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WMe Embroideries
18-inch fine embroidery flouncings, skirtings and corset
rover widths, also galloon headings and in- 1
sertions all choice new designs, worth up I) jf
to 25c yard at, yard lLJr
10c Laces and Insertions at 5c
Fine French and 0-erman Val. laces and insertions and all
linen torchon laces, new designs and many to f?
match", worth up to 10c a yard at, yard
Spring Millinery
Every new spring hat at Brandeis' store is correct in style,
Special Sale of Wa.ll Paper
Come early Wednesday. We are selling wall paper at
prices that will surprise you. All our new goods are sell
ing 50 lower than others ask for them. '
Tapestry and two-tone papers at, roll 15c
Gilt and embossed papers at, roll . . . . 12 VC
Store and hall papers now at, roll 5c
Bed room and kitchen papers at, roll 2VS3
Trade Excursionists Able to Supply
Western Iowa Lassies Begaina for
. Pletarea Omaha Proaaa-aaalata
Can tet Tbrm Jaat Slav to
Fit Woman'a Watch Caae.
Half-tone photographs of the member"
of the trade excursion going into western
Iowa next month. Just the else of a
woman'a watch case, will adorn an ex
travagant booklet the advertising commit
tee of the excursion ia publishing to ex
ploit Omaha.
This Ih a new feature introduced by
Clarke Cult, an experienced excursionist,
who found last year the half tones in the
booklets were a trifle too large to fit the
many watches which wantod the picture.
Final arrangements for the excursion,
which ieavaa Omaha May 17, were made
by the trade extension rotirmlttee of the
Commercial club at a meeting Monday
evening. It will bo a Joint excursion of the
club, the Omaha drain exchange and the
South Omaha Uve Block etfohange.
C. K. lied well has arranged the route
with his route committee and it Is espe
cially designed to meet the requirements
of all wholesalers and Jobbers, as it takes
liiom to places where all serve the trade.
, Air Thick with aiaiieBlni.
' Clarke Colt of the, advertising committee
announced that the train will leave the
atmosphere thick with souvenirs. Includ
ing the bells which "ring for" from Des
Melnes to the Pacific count.
if. T. B. Martin of the entertainment
committee announced arrangements to take
a twenty-piece braM band and a male
quartet, besides the moving pli'ture show.
' James 11. Taylor of the transportation
ronirulttee unnounccs tho following equip
ment for the train: One sixty-foot bug
Sage car, with clo-trlc dynamo and siren
whlt;; t two dining cars, seating forty
each; one sixteen -sec ll m standard I'ullrmui;
three twelve-section standard Pullmans, and
one (en-section observation car. The train
' irtll' accommodate 130 people. Tho railroad
far will be tsn, which Includes the Pull
man accommodations, general advertising
natter aud other things except the meals.
Pullman Conduito W. 8. Babcock, who
has been In charge of all Omaha trade
excursions, will i-ome out from Chicago
and have charge of the train.
. The Commercial club ia sending out let
ters asking everyone who intends Joining
.lo come la early, to send In checks with
the photographs which are to be inserted
in the booklet.
His a t'oasla (
1( Mjr Brothrr-la-l.arr," As-
rr Heinsa.
" "Wei you ar.d Mr. Helms any relation
before marriage?" Inquired Attorney Shot
well of Mrs. Claire Helms in Judge
Troup's court.
: "Well, his slater-ln-law Is a cousin of
my brother-in-law." answered the witness.
' The Inquiry was not pursued farther.
Mrs. Helms Is suing Arnold Helms for
divorce ou the grounds of cruelty. She
married Helms up In Cedar county where
she had gone visiting.
"Did you not go up there to get a man?''
asked ail opposing attorney.
"I did not," replied Mrs. Helms, with
ghotwxll St Shotwell represent the plain
tiff and E. M. Martin and J. C. Robinson
of Cedar county appeared for Helms.
Mr. F. O. Fittts. Oneonta, N. T., writes:
"My little girl was grratly benefited by
taking Foley's O.lno Laxative, and I think
It Is the best remedy for constipation and
liver trouble." Foley's Orlno Laxative Is
test for women and children, as It Is mild,
ieasaut End effective, and is a splendid
r or trig medicine, as It i h-anses the system
and clemrg lit tutui'lcAlou, Bold by all
no matter how moderate the price
may be. Hundreds of stunning
new hats go on sale $ COO
Wednesday at J
Thousands of flowers all kinds
on main floor and base
ment ; at, bunch DG
200 spring model hats on sale in
basement spring styles and col
ors all are up-to-date shapes
prettily trimmed they $X49
are worth $7.50, at J
Burlington Fast
Trains Sure Fast
They Made Some Oreat Records for
Speed Against Windy
Burlington officials point with pride to
the record made by their fast trains during
the last month. The Chicago-Omaha fast
mail train, which for a quarter of a cen
tury has carried the overland malls In
tholr flight across the continent, reached
Omaha exactly on time thirty-one. days
during the stormy month of March.
This train leaves Chicago at 2:46 a. m.
and arrives at the Missouri river at 2:50
p. m,, making the 494 miles in twelve hours
and five minutes. Another record la that
made by the Burlington's fast Chicago
Denver train. No. 1. which has pulled Into
Denver on time every day this year ex
cept two. The delay on these two days
were caused by bllssards, the train on
January 29 being held for four hours at
Pacific Junction by the dispatcher because
the wind was blowing seventy-seven miles
an hour and the tops were blown off some
freight cars which were sent across the
bridge ahead of the fast train. No. 1 has
missed being on time into Denver but ten
times in thirteen consecutive months.
Serious Lacerations
and wounds are healed without danger of
blood poisoning by Bucklen's -Arnica Salve,
the healing wonder. 25c. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
Twenty Thousand Real Ones Dined
In Old "hoahon! Reservation
Country by Settlers.
Twenty thousand Kike were banqueted
during the winter Just closing- by the set
tlers In the Wind River valley.
This Is the largest gathering of elka for
many years and perhaps the greatest ban
quet ever served. The attendance would
have been larger had the Invitations
reached their dlsttnation in time, a there
are 35.ono elks In the Yellowstone Forest
C. 11. King, president of the Omaha Wool
and Storage company, is responsible for
details of the big banquet. Mr. King has
a large merchandise store in Shoehonl,
Wyo., and says that during the heavy
snows of the past winter tho elks came
down from the moutalns to the low lands
and were fed In an involuntary way for
several weeks by the settlers, the distri
bution of hay and grain for the animals
coating the immesteaders and farmers
thousands of dollars.
Settlers are going Into the old Shoshoni
reservation country at a rapid rate this
spring and the country which was formerly
"Warm Nook" to Chief Washakie and his
Shoshone Indiana Is fast becoming a
"warm nook" for thousands of American
Insurance la foroe '. . $l,5s4,33
N. Z. Snell President
Dr. B. B. Davis, Omaha. ...Vice President
A. J. Sawyer Secretary
H. 8. Freeman .....Treasurer
Dr. M. H Everett Medical Director
C. R. Kaaterday Actuary
J. H. Mockett, Jr Sup't of Agents
Issues all the standard forms of partici
pating and non-partirrpatlng Insurance.
Dl'ldenda are paid annually on all partici
pating policies beginning with the pay
ment of the third premium. Local agents
wanted in every town In Nebraska.
10O7 o ntreet, IJNCOLN, NHTB.
When yen nay Onl Meant Finn
be It la Waahnnrn-Cmnns-'a Uold
Medal rioar. This Is lasnortanl.
I jfEAsTEn 1 J! T
H VnrlTiifriri fII III'
b . mil K
FM? MIFN 111 or TouA.1 and Middle Aged Women J
f a iVilmtm Bin Hern looking for a light spring coat? Rather scarce about town. 1
R t'l ftr.n'1 th.vl A trnnrt ntnnv llnroa war. 'nannliKr1' an, AlAn' 11
If you want to wear them for
Eauter you must get them thle
If you want the smartest Spring
styles, the correct and fashionable
shoe, you will find them at this
Shoes and
Oxford Ties
In every correct style, every
proper Bhape, every fashionable
$3.50, $h, $5
J Oth and loujla Streets
No! too late!
It Is not too late yet to have
your clothes cleaned for Easter.
Let us have them today or tomor
row and we will return them Sat
urday. We are equipped to turn out
good work quick call us up on
either phone and a wagon will call
for them.
We will not disappoint you.
Try us.
Oood Cleaner and Dyers"
1513 Jones St, Hot It Phones
A Sure Cure
ror f istula And
That sounds In
teresting doesn't
It? KapvciaUy it
you have al
ready tried
some of the ao
oalled sure cures
that railed to
eure. I mean what I say. My
simple scientific treatment Is a
surs curs. I us no knife or chlo
roform, neither do I suhjectyou
to danrroua opersUons. Hun
dred have been cured. The lame
U poMlble for jrou. No more uf-
rerinr, bo more uirpleaaantneM
or annoyance. Mr treatment
Is the itirait, altand quick
em ours in the world, ia
vesugete It now.
Pay No Money
Until Cured.
I abeslute-
y and uncondi
tionally auaran.
tee a cure In eveir
CSM that I arraut
for treatment. Bsttnr
till, keep your runner
n your Docket. IVonalt
li in you own bank. I
Will treat VDU. Then whn
i ain inroush. have cured m
completely and you are satlaniY
m every particular, to en pay me
the small fee 1 ank. That's fair
and square and should Induce
you to come and see me st once,
or at least write for my free book
that tells all about It Address
Dr. E. R. Taiv.
S3 5 BMBelldlnc. r Omaha. Neb.
The "City Bcantttul"
is especially typified by Hanson's
Dave YOU Been There?
G. A. Lindquest Co.
235-36 Paxton Block.
makers of good clothes. A nice line of
spring patterns on hand and our price'
are right. A liberal discount on two or
more suits.
SoJhip O 13
Nebraska Military Academy
A Military Uuaruing School fur
boys, now located lor tha winter st
Fourteenth and U streets. All de
partments are In lull operation.
A aood place for boya who don't
fit In public achoola No entrance
eliminations are given; regular
class work is supplemented by In
dividual Instruction; back work Is
easily made up.
Pupils are received at any time
front fifth to twelfth grades. Inclu-
alva Write for Catalogue.
8. V. mATWAJsjD. Saeeziatedent.
Uaaota. Van,
-Tabor College-
The Oolleaje of Sowtbw Iowa.
Highest grade Instruction, under the
beet conditions fur mental and moral
dnvelopmuot and physical health.
Lict ua amd yon oar raitaloaue.
1 liM IvVI
Summer Style Hook
Home Journal
Stylish. Light Weight, Up-To-Datc
aren't they? A good many stores
foresee the trend. Not so with
New, nobby effects In tans, grays
Light Colored Jackets
AT 95.95 30-Inch tan Covert Jackets, seml-fltted. with welt seams,
tailor pockets; exceptional values.
Fancy light stripe Cloth Jackets, ideal spring styles, semi-fitted mod
els, full of new style kinks AT 6.95
AT $7.50 Misses' 30-lnch Coats of Scotch Mixtures, fancy shaped
patch pockets, self button trimming.
. Handsome
To match our separate Jackets, tailor
ed with one inch stitched seam and
self buttons down front, and 4-lnch
rold, sizes 37 to 4 4 length,
it to 36-Inch waist bands ,
Of hard finished worsteds or mannish
cloths. In olive and gray stripes, also
black and navy panamas, upfii"7 c
to 110-Inch waist bands W JU
Men's Easter
Choice of 500
Crowds of men hustled after these
will come tomorrow. There will
rome, depend upon that. We are
such' as 'you never had before, on
suit is absolutely the season's new
est ste": strlcly pure wool and
hand-tailored: all the latest new
shades and fabrics; you never
made a' ten dollar bill more easily
than you do when buying these
suits, at-
Best Boys' and
Young Men s Suits
in America for$10
We have stretched a point to make
this the biggest ten-dollar suit
proposition in Omaha. It's posi
tively the best $10 clothing value
ever. shown for boys and young
men. You'll have to take your
hsrt off to that fact. Several hun
dred snappy spring styles in all
pure wool materials, in new fabrics
and shades, dip front coats, new
shaped lapels, etc., all the stylo
touches dapper young men like
best, at
Little Boys' Easter Suits and Reefers
Our new spring stocks are representative of the best fashions of the
day. Our new depart ment on the Hecond floor contains scores of boyish
Sailor Russian Blouse Suits, Norfolk Suits, double breasted knlcker-
bocker Suits and spring Reefers, In
and fancy materials, at
There's n almost unlimited variety
of fancy mirrors In this Int. all best
.enrli bevel k1"s consist ina of
noaewood I Walnut. Gold burnish,.!
metal and Florentine patterns. All
choice good values 2!ie to . 60, for
10e to $3.00
(Art Department. 3d Floor.)
Black swing- Silk, 1U0 yards to Hm..l.
U apoola i the box. per box...a8o
Boas Supporters for women and chil
dren. blarU. white and colors. 100
Covered Trimming Buttons, all colors,
different slues, z dozen on card, curd
f,,r 10
Hooka and Eyes, black and white, all
Izes. 1! cards for 60
Bone Hair Pins, shell only, crimped or
straight, nicely finished. 1 dozen on
card, st iav0
Slack Skirt Braid, b yards to bolt, spe
cial, at 8c
Great Grocery Economies
No other store In all tiie west sella
of them as Uennett a. Quality always
obliging and satisfactory More service,
makes buying here a real pleasure,
personal purchases.
Positively nothing
better on the msr
fcet. S-lb can for $1
and 100 stamps.
Mb. csn for o
and 30 stamps.
lfe-lb. csn for 1
,nd la stamps.
3-lbs for tl.00
and 100 stamps
1-lb. for 3So
and 30 stamps.
Assorted lb. for ..SSo
and 76 stamps.
Tea Riflings, lb. . . 15o
and 10 atanipa.
Horseradish, per bottle So
Polks Tomato Soup, 3 cana for ,.85o
Hweet Pickled Peachea, quart )ar 8c
Heeds, hnower or Vegetable, pkg Sife
Prted Orapea. for plea, lb.
. o
fchtpp's Cocoanut. lb
and 20 stamps.
. 8S0
Is In 20 nrt Ladles
Pattern FREE.
were caught "napping" and didn't
Bennetts. We have Jackets aplenty.
and blacks and selling Btacka of them.
AT $4.95
Black Broadcloth, 30
Inch seml-fltted coats,
tailor strap sesms.
mat collar, and flaps
nn pockets, sizes to 44.
AT $8.95
Black Chiffon Panama
3-lnch hengallne silk
collar and buttons,
sntin lined; flaps on
pockets, sizes to 4 4.
AT $10.00
Black Chiffon Panama
Jackets. 36-1 u length,
full satin lined. Hen
Kail tie silk collar and
buttons, sizes to 44.
AT $12.00
Black Jackets. 32-lnch
length, half tl(rht fit
ting for portly flirurcs
fine serge materials,
tnffi'ta lining;, sizes
35 to 4 7.
AT $15.00
Black Jackets. six
Htylcs. 3S-lnch length.
Including; "Wooltex"
makes, finest serses
and Panamas, taffeta
linings, neml and half
tight flting, all sizes.
New Skirts
Six different styles. In black, r.svy
and stone (tray chiffon Panamas, but
ton and silk strap trimming. C e ne
fine styles and teat values,''
In black and navy chiffon panamaa,
two rows of buttons down front psnt-1,
lf gored models, $4 95
Models for $15
suits last Saturday and many more
be no disappointments when you
giving you a run for your money,
spring suits early in April. Every
$5 and $5
Jardinsrss, Tern Dishes, ate., new
"shea n1 A"ittum nA hlrhly pol-
riower Pots, lion hesd handles, very
lies lit I ful. at S3. 35 to 15.00
Pern Dishes, with linings, So, SI. 60
"d $3.00
Jardlnerss, at 690 to S7.50
Brass Plnger Bowls, esi.h 85o
Braaa Finger Bowls, plain a 50
Solid Braaa Vaaea, at . . .$1.00 to Sa.00
Braaa Candle Sticks, for f 1.35 to 13. SO
Umbrella Stands, 2 feet high, for tS.OO
You'll need h new corset, the new
Kaster suit requires to be fitted over
a new model to give the d. -Hired ef
fect. We have moderately priced, ex
tra InnK hip uud IiIkIi bust styles that
Impart .lust the correct lines. Hatlste
or Coutil, nicely trimmed, supporters
attached, at
$1.00 to $3.00
groceries so cheaply nor so many
of the highest, ck-anllness and an
combined itli a prompt delivery
'Phone orders get as much care as
at co.-s 00001
Pork and iieans, large
can for 8O0
snd 20 stamps
Pork and Feana, med
ium can for .... 15o
and IS stamps
Halad Iressing. bottle.
for 3Se
snd 10 stamps.
Cocktail Hauce. bottle,
for aoo
and to stamps.
Diamond C Table Salt, package
and 10 stamps.
Castile Toilet Soap 10 cakes ....10
and 10 atampa.
Nutlet Peanut Butter, two )ara SOo
infl 10 stamps
tV Jffl y Ffegs-
Don't Miss Eastor Wook Specials
New Spring
Styles in
$2.50 and $3
Pi v trw
$20 Tailored Suits Wednesday
A special purchase of 100 handsome Panama
Tailored Suits secured at a tremendous bar
gain, $16.50. $18.00 and $20.00
, oio and fn nes, .
$25.00 Silk Dresses at $10.00
Foulards, Mescalines, Satins and Taffetaa,
Manufacturers' Samples and Surplus, made
tLTee.r!: ;$10.00
$12.50 Silk Coats at $7.95
Newest .VMnch designs. Splendid lot for se
lection. Don't miss them.
See the New Crown Jewel Tailor Suits $25.00'
Style, quality and beauty, surpassing any
thing on the market at this moderate price.
Six Rousing Furnishing Goods Specials
8:00 TO 9:00 A. M. Corset Cov
ers, Gowns, Chemise, laee and
embroidery trimmed, worth to
$1.00, choice 29c
9:00 TO 10:00 A. M. Ladies'
Knit Underskirts, in all sizes,
19c values, choice 10
10:00 TO 11:00 A. M. Ladies'
Gowns, odd lots, that sold at
$1.00, choice 69(
are worn by fashlon
sble women everywhere
because the famous
n. . comfort and
pliability are always
combined with the very
latest fashion features.
Tli new Spring mod
els are no exception.
We are showing; a com
plete line, that Includes
every feature of the
prevailing fashions, and
at the same time allows
perfect freedom of mo
tion. The model shown
here will give you a
correct, graceful figure,
with fashionable long
lines. It Is made with
medium bust and long
skirt. Price In Coutil.
iB-44) or Batiste (B
6) each
Every pair guaranteed.
Wednesday is White Goods Day
in our Famous Domestic Room
10c Neat White Checks, Wednesday
only, yard . . . 5
10c India Linon, yard 5
10c Lingerie Cloth, yard 5
12c India I,lnon, yard 7H
15c India Linon, yard 8Jt
19c White French Percale, at 12H
16c White French Percale, at 10
26c fine White Pique, yard..l2t
19c fine. White Welts, yard . ...10
15c Shrunk Muslin, yard' lOt?
25c White Fancy Waistlngs, at 10
19c English Long Cloth, yard . -10
!5c English Long Cloth, yard ..15
25c Lawns, 40-inch wide, yard 12 H
19c. .Lawns, 40-inch wide, yard 10
10 other specials In White Goods
every 30 minutes.
Wednesday is
One table of White Goods, Including
Madras, India Lawn, Swisses, and
Fancies, worth up to 25c, 1Q i )
at. a yard C 'LZ
Another table of White Goods, includ
ing 40-lnch Iawns, Madras for tail
ored waists. Plaid Batiste aud
Fancies, worth up to 9c,
at, a yard -
We Make the Prices That
20 pounds best Pure Cane Granulated
Sugar, for . , II 00
S pounds cliotce Japan Rice, for 2fp
7 pounds best Rolled Oatmeal, for ....25c
4 pounds best Hand Ticked Navy Beans.
for 19e
Malta V'tta Corn Flakes, package ....lifer
t pound package Pyramid Washing Pnw-
I cfer, for I lie
in bars best brands Laundry Scmp. for 25c
! Gillette' Washing Crystal, package ...1c
I Cold Water Htareh. package, for ....Sifec
3 pound cans Hominy. Pumpkin, naked
1 Peans. or 8auer Kraut, for 6lfec
;ood Pairv Hotter, per pound 21c
Fancy l)ali' Table Mutter, per pound 23c
Our New Delivery System Insures Satisfaction.
' Douglas 2600
Scores of "nifty" models
in most fashionable leath
ers. Now ready for par
ticular men.
Shoe Co.
aotf south ism st
100 Patterns in
the Famous
Griffon Brand
Shirts, at
98c to $3.00
values, plain
U J m 7 0
2:00 TO 3:00 P. M. Men's Un
derskirts and Drawers, Sum
mer weights, all sizes, jilain and
fancy colors, at 15o
3:00 TO 4:00 P. M. Men's Over
shirts, percale and madras, reg
ular values to . 7.3c, choieo 19t!
4:00 TO 5:00 P. M. Regular 15o
quality Hose, men's, women's
and children's, at, pair . .GVt"
Fits Like a Glove
All the New Spring
Styles Now Shown
Extra Specials for Wednesday
in our Famous Domestic Room
FHOM 8:00 TO 8:80 A. M.
One case of Genuine Fairfield -36-inch
Bleached MuBlin, regular price
a yard, ten yard limit, C
at, a yard UU
FROM 10:00 TO 10:80 A. M.
One case of that celebrated No. 10 1
Sheetings, 36-inch Bleached, worth
8c, 10 yard limit, M n a
at. a yard d'HC
KKOM 2:80 TO 3:00 I M.
One case of that celebrated 36-Inch
Bleached Muslin, worth 12 He a yard
10 yards limit, at, O q
a yard O dC
Six other specials In Muslin not ad
vertised. White Goods Day
Plain and Fancy Stripe Madras, new.
est spring styles, at. a yard
50S 30 and 25
Flaxon, a plain white waUtlng. looks
like linen, at, a yard
50S 300 and 19
Stripe Linen Suiting in all the newest
shades, regular 39c quality 0Cf
Wednesday, at, a yard CUC
Will Save You Money
Fancy No. 1 Creamery Butter,
per lb.
Fresh TsgetablM and Fruits.
0o size Highland Navel Orangea, dos.
60c size Highland Navel Oranges, dos
40c sl?.i Highland Navel Orsnges, dox. 25o
30c size Highland Navel Oranges, doz. 2o
eresn npinncn, per perg 20c
2 large bum lies freah Radishes, for , . . . ho
3 hunches Hothouse Radishes, for ....Re
2 heads fresh Hothouse, Leaf Lettuce. fe
Large Head Lettuce, head . . . .7lfeo and So
Fancy Ripe Tomatoes, per pound ... .7lfeO
New Honey, per rack 12o
Beautiful Blooming Easter Z.llles for
Easter, 30o, 45o, 0e. 7 So sack
Phone -lno
a 0XF0flC3
Bast equipped Dental office In tha middle
Highest grade bentlstrjr at Reasonable Prices.
ceieJn flillngs just Ilka the tooth. All lsatru