Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 17, 1909, NEWS SECTION, Page 4, Image 4

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    TUK HKK: OMAHA. SATURDAY. APim) 17. 1000.
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Men's Separate
Entrance. North
west Corner Six
teenth and Doug
las Streets
' . i V II x
Brandeis Takes Advantage of the Backward Spring Season
A Tremendous Cash Purchase of Men's
Vr V . i t j
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1 ('' 'A A fst'I
I Br W. C. BOTH j
si j
I I I uUzn I
From Hew York's Leading Wholesale Tailors Who Are Badly
Overstocked on Account of Countermanded Orders
Just 2650 Finest
Suits, Cravenettes
and Top Coats In
This Purchase.
Buy That Spring
for your unrestricted
choice of all the Men's
Suits, Top Coats and
Cravenettes from the
Biff Purchase; worth
up to $15.00.
for your unrestricted
choice of all the Men's
Spring Suits, Top Coats
and v Cravenettes, from
the Big Purchase; worth
up to $20.00.
for your unrestricted
choice of all the Men's
Spring Suits, Top
Coats and Craven
ettes, from the Big
Purchase; worth up
to $25.00.
This is not an ordinary event. These clothes are made in the
newest styles by the best tailors in New York. Men who prefer $25
Suits can get them here for just $17.50.
1 rzr Il".l":,.,-,m7
y-)& 'it,
-i - je t; J j fJ::
cnKca far ' 1 yriv" -
Sale of
Sample Hats
Derbies or Soft Htg
Entire sample lines of men's toft and stiff
hats from two eastern bat manufacturers.
These are all samples of new spring hats
positively worth up to 3.00 two great
lots, at
98c sl45
Stetson Hats
We give to Omaha men the kind of hats
they want. The Stetson hat 1s the favorite
of all hats for men. Particular fi ffPCQ
men ask for it. That's why we
sell it. The price is...
Ilrandeis Special Derby and Soft Hats,
Sample Caps for Men, Boys and Children
Worth up to 75c all in one lot, f C
at, each IDC
5 fiT I I I ! fa I I SSvVlil
vSf- ill'1 r;l
Boys' Spring Suits
: . r
The best of styles are found in this attractive depart
ment on second floor, old store.
All wool blue serge Knickerbocker Suit, with extra pair ot
tnieketboeker pants to match a $7.50
value- - special, at
One complete Knickerbocker suit, with one extra pair of
Knickerbocker pants free. Just as serviceable ft pn
as two suits well worth $5.00, at J).DU
We Bought Fur Drummer's Sample Lines
Pocket Knives .W 50c
Thousands ot high quality knives from one of the
largest cutlery houses In New York, bought at less
than one-half their actual value. A positive guar
antee as to quality. W. L. Wadsworth steel knives;
Yale knives; Parker Bros.' knives; American Cutlery
Co.; Sheffield knives, Hunting knives, Deerfoot
knives; genuine walrus handle, stag,
bone and one-piece pearl handles; 2, 3
and 4 blades and positively worth to
$2.00, at
Low Shoes
For Men
The most practical, the
most comfortable low
shoes In Omaha. You
can not get shoes of this
sort anywhere else for
less than $4.50 We
make a speciality of
this splendid group,
About 7,000 Shirts In this purchase. All
are samples and broken lots of fine negligee
shirts in new spring styles. Sizes 12 to 18 "4.
New patterns.
$2.00 SHIRTS FOR 98c
LOT I Comprises all the men's plaited and
plain bosom negligee shirts in
the choicest spring patterns and
finest materials worth up to
$2, at
$1.25 SHIRTS FOR 50c'
LOT 2 Includes all the men's fine negligee
and golf shirts. In new spring
designs excellent quality
worth $1.25
75c SHIRTS FOR 25c
LOT 8 Includes all the men's and boys' out
ing acd negligee shirts blue, chambrsy,
madras and percales some
slightly soiled worth
up to 75c In base
ment, new store, at
Men's Spring; Weight Underwear French
balbrlggan and derby ribbed worth up to
75c, at 35 nl 504
Munsing and Sterling Union Suits, specially
priced, at... 08 to $3.50
Men's Manhattan and E. & W. shirts In new
patents (silk initial free with each shirt),
at 81.50 to $3.50
ibiicu aii'i
wis usui t
Sale of Men's Bill Books, Card Cases, Purses
Thousands pf drummer's sample Bill Books, Card Cases and Change Purses warranted to be
all genuine seal, goat and buckskin leather, including the universal 25C"50c
men's change purse, worth to $2 at
Jet ear rings, brooches, belt pins. I Women's genuine real seal I Women's Elastic BelU. to
hat pins, at, each 2Bo up to hand purses, in black, at50c match your costume, at 45
ea&MDEiis stores M
Permit! for Orer Two Hundred Thou
sand Dollars Worth in One Day.
Tlty Shirt Company Will Rrert
Kit Oa, Store ad Rnl(
Hmm DweUlnaa Com
lcto I.oag? !.!.
Addition to tho Crelghton Medical college
to cost $44,000; brick bulldlns on North
Sixteenth street for the Novelty Bklrt com
pany to cost $30,000; three-story brick build
ing on West Farnem atrert for stores and
bachelor apartment to coat (30,000;
residences In various parts of the
city to coat $70,000; Improvements at the
Smith brick yard to cost $10,000; additions
to Florence school bulldlns to coat tlS.COO.
These are th new bulging' operations
for one day, the total cost being In exceas
Plans are under way for a large four
Story addition to the Crelghton Medical
college at Fourteenth and Chicago streets.
J. Jeffery Davey, architect, la drawing the
rlans and says that the excavation for the
new building will be completed before May
, 1 and that the building wilt be ready for
the opening of the fall term the middle of
The college has acquired the northeast
quarter ot the block on which the present
building stands, the new tract being 68x131'
feet. The new building will be on the
south end of this property, leaving enough
ground for the erection in the near future
of a maternity and emergency hospital.
The new building will be 68x70, four stories
and baaement, and will be of brick con
struction. (Irmnnlam la Rurmral,
The basement of the new building will
be fKted up for a gymnasium and will also
contain shower baths and lockers. On the
lirat tloor will be a large reception room,
a free dispensary, clinic operating rooms
and a clinical laboratory. The second and
third floors will contain class rooms and
private laboratories, while the entire fourth
floor will be fitted up for the historical
department. The new building will cost
)45,00u, exclusive of equipment, snd will be
connected with the present building scroti
the alley with enclosed Bteel viaducts.
Posyesglon of the ground will be had by
the college authorities April 23 sad excava
tion work will start Immediately. This will
be completed by the first of the coming
month and then work on the building will
be begun as soon as possible thereafter.
Architect bavey Is also drawing plana
for a new three-story brick building to be
erected on North Sixteenth street, adjoining
the Masonlo temple and directly across the
street from the new Hotel Loyal. This
buik'tng will cost about $10,000 and will be
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RUSTLESS Wire Screen and any other, but
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lasts longer, always looks bright. The gen
uine has BRONZE Selvage. We have the
Pearl in LIGflT and HEAVY grades, all widths;
then we have the regular Black and Gal
venized Fly Screen.
How About Your Porch Screens?
1311-1813 DOOCB STREET.
Lawn Mswers. Goodrich Garden Hose and Hardware
occupied by the Novelty Skirt company.
The lots are owned by the St. A. D. Bal
combe estate snd the small buildings now
on the site will be moved off immediately.
Lonsr Lease oa Ground.
The skirt company has secured a long
lease on sixty-four feet frontage of the
property and will erect a building with a
frontage of i2 feet and 89 feet luep. v
Mrs. Mora Marple, one of the heirs ot
the Balcombe estate, will erect another
bulloisg with a frontage of 23 feet and with
the same depth as the skirt company's
building. The two buildings will have the
appearance of one. with the same kind of
a front and the Novelty people will occupy
the whole structure. The front of the
building wfll be of gray pressed brick with
stone trimmings and extension show win-
Tennanta of tho present buildings on the
site have been notlftd to vacate May 1,
when the old structure will be removed.
Work on the new blocks will be begun at
once. '
Ancther large building to be erected In
the summer will be located at Nineteenth
and Farnam streets, on the southwest cor
ner. Fisher & Lawrte, architects, are draw
ing the plans for this building for W. T.
Graham. Dr. Iord and. Dr. Bridges.
This third structure will be three stories
and a basement and will be fitted up for
store rooms on the lower floor and for
bachelor apartments on the second and
third rioors, with an entrance on Nine
teenth street for these apartments. A
cafe will be installed in the basement. The
building mill be of pressed brick and will
cost about 30,(100.
Florence School.
Plans drawn by Architect Dsvey for addi
tions to the Florence school building were
sculpted Thursday night by the Board of
Education of that suburb snd the general
contract was let to H. Armstrong of South
Omaha for 1,000. Wings will be built on
the north and south sides of the present
building, each to be 3ox70 feet, two stories
high and a basement. Work on the ex
cavation will be begun May 1 and within
the next ten days bids for wiring, plumbing
and heating apparatus In the additions will
be received.
City Building Inspector Wlthnell on Fri
day issued permits to Hastings Hey den
for seventeen new dwellings ranging In
price from ll.OuO to $2,&u0 each. The permits
to this one firm total $34,800. Eight of the
Hastings & Hey den homes will be built on
tHhrop street between Fourteenth and
Twenty-third streets, two will be built on
Ames avenue, two on Madison avenue snd
the others on Wirt street. Camden avenue.
William street and Webster street
Two permits were Issued the same day
by Mr. Wlthnell to Charles W Martta for
dwellings to tost H.'JOO, and other permits
tsaued during the day total IJI.JUO. One of
these permits In for a kiln and smoke
stack for the Smith Brick company at
Thirty-first and !ke streets to float IIO.OOO.
an snuther Is for an addition and repairs
to Mrs. Mary Angress' home at 4738 North
Thirty-eighth street to cost $16,800.
The permits for ths one day Issued from
City Building Inspector Wlthnell's depart
ment total over 70,000.
Condemed by
His Own Pride
Jamei Smith it Faced by Witness
Who Sayi He Talked of Sun- '
derland Fire.
James Smith was a little too well satis
fied with the vengeance he secured on the
Sunderlsnd Bros, company, according to
evidence Introduced against him Friday In
the criminal branch of district court.
"The morning after the fire Smith bor
rowed a nickel of me to buy a paper,"
testified Frank Merrill, "ant cutting out
the accojnt of the fire he ahowed It to me
and said, 'I guess 1 showed 'era where to
head In,' or something like that."
Merrill notified the Sunderlands, who In
formed the police. The officers promptly
gathered Smith In and found the clipping
in his vest pocket.
Oilier witnesses Friday were Hugh Boone
In charge of the barn, and William Kobb,
ysrdmaster for the company, both testify,
ing that Smith threatened- to get even.
The defense, in addition to denying the
confession, will try to prove an alibi.
Krlghtfat Spasms
of the stomach, liver torpor, lame back
and weak kidneys are overcome by Elec
tric Bitters. Guaranteed. bOc. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
Take Life Easy
A BeoUUer So Cigar helps wonder,
fully in maklnj the world look bright
gives you that satisfied feeling.
Remitter 5c Cijar
Hm. Blnicrcp. Manufacturer
Also manufacturer of the Pride of
Hastings unit Money Order ie. cigars.
1833-S4 at. aCaxy's Aw., Both Fa ones.
Enoch Arden Today
Not as Generous
as the Original
He Return After Twenty Yean and
Wants His Wife Back Hubby
No. 2 is Willing;.
Frank Newbanks was Enoch Ardcn
enough to be absent from hla wife twenty
years and Mrs. Newbanks believing hun
dead took a new husband In the interval.
Here, however, the likeness to the Tenny
son poem ends.
When Enoch did appear on the scene
after his Island exile he looked In througii
the window. It will be remembered, ami
not saying a word fell down beside the
house and wept. Nor did he reveal the
fact that lie was alive.
Newbanks was not so self-sacrificing a
soul. When he came to Omaha he gut
himself In police custody for Intoxication
and prevailed on the officer to lead him
up to tho house where his wife, now Mrs.
Samuel Morris, lived. He knocked on the
door and Mrs. Morris opened: It.
"I have come back," said Newbanks.
To this self-evident statement Mrs. Morris
replied by Inviting him to go away and
stay another twenty years.
Her husband, who Is an officer on llr
Omaha police force, has since brought ault
for annulment of marriage snd this cast
came before Judge Redkk in district court
Friday morning.
Hu testified that Mrs. Morris In addition
to having one husband too many. Is also
addicted to drink. Morris declared that his
wifo told him while he was courting her
that she had been married before, hut that
she had been .informed that Newbanks was
dead, and that she did think him dead Is
Ths contest In court Is chiefly over two
little g rls, both Mr. and Mrs. Morris wish
ing to gain custody of them.
Mrs. Morris' first husband, Newbanks, Is
declared to have come from s well-to-do
Cincinnati family snd to have been a Col
lege graduate.
Mrary Cohen of South Omaha Mast
Tara Over $1,044.4S to Tras
tea la Baakrapty.
Henry Cohen, a merchant of South
Omaha, who filed a voluntary petition In
bankruptcy In the United States district
court some time sgo, Is given ten days In
which to turn over to the trustee In bank
ruptcy, Sidney W. Smith, property to the
value of $1,044.45, which, It Is alleged, ho
has sought to concesl, or take the conse
quences. This order is made by Referee in Bank
ruptcy J. A. C. Kennedy, who Fridsy morn
ing filed his complete report with record of
evidence, and schedules. Referee Ken
nedy's report states that there remains the
amount of $1,044.46 which, It is alleged, that
the bankrupt seeks frsdulently to conceal,
and that the trustee In bankruptcy la en
titled to the pomesslon of such property.
Cohen filed his voluntary petition In
September, 1908, scheduling his liabilities at
$7,661.04 and his assets st $5,033. Cohen
had applied to make a further ahowlng of
his liabilities and assets, but this was re
fused after hearing the evidence, by both
the referee snd trustee In bankruptcy, on
the ground that the record would thereby
be unnecessarily encumbered. The flnsi
hearing on the case and report Is dated
April 10, 1909.
Asks Tea Taoaaaaat Dollars as fries
f Yeans" Maa'a Support
She l,aaea.
Mrs. Dorcas Morris filed suit Friday for
$10,0ii0 against Edward Cackley, Uuat Lar
son and W. L. Harris, the Uon Bond and
Surety company and the Massachusetts
Bonding company. Mrs. Morris claims that
the first three saloon men robbed her of
the support of her son, Robert Morris, by
selling him liquor. The plaintiff states that
she is a widow aod had as other support
than ths boy.
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