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Easter Servicei Are to Be More Elab
orate Than Usual.
Palplt, tfcelr Put fen It Their
loin te Savior Who Coe
quere Death 8Mb
ea HlRh.
(Continued from Flrat Page.)
Cleaning and Dyeing
..-; rv-i'--
.. ..;.aT'....5.v;.ii'
1 7j)
r iwwbsw www
MM E-9
i a be KMX
t. 18 tljl II
O a Qa. c
Plain Walata . , .60 $1.00 Sulta $1.50 $3.00
811k Walst 76 up 1.00 up Coats 76 1.60
Plato Skirts .. . .75 1.60 Vests 50 .75
Plaited Skirts .. 1.00 2.00 Pants 50 1.00
Bkirt and Drop.. 1.25 2.60 Overcoats 1.50 2.50
Jackets (short) 1.00 1.50 Ulsters (heavy) 2.00 3.00
4 length, linpd 2.00 2.50 Gloves 10 ....
K length, unl'd 1.50 2.60 Neckties 10 ....
Cravenuttes ... 1.50 2.60
We make a specialty of Cleaning
Ladies' Fancy Dresses and Gowns.
Our employes are the most skilled that
money can hire and our plantthe largest
and most complete in the state.
Wedye lacesand trimmingstomatch
your goods. White gloves cleaned like
new; short 10 cents, and long 25 cents
per pair. Call us on either 'phone and
a wagon will come for the work.
1513 Jones Streot.
N. B. Oar onl-ol-lown business
Tourist Soda Crackers
Ulways packed and sealed
like lhiil , ,
Distinctly Packed
Distinctly Manufactured
Every cracker U packed while warm less than on minute after removal
from the oven.
First sealed with Imported parchment paper not paraflne paper, like other
use auil two other wrapping make them air tight this la known as the
Patented "Aertite" Process
They are made In Omaha and every grocer orders twice weekly, an advantage
not given by other manufacturers.
ask your grocer for
10 Cents Por Package
' F as when they left our ovens.
IterT Biscuit Company.
1 We London shrink every yard of l cloth and canvas I
We Leu Jon
until it's as firm as a piece of
J ef material hy taking out the sag, but it keeps the
shaft permanent.
re so honestly tailored that we put our label in the coat
to have you -remember them. I( they weren't right, we'd
want you to forget it.
A book about spring fmthum for young men fret if you ".
I Kuh, ttathtttt 6 Fischer Co
'Both 'Phones
receives prompt attention.
Insist on
this package
V leather. Wt lost
the congregation la requested to stand In
meditation. -Fifth-Chorus
(with aolo amd quartet) I
Chorale (unaccompanied) It la Finished.
Chorue (with aoprano eolo) It l( Fln
lahed Seventh
Choral (unaccompanied) Father Into
Thv VT.nil.
Chorua (with quartet) Into Thy Hands
Oh Lord
Finale The Earthquake
Full Choir and Organ.
The OffertoryTo he followed by the
closing hymn (No. 180), coronation, vere
1 and 4.
Note Quartet In tecond, Miss Ethel Prey,
Mrs. Van Wle, Mr. Luclue Pryor, Mr.
Loula Lorlng; quartet In third. Miss Ethel
Prey, Mrs. Verne Miller. Mr. Walter Pale,
Mr. Leslie Dick; quartet In fifth. Mn.
Ketly, Mre. Verne Miller, Mr. Walter Dile,
Mr. Leslie Dick: soloist In sixth, Mrs.
Kelly; quartet tn seventh, Mrs. Kelly. Mrs.
Verne Miller, Mr. H. C. Jeesen, Mr. A.
V. Jessen.
Trinity Methodist church, 7:30 p. m.:
Prelude J. B. Bneh
Alleluia.. The Lord L'veth Harris
Mies Hopper and Choir.
Invocation and prayer
Dr. J. A. Bpyker.
Humoreake (violin) Dworak
Miss Grace McBrlde
The Risen King Schnecker
Mian 6a neon and choir.
Offertory Legrend Bohm
Minn McBrlde.
Benediction and response
Postlude Hallelujah Chorua Handel
Colonel Coolldge, organist; Miss Evlyn
Hopper director.
There wilt be special Easter music at
both services at St. Mary's Avenue Con
gregational church. In the morning the
quartet will give an Eftster cantata for
fotir solo voices, "The New Life," by James
H. Rogers. At the vesper service at 4:20
the children's vested choir, assisted by the
quartet, will have charge of the music.
The following Is the personnel of the quar
tet: Mrs. Harry Jenrison, soprano; Miss
Mlnnah Weber, contralto; William W.
Orlgor, basso; Frank J. Ileser, tenor and
director; Mrs. Frank J. Reser, organist.
Easter day services at Bt. John'a African
Methodist Episcopal, Eighteenth and Web
ster: 11 A. M.
Hymn African Methodist Episcopal
Hymnal 115
Choir and Congregation.
Scripture lesson Pastor
Anthem For Us the Christ Gounod
Chorale from "Redemption."
Anthem Alleluia Burdette
Miss Minnie Wright
Benediction and Doxology.
7:45 P. M.
Processional Gloria Patri
Hymn Coronation ..
Choir and Congregation.
Invocation Scripture lesson Pastor
Men's Chorus He Is Risen Simper
Recitation Maud Campbell
Anthem And Behold Simper
Recitation H. J. Plntell
8olo The Resurrection Shelley
Mrs. Dr, J. H. Hutton.
Paper Mrs. Roblnett
Anthem See Now the Altar Fnure
Dialogue Five Girls
Solo There Is a Green Hill Far Away..
Mrs. J. O. Jewell.
Recitation .Gertrude Richardson
Anthem Hallelujah Chorus Beethoven
Doxology and benedlctlrn.
Everybody is cordially Invited to attend
these services.
At the morning service at Clifton Hill
Presbyterian church the music and sermon
will be appropriate to the Easter time and
there will be a reception of new members
and baptism of children. Students from
the School of the Deaf will worship here.
The following musical selections will be
rendered by the choir;
Anthem "Dny of Hope" H W. Porter
Response "Easter Worship" Lorens
Anthem ny v eepesi mour orens
Anthem "Hearts and Voices Raise"
ira a. vviison
Anthem "Ride On In Majesty"
ira M. Wilson
fllrn Bona "Nearer My God to Thee." bv
students from the School of the Deaf, led
by Mrs. O. W. Rendee.
. . . ii,T ii . v . r .
Anuiem n.n in?
Mrs. Carrie 3. Adams.
Anthem "Rejoice, the Lord Is King"..
At the regular hour, 12 o'clock noon, a
spclal Easter program will be rendered
In the Sunday school, and an offering taken
for the work of foreign missions. All the
other church appointments will be observed
at the regular hours.
Lowe Avenue Presbyterian church, For
tieth and Nicholas, Rev. Nathaniel Mc
Glffln, D. D., pastor; Mr. Jo Barton, dlrec
tor; Miss Henrietta Reese, organist. Order
of services:
Invocation and Lord's Prayer
Anthem O, the Golden, Glowing Morn
ing Le June
Scripture Lesson, Matthew ri
Hymn, No. J37 Lift Your Glad Volcs.
Fllby (1S61)
pastoral rrayer ana Kesponso
Offertory, Cantata From Bepulchre to
Throne Sliepard
1. Introduction, piano
Miss Henrietta Reese
t. Chorus, "At the Cross, Her Station
1 Recitative. "In the End of the
Sabbath;" AIt, "Fear Not Ye"
Mr. Jo Barton.
4. Chorus. "Angels, Roll the Rock
5. Recitative. "Now Is Christ Risen;"
..Air. "Behold, I Show You a Mys
tery." Miss Florence Lancaster.
1 Chorus, "Salvation to Our God."....
7. Quartet, "What are These Which
re Arrayed." .'.
Miss Lancaster, soprano,
Mr. Herls'ig, tenor,
Mrs. McMullen. contralto,
Mr. Barton, Lasso,
1 Chorus, "Filesied Are They Thst Do
His Commandments."
Offering, Hesponso and Consecration ,.
Sermon. "The Triumph of Life." ....
The Pastor.
Hymn No. 13 Coronation Holden
Chant. OlorW Patrla Beethoven
Hymn. No. lUl-LItt l p. Lift L'p Your
Voices Now fxlkin
Scripture Lesso.i. I Corinthians 15:l-a
Baritone Suli, The Reaui rectloa ..Holden
Dr. J. H. Wallace
Pastoral Prayr
Offertory, Cantata From Sepulchre to
Throne Shepard
iBo program of morning worship.)
Offering and Consecration
Brief Addresn Tne Mraning of Easter..
The Pastor.
Hymn. No. 2W Alleluia Palestrlna
Tha choral Easter music at First Metho-
! diet church on Bunday evening will be
J h4
$375.00 Piano
$400.00 Piano
$375.00 Piano
$500.00 Piano
$350.00 Piano
$375.00 Piano
given by Mr. Kelly and his choir. Tha
admission for this service will be by ticket
only until 7:35 o'clock. The tickets will
not be good after 7:36 o'clock, when the
doors will be open to the public. Invita
tion has been extended to all so far as the
capacity of the church goes.
Music at Central United Presbyterian,
Twenty-fourth and Dodge:
Prelude Melody In F Rubinstein
Anthem A wake Tn My Olory Hnrnby
Offcrtrry Songs 1n the NiRht Spinney
Solo Consider and Hear Me Wooler
Mrs. Larklns.
Postlude March Romalne Gounod
Prelude Largo Handel
Anthem Jubilate Deo In B flat major..
Offertory Meditation Lucas
Trio I Will Lay Me Down In Peace.. Brown
Miss McBrlde. Messrs Wallace
and Mould.
Postlude Selected
Miss Ruth McBrlde, soprano: Mrs. E. E.
Larklns, alto; J. Addison Mollis, bass;
Hugh E. Wallace, tenor and director; Mtss
Oia Ogle, organist.
Music at the Dundee Presbyterian Easter:
Holy, Holy, Holy Dykes
Anthem (bass solo and quartet) Out of
the Deep Burette
Cantata-It Is Finished Read
(This cantata Is founded cn the seven
last words of Christ and consists of re
cltntlves, solos, duets nnd ouartets.)
Anthem Who Shall Roll L's Away the
Htone Torrance
Miss Grace Cady, soprano; Miss Edna
Bartlett. alto; Mr. I 8. Podds, tenor; Mr.
J. J. Dodds, bass; Miss Adah Kiupp, or
ganist. EVENING.
Day is Dying West
Anthem Ooldi'n Trumpets, Sweet and
Clear Aehford
Anthem If a Man Die Loreni
Rev. Andrew J. Keener of Sandusky, O,
U1 conduct the morning and evening serv
ices. Communion sorvlces will be con
ducted In tha morning.
Music for Easter, First Presbyterian
church, Bellevue. College chorus of forty
voices, under the direction of Miss Alice
M. Fawcett: organist, Mrs. C. K. Hoyt:
Organ Prelude
Chorus (Buster carol) Chime, Chime.. .Loud
Solo Resurrection Shelley
Mr. Hartwell Hamblln.
Solo My Redeemer nnd My lrd....Buck
Miss Kllene McEaehron.
Chorus Hallelujah, from Messiah.. .Handel
Organ Postlude
Hanscom Park Methodist Episcopal:
I And. em (with solos for soprano and
l.arltone, duo and chi rus) Spirit Im
mortal, from Attlla Verdi
Dr. Jennie Callfas. Mr. Newel!, Mr.
Lang and Chorus.
Prelude Archer
Chorus 1'nfold the Pntals, from Re
demption Gounod
Tenor Solo '
Mr. MeMurray.
Chorus and Rwltattve (for harltonel
Fear Not. from Victory PHire....Mrk
Mr. Lang and Choir.
Offertory Larghetto Spohr
8 Hosanna Oranler
Dr. Jennie Ca'lfas
Chorus Death Is Pwallowed l'p, from
Vlctntv TlUInu M:rkS
Poptlude March Adams
Miss Marguirlte Mnrehouse, organist;
Hr. Lee G. Krats, choirmaster.
The Easter music at North Presbyterian
church tomorrow 1U bo as follows:
Festival Te Deum In E flat Buck
-The King of Love My Hheperd Is". ..
"Awnke I p My CI ry" Barnhy
"p.lng All.tlujah Forth" Buck
Choir conslfts of Mis Nettle Williams,
aoprano: Mrs. n. F. Williams, contralto;
C. J. Oc'nltrue, tonur; E. F. Williams, bass
and director; J. W. Impnian, organist.
Zlon Baptist. Twenty-second and Grant,
Rev J. A. Hincamon, Past'ir Preaching
,.i the r.n-rniiiB by tre pastor on the Resur
rection. Special music Ly the chjtr. OrJI-
Like Anything Else Costs More Than Poor Ones
The poorest guide you can have in buying a piano is the price; because it doesn't repre
sent quality at all, except that you know you can often get good quality for less than it costs.
Very cheap pianos are usually much cheaper in what they are than in what you pay for them.
We are trying to educate the purchasing public to look FIRST for QUALITY and then
for PRICE. The name IIAYDEN BROS, stands for QUALITY in everything, as well as
Pianos and we suggest that you investigate our pianos and our method of selling them before
you fully decide.
Do you know that we insure rour purchases T This is what our new selling plan amounts
to. We insure you against buying a cheap inferior make piano or an unsatisfactory selection.
We Offer a Good Upright Piano for $lSO
This piano is guaranteed for ten years and has every improvement that is found on the
Highest Grade Pianos.
We will sell you any piano in our stock on small monthly payments.
If you want a good standard make second-hand piano for your little girl or boy to begin
on you can find it in our
when new now $125.00
when new now $90.00
when new now $125.00
when new now $115.00
when new now. . . .$140.00
when new now $160.00
Maydeo IBros
Douglas Street Entrance
I . ad)
nance and baptism at morning service.
Sunday school program from 1 to 1:30 p. m.
Baptist Young People's Union at 8:30 p. m.
Evening service will Include a cantata on
the last seven words of Christ by the choir
and chorus under the leadership of Mrs.
Julia Walker Sanders, known as the Ken
tucky nightingale.
First Presbyterian, corner Seventeenth
and Dodge streets, Rev. Edwin Hart Jenks,
D. P., Pastor:
MORNING, 10:80.
Organ The Resurrection (from The Re
demption) Gounod
Anthem At the Rising of the Sun. Coombs
Offertory Spring Song Mendelssohn
Solo Hall, Joyous Mora Cadman
Mlas Jansen.
Duet The Christ Shelley
Miss Jansen and Miss Moses.
Organ Postlude Hallelujah Chorus
(from Messiah) Handel
Organ Spring Time Sketch .... Brewster
Anthem As it Began to Dawn. ...Vincent
Duet The Christ Shelley
Miss Jansen and Miss Moses.
Anthem -Awake, Thou That 6leepest..
Offertory Andantino Lemure
Solo Easter Carol Bloom
Miss Moses.
Anthem Lift Your Glad Voices.. Van Laer
Organ Postlude Triumphal March
Choir Miss Lou lee Jansen, soprano and
director; Miss Myrtle Moses, eontnalto;
Mr. II. C. Jessen, tenor; Mr. 8. Travis,
bass. Miss Nancy Cunningham, organist.
Easter anthems to be rendered et Ca
tellar Presbyterian church:
Seals Are Shattered C. H. Davis
Now la Chrlat illnsti Charles Gabriel
Welcome, Happy Morning. .. .13. S. Lorena
The King of Glory J. A. Parks
Wave the Palms Charles Gabriel
Lift Up Your Heads Ira B. Wllaon
The Risen Glorious King Parks
A chorus of twenty-four, under the di
rection of Miss Ethel Yost, will render tho
selections. Miss Alice Wheeler, organist.
Muslc for Easter Bunday at Kountto
Memorial Lutheran, Twenty-sixth and
Quartet One Sweetly Solemn Thought.
Mrs. J. E. Pulver. Miss Grace Shaf
fer, R. J. Snoerrl. Dr. J. E. Pulver.
Easter Hymn How Calm and Beautiful
the Morn Hastings
10:30 A. M.
Prelude Offertory A-flat Reed
processional O, Mother Dear. Jerusa
lem 8. A. Ward
Quartet Christ Is Risen Evans
Mrs. J. E. Pulver, Misses Lorenren,
Shaffer, tills.
Easter Carol The Happy Morn Is
Com Schneider
Full chorus.
Anthem-Hark, Hark, My Soul Shelley
Mlas Emma Ison-natti, Mrs. J. E.
Pulver and choir.
Postlude Festal March Calk'n
Postlude Morning (Peer Gynt) Grieg
Quartet Christ Is Risen Evans
Solo On tho Cross Bragdon
Master Russell Tetard.
Quartet Sweet Sabbath Eve Parks
Messrs. Spocrrl, Brown. Klmmel,
Solo The Resurrection
Lillian Taltt Sheldon
Miss Emma Lorensmi, violin obllgato
Theodore Krueger.
Easter Carol Christ, the Lord, Is Risen
Today Worgan
Solo A Crown of Glory Tours
R. J. Spoerrl.
BjIo Hear Ye, O Israel (from Elijah)
Mrs. Dr. J. E. Pulver.
Anthem Hark. Hark, My Soul. ...Shelley
Postlude Alleluia Loret
E. A. Van Fleet, director, Charles L.
Cocke, Jr., organist.
Grae Lutheran Church, Twenty-slxlh
and Poppleton, Rev. M. L. Mellck. Pastor
At 8.3U a special meeting of all the
younger members of the church. At
10:10 Easter services:
Processional The Happy Morn Has
The full morning service:
Scripture I Corinthians v:- and
Mark xvl.l-t
Hymn Yes, The Redeemer Rose
Baptism of Children
Easter Anthem Christ is Risen Oahrlel
Sermon Teat I Am Ha That LIveth
snd Was Dead
Offertory The Hurrlflces of God Are
I a Broken fcplril
.Solo The Rtsurrectloo, dhelljr
$385.00 Piano when new now
$360.00 Piano when new now
$450.00 Piano when new now.
$390.00 Piano when new now.
$250.00 Piano when new now.
$340.00 Piano when new now.
Miss Roeder.
Communion Service
Anthem Christ Is King Gabriel
Sunday school at 12:15 "Christ Risen
a Pledge of Our Resurrection." Luther
league at 6:30 "The Light of Hope."
At 7:30 "The Broken Seal." A delight
ful Easter service will be rendered by the
church choir and the Sunday school.
The chorus choir of St. Mark's Lutheran
church, Twentieth and Burdetle streets, will
sing "Christ, the Lord, Is Risen Today,"
by George Williams Warren, and "Christ,
Our Passover," by Harrison Millard, at tho
morning service. In the evening the choir
will repeat these two anthems and also
sing the opening chorus, "He Is Risen,"
and the "Finale" from Charles Fonteyne
Manney'a "The Resurrection." The choir
will be supported by organ and violin.
The following Easter program will be
rendered at All Saints' church:
Processional We March, We March..
Easter Carols Ye Happy Bells of
Easter Day. The Bells Are Ringing
Christ Our Passover Mirtln
Te Deum In B minor Hu 'k
Jubilate Chant
Jubilate Chant
Credo In E flat Eyre
Easter Hymn Anthem (a capella) At
Dawn When They Found Him Sleep
ing (fourteenth century)
Offertory Anthem This Is the Day...
Recessional Rejoice, Ye Pure In
Processional We March, We March...
Easter Carols Ye Happy Bells of
Easter Day. The Bells Are Ring
ing Joyfully
Deus Mlsereatur In A flat Buck
Credo In B flat Eyie
Soprano Solo Hosanna Granler
Miss Grace Barr.
Anthem Blossod Be the God ind
Father Wesley
Recessional Rejoice, Ye Pure lu
J. H. Slmms, organist and choirmaster.
Plymouth Congregational church, cor
ner Twentieth and Spencer, Rev. John P.
Clyde, minister.
Organ Voluntary
Responsive Reading Psalm 84
Hymn Christ the Lord Is Risen To-
day 100
(erlpture lenxon
Anthem Unfold, Ye Portals Gounod
). exponas
Solo And God Shall Wipe Away All
Tears Sullivan
Miss Susan De Graff
Quartet Christ 1 Risen Chappie
Hymn Lift Up Your Voices Now
Sermon The Law of Resurrection...,
Hymn The Day of Resurrection 104.
riunday school 12.
Christian Endesvor :30.
Organ voluntary
Hymn Oh, Jesus I Have Promised
Anthem Christ Is Risen Schubert
Responsive Reading 23
Solo Victory of the Cross Schnecker
Miss Mabel Hosworth.
Scripture lessen
Quartet Benedlc A ma Buck
Hymn O Mother, Dear Jerusalem 366..
Anthem Unfold, Ye Portals Gounod
Hymn For All the Saints 3"0
The music at Trinity cathedral for
Raster Sunday Includes standard works
by Tours, Stalner, Barnby, Chadwick.
Foote, Stewart, Gounod and Shulley. The
Tours communion service will b sung both
at the 6 and 10:30 services. Full choir,
sixty voices. Quartet, Mrs. Ben Stanley,
soprano; Miss Daisy Hlggins, contralto;
Mr. Walter Wllklns. tenor; Mr. George J.
8. Collins, bass. Ben Stanley, organist and
The regular Bunday afternoon meeting
at the Young Men'a Christian as
sociation will be addressed by W. K.
Adams of Si Joseph, Mo. His address Is
entitled "Our Risen High Priest." Bneclal
Easter music will be rendered by the Han
scom Park Methodist Eplsoopal choir.
Music at First Christian, Twenty-sixth
and Harney, for Easter:
From Gounod's Redemption.
Baritone Narrative From the Sixth Hour.
(a) Organ Solo Crucifixion Theme
Mrs. Zabrlskle.
(b) Baritone Nurrailve About tho Ninth
Mr. Graham.
Tenor Narratives Now When the Sabbath
Was Past
Mr. R. 8. Cutler.
Trio The Holy Women at the Tomb
Mrs. Z. E. Vv'atBon, Mrs. t E. '1 nomas
Mls Alice Uldcun.
Anthem Christ Has Won the Victory....
Solos by Miss Maud Rock and Miss
Glonna L. Bid.
Anthem Alleluia Bruckett
Solo by Miss Sarah Shearer
R. T. Kersey will sing tile offertory solo
at the evening service. Mrs. Loulae Shad-duck-Zabrlsklc,
Walter B. Graham, mu
sical director.
Church of the Good Shepherd, Twen
tieth and Ohio, Rev. T. J. Collar, Rector
Choir director. Juliet McCune; crginlbt.
Dr. Percy Harrison. The following fro
irinni will be rendered:
Processional Come Ye Faithful (St.
. Kevin) A. R. Sullivan
lntroit Christ Our Passover
Kyrle p. b. Whitney
Hymn Angels, Roll the Rock Away..
C. F. Roper
Te Deum In E flat : .Dudley Buck
Incidental solo by Ross Bsrstow.
Offertory Solo I Know That My Re
deemer Lives Ha.idel
Mrs. Myron Learned.
Sursum Corda Oiwer
fanctus s. B. Whitney
Benedlctus a. B. Whitney
Communion Hymn (Bonum Del)
Bread of the World Vincent
Gloria in Excelsls (Sower
Choral Amen Gower
Nunc Dlmittts Gower
Recesnlnnal Jerusalem the Golden
(Urbus Beata) ...G. F. Le Jenna
Church of 8t. Philip the Deacom. JI a. m.J
Processional At the Umb'i High Feast
We Sing Elvey
Anthem Christ Our Passover Is Sacri
ficed for Us Le Jeune
Gloria Patrl I Jeun
Te Deum Laudamus b. Tours
Benedlctus Aldrlch
lntroit Ths Strife Is O'er Palestrlna
Gradual-Now Thank We All Our Ood..
Kyrle, Gloria Tlbl, Gratias Dorey
Creed Nlcene Plain Song
Hymn Jesus, Our Risen King (Jlardlnl
Sursum Corda, Sanctus, Bcdlctus Qui
Venlt and Agnus Del Dorey
Gloria In Excelsls Old f'hant
Recessional-Alleluia. R'ng to Jesus. .Elliott
North Side Cbrlstlsn church, twenty-sec.
ond and Locust.
Processional Welcome Hnppy Morning
. Calklni
Hymn Mary to the Saviour's Tomb..'.'.
Hymn All Hall the Power cf Jesus"
Anthem Fling Wide the Gates (from the
the "Crucifixion") Stalner
Processional Christ the Ixrd is Risen
Invocation ,
Glrrla Tntrl
Hymn The Golden Gates Are Lifted
'P Pradburr
Hymn Rise, Glorious Leader. Rise....
Italian Hymn
Sermnnette, Rev. H. J. Klrschsteln.
Anthem Fling Wide the Gates from
"Crucifixion" Stalner
Easter Cantata Death and Life
Harry Rows Shelley
RecesslonsI Coronation
Pianist. Miss Jessie Cady; violinist, Mr.
Joe Woolery; organist and choirmaster,
Mrs. II. J. Klrschsteln.
Rev. Dr. E. H. Jenks lectures to his
Bible class at the First PresbyterUn church
Sunday noon on "An Esster Study: Man,
Ills Nature, Development and Destiny."