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"ssr Jsaak'Aa.K sWSafv
For Street and
Evening Wear
Great Sale of Beautiful
New Silk Dresses
Worth up to $ v.
and $30
Bach, at ... .
I 3
in m
"-V7 W
Made to sell at $20, $22.50 and
$25, On Sale WEDNESDAY, at
purchased by our resident New York buyer
afa wonderfully low price, will be placed on
sale Wednesday morning, beginning
promptly at 8 a. m. Every dress in this great
sale is a beautiful new style. Some are tailor
made effects in draped or pleated styles of
self materials, and others are embroidered or
lace trimmed designs.
The materials are fine messalines, silk foulards,
pongees and silk Aeolions; all colors and sizes
sll nf 5n
Supreme Court Says Uncollected
Appropriations Do Not Lapse.
flame rtnllns Applies to Trul
r'and Held by State from Fed
eral (iovernmentHills
(Prom a 8taff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. April . (Special.) The su
preme court haa Issued a writ of nianda
mua requiring tha atate treasurer to pay
salary warrant of an Instructor in tha
university, holding that tha unexpended
surplus of tha amount of tha one-mill levy
appropriated by tha legislature for the use
of the university lapsea. but that the un
collected portion of thin appropriation does
not lapse.
According to this deslslon the appropria
tion of the proceeds of th one-mill tax for
the years 1907 and 1906 la an appropriation
of the whole amount of the tax and not
( that portion only which waa actually
collected durlny the btennium.
Section 19 article S of the constitution
provides that appropriations ahall end at
the expiration of the first fiscal quarter
after tha adjournment of the next legisla
ture, but the court has decided that under
this provision it la not essential that the
money be actually Jrawn during the two
years for -which the appropriation was
made. Jn regard to- grants of public lands
to the state by act of congress for the sup
port pt the university and agricultural
college, the court says the state becomes a
truste of such fund for the sole purpose
of applying them to the objects of the
(rants and with no power to divert the
ams) to other purposes, or to render them
general funds pf the atate. The acts of the
legislature, appropriating the income from
aid grants is a complete appropriation to
the beneficiary of the income from auch
funds and the section of the constitution
aaylng when appropriations shall lapse is
not applicable to such trlrst funds so de
voted by congress to a specific use.
' Asks Mo4lflratJoai f Deere.
City Attorney has filed In fed
eral court a motion' asking for a modifi
cation of the decree In the- case of the
Uncoln Gas company against the clly by
omitting therefn m that part adjudging
the occuration tax ordinance Invalid and
granting a permanent injunction against
enforcement of the allegations that the
Announcement J
Ws'wlih to announce that we have
moved from 303 North 16th street to
1617 Farnam Street, and now have one
of the most up to date bird stores In
the United States.
We have moved into the business dis
trict to make It convenient for our pat
rons knowing they will apreriate It, and
hope they will continue their patronage.
Special Caster Sale
Genuine Imported German Canaries
oar guaranteed $4.00 (Singers at only
f 2.05
Max Geisler Bird Company
1017 Farnam Street.
THIS great specialty house again an
I nntin'pe o cila -t-r-.- ...111 t- - 1 1 .
nviaiio ci JiUV, mat yvm
of Omaha.
Over 500 Silk Dresses
99 Kn or, A COS Art
Invalidity of the same under the laws
and constitution of the United States is
not charged In, the bill of complaint and
no such issue was involved; that the
bill or complaint prayed for no relief
against such occupation tax ordinance;
that the evidence adduced does not sus
tain such parts of the decree, and that
the court was and Is without jurisdiction
to determine the question of the validity
of such occupation tax ordinance under
the laws and constitution of the state of
Nebraska, or to enjoin the enforcement
of the same.
He has also filed a motion asking the
court to modify its opinion as follows:
"Show In such opinion that the com
pany's slock and bond Issue cover both
gas and electric light departments, and
flli at nhe latter constitutes about one
third of the entire valuation of complain
ant's property.
"So that it may appear therein that the
construction account is by the duplica
tion of 1900 construction account, accord
ing to Mr. Honeywell's statement, and In
testimony of Mr. Wiggins; also commis
sion on sale of bonds, J17.01&. and costs
of original rlnnt, M.247, not now In ex
istence. "To show that the net earnings of
$73,852 for 1!W7, as admitted by the com
plainant, should be increased In the sum
of $9.f.9. the same being Items improperly
charged to expense.
"To show the actual cost to complain
ant for the years 1906 and 1907 for laying
services and mains, and that the applica
tion of the ssme to complainant's entire
system would show the reconstruction
value of the same to be about $100,000 less
than the amount as shown by complain
ant's expert witness, given by the court
In such opinion.
"To eliminate from the value placed on
complainant's property the item for $18,500
for gas, ranges, for the reason that the
same Is not the property of the complainant
and for the further reason that the cost
of the same Is charged to the expense ac
count. "To eliminate from the valuation of com
plalnant'a property tha Item of $00,000
working capital for the reason .that com
plainant is not entitled to earn dividends
on that which It does not own.
"To refer to the occupation tax ordinances
only as a matter for construction by the
slate courts."
Mm lajered la Laundry.
With his left arm broken In two plates
an. I his left shoulder dislocated by being
catigM In the machinery in the basement
i'f the Merchants' laundry shortly after
noon Tuesday, J. C. Peterson was taken
to a hospital. He waa working with the
laundry engineer placing some additional
machinery In the basement of the laundry
' ' -
i fepl ft
UC IcllK
that were
v&Tl JU
when the sleeve of his shirt was caught In
one of the belts. He was thrown around
the wheel ' and his arm was caught be
tween the shafting.
The Injuries of Mr. Peterson are severe
For a time Mr. Peterson worked ss sn
apprentice In the Havelock shops and is
well known In that city. He had only
been working for the Merchants' laundry
a lew iays.
I'bl Beta Kappa Honors.
The twenty-two seniors who won Phi
Beta Kappa honors were notified Tuesday
morning In convocation following the inter-
class debate between the seniors and the
freshmen. Of tho twenty-two who wer
selected for the honor, nil but six were
girls. The number who were granted tho
scholarship honor Is less than usual. nil
Beta Kappa Is based solely upon scholar
ship and each year, a certain percentage
cf the class Is elected as members of the
so iety.
Tl. I . I . . I .
i nr- neicciinn mis year was made upon
a basis of S7V4 for the four years of col
lege work. The standard is usually set a
about this figure. The highest percentage
obtained by sny one in the graduat'ng
c'ass was 94. and this required ninety-nlna
hours of "B" work with eleven hours of
"Q." A girl received thee marks, her
name not being made public. Lincoln
students were swarded tho greater number
cf Phi beta Kappas. Nine students resid
ing In Lincoln were given the honor.
Omaha, Beatrice, Falrbury, Central City
tnd Tecumaeh were represented by one
student. Two of those who were awarded
keys reside In Iowa, one living in Logan
and the other at Qlenwood. The announce
ment was made by Prof. Stout.
Theta Kappa " Members.
Preceding the announcement of the winl
ners of phi Beta Kappa honors, Wan
Costlgan of the law college awarded four
men with membership In Theta Kappa Nu,
a law organization similar to Phi Beta
Kappa, whose membership is bssed on
scholarship. Those selected were:
Arthur B. Bouton. Boll wood; Roy Carl
berg, Bancroft; Carl Peterson, Osceola;
Robert De Vore, McCook. The Phi Beta
Kappa selections follow: Viola F Barnes,
Albion; Alice M. Batty. Hastings; Rdwln
O. Davis, Lincoln; Stuart P. Dobbs,
HHatrlce: Catherine C. Doyle, Fremont;
Grace Katough, Lincoln; Camilla Kvans.
David City; Mamie B. Ferris, Central City;
Helen A. Gray, Fremont; Edith A. OHmm,
Lincoln: Helma I Holmea, Tecumaeh;
Hattle Liber inan, Friend; Clara H. Miller,
Imuran, la.; Fay N. Myers. Falrbury; Anna
Mary Ratlike, Ulenwood. Ia.: Ray J. Pear
borough. Lincoln; Amy F. Shellman. IJn
coln; lCmnia C. Steckelberg, Unroln;
Thomas R. P. Stocker, Auburn; Paul D.
Thompson, Lincoln; J. E. Weaver, Lin
coln. From the Alumni Mrs. H. H. Wilson and
Samuel Avery, both of Lincoln.
Hardest Bask stork Increased.
Hayden Bros, have filed amended articles
of Incorporation with the State Banking
board, changing the name of their bank
ing establishment to the Corn Exchange,
bank and increasing the authorized capital
stock to $500,001). The paid up capital is
$2o0.uW), an increase from $100,000.
m Bank for Teeasaseh.
The First State bank of Tecumaeh is a
new banking institution which filed its
articles of incorporation with the Banking
board today, and the incorporators are A.
N. Da foe. Frank Dafoe, Caroline Dafoe and
Msttte Q. Dafoe.
Jaaltora at. State House.
The Board of Public Lands and Build
ings today made the following appoint
ments of janitors: David Logan of Albion,
Iw Johnson. 8. Bullsrd, Joe Rife. Major
Moore and JohB Jewell. William Nozler
and J. Cockran of the old Janitors were
not reappointed.
Phelps Gives) Aapolatsaeat.
Major K. H. Phelps, sssistant sdjutant
general, has been appointed provisional
commander fur Ntbraska o lbs United
I Nebraska
These dresses are all fresh from a Xew York maker's hands
produces-many are elaborately lucked and tnmmed with lace
Brandeis Stores
Spanish War Veterans. The appointment
carries with It authority to name the de
partment officers and appoint delegates to
the mtnim n....,l- ..uii. . ...
wiim ii win ineui in
Omaha, April 27. 'The tnajr.y also has au
thority to Issue orders relating to the as
sociation In Nebraska.
Corpse Partly Katen b-r Dogi In
earthed IVear Albion.
ALBION, Neb.. April 6.-(8peclal) Satur
day morning. D. T. Hunter, living ten miles
northwest of Albion, waa attracted by a
t. umber of hens picking at some unusual
substance In his yard, fpon investigation
Jt was found to be the body of a boy baby,
one, arm and one leg nf which had heen
eaten off by dogs. The coroner was Im
mediately called and th" remains of the
baby are now In his custody pending the
convening of a coroner's Jury.
An examination of the little body indi
cates that the child was fully developed,
bnt had received no care at birth, which
froom appearances was about six weeks
ago. Mr. Hunter has no neighbors nearer
thsn a half mile, and his family which con
sists of himself snd wire, a son and a
daughter-in-law -and their ftve-raonth-old
babe, ate unable to throw any light upon
the mystery. The impression prevails that
the child was burled in a very almllow
grave, from where It was unearthed by
dogs, and dragged thi the home of Mr.
An efficient detective emptnyed by the
county will be put to work on the case.
Trial of Teramseh Banker to Come
In April IB.
BEATRICE, Neb.r April S.-ISpeclaJ.)--The
case of the state of Nebraska against
C. M. Chamberlain, the ex-banker of Te
cumaeh. has been set tor hearing April 39
by Judge Pemberton. Arguments In the
Chnmberlaln caaes were beard before Jjdge
Pembtrton. The atate entered a motion to
quash the deposition of Clarence K. Cham
berlain, a brother of the ex-banker, taken
before a notary In Chicago for the reason
that the prosecution was not permitted to
question the witness. The court ruled that
If he witness appears before the notary
within ten days and submits to oral cross-
examination the motion of the state will
be overruled, otherwise the motion to quash
wll Ibe sustained. Godfrey llulahlzer of
Wymore, charged with selling liquor with
out a license, was arraigned and pleaded
not guilty, lie gave bond In the sum of
!0 for his sppearance In court April 8.
Ptomaine Fatal to Child.
ALBION. Neb. April .-(Special.)-The
-year-old daughter of Henry Richards, a
farmer living near tills city, died suddenly
yesterday morning of ptomaine poisoning
aTter an lllntsa of only twelve hours. Thd
child had spent Saturday and Sunday with
her grandmother at Newman Grove and
what the little girl had eaten to bring
upon her illness Is not known. Drs. Prink
of Newman Grove and Thompson of Albion
were called and every effort possible to
rave the child was made.
Nebraska em .otea.
GENEVA -Hagermm Tyson died at noon
today, after a loig ilinesa. at an advanced
KEARNEY Clifton II. Howard. the
noted temperance lecturer, spoke Monday
evtiiing to a large audience at the opera
house. This was the winUup of the city
BKATRICE-Friends of Mrs. J. 8. Reed
gae her a surprise yesterday, the occasion
being her 6Sth birthday anniversary. The
gueats left a number of nice presents as
remembrances of the occasion.
ALBION The first purchase of municipal
bonds by the state was marie April 3. when
State Treasurer Brian bought heating and
lighting and city hall bonds of the city
cf Albion, aggregating the sum of 118,000.
BEATRICE At a meeting of the Board
of Education last evening the report of
Superintendent Bodwell showed tbat tho
A Score of the Newest Styles Are Represented
Dresses suitable for every possible afternoon and evening
affair as well as f6r street wear. Many of the extreme new
styles that are so popular in New York. Among the
white dresses are many in small sizes that makes them
suitable for confirmation and graduation dresses.
Taffetas, Foulards, Ra
jahs, Messalines, satins.
Next Sunday is Easter and we offer the biggest sale of
beautiful new silk dresses ever known in Omaha.
with long trains, and others in walking $4 ca
I lentrth. Newest nnr? mnst nnnnloi. V jetfU
length. Newest and most
colors are represented
average attendance for the last year was
2,125. the largest In the history of the city
BEATRICE The clly council met last
night and granted a license to Mrs. A. H.
Coon and her son. Leo. to operate a billiard
and pool hall In the Paddock block. They
recently took the management of the Pad
dock hotel.
BEATRICE A. S. Psrrish. the veteran
railroad man who was injured a few days
ago by falling from a chute at the coal
house in the Burlington yards, ia slowly
Improving, and the attending physician Is
of the opinion that he will recover.
BEATRICE1 Word waa received here yes
terday announcing the marriage of Ever
Itt Gessell and Miss Regenia Pulver, for
mer residents of this city, which took place
at Lincoln Sunday afternoon. They wllj
make their home in the capital city, where
the groom Is employed with Granger Bros.
ALBION-A very substantial building
boom Is now under way at Albion, some
or the larger operations being, a citv hnll
a city gas plant, a telephone exchange!
the remodeling on an extensive snale cf
the First National bank building and the
large and modern residence of Robert
KEARNEY E. J. Woolwcrth.a IocrI real
estate man. had his hand badly torn and
lacerated In an alfalfa grinder, Saturday
sfternoon. Mr. Woolworth owns an alfalfa
meal null and while attempting to extract
some material from the cogs on the side
of the machine his hand caught. The
amputation of two or three fingers will
be necessary.
Gi'lDE ROCK-A temperance rellv wa4
held here Saturday and Sunday. Mrs St
John lectured Haturdav evening adn Sun
day morning at the Baptist church and
at the opera house Sunday night. She met
with the Women Christian Temperance
union at Mrs. Frank Bailev's gnturday
afternoon and nt !:30 Sunday afternoon
there was a rally of the Sunday" schools
of the town.
GENEVA -The body of William J I.
Burnett was brought home today for bur
ial. He died yesterday at 5 p. m. at the
asylum at Hastings where he hid been for
several years. A committee of Odd Fel
lows went up to bring the body home and
the members of the I. O. O. F. heve
charge of arrangements. The funeral will
be tomorrow.
BEATRICE Miss Clara Bmith, a former
resident of Omaha, died at a local hos
pital last evening of Brlght's disease, aged
a years. She was formerlv employed as
a teacher at the Feeblo Minded Institute
here, and was working in a similar ca
pacity at South Canyon. Colo., when taken
III and brought to Beatrice for treatment.
The body will be taken to Omaha Wednes
day morning for interment.
PLATT8MOUTH In district court In
Aurora, Judge Corcoran fined Virgil Mc
Farland. a registered druggist, who was
arrested two weeks ago on the charge of
having violated the provisions of the Slo
rumb law by the Illegal aale of liquor In
his drug store in Hordvllle. the sum of
1150 and costs. McFarland formerlv resided
In this city and was married to Miss Olga,
a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Camp
bell. FALLS CITY James Mctlnw.ll Hmn
dead at his home in the east part of this
ity Sunday evening. Mr. McDowell had
hern uuite Ul in the winter an,1 hH
plained of not feeling well on Wednesday
of last week, but waa able to lie down
town Saturday. Mr. McDowell was a re
tired farmer and was well known in this
city. He was one or the leading memliers
of the local Grand Army of the Renubllc
post. He would have been 81 years old
this month. N
KEARNEY A contract has been let by
the I'nlon Pacific Rill road company to
N. C. Dunlap. manarer of the Watson
rsreh. for parking the rlglit,-of-way 200 feet
back from the track. This Season's work
will comprise s strip two miles long, ex
ter ding from the city outskirts to Watson's
lsrch. Alfalfa will be sown and the rood
now on the north side of the track Will
be changed to the south tide.
HARVARD A district Sunday school
cct.xtnllon was held in this city yester
day. It was well attended snd much) In
tel est shown. In the evening all the
churches Joined in the service at the
Methodist church, where interesting ad
dresses were made by Rev. A. O. Fore
man on "Qualification of the Superin
tendent, " Dr. A. J. Jenlson, "The Teacher."
snd Superintendent A. V. C'srk on
"Temperance." Following these addresses a
set of resolutions was unanimously adopted
asking Governor Bhallenberger to sign the
daylight saloon closing bill.
BEATRICE A petition to have "Frog
Pond ' school house moved from the line
running between Gage and Pawns ooun
ties back into Gaga county, about one mile,
was filed with Miss Anna Day, county su
perintendent, yesterday. There was also
White, reseda, grey, tan,
pink, blue, catawba, black.
and there is real elegance and distinction in every garment he
or braid. Some matle with high girdle, in empire sfyome
mvT e V"ce ufl,ed to Pwent the re
moval of the school building, and to add
L',h. "P "cated affair some of those
name.SonC.Ved hmv? a,' P'aced h'
maTte'r wV be s"tled MUsDay IE
coTtf Su'r"te""t AYv.ry ofDp.w",ee
GRAND ISLAND Five representatives'5. i T ' deP"nt " '"f
woman s club of Hastings gave a broa-ram
7etyye"ofr,,ah;"ft17n0OV0? the 8' "Sc.,
tE. .rtSl .th'f c ty and over ISO Suests.
IrM tit rt0Hk place ,n CX"1 Fellows' hal
VI. Z "made a. Prominent social event
Tu?n "Ji1 muslr' were: Mrs A E
lltn ,e7 : Ml" May Ree9' violin
kL.i, n,co Munson. piano; Miss Ellta
m va,r' ac.comPnlst. and Mrs. Rich.
d. yarndlpy. cello. The hall was elab-H-'
,deoorated- """J after the program
light refreshments were ferved. The inusi-
of thWHt Ve-!proc,M " ur member,
fn uf Mt- Cecllla oclety having appeared
" Thl ?U," ? f-lml,ar aslon.March
ii:" tluDS of Kearney and Grand Is
land gave an exchange in this way last
la 1 Ul
Doctors of AH Schools Agree That the Best Tonic-Stimulant
to Build Up the System, Run Down and lyeakened
by the long Strain of Winter, and to Drive
Out Spring Fever and Malaria is
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey.
It Het'rnv10!!!0 stirau,ant 11 " the tt strongth-glver known to selnee'
It destroys dlieate germs and by Its building and healing propertied Trestoras '
tissue, in a gradual healthy natural manner. It is a onl,tol?MnX?t!l
reatment and cure of consumption, pneumonia, gr)ppe. b onch,U eolgh ' f
colds malaria, low fevers, stomach troubles, and all wasting, weakened " di.
eased cased conditions, if taken in time. weakened dls-
We take the liberty of publishing a few of the thousand, of letter, re
TnZZZ 'eading dCt0rB eXt0l,iDB tte mer,U f th, irlnVlonTc'and
Effective Stimulant
In a recent lettjr A. J. Park. A. M, M
D., of 620 E. 60th St.. Chicago, III., wrote:
"I am too busy to write my opinion, ex
perience and results of the mlnlatrsllon
of Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey to weak,
feeble and debilitated patients, but will
repeat emphatically and pointedly, my
confidence in the purity and remedial ex
cellence of your Malt Whiskey. It ia a
first-class and most effective stimulant,
and meets every indication where a stim
ulant is needed."
Prescribes It
K. M. Teivan Ph 1) t r. . tit.i
26th Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn., wrote
in a recent lener: uurtng the last nine
teen years I have frequently, when alco-
hflll.i llmnldnla V. . lnJtn.i...j
- M muiiaii'U, pic-
scr'bed Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey for
my patients because it agrees with them
1 wim iij uxner. v unoui solici
tation from you. or sny of your repre
sentatives, permit me to aay that 1 con
sider Duffy's Pure Mslt Whiskey the
purest and very best synthetic product
on the market."
Only Pure Whlsey
"ve received the sample of Malt
Whiskey and believe it to be the only
pure whiskey I have sampled for niuny
years. I have been a victim of indiges
tion for 20 years, snd find thst I have re
ceived more benefit from Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey than all the other
I have ever taken. I have taken a tea
spoonful sfter each niesl, for eighteen
days, and I can scarcely find language
to express the relief I have found while
1 Kaon tuUInu- ! " r d..jiii.ii .-.
til Archwood Ave., Cleveland. O.
If you wish to keen vnnns- tfrxn.
nMivui biiu ubvc on your meets
the glow of perfect health, take Duffy'. Pure Malt Whiskey regularly accord
ing to direction.. It tone, and strengthens the heart action and purifies tb
ntlre system. It Is recognlred as the world', leading medicine everywhere.
CAUTION When you ask your druggist, grocer or dealer for Duffy.
Pure Malt Whiskey be sure you get the genuine. If. the only absolutely pur
medicinal malt whiskey and is .old In sealed bottle, only never in bulk
Look for the trade mark, the "Old Chemist." on the label and make .lire thei
.eal over the cork I. unbroken. Price $1.00. Write Consulting Physician
Duffy Malt Whi.key Co., Roche.t.r, N. Y for a free tlluUat4 madiUoai
booklet and. froe ad vice, w
Inil tt
Brandeis Stores
year, and will do so this season, delegates
from tho latter place having already been
to Kearney, the Kearney date in Grand
Island occurring some time in May.
GRAND ISLAND The Board of Educa
tion at its meeting last night adopted rules
for the examination and elimination from
the public schools of all pupils and teach
ers afflicted with tuberculosis. The teacher
la to report all casos to the modUial examiner,-
to bo appointed, of cijronic coughs, or"
of other evidences of tuberculosis, or ef
other contagious diseases. Examination Is
then to be made and report made to the
superintendent. If the pupil Is found af
flicted he will not be permitted to con
tinue his studies. The superintendent Is
to make a similar report as to teachers.
I no fees In the case of complete examina
tion. Including microscopical examination
or sputum, $3; report to parents or super
intendent when examination Is not neces
sary. 50 cents; ordinary examination and'
report, 1. The school board recently made
another increase in salaries and the Grand
Island schools now boast of pacing their
teachers higher salaries on an averaae
than any other city in the state.
Ha. No Equal
Recently O. L. Woomsey. M. IX, of S9
Austin St.. Worcester, Mass., wrote;
"A stimulant Is frequently required In
the practice of every physician. In the '
treatment of patients with weakened con
stitutions, nervous troubles, during con
valescence, etc.
In Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey. I are of
the opinion that you have an absolutely
pure article that, for uniformity and tfl
fectlveness hss no equal. I believe it Is
used more generally by physician, than
any other similar preparation."
Find It Absolutely Pore
"It Is only when I consider It necessary
that I prescribe stlmulanta for my pa
tients. I then order Duffy's Purs Malt
Whiskey which from t -i
- , - -. . . ... t , a I II I II &
Is absolutely mire" I Mum,., ir
" . . ..' .(limit, gtkt u i
S1 Vernon Ave., Chicago, III.
Prearribed It For Year.
"I have used Duffv'a Pur Xf i. orhi.L...
In my practice for years. In cases requir
ing a gentle-snd effective tonic-stimulant,
snd the results, In every Instance, have
been so gratifying apd uniform that t
nave no hesitation In stating thst as a
medicinal whiskey, I consider Duffy's In
a class by Itself and worthy of all the
claims made for It by thousands of brother
Physicians, who. like myself, feel that nu
hsrm Is done the profession to commend .
where commendation Is due. You oesur
edly deserve great credit for having main,
tained suoh a high standard for Duffy a
Pure Malt Whiskey, for so many year,
and for making it possible to obtain an
absolutely pure medicinal whiskey at suoh
s comparatively small expense. ' L. X
" -, . . ' -, ii uuimuiiiei, i. i.
j t. .
wAwiaasc, m. gj., n oonsocsei, 14. I.