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Proper Gloves
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'.T .
This picture has become
quite noted as a Redfern
Model noted for Its sim
plicity of style and beauty of
It was made by Stuart
Travis, an artist, whose
work is not only truly beau
tiful but truly faithful, since
he always draws from life,
A Redfern corset was the
figure foundation from
which he worked.
We have a complete stock
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giving her the long, straight
lines sometimes called the
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We must mention the gar
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Waak Olatkm. loo
down TuiKUh Wash
C'lnUia lc each &toa
Watch windows for
Wednesday Cindy
The laxest in em
broidered g-loTKa to be
en in our Uth street
Inaue-U May 1, and the secretary of the
fire and police board of South Omaha
nays that while Hume are holdina- back, he
expect about the same number to bo la
dled thla year.
Benton lite ilx aaloona, Florence has
four, Valley uaed to hava one saloon, but
la now a, dry town. Waterloo la wet, witli
one aaloon.
Through the Dnufrlus county commis
sioners ten licenses have been Issued, pretty
well scattered over the neighborhoods Im
mediately adjacent to Omaha. Three are
In East Omaha, two at Cut-Off lake and
ons at Florence lake; one la at Ruacr'a
park, one at Ralston, two on the Dodge
street road, one at Forty-sixth and (J. on
at Firty-foiwth and Uncoln and one at
Ftfty-elgUh and Center.
Large Town Wrthoat Saloons.
Of the larger Interior towns of Nebraska.
atrice, Kearney and York ar the most
conspicuous examples In the dry column
Others are Ashland, Aurora. Broken Bow,
David City, Holdrege. Tecumaeh, Te
kamah and Wymore. Alliance waa dry
lat year, but thla apring- voted to Issue
license, and Falls City voted the same
way. ' ,
It Is expected that the arrtl-aaloon or
ganliatlon will force the fight In Lincoln
this spring- to cut out the saloons alto
gether. When the seven to seven rule was
made In the capital city by the excise
board lant year, with only twenty-five
licensea. It was conceded ta be the only
move that would have prevented the vot
ing out of the saloons. Ilavelock, a few
mllea from Uncoln, haa saloons, and they
profited quite substantially by the early
closing In Lincoln. Should the latter city
go dry this spring, the Ilavelock saloons
will undoubtedly reap a harvest.
Fifteen counties In the state have - no
saloons at all, mostly In the sparsely set
tled sections. Fojrteen counties have only
one saloon In their borders, a few have
only two saloons, widely separated, and
from that the number ranges upward by
threes, fours and so on, to the large group
in Omaha.
(Continued from First Page.)
bein- brought to the state from Ohio.
Michigan and other eastern states. The
Indictments charged alleged conspiracy to
defraud the federal government and the
Creek Indian nation in connection with the
scheduling of Muskogee town lots In 1802.
Following the returning of the Indictments
all of the men Involved promptly gave
bonds and were released.
Today's decision follows the filing at
plenty of "Girlish Style" !
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navya, tans, Copenhagen and
novel stripes. Xcw, aenUfitted
effects, with fancy strapping
unique, almost Invisible pock
et et Into the trimming, and
a UvUh display of button a a
means of setting off a new
kprlng garment. See these
surely, at
$5, $6.50, $7.50 and
$10 Per Garment
some of the brightest apparel
idea have found expression in
this season's girls' reefers, as
shown In our modern dep't.
box reefers or somi.fHteu
kinds some ' prettily touched
off with a bit of Kllk or velvet
at the collar uomo In red,
navy or tan other in lively
mixtures. Never during any
previous season has there been
so much "da-sh" put Into gar
ment for girls of 6 to 14 years
of age.
$3.95, $5.00 and to
$6.50 Per Garment
Muskogee on March 14 of a motion to
quash all the Indictments. The petition
wa sensational in character, alleging mis
conduct upon the part of Sylvester Rush
of Omaha. It alleged that government
Becret service operatives gave hearsay tes
timony before the grand Jury; that Impor
tant testimony was suppressed; that the
government denied the Jury1 request for
certain testimony, and that witnesses were
coerced, being told by Attorney Bush that
Indictment should be returned for the
reason that the government wanted It done.
Mr. Rush appeared personally at Tulsa In
the present hearing and denied these alle
gations. Today Mr. Rush declared that
Judge Marshall opinion, overturning the
Indictments, was purely decision on
technical point, and that It did not affect
the standing of the governments allega
tions. These charges, ha declared, would
be pushed unrelentingly and without delay.
Attorneys for the accused assert that the
statute of limitation will Intervene to pre
vent new Indictments being returned It Is
stated that the last overt act charged
against the defendants was committed In
April. 1908, and that the statute of limita
tion In case of this nature runs for but
three years.
(Continued from First Page.)
New Spring
Sent Free
to be reported. According to the present
plans the bureau will consist of a consoli
dation of the bureau of manufactures and
the bureau of statistics, which are under
the Bureau of Commerce and Labor, the
Bureau of Trade Relations, unrl.r h n,ai
department, and the customs divisions of
i.e jreasury department. It is Intended
that this consolidation shall be placed un
der the head of the Treasury department
and that It shall act In an advisory ca-
F.imy io ma president in the event of the
adoption of Senator Aldrlchs maximum
nd minimum provision for the application
of fh Ifl.lff 1 . . a. .kt. , .
I - .mw. nm una provision gives
..,unuic discretion to the president the
senate committee deems it wise to formu
late a bureau which would at all times be
competent to set In an advisory capacity
with him In the matter of carrying out the
operation of the tariff law.
A 1
- . lakjss 4sA aft a
uw-ui uousiaa wucci urnan Nb.
Send For
New Spring
CENTRA... CITY. Neb.. April Kl.-iflpe-cial.)-Mlas
Margaret Johnson and Ernest
Wilder were married Wednesday evening
at the home of (Woige Ferris In Midland
township. Rev. R. J. McKensI. past'r of
the, Methodist church of this city, perform
ing tu ceremony.
Transcript of Evidence Contains
Eleven Million Words.
Government Attorney Keltoss Br.
a-ln float a a Argument After
Five Solid Day of Talk
to Coart.
ST. LOUIS. April lO.-After a continuous
srgument of five day, one of the longest
ever granted by a fedorsl court In this
countiy, special t'nitrd States Attorney
Oeneral Frank B. Kellogg this morning
commenced his closing address to the court
In behalf of th government In the letter's
suit to have the Standard Oil company of
New Jersey dissolved sa a violator of the
Sherman anti-trust act.
The case has a record for bigness, the
evidence being larger by half than that
ever before taken In - a single case, the
record containing In all ll.OM.OflO words.
Not alone does It concern one of ths
largest corporations In the t'nlted States,
but Its trial had employed the attention
of t. score or more of ths most prominent
corporation attorneys for almost two years.
also a record. The case has also cost Into
the millions, and It Is estimated that by
the time the court of last resort will have
passed upon the Issue that the trial will
represent aa expenditure of close to
Mr. Kellogg this morning, after paying
his respects to the defense, after the
fashion of lawyers, commenced his argu
ment by discussing the contention of
Lawyer David T. Watson of Pittsburg
anent the Northern Securities derision. Mr
Watson, who argued that the case for the
government. In the present suit. Insisted
that the conditions between the defendant
and the facts of the "securities" esse were
not analogous and, therefore, not applica
ble as a conttollng authority.
Original Companies Competitive.
Mr. Kellogg argued that the twenty com-
panles signing the original Standard trust
agreement were Just as competitive, If sny
thing, more so, thsn the railways sub
scribing to the sgreement In the Northern
Securities case.
The government attorney carefully re
viewed the facts as well as the law, and
claimed that the two cases were Identical
and that by no stretch of the Imagination
or sophistry could Mr. Wstson's argument
be legally or technically logical.
After passing that point. Mr. Kellogg
took up the points raised by John O. Mil-
burn of New York, who narrated the facts
of the case from the defendant's view
point; John Q. Johnson, who discussed cer
tain phases of the law and, lastly, Morlts
Rosenthal of Chicago, who confined his
address to a discussion of the alleged un
fair competition and discriminatory rail
way rates.
Mr. Kellogg also took sharp issue with
the defendant's maps, showing that the
price of crude and refined oil had fol
lowed the general Increases and declines
of prices of household commodities, even
to being lower as a rule. The federal at
torney Insisted that the price of both
crude and refined oil had been higher than
the proportionate Increase of general sup
plies, offering a new set of tables, prepared
by Dr. A. Dana Durand of the United
States bureau of corporations In support
of his contention.
Rosenthal Friday's Feature.
The feature of yesterday's hearing was
the argument of Lawyer Morlts Rosenthal
of Chicago, who confined his address to a
compilation of fact upon fact. More than
score of women were In th court room
After hearing the arguments of the
lawyers, the court will take the esse under
advisement, but It Is not expected in view
of the size of the case and the evidence
to consider, that the opinion will be handed
down before fall.
Morlts Rosenthal followed Mr. Watson
for the defense.
"I maintain that In all this great record
there Is no proof that these defendants
ever received discriminatory railway rates
secret or otherwise, over their competi
tors," was his challenge.
After describing the conditions In rail
way circles, prior to the passage of the
Elkias act In 1883, Mr. Rosenthal Insisted
that there was no proof In the record that
the defendants had accepted any conces
sion from any lawfully established rate.
Mr. Rosenthal then took the alleged dis
criminatory rates and discussed them one
by one, showing that the discrimination
existed principally on paper.
The oil rates were about the same
throughout the country. Mr. Rosenthal
said, as those upon other commodities.
In taking up the alleged price-cutting,
Mr. Rosenthal denied that the cutting had
driven any one from the oil business. There
was no evidence of that kind, and In only
two or three Instances did the evidence show
that reports of competitors' shipments cams
from railway employes, as charged.
Now my clients sre not to be con
demned," concluded Mr. Rosenthal, "even
If thla method of obtaining competitive re
ports Is Improper, nor are they to be con
demned because in one or two instances
some one of our 66,0u0 men hsva given a
gallon or two of oil, to find out what our
competitors are doing."
Johnson Closes Argomeat.
John G. Johnson of Philadelphia spoke
briefly on the law points, making the con
cluding argument.
"You may In the future get legislation,"
said he, "based upon the seml-soolallstlc
tendencies that prevail, and then we must
look to courts like this for our protection.
Heaven forbid that because of bigness or
any other cause a thing should be con
demned, or ws should reach that atsgs of
affairs when every mole hill Is a mountain
and every bush a forest tree."
The lawyer declared that monopoly really
meant Illegal exclusion, a thing the Stand
ard had never been guilty of, he said.
"And," he concluded, "If our congressmen
do not understand what a monopoly really
is let them take a dictionary and find
out." Mr. Johnson Insisted his client had
not been guilty of monopolisation as al
leged in the complaint.
Joker Some Day
May Turn Up in
Oil Bill Denied
Eastern Newpapert Profe&i Free Oil
Is Myth, Bat Others Declare
This Error.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. April 10.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Eastern newspapers have found a
Joker In ths Payne tariff bill with relation
to the oil schedule. It doe not appear In
the bill Itself. The Fsyne bill provides for
free oil snd Its product. Snd sny other in
terpretstlon plsced upon It. so far as read
ing goes, with any other schedule, accord
ing to Mr. Payne tonight, is s figment of
Judge Norrls wrote Into the bill a 1 per
cent ad valorem duty, which was changed
to a Tree duty In view of protests coming
from people from all over the t'nlted States
demanding that oil go to the exempted list.
Now a number of correspondents ar find
ing a Joken In the bill which came from
the house under an agricultural schedule
providing that certain products of oil c-.rry
20 per cent ad valorem duty.
"This Is wholly a wrong InterrrMation,"
ssld L. W. Busby, speaker's se retary, to
night. "Mr. Payne, In moving that oil be plsced
on ths free, list, Includelng Its product,
tated that th amendment meant Just ex
actly what It said, and so far aa there be.
Ink ny 'Joker' In the bill as it came from
the house, I cannot see It. nor can any
body else who reads the schedule."
New Towns Are
Many on New Line
Spring Up Over Night Like Mnh
rooms on Union Pacific
NORTH PLATTE, April IO.-8pecll.)-New
towns along ths North Piatt ar
springing up Ilk mushroom Along the
new Union Pacific extension to Northport.
The Union Pacific has resumed track try
ing along this routs and the rail will soon
be down a far a Northport. Oshkosli,
IJseo, Keystrne and other new town ara
having a remarkable growth. Th heavy
rains and snow hsve Insured a splendid
crop In this section aud th new sat tiers
are most hopeful.
Hitchcock's Body
Taken to St. Louis
Funeral Services for Former Secre
tary of the Interior to Be
Held Monday.
WASHINGTON. April lft-The body of
Ethan Allen Hltchcx-k, former secretary
of th Interior and American ambasssdor
to Russia, who died her yesterday, left
here today pver the Pennsylvania railroad
for St. Louis. Mo. Thsr on Monday next
funeral services will be held at !: p. m.,
from th second Presbyterian church, fol
lowing which th body will be Interred In
Bellefontalne cemetery In that eitv Mr
Hitchcock. Lieutenant Ccmmander and M s.
Sims, Mr. and Mrs. John 8. Shepley, Miss
Margaret Hitchcock and George C. Hitch
cock of St. Louis, accompanied the body
to St. Louis. Mrs. Sims, Mrs. Shepley, Miss
Hitchcock and George Hitchcock are child
ren of. the former cabinet officer.
Poet Swinburne
Dies in London
Death Due to Attack of Influenza,
Which Developed Into
LONDON, April W.-tlgernon Charles
Swinburne, the poet and essayist, died this
morning. He had been suffering with In
fluensa, which developed Into Dneumonla-
Algernon Charles Swinburne was born In
Ixndon, April S. 1S37. his father being Ad
miral Swinburne and his mother Lady
Henrietta, daughter of the third earl of
Ashburnham. He was educated In France
and England, and as a poet he was especi
ally well known for hi facile metlcal In
vention. He was a bachelor and lived at The
Pines, Putney.
Talks on Teeth
, Pyorrhea Permanently Cured-
Pyorrhes desssse of the gum
(loosening of the teeth, sore snd bleed
ing gums), In uhlrh dentists are so path
rtlcally helpless. In the course of the IS
yer 1 spent de eloping my system of
dentistry I also found snmrthlng tluil
will stop pu forming in the gums, tluil
will prevent the gums front receding., and
tlms either protruding the teeth or forr
Ing them out altogether I tan (Ve the
gums practically new life, mnke thein rud
dy snd healthful and 'iiHttiral. 1 nav
never know this system to fall in -nv
diseased condition of the gjiins. i ii,f,,n
this unequivocally.
My methods of replacing teeth without
plates or brhlKcwnrk arc as sound, sic
vlceble and bountiful as natural teeth.
No plates to cumber up the mouth.
You will find that my method fixes
each tooth so replaced firmly In Its own
socket. These teeth are simply perfect
In prrnn and s. in a a ro -k. No
pain, no surgery connected with the work
Anything that changes the old order of
things, particularly If the change is for
the benefit and comfort of humanity and
Is so attractive to humanity that they
will pay money for the benefit and com
fort, then th imitators fairly swarm
sbout, each claiming he has something
"rqual to" or "Just th same h
original Invention. This method or
iginated In Chicago some five vnr
This Is th only and nrtsrlnni
known of replacing teeth without plates
and bridge work.
W are prepared and eaulDDed in r
office to treat every form of dental
trouble, from the simple toothache up. We
use patent appliance.
Vte will gladly send vou our hjnriimmn
book, "Dr. Murphy' Method," which goes
into aeians h you are too far awav to
It Is free. Writ for a conv. Imn'i
put It off. Do it now.
Formerly consulting and examining
dentist with O. Gordon Martin, Inc.
Lincon Man is
Under Arrest
J. H. McCarthy Held at Freeport on
Charge of Embezzling
FREEPORT, 111., April 10.-(Special Tele
gram.) J. H. McCarthy, formerly of Free
port, was arrested here yesterday on a
charge of having embessled a large sum of
money at Lincoln, Neb., several months
sgo. The chief of police here received a
telegram from Lincoln several weeks ago
saklng that he watch for McCarthy, who
Is s theatrical man.
We are offer! nir a anorlal I m
. .. .j. jwi i a -
tlon nf MpEtalno nnA rti
- - w vim wi auu guar,
ante It to be absolutely pure. The
"ltlo1i aemana ror this oil tells
th storv.
6 oz. Bottles Beaton's Olive Oil. ,2r
luicvinujr imporieia. )
16 os. full pints Beaton's Olive Oil.
t 60s
(Specially Imported.) '
32 oz. full quarts Beaton's Olive Oil.
at oil (
(Specially Imported.)
6 os. Maltese Cross Olive Oil. . . .3;k
12 oz. Maltese Cross Olive Oll..n
24 oz. Maltese Cross Olive Oil.. 1
8 os. Galllard's Marseille Oil...2.?i
8 oz. Wright's Olive Oil 59!
15th and Farnam St.
line will leave Fort I3e France tomorrow
Castro" " " Po-'WHty
Castro will be sent from the l.i
. vessel , case he ,. wei. enough! Z
btte. has approached Denmark ln th.
matter of permitting Clpr.ino C astro o
of St. Thomas In case the former president
of Venesuela should proceed there from
moTrlr A dCf'n,te "
Castro Ordered
to Leave Island
FORT DQ FRANCES. Martinique. April
18. Clprtano Castro, the former president
of Venesuela, was Informed officially today
of th decision of th French government
to expel him from Martinique. He at one
declared to th chief of police- or Fort D
Franc that th state of hi health was
such as to mak It Impossible for him to
lesv his bed. Th government thereupon
called In Dr. Bouvler who will mak a
report on the condition of Castro.
PARIS, April 10. Precis instructions
hav been forwarded to Mr. Foureau, th
governor of Martlnlau. In th matter of
th government' Intention towusda CIp
rlano Castro. A steamer of th French
The Weather
Temperature at Omaha yesterday:
iiour. Deg.
0 a. m
a. m
7 a. m
8 a. m ,
9 a. m
10 a. m ,
11 a. m
12 m
1 p. m
i p. ni
5 p. m
4 p. in
6 p. m
p. m
7 p. ni
4' I
Loral Rrcersl.
OMAHA, April I0.-Offlcla record o ' ten, I
peratui and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the laRt thre
years: iva iv iruvi .n.
i, , .pin.
inuiinum temperature.... 66 m 49
minimum temperature 3u 40
Mean lAmiwritiir. .11 ri nn
7 7 p p.) .ij.
Vrenlnlt atin
,w . UU ,Hf
IVmnfrtlllr. CanH Jt .
r . v v. .linn urpanurra
from the normal at Omaha since March 1,
" vumyareu wun me last two years:
Normal temperature 44
Deficiency for the day 0
Total deficiency sine March 1 ,.. Ui
Normal precipitation 10 Inch
Deficiency for the day Winch
Total rainfall since Mareli 1 M Inch
Deficiency since March 1 l.XDInche
Deficiency for ror. period, IlKH.... I. S3 Inches
Deficloncy for cor. period, 19u7.... 1.73 Inched
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
. n
A beer just suited to quaff at home
a night-cap for the sociable evening
a refreshing draught for the late
supper a delightful glass to sip under
the evening lamp. Stars and Stripes
is a foaming, sparkling beverage for
the keen palate for th connoissieur.
Have a case delivered to your home.
Willow Springs Brewing Co.
Trading Stamps .
Sl.sO la Stamps (II)
81 ven with sach two
oxen caas of small
bottles, d it OC
livrd In l 3
checlty for. .
3.00 In Stamps (It)
Slvsn with sacb tws
oxen cas of lax
bottle, d- on nr
livwed In
th city for..""
Out of town cus
tomer add 1.2 tut
(ms and bottles.
orrio, ior xa.r
rbaa Dnf. isoa.
Brewery, ad aac Klokary.
raa Boa, laas.