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Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
fa OeaaeU Bluffs Offlee mt
Ossahe U at 111
4h TkM 43.
Dsvis, drugs.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 17.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. 139.
Majestic rangea. P. C. DeVol Hdwr. Co.
CORRIGAN8. Undertake. 'Phonea .
Block pastured. 'Phono Plnney, Bell 214.13.
When you want rd labia want ad advar
tislng. uae The Bee.
Picture framing a specialty at Alexander's
Art Store, 333 Broadway.
The beet wall paper cleaner. 18c per can,
W. Nlcholalson. 14 8. Main.
undertaker. 'Phone, 122. 14 N. Main 81
Dr. W. W. Msgarell, optometrlat. mored
to 2U6-20S City National bank building.
Verne . Iewl of thle city and Florence
8. Cannon of Omaha were married by Jus
tlce J& B. Gardiner.
Sheet mualc at 10 cento on Saturday and
Turaday. Kourleius Piano House,
Broadway, Council Bluffa.
Rhubarb, asparagus, cabbage and tomato
plants, onion Beta. garlic, lerttuxers.
Younkerman Seed company., .
Kd Stockert reported to the police yes
tenlay the theft of a eft of harnesa from
hla home at 628 fcjaat Pierce street.
A building permit waa Issued yeaterday
to E. Hess for a one-story frame cottage
in Evans second addition to coat ll.z&o.
Rev. Henry DeLnng performed the mar
riage ' ceremony yeaterday for William
Dante and Bertha Beckman, both from
Clarka, Neb.
Tube roses, caiadluma. gladlolas. dahlias
rannas, hollyhock plants, peonies and other
bulb plants and running vines Younkeir
man Seed company.
Clalma for damages aggregating 148,
177.M by reason of the proposed con
struction of the Nlshnabotna drnlnnga
ditch were filed with the county auditor
Three dollars In caan given away with
each Perfection blue flame oil stove Bold
this week. Bee our adetaoln chrdlu bmm
this week. J. Zoller Mercantile Co., 100-102-104-10
Brcadway. 'Phonea 320.
Frank B. Hower, chairman of the touring
board of the American Automobile asso
ciation and manager of the Oltdden tour
will visit In Council Bluffa for several
day during July, aa the guest of Dr. T. B.
The supervisors, sitting as a drainage
board on Tuesday of next week, will con
sider all protests agalnat the proposed
ditch and clalma for damaees. The
clalma range from 20 to 16,000. They
are thirty-five In number.
The preliminary Hearing Of Charles M.
Sanford, charged with, shooting at and
wounding Claude B. Gano Thursday
morning, waa continued In the superior
court yesterday until this morning. It
will probably not be taken up until Mon
day. Raymond Poach, a rural mall carrier of
St. James. Minn., who developed unmis
takable signs of Insanity while on a visit
to his uncle, Jacob J. Kckles, was yester
day ordered by the commissioners on in
sanity returned to his home In Minne
sota. Mtas Margaret Conway of Fairbanks, la.,
died yesterd-.iy morning at St. Bernard's
hospital from diphtheria, aged 38 years.
The hnrlv waa removed to Corrlgan'S un
dertaking establishment and later in the
nay. was sent to her former nome, wnere
the funeral will be held today.
Although the arrangements for the
funeral of Martnus Anderson, who lost
hla life In the fire which nearly destroyed
the bHrn at the residence or K,rnest
Hnw ThurMriuv mornlne. have not been
completed. It will be held Sunday after
nnun and will be' under the auspices of
the Dannha society, of which the deceased
wsh n member.
rp plving WIIMsm Sutter an Indftermln
I ate sentence of 10 veats In the reformatory
nt Ammosa. Judrre Thornell In district
rrrtVrt yesterday told the young man that
If he behaved h'niHelf he would probably
be BHroled at . the end of eleven months
Butter was cnvlrtoil nt the -last term of
court of broaklnr'-ito ".freight -car in tnc
A thief Willi an evident penchant for
t ickcts. bi'-i e iii'o tbe Woulworth Hl-
i i tercet an I Uroad-
i 'i . .... . .. it olieclltiic uu in
, . . .." .. in!uw, the lion
r. ; it t , . ,, d not been cloned.
. . . . en. of which two
.iC . .. . . ... t I lie rear of the
.LiitltiliiK i' mt rtiluat-
Hume unidentified person broke into the
timber shop of K I). Taylor at the corner
of Sixth street and Sixteenth avenue and
vented hW wrath upon a slot machine.
The niaililne. which was broken ull to
pieces, looked us if an ax had been em-
( ployed to place It hois de combat. Noth
ing else, as tar as Taylor was able to
learn yesterday, had been touched.
County Surveyor J. Harlev Mayne, who
Is vhlef engineer In charge of the construc
tion of the low,i ft Omaha Short Line ar
rived home yesterday afternoon with his
crew of aurveyors. after completing the
preliminary line surveys as fur aa Trey
nor. This now places the company In a po
sition to go ahead and make the locating
survey prior to acquiring the rlsht-of-way
and ' beginning the work of construction.
June 1 haa been fixed as the date for
the laying of the cornerstone of the new
Ep-worth Methodist church at the corner
of Avenue B and Twenty-fifth Btreet.
and Rev. A. V. Babhs, pastor or the
church, are laboring to secure a dis
tinguished church worker as the principal
speaker. A program otherwise com
mensurate with the Importance ' of tli
celebration will be arranged.
Did you ever take an eye-opener In the
morning? Well, here la something that will
make you notice things. We ran onto a
jobber who IS alarmed that he will have to
carry over hla stock of peaa and he fur
nished us with a price that will sell the
goods. We know what they are and can
J warrant them. Three cana for y centa.
I We have strawberries. 20 cents per box;
nice wax beans, two pounda for 26 cents:
areea onion, two bunche for 5 rents;
oranfa. S5 centa per doien. Try some of
our codfish. IS cents pound; extra fine
mackerel. IS cents. We know we can fur
nish you with the best coffee at cy 26
rents per pound. We have all kinds of
garden seeds. Swift's hams at 14 ren's a
pound. Bartel Miller. Telephone 3n9.
George W. Klein, 19 South Main street
Both 'phones. 'Hare It done right."
FELD CO.. 619 SO. MAIN. 'PHONE 323.
Dr. W. W. Magarrell, optometrist moved
to 2Ot-!03, City National bank building.
Ladles, ou can make old floors Just tlks
new with Chl-mamel, the new floor finish.
All colors in stock now. P. C. DeVol Hard
ware Co
Fiturday Specials Green vegetables ara
fine, such as cucumbers, ripe tomatoes,
peHS, lettucs and radishes; fresh straw
berries, quart boxes, per box, 20 cents.
Tanned fruita: Iarge can pineapple, regu
lar. 30 centa. today 20 cents; large cana
neachee. aprlcote and peara. regular. 26
enta, today, two for ?6 cents; large can
iweet potatoes or beets, regular 16 cents,
today. 10 cents per cn- English walnut
meats, :rr pound, 40 cents. Oranges are
tweeter this time of the year than any
other time. We have them from 20 cents
per dozen up. Horn honey, per cake. 15
centa Ginger snaps, per pound, C cents.
Fancy cookies of all kinds, per pound. It
cents.' W have some northern grown.
Early Ohio seed potatoes at $1 26 per bushel.
I Green. 134 Broadway.'
RradleyEdge Drop Corn Plantera and Aa
penwall Potato Plantefa. Sperling Trip
let) 1-7 Broadway.
Lcllert's JK'SSl Lenses
CrrMM Csilm Kjmw w Warn i CJwm
f a ansj aaJT ha a I
City Treasurer True Makes Report
for Last Fiscal Tear.
Llqanr Mrease Urine la Reveal
. of f IM.Otia Darin Period
Donatloaa Improve
teat Flint.
According to the annual report of City
Treasurer True for the fiscal year ending
March 31, ISO, which he completed yester
day, the outstanding bonded Indebtedness
of the city at the close of the year was
$249,000.00, as follow:
Interaectlon grading 19.non
Intersection Having KiS.iXiO
Intersection aewer t.unt $ 85, OX)
Regular City Bonds:
J135.ono loan jno.onn
Ho.OiiO loan 44.001)
30,000 loan 30.000 1H4.000
During the year the city paid off bonds
to the amount of tll.OOO. On March 31 of
this year the balances on hand amounted
to 1112,379.18 as against $93,126.31 on March
81, 190S, as follewa:
General fund $ 29.963.31
Bond loan 1.144.'.l
Intersection paving and grading.. ' 6.1W.77
Judgment 3H .3d
Water 10.211
I,lhrarv .,. 36
Special assessment, sewer
Special assessment, paving 4,s4 98
Special assessment, grading WHO
Curbing and sidewalk S15 70
Intersection sewer ..isj.u
City bridge 2,026. i5
Funded debt 'i.nw.db
fUnr 1 1 sewer 7.4.W.37
Rmil 24.73
Imnrovement 2,8!40
Lighting JTiJ-W
Indian Treek' 4
Water work sinking 19,164.81
Trdal $112,379.18
Anoant of Levy,
' Following are the amounts certified to
the county treasurer for collection In 1909,
for 1908 taxes: ,
Mills. Amount
n.n.ral 10 l4ll.Zll.S4
General sewe 8 .?! -47 1
Bridge J
Improvemeht 6 20.123. h7
Library J 8.049.47
Water works, sinking 3 8.049.47
Park 8.049.47
Bond Loan 3 8.019.47
Intetest paving and grading 2 8,049.47
Funded debt 3 12,074.20
Judgment 1 4,024.. 8
Road t 1.377. til
Delinquent polls i 34.00
Special grade
..$ 442.18
Special paving 34,790.31
Special sewer 6.007.99
Special curbing 2.318.16
Special sidewalk i 8,760.18
Total , ,.;,.....$ 50,936.81
Following Is the valuation of the city
of Council "Bluffs for the yea'r; 1908, upon
which the city la, collecting taxes In 1909:
Real estatft t $2,280,030
Personal property 942.983
Railroad property ' 465.29
Express companies 1.086
Telephone companies 13,216
Telegraph companies 2.201
Total ...............'. .$4,294,805
1 be Police Kand. :
The following show what constitutes the
"police fund," which la an essential fac
tor in the figuring of the revenue of the
municipality for the fiscal year:
To cash on hand April 1. 1908 $
To amount received from county
K:oin l'nuor licenses 16.8.H5.51
From cigarette licenses 300.00
To amount received from
(by clerk:
l.lquor licenses $18,0fi2.1
Scale tickets H7.00
tieneral licenses 2,8-5.43
Sundry permits 276.00
Dog licenses 781.25
Civil fees sup. ct 93.25
Cltv ciime 5,978.79
Ordinance book sold.. 1.00 $28,084. 67
. Totfil
By vouchers paid
By tmnsler to general fund
resolution of city council ....
) Total
....$ 0.30
..$45.2.1. $8
' ' Improvement Donatloaa
The Improvement fund ahows the receipt
of the following donations during tha year
Omaha A Council Bluffs Railway
and Bridge company, donation to
West Broadway paving $1,800.00
U. A. Ueno, president Commercial
club, donations from sundry oer-
sons for paving West Broadway. 1,160.00
v. r.. nenuer, trustee, donation from
Btreet Fair and Carnival com
pany and Commercial club ior
Vet Broadway paving 4,000,00
v. a. rteno, president commercial
club, donation from sundry par
sons for paving West Broadway., 175. CO
Sera re New Permits from Clly
Kile New Mulct Bonds.
There was great hurrying and scurrying
yesterday among the aaloonmen against
whom M. B. Odle, attorney for the Iowa
Anti-Saloon league, haa proceeded, to get
under cover and fix their affairs so that
they could continue in busineas without
Infringing the provisions of the mulct law,
Following a consultation between tha at'
torneya for the defendant saloonmen and
Mr. Odle. It was decided that the saloon
keepers should take a fresh start by secur
ing new permits from the city, filing new
$3,000 mulct law bonds and secure and file
new petitions of consent from adjoining
property owners.
For the accommodation of tha saloonmen
the city council held a special session yes
terday afternoon, at which permits were
granted th following:
Charles Lelbold, 712 West Rnsdway.
Pat Donahue, W2 Went Broadway.
Seih May. Broadway and Bryant street
Charles Mnldaner, Albany saloon. Pearl
L. Rosenfeld & Co., 519 South Main street
A. Lonman, fi Went Broadway.
Ed Murphy. 230 West Broadway.
C. A. Burrigbt, 1017 South Main street.
F. Adrian, 518 Eat Broadway.
August Boysen, 16U0 South Sixth street.
A large number of tha enjoined saloonmen
filed supersedeas bonds yesterday, prefer
ring to do this than file abatement bond.
All of those filing supersedeas bonds, It
was stated yesterday, would take thei
cases up on appeal.
Bradley Plows run alone.
Trlplett, 827 Broadway.
Sea Sperling at
Plans for New City Hall.
City officials. It is said, are discussing
the feasibility of erecting a new city hall
on the Installment plan, in tha Mint manner
that the new central fir atatlon Is to be
paid for. It haa been auggeated that there
would be plenty of roony for a city hall
bulld(ng over Indian creek west of th
new firs station. The proposition haa nut
as yet assumed concrete form, although a
the meeting of ths city council yeaterday
afternoon Councilman Morgan, Jensen and
Olun were appointed a special commltu-a
to aecure prices on sites for a new city hall
The petition of property owners on Perln
avsnua. which Is to be paved, asking that
th roads ay be reduced to twenty-ais faet
as favorably acu-d upon
Th contract for furnishing th city with
tenty-four-lnch aeTrer plba waa awarded
to tha Qulnn Laimber company on Its bid
of P2H cents. E. A. Wlckham bid 81.15,
The council convened yesterday afternoon
as a hoard of review, but adjourned with
out doing anything, aa Assessor Hardin did
hot have his books ready.
Carl Walker and Will Wllsosi froaa
Coanell Blaffa.
Carl Walker, who waa killed, and Will
Wilson, who waa seriously Injured Thurs
day night near Cedar Creek. Neb., by being
run over by a freight train on which the
men were believed to be stealing a ride,
are believed to be from Council Bluffs.
The police, after investigating yesterday,
are of the belief that Walker Is a son of
John Walker, 1529 Avenue F, and Wilson
Is a son mt William E. Wilson. 3620 Sec
ond avenue. Both had been working for
the Calhoun Construction company In the
stone quarries at Cedar Creek.
Real Kstate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The Bee
April 14 by the Pottawattamie County Ab
stract company of Council Bluffs:
Cornelius Noonan et at. to Mary
Noonan, lot 2, block 2, Judson's 1st
add. to Neola. q. c. d $
Eleonore R. Relmera and husband to
Charles T. Officer, und. H of lot 11.
block 1, Babbitt Place add to Coun
cil Bluffs, q. c. d
William Clark and wife to William
Clark, Jr., n'4 nw of 2-76-39; n
w4 of 3S-76-S9, and part neS of
17-74-40, w. d
Elmer K. Smith and wife to Thomas
J. Young, ne of 17-74-40, w. d 16,000
William-Hill, widower, to F. H. Stow,
lot 7, block 19. Mullln's subdlv. in
Council Bluffs, w. d
Benjamin Kehr Real Estate Co. to
Lucy Johnburg, lot 9. block 60, Rid
dle's subdlv. In Council Bluffs, w. d.
Mary Jsne Carter, widow, to Issue
Chernlss, lot 2, block 15. Hyatt's
subdlv. In Council Bluffs, w. d. ......
Total, sven transfers.. $18,883
Special for Saturday Gilt edge country
butter, pound, 30 centa; ginger snaps, one
half peck, 20 cents; corn, four cans for
26 cents; peas, tomatoes, apples, strlngless
beans, salmon, etc.. three cans for 26
cents; 26 cent package Koffeeno, '18 cents;
large bottle catsup, 15 cents; 6-cent pack
age crackers, three for 10 cents; vanilla
afers and fig newtons, pound, 12V4 centa,
etc. In our meat department: Boneless rib
roasts, pound, 12Vi cents to IS cents; pot
roasts, 7 cents to 9 cents pound; Diamond
or Rex hams, pound. 13H cents; picnic
hams, pound, & rents; pig hearta, two for
centa; pig livers, 10 cents each; corned
beef, 6 cents to 8 cents; bologna, three
pounds, 26 cents, etc. In our hardware de
partment: dog muzzles. 26 cents; one bushel
garbage cans, 95 cents; blue grass and
white clover seed, pound, 26 cents; pumps
11 kinds, up from $1.90; roller skates, pair,
60 cents to $1.50; waffle Irons, 79 centa; good
oe, 19 cents; garden rake, 19 cents; step
ladders, 29 cents; ovens, 89 cents to $4.00;
smoothing Irons, set, 80 centa to $1.75; cop
per bottom wash boilers, '88 cents; carpet
beaters, 16 cents, etc., etc. J. Zoller Mer
cantile company, 100-102-104-106 Broadway,
Phonea 820,
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. 26a Night, F-170X
Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday to
the following:
Name and Residence. . Age.
Vernle S. Lewis. Council Bluffs 23
Florence R. Cannon, Omaha. 26
William Dahle. Clark. Neb...'.'........... 25
Bertha Beckmant Clarks, Neb.... 23
Syndicate Takes Hold.
SIOUX CITY, la.'. April 17.-(Special,)
The Sioux City and Ashland Development
company, which created and platted the
aeven new towna on the Ashland line of
the Burlington road, has cold tha last of
Its holdings to a syndicate headed by
Judge C. P. Mathewaon. president of the
First National bank at Wajthlll, Neb.
Xhree years ago the sites of the seven
towns were cornfields. They now have a
population of over 3,000. The amount In
volved In the deal Is not made public.
Walthill, which Is 'named after Walter
Hill, son of 3. J. Hill, who had charge of
the construction of the hew road, Is the
largest settlement
Ghost Story from Mapleton.
ONAWA. Ia.. April 17. Specla )-The
country south of Mapleton Is In a state of
excitement because of a haunted house
In the community. All sorts of stories s re-
rife and people are very much alarmed. It
has been established with undeniable proof
that the house In question- is the scene of
strange noises and cries. People who have
been In the house when such affairs were
occurring declare that spooks or spirits are
visiting the place. A murder was com
mitted In the house once and neighbors
says that the departed spirit has Just re
turned for revenge. Watching parties have
trapped for the spirit Intruder, but have
been unsuccessful so far and ths noise
still continue. The farm, which Is a val
uable one, Is now for sile at a low price,
Court Cancels Road Order.
ONAWA, la., Apill .17. (Special.)-The
hand of the law rudely Interrupted the
Onawa town council In Its apportioning of
public highway to It member the other
day, when Judge Mould of the district
court ordered that the Perry, grade be
reopened to the public. This road, which
Is one of the old established hlghwaya to
Onawa, was among those which were re
cently awarded to Samuel Harrison and
Jesse Ropes, members of the council by
the council. George Fisher, F. M. Hatha
way, F. D. Wlnegar and other prominent
citizens, upon learning of the transaction,
applied to Judge Mould, who ordered it
opened. There is now a prospect of legal
action against the council.
Search, for Hidden Property.
WEBSTER CITY. Ia.. April n.-(Speclal)
Lost, about one million and a half dollars
The Webster City council haa Juat con
eluded a pretty thorough search for the
money and haa found a very fair per
cent of it.
The vaat Bum named represents the
moneys and credits on the various banks
In this city, as shown by their regular I
statements. The assessor, however, can
find no such amount of personal property
of this nature, so the city council at its
regular silting as a board of review started
out to assist In the search. Tha wail that
will go up next Tueaday when the council
will sit as a board of equalisation will at
test how well the council has suceeded.
Harrlsoa Pioneer 1 Dead.
LOGAN, la.. April 17 (Special.) Eiphram
Strausa died at hi home her thi atter
noon, aged 81 years. He was a pioneer resi
dent of Harrison county. Burial will be
Sunday In Six Mile Grove cemetery.
Denial ( Sale Rnmor.
BOONE, la.. April 17. (Special Telegram)
rGeneral Manager M. L. Blake of ths Fort
Docge, Dea Molnea & Southern railroad
stated today hat the report of the aale
of the Crooked road to hla line was abso
lutely without foundation. Homer Loring
of Boston, president of the Fort Doufi
line, and Pittsburgh-Capitalists, here fi r the
Inspection of their own property, gHe rl
to the Crooked Creek rumors. Official are
indignant at tha rumora and say th Inter-
, urban doe not want other road.
1 i
GoTernor Carroll Signs Swift Bill
with This End in View.
Old Lair Had Provision Hegarded
aa Mark Too Drastic
This to Bo More
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES. April 17.-lSpeclal.)-Gov.
ernor Carroll today signed, what Is known,
as the Bwlft bill, fathered In the legisla
ture by the representative from Shelby
county, being a law to penalise a railroad
company at the rata of $50 a day for
failure to obey an order of the railroad
commission. As a matter of fact, the pen
alty for failure to obey under th old law
waa $1,000 to $10,000, but Is was so sever
that the penalty had nevjr been Imposed
by the courts. .
The occasion for the bill waa the fact
that along In the winter the railroads.
Which center In Harlan. Shelby county,
were directed by the railroad commission
to make physical connections, and up to
the present they have not done so. It . I
explained thaV the order gave them only
80 day In which to do the work, and It
was at a seasTTrT-when it could be done to
advantage. But the bill was demanded by
a great many Interest In the belief that It
would put a stop to appeals to the courts
merely for the purpose of delay. It wa
opposed by the railroads on the ground that
It was a measure of drastic character and
no such penalty Is Inflicted elsewhere for
merely resorting to the courts.
Will Have a Bee Inspector.
One of the new bills passed and which
haa Juat been signed by the governor pro
vides for a state bee Inspector with au
thority to destroy bees and hives where
they, are found to be In unhealty condition.
The place pays $3 a day and expenses.
and the governor Is looking about for a
man who Is an expert In catching bee
and diagnosing their ailments. There ha
been but little complaint of any disease
among the bee of the state, but the scien
tists claim that there Is some danger.
Trouble Over Time Clock,
The state officials are having trouble
over installing a time recording system
In the state house. Th legislature Included
In the omnibus appropriation bill $200 for
Installing such a system for the use of
the custodlsn in keeping tab on the watch
man. There are two night watchmen at
the capltol, both war veterana, and while
it la common knowledge that the atate
house ha been left at time with little,
protection, yet they and their frienda have
started a movement to have the council
refuse to Install the time recording sys
tem. They claim It Is an Insult to them aa
old soldier to compel them to make re
ports at different places In the building
while on watch, and that they should be
trusted to make the rounds.
' No Change on Medical Board.
Members of the State Board of Health
have announced that Secretary Thomas
will hold his position for the coming
year. This announcement was made
after thetr meeting Tuesday, In answer
to the rumor that the secretary would be
deposed at the July meeting.
Work 'low oa Railroads.
Several hundred men were thrown out
of work temporarily today by the actt-jn
of the Rock Island road in closing its
shops m Valley Junction. The order
halt work In all the ahopa except the
roundhouse until May 1.
To Bnlld County Hospitals.
Tha legislature placed on the statute
books a law which will enable the
counties of the state to erect and main
tain county hospitals. Inasmuch as this
Is about the only way the communities
ran provide for care of the tuberculosis
victims It la probable there will be a
number of theae county hospitals erected.
In this city a volunteer movement ha
maintained a hospital for tuberculosis,
but will be unable longer to do so and
plans are already being made for having
the county start a hospital..
flection Hand Killed,
CRESTON, la., April 17.-(Speclal.)-Pa-senger
train No. 2 struck and Instantly
killed W. R. Swain, a section ' hand, at
Corning last night In the Corning railroad
yards. Both arms and both legs were sev
ered from the body and the head crushed.
Swsln, It is thought, waa watching No. ,
which nieeta No. J at that place, and did
not hear the approach of No. He was
a middle aged man and leave a wif and
large family of children. An Inquest will
be held today by the Adam' county coro
ner. Retrials Ordered by (a arch.
IaAMONI. Ia., April 17.-HSpecial. ) The
Saints of the Reorganised Church held
the ninth session of their conference and
the time was spent In hearing reports
from quorums and committee. This
church has always adhered to the right
of petition and today referred two cases
back for retrial of erring member who
had been convicted by church; courts. .
, Elder H. K. Moler of Missouri waa th
speaker and tonight Elder J. F. Curtis
of Provo, Utah preached.
Miss Dolllrer Goes East.
8IOUX CITY, la., April 17.-(Special.)-Mlaa
Margaret Gay Dolllver, sister of
Benator Jonathan P. Dolllver, and dean
of women at Mornlngaide college, la m tha
east for the purpose of assisting In tha
securing of funds for work at the Institu
tion. Dean 8. L. Chandler Is confident
that tha campaign for funda will be auc
cesbful. U" News Notes.
MASON CITY Because of lack of suf
ficient evidence th convict, the charge of
cheating at cards was dismissed against
Jamea Bolander of diaries city when he
was arraigned here today.
CRESTON-Conductor Joe Crowdre, who
lost a leg In an accident at Pacific Junc
tion fluting tne winter, naa bought the
Cartwright hotel In this city snd will open
ii iu iiuuiiu iaituiiv in m snore lime.
LOGAN As a result of a fall last Satur
day Will 8. Beck died lata last evening at
I lie home of his son, E. fcl Beck of Ixigan
The funeral will be held at the Methcxllst
church of Logan tomorrow afternoon, wun
Interment In Logan cemetery.
DNBKW.-5I1ARl?N-TTh",.wJ"ell",. of th
i r.uj . uiuiLii, OTii.i-u uetiiroyta
by fire last fall, is being cleared sway,
preparatory to building a new church .to
cost 112.010, on the site. Wprk on the new
building Is to begin at once.
MARSH ALI.TOWN The annual aprlng
meeting of the Waterloo presbytery, which
embracea all of the churches of the de
nomination in central lows, will be h. 1,1
in this city for two days, beginning April
20. Rv. H. W. Reherd of Waterloo is
CRESTON Editor John Clark, who for
twenty-four year a had been the proprietor
of the Bedford Times-Republican, has sold
tha paper to M. W. Campbell of Council
Bluffa and Paul 8. Junkin, editor of the
Advertlser-Gasett of Ibis city, and will
retire from newspaper life and look after
his other larga business interests Jl
also expects to travel. Mr. Campbell mill
be the active manager and editor of the
paper from now on, Mr. Junkin buying
merely aa an Inveatment.
GRIXNEI.L At th annual meeting of
the Grlnnell Association of Congregational
churches, which openel here today C H
Horn and Alfred E. K. ni of 1 rtmrsa gil.
Itgs aud William Norlit ut Ds Uolns J
a 1 . 1
There Are Not 100,000 Pairs
, There are not one hundred thousand pairs of these
trousers on the market, because far fewer than
that number of TRTUMPH TROUSERS are made.
These Trousers do not compete with other
lines in quantity. But Triumph Trousers
are made right. That's one reason for
the limited output.
It takes a full week to finish a pair of
Triumph Trousers. The cloth is London
shrunk. This process of shrinkage takes
' much more time than the quick steam
process more generally used, but it secures the
maximum shrinkage. To insure accurate sires,
each garment is cut separately by shears, instead
of by machines which .cut a quantity at a time.
were examined for the pastorate and or
dained thi evening.
LOGAN The supervisors of Harrison and
Pottawattamie counties have been In ses
sion here today, having under consideia
tion the approval of damages and assess
ment of benefits In such drainage dlairlct
No. 1, Harrlaon and Pottawattamie coun
ties. The aupervlaora of both counties were
all In attendance save Colonel Raker.
C'OLFAX The Des Moines presbytery,
embracing fifty-six churches of- the de
nomination In this prt of Iowa, opened
here last night. During lta session the
presbytery will celebate the 400th an
niversary of the birth of John Calvin.
Among the principal speakers are Rev. P.
W. McClinrock of China and Rev. David
McEvan of Centervllle, la.
KAMRAR Because of the bitter tele
phone war, wnich has waged for weeks
between the farmers of this section of the
county and the Martin Telephone company
of Webster City,, the Farmers' Independ
ent Telephone company has been organ
ised. The trouble was caused originally by
a dispute as to the transfer charges mada
through the exchange of the Martin com
pany. LOGAN The following teachers hava1
been elected In the Logan schools: Super
intendent Prof. Charles S. Cobb; principal,
Mary E. Rice; mathematics, Mary E. Garl.
ner; science: Maud Shelton; English, Mabel
Fonda; German, still vacant; eighth grade,
Althea Fletcher, seventh, vacant; sixth,
Adeline Barnhart; fifth, vacant; fourth,
Elnor Mlllman; third, Bertha Fouttf: sec
ond, Helen Allen; first. Bertha Cadwell.
Ines Chesnut, music and drawing.
ONAWA The land transfers In Monona
county for the month of March, 1 V')U.
greatly exceeded any previous month for
years. The considerations ti' these
transfers only lacked a few dollars of
amounting to II, 000,000. That land ha
risen greatly In value la to be seen from
the fact that there were only 630 trans
fers during that time and 17( of these
were deeds. The highest price paid per
acre was $226, which Frank Pierce paid
Oeorae Buckley for a choice tract near
Onawa. A great number of the land pur
chasers during mis time were tuinoi
men. the former owners In many case
retiring to live In nearby town.
CRESTON William Kepford, a young
man at this place, waa arrested by tha
authorities last night, charged with break
lng and entering the Creston Transpor
tation building Wednesday night and re
lieving the money drawer of A. In going
out the party stepped Into a pile of soft
dirt, leaving the Imprint, of a foot plainly
visible. It had been noticed that young
Kepford had been spending an unusual
amount of small change, consequently he
came under suspicion. He was taken In
custody and his shoe taken off, when It
was found his foot exactly fitted into the
footprints, and other evidence was dis
covered, so that the young man was bound
over In the sum of $300 for the "next term
of court.
i CRESTON The O. A. Ollphant caae. In
which, the brother of Ollphant, who waa'
found dead in a Des Moines park last
September, haa brought auit to recover the
lite insurance oi z,iuu carried Dy u. a.
Ollphant In the American Health and Ac
cident insurance association, sna wnicn
was expected to come up at the present
term of court, has been continued to the
August term. 1 ne insurance company
claims Oliphant was a suicide, while his
family claim to have evidence that he was
murdered. The insurance company now
claims that Ollphant's policy was made In
favor of a church, arwi that the brother
has no rlkht to bring suit, hence the de
murrer. This cane attracted much interest
here, where Ollphant and his family are
wall known, the relatives living at Orient..
Picked I'p by Probation Officer,
ldeatlfled aad eut to
Naval Yard.
William H. Gilcrlat. a deserter from the
Vnlted Ststes cruiser Brooklyn, was ar
rested by Probation Officer Carver Thurs
dsy and locked In jail over night.
He was taken before the officer In charge
of the naval recruiting atatlon, Identified
aa a deserter and remanded to jail. He
deserted from the navy In June, 1907, and
hss been working at various employments
in Omaha for about a year. H will be
ent to the Norfolk navy yard by th
naval authorltlea Friday or Saturday to
answer to the charge of desertion.
A Ton of Gold
could buy nothing better for female weak
nesses, lame back and kidney trouble than
Electric Bitters. 50c. For sale by Beaton
Drug Co.
Haasrarlaa Society Bay a git at
Nlaeteeath aad Bart aad Em
ploys aa Architect.
Th Hungarian society ha bought a (it
t Nineteenth and Burt streets and I con
sidering the erection of a modern club
house for th society.
Contractor ar now making estimate ou
architect' drawing and If th coat cornea
wlthlu th expectation of the member of
the atciety th club house will undoubtedly
b erected during th coming summer.
huiidtn ooounitu of tba rJL
Then each pair of trousers is subjected to a rigid
inspection it has to be perfect in every respect
before it can leave the shop.
Compare the style of Triumph Trousers the
V. iwMtnens i
At the Best Clothes Shops
If your dealer doesn't ell Triumph Trousers writ) to ut
elety has the matter In charge and Is work-
lng out a plan for financing the enterprise.
Omahan will doubtless be joined by South
i Omahana in the building enterprise.
Theaters Adopt
Open Door Policy
Hundred and Seventy-Five Western
Houses Will No Longer Make
Exclusive Contracts.
NEW YORK. April 17. -Theatrical man
ager In thi city were formally notified
tonight by their western representatives
that the Western Theater Managers' as
sociation had declared an "open door"
policy and would no longer bind It house
to any producer, booking association or
The western msnager adopted a resolu
tion at their meeting In Chicago which ends
any affiliation they may have had limiting
their houses to any one syndicate of pro
ducer or managers, and declared that their
theaters will, henceforth be open to any
plsy by anyone.
About lib theater are affected by the
Bell Corporation In Cine' -all , Al
leges Western I'nlon Is "l. criminating-
Asalnat It.
CINCINNATI, O., April 17.-Th West
ern Union Telegraph company and the
Gold and Stock Telegraph company, th
latter ownera of a ticker service of news.
were made defendant In a suit filed In the
common plea court today by the Cincin
nati and Suburban Bell Telephone com
pany. In which a mandatory Injunction
I asked.
The telephone company alleges It 1 being
discriminated against unlawfully by . the
Western Union company In that the tele
graph company refused to Install In the
telephone company's office a ticker service
uoh as 1 Installed In many other places.
The Western Union company Is lessee of
the wire and service of the Gold and
Stock, company. The facts In the case
which bring about the suit, It Is said, are
that the telegraph company will not In
stall th ticker service In the telephone
company' office because the telephone
company refuses to agree not to give Its
telephone patrons Information that the
ticker serve. Th telephone company will
claim the right to give that Information
equally with the other patrona of th
aervlce, uch aa saloon, cigar store, etc.
Federal Coart Body Lay Off Until
Monday, Owing to Lack
af Business.
The petit jury In United States court has
been excused until Monday, a no further
trial were ready.
The federal grand jury will be empanelled
Monday. There Is a considerable grist of
small business to come before tha grand
Jury. Most of the cases r for boot
legging, minor postoffice offense and on
or two counterfeiting.
The district court docket may not be
called until th grand Jury complete It
work. Among the first case to b called
up In 'the district court will be tha railway
safety appliance caaea. The land cases will
not come to trial until some time In May.
Major J. B. Irwin or the Inspector gen
eral' department, ha returned to army
headquarter after an extended leave of
Army headquarters haa just emerged from
the hands of the painters and decorators
and presents a handsome appearance in
lta interior finish.
Died of Paeaasoala"
I never written of those who cure coughs
and cold a with Dr. Klng'a New Diacovery.
Guaranteed. Mc - and x $100. For sal by
Beaton Drug Co.
Beatrte Take a Game.
BEATRICE, Neb., April ML (Special
Telegram.) In a fat game of ball played
at Blue Spring this afternoon between
Beatrice and Blue Springs high school
team the, former won by tb score of I
to . Th feature wa th pitching of
Bticisuigcr et oeeince.
effect of their hand tailoring with the
kind cut out in blocks and rushed
thrbugh at top pressure.
Triumph Trousers look as if they
were made specially for you.
The world is searched for all wool
and worsted materials that will pass
inspection for this fashionable line. Absolutely
no' cotton is used. The finest of imported, at
well as domestic, fabrics are used and no greater
range of pattern is to be found anywhere.
Freak of Nature is Six-Legged Animal
at Stock Yards.
Mrs. Barbara Besta Fonnd Waader
Ina, Demented, oa Streets
Bishop Nnelaen Preaeaes
Snnday Moraine.
The crowd which daily patronize th
Union Stock yards wa halted yetrdar
by the curious sight of a full grown bull
with six legs. While doubleheaded calve
and other accidents of nature are not un
usual and while , several curious prodigies
are mounted In the varlou office, the
sight of a matured animal still bearing
the odd limbs with which It came Into
the world Is rare. In fact, none of th
commission men could remember a similar
creature. The animal wa handled by
Wood brother and wa s'old for exhibition
purposes for tl26.
The extra limbs shoot out at the animal's
shoulders from a point near the top of
the back, giving the for quarters of ths'
animal a moat groteaque appearance. It
uses only the four normal legs In walking.
One of the fresk legs Is not greatly de
veloped, but the other show nearly per
fect. C. W. Owen of Springfield shipped th
animal to the yard. The animal wa aa
active aa any of hi kind and . showed
signs of a pugnacious disposition toward
other masters of tha herd. '
Woman Wander from Homo.
Mrs. Barbara Besta, 280 South Eight
eenth street, wife of James Best, a pack
ing house employe, was found wandsrlng
the streets barefooted and In a demented
condition Friday morning. She I a woman
of 30 or more. She wa taken to th city
jail and kept In the matron' department
and arrangements were made during th
afternoon to take .her to the lnaan ward
of the county hospital. According to Mr.
Besta the woman has been subject to these
fit of melsncholy. In which sh refuse
to speak snd sit moodily, with lusteries
tyes, robbed of Intelligence. Th woman
wa never known to be violent and when
asked by her mother at these times to do
household duties ha obeyed like a child.
She tells the family, when she regain
control of her mind, that It eem like
three brick II on her head and weigh
her down. She haa some young children.
Monday Service.
"Th Truth a It t In Jesus" 1 Rev.
George Van Winkle's topto for Sunday
morning. In th evening John Baptist will
give hi lecture, "The American Flag and
It Power for Christ."
Bishop Nuelsen will occupy th pulpit at
the First Methodist church Sunday morn
ing. While In South Omaha, ha will be
entertained at th home of Mr. and Mr a.
E. L. Howe.
Holy communion will be observed at St.
Edwards at H a. m. Th Sunday school
will be at t:30. The vespers will be ob
served st 7:30 p. m. At St. Clements mis
sion matins, with sermon, will be observed
at 11 a. in., followed by Sunday school.
"Th Duty of Religion" I Dr. R. L.
Wheeler' morning topic. In th evening
his theme will be "Th Commonplace
Ljfe." The evening service Is at 7:30. not
changing to th later hour until May 1
R. W. Liver of th English Lutheran
church will presch from th subject, "Tho
Good Fight of Faith." A general meeting
of th congregation will be held at .the
close to consider plans for a new church
building and other bualne. Th young
people will meet at 7 p. m.
Borglar Get Sniall Booty.
Burglars Friday entered th horn of
Fred H. Guthrie, 21 North TwSnty-sscond
treet, and extracted $10 from th clothe
of Mr. Guthrie' father who wa visit
ing his son. Entrsnce was had through a
window, but the burglars did not make
enough noise to arouns Ci family and'
th theft wa not detected until morning
when furniture was found disarrange.
Ther I no clue to the perpetrator of th
' Made (Ity uoaalp.
G. A. Young Is In ths city for a few
day visiting friends.
John Riches has gone to Greeley, Colo.,
to be on the aprlng roundup on hi lanch.
A aelect dancing party la to be jlvtn
by the I. M A N. club at Bushing's hall
Friday,. April 11.
Dr. R. L. Wheeler married Jay T. Van
Order and Miss Marl s)wack of OrQkh
Thursday afternoon.