaaed on parole, la
now aaid to be out in the state with the
sheriff of a doxen countlea looking for
patriotic songs and the Shook orchestra
furnished the music for the evening's en
tertainment The occasion waa In cele
bration of the anniversary of the depar-
ture of the First Nebraska regiment for
the Philippines.
Three Men Boand Over to District
Court by Police Judge Tees
day Horslsg.
Three men were bound over to the dis
trict court Tuesday morning from police
court. Clarence While and Harry Johnson
waived preliminary examination on the
charge of stealing $1,000 worth of lightning
rod cable and their bond were fixed at
$500 each. The charge was breaking and
entering. Joe White . and Louie Simon
were arraigned on the charge of grand
larceny. White waa bound over and Simon
was discharged on recommendation of
Captain Savage, who says White haa con
fessed to the work and that Simon waa
arrested becauae he lived in the house
where a quantity of the stolen property,
oars of bullion, had been found. The
smelting company waa the complainant.
White offered no defenae. The amount of
his bond wss fixed at 15-10.
being held In connection with the theft of
aeveral hundred pounds of lead from 1
boxcar. Willie lives with his mother a
1617 North Twenty-sixth street and hi
father Is a sheep herder at Buffalo, Wyo.
George William, also colored, has been
arrested aa a auspicious character, having
been caught by Officer Hell and Reigel
man coming from the robbed boxcar Mon
day afternoon with some of the lead in
hla possession. He also impliratea Bennie
Thomas In the case and saya that Bennie
waa the one who broke the seal on the car
The police are holding the colored
man and boy. ano nave leiegrapnea
Information on the case to vrriou towna,
with tha request that Thomaa be arrested
when found. He Is ald by the colored
man and boy to have gone to Fremont on
a Ireignt immeaiaieiy anor me mmrei;
their twentieth wedding anniversary.
Captain Nela Turnqulst yeeterday after
noon swore out a complaint ehararlna- In.
aanity Induced by diseaae, against Eva Coa-
St. Martin a Women's auxiliary will hold
the 40,366
estimoni&ls received in two
ears. M Ours is i New Eng
and farmer's home and
we are twenty mile from a large
own. w are obliged to depend very
rgely upon family medicine w keep
n hand all the time.
"First and Foremost among fhera la
lood'a Baraaparllla, which we have
tlways found a true friend and helper.
,Vhen I had suffered dreadfully from
'.yspepsla, without finding relief.
Hood' Baraaparllla gave me positive
help, and when I had used four bot
'.les I wa In better health than for
many yeara. I have found It
"A Great Medicine to build up when
strength la most needed, to create an
eppedte, and In ahort to regulate the
whole system. I have lately been tak
ing Barsataba, which I find convenient
aay to take, and alio very beneficial."
Mr. E. I Berry. Wet Troy, Me.
Hood' Baraaparllla combine the
utmost remedial value of more than
:o different ingredient, each groatly
strengthened and enriched by thia
peculiar combination.
Begin taking Hood's Bar so par Ilia to
day. Get It In the usual liquid form
or in chocolated tablet known aa Bar
sataba 100 Doses On Pol-
season In Wiamlat Haa Heea Sr.
vere, hat l.eaa Is Wot Great
The a inter has been long and cold In
Wyoming and has been hard for all kinds
of stock, although the loss has not been
as heavy as wis expected a few months
ago, according to the crop report of the
Burlington on the state of Wyoming. Ths
condition of the stock at present and the
range is fair and some stations report
there will be larger shipments of cattle
sheep and wool thia. year than last year.
ine acreage ot sugar beets also will be
It Is estimated the acreage of potatoes
will be Increased about 25 per cent In the
vicinity of Hemingford and Crswford. Win
ler wneat nas not made a very rapid
rw,n dui tne sou 1. m good condition ,f ,t were not ,cr tht tmct th.t you add
and only awaits warm weather. Oata are l0 your ut every day, you woud soon get
"""u uwn aim m grouna ia Deing hack to a decent figure. Each day a actt
prepared for corn. .,, ,.,,me aoma of vour exceaa. Uut it
1. .fi with th nlri rfin avlth the new
BENSON ASKS NEW TRACKS with you every twenty-four houra. u that
th lai balance remain uncnaoacu.
Paoa Bill Comes Heme larsaay
and Kane May Follow la
Short Time.
Papa Bill Rourke, if the Cincinnati
papera are telling the fact about It, bought
Jimmy Kane, first baseman Of ruisourg,
ouirlaht and Omaha will have mm on
flrat when the season opens.
Father Rourko haa not yet returned, but
la expected home wedneeoay morning
Brother Dave epent Tuesdsy In Lincoln
shoveling the money aside at the gate, but
he wola not of Pa'a mysterloua tradln
alnce he departed, anyway, he says.
Pa la In for a good "kidding" when he
gets home for that telegram "signing" J
Peck Sharp lo train and coach his team
A Fleree Attack
cf malaria, liver derangement and lUdney
trouble, la eaatly cured by Electric Bittera
the guaranted remedy, hie. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
You Manufacture Fat?
wants Ktreet ler Company te Move
Ita Ralls anal Lay Doable
Four numbers of the Board ct County
Commissioners traveled to Benson Tuesday
morning to look at the atone pavement on
Main street. I
Benson residents wish the street car
tracks, moved from the, north side of the the tenter and an additional set
f rails lsid. The street car company haa
declare.) Itself willing to double track pro
vided some one else will move the paving,
which consists of large squares of ajtone.
The commissioners are of the opinion that
the company ought 10 do the moving.
Mr. F. U. ruu. Oneonu, m. t. writes:
"My It lis girl was greatly benefited by
taking Foley's O.lno Laxative, and I think
It Is th best remedy for constipation and
liver trouble." Foley's Orlno Laxative .
best for women and children, as It Is mild,
pleasant and effective, and 1 a splendid
spring medicine, as It cleanses th system
and elaara tha complexion. Sold by all
Now. people who take Marmola Pre
scrlH ion Tablets really gut thin, but harm
lesaly so, and a hint aa lo th reaaon
given above. They eat and drink with un
Disturbed delight as formerly, and yet the
lose, ymany of them, a pound a day. The
leasu Is Marmola causes the body to stop
manufacturing useless fat; hence the body
It la Introduced Into gets thinner as a ma
ler uf course. Each day activities alone
would account for the delightful reault
Check up the results from thia point of
view and juu can readllly understand why
Marmola frescrtption Tableta rauwe no 111
etttcia or wrinkles, but, on th contrary
help Ilia atomach and the appearance.
They are nature a allies, not her compet
ttora. 1 his commends them to all, even the
timid, aa safe; and alnoe they reduce one
aa fast aa la desirable, that Is all thai
VS hen you get tired trying other method
or getting thin lesi this one. Marmot
Prescription Tablets come In large, sen
erously filled cases, and If your druggist
can not supply you, which la unlikely, you
can get one or more cases by mall by send
ing the price, 7$ cents, direct to Marmola
Company. Detroit. Mk-h.
Wits yea ha del Medal Fleer
be sare It Is Washbara-Cveahy'a Cola)
Medal Fleer, This la laapertaat.
Spring Oxfords
for Men and Women
If you've nver worn "Nebraska Special iz.&o (mora
you'll be greatly surprised by the handsome shape and snappy
styles we how at that price. ,
And, after yqu've worn them awhile you lt-be well pleased
with their perfect fit and surerlor wearing qualities.
Without fear of contradiction we say they're equal to any
$3.00 Oxford In town and are actually better than mast $3.00
and $3.50 grades.
Your selection can be made from a moRt comprehensive,
array of new styles, shapes and lasts In Gun Metal, Patent Colt,
Vlcl Kid or Tan leathers In lace or blucher styles, and all slzea
Kecogalsed Standard Brand of ths World
Wostenholm Pipe Butcher Bros. Williams
Bair A. C. Horden Deutchlond
Kollngen Sheffield William KUIot
Wade & Stockholm Woatenholm
Butcher (Swedish) I-X-L
(and fifty other different brands.)
Genuine fa Balr Strop Vow 7o.
The keenest strop In the world. It hones
your raior, or better still, It polishes It,
giving you thst much desired keen shav
ing edge, as good as an expert barber can
obtain. The regular price that you nee ad
vertised In ail mugasines Is 12.00. and at
thst price It is a bargain; but during this
sale we cut the price 10 97c.
A good strop ia "Nine-Tenths" of any
razor, and you cannot afford to put your
good raxor on a cheap strop.
WK tlUARANTKE every Rater, subject
to exchange or refund or money.
' MAIL ORDKRS for these Razors and Strops are given special attention.
ICach carefully selected and guaranteed to be satisfactory. Poatage 10c extra.
Mail your order to-dav.
Myers-Dillon Drug Co. "fs?"
man guides Vou to
When going to California, wouldn't you like the personal
attention of an experienced tourist agent? One who knows the
country traversed; who helps make the journey a pleasant one;
who takes special care of elderly persons, women and children.
The Santa Fe carries newest style tourist sleeper every day
on three of Us four trains between Chicago, Kansas City and Cal
ifornia. The fastest tourist sleeper service to California.
Three times a week these excursions are personally con
ducted. Our de luxe folder, "To California in a Tourist Sleepr,"
tells how cozy the cars are, and how economical Free on request.
California homeseekers should ask for our San Joaquin
Valley land folder, telling all about the greatest irrigated valley
In the world where intensive farming pays largest profita.
sue' Larimer. Pass. Agt., Until April 30 one-way colonist tickets
40 sixth Avenue! to California are on sale at $25 from
Dea Moines, la. Omaha. . . s -
Withont Cutting, Tying or Barnlng. All Kinds of Piles Cured Blind,
Bleeding, Internal, External and Itching Pile Cured by
A Graduate of Bellevu Hospital Medical Co ling of New Tork City.
Dr. Maxwell has realded In Omaha for tt yeara and haa had it years of
experience in treating diseases of the rectana. KnnAreds ef the moat vroaa
Ineat people of Omasa, Kebraska, aae from aU part of ike Puited Stale
have eeea cured by Sr. ltaxweU.
A written guarantee la given In every case taken under treatment by
Zrr. Maxwell.
IVo lYtoney Fald Until Cured
524 Bee) Building. . OMAHA, NEBRASKA.
All patleata xaaat eoaae to the offloe for treataasat.
af ., jSE
tint- ,
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printing. The best work depends upon the
good taste and capability of your printer-
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