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Fuhionablei Not Hatty, Howerer,
to ATail Themselves of Freedom.
Little? Folks Will Ea!r Tweatlet
tanaal Easts Cfg Haat
Oiftli of MIh A Crmry
At Her Home.
'o rlsnglng ball for ma today,
I wander on' beside the stream.
Content to watch the new leaves play,
With resurrection Joy agleara.
Tha radblrd alma a solo clear,
Afar the field Inras chorus sweet.
The Joyous at ream that murmera near,
An endless prayer seems to repeat.
I would jmt wlh a crank to be,
Or give to use a naedleaa bat,
I cut conventionality.
Because I have no Easter hat.
Social Calendar.
MONDAY Omaha High school alumni
prom at Chambers' academy; Mra. J. K.
Bcoble, Monday Bridge Luncheon club;
Mra. J. H. Moyer. luncheon; T. N. K.
dancing party at Lincoln.
TVEBDAY-Dlnner partlea and hop at Fort
Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ounther,
dinner party; Hanacom Park Dancing
club, party at Rome hotel; Jolly Doien
club, Him Oladys Jones.
WEDNESDAY Mrs. D. M. Vlnsonhaler,
bridge luncheon party for Mrs. Carroll
and Mlaa Carroll; Mlaa Dorothy Steven,
dinner and Orpheum party for Mlaa
Loulae Kennedy; Mrs W. A. DeBord,
literary club; Aronel Card club, Mra. W.
H. Walker; Alternate Card club, Mra.
James C. Kennard; Mrs. J. B. Bmeaton,
bridge party.
THfnflDA Y Mrs. D. M. Vlneonhaler.
bridge party for Mies Carroll; HI Beta
Thl, annual banquet In celebration jf
Founders' Day, at Hanaon'a cafs; Mis.
WUIIam Johnston and Miss Johnston,
I W -1 .1 1 .. - . tn... rnnk. VI . m
W. N. Haskell, luncheon for Miss Loulae
Kennedy; Mr. r . W. Thome, bridge
party for Child Saving Institute; Et. A
vlrp club at Chambers' academy ; Mra.
D B. Taylor, Sterling club.
FRIDAY Omlkron dancing party at
Chambers' academy: hop at Fort Crook;
Friday club, Mra. Edward Roxewator at
I he Hamilton apartmenta; Mra. T. L.
Duvls. Orlalnal hrldge clib; meeting of
Junior Bridge club.
SATURDAY Les Hlboux Dancing party
to be given In Dundee; Miss Msy Ma
hnnev, bridge party for Mlaa Farrell and
for Miss Neemlth of Fort Omaha; Mrs.
Oeorae Thomrjson and the Mlaaea Thomp
son entertain for Mias Mllroy; Alpha
Comlkron PI dancing party at Lincoln;
Loyal card club, Mra. A. v. well.
Society will emergo from the Ienton
season well rested, but seemingly with little
Inclination, for tha Immediate present at
least, to avail Itself of Its freedom to be
g-ay ones more. The calendar for this week
' n.
I a vehicle aeemlnirlv nur.
r . . - . .7 " rv
lect lor ladles or nhvsiriana'
use. interchangeable with
Queen Victoria body. The
Inside Driven Covpi
is distinctive for the elegance
foz iu appointments a car that '
' is hanasome, refined and digni
fied vet exceptionally eon-
i venient and serviceable.
Allow Us to
the Inside Driven Coupe to yon.
We shall be pleased to make
an appointment for a demon
a. a. l a I a
sirauon miner dv man or
laiaw uui at., w , k.
Telephone Douglas -J901.
More than anything else is
treasured by the bride. It
has a lasting quality that
makes it peculiarly adapt
ed for wedding gifts. Ed
holm silver has a substan
tial weight that insures
long nerviee. The beauty
of design is unquestioned.
The prices are so evidently
right that they become a
secondary consideration.
Albert Edhom
Sixteenth and lUrney
Grand Prize Mask Ball
by the
Washington Hall
Many cash and other prizes. Masks
for sale at the bait
la fairly well filled, but nothing out of
tha ordinary is scheduled, In fact, club
meetings and card partlea arc about the
only thing In prospect for a time.
Tha second battalion of tha Sixteenth In
fantry at Fort Crook will leave thla week
for the rifle range near Ashland for target
practice. Owing to tha absence of ao
many officers and as serenl of the ladies
of the post will also leave this week, soma
of the dinner parties for neat Friday hava
been canceled, although the regular fort
nightly hop will probably be held a
planned. Several Informal card partlrs
and dinner parties will b given before tho
officers leave. Captain Oohn, Lieutenant
Shallenberger, Lieutenant P. I Smith
and Dr. McMillan left Friday for Ashland.
Other ofYlerrs leaving thla week will In
clude Captain Crlmmlns, Lieutenant Short.
Lieutenant Mlrhaella, Lieutenant West and
Lieutenant Fooks. Many of the social
clubs at the garrison will postpone their
meetings until tha return of the officers.
After the return of this battalion, the third
battalion will leave. A number of little
excursion parties are being planned by
friends of the officers to visit them during
their absence from Omaha.
Necessity Is the niother of Invention and
also incidentally of bluffs. Recently a
young man, very well known asked to
escort a young woman to an entertainment.
When the time canvt ha found that ho had
spent his allowance for the month and not
being able to raise the necessary car fare
In so short a time, he thought of an ad
mirable plan and telephoned for a carrfage.
In order to further bluff himself that he
was really not '"broke," he ordered violets
for the young woman. The violets and
the carriage came on time.
Following a beautiful custom that she
has observed for twenty years or more.
Miss Anna Crary will entertain a score of
little folks thla afternoon at an Easter egg
hunt In the spacious grounds of her home
st Twenty-second and St. Mary's avenue.
The party 1 to begin at 1:10 and the little
guests are anticipating It as something
more than an ordinary occasion, as many
of them are children of parents who have
also known the Joy of Mlaa Crary hos
pitality In their juvenile days.
Two hundred or more eggs have been
gorgeously colored and otherwise decorated
and hidden about the grounds and house,
behind trees, under steps and In every
available nook within reach of little hands,
and at a signal the hunt will begin. Of
course there will be a reward for the ones
who find the most eggs, anJ later there
will be other delightful features. Bealdes
her four young nleoes and nephews, Sally
and Jack Crary and Floyd and Eleanor
Smith, Miss Crary's little guests will In
elude Helen, Grace, Esther and Arthur
Smith, Verglnls and Elisabeth Barker,
Francea and Georgia Martin, William Stull,
Bettle and Winn Fairfield, David Caldwell,
Escola Hamilton, Mercedea and Lenore
' Shepherd. Mary and Edgar Morsman, Tot
1 tie Glfford, Cullum Root, Charles. Oertrude,
Eleanor, and Harkness Kountse, Dick Stew
art, Julia Caldwell, Caroline Forbes. Annie
Jenkins, Jean and Morse Palmer, Elisabeth
Katherlne Paxton, Gilbert and Katherlne
Doorly. Norrls and Katherlne Lake and
Donald Plucka.
Pleasares Paat.
Mrs. Chester Stem was hostesa Saturday
for the meeting of 'Pour Les Etifants" cTtlb.
About ten guests were present and they
sewed for the Child Saving Institute.
Miss Olabeile Hervey entertained Friday
afternoon at her home for the members
of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority who
are spending their vacation In Omaha.
About ten guests were present.
The Phi Kappa Pal fraternity alurrnl
gave Its monthly dinner last evening at
the Henshaw. About twenty-five mem
bers were present.
The Nemo club was entertained at the
home of Mrs. 8. H. Grace. Prises for
the game were won by Mrs. W. M. Rhyn,
Mrs. W. D. Blackburn and Mrs. Pulver.
Those present were: Mesdamea Gray, J.
R. Williams. J. A. McDanlel, Sidney
Walker, J. Vickery, J. Calllflower and
Mies Carrie Rhyn.
Mr. Oeorge Klmmel was given a sur
prise party last week at his home, S614
Hamilton street. Games were played
and supper waa served the latter part of
the evening. The guests were: Mra. J.
A. Hershey. Mrs. M. Anderson. Miss
Hershey, Miss Samuelson. Miss Wasser
man, Mrs. Ripley, Miss Powell, Mrs. Fred
Ehrhardt, Mlaa Patton, Mlaa Monroe, Miss
Klmmel, Mr. and Mrs. George Klmmel,
Mr. James Black, Mr. Snyder, Mr. H.
Norgard, Mr. Donald, Monroe, Mr. George
BBarnett. Mr. Neat Robb. Mr. Cunning
ham. Mr. Roy Carls. Mr. Charles lrvln,
Mr. Andrew Thornberg and Mr. A. Klm
mel. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bacon of the Bur
wood stock company gave an Informal din
ner party Thursday evening at the Absar
aka apartments. Dinner was served In the
Japanese room, with appropriate decora
tions. The favors were attractively Illum
inated texts from Omar Khayam. Mrs.
Bacon wss assisted by her daughter, Mrs.
Wilfred Rogers.. The guests Included Mr.
and Mrs. Escott Hicks of Council Bluffs
and Miss Pcsrl Sterns.
Prospective. Pleasures.
A large evening bridge party will be
given Tuesday evening, April 10, at the
spsclous home of Mrs. Charles Harding.
U0 South Thirty-eighth avenue, for the
benefit of the building fund of the Child
Saving Institute. The affiar will be In
charge of a number of women Interested
In this work. About 400 invitations will
be Issued some time this week and a
nominal fee will be charged. Supper
will be served the letter part of the even
ing. Miss May Mahoney will entertain at
bridge Saturday afternoon at her home
for Mlsa FFarrell of Albany. N. Y.. guest
of Mrs. W. N. Haskell, and for Mlaas
Ottola Nesmlth of FFort Omaha, who
leaves shortly to visit In Fort Pes
Mrs. Joseph Cudahy will glva an Easter
egg hunt at her home this morning at 1:80
o'clock for a number of small children.
Each child will be given a basket and
egra will be hidden all through the house
and they will be rewarded by having their
little baskets well filled. Amank the chil
dren who will be present will be: Misses
Helen Rogers. "Tet'le" Olfford. Helen
Smith, Grace Smith, Eleanpr Smith, Elea
nor Kountse. Virginia Cotton, Barbara
Burns, Gertrude Kountse, Katherlne Lako,
Jean Palmer, Prairie Paxton, Virginia
Crofoot. Elisabeth Barker. Masters Milton
Rogers, Millard Rogjrs, Harold Glfford,
Arthur Smith, Floyd Srrtieh, Charles
Kountse, Harkness Kountse, Bennle Cot.
ton, James Bancker, Lawrence Lake, John
T. Stewart. Id, Morae Palmer. Lodovlck
Crofoot and WInaton Cowglll.
The next regular monthly dance of the
N. N. O. club will be given next Friday
night at the Rome hotel.
A number ot danolng parties will be
given In Llnccln this month by students
from the University of Nebraska, and all
of these will be attended by Omaha gueata.
Tha first will b the T. N. E. dancing
ratty, which will be glvtn at the Lincoln
hotel. The parties by this fraternity of
the sophomore clan ure given only once In
two yeara. The Alpha Omlkron PI sorr-rlty
will give Its annual dancing party Sat
urday evening, April 17. Another party
Saturday evening In Lincoln will be given
by the Phi elta Theta fraternity, when
they will entertain at a house dance for
their neighbors, the Pelta De-lte DHta
sorority. The Kappa Kappa Gamma so
rority .will give the annual dancing party
April a at the Lincoln hotel, end the Delta
Gamma srrortty will also glva a dancing
party In the near future.
The Columbian Circle will resume Its
series of card parties, the next to be given
Wednesday. The hostesses will be Mrs.
F. A. Squires and Mrs. F. E. Smith.
The German Ladles society will give a
children's masquerade and dancing party
Saturday evening at the German Home on
South Thirteenth street
The Wednesday Literary club will meet
this week at the home of Mrs. W. A.
De Bord. "Tolstoi" will be the subject for
the pregram, which will be In charge of
Mrs. A. B. Wilcox.
The last meeting of the season of the
Aronel club will be held Wedneaday at the
home of Mrs. W. H. Walker.
The members of the Hanscom Park Dan
cing club will give their last party of this
season Tuesday at the Rome hotel. The
guests of the evening will be the mem
bers pf the Qui Vive Dancing club.
Mrs. F. W. Thorne will entertain at
bridge Thursday. There will be a nominal
fee charged the players, and the proceeds
will be given to the Child Saving Institute
building fund.
Les Hlboux club will give one of Its en
joyable dancing parties for the high school
set Saturday evening. The party will be
given In Dundee and about eighty guests
will be present. Among those In charge
will be Messrs. Will Haynes. Harry Car
penter and Herbert Ryan.
Major and Mrs. William Johnaton and
Miss Johnston will entertain at bridge
Thursday evening at their home In Fort
The Omlkron club will give one of the
large parties of the week Friday evening
at Chambers' academy. This will be the
last of a successful series given by the
club this season, and a large attendance Is
expected to be present. Mr. Paul Beaton
and Mr. Alfred Crelgh have charge of the
Mrs. J. R. Scoble will be the hostess for
the meeting of the Monday Bridge Lunch'
eon club this week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ounther will enter
tain at dinner Tuesday evening for Mr. snd
Mrs. Robert Shirley and for Dr. and Mrs.
B. A. McDermott, Both young couples have
recently returned from their wedding trips.
The Lynn Social club will give Its next
dancing party at Chambera' academy,
April 22.
Mrs. T. L. Davla will entertain the Orig
inal Bridge club next Friday.
Mrs. George Thompson, Mlsa Ruth
Thompson and Miss Mayonne Thompson
will entertain Saturday In honor of Mlsa
Isabelle Mllroy.
Mlas Genevieve H. Bsldwtn of the Rose
bindery of Chicago will give an informal
exhibition of book binding st the residence
of Mrs. Dick Stewart, 402 South Thirty-
sixth street, Monday, April 12, from 2
o'clock until S.
The Knights of Columbus' annual recep
tion and dance will be given at Metropolitan
hall Monday, April 12. The entertainment
committee Include Messrs. Fred Naughton,
C. R. Miller. Thad Leary. Charles McGar
vey. John E. O'Hern. L. B. Bushman, P.
J. Kennedy and Ed Murphy.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rohrbough an
nounce the engagement of their daughter,
Rosalie Mae, to Mr. John W. Miller. The
wedding will take place In the early port
of June
Come ana Go Gossip.
Mr. MaoMlllan Harding, who la a
student at Tale university, If spending his
vscatlon "with college friends In the
(Bermuda . Islands. Mies. Ruth Harding,
who attenda Vaaear college, la vlatlng
relatives In Mlddletown, N. T., and Miss
Carrie Harding, who attends Miss Lfiretts
school. Is visiting friends at CodlMac, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. McCarthy will spend
a few days this week visiting friends in
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Updike and Mlsa
Updike have returned from the California
coast, where they have spent the winter.
Mr. Jay Foster left Saturday for a trip
to New Tork City.
Mra. Clarke Colt and two children re
turned Thursday from Florida, wherv they
have been for seven months for the
benefit of little Miss eBtty Colt's health,
which Is much Improved.
Miss Henrietta Benedict, Miss Alice
Troxell and Mlaa Morlne Wilson, who at
tended the PI Beta Phi annual dancing
party at Lincoln have returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Clabaugh have
returned from a trip In the east. Mrs.
Clabaugh has ben vlsitinz relatives In
Maryland since the holidays.
General and Mrs. Morton and Colonel and
Mrs. The mas Swobe have gone to St. Louis,
and from there will go down the Missis
sippi and up the Ohio to Pittsburg Lando-
Ing, where they are to attend a reunion of
veterans who took part In the battle of
Coaaty rommlaaloners Defer D.cU
slon It la at to lae 4
Street Vlaaaet.
The Board of County Commissioners de
ferred action Saturday morning on the
petition of the Nebraska Power and Trac
tion company to be allowed the uae of the
Q street viaduct In South Omaha. Routine
business waa all that came before the
meeting and no oflctal cognisance was
taken of the action at Little Rock ousting
Caldwell A Drake from the state capltol
building. George Caldwell of the firm
waa expected back here today with hla
bond to be submitted for approval, but
ha had not arrived by afternoon.
Knowing what
you can buy and
where to buy is
something in which
every woman is in
terested. The ads
under the heading
"Everything for
Women." on the
want ad page are a
great help.
There are a great many lit
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Pongee Coats,
56 inches long,
Every Day This
Week Will De a
f 1 It .I ,
If 1 i f
mi 1 i I The
Democrats Will " ?
Have New Organ
National Committee Will Start Mag
azine to Be Known at
National Monthly.
BUFFALO, N. T., April 10. Norman E.
Mack, chairman of tha democratic national
committee, announced Friday that ha had
completed arrangements for ths publica
tion, beginning May 1, of a monthly maga
slne to be known aa tha National Monthly
and devoted to the Interests of the demo
cratic party In tha nation. The contribu
tors Include United Statea senators and
repreaentatlvea, governors and other prom
inent democrats.
Mr. Mack said:
"The democratic party lacks a great
champion In the monthly magatlne field
such as can reach the homes of ths
country, and I am undertaking to supply
this need. The Idea meeta with the hearty
approval of many prominent members ot
the party throughout the nation and I am
encouraged at the outset with the cordial
manner in which my plan hta been greeted.
I desire to have It thoroughly understood
that the National Monthly will not be the
organ of any person or clique, but that it
will be printed In the Interests of the en
tire democracy In the nation."
Explosion in
Big Oil Plant
Two Men Killed and Three Seriously
Injured by Accident at Point
Richmond, Cal.
man were burned to death and three others
seriously Injured, one fatally, as the result
of an exploaion in one of tha oil atilla of
the Standard Oil company yesterday.
Tha fire, which was scattered over eight
acrea of territory, was fought for over an
hour by 1.600 men, and the damage will
reach 150,000.
Tha dead:
JOHN GRANGER, gate keeper, 70 yeara
CHARLES UWRENCB, chief clerk, 80
yeara old, of Santa liosa.
The Injured:
Electrician Smith, aerlously burned.
Peralt, a teamater, who probably will
Another teamster, name unknown, la In the
Tkose with Tinsel n Th.aa
Never Be Delivered by
I'ncla Sam.
The Omaha pnatofftce has been de'uged
with Easter cards. The Easter season hss
Valentin day badly beaten. The letter
carriers are and have been for two or
three days laden down with Eaatar card
and the outgoing malla fully equal ths re
ceipts of these Easter greetings.
V'nfortunate'.y many of the Easter cards
will not be delivered to those to whom
they have been addressed because they
comt' under the postoffice Inhibition against
tinseled cards that are not properly se
cured In closely sealed envelopes.
ST. JOHN'S....
Arr.vid. H.U.d.
. . Siavunta. . .,
.. Will. kin
. . L Prov.ncs
. . Rom
.. Mala
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,. Itoaionian Baltic
. . Ktaaw Aaatartfu
.. Numitian
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The suit sketched is made of a beautiful
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specially priced at $25.00
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wr t . .ii a 1
y we nave a
y are specially
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Choice Easter Millinery
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Brodkey's Jewelry and Loan Go.
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Tw Quarts tor ISo, for Monday, April lath, only.
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MAN DO MrSawii '
sxlavt.rr ha.wa. L.ra. fcottl.
ul. IS, a.aa) ar k.hl. h-a
Madame Josephine Le Fevre,
. , . la.a ttauaai at-. raUaaxlaw r,
Said fcr Mrr-DII1B lws Ce. Beatea Dm Co.,
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"Imitation is slncerest
Sorosis Shoe Store
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Frank Wilcox, Mgr.
Silver Bridal
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