Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 20, 1909, Page 9, Image 9

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A (W-M551 Maytx
for investors mailed receipt of ta post
age. K.. 8. ud A. R. Iatm. room n-a
pacific Fldg.. Washington, D. C. Kstab-
Jihex3 . . , . fUru-
I'KKT MA8SKUR, For ladles and gentle
men. If tired, languid, from lack of circu
lation which -causes Indigestion, constipa
tion, torpid liver,- rheumatism and chronic
troubles, try. Oriental maxaage. Thorough
hand work. Kara and scalp treatment; ft
yra. In Omaha at Bee Bldg. Doug. 4n.
(li-317 May4
OUAUA Stammerers' Ina.. Ksmge Bids.
STR1XGE&. . rubber goods, by mall: cut
trices. Hnd for free catalogue. Myers
lllon Drug Co., Omaha (18j 1
the salvation armt solicit castoif
clothing;. In .fact, .anything you do not
ntad. . Wa collect, rapalr and aell at 134
N. llth St., for coat of collection to the
worthy hoar. Call 'phone Douglaa 41
and wagon will call. (18)-7
H treatment. Mma. Smith,
MAUiNrii-lO 6ii2 h. no,, third floor.
A HOME for women during confinement.
We find homea for babtua where moth
era cannot care fof them. Bablea
boarded. Mr. Martha A. Lee. 403 Ban
croft St. 'Fhene Douglas Ifr-'!.
.. . 08J-M4M Majrf
PRIVAT18 horns during confinement;
bablea adopted. The Quod Samaritan San
itarium, 740 First Avu., Council Bluffs,
la. (llj-MstU
HALL'S safes, new, Id-hand. 103 Farnam.
MfJMPlTlP lectrlo vrbrstorjr.120
iurriXIiGth room m Fourth
Floor, Old Boston Store. (18) 043 May 11
YOUNG WOMEN coming to Omaha a
strangers are Invited to visit the Young
women a unristlen aaaoclation. mh ana
Howard Sts.. where they will be directed
to suitable boarding place a or otherwise
assisted, A deaconess representing the
aaaoclation meets tralna at the Union sta
tion as travelers' aid. (18) 268
stay cured tinder positive guarantee.
Writ tha F.ruior . Remedy Co.. Dept. O.
South Omaha,. Neb, (18) M&2 Mil
I. C. B. LEGHORN EUU8 II per sett lag,
$3 per'lQU. O. 11. Deaver, Orleans, Neb.
. (1D-M63H Zix
atandard bred stock. Heavy laying itnun.
to per 100, U per 60, U per 80.
Mra. W. LMcKenney,
Palmer, Merrick County, Neb.
. (1D-M537 Z3x
S. C. ' BUFF ORPINGTONS, free range;
egga for hatching, $1.26 per IS, 83.00 for sO,
ti.OO for KiO. Indian Runner duck egga, U
fur II. 2o; for W-W. Toulouse goose eggs,
2fio each. Guaranteed fresh and fertile.
Peter 4k Brehm, Harvard, Neb.
(11) M&38 23x
WHITS ROCK EGGS, 1 for 16. 1811 Oak Bt.
- . : i (11) M632 20x
i . r
CHAMBERLAIN Original perfect dry
click feed, t'se this) only and aave young
rhlckena. Stewart's Feed Store, Sola
Agents. II N.- 18th St. (1D-M841 May 1'
s i J .'
R. C. R. I. RED EGGS for sale. Pen egga.
11.60 per it, u per luu; irom pena ecoring
10 to M range II per IS, t per loo. J. W.
Abraham. Valley; Neb. (U)-M24
B C BLACK MINORCA egga for Betting.
(1 for IS, Tel. Harney 8322. UD-M892 M2x
White Leghern eggs M per loo, at Mandy
Lee Farm.- Tel. Florence 182.
i (U)-M7-M A3
IARVE PTG. CO.; lob printing and calen
dars, 16ih (Jap. Ave. Phone lod. A-UttO.
'. .- (6 1
REED ABSTRACT CO.. Eat. 186; prompt
servtcv; gl our pricea. lHv fc'ainam MU
CHAd. E. WILLlAMbON. Prasideni.
PAYNE 1NV.' C.O.;- flrat floor N. Y. L
' . . - (1)-18
BENJAMIN R. E. COt. 477 Brandela Bldg.
...... (l)-til
block. ' ' (1-M9i7 Mayl8
141 Brandela Bldg. Tela. D. 8u34 or A -1821.
A new -rtom house. In ' fine neighbor
hood, close In. We think tbta house la
an exceptionally fine proposition for
someone wanting a' home In walking dis
tance:, rnd yet In a first-'lasa neighbor
hood, The house la' complete In every
way a splendid bs.aement, line furnace,
good plumbing, quarter-sawed oak finish,
4 bedrooms, 4- rooms and hail downstairs,
nice yard, cement -walks, pjvlng all paid.
sewer, water, gas and electrio lights. Tha
ocatiun la ' Ideal. .. The conveniences are
.here. -See It today and make orrqr.
New ki acton. 1614 Harney.
" (!) 1
SUIT: have lots near llanscom park; idaoi
lots m norm ana, au convenient to car
linear -water, aewar, etc. i Take your
choice; '
Nowata land and lot co.
Suite :4 N. Y.. Life Bldg.
Phone Red IW9. Omaha, Neb.
Open evenings. -. . .
(18I-408 a
,1 1 , .. .
Half acre and. small bouse, 34th and Cam
den Irt ;.
Also a-roooi, anodern eottage, 4812 LaFay
eue Ave.
Omaha Loan & Building Ass'n
' S. 'E.' Cbr. 18th and Dodge.
(18I-M378 30
HAYF three 10-rpom flate, cloaa In. that
are the beat revenue producers In the
to n,. 83,004 to H.ixw win carry them; bal
ance ( i-cr cent; In that way they wtll
net it urrunt on your monev In the di
i Thla, ta tba (aet Jet me prove (t. Ad-
drera y Mi, nee. (l M682 20
.town and balance same aa rent will buv
Brand- oew cottage near 41at and Grand
vt; one block to ear.
.Brandela Bldg.
(1)-MU3 x
"N" ninney St.. Juat a gtep to ltith, 8 rooma
nii'nria exeent neat, t-rira a.-.auu.
Suite .'4 N. Y. Life Bldg.
1'h .ne Red l Oanaita, Nab.
uen evenings. -
(1 47 tl
HOMK8 IN BENSON Part cash; balance
emu aa rent. W. E. Yarton. a Or.
Ihanage Ave.. Benson. Tel Benson 61,
(18) MAW AAV
'.A RGB new "Wind, i-r
:iX'l. two blocks fr
-r. eottage. eor. lot
dlate poaseW.,ni (t a licme on ea'ey nay-
""""V"00 th owner. Doug. 1461 or even
Inge Wtta., 4 . .. ' . (18 MIX)
REAL ESTATB. LOAN and Inaurance
IJat your property with us for aale or
exchange. Walnut and Oraliard HMe
aity Co. Hamilton St. Phones
i T I.; Ind.. U-UU. (4-to
don't be foolfjj.
Theae people who advertise a owners
and tell you that you can eava commission
hv biiving of the owner are tryn to fool
you. WHO RUtlf OMAHA? Iork at our
list; then compare "owner' a" pricea.
Htilte f.?4 N. Y. Life Rldg..
'Phone Red IW. Omaha. Neb.
Open F.venlngs; (1-MB! 23
BOULKVARD HOUSE. 2548 North lth St..
I rooma, modern, only 12, SOU. Thomaa
Brennan. room 1 New York Life ftldg.
li 4
Reception hall, parlor, dining room and
kitchen; II bod rooms and hath; strictly
modern, full basement, large lot, room to
build another house; easy walking distance.
4W) Brandela Bldg., Omaha, Nrl.
LIST your property with Chrla Boysr, T4
and Cuming Bts. (1)-4U3
City property, farms, ranch landa or roer
chandlae to aell or trade, list them with
me. It costa you nothing unless I effect
sale. W. W. Mitchell, 383 Bd. Td. bldg.
8-Koom house, city water, gns, cistern,
barn, chicken house, large ahade trees,
large lot, buildings in good condition, close
to car, X Blondo St. 13. WO. part terms.
33S Board of Trade Bldg..
Omaha, Neb.
(18) MM X
NEWT 7 rooms, very choirs, Bern I a Pwk
district C. M. Rich, 320 N. T. Life.
D 802. A 3233. 19-M9M
t ROOMS, modern except heat: could fin
ish two more rooms in aecond atory. hot
60x133, one block from car line. Brand
new. A verv desirable home. Terma
reasonable. Price 81. 8M.
Suite. 624 N Y. Life Bldg , Omaha.
'Phunu Red 1W. open evenings.
(!) 481 21
FIVB-ROOM cottage 32x2. modern except
fiirtiHcc; lot 50x100, near 33d and Harney.
Price reasonable. s
4IKI Brandela Bldg., Omaha. Neb.
(1S-MB4 20
HAVE four choice Missouri farms, In ex
cellent neignuornooa, witnin twenty-live
miles of Kansas City; prices low. Kslly
& Kelly, Topeka. Kan.
47elora4io. -
40 acrea Joining townslte, twelve miles
from Denver; fruit and vegetable land;
lies beautifully; fine view of the moun
tains; Ideal for home or Investment. This
will ba aold at one-half Ita preaent value
If at once.
682 Brandela Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
(20) 268
MO-ACRE homesteads; cheap relinquish
ments. J. Berxlna, Whitman, Neb,
()-M401 MaylSx
Acres of Land
Now Open to Entry
under the Carey Act at Wheatland. Wyo.
vtme ua ror run information, now to
get aome of theae landa. We - will locate
you and look after your Intereata care
fully. Thla Is a splendid section, the soil
la rich; It la a great alfalfa, wheat, oata,
barley, sugar beet and potato country.
Fruit does well. The laud Is ready to
plow. Building materials are cheap, fuel
Is abundant. We have railroad, school
and church facilities and the beat of
nelghbora. Thla la a dairy country. You
can get rich farming here. We want you
to have our full descriptive Illustrated
circular at once, free for the asking.
Write; we want to hear from you. In
quire of J. R. Maaon, Immigration Agt.,
W heatland, Wyo. (20)
WANTED City loana. Petara Trust Co.
SECOND MORTGAGE loana negotiated.
Apply Room 417-18 Flrat Nat l Bank Bldg.
Bell 'phone Douglaa 2318. (22) 4U
WANTED City loana and warrants. W.
Faruam Smitii Co., 1330 Farnam St.
PRIVATE money to loan. J. H Sherwood.
fit Brandela Bldg. (22) W
LOWEST RATES Bemle. Brandela Bldg.
Private money; 8608 to 88,000; low rate.
DB m
100 TO 810.000 made promrtly. F, D. Wead,
Waad Bldg., 18th and Farnam. '3)
ta loan on
Omaha Business Property.
Itaom 1. New York Llfa Bldg.
On TO t&.OOO on homea ta Omaha O-Keefe
Baal Estate Co.. 1001 N. Y. Life. Doug,
ar A-2161 (22) I7
tsrw to IJOO.OOO at current ratea.
W. H. THOMAS, tut First Nat l Bank Bldg.
(32) 31
ttOO to l'iOO.000. lowest ratea, no delay.
Q win Bros., 1604 Farnam. (22)
MONEY TO LOAN Payne Investment Co.
(23) 434
WE HAVE BUYERS for a 6-room house, a
t-room house and a couple of vacant lota.
Suite 624 N. Y. Life Bldg . Omaha.
'Phone Red I9SO. Open Evenings.
WANTED To buy for cash, a lot In or
near Bemls Park: must he east or south
front. Addresa Y7, care Bee.
ii.'.) M57 21
NEW furnacea, hot water and hot air com
bination heating, 3 and 4-bole laundry
hot water heaters, mantle grates, gas
atovea repaired, water fronts and flower
vaaes. Omaha Stove Repair work, lids
1208 Douglaa St. 'Ffconea lnd. A-3&1;
alell. uougias u.
HIGHEST prices for secondhand furniture,
carpets, clothes and ahoee. Tel. Doug. tuTi.
BEST price paid for aecondhand furniture,
carpet a atovea, clothing, ahoee. Tel. Doug.
401. (2a)-41
Tha Practical Auctioneer. 148 N. T. Llfa
WANTED to rent May 1. 8 or s-room mod
ern houae. Must be In good neighbor
hood. Will has for yar. References.
No children. Slate terma. Y 13. Bee.
U--M2i,- at
WANTED By single man. room with or
witlKiUi board. In or near Hernia park
Ad tren with full particulars. 7
Lite Bldg., or Phone Douglaa ttae
(Jo)-4iol V.
Boston Manages to Lose One; Red Lead;
Crime With Lincoln Ii Taken by a
Score of FiTt to Four.
Pearfry and Graham Eaeel Wltk) Dtlclx
Llacola fittttA Between Bases
qaeese Play la at
LINCOLN, April 1 A small but enthusl
aatlc crowd of base ball devotrea ssw
Omaha win a tight exhibition game from
Lincoln today by a score of t to 4. Hocken
bary, a recruit for the Lincoln club, had
hla first real trying out In league company
and the visitors hit him hard at times,
their eight safeties going ofr a total of
eighteen bHsea. Pendry and Grahnm ex
celled In the batting. Hockenbary waa
effective in the pinches, but the two errors
by bis teammate were costly. Lincoln
excelled la base running, Davidson twice
working the "aq'ieeM" play effectively. The
tennis will pin again tomorrow. Score:
AB. R. 'H. 0 A. E.
Flsl r, If ,6 I l o 0 0
King, cf 12 12 0 1
Welch, rf 4 112 0 0
Pendry, 8b 4 1.8 1 4 0
Graham, 2b 4 0 2 8 8 S
Franck, sa 3 0 0 t 2 0
Claire, lb 3 0 0 9 0 0
Ie Brand, c. 8 0 0 t 0
Gondlng, c 10 0 110
Hollenbeck, p 0 0 0 1 0
Johns, p 2 0 0 0 0 0
Total 84 I 8 27 14
AB. R. H. O. A. V..
wandron, rf 5 0 1 3 0 0
Fox. 2b , (01301
Jude. If S 1 1 3 0
Thomaa, lb 4 0 0 8 2 0
Davidson, c 3 8 110 0
Gagnlor. as....'. 3 0 0 3 8 1
Caldwell, 3b 4 0 0 0 1 0
Sullivan, c I 0 1 a 4 0
Hockenbary,' p 3 0 0 1 3 0
Omaha ....
Lincoln ...
.36 4
27 18
0 10 0 2 0 0 1 04
Fisher. Klna-. Welch.
Three-base hlta:
Graham. Two-base Jilts: Graham. Pendry.
Baae on balls: Off Hockenhary. 2; off Hol
lenbeck, 3. Hit by pltohed ball: Bv Hollen
beck. 1. Struck out: Bv Hockenbary. :
by Hollenbeck. 2; by Johns, 1. Left on
bases: Lincoln. 8; Omaha. 4. Sacrifice hlta:
(ox, Kranck. stolen buses:
Gamier, Sullivan. Pendry.
Umpire: Wood of Lincoln.
Davidson (3,
Time: 1:60.
Cerskstker Pltchla Staff Reapoa-
alble for Slasa on Trip.
LINCOLN, April 19.-(8pecial.)-The ' Ne
braska base ball team returned from Ita
eouthern trip last night, visibly fatigued,
and In other ways manifesting the wearing
effecta of a hard Journey. During the laat
three daya of the trip the Comhuskera
encountered cold wather and Buffered a
miserable slump In their playing, losing the
laat four games of the tour. Three of
these contests were played In dust stonne
and the Cornhuskers were easily taken Intj
camp by the resident nines. The record of
the trip was four games won and five loat.
The four vlctorlea were snatched during
the first five daya of the trip.
Two games counting In the championship
race of "the Missouri Valley Conference
league were played on thla trip, the Corn
huskers winning one and losing the other.
Missouri was defeated in the title contest,
but Kansas was unconquerable, and took
not only the championship game, but also
a second bout from the Cornhuskers.
Nebraska's slump during the second half
of the trip U laid cn the pitching staff,
which had dpW brilliant work In the earlier
games, but which apparently could not
stand the suddVn cold snap that overtook
the scarlet and cream brigade. Ward, the
most dependable alab artist on the staff,
even lost his pitching strength, and in the
last three games of the Journey was un
able to do effective work in the box. Olm
stead. rated as the aecond best pitcher on
the nine, developed a strenk of wildness
and could not control hla balls. Prouty,
the third member of the staff, failed to
puxale any of the last teams encountered
and could not be kept on tha slsb.
The pitchers were given good support on
the entire trip, the Cornlrusker Infield play
ing much better ball than had been ex
pected. The error column In no single
game waa very large and no Individual
did any great amount of poor playing. At
the bat the team proved quite strong In
nearly all the games, and several of tha
FOITR or 6-room furnished octtage or flat.
Address C 82. Bee. (36)-M14t 20x
WANTED 3 furnlsh'id rooms, May 1: Loth
rop echnol dlatrlct. L. R. Vorce, 1824 Bln
ney St. (il 40 20
WANTED By a Filipino boy a place to
work for board while attending Boylea'
Buslneaa college. Beat of recommenda
tions. Address Farm In Gamo, Crawford,
Neb. (27) M395 26 x
WANTED A position In a furniture store;
had 8 years experience and can give
good references. Address H 314, care Bee.
(27) M079 2x
JAPANESE wanta altuation aa cook,
waiter, porter and houae cleaning. Write
please, H. N., 411 N. 26th Ht., South
Omaha. (21) MS77 2Sx
BUNDLE waahlng to take home. 'Phone
Wehater 2831 . (7 MNW
Omaha. Neb., April 1, XVuO. Sealed pro
posals. In triplicate, for furnishing and de
livering freali beef and mutton required
during six months beginning July 1, I1!!,
In accordance with specifications and condi
tions set forth In Circular No. 4, War De
partment, Office of the Commissary Gen
eral, Washington, D. C. March 27, 1. will
be received at thla office until II o'clock
a. m., May 18. lSut. for the following posts,
vis.: Forts Crook. Omaha and Rob'nson.
Neb.; Fort Dea Moines, la.; Forta Ieaven
worth, Riley and Military Prison at Fort
Leavenworth, Kan.; Jefferson Barracks,
Mo.; Forts D. A. Russell and MacKense,
Wyo., and Fort Meade. S. D. Information
and blank proposals will be furnished on
application to the commissaries of the re
spective posts or to undersigned Enveli pes
containing proposal should be marked
"Proposals for beef and mutton, to be
opened May, 10, l(to9." and addrcased to the
undersigned. F. F. Eastman, Ueut. Colonel,
D. i". . r. K Army. Mlft-ii
forth (JermanJUotcL
Kai. Wm. r. Or. Apr. kronprlas Wai Mar 11
Kala W. II star 4U'ee-lila Mar U
rLtstOi.'TH-CHgasiocau. Llrrt I A M.
GnalMnau Apr. gf rwni Prist's Kb. .Mar 4
kurtuam sr l'Prlaa. O. Grass.. May II
Branarn lea
salllna at tl A. at.
K Albert Apr. t Barharoaaa Mar 3
Neraar May 1 Bart I a (new) May li
Halls at Algiers,
ortk atenaiaa Lloyd Travelers' Cheeks,
Oelrtoaa 4s , Agsais. Bra war, a. Y,
K. C la mas alus a) jkearswrB U Oh,
sago, XXL .
MjSSS Tea Twta scsew Paaaaaat gaaaaaara
DtrastSs '
Ncrway, Swede, ai. Btjuaark
t nl4 Siaias Apr. affoasar n. Mar IT
C. P TlMaa r 4'l'tilt4 StatM Jim to
Hallls ria Mar 111 C. T Tlatsaa... Juna It
AU 8rvaera BaalppaA Wit Wtrelesg
f irst cabin 't upva4. aaconS aaHa, t-t aj.
111. er ta LoasJ Aaas-
Standing of the Teams
W.L Pct I W. L Pet
Cincinnati .. 1 .MSI Detroit 8 0 l.nm,
Boston 4 1 .NoniNew York ..4 3 .W7
New York. .2 2 .S"n Boston 3 3 .6")
Pittsburg ..3 8 .ton pbiladelphla.3 3 .
St. Louis ..2 4 .i Cleveland . 3 I .4
Chicago ....2 3 .W8t. Louis ....S3 .4)
Brooklyn ..2 3. .40 Washington 2 4 .MB
Phlladclph..l 3 .2WChlce.Ro 1 4 .)
Won. Lost. Pet.
Milwaukee 4 0 l oon
Indianapolis 8 1
lioulsville 1 .m
Minneapolis .....8 2
Toledo 2 4 .XQ
Kansas City 1 4 .2"o
St. Paul 1 4 .2"')
Columbus 6 .nco
National league: Brooklyn at Boston,
Pittsburg at Chicago, St. ixjuls at Cin
cinnati, Philadelphia at New York.
American league: Chicago at St. Ixnils,
Cleveland at Detroit. New York at Phila
delphia. Boston at Washington.
American association: Toledo at Louis
ville, Bt. Paul at Kansaa City. Minneapolis
at Milwaukee, Columbus at Indianapolis.
Corr.husker came bark to Lincoln with
fat letting averages.
At the request or the Kansas Aggies, their
game, originally scheduled with the Corn
hunkers for April 22, In IJrieoln, fcfls been
placed a day earlier, and the Manhattan
earn will be seen In thla city on Wednes
day, instead of Thursday. Manager Eager,
who accompanied the Cornhuskers on the
southern trip, says that the Kansas Aggies
wrc by far the beat team the Nebraska
playera met on the Journey. He declares
their infield to be qne of the beat on any
college nine in the west and ventures to
assert that the Manhattan nine can trim
any college ball tossers In thla section of
tne country. He doea not expect the Corn
huskers to win the game Wednesday, but
locks for a closely fought battle. Ward
will probably pitch tMs game for Nebraska.
College Playera Will Have Harder
Work This Week.
The Bellevue college baae ball nine
played so well In Iowa last week that Its
supporters have confidence, that a good
showing will be made In the three games
of the current week. The flrat of these
Is with the Mosher-Lampman Business col
lege nine," which will be played on the
Bellevue diamond Tuesday. The strong
Crelghton nine will be takPn on Thursday,
Arbor day, and Saturday the Omaha West
ern leaguers will be the redoubtable oppo
nents of the collegians. This game will
be pulled off In the Vinton street park.
For Bellevue Ohman and Stark have done
the pitching thus far. Ohman 18 always
hlependable. Friday he pitched a seventeen-
Innlng game without weakening. Hla style
of pitching will be Invaluable to the team
this aeason. '
Stark was wild In the Saturday game
with Amity, hitting two men and passing
eight, but he held hla opponents to three
scratch hits, and with better control, will
do a good share In coming contests. All
the fielders did well. Few errors- were
made and better team work ahown than
expected. Bellevue haa had a winning team
for several seaaona. but had felt handi
capped this spring by new and doubtful
men. However, the new onea may prove
tha best of all.
Gets J. Pevk Sharp,' Old-Time Baae
Ball Maaaxtr,
' CHICAGO, April -19-To 'the Sporting
Editor Omaha Bee: Have" signed J. Peck
Bharp to train and coach my team.
This telegram explains Itself. It Is sig
nificant for two things. First, it indicates
that President Rourke Is " determined to
exhaust his resources In doing what may
be done to win the pennant. Sharp la an
old time manager and trainer.
Guess Pa Isn't getting nifty, eh?
Second, thla telegram signifies by Its si
lence on the subject that Pa has not yot
closed a deal for first baaeman. He may
yet land Kane of Pittsburg, aa today la
the last day of waivers. '
He doubtless hss got the cash for Autrey
snd passed up hope of ever getting Chick
back. Clark Griffith no doubt waa too wise
for that.
Toledo Break! Loalavllle'a Wlaatag
Streak In Flve-Inlax Coateat.
IjOUISVILLK. Ky., April 1. Toledo
broke Louisville's winnings streak today
In a five-Inning game, which was called
because of rain. Score:
B.H.O. A. E. B H O.A E
Mil. as I OrnrnleaTT. rf. 3 ft 6 0 e
Htnchman. lb I ft 1 I 1 Woodruff, lb. I 1 s 1 0
Smoot. of ...I S 1 ft Delahautr. If I 1 1 ft
Hlrkman, If . I 1 ft ft OsulllTan, lb . 3 ft 12 ft 0
Bavbald, rf... 1 0 I OLandrats, rf.. I 0 ft ft 1
Rlwert. lb ... I 1 1 I OOlaon. lb 1 ft I
Dauberl. lb.. 114 0 DQulnlan. aa. .. I 0 0 t I
Clark, s I 0 I ft 1 )'. e 1 ft I 1 ft
LAttlmora, . 1 ft ft ft OSalbr. P I 4
Totala 1 '.4 S t Tntala. . . . . . II I 18 12 I
Delehanty ont for Interference.
Louisville 1 0 0 0 01
Toledo 2 0 0 0 13
Stolen baaea: - Dunleavy, Htnchman.
Sacrifice hlta: Outfield, Woodruff. Two
base hlta: Delhanty. Struck out: By
Selby. 1; by Lattlmore. S. Mase on balla:
Off Selby. 6; off Lattlmore. 1. Hit by
pitched ball: Seybold. Left on bases:
Louisville. 4; Toledo, 6. Umpire; King.
Bhewera Blank Millers.
MILWAUKEE. April 1.-The home club
won its fourth straight game today, shut
ting nut Minneapolis 6 to 0. Score:
B.H.O.A K. B H O.A E
Robinson, at. I 1 I 4 OOylar. 4 I 2 I ft
Barrr, rf 4 ft ft ft AMowna. lb ... 4 1111
Randall, rf... 4 ft 8 ft ftO'Nall), If.... 4 0 2 0ft
Mec.ann. lb.. 4 1 11 1 0 Kdm'daon, cf. I ft ft 0 0
Clark. Sb I ft 1 I 0 Plckarlni. rf. I 0 t 0 0
Mrl'orm'k, b 4 O I ft 0J. lllni. lb 1 0 ft ft 0
P. rnlllna. If. I 1 I Oyulll.n. 3b... J ft 0 I ft
Hoalaiter. e l I I ft lWharler. lb . I ft ft 1 I
Doushartr. ft. I 1 1 I OBImk. e I ft I 3 0
- lmra4. p.. I ft t 4ft
Totala 11 4 17 11 l'Martena .... 1 1 ft ft
Totals It 4 14 II 1
Batted for Olmstead In ninth.
Milwaukee 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 1 -B
Minneapolis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Two-hase hits: Downs. Three-base hlta:
F. Colllne. Stolen bases: O'Neill, Picker
ing, Randall. Double plays: Clark to Mc
Gann to Ron In son: Oyler. Downa to
Wheeler. Baaca on balls: Off Dougherty,
1; off Olmstead, 1. Left on haae: Mil
waukee, 4; Minneapolis, 4. Hit by pitcher:
Hobiiieon. Ktruck out! Bv Dougherty, 2;
by Olmstead. 7. Wild pitch: Olmstead.
t mpiie: Hayes.
Colamhas Eaar for ladlaaapolla.
INDIANAPOLIS. April 19 The aecond
game of the home club flrat aerlea with
tne Columbua team was another victory
for Indianapolis, 6 to 1. Chrney held the
visitors to three hits and the whole club
played a fast-and errorless game. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A. B.
r'adb'rne. If. I 1 4 ft ftRetllr. ef.... 4 ft 3 ft ft
M t'haaasr. ef I 1 4 ft ftOdseH. Ik.... 4 1 0 1 t
Harden. rt...4 1 1 ft ftr'onsalton. rf. I S 1 ft ft
Can. lb I 1-14 ftjamea. c I ft I ft ft
Burka. lb. .. 4 ft I ft vfVhrsrk. e....t ft ft ft
TO'R'rka, Ibt ft I I ftKrusar. If ... lift
Hlsy, a ... 4 111 Miller, lb I ft II 3 I
Hooka. aa ...l 1 ft I ftnrrg'rte. as I ft I I 1
( benar, p.... I 1 3 ft ftWrlgler. lb.. I ft 3 I ft
Oarer, p. 3 t ft I ft
Totala II 1 17 tl Milll(an. a... 1 1 1 ft
Totala .... It I 14 II I
Indianapolis 02100110 I
Columbus 06000100 0-1
Two-base hit: Hayden. Three-base lilts:
MWheeney. (layer. Btruck out: Bv Che
ney, i. by Geyer, 3: bv Milllgan, 1. Double
play: Howlev, Carr lo Howler. Stolen
baaea: Chadhourne, Hayden. Wild pitch:
Cheney. Paaaed ball: ftchreck. Balk:
Geyer. Hit bv pitcher: Miller. Umplrea:
Owena and Eckman. Time: 1:35.
Ciaaao Poatpoaea.
At Kansas City-Kansas City -St Paul
gams eoatponeaV
.rooklyn Is Defeated in the First
Contest, Three to Two.
Home Teaaa Falls to Hit Mclatyr
I Is Skat Oat Seores at
Other National I.eagae
BOSTON, April 1 . Brooklyn and
Boston broke even In today a guinea, tne
morning event being won by the home
team 3 to 2 and the vlsltora shutting them
out In the afternoon S to 0. Score:
H H O.A K B.H.O.A.H.
Bates. If 4 I 0 OBurrh. it 2 1 0 0
Betkar. rf....4 1 0 0 OCurtla. If 1 0 0 0 8
Reaumont, cf. 4 1 4 0 tAlparman, Jh. I t 1 I
FWk, lb 4 111 1 0 Hummed, as. 4 0 4
Rltrhay, 4 Oil ngrbrlna, rf... I 0 4 0 0
Dahlan. at.... 4 0 14 GLumler. rf...l 111
Pmllh. c 4 114 OJordan. lb.... 4 I 11 ft
Sweeney, lb.. I 12 1 Olmnoi. lb... 4 111
Chappalle, . i I 1 4 OManhall, o... 4 18 10
Bell, a 8 0 4 0
Totals 14 1II7 1I0
Total a SO TO IS
One out when winning run scored.
Boston ....' 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 8
Brooklyn 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 03
Two-base hits: Jordan, Bweeney. Len
nox, Smith. Three-base hit: Bates: Home
run: Chappelle. Sacrifice hits: Lumley,
Curtis. Double plays: Beck to Imhlen,
Dahlen to Smith to Sweeney, Rltchey to
Bweeney, Chappelle to Dahlen to Beck.
Left on bases: Boston. 7; Brooklyn, 8.
First base on balls: Off Chappelle, 4: off
Bell, 1. Hit hy p1tohd balf By Chap-
felle, Alpeman. 8truc. out: By Bell, o;
y Chappelle, 2. Time: 2:00. Umpires:
Klgler and Trubjr.
Score afternoon game:
B.H.O.A C. B.H.O A S
Rureh. If 4 1 I OBaies. If 4 1 1 1
Alpsrmao. 3b I Oil 1 Ba-kr. rf ... 4 tilt)
Humraell, aa. 4 1 1 i IBark, cf.
.. I 0 1 0
sahrlng, rf.,,4 0 10 IStem, lb.
4 1 l 0
Lumley, rf....4 1 2. 1 1 Rltrhar, 2b .. 4 115 0
Jordan, lb.... 4 I 111 tl ODahlen, aa....! Dili
t,annoi, lb... 4 I 1 I Onooerman. e. 4 1 4 I ft
Braar, e 4 I 0 Sfweoney, lb. . 4 ft I 1 ft
Mrlntrra. p.. I ft 0 ft OMcC'artbr. p.. I 0 3 5 1
Beaumont ... 1 ft 0 0 ft
Totala II 10 27 11 5
Totala 94 4 17 17 I
Batted, for McCarthy In ninth.
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Brooklyn 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 26
Two-base hits: Purch, Jordan: fcaerl
flce hit: Mclntyre: Stolen bases: tlates
(2), Lennox. Double play: Becker to
Dahlen to Rltchey to 8tem: Left on
basea: Boston, ; Brooklyn. . First base
on balla: Burch, Dahlen. First base on
errors: Boston. 4; Brooklyn. 2. 11 by
Pitched ball: Beck. Struck out: Liiinley,
Becker ?2), Mclntyre, Rltchey, Bower
inati. Wild pitch: McCarthy. Time:
1:40: Umpires: Klgler and Truby.
Reds Win rrom Browns.
CINCINNATI, April 19. -Cincinnati went
Into first place by defeating St. Louis in
an excellent finish. A base on balls, an er
ror and a aacrlflce put men on third and
second for the visitors In the ninth Inning.
Mowrey then threw the runner out at the
plate on an Infield hit. the next batsman
rolled -to Fromme for the final out. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A.B.
Huaaina, lb.. I 0 2 OBrrna, 3b 4 t 1 0
Oaks, cf I I I 0 "Shaw, r t 1 4 ft 1
Paakert, If... I 1 I 0 OUraanahan, e. I 0 I 1 0
Lohert. lb I 1 I I OKonatrby. lb. 4 0 14 Oft
Mitchell, rf.. 10 10 OKvant, rf 4 10 0 0
Mowrey, at... I Oil 1 DclahasUr. If. 4 1 2 ft ft
Hohlltiall, Ibt 0 11 0 Oriia-lea, 2bf. .1 3 0 2 ft
Roth, v I 0 I t OOneen, sa.1.,1 1 ft 0
Fromme, p.... 10 0 1 0'Phelpa J 1 ft ft ft
Beeba, p I 1 0 4
Totala..... 13 4 17 M lHt'hotharo, pO 0 0 0 0
Knrlakt 10 A 0 0
- Bllaa ft 0 0 ft ft
Totala 14 I 24 14 1
Batted for Beebe In seventh.
Batted for Osteen In ninth.
Batted for Htgglnbotham In ninth.
Cincinnati 2 0 0 0.0 1 0 0 3
St. Louis ...0 0.0 0 0 0 2 0 02
Two-base ' hits: Charles, Lobert. Three
base hits: Delehanty, Paakert. Sacrifice
hita: Hugglns. Oaks, Paskert, Bliss. Sac
rifice files: Lobert, Byrne. Stolen base:
Paskert. Base on balls: Off Fromme, 3;
off Beebe. 3; off Htgglnbotham, 1. Struck
out: By Fromme. 3: by Beebe, S. Hits: Off
MiDe, 4 in alx Innings; off Higglnbotham,
In two innings. Wild pitch: Beebe, 1.
Time: 1:45. Umpires: O'Day and Emslie.
Philadelphia Defeats New York.
NHW YORK, April 19.-The Philadelphia
Nationals today won their first victory of
the championship season, defeating New
ui i, iu 4 uy uunciung nits on t. ranaaii
In V. & V . ( ....!.... I . - . . 1
... in. iiiuu inning, muiaii was euecuve
for the visitors, but was saved on several
occasions through sensational catches by
Osborne and Magee. The New York club
today released Outfielder B. Meyer to
Newark. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A.B.
Oram, lb 4 ft 1 ft "Hanoi, If.... 4 0 I 0 ft
Knaba. lb.... 4 lift IDoyl. lb 4 1410
Tltua. rf 4 1 1 If 0 Murray, rf ... 4 1 I ft ft
Macee, K I 0 4 0 OTennay, lb... I ft 10 I 0
Hranaflald, lb 4 0 4 0 OO'Hara, vf....l 0 4 0 0
Oabnrna, cf... I ft f ft ftDavlln. In.... 4 0 10 0
Doolln, aa ... I ill 1 Brldwall, aa , 4 Sill
1)00111, c I ft I 1 ftBihlel. 0 I 1 I I ft
Moran, p I 1 1 0 OCrandall. p. ..ft ft ft I ft
Mrt'ormlok . I ft n ft ft
Totala ' I 17 I I Durham, p... t ft 0 1 0
J. Myera.... 1 ft ft 0 0
Raymond, p.. ft 0 1 1 0
Totala II 4 27 14 1
Batted for Crandall in the third Inning.
Batted for Durham In the seventh In
ning. Philadelphia 00300000 03
New York 00010100 02
Two-baso hits: Knahe, Tltua. Doyle.
Three-base hits: Murray. Sacrifice lilt:
Moren. Sacrifice fly: Tenney. Stolen
bases: Doyle. Left on baaea: Philadel
phia, 2: New York, 3. First on errors:
New York. 2. Struck out: By Moren. 2;
by Crandall, 1; by Durham, 1; by Ray
mond, 2. Bases on balls: Off Crandall, 1;
off Moren. 2. Hit by pitched ball: By
Crandall, 1. Wild pitch: Moren. Hlta: Off
Crandall, 2 In three innings; off Durham,
2 In four Innings; off Raymond, 1 In two
Innnlnga. Timx: 1:37. Umplrea: John
atone and Cusack.
Game Postpoaed.
At Chicago Ptttsburg-Chlcago game,
postponed; wet ground.
Wla Good Game, la Which Their
Pitcher Allows Bat One Hit.
The Americana defeated the Hoctora Sun
day at Florence park by a score of 4 to 1.
The Americans won the game In the first
two Innings. The Hoctora made aome rag
ged errors, but braced up after that. Denny
pitched good ba'l for the Americana, strik
ing out ten men and allowing no paases
and but one hit. The feature of the game
was the home run made by Farley In the
eighth Inning, knocking the ball over the
right field fence.
Next Sunday the Americans will play the
Hoffmans at Florence park. Score:
Pyfart, If.... 4 0 ft ft ft Marach. cf... 4 0 ft 0 ft
Bmlib. aa.... I ft 1 1 Kelly. lb 4 113 1
Pannlaon. ef. I ft ft ft OCaaana. c-lfl.l ft I I ft
Parity. 11).... l 1 11 ft ftMarty, rf I 0 it ft
rollln.. lb... 4 111 tBroarna. lb... I ft -J ft 1
fox. lb 112ft ftBakar. aa I 4) I 1 0
Brodheik. rf. I ft I ft 0 MUrhoraon.Sb I ft 1 I I
Caaaldr, I 1 1ft I OMIIIs). If-r... I ft 7 2 ft
Denar, p 3 ft ft 1 ftWrlaht. p.... I ft ft
Tntala Ift I 17 M I Totala II 1 14 13 4
Americana 1 3 0 0 0 0 o 1 4
Honors 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Earned runa: Americana, 3. Two-baae
hlta: Collins, Kelly. Home run: Farley. Sac
rifice hlta: Melrhoraon, Denniann. Stolen
baaea: Baker. Smith (2), Collins. Farley,
Brodhack, Fox. Double play: Millet td
Browne. Bases on balls: Off Wright. 1.
Struck out: By Denny. 10; by Wright. 3.
Time: 1:2ft
Baslefrss College Defeats Clltaer.
OILTNER, Neb., April U.-44tpeclal.)
The Grand Island Business college team
defeated tha Giltner team here in a well
played game by a score of 4 to t. Thla
was Giltner's Initial game and Grand
Island's third victory, one of which waa
over York Buslneaa college, the recent
conquerors of Nebraska university. Score
by Innings:
Grind Island 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 04 g 4
Giltner 1 0 0 1 0 0 00 -! 7
Batteries: Grand Island. Hoffman and
Sinn; Giltner. Moure and Ward. Struck
out: By Hoffman, 3: by Moure. T. Two
base hits: Wanek of Giltner; Thomas of
Grand lalanj. Umpire: Sammy liighslta.
Alllaaro Wlai l.aal Gasae.
ALLIANCE. Neb, April 13 'Special.) In
a poaiyonod gams tha local high school
Giants Lose
team defeated the fast Bridgeport High
achool fk-e by the overwhe'mlng score of
M to 10.' The Score does not Indicate the
fast work done by Bridgeport, yet th y
were In the gnme all the lime, rlaviiiB
fierce and heady ball. Bridgeport could
not solve the perfect team work of th.
local team and Iwaket alter basket waa
made on complicated pUya, engineered by
the locals.
In nine match games Alliance has reaped
a total of points to 113 by all opponent.
The game was preceded by apparatus work
of various kinds. Alliance has one of the
best high echo' I gymnasiums In ths state.
Spore of 14 In 1 Ran Up on Signal
Corps Team.
At Fort Omaha Sunday afternoon the
Mollys slugged out a 14 to 2 victory over
the Signal ctrps team In aeven Innings of
play. The soldiers started the bunting
game, but Murphy broke up an attempted
squecxe and after that Uncle Sam's board
ers were rever dangeroua. P.. Kelly, the
Holly thrower, took things easy, yet held
the opposing batsmen id but four hits.
Gibson and C. Murphy WeVe the Individual
stara both In the field and at the bat,
both getting opportune three-sackers. Next
Sunday the Hollya will play the Benson
Kagles at their park. Score:
Falroner. rf., I ft 0 ft ftMrGe. p-lb.. 4 0 I I I
J. Kelly, lb.. 4 111 IPerklna, If... 4 ft 0 0 ft
MrAnd'wa, rf. ft 1 1 u stirrer, e 4 1 II ' I
Olnaon, c 4 t ft 1 ftftlmi-oi, lb,... I 1 I 4) 1
Olllbam. lb . 4 1 ft I lBrewar, rf ... I ft 1 ft ft
Douiherty. lb 4 1 ft ft OWalla. Ib-p... I ft 0 1 0
Murphy, aa... I I I 4 OHubbard, 2b.. 1110
Braanman, If. I ft 1 ft ftManolnf. as.. I ft ft ft 3
P. Kelly, p.. I 1 1 I Odtrldsr. cf.... I I ft ft ft
Totals.... '..14 I tl II I Totals ift 4 21 4 I
Hollys 0 1 5 S 2 1 0-14
Fort Omaha 0 0 3 0 0 0 03
Earned runa: Hollys, 6; Fort Omaha, 1.
Three-baae hits: Gibson. Murphy. Two
base hit: P. Kelly. Sacrifice hit: J. Kelly.
Stolen bases: Hollya, 11- Fort Omaha, 2.
Double play: Slierer to Hubbard. Hit by
pitcher: ny McOce, 8; by P. Kelly, L on balls: Off McGee. 6. Struck out:
By McGee. 1.1; by P. Kelly, 6. Uttipliei
Jlmmle McQoo.
Torrnaend Play Soldiers Fast Gamo
nasi Barely TakO It.
The Townsend Gun company team de
feated the strong Fort Crook bunch Sun
day In a fast and Interesting seven-Inning
contest by the acure of 2 to I. The Town
sends played In midsummer form, although
a winter day, as only one wobble waa
chirged to the bunch.
A few of the soldiers tried to steal sec
ond on Spellman, but the whip of tlv
Omaha worder was In excellent condition,
consequently the attempted steals were
chalked up aa putouta. Hall and Eastman
played great ball on the Inflold, as thiy
both pulled off a few stunts that bordered
the sensational. Faber was the strongest
with the willow. For the soldiers Qulg,
Kilmurry and Decker were the star per
formers. Durkee pitched an excellent game for the
Townsenda, striking out six and allowing
only five scattered blugles, and at critical
stages he was there with the right brand
of goods.
For Firt Crook Kilmurry pitched a mas
terly game, holding his opponents to seven
scattered hits and striking out seven.
Townsends 1 0 0.1 0 0 05
Fort Crook 0 0 0 0 0 1 01
from Trip Leaves
L.INCOI.N, Neb., April 1. -(Special Tele
gram.) With two men on basea and two
out, Prouty played right field for the Corn
hUBkers, dropped a high fly In the seventh
Inning of a game between the State uni
versity team and Wesleyan at University
Place thla afternoon, permitting the Meth
odists to run In two scores and win the
contest. Up to that session the Cornhusk
ers had played an errorless game and had
the Wesleyan bunch outflelded. Mathers
pitched for Nebraska and had the Mctho
dlsta at his mercy. Farthing, on the alab
for Wesleyan, waa hit freely. Score by
Nebraska 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 04
Wesleyan 1 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 06
Batteries: Nebraska. Mathers and Oreen
sllt; Wesleyan, Farthing and Stringfetlow.
Runner from aahoa, New Hamp
shire, Flalshcs Course la
BOSTON, Mass., April 19. Henry Renaud
of Nashau, N. H., won today's Marathon
from Ashland to Boston. Time: (unofficial)
3:67:36. .
Jensen of New York was second and J.
J. Grant of New York third. Renaud'a time
waa about thirty-three minutes behind the
Horse Raring Game Will Fnrntah
Iaterest la Many Wars.
The "Sport of Kings" the horse racing
game peeps over the sporting horizon thia
week, with the spring opening at l'imllco
on next Saturday, after a long winter
filled with uncertainties as to whether thu
recent anti-race track betting laws In New
York state had, through their Influence,
killed off the last possibility of racing In
the east. A successful meeting at l'imllco
would be taken by many to forecast a good
season for rsctng at the Metropolitan
tracks. The Plmllco line will close on
May 12, the day before Belmont park In
augurates the New York season with the
running of the Metropolitan handicap.
England will furnltih two rich racing
events this week the Great Metropolitan
handicap on Tuesday and the City and
Suburban handicap on Wedneuday, whlcu
will bring together some of the best Ameri
can horses owned by James K. Keene,
August Belmont and Harry Payne Whitney,
In competition with fcngllsh cracks.
The Great Metropolitan handicap at two
and a quarter miles Is run at Kpsom for
a atake of 2,0u0 sovereigns and Dinna Ken II
has been entered to carry the American
honors by Harry Payne Whitney. Dinna
Ken II Is 6 years old. The City and
Bubjrban handicap at about a mile and a
quarter over the Kpaom course for 2,0n0
aaverelgna will find James R. Keene's 5-year-old
Ballot, August Belmont's Prlscll
ilan. 4 years old, and Norman III, also 4
years old. of the same stables, and Harry
Payne Whitney's Delirium, 4 years old, at
the starting line.
Next Saturday night Alfred Shruhh of
England and Henri St. Yves, the winner
of the recent Marathon derby, will meet
sure strides for a fifteen-mile contest in
New York. Shrubb declares that he Is the
fastest man In the worm ror fifteen milca,
but St. Yves' recent run haa earned him
many supporters.
An interesting Marathon run, bringing
together some of the test amateur runners,
will be conducted by the Boston Athletic
association on Patriots' day, Monday, In
The leading amateur billiard playera of
the United States will begin a tournament
In New York for the amateur billiard
championship of the United Statea, won
last yesr by Calvin Demarest. Domarest
since haa Joined the professional ranks.
Five players, C. F. Conklln, Chicago; Clar
ence Jackson Chicago; Joseph Meyer,
Philadelphia. II. A. Wright, Ran Francisco,
and Dr. I I.. Mlal of New York, will com
pete. The gamea will be for 4"i0 points,
18-Inch balk line, two shots in.
Plaaalasr for Track Meet.
CENTRAI, CITY. Neb., April 19. (Spe
cial. I Mia borate preparations are being
trade for the track meet between the high
schools of this city and York on the local
athletic field next Friday afternoon. An
Interesting contest Is expected, as the York
team Is one of the strongest hlwh school
aggregations in the state, snd Central City
athletes have been making some good
1 eor ds thla apring In the weight and run
ning eventa. On May 7 the local teem goes
to Wahoo and on May 14 to Hastings.
ohodr la Too (lid
to learn that the sure way to cure a cough
or cold Is with Dr. King's New Discovery,
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A Tonic -Tree from Alcohol
Talk with vour doctor about Ayer's non-alcoholu barsaparilla.
Ask him it he prescribes it for pale, delicate children Ask him
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when the nerves are weak and un-ttpaHv AW him if it i-i
nature in rtuiMing up the
men You See This, W
Sign Yoi Know
Highlanders Win on Three Hiti and
Two Passes.
He Is Forced lo Retire and Is Re.
plnrrd by Auat In Report that
He Has "malt pox ' te
'PHILADELPHIA. April 18.-New "York
today defeated Phllndclplila by the score
of 4 to 2. The vlsltora were shut out until
two were out in the seventh, when they
scored three runs, enough to win the game,
on I ji Porte's triple, Knight's single, passes,
to Irmmltt and Mcllveen and Crce'a
single. Elberfcld was taken sick during
the game and was forced to retire. There
were rumors that he had smallpox, but
there is no truth In the reports. Score:
B.H.O.A B . B.H.O. AH
Crea, cf 4 1 ft o II art aft. If... 4 1 0 0
KeHfr, rf....l 1 I (I ONldiola. .lb... 4 1 J I I)
Blborteld, Jh. 4 2 ft 3 Ololllna. b....4 I I Ii 0
Austin, 8b... 0 O00 OMurphf. rtu.l-X't I 0
Knsle. If I 1 1 0 lDavia. lb 4 2 I 1 1
Mecnnnell. Ibt 0 10 1 ooidrlng, cf,..l 0 10 0
lPorti-, 2b... 4 1 4 I n Harry, as 4 1 I 0 1
Knlajhi. si.... 4 III OThomaa. t I 0 4 1 n
KIHnow. c.,.5 IP i 0 lVlrsara, p.... O 1 1 0
Blair, r I n 4 0 0 Praart, p 0 0 t 1, 1)
Doyle, p 1 0 0 4 ft 'Maker 1 0 0 0 0
Warhop. p Ifttllft
riammltt ....ft 0 ft 0 ft Totala 92 J 21 li '
Mtllvtfn ... 0 ft 0 0 0
Totala 32 in 37 17 3
Batted for Vlckers In seventh. N
"Matted for Klelnow In seventh.
Batted for Doyle In seventh.
Philadelphia 01 100000 0-1'
New York 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 I 04
Two-base hits! Murphy, Davis. Three,
base hit: LaPorte. Hits: Off Vlckers.
8 In seven innings; off Dygert, 2 lu two
Innings; off Doyle, 7 In alx Innings; nff
Warhop, 0 In three Innings. Sacrifice hits:
Oldrlng, Keeler. Stolen bases: Knight.
Double play: Collins to Davis. . Left on
bascB: Philadelphia, ; New York, 5. First
base on balls: Off DoyTei 1;'rff Vickers, tl.
Hit by pitched ball: Warhop, 1. Struck out:
By Doyle, 2; by Vlckers. 3; by Warhop, 3;
by Dygert, 1. Time: 1:58. Umpire: Hurst.
Taft Mrea Washington I.oae.
WASHINGTON, April l.Ray was wild
and Ineffective today, r Boston defeating
Washington eHslly by the score bf 8 to 4.
President Tnft and Vice President Slier
man witnessed thee one sided contest.
Q ...... .
. H,O.A.k. . B.H.O.A.B.
M.tonnall, 2b 4 a' 1 4 Orlymar. rf... 4 10 0 0
kord. 3b I 1 I 1 lOanley. rf.... I 110 0
Speaker, ef...4 3 1ft ft l;na;laiib. If... I 0 ft ft
Otaaler. rf.... 4 1 1 ft VDelrhanty. 2b 4 ft 1 I 1
"'hi. lb S 1 7 I oranroy, Jb... 4 1111
Nllea, aa 4 1 I 1 OKreaman, lb . I ft 11 1 ft
Hooper. If... J 1 tl OMrllrola, aa..! 0 T li 1
Cornsan. c... 4 1 I 1 (is.hlpke, aa... 0 ft ft ft ft
Clrotte, p S 0 0 1 0 !lreat. t.. .... I 0 4 3 1
Steele, p 1 0 I I OHIaiik'ahlp, c. 0 0 0 0 1)
lrV. p....... Ilftod
Totala 33 11 27 12 lMilan ....... t ft ft 0 0
Taonehill ... 1 ft ft 0 0
Totala 13 I 17 II 4
Batted for" McBrldo In eighth.
Batted for Street In ninth.
Bnn'on 0204200 03
Washington 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 1-4
Two-base hits: (fessler. Hits: Off Clcotte;
4 In five and one-third innings; off Steele,
3 In three and two-third innings. Sacri
fice hit: Ganley. Stolen basea: Clymcr
12), Speaker. Double plays: Delehanty,
McBrlde to Freeman; McBride to Freeman,
lcft on banes; Wuahlngton, 0; Boaton, 1.
Base on balls: Off Gray, 3; off Clcotte, 5;
off Steele, 1. First baae on errors: Boaton,
2. lilt by pitched ball: Bv Clcotte,, 1.
Struck out: By Gray, 4; by Clcotte, 1.
Wild pitch: Gray. Time: 1:65. Umplie:
Evans and Egan.
(amea Poatpoade. -
At SL Louis HI. Iulft-Chicago game
postponed; wet grounds.
At Detroit Dctrolt-t'leveland gams post
poned; showers and cold weather.
Lack of Practice Makes It Iraposalhle '
to Blao Men I p.
IOWA CITY, la. April 19-(Speclal.)-The
bad weather of last week was a ac
vere disappointment to the University of
Iowa baae ball coaches, who hoped, after
the week's series with Davenport, to be
able to pick the team to defend the Old
Gold s honor on the diamond this season.
"We can't (ell anything yet," said Coach
Kirk after last Saturday's game. It wa
suggested to the coach that the 'varsity
outfield seemed to be well cared for by
Bnchtel, Thompson and McGregor and lb
this be gavu a half-hearted ussent. Aa
to what the plana of the coach are with
reference to the rest of the nine but Hit lu
la known. Hanlon, Hurell and O'Brien are
sure to constitute the box material. All
three of these were used against Daven
port Saturday with varying results. C0I1
ling is not a sure catclur and la alow at
reaching second baae but lie is .the best
there Is to be had. Hemingway aul
Hylund have both demonstrated their abil
ity to play a loose game on first has;-.
Captain Stewart la eure. of! bane In
the tlnal makeup of the team, while Urv
ant haa been playing steadilv on third and
may hold that bag. McUulre la compara
tively excellent at abort atop, while an
other likely candidate for an Infield loca
tion la Kohl. On (lie whole It la evident
that a lot of hard work munt be done In '
the next few days In the way of final se
lection and car. ful finishing of the team
If Iowa is to give u good account of Itaelf
during the season.
. v ....
Slate Association to Be Formed at
Meeting la Marshall tow a. ! . .
MARBHALLTOWN, la, April l.-(Spe-ciul
) At a meeting of automobile owners
from various sectlcwis of the state, which
is to br held here Tuesday-, a arete- auto
mobile association Is to be organized. The
invitations for the meeting were si nt out
by the automobile clubs of Davenpoit.
Council Bluffs.. Des Moines. Mason City.
Fort Dodge. Hoone. Diihiujue, Sioux City
and Cedar Rapids. The e-hlecl 11 the as
sociation Is fi promolM the building of
good 'roads, secure legislation favorable In
automoblliats and eecure ronceit'-d' action
on questions and moveinaata of interest to
the auto loving public.
Vamlerbilt'a Horse Wins.
ST. rUH'll, April in. The Prix su Roll '
dn Boulogne waa won hare today bv W. K
Vandei'blH h iHii.baii e mil. Ilormaii Diir
yea'a lloae Noble got flist place In Hie pri
general health.
1 O 4 Tar Co.