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Reminiscences of a Distinguished Ca
reer on th Stage.
Th Spirit f "Prla Reflected l a
Rr ltrliw-Am Experience
wltk Dahlia
Th long, successful dramatic career of
Madam Modjeska reflect, alike the charm
of artiste and Individual, and la flecked
with anecdote and Incident which her
recent death reclla.
Most Interesting I the story of her flrt
attempt to aecur a footing on the Ameri
can stage. In February, J877, ahe went to
Ban Francisco, put herself under a tutor,
and by hard study was able in all months
to speak with some fluency. She then ap
plied to John McCullough, who was man
ager of the California theater, for an en
gagement. Barton Hill, then the stage
manager for Mr. McCullough, preserved
the letter which Modjeska wrote, and which
reads as follows: "Mr. John McCullough:
Dear Sir Pardon the liberty X take In ad
dressing you, but being a stranger here I
know of no other way of approaching you.
I h&v been introduced to you, but do not
know whether you remember me or not.
I came from Europe last year, and met you
at the Occidental hotel. Tou were even so
kind as to offer to play Hamlet with me,
but I could not decide to appear In a for
eign language, and I determined to learn
English, Now I am almost ready to go on
the American stage, and knowing you to be
so obliging, and being quit alone In this
wide foreign world, I turn to you for ad
vice. Please let me know when and where
I can meet you. I know very well that you
are very much engaged, but perhaps you
can find some time to give to me, an artist
and a stranger. Believe me, yours truly,
Helena Modjeska,"
Mr. McCullough mad an appointment
with her, but pleaded sickness, and sent
Mr. Barton Hill to hear the timid applicant
about whose ability so little was then
known. Sh made her appearance, accom
nonled by a friend who was teaching her
English, and gave the last scene from
"Adrlonne Leeouvreur." Mr. Hill tells the
story In his own words: "I listened at
tentively, and praised her earnestly when
she had finished. I did not tell her Just
what I thought of her for fear I would
rise her hopes too high. John came that
night and said In his brusqu way: Well
did you ke herr 'Yes I answered. 'What
did you think of herT' Then I was en
thustbstlc. 'She Is a revelation wonder.
I am more thn surprised I am astounded.'
Then John was Interested. 'Eh,' he said;
'sorry I didn't hear her. Suppose she would
come again Y 'It she did,' I replied Jest
ingly, 'you probably would be sick.
Madame came the next day and McCul
lough was even more pleased than I. He
aelsed her hand and said: 'Tou have an
. engagement for as long a you wish.'
Everybody knows the rest. Msdame Helena
Mod Jerk a made her debut, and I have al
ways claimed the honor of being her first
American audience."
Caret nines of Detail.
Mme. Modjeska was a great reader, and
he spent years of her life, taking it alto
gether In ttbrariea, studying up the details 1
of her costumes. There Is only one class
of literature that she did not read, and
that ts the newspaper. She read only such
fragments as her husband and ' friends
thought would be of special Interest to her.
One of the latter, an Intimate woman
friend, took her one morning an enormous
clipping from a paper, the advertisement
of a patent medicine. In the oenter of it
was a picture of the actress and beneath it
n large words, "Mme. Modjeska Is never
without Boanerges' Chicory Extract."
ILme. Modjeska was not up when it was
taken to her. A look of deep amusement
stole over her face as she Vty among her
pillows and gazed at her picture In the
pa'per and the emphatlo worda below.
"They are right," ahe aald finally. "Mme.
Modjeska 1 never without It. The? sent
me a bottle once, and to my certain knowl
edge It never was opened, so I must have
It still."
Mme. Modjeska's regard to detail In her
costumes was the causa of an amusing
experience that she had In London when
she was playing there at one time, a
friend of the actress said while talking
remlnlscently the other night. The Order
of the Oolden Fleece, which Mary Stuart
wore and which the prince of Wales wears.
Mme. Modjeska also wore when she played
the part of the Scottish queen, her order
being, of course, a reproduction, though a
Very perfect one. It wa lying on her
d reeling table, when the prince of Wales,
now the king of England, came to the
He saw It lmme-
room to. call upon her.
"Hello," he said, "what have we here?"
His first thought was that it was the real
order. Mme. Modjevka beiurathed her copy
to the British M-ineum.
A Hare Interview.
Interview with ModJ"eka are not very
abundant, and this one from the New
Tork Pun la especially Interesting to those
who only w her with Booth In the char
acter of Portia;
"I learn the lines first.' but they are
nothing. My task I to learn -to feel the
woman who would speak those lines. The
words are the work of another. My part
must be to sink Helena Modjeska's person
ality Into that of the woman who would
spontantously and naturally, under the
circumstances Indicated In the play, speak
these lines which already I have ac
quired. If I cannot feel that under these
conditions this woman's words would spon
taneously come to me, I know I am far
away from what my impersonation must
grow to be.
"For this reason It Is Impossible for me
to play a part which I cannot learn to
sympathise with. I was years and years
In learning to be able to play Lady Mac
beth. I could not feel her. I could not
possibly have any sympathy for her.
"On the other hand, take Portia, for ex
ample. I loved her from the first. I felt
that she was a woman of extraordinary
sweetness, of brilliant wit, splendid gener
osity, feminine piquancy and great intel
lectual power. She belonged to a century
noted for its brilliant women a veritable
golden age of feminine mentality.
"Portia was undoubtedly a woman of dis
tinguished social position, with the charm
ing, easy manners of high breeding and
perfect knowledge of the world. She wa
undoubtedly a linguist. All the women of
wealth and position of that day were su
perbly educated, and it was quite common
for them to speak five or six' languages
fluently. When I was preparing to become
Portia I read everything I could find In
French, Italian,' Polish and English con
cerning the period in which she lived. I
threw my whole personality, so far as I
could, back into that time. I absorbed all
the history, romance and poetry of the
period. I became familiar, geographically
with the Italian towns In which she
dwelt. I studied the manners. I wore the
dress, I familiarised myself with the ethics
of the time and people until I was satur
ated with the atmosphere of my beautiful
heroine. Finally I began to realise myself
the component parts of this lovely woman
of marvelous speech and extraordinary
The Spirit of Portia-
"I discovered that Just a today many
women are legally well mrormed, so in a
century which closely resembles our own
In varlolus lines It would not have been at
all strange for a young woman of Portia's
caliber to be legally learned. Gradually I
felt the color of the time in which Portia
lived, the atmosphere of the woman her
self, the noble love which makes her so
adorable, the charming daintiness and
sweetness of her Innocent gaiety. When
this Portia woman of 300 years ago had
dominated the nineteenth century Helena
Modjeska, I felt that I had caught her,
intellectually. Then it became my delight
ful task to make her physically as lovely
a picture a I possibly could. I do not
know how I succeeded, but from the very
beginning I have tried to make my other
selves harmonious. In fact, I believe the
key to my whole existence is my depend
"As a little girl I could not bear ct dis
cordnot a discord alone in music, but
In anything. If colors were discorded, I
hated to look upon them. I wanted every
thing lfcf ut.r home harmonious, and as
a' tiny Utile ? girl this peculiar distaste
for anything out of tune was looked upon
merely as an absurb Idiosyncrasy. As I
grew older, my mother recognised that
this ee-called eccentricity was one I could
not oonquer. She saw in me the tempcr
ment of .the artist. In all my work I feel
that there roust be a perfect harmony. A
Portia must have the soul of a Portia.
She must have the figure of a Portia, and,
above all, she must have the voice of a
Portia. A Portia in her wonderful speech,
'the quality or mercy,' with the voice of a
Lady Macbeth and I see that you smile,
but. Indeed, I have heard Juliets with
voices so mature and heavy that they were
only suitable for the old-faehloned trage
dienne in her most blood-curdling declam
ations would be out of harmony, and, In
studying this role I should make an
especial point of having my votco the right
age, right quality. In fact, the very re
flection of the character of the woman."
An Experience tn Dnblln. ,
Mme. Modjeska delighted to play to the
warm-hearted Irish people, and they de
lighted to see her, particularly in "Mary
Stuart." On one occasion of which she was
wont to tell the play was produced In
Dublin. Whenever the imprisoned queen in
the play , spoke of rebellion ugainat
Elisabeth, the audience applauded. When
She cried defiantly, "Shall I bow to this
t 1M s I M f -" I v V
Ms M ? I ' 1 ML J . . .1.. J till TT
l"t 1'. IHIrtrr7T"1
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rule?" or words to that effect, the audi
ence evidenced great sympathy, and she
wa obliged to wait until the excitement
subsided before going on. "Hurrah! hurrah!
hurrah!" they cried. Then, when It was
quiet, she would go on, only to be stopped
again. Thas was exciting enough, but the
real funshe did not think was fun,
though, until some time after came when
the play was over. Then, when Modjeska
was ready to go to her carriage, there was
the chief of police waiting for her. Ha
escorted her and her maid to a carriage,
not her own, they were put in quickly,
a policeman mounted the box, and they
were off. The carriage seemed to go miles
and miles through dark and deserted
streets, and poor Mme. Modjeska had no
Idea what was In store for her. But It was
nothing serious. She had stirred up too
much enthusiasm; the men who had been
roused by the play had unharnessed the
horses from her carriage and were going
to give here a great ovation and taking
the places pf the horses, draw her them
selves to the hotel. But that the author
ities could never allow, hence the actress
had been taken tn a roundabout way and
driven privately, at the city's expenc to
her hotel. When the Impersonator of th
unfortunate Mary Stuart did not appear,
her admirers were npt slow to guess the
reason and they betook themselves to her
hotel. They were there ready for her when
she arrived, and sh was obliged to go out
and make a little speech before they would
depart quietly. ,
Candidates Are
Picked for Fire
and Police Board
Republicans Choose W. J. Hunter,
Fred H. Hoyc, Charles J. Karbach
and William F. Wappich.
William J. Hunter, tred H. Hoye, Charles
J. Karbach and William F. Wappich were
last night selected by the republican city
committee as the party's candidates for the
Board of Fire and Police commissioners.
Th selection was made to fill vacancies
on the ticket caused by the passage of
that section of the city charter making the
excise board elective, the power of filling
vacancies on a party' ticket being dele
gated to the party's committee.
Andrew Rosewater was nominated for
city engineer. He received all but una of
th vote cast. That on went to A. C.
Koenig. There were thirty members of th
committee present.
The meeting wa held In Judge Estelle's
court room In The Bee building and was
attended by forty membera of the commit
tee which was elected three yeara ago.
A. W. Jufferis, chairman of this com
mittee, presided, and F. C. Best, secre
tary, acted as such.
Three of the four nominees have filed by
petition for th. board, while the fourth
nominee, Mr. Hoye, has a petition ready
to be filed. Mr. Hoy was a former mem
ber of th city council. Mr. Hunter has
been Identified with city politic for a num
ber of year. Mr. Karbach 1 a member of
th present excise board by appointment
fnom Governor Shallenberger, and Mr.
Wappich was a candidate last fall for th
The committee adopted the following reso
lution naming the four party nomlneea:
"Whereas, The recent democratic legisla
ture, has, by enacting a new city charter,
made it necessary to fill, at the, coming
election, four additional offices, namely,
four membera of th Board of Fire and
Police commissioners, and,
"Whereas, The said charter amendment
act did not become law In time to permit
of candidates presenting themselves for
nominations of these officers at the republi
can primary, and,
"Whereas, By reason of this fact there
are vacancies on the republican ticket for
th offices of four members of the Board
of Fir and Police commissioners, and,
"Where, This committee Is made up
of members elected by the republican
voter of the City of Omaha, at the pri
mary election held In April, 1?0, and no
other committee has been duly and properly
elected to succeed It; therefore be It.
"Resolved, Tht the persn named at
this meeting be, and ar hereby nominated
to fill the vacancies for the offlcea of Fire
and Police commissioners on the city ticket,
to be voted for May 4. 1909: William J.
Hunter. Fred H. Hoye, Charles 3. Karbach
and William F. Wappich."
you, couldn't make you go to school? The
neighbor would have aald that he was a
Dr. Lovelond did not specifically counsel
Crawford to whip his son, but h declared
that mora vigorous parental control would
be highly efficacious. -
Charles Crawford, the boy. Is reported to
behave excellently In school when he at
tends. It was on a truancy Information
that the child was In court. Judge Estelle
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cause, barring a Inclination to play hookey,
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Brooklyn Democratic Bos Said to B
Heartly Indebted to Bankrupt
NEW YORK, April 17. A ensatlon was
created today by the announcement that
Receiver Lindsay Russell of tho failed
brokerage firm of Ennls & Btoppanl had
obtained an order ftom Judge Holt sum
moning Senator Patrick H. McCarron, th
well known democratic leader, to testify
next Tuesday at the bankruptcy hearing
and produce such books, reccrds and docu
ments as may be required. Th summons
was based on th alleged discovery of ex
pert accountant that on of evral
"blind" account, entered as "No. S3," Was
thit of 8enator McCarron, who had for
years past been a close personal friend of
both members of th ftrm. Account "No.
S39," It Is stated, was very active,' and It
alto showed that the man operating undn
it waa Indebted to the firm over 1100,000.
The f-jct that members of ssveraJ New
York Stock exchange firms have also beon
subpoenaed to appear at tho bankruptcy
proceedings caused a stir In th financial
Preacher is for
Parental Rod
Dr. Loveland Suggests to Father in
Juvenile Court Efficiency of ,
Its Application.
Great Is th hickory switcti and long
may ah wave.
Rev. F. LoveUnd voiced this doctrln
by implication, at least, In Juvenile court
Saturday morning when h administered a
verbal "Ismmlng" to Michael Crawford.
"What would imople hav thought of your
father? demanded th clergyman, "If when
you wr a boy of . he had com Into
court and stated that he cuu:a not control
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