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, Burlington Spring it in Cue Where
Fire Damages Are Urged.
Aadlltr Will Refss te Recocalso
ttebers , ! Mfakrri ( Hew
Body mm Llttfatloa
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
UXCULN, April 11 Speclal.)-Tr.e Bur-
Itnirton railroad tlila morning, through Ita
general manager, O. W. Holdregs, took
refuga behind a report made by J. A.
Williams, ex-railway commissioner, when
complaint was made by Desta E. McCon
nell of damage to'ricr property by reason
of a. bad crossing of the railroad.
The complaint of Mrs. McCnnnell was
nt by the railway commission to the
Burlington for some action. This morn
ing Mr. Holdrege returned. to the commis
sion a copy of an Injunction secured by the
Burlington against John McConnell, whom
Mr. Holdrege said he supposed was the
husband of Mrs. Desta McConnclI, to pre
vent him from destroying the railroad
property and he also returned a report
made by Judge Williams of his Investiga
tion of the McConnclI report against the
Burlington.' ' ' 1
In this report Mr, Williams gave the
Burlington a clean' bill. Ho said he had
carefully Investigated the complaint of Ms
Conne;i of numeroua fires started by the
engines of the Burlington, but the fires
complained of. the report said, did not
damage the property of McConnell. Fur
ther, the report laid, McConnell had re
fuged to permit the rail rood to burn a fire
gjard on his land which abutted the right-of-way
of the-railroad and this Judge
Williams held was necessary to prevent
the fires if the rillroads continued to use
iWl !n tucir engines.
Vh: report of Judge Williams said fur
ther that when the commissioner reached
t..e McConnolh property and met the owner
t ) discuss his complaint MdConnell began to
t bu c and villify him because the commls
n mi lind given him no relief, when as a
1. aucr of fuel the commission had done all
I. i on d- do and the railroad had done Us
boat to prevent tiros. The request of, the
m ixed to bum a fire guard on the
iroporty of the individuals which joined
tin.- lailroad'a right-of-way. Judge Wil
liams said, was not, thought unreasonable
ly McConnell s neighbors. The McConnell
family lives near Somerset and the com
plaint of , the head of the, house was in
vestigated by Judge WilllanSa last October,
t'taanre to Test Biew Un.
An opportunity Is at hand to test the
validity of the) act -of the late legislature
to charge toT for listing with the secretary
or statu the resident agent of foreign cor
poiatlons. Heretofore ttjls charge has been
nomliuil, 30 tents, but the late legislature
increased the fee to $o0. - So tar one corpora
t.on has paid the increase fee. .
This morning an electrical company of
Omaha sent down the name of its agent,
who take the place of Its retiring agent,
and the company failed to send the neces
sary 150 fee. The company has been noti
fied of the change In the law and the list
ing of its new agent Is held up pending
tre receipt of the i0.
Yalsatloa I.atr Jnclsdes Street Lines.
If the street railways of Omaha and
Lincoln have aav.tdea that.Sejator Ransom
tved them from - the operations of the
physical valuation bill when he saved the
banoc of tliu Block yards, they have an
other guess coming. Under, a ruling of
the State Railway commission the bill ap
plies to. strict railways. The commission
bases Its construction oh this section:
"Sec. 2. Tho term public-service corpora
tion when used in .'this act shall mean
and embrace every railroad, railway, tele
graph, express, telephone and the railroad
transportation property of stock yard
The commission today mailed out to a
number of prominent englneera in various
parts of the country copies of the law
- and Invited them to make suggestions re
garding the enforcement and also to sub
mit propositions to attend to the work
under Its provisions. In its statement to
the engineers he commission said the law
ref:rrcd to street railway companies. The
general . Impression prevailed around the
legislature thai street railways hat? not
been Included In the bill.
Nersnsl Board '! Oa.
The warriors are on the ground for the
battle . ever the control of the state
normal schools. Colonel Majors of the
new board created by the democratic leg
islature and Dr. Siiellhorn of the same
city, a member of the old board, held a
conference with the attorney general, the
state auditor and .the state treasurer 'o
day and ho has decided his line of action.
The entire matter will be placed up to
the state auditor. When the new board
meets tomorrow and organises and then
presents to the state auditor the vouch
ers for expenses of the members, llie au
ditor will refuse to Issue the warrants.
He will hold that ha U undecided whether
the members of the new board are entitled
to the money. So this will tie up matters
until someone brings suit against the au
ditor to force htm to Issue the warrant,
Another Ulg Sale
Wait h, For l.
Hueh a suit would establish the constitu
tionality of the new law.
Treasurer Brlsn, who Is a member of ths
old board and of the new by virtue of hi
position as state treasurer, will refdse to
meet with the new board, but will hold
that the law creating It Is no good from a
legal standpoint.
Blew Treasary Esasalaer.
Samuel Nlea of Xeltgh la expected to ar
rive shortly and qualify as a couuty
treasurer examiner under appointment by
Auditor Barton. Mr. Nles was formerly
county treasurer and also county superin
tendent of Antelope county.
Kearaey Hobo's lareslatereil.
Auditor Barton his refused to register
a bond issue of $100,000 by the city of Kear
ney for the purpose of constructing a. city
water works plant Mr. Barton's reasons
for the refusal are contained In the fol
lowing letter to the city clerk of Kearney,
Mr. George E. Flerde:
I havo had before me for consideration
the history of the action of the council of
the city of Kearney relative to the issue of
water works bonds In the sum of (100,000,
and beg to state that I cannot register
same, for the following reasons: The ordi
nance providing for the calling of the
special election does not mention the time
the bunds are to run and rate of Interest
they are to bear, nor when they are op
tional. Tho notice of the special election
does not mention the length of time the
bonds are to run or the rate of Interest
they are to bear, or the tlrne when tlmy
are optional. The last ordinance provided
lor the Issuance of these bonds specified
in regard to this matter, but such ordi
nance wns passed after the election was
held and the result declared. The bonds
were voted October 15, 197, and were never
Issued until Jsnuary 1. 1909 fifteen months
later, which leads me to believe there was
tome doubt in the mind of the council of
the city of Kearney as to their validity.
But greater than ail of these, there is a
grave question, and for which I hesitate
to register them, and that is the constitu
tionality of the act under which they were
Oploloas of Saoreiao Ceart.
The following opinions of the supremo
court were filed today:
Smith against Hofeldt. On rehearing
former judgment of reversal vacated and
set aside; Judgment of district court af
J., dtftsentvng.oLaotn shrdlu bra bm bm bm
firmed. Reese, C. J.; Jtton, J., and
Barnes. J., dissenting
Currier against Teske. On rehearing
former Judgment of this crurt vacated;
inri.TTK.nt of district court affirmed as to
ail defendants except Walter Schmiedko
and ..reversed as to said HcnrrueoKe. iai-
ton, J. ' .
Butler agnlnst Recrist Reversed and re
manded. Rose, J.
Butler agalnat Smith. Reversed and re
manded. Rose, J.
Krbel against Krbel. Reverted and re
manded. Good, C.
Brvln against Montgomery. Affirmed.
Duffle, C. , Jt ,
Fauber against Kelm. Appeal dismissed.
State ex rel Minden Edison Electric UgTit
and Power company against City of Minden.
Reversed and remanded with Instructions
to dlmlJS relator's application. Calkins. C.
Griffin against Chriswisser. Reversed
and remanded. Calkins, C, ana ooi, J
not sitting1.
WMt ac-alnst West. Affirmed. Good, C.
Munson against Thompson. Affirmed.
Root. J.
Cornelius against City Water company.
Affirmed. F.ppereon, c.
Meyer-Cord comoany against Hill. At
ftrmnrl Vaweett. J.
Bngelke against Engelke. Affirmed. Ep
person. C.
Blrke! against Norton. Reversed and ac
tion dismissed. Good, tj.
Tyson against Bryan. Reversed and re
mnnrieri. Calkins. C. '
Wllklne against Wilkin. Judgment of
district court modified and affirmed. Cttlk-
William Krotter'A Co. against Norton.
PvArMt inri remanded. ErDeron. C.
Hoi r gainst Burling. Reversed and plain
tiffs action dismissed. caimns,
Strong against Thurston county. Affirmed.
Rose, J. ' , , " '
Exchange bank of Wilcox against Ne
braska Underwriters' Insurance company.
RverFtvl and rwmanded. TJuffie O.
Powers against Bohuslav. a f firmed.
Good. C. ' ... , ' :
.RotKf against R4ce. Boversed andre
mended. Epperson. C.
Radii against Sawyer. Affirmed. Eppef-
"J.' H. Tensdalej company against Keckler.
Reversed and remanded, Duffie, C.
.Jones against Union Pacific railroad. Re
versed In part: affirmed in part. Duffle, C.
State (i rel Katelman against Fink. Af
firmed. Good. C. " "
McSliane against McShane. Affirmed.
ni T
Cannon against Worth. Affirmed. Ep
person, C.
Bayard against City of Franklin. Af
firmed, r'pperson, C. ,
Boebe against TSahr. Affirmed. Good. C.
Fisher against Chamber. Affirmed.
Brlel against Claus Groth Plattduttchen
vereen. Ainrmra. e.i-i --.
Wecke against Wlrtmann. Reversed and
remanded. Calkins. C.
Schuster against Schuster. Reversed with
directions. Dean, J. . -
Schade ngalnst Connor. Reversed and re
manded. Barnes. J.
Free Bros, against Flrestine. Reversed
end remanded with directions. Duffle, C.
Farrell against F. and M. Insurance corn
par y Reversed and remanded. Root, J.
Berger against WUcox. Reversed. Duffle
Cleve agalnat Burlington railroad. Re
versed and remanded F.pperscn. C.
Peterson against Slate. Reversed and
remanded. Root, J.
Following are ruling on motions for re
hearing: State against several parcels cf land (Wl
manl. Overruled.
DennlKon agsinst Dally Sews. Overruled.
HadRll against Hadall. Overruled.
Burnham against Burlington railroad.
Overruled. .
Bhults against Burlington railroad. Over
ruled. , .
Shell against Tucker-man. Overruled.
Douglas county against Vinsor.haler.
Bergeron against Modern Brotherhood of
America. Overruled.
Kennison against State. Overruled.
Woods ngalnst Varley. Overruled.
Bolton aaaliist Backer. Overruled.
Pcston against State. Overruled.
Whedon against Brown. Overruled.
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Mrs. Chas. VVooster
1 Renews Her Suit
She Again Applies for Divorce from
Fusion Politician All Efforts
to Ajree Fail.
CENTRA l CITT. Neb.. April 13.-(8pe-clal.)
Dropping the charge that her hus
band would not give her any rest because
she would not declare to him that she loved
him better than she loved Ood, but making
more prominent the claim that he threat
ened to commit murder If he was compelled
to live with her any longer, I-lllle M.
Wooster ha started another suit In the
district court of Merrick county against
her husband, Charles Wooster, asking for
an absolute divorce and alimony.
The first suit was started several months
ago and after dragging along In the courts
and after repeated continuances had been
granted It was dismissed at an equity ses
sion aboutt wo weeks ago, when the plain
tiff wa not ready for trial at the time
set. It wss thought then that a recon
ciliation between the parties would be ef
fected. Evidently all effort in this line
have failed.
The main grounds upon which Mrs.
Wooster asks for a divorce are extreme
cruelty. She claim that only a few
month after they were married in 1881,
Wooater smashed down the door of the
room where she had fled for refuge, and
the door struck her on the head and ren
dered her unconscious. She claim on sev
eral occasions he beat her and used pro
fane and vulgar language toward her and
repeatedly ridiculed her belief In God and
taught their children to do the same. She
claim that she left him in 1906, because
he threatened that If he was compelled to
live with her any longer he would commit
murder. She has atnee been making her
home wtih friends In Portland, Ore., but
claims that she has not relinquished her
residence in Merrick county. She claims
that when she married Wooster she
brought with her (1,300 which ha gone Into
hi property, and In her demands for ali
mony and a division of the property she
ask that this $1,200 be taken into consider
ation. She clajms that Wooster has real
estate to the value of 111,000 and personal
property valued at $3,000.
Wooster ha been prominent In state
politic for a long time, being representa
tive from Merrick co'inty In the state leg
islature and at one time prominently men
tioned for fusion nominee for congressman
from the Third congressional district. He
reside at Silver Creek.
The case will probably be tried out at
the next regular term of the district court.
Court Affirms
Case from Wayne
Holds License Procedure Conld Not
. Be Corrected in Court Katie
man Wins from Omaha.
(Frxm a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb. April lI.-(Special
Telegram.) In the Wayne llauor case,
wherein appeal wa taken rom the district
court because It refusj.l to cause the city
council of Wayne to reconvene and take
evidence on the application of Peter Thorn
aon for a liquor license, the supreme
eourt has affirmed the decision of the
lower1 court. The court held that while no
license should have been granted Thomson,
yet the error could not be corrected in the
district court.
Jacob Katleman won his case against
the city of Omaha In which he sought to
secure an order from the court to force
the city to pay him $300 for aome property
condemned for boulevard purpose. The city
attempted to hold out some $J00 by reason
of special assessment against the property.
Th property had been appraised at $3,000,
the court said, and the appraisement ac
cepted by the council and the warrant
Issued. The city should at that time have
claimed Its lien upon the money, but having
failed to do so it must now pay the full
amount of the warrant.
In the syllab'ua the court said:
A freeholder otherwise qualified to s gn
a petition or a liquor license is not dis
qualified because he is not personally ac
quainted with the applicant, or doea not
know that he la a man of reputable char
acter unci standing in the community.
If a remonstrator appeals from an order
of the excie board granting a saloon
llcente. the district court Is without author
ity In that proceeding to direct said board
to reconvene and reieive testimony thai
waa offered by the remonstrators and ex
cluded by said board.
Thrown from Horse
Under Car Wheels
Irwin Wilds of Chappell Seriously
Injured from Hiding: Broncho
Too Near Train.
CHAPPELL, Neb., April 13 (Special.)
One of the worst accidents in this vicinity
for years happened yesterday near Tur
ner Wild' place, feur mile west of town.
to his son, Irwin Wild, who was riding
4 broncho. At that time a freight train
was passing their place and young Wild
rode the animal up toward the train, when
It bogun bucking and threw him off next
to the moving train, which cut off one of
his hand and badly mutilated hi head,
tearing the flesh and making seventeen
scalp wounds. Up to noon today he had
not regained oonsclousnes. The attending
physlclsn thinks he will recover, a the
skull ha no fracture. Young Wild is
about 16 $ears of age and one of the best
liked boy In the community.
Narrow Ex-ape of Two Wsmrs.
WY MORE, Neb., April IS. (Special.)
Whiel driving home from church last even
ing Mrs. R. E. Tucker and her daughter
CI co escaped serious injury by a narrow
margin. They live acroaa Indian creek and
It was while on the bridge across the
stream that th horse became frightened
at a pool of water on the plank. The ani
mal backed the buggy off th bridge and
down a twenty-foot embankment. The girl
Jumped from th buggy In time to save
herself, but Mrs. Tucker and th horse
went Into the creek. Some young men
going to their home In the country hap
pened to be near and saved Mrs. Tucker
from drowning, and also rescued the horse.
Mrs. Tucker, aside from a few minor
bruises was uninjured. '
Isaac Maai Left to HI Pale.
FALLS CITT, Neb.. April 13 8pecial.)
Bheriff Fenton ha in charge the man
who wa charged two year ago with forg
ing checks on many banks In this section
of the state. He gave his name as Frank
Holland and until lately has been fanning
west of tltella. He has been married since
the check trouble. After having a sale two
weeks ago he went tu Dawson and hired
a team at a livery barn, but never returned
the horses. The sheriff wa notified and
th team waa found tied to a hitching rack
at Verdon, from which place he had taken
the train for Oklahoma, where his father
lives. After reaching Kansas City he de
cided to return to Iawson, which he did,
to be met by the sheriff with a warrant
and taken to the coumty Jail. His father
came here to see wkat could be done for
hi eon, but after hearing the facts In
the case decided to leave the boy to hi
fate, and returned home. Howland will
probably be turned over to the Banker'
association to deal with as It sees fit.
Divorce Matters
in Dodge County
Court Occupied with Them Almost to
Exclusion of Other Business
Persons Invoked.
FREMONT. Neb., April 13.-(Speclal.)
An equity term of the district court I
being held here this week. Judge Hollen
beok presided yesterday, and today Judge
Thoma i pn the bench. Agnes Arp wa
granted a decree of divorce from Henry
on the customary ground of cruelty and
desertion. The court held the case under
advisement for some time.
The twx divorce cases of Horst against
IIorsL and Staat against Staata, which
are of a sensational nature, are set for
trial, but it is doubtful If the latter ever
reaches the court. An array of counsel
are ready, but neither party appears to be,
Last summer Staat brought a suit against
Louis Kreymbcrg. a prominent and well-to-
do citizen, for the alleged alienation of
his wife's affections, claiming $20,000 dam
ages. The defendant made arrangement
for a vigorous defense and the plaintiff
dismissed his case, after bringing an action
against his wife for divorce on the ground
of undue Intimacy with parties at Council
Bluffs and St. Joseph, Mo. While at St.
Joseph he caused her arrest on the ground
of adultery, but the case doe not appear
to have even reached a hearing. Mrs.
Staats came back to Fremont and employed
attorneys, who procured an order for suit
money and filed an answer setting up
some sensational chajges. On account of
the prominence and wealth of the parties
and the character of the charge the case
ha attracted a good deal of attention.
vVoanaa S offers from Exposure.
GRAND ISLAND. Nob., April 13. (Spe
cial.) Mr. Dick Steinbeck, widow of a
farmer who passed away about a year ago
in a temporary arberation of mind, wan
dered away from the home of relatives
during the night and was not found until
twelve hours later, when the deputy sheriff
discovered th woman In the underbrush
along Wood river. Her clothing was wet
and torn and she was suffering intensely
from the exposure. She had evidently been
In the river, which, however. Is shallow
at mosr places. The woman Is receiving
the best of attention at the hospital In this
city. ,
.Nebraska News Aotes.
P1LGEH H. SDence and wife of thla
place will take possession of the hotel on
April is. a. h. Koplln, the present owner,
will retire from business.
BEATRICE The city council met last
night and canvassed the vote of th late
city election. The prohibition majority wa
cut down from 108 to 103 votes.
BEATRICE Thieve early thl morning
entered the hardware tore of D. A. Lasher
at wymore naa stole about $100 worth of
razors, knives and revolvers, ' There Is no
clue. . '
BEATRICE The funeral" bt the late C.
M. Summers was held today at 1 o'clock
at the, family home west of the city, the
services being conduoted by Rev. J. E.
PLATTSMOUTH At noon Sunday In the
home of Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Marhall oc
curred the marriage of their daughter. Miss
Gladys, and Harry A.' James of Weeping
Water. ,
BEATRICE Announcement has been re
ceived here of the marriage of Hugh Til
ton, a former resident of this city, and
JJIbs Nellie Woherton, which occurred at
Lawton, Okl., Sunday.
BEATRPCE C. E. Hammett, who has
been foreman of the wooden windmill de
partment of the Dempster factory here for
the last six years, resigned yesterday and
will probably locate In Kansas City.
NEBRASKA CITY-Ororge Coldsberry
and Miss Emma Hanberg, two young peo
ple of this city, were majTied lust evening
by Judge Wilson. None was present but
a few relative of the respective parties.
BEATRICE Rev. W. K. McNulty, who
has been holding revival services at the
United Brethren church here for the last
two weeks, left ycbterday for Omaha,
where he will conduct another revival.
BEATRICE Following a heavy rain here
Sunday i.ight the temperature lust night
dropped down to the froesing point. It Is
the general opinion that the fruit buds are
not far enough advanced to surfer from
cold weather.
PILOER A base bell tesm was organized
last night. W. W. Vaught. cashier of the
Farmers National bank, is manager and
secretary. Now uniforms will b" pro
vided and ntpects are bright for a good
team this season.
PILOER The Methodists will build a
$5,0iX( church Hits summer. The old building
Is being torn down and the lumber will be
used in the new. The church when com
pleted will seat about .".00 people. It will
be finished by July 1.
GENEVA Tha weather lias been un
usually winily and cool, at night falling as
low as 20 degrees above and at no time
last week at night getting above 33 degrees.
Last night there was a frost and the
mercury went to 24 above.
PLATTSMOUTH Attorney C. A. Rawls.
ex-eounty attorney, has gone to ilranadtt.
Colo, to look after the landed intoresl of
the Platlsmouth capitalists until that prop
erty Is disposed of. then he and his family
will make Boise, Ida., their home.
PLATTSMOUTH Fred Muinhv and wife
have returned from Havana, Ouon, where
he has been employed in the War derort
nient for several years. Mr. Murphy will
report for duty in the f-lcrtl building in
Omaha about the firxt of next month.
GRAND ISLAND Three death have oc
curred at the Soldiers' Home In a single
day: Mrs. K. T. Pratt, admitted from
Omalin. aged 69 years; James B. Thomas,
aged So years, and Mrs. Kmrett Knappen.
aged 61 years. Interment will be made in
the Home cemetery In all cases.
DICKENS An unimproved section of
bvnd three miles northwest of here sold
for $0,000 Saturday. Thin Is hut a fair
sami.le of the way land is selling in this
locality and considerable is chenging hands.
Less thtu ten years ago this land was
selling for less than $1,000 a section.
CHAPPELL The Odd Fellows' haM s
nearing romplrticn and when done will be
one of the nicest structures In western
Nebraska. The unper part will be for IimIh
purposes, while the lower floor will be fur
office moms. - The Masons and the Odd
Fellows now own their own haiia and both
Trv the
and you'll know,
like million of other,
There 's a Reason"
SUaa ths littl. keek, Th Boa to
WsUvtUe," la page.
are a credit to town much larger than
BEATRICE Word was received here yes
terday from Lincoln announcing the death
of Mrs. Minnie Kappe. a former resident
of this county, which occurred at that place
yesterday. Deceased was born In Uermany
in 1. and leaves two children to mourn
his death. The body will be brought, to
Beatrice for Interment.
GENEVA Mis. William Fulton, wife ef
County Judge Fulton, underwent a serious
surgical operation Sunday morning. Dr.
Blxby of Geneva and Dr. Fltzsimmons of
Ohlowa were the attendant pnysicians. rne
operation waa successful and Mrs. Fulton
Is doing very well. Her plster, Mrs. Lewi
of Des Moines, la.. Is with her.
BEATRICE Frank MeColery. who left
Beatrice last winter before an order en
joining him from taking his child out of
the Jurisdiction of the court was served
on him, returned yesterday. The restrain
ing order was secured by Belle MeColery,
who had previously begun divorce pro
ceedings. Mr. MeColery has secured legal
talent and will fight the case.
PIATTSMOt:TH While visiting at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Oscar Zlnk. In
this county, Mrs. A. D. Beach died with
pneumonia, aged 70 years. She Is sur
vived by a husband, one son and two
daughters, one being Mrs. Miller l:i Omaha.
Rev. J. H. Andres preached the funersJ
sermon In Weeping Water Monday.
NEBRASKA CITT The home of Lars
Anderson, st the corner of Fourteenth
street and First avenue, was entered by
burglars Sunday night. Nearly all of their
silverware waa fallen. Entrance was ef
fected by breaking open a rear window.
This is the third house robbed In that part,
of the town within that many day and in
each instance only silverware was taken.
NEBRASKA CH T Monday morning the
cooper shop of Vaughn ft O'Brien was de
stroyed by- fire. The loss Is something
like $10,000. with only a light Insurance.
The firm had just unloaded several cars
of new barrel material. It Is thought that
the origin of the fire was Incendiary, as a
tramp was seen to leave the shop a short
time before the fire and there had been
no fire In the plaos for everl days.
Jackson, the newly elected mayor, took
the oath of office thla morning and tvlth
the member of th city council wa guly
installed in their office. The other city
oflcers took their oath of office laat even
ing, during the meeting of the old council.
Next Monday evening the new police force,
street commissioner and other city em
ployes, to be appointed by the mayor, will
be made public.
NEBRASKA CITT Last evening the
property, franchise and ery thing belong
ing to the Citizens' Gas crmpany of this
city were sold by a special master In
chancery to Frank P Grover and Christy
C. Loser of Chicago, who represented the
bondholders. The price paid wa $6,000. it
being the only bid offered. The company
Is to be reorganised and the plant over
hauled and re':ttcd and the main ex
tended. GRAND ISLAND While It wa expected
that several applicants for saloon license
would drop out after the passing of the
8 o'clock closing bill, no application has
ro far been withdrawn. Several changes,
however, are being made, and it tls under
stood that In one or two cases adminis
tration pressure and suggestion has been
brought to bear, and that the changes have
been made in order to avoid refusal of
BEATRICE Word was received here
yesterday from Lincoln stating that Charles
Franz, a Rock Island detective, who la
well known in eBatrice, was severely In
jured by being thrown from a caboose.
He was standing on the rear platform of
the car when the train gave a sudden
lurch, throwing him to the ground. He fell
on one of the rails, sustaining three broken
ribs and severe bruises about the body.
He was removed to hi home at Fair
bury. GRAND ISLAND The dates have been
fixed for the next annual convention of the
Nebraska Travelers' association for August
and 7 In this city. On the Tth the local
U. C. T. will have Ita annual plcnlo at
Schhnmer's lake, a a feature of the enter
tainment exercises. Mr. Sheldon, a noted
lecturer on commercial salesmanship, will
be secured for an address. The arrange
ments are In the hands of the officer of
the state association, the local U. C. T.
and the Commercial club.
GRAND ISLAND At the meeting ef the
city council last evening report was made
by the committee Instructed to circulate a
petition permitting each property owner In
the paving district to-vote for the kind of
pavement he desired. Over fifty votes were
recorded for frick, as agalnat five for
wooden blocks and three for cement. The
council therefore adopted a resolution, by
unanimous vote, in favor of the cement
base and brick top and instructed the
mayor and committee to employ an engi
neer to make plans and specifications.
CENTRAL CITT-Amanda li Wetherell
has started suit In the district court against
Frank C. Adams and Lulu Adams, his, wife,
for the possession of an cighthy-acre tract
of land lying near Ciarks, and the rent on
the same since March 1. 1909. amounting
to $50. Mrs. Wetherell and Mr. Adams are
mother and son and were a short time
ago involved In a suit for the posseasinn
of some property, the son claiming that he
mother had agreed to slve him certain
property In lieu of .lis keeping her as long
as she lived. The suit resulted In a victory
for the mother.
FALT.8 CITT The high wind of the last
few days did considerable damage In and
near Falls City. The smokestack at Hea
coek's mill was blown to the ground, taking
with It the telephone and electric light wires
and poles, one pole being broken In three
pieces. Several chimneys were blown down
nnd the plate glass window? in Lyon's
bakery were broken. A couple of ear were
blown off the track at Btrainssvllle Two
miles of telephone pole and wires were
blown down just north of the old Meyers
place, destroying all connections north of
his city. It will be a wek before thl
damage can be fully repaired. The Bell
telephone system also had some of it wires
Quick Action for oTur Money Ton get
that by using The Bee advertising column.
The Weather
FOR OMAHA-Posslbiy showers.
FOR NEBRASKA Increasing cloudiness,
with rain in north portion.
FOR IOWA-Showera.
Teiin-rwtiire at Omaha yesterday:
5 a. m . . .
6 a. in...
7 a. m...
8 a. m.
9 a. m 40
10 a. m 46
11 a. m 46
1- m 4
1 p. m 48
Z p. m go
3 p. m 50
4 r- m 52
5 p. m 63
p. m 52
7 p. m 51
8 p. m 49
p. m 47
I.sral necerd.
OMAHA, April 13. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
years: 1909. 1908. 19u7. 19wi.
Maximum temperature .. M 82 41 Ml
Minimum temperature ... 31 52 IU) 37
Mean temperature 42 7 32 48
Precipitation 00 .CO .00 .40
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March I.
and compared with the last two years:
Normal temperature 49
Deficiency for the day 7
Total deficiency since March 1 &.
Normal precipitation 10 Inch
Deficiency the day 10 inch
Precipitation since March 1 1.06 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 1.44 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 19... .1.83 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1907.... 1M inches
Reports f rasa Statloa at T P. M.
Station and
State of Weather,
7. p. m.
Mix. Rain-
Temp, fall
Bismarck, cloudy
Cheyenne, cloudy
Chicago, clear ,
Davenport, clear
Denver, part cloudy ..
Havre, cloudy
Helena, anowlng
Huron, snowing
Kansas City, cloudy .
North Platte, raining
Omaha, cloudy
Rapid City, snowing ,
Bt. louls, clear
St. Paul, clear , lake City, cloudy.
Valentine, part cloudy
Witliston, part cloudy
W .
88 62 .lis
SS 4 T
48 o .00
64 Si) .0i)
:4 .10
84 Mi .01
30 3X .01
62 54 .00
60 00 .2
61 63 .00
E 30 .
60 60 .00
M 42 T
58 (2 .00
33 48 .W
30 32 .14
T Indicates true of precipitation.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster
4W- 1
S 0 .1 . J
Am W 4k
F if 7 ;
ifif L
,1 .
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ITlfMi Fftt) Wea snd nervous tnea
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work or mental exertion should take
make you eat and sleep and be a utaa
1 os S bones SS M by n't
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Calls Promptly Answered at All Hears.
ThSSS 4ffk.sTsrmey tT. ft-,,. i.k
MttfU ta w CSj
. I f
A1 .r:
1 , .
UTo Cuco
Trart Mil ImpnisM M-
ggw aWtMsMM, svat sM4 mt
I I I Mr aMM a t lam W-aAsW
r bbium Ana itor -
CM WfUr.l Brrf M ffa M ifH
..nv. rT WHIM CUHIB. W M
n..) tM Ifat Uknk. I v.ul U m(iJ Mr Mtu ka.a
4 w I . Itn it t Ma r cJr4 mt .tttvl7 r-.n,
IWIbal. nmfMilwl 1.M vrl'D 1 , 1. fair 4
.' Us '' ia tk mrU llau mt InavM
tatlllrUlM. WilMfaMMj.
Dr. E. B. Tarry, iii Bee Bldg., Omaha. Neb.
l J till '.
! Ul hmw a ia mf I
I . lMMaa mm.1. J m-.A'
; I ..r kaa m. rai w Mry t.fll' '
r"Miu u, m m m fail J
! m wh) I m mS ! f iftlif yen , S J J i
I " m ax toil, ar.W l!lfl. HMkikwi.') 1 P
bay Gold Mesial Flsar
be ssrs It Is Waahbsra. Crosby's Cl
Mesial risar. This la IssaairtaAi.