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News of Indoor and Outdoor Sports
Cornhniken Aggie Fail
Agree on Foot Ball Date.
Oajee-tlaa Raised Keen Date Pro.
nosed far Caelest -Relation
' tll Frlll Pfrr
' ' Had raetala.
LINCOLN. April .-i8peolal.)-Nbiaka
and Amti will not flay foot ball next fall.
The Ntbraak thlUo board this after
noon voted to drop the Iowa Aggie ffom
tht Comhuakir acheduie (or Hot and to
accept the Hat of game arranged by Man
ager Eager. Th game with Denver uni
versity for November IS w approved.
Thl con teat waa scheduled by Manager
Kager in plica of the annual Amea game.
'J"ht break between Amei and Nebraska
resulted from the failure of the two achools
to agree on a atttsfactory date for a foot
ball game next aeason. The Aggies ac
cepted and then turned down one date of
fered them by the Comhuskers and thin
action left only one date on the Nebraska
schedule that would allow a meeting be
tween the two schools. This day was No
vember K. but ince Ames ts booked to
meet Drake on November 26 and feared to
pity the Cornhueker so near the Thanks
giving day game, the Cornhuakera could
not get the- Agglea to accept that date.
Amea was willing to play Nebraska on
October 90, but that date la only one week
before Kansas Is scheduled to come, to
Lincoln baUle and the Cornhusker
management would not consent to run the
risk of losing- the Jayhawker game by hav
ing a hard struggle the Saturday before
that contest.
The dropping of Ames from the Corn
husker fool ball schedule next fall does
not mean that 'the two Institutions have
severed athletic relations. They will still
continue to meet In the other branches of
sport this year, playing base ball this
spring and basket ball next winter. In
l0 the Nebraska board hopes to be able
to arrange a foot ball game with the Ag
aric. Regret at Decision.
, Hers at the local stale Institution the
news of the failure of the two schools to.
' agree o date for next fall has been re
ceived with deep regret, for the Aggies
r. looked upon as natural rivals of Ne
braska and are an eleven the local students
like to see In action. Many of the stu
dents who saw the gsme between Nebraska
and Ames at Omaha last fall had hoped to the same exhibition there next fall.
Tne report that the two teams will not
play foot ball with each other at all next
fall has been a disappointment. An ef
fort will be made in 1910 to sign up a con
tract with Amea for an annual game In
3maha for five years.
At the meeting of the Cornhusker ath
letic' hoard thla afternoon H. O. Perry wna
unanimously elected csptaln of the basket
ha,U team for next, season.- He has played
in the Cornhueker five for the last two
rrt st left guard and is one of the best
Player Hint has been at the local Institu
tion i'or eeveral seasons.
At Hi same meeting th hoard approved
the, tepoil of the committee recommend
ing the establishment of a training table
Tor the Hack team. The new table will be
ntrl the 1al,aeek In April and will be
tun unttl after the Missouri valley confer
ence meet on June 5. Tn men will be sent
to the table for the first week and after
that tnt number will be Increased to six
teen or tventeen.
Censaleted Foot Ball Schedule.
Th completed Nebraska foot ball sched
ule for next fall Is as follow:
Oi lober I-South Dakota at Lincoln.
October Knox college at Lincoln.
October 16 Minnesota at Omaha.
October l-Jow at Lincoln.
October No game.
Xcvemher (Kansas at Lincoln.
November Yt Denver at Denver.
November 20 Doane at Lincoln.
November ;4 Haskell at Lincoln.
The schedules of all the Missouri valley
conference school this seaaon are limited
to eight gamea by a rule recently passed
by the "Big Seven."
I gll WPHS UO Von PKJi N AM'
Take All Three Gamea from the Gate
City Clna. ,
The Stor Triumph are going after the
Ptnnant by taking all three games from
the Gate City last night on the Associa
tion alleys, which put them lust three
game behind the Met Brothers. As the
Met Brother go against the strong Chan
cellor team thla week, there certainly will
be aomethlng doing. Tonight the Sampecka
and Gold Tops. Score:
1st. 2d. Sd. Total.
. 1M 201 ibi Hi
. 213 14 lul 612
. lb 189 m 6:4
. 19 181 152 603
. 172 214 m m
. 77 a 817 2.62S
1st. 2d. Id. Total.
. 15 144 li 441
. 12 We 171 4i5
. lg 163 17
. 2M 192 fctt
. 1M Its 1 61 fe!
. 847 742 S5 2.47(
rrltacher ...
Walen .....
A pder son ...
Total '..
in in midsummer league last night be
tween th People Btore team and Tousem
t Olt th People fitore team took every
thing In light by winning all three game.
Cro Of th Colte got a single game of
202 and total of 686. Tonight the Merchant
Nationals and Cudahys. Score:
, lt. Id. Jd. Total.
Landon ,f 167 mu 174 Wl
Abbott 1 17m I'll J-Lt
Bengels ig 1(B 2u
totals 6 622
1st. 2d.
Howley ,.. 124 nj
Ooa 22J 16
Klaaan jo is
Tukon-Tst tfir exposition, the Seattle Auto
mobile lub and Robert Guggenheim, and
rvnTs thb'rTnmmg tracks
Yankee raahter, is a I. Win
raerth Raee at Kmerr vllle.
OAKLAND. April (. Ynke Daughter,
16 to 1 chance, was one of the outsider
to win at Emeryville todey. The price
against her w very liberal In view of
recent good races, and he proved clever
winner over Toll Box and Hush Money.
First rare, six furlong, selling: Little
Hiss (10. Taplln. 13 . to 10 won, Knight
Deck (115. Deverlch. 11 to 5) second. Birth
UJ.-Walsh, 1 to li third. Time: 1;14V
Otogo. Hoyle. Rosevale. Mossrt, Flying
Dsnce, No Rule, Fredonia and Deviser fin
ished as named.
8econd race, four fourlongs. purse: Pre
tend (WO. Clark, t to 1) won. Olathe lo3,
Gross. 1J to 6) second, Npa Nick IIL',
MrBrlde. 10 to 1) third. Time: 0:44. Odd
Rose. Sixteen. Harry. Orobe. Oswald B.,
fcddle Garney. Warfare, Basel and Fire
finished as named.
Third race, mile and 'twenty yards, sell
ing: Niblick (109. Soovllle. 2 to It Won, Ed
Davis (ins. Kirsolibaum. So to 1) second;
Banposal (107, Mentry 1 ta () third. Time:
1:43H. Rosslsre. flaillev Metsner, Tsklma
Belle. My Bouquet. Mabel Hollander. Wap,
Eckerssll and Patriotic finished as named.
Fourth race, mile and twenty yards, sell
ing: Tankea Daughter (92. fpton, 16 to 1)'
won. Toll Box (96. Devertch, 12 to 1 econd.
Hush Money (106. Borel. It to 1) third.
Time: 1:43. Early Tide. St. Avon. EI
Plcaro. Moorish King, Krbet, Woolen and
Steel finished as named.
Fifth race, mile and a quarter, selling:
Fantastic (108, Buxton, It to 6) won. High
Gun (lfW. Coburn, to Bv second. Leratee
(110. Cotton, 36 to 1) third. Time: 2:09. A.
Muskoday. Coppers, Mattle Mack. Eleva
tion, J.icomo. Henry O.. Lady Alicia and
Veterano finished a named.
Sixth rare, five and one-half furlongs,
elling: Tinny Fsust (109, Burns. 10 to 1)
won. Desirous (98, Olsss, 7 to 1) second,
"ewell (10. Mentry. 13 to1 1 third. Time:
1:07V Silver Stocking. Madman. Prlnre
Oal. Strike Out, Workbox and John R.
Bheehsn finished a named.
LOS ANGELES. April .-8ant Anita
First race, selling, seven furlongs: Pre
tension (111. Preston, 11 to il won, Redond
(111, Musgrnve, 3 to 1 second. Velma O.
(10. J. Howard. 15 to 1 third. Time:
l:2fli Dredger, Hannibal Bey. Joele 8.,
Gentle Harry. Korosllany, Bud Embry,
Cymbal, Ie Harrison, The Thorn and Day
Star also ran.
Second race. 2-year-olds, four and a half
furlongs, selling: Th Golden Butterfly
(109. Preston. to Si won. Lady Paret (107,
Archibald, 20 to 1) second. Severe (108. J.
Brooks. 20 to 1) third. Time: :64H. Oneoa,
Dora Paine, Domlthllda and Chamoleon Girl
also ran.
Third race, selling, mile: Spohn (109. J.
Howard. 16 to 6) won. Barney Oldfleld (109,
Archibald, 7 to 1) second, Biskra (107. C.
Russell, 7 to li third. Time: 1:384,. Star
Thistle, Black Mate, Basil, Duke of Bridge
water. Lucky Lad. Maid -of Gotham and
Dearorrnet lo ran.
Fourth race, purse, mile: Pedro (107,
Psge, even) won, Frank Fllttner (110. Mus
grave. 9 to 10) second, Lovlua (110, Rettlg.
50 to 1) third. Time: 1:39. 1 Told Ton So
also ran, ......
Fifth race, arlllng, ' five and half fur
longs: Prometheus 012. Preston. 4 to 1)
won. Canardo 133. Palms. 7 to 1) second.
Chippewa (123, Musgrsv,. 10 'to H third.
Time: 1 :07Vi. Sly Ben, - WildWOod. Bill
Hampasse. Cull Holland, Tea Set, Vibrate,
Nigger Baby. Force. Aunt Aggie and Lady
Quality alao ran.
Sixth race, aelling. aix and a half fur-
longa: Meddling Hannah (107. Sweet, to
1) won, Elizabeth Harwood (108, Page, 4 to
1) second. Stringency (11!. Shilling, 9 to 1)
third. Time: 1:194. Marches. Funda
mental, Ralnpoeal, ("Jerrymander, Chill.
Prod. Mauretanla, Beelek. Shapdale and
Madeline Muegrave also ran.
Seventh race, selling, mile and an eighth:
Third Rail (106, Muegrave, 16 to II wori.
Alma Boy (108, Archibald. 6 to 2 second.
Sandpiper (93. Russell, 6 to 2) third. Time:
1:634- Silver Line. Critic, MoleseV and
Albert Star also rn.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April l-8ura-
First race, five furlongs: Robin Oray
(107,, Brannon, 8 to U Won, John A. Munro
(105, Lovell, 4 to 6) second. Low Heart
(107, Kline. S to 2) third, lime: 1:06. Gay
King, Camel, Catharine Cardwell. Kittle
Fisher, Pinion Colmo, Prince Alert, Mis
Cardigan, Half Right and Marine also
ran. t
Second race, flvs furlongs: Little Oee
O07. Irwin. 3 to 1) won, Knllst (9. Hn
nan, 8 to 6) second. Mystlrver (98, Guy, 1
to 2) third. Time: 1:0444. Trey of Spade,
Tackle. Castlewood. Carrie Elder, Laugh
ing Eyes and Dry Dollar also ran.
Third race, mile: Eustaolan (94, Reld,
7 to 1) won. Countermand (109, Simmons,
12 to 1) second. Malediction (107, Lovell, 4
to 6) third. Time: 1:48. Youthful, Paul,
Spring Frog and Beaterllng alao ran.
Fourth race, six furlongs: Chief Hayea
(102, Lovell, 3 to 1) won. Font (102. Reld, 4
to 6) second, Don Hamilton (107. Gore. I
to 1) third. Time: 1.07. Anna Smith,
Dispute, Cloieteresa and Wine Merchant
a lo ran.
Fifth race, five furlong: Jck McKeen
(112. Wood. 10 to 1) won, Orac George
(107. Hackett, 3 to 5) second. Precedence
(107, Martin, out) third. Time, 1:064,. Fa
tal. Sister Ollle and Merrlgo also ran.
Sixth race, aix and a half furlongs:
Klarney (106. Griffin, 6 to 1) won, Vendor
(111, Obert, 3 to 1) second, Bosom Friend
(101, Brown, 1 to 2) third. Time: 1:2H- Mis
Padden, Calabash, Dario, Mednog, Alamo,
leanord, Joe Hayman, King Thorpe and
St. Valentine alao ran.
Old Boston Star and Millers Come in
the Wet.
Ray Patterson, the Once r anions Boy
Wonder la Member of Mike (an.
tlllnn'a Minneapolis A.
"This ts a nice way jnu have of treating
visitors." said Jimmy Collins- to Pa Rourka
as the old Boston star, at the head of the
Minneapolis American association team, got
off the Rock Island train at Union station
In the rain.
"Here we come all the way to play you
fellows and you do this to u," and Col
line gave a sweeping gesture to the clouds.
The old favorite, to whom Boston once
knocked Its hed on the ground, I full
of hi Irish wit ever. He looks wee
bit tout, but says that before the season
I far gone he will have some of the flesh
taken off.
"1 feel fine and am going to play some
good ball, I hope, this year." said James.
"We have a splendid team and expect to
make our friends, the enemy, go for that
BesUte the old Boston favorite the Miller
have another one-time idol. He is Roy
Psltedson, formerly of the White Sox. the
man who was so long known hs the "boy
wonder." Ptteron decline from major
legue form waa one of the disappointment
of base ball. He did grand work for a
time and his friends thought lie ought to
have had a much longer time at the top.
But he believes he will be good for some
tall pitching this year.
Mike Cantlllon, owner of the Millera, t
..o-i. vresiaeni, inn, sis he will not go on
the bench thl season or Interfere with
Jimmy Collin1 management. He expect
to give the old-timer full away and pjt It
up to him to make a showing, but Miko
will itand back of his manager and help
him all he can.
Te Miller came foV three games Tur
da7 Wednesday and Thursday with
Omaha at Vinton street park, and If the
rain let up will play the other two. The
g-ame today Is called for 3:30 p. m.
Old English Pportninen Organise for
the Seaaon.
English game In Omaha this year and have
begun an active campaign to get out all
".tKr"Aed 1" "AckoU A e"e'' ne"t-g-of
the. m"' Crl-Iet club was held
Monday at which the following officers
were elected for the ensuing year-
. .cium, milium "larsnan; vice presi
dent. Henry Foley; secretary and treasurer,
James Downing; captain. John Douglas1
aub captain. John Nell: board rf manage
ment. H. Forehead. 11. Strlbllng, J. Morris
William Vaughn andWllllm Greene. "
Keene Win from Potter.
BOSTON. April .-Through a default In
the morning round, the only match In the
amateur court tennis championship at the
Tennl nd Racquet club today was be
tween Foxhall P. Keene of New York and
Auatln Potter of thl city, which th
former won after five hard sets.- The score
wa 6-4, 3-8, 6-5, 5-8, 6-4.
Gap la Grand Clrvalt Filled.
BOSTON. April 6.-The gap In the grand
circuit racing season, caused by the da
fjultlng of the date assigned to the
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. track, August 23-2S
was filled today when Walter R. Cox
Leeee of the granite- ite track at Dover
N. H. volunteered hfs acceptance of the
date and was awarded the meeting.
Vanderbllt Gets PrUe.
PARIS. April 6.-A. G. Vanderbllt wa
successful In the French horse nhow to
day, winning the first prize for a coach
and four.
the evidence of her guilt or Innocence and
declared her belief that she would be
freed. Throughout the day' proceeding
she sat riretsid In full mourning, dlaplay
Ing no apparent Interest In the esse. Her
father. Frank Allyn. waa with her during
the aeaslon. wnlle to her left sat her con
stant eompanlon, Mies Theresa Collin
daughter of Sheriff Collins. Mr. Allyn,
mother of the defendant, Is 111, but will
be able to appeal a witness.
Fire Destroys
Old Beef House
Building Being: Torn Down, but
Worth Ten Thousand to Pack
. ing- Company, Total Loss.
Fire totally destroyed the old beef house
of the Omaha Parking company a plant at
Thirty-second and P street Monday after
nocn. The building was empty and had
not been used since the big fle last year.
Manager Culver and Superintendent Colvlu
thought the loss would be $10 ooo. The cause
of th fire was undetermined.
The only value the building had was for
the sa'vage lumber It contained. It wa a
3-story frame building 128 by 150 feet. It
wa used for the beef killing department
and contained the chill rooms. All the
Internal wood-work . was In a good condi
tion. ,
The fire started In. the northeast coiner
of the building and wa. discovered well
under way about 3:to p. m. The fire de
partment of the Omaha plant, th C'udahy
plant and' the city responded promptly. In
the meantime the strong northeast wind
had given the flames an Impetu", which
could not be checked ahort of trtal loss.
It was not essy to keep the fire within
the limits of the building a th" stable
joined the beef house on the south.'
The flames subsided 'about 7 p. m. in th
evening, but the ruin were deluged with'
water all night. The wreckage Is still
smouldering and the clouds of smoke nd
steam make It appear that the fir wa
more serious than it was.
Manager Culver said a force of men had
been working at the plant part of the day
and that possibly some of them had care
lessly lighted a match or dropped a
Macon Lawyer
Third Victim
of Assassin
Attorney Interested in Famous Do dp
Land Case in Georgia Meats
Violent Death.
cigarette, i ney wero at work getting out I
salvage lumber, a the plant was being I nt to prison for life for the crime,
M'CRAE. Oa . April .-Tht Pop Hill,
a prominent attorney of Macon Is th
third' victim of an assassin In the now
celebrated Dodge case Is th belief of
the authoritle of thl county. The coro
ner a Jury after a careful examination
declared thl afternoon that Hill wa
"murdered by parties unknown." Hill
was found dead In th offlc of a local
attorney at 7 a. m. today, a bullet In hi
brain and a revolver with on chamber
discharged grasped In hi right hand. Th
condition of the office Indicated a des
perated struggle. The stov had been turned
over, the coal scuttle waa crushed and
the furniture wa broken. On the floor
lay an unfinished court motion In th
Dodge case, drafted by the dead lawyer,
which he came her to file today. Hill
arrived at noon Sunday and went Into
a friend s law office to work on the rase,
A little while later he went .to the home
of the proprietor of a hardware tore
and said he had received aome threaten
Ing letter nd wanted revolver. He
was o Insistent that the hardware man
opened the tor and old Hill the re
volver which waa found clasped In hi
Today Hill returned to the office
was not seen again allv.
When his body was searched not d
dressed to him at Macon was found. It wa
written In a childish hand and said
"Pope Hill: The next time you Interfere
with our settlement you will be broke."
Instead of a signature there wis rudely
drawn skull and cross bone. Th
uthorltles believe that Hill received
other threats after he rrlved her on
Sunday, which Impelled him to buy the
The trll of death and Injurle In th
Dodge rase began In 13SI. In that year
Captain John C. Forsythe, who represented
the N. W. Dodge ette wa assassinated
After a six week' trial flv men were
gradually reduced.
Widow of Nephew of I. ate 4di
"till Rtoatly Proteata Her
LYONS. N. Y.. April 6-The work of
electing the Jury which Is to sit in Judg
ment over th fate of Mrs. Georgia Allyn
Sampson, charged with the killing last
November of her husband, Harry Samp
son, waa completed today. The presenta
tion of the state' case will be made to
morrow, after which the taking of testi
mony will be begun.
The' young defendant expressed herself
pleased with the men who will listen to
Storm Stops
Airship Trial
Count Zeppelin Attempts to Make
Twenty-Four-Hour Trip, but is
Forced to Descend.
r'Kls.ORJCHSHAFEN, April .-Th
twenty-four hour endurance trip of Count
Zeppelin's airship, which atrted from here
thl morning ended In failure, owing to
unfavorable weather. The alrhlp ascended
at 9--.18 a. m. and the voyage wa abandoned
at 7:28 this evening. During this time th
Irship descended twice to the urfce of
the lake, to take in w(r for ballast.
Major Sperling, who acted a pilot In
place of Caunt Zeppelin, finally decided to
return to the hall to refill the balloon with
gas. The destination of the trip, which
waa made purely,, for military purpoe,
wa kept secreu. The balloon traveled a
fr as Blberach. and then returned to the
lake, where U engaged for a long time In
maneuvers. .A ttrong easterly wind sprang
up early In evening. agalrit which It
wa Impossible to make headway, although
the motor wre working well. Major
Sperling feared that he might be driven
Into the mounUth and decided to. ceek
helter In the floating hall and abandon
the Idea of refilling.
Depatr I'nlted Utatea Marshal
Try to Induce Chief to
Ml'SKOOBE. Okl.. Apvll .-The United
States government is tak'ng a hand In the
search for Craxy Snake, the leader of last
week's Indian disorder. WIUIm Martin,
United State deputy marshal, left Musko
gee late today with Deputy Sheriff Frank
Jones for Camp Hickory. From there It
I believed he will go to Craxy Snake'
hiding place, guided by the letter's ton,
and try to Induce the chief to surrender.
The mllltla will remain In the field until
Crary Snake la captured.
Period Fixed by .er Law Enaa aa
First at May.
Jack sr.lpe ahooter will have until May
1 to kill these fleet winged morsel, ac
cording to a law enacted by the legislature
and which Oovernor Bhallenberger ha
signed. The old law on Jack made the
opon season end April 15, and this was
considered entirely too early a th Jack
did not begin to oume in uotll about that
The open season -on clover la (mm Juiv
13 to- August 31. Bqlrrel may be killed in i
October and November. No duck may rM
ahot in Nebraska after April IS. the cloeed
aeaaon lasting until September IS. Th open
eason on prarl chicken 1 from October
1 to November 30.
Quail may not be ahot In Nebraska, a
th law say there 1 no open, seaaon for
Bob White. Along with Bob Whit are
Included dovea, swans and whit crane.
The open season on ba not lee than
eight Inrhe long I from June 1 to Sep
tember IS, and on trout not le than eight
Inches long from Ap;ll 1 to October 1. Carp,
buffalo, suckers and catfish may be taken
during June, July, August. September and
October with a aelne of two-Inch msh. only
In water may be designated by the
gsme warden.
The above I th text of the bill Intro
duced by Noye of Cass county and It
1 1 us passed with tlx emergency clause and
tsi ! la now th law of Nebraska. Shooter muat
govern .thamaelve accordingly. .
at ui
Laat night on th Metropolitan alleys
bslln Mixer won two out of three
gam from the Nebraska Cycle company
team. Schneider was high for the Mixers
with 30 lnl gam and ist total. J
Mister for the Cycle had 187 for alngl
Cam nd US for total. Tonight th Bung
lo and Borahelm'a Jewels. Score;
D. Schneider;..,. r,i a-
Laheck :,. iw
Jper ... lot w,
Total ... 44 402 M
R Hliur
F.ltchl ...
J. Hester
Sd. Total,
lo ;
14.' .i
!1 M
d. Total.
H-' 43
17U tJ
.. U0 tl 4M l.ito
A Vrkaattle Rare a On.
Th Nw York-Seattle race will be held
According to original schedul and will
lev New York June I, passing through
Oman, desplu the refusal of the Manufac
turer' Contest association to support or
sanction tb rce. Th trophy and c-asli
prixe gre guaranteed by the Aiask-
- Medal
be tar It I Waeaaara-OMer'e Gala
Medal Flaar. Thla I Isaaartaat.
Aaserlcaa Win la TwaeYcar-Oltl
Claaa at Nattlafjaaaa.
NOTTINGHAM. England, April S.-Th
Mill John pltite of 3U0 sovereigns, for 2-year-old.
distance four furlongs, wa won
today by H. P. Whitney Oversight, ridden
by J. H. Martin. Salve wa second and
Dove Cot third. Twenty-five horsee started
Oversight' victory was th flrt success
this season of American horse. -
The Elvaeten ctl telling plate of 106
aoverelgna for all age, five furlo.iga, waa
won by Stilling Fleet, fialut D'Amour wa
second and Preclude third. Eight hones
jan. among them Mr. Whitney Queen of
Heart. ,
Kirk Shifts HI Mea.
lOVVA CITY. Is.. April Special. )
Coach larroll Mrk mad shift in th
lineup of th Ion bae ball team her
yeaterday In an effort to Improve the play
of the vaiaity. He placed McQulre. last
y,'",r hor luP. on thrid. Kohl at ahort
Hyiand at firat baae and McGregor In
center field. Bechtal and Rawn played In
other flelda. Captain Stewart at c
ond and Bryant behind tb bat.
Hapa Challenge Meralastar.
,.C,KmINLATI' ' Apr" Willi Hopp.
the billiard pleyer. announced tonight that
he had aent challenge , Or f t m
Tho U" ' on t. naionai
billiard championship H offer, t" pisj
llornlngstar to iWft points st 112 bill
ren.uird ' ' 'rom to ,IOfl0 n
Royal Regal Lesae Rarei .'
RVNI J.TKN Frne April S-Hov
co?k l," .7 t 0n;d '' ""mas Hitch
". a Nw ork- ' one of th
l t , ln "t'leh, here today
oui iiui nut ,i a ,:-t.e, j.
' nf 'ffiF H&dJEH 3l:
mm mi
Boon fter this. I.uclu Williams, one of
the claimant's attorney waa killed and
for weeks the entlr country waa In a
tate of great excitement. Since then
Miere have been numerous encounter
growing out of the case. In which the
participants received aevere gunshot or
stab wound. The Dodge lend cover com
400.000 cre In Pullakl. Dodge, Telfr tnd
Lawrence counties. The title retted on
nclent land grant and since 1882 there
has been continuous litigation over their
Hill wa forty yr old. was a mem
ber of the law firm of Harrl and Harris
gnd leave a wife and on child
Supreme C'oart Restrains Cemnlaslea
from Patting; l.nrr Rate
lata Farce.
WASHINOTON, April S.-Th Injunction
suit of the Kentucky rtilroads in which
the roads asked that th railroad com
mission of Kentucky be restrained from
carrying Into effect the order of the com
mission of Jun 20, 1M. fixing rate a on
Intrastate butinea In that late wa da
elded today by the auprem court Of th
United State In favor of the road.
Th case cam to th auprem court. 6n
appeal by the commission from declaion
by Judge Cochran of th United SUtea
circuit court' for the eaatern diatrict of
Kentucky., In which he held to b un
constitutional th Kentucky ttttut known
the McChOrd law, and ltud an order
perpetually enjoining the enforcement of
the lew. The lower court wa affirmed,
but the upreme court, holding tht th
tatut did not authorize the whole!
creation of achedule. avoided dealing with
the constutlonal question involved. Th
decision was announced by Justice Peck-
on draught and In bottle on and after
April . Atk for It. Order a cat sent to
your home.
Pedestrian Westoa Resaate Trip.
YOUNOSTOWN. O.. April ,After . r.
rf over thlrty-lx hour. Edward Payson
Weaton, th veteran pedestrian, resume
hi Journey to the Paoiflo coaet at 12:05
this morning. He wee in good conditio
and expect to reach Canton tonight.
otel St. Francis
Th otnUr of entertainment in the city that entertains
FTanclaco next Otobr a 111 renter in Union Square,
tb plat that face the St. FrgDclt In th heart of
th city, surrounded by tb fashionable club, shop
and theater. Around tbU park th feast of flower.
th proclon of cavalier and bull fighter, th crowd of
girl wltb flowr la their hair and men with aombrero. th
gorgoou Japanese and Chinese illumination at nigbt. com-,
bin wltb counUee other feature to create the moat brlllllant
pectacle to ba seen ln tb New World.
Tb three-winged Hotel St. Francla represent th largest
hotel Investment In the Writ and th farthest advance of
acienca In hotel service. Upon complr'lon of th Post Street
anacx. It will beoma th largest hotel In th world.
Under th? Management of James Wood
Boston's New Hotel
Bid you ad year (raads kearte
welcem. No paisa wtij b ajuirecl
to mL your aext risk tojsr aa.
Excellent cuiiire with tervk the
be, amid turreuttrlinai frvlirut!y
appointed". Ery!lu w, DtrK.
nvc and cosy, h priees etaaoaabl
The Brewster
Car. bsyUtoa and Wtthinftsn St.
TIL. 41440 oxrono.
Oiaaer partitt kefor aad a her th
th will iciv our apscial aU
tenoea. Ladies w'wrt thoppja,
viJl ind il bior Maveaient is hat
Jusvheo Kr with every kaewg
comfort aad eacluaioa.
Aiiiilio & Cribow Ccapaaj,
. Oaaraklna
HeteU Leaaa, Taibrie aV Esagsrs. T ill
New fJceaa Hens. Sn-asagaseat
Hatel TMcWUId. Jaasaiea, W. I
l , . i 'J' - l4 i: ,f. , ?
At the Club
Thetr; semi and formal occasions, smart dressers wear
OtHy" Suits and "0U8?" White and Fancy
Vests "The only vest known by name."
The originality of "CUGT styles and fabrics, precise fit
tin,t and "tone" is due to a creative and practical organiza
tion. ...
You can buy "OUW' Cheerful Clothes from all leading
dealers. ,
Your Expense Account
uo item u tne mommy rent check were omitted
Hava you aa yet solved the problem whereby thla Item of expensa
called "Rent" can be termed a profit, and ultimately make you a
home owner?
If you will take thla matter up with our secretary he will ex
plain our method of making your rent Item a profit.
No trouble to explain.
Omaha Loan & Building Assn.
S. E. Cor. 16th & Dodge Sts.
Ceo. W. Loom!, Pre. O. M. Nattlngvr, Secy. anrMrea.
W. R. Adair, Aes't. Be'.
AeU, 2,600,000.00. Reserve, $60,000.00.
Beautify Tour Lawns With Our' Wire and Iron Fences and Gttes
T 111 m saw an m
muses tor vines, iree wiiros.a
lawi Vases, ISgfl?
CHivrj a,b m vmvmwvm ,if an, i OXB Jt.
nmn i uui, w muow iinaraa.
Clothe Toata, Chick en Fence.
eeaa tor Catalogue. T i-uU ' i j
rmiiniAii rniTrr - tet4fyM.t&tt
t I 'i ' ': " A 'I
aiX a Block Irons Kerala ..
?, loe Hetweea
5th Ave.&B'waj
Offer select accommodation t Ua
crlmlnatteg people.
sfforo; every facility or the ee."
tort oi aunats aituata la (be ve
trt ef the city, la a very nJj
iialghborhoml, convenleat I all u".
laee. aubway and elevated retlwav
lints, and In Ue midst r Ue ebon.
Ding and theater luict
liooiu With Batb $a and XSp.
Special rate oy th month er eeaeoa.
R.staurant a la Cart.
Ti at- aeiiuT, as.
l-ormsrly of
K Ho ous. Nr Hv. cea
Our London shrinking
process means that wv:
have 15o less yardage
when we are throughout it makes
our clothes keep looking the same
as long as you own them. It's
just as though we were furniture
builders and tried to nrodnrft
first-cl ass tables and sideboards '
out of green timberno matter
f. ... 9 .
now viucn caDinet-work and rine finishing
wc put into the wood, the labor would be
thrown away it would warp out of
shape. . So we season the cloth in
to prevent the shape from warding. That's
why we can afford to put our label into
each "Sincerity" coat.
A booh About young men's Uihiont (and othf
mtn't) frt for tht taking, it's wertk tnete than thai.
Kuh tlathan 6 Fischer Co