Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 18, 1909, NEWS SECTION, Page 8, Image 8

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You are
i Ifferimp if'fa lwii'gifi teiliis itw
absolutely certain of correct styles and superior qualities in everything y oil buy at Brandeis
l New York offices, J . ' y Brandeis' ability to buy higher grades of mir-
istantlv in t0uch with the r'J"---JL"-. W"rH. . chandise in immense quantities enables us to
We invariably show strictly u .1-; V secure concessions which bring our retail pri
advance other western stores. ,H fcttiO- tV on fine goods within the reach of ei
Through our own Paris and New York offices,
Brandeis Stores are constantly in touch with the
centers of Fashion. We invariably show strictly
new styles in advance of other western stores.
. -1LH- II P&fPM
A Special Sale Monday
18 to 27-inch Embroidered Flouncings, Skirtings, Wide
Edges, Insertions, Galloons.
All choice, new designs on Swiss, nainsook and cambric fab
rics, worth up tb . r mT (Tfi
K I5c-Zjc-Jyc
2ic Embroideries at 5c a yard
Medium and wide embroidery edges up to 8-inches wide,
also insertions and headings, various kinds, neat, effective
designs, worth up to 12V&C a yard, special, C
at, a yard
15c French and German Val. Laces 5c Yard
Val laces and insertions, torchon and curtain cluny laces,
also fine colored insertions, laces, Persian and Rainbow
effects, etc., worth up to 15c yard C
at, a yard :
75c WAIST NETS 42-inches Wide 29c Yard
)ots, dainty figures, striped effects, etc., white,
cream and ecru, worth up to 75c yard, at yard
Fine Embroidered French Batiste Robes .
Imported French Batiste unmade robes with 45-inch em
broidered flounce, white and delicate colors, C Qfl
worth $12.50, at ..pO.JO
Silk Crepe Lisse and Net Ruchings at 15c Yard
Xeat. new designs in fine ruchings, white, black ' I P
nnd colors, worth up to 35c, very special. I JC
his in h of Yards of 85c and $1 Yd. QuaJity
otdard Silks 49c
I.W -mble styles and colorings made in foulard
i ; .) ;i !.u ye color range of fine French moires. These
..Lu;. tlx silks have been admired in our
lt.tli stive t sliow windows; worth 85c to $1.00
a aid, at,
27-Inch Ftmcy Silks Check CQn
Taffeta, aivd Uuisines. at, Yard OJC
Made in all desirable shades, including black and white
note the width, 27 inches always sold at $1.00 a yard
Monday's special price, yard. .59c
$1.25 Quality Natural Pongee 10 Pieces 7Qr
36-inch Tan Pongee for Coats and Suits
36-inch oil boiled taffeta and black French Peau de Soie
full yard wide and sold regularly at $1.39 a yard CI J5n
Monday is the time to buy, at, yard.
$1.50 and
52 Quality
The finest of all wool tailored suitings wool Rajah weaves
French wool taffetas, fine Fanamas and many pretty
novelties the colors most in demand
54 to 60-inch goods on bargain square,
; Monday at, yard.
Rose Bushes
Field Grown
These bushes are two and three years old and will bloom
this summer. Many Beautiful Climbers
all extra heavy bushes. Nurserymen would
ask up to SOe each. $1.00 a dozen EACH .
Monday Drug Specials
25c Sanltol Tooth Wash . . 7
tbo Sanltol Tooth Powder.. 14
!6c Colgate's Tooth Paste. -20
25c Satin Skin Cream 18
60c Malvlna Cream HQt
60c Stlllman's Freckle Cream
t 30
60c Danderine 4Hit
fOc Hay's Hair Health 45
10c Williams' Shaving Soap.. 5
!5c Woodbury's Soap 17
25c Cutlcura Soap
11.00 Bottle Abbott Bros. Rheumatic Remedy.
8 cakes Colgate's English Process,
t 25
1-lb. 20 Mule Team Borax. . .
25c Lavender Camphor 12
35c Duster, special 19
16c Face Chamois Ot
3 Owls for 10
S Capaduraa for 10
4 Little Chancellors 15.
10c Solo, special, 2 for 15
16c Oato (Manhattans) ....10
t Tom Moores (Invincible) . .25
secure concessions which bring our retail prices
on fine goods within the reach of everyone.
, z
The Newer Styles for Late Spring are Arriving Daily
Correct Spring Attires W omen
htf v.-'..'i-l WfM
If life- sftfe'fepl
It is noteworthy that Parisian designers have
had a greater influence over the later spring fash
ions than ever before. The correct things are dis
tinctly French in character. AVe have received
ideas from each of the leading French designers,
which we have brought out in inexpensive models.
These are modified to make them practical, but
they still preserve their inimitable French appear
ance. They are dainty as well.
1-Piece Dresses with Coat to Match
Better known as three-piece suits. "We are
the one store to show a really large collection of
these stunning models. The coats are in the hip
U?ss mould and follow the long, graceful French
lines. .The dresses are beautifully made and are
fashioned to conform with the jackets. " Prices are:
Strictly Man Tailored &nd Pltitv Suit.
Built on the plain and severe tailored lines
distinctly mannish and elegant in finish and fab
ric. The favorite materials are those striped wor
steds found in the highest grades of men's suit
ings. They'are scarce this season and are greatly
in demand
$32.5-S35-$37.50 $39 S45-S49
Recognized throughout the west as
the 6tyle aristocrats. We are exclusive
agents for "Fashionseal" suitsj which
are not to be compared with any other
line that sells for $25.00. "Fashionseals"
are superior in style and elegance to most
$35.00 and $40.00 suits New models for
later spring are here.
Smart Tailored Dresses
In these dresses are the very newest
style features, Brandeis is the first to
show them; prices are quite moderate,
at ........$15.00 to $39.00
Stunning Lingerie Waists
These waists are sheer and dainty novelties quite ihe
cleverest styles shown yet this year long 6leeve ef
fects and many of them are richly trimmed. Summer
favorites at. .$1.98, $2.50, $2.98 up to $12.50
New Tailored Shirt Waists
In the mannish pleated styles that are decreed correct
this season wide and narrow pleats,, turned collars,
stiff cuffs the favorite waists to properly set off the
strictly tailored spring suits. , iNo one has a variety
like Brandeis,- at $1.98, $2.50, $2.98 and $3.98
New Arrivals , in Gowns, Frocks and Dresses for Spring
Brandeis' well known ability to produce high class novelties at a reasonable price is cleverly
demonstrated by these smart.'dressy gowns now so much admired here. Messaline and satin
demi-gowns and street dresses atV. .... . .". . . .$22.50, $25.00, $35.00 and $39.00
U " , ni
Special Bargains in Brandeis Basement
The finest grade mercer
ized sateen In black and.
colors 3, 6 and 8 yard
lengths worth 40 a yd.1
regular lining counter
In basement, ' I ft
at, yard , IC
Priscilla long cloth, yard
wide. 1 1.10 value on bar
gain table in, the base
ment, at, per
Plain . and : fancy white
groods: high grade rem
nants' for children's
dresses bargain
- square, at, yard.
Heavy , grade bleacLou
muslin, fine quality un
bleached muslin rem-
. nants and full bolts
well Vnown brands, C
, at, yard
Bleached Tubing and Cas
ing, all widths, suitable
lengths, 18c and 20c val
ues, bargain table in front
pillow case dept.,
at; yard . . .
Dark pattern dress per
cale remnants, plenty of
'goods to buy from all
. day. at, Ti .
yard JjC
10-inch lawns, on bar
gain square
value; an extra spec
ial for Mon "71
day, at, yd.. 2C
One big square of fine
India Unons sold from
the bolt at, yd., 10c and
12 He worth double.
100 llfhtly oiled
Patcrn Cloths, t ai.J
lb yards ions, wortn
up to M 00. at
ch SI II
ta LInan BhaetlnsV
full to Inch wld.
th bMl BTd at.
Silver ' Bleachod Ta--Ma
lank. ' 12 loa.
Lav SUSS ilc.
. r
BOe Walsttng Linen
16 Inches wide, at
yard . . . 8c
Tt-lnch full Bleached
Irlah Until Tbula '
Damaak, 7ic valua,
at, yard
V-plara Batta n b u rs
Bear fa, flaa lac
braid. I1.ZI valua
eai tj Sa
100 scalloped
Satin Bad . Bpre.
extra larne also,
pprtaaa. at.
each t20
4-&4 Inch Liuncli
Ciotl.a. with three
rows of drawn woik,
worth $1.60, aa.
11. 0 era la linen
Kriretlnr. 00 imhea
wliia, fin for nji.
at, yard OSc
Fin Japanea Hand
iJrtwn Work Uoan
and Uunth Clotha
worth to It, a, So
Brandeis Millinery is Always Correct
The Lete Spring Hats
Prettier than hats of early spring. Vastly smarter than
the models of most seasons. Shapes, colors, trimmings, all
are different. Advantages in price are considerable if you
buy here.
Among the new
arrivals which
sre shown at
Brandeis we men
tion the new hats
with slightly roll
rims ( and trim
mings of aigret
tes. These and
scores of other
new styles are
specially grouped
tommorow, at
Thousands of new . spring
flowers for trimming, ev
ery variety, on main floor
bargain squares,
Smart New Styles in Suit Hats
Every Brandeis' hat has correct style no matter how moder
ate the price. Others would ask $7.50 for hats nearly as
stylish as these. They are practical and very QO
modish spring hats for every occasion, at PJJrJ
In the Basement
Genuine $5 hats, exact copies
of imported hata for $2.50.
These are in mushrooms
6hapes, elaborately trimmed
with velvet, buckles
In the Basement
Misses' leghorn hats worth to
$2.50 and trimmed with
quills, flowers and ribbons,
scores of becoming styles, at
98c to $1.50
and flowers of all
colors, at
Wash Dress Fabrics
All the new washables are here. No store in the west
shows such a variety of the new wash goods.
The genuine Indian Head Suiting
in plain colors, also fancy
stripes and checks f f
at, a yard I JC
Corded batistes, pretty summer
lawns in neat figures, dots,
stripes and floral pat- fl
terns, sheer grades, yd...
The best assortment of checked,
striped and small plaid effects in
French dreBS ginghams, at, yard
15c, 19c and 25c
The' best Galatea cloth made Is
here in plain colors, fancy stripes
and checks, at, i f
a yard 'c
A new importation of the cele
brated Irish dimities show for
the first time Monday, all the
new patterns, at,
a yard
The new washable cotton crepes
in tan, pink, blue, white, laven
der, with the large shadow dots
for lingerie gowns, OQ
at yard JV
Mercerlied poplin fabrics for mak
ing shirt waist suits, white and
tan grounds, with col
ored dots, at, yard C
Flaxon is the one fabric that ev
erybody will want as soon as the
warm weather sets in. You will
find them in a most wonderful
assortment, at, 1 J?
a yard UC
Light and dark dress' percales, many with borders.; Nowhere else
do they show such a variety, all yard wide, . f 1
fast colors, at, a yard lUC'laijC
High Grade Rugs y
Brandeis stores sell rugs that are dependable in every
way. We show the best selected stock in Omaha. We buy
in so much larger quantities that our prices are always
lower than others.
English Wilton Seamless Rugs at $39
The most popular high class rug in Omaha. Finest quality
of Wilton in rich light and dark Persian T fZICh
effects 9x12 in size and absolutely seam- vp 'Hjl
less the price is
RoyalVKashan Rugs the Finest Made
We present to lovers of beautiful rugs the very finest rugs
manufactured. They are the Royal Kashan rugs in soft,
rich designs exclusive rug stores would sell this $C C
rug at $70.00 the 9x12 size is priced here at.
Full five frame -Brussels rugs in all new patterns the 9x12
size is $27.50; the 8-3x1 0-6 size is $25; the 6x9 size is $16.50
Ask to See the New Se&mlee Brussels Rugs t $20
These are 10-wire seamless Brussels rugs it is a sample
line 9x12 size only worth $30.00, at $20.00
Seamless Brussels Rugs Fine dining room or bedroom rugs
excellent wearing quality $22.50 rugs for. . . ". . . .$14.08
Complete line of Ingrain Rugs, from.. $3.98 to $15.00