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Mr. Roosevelt goes to Africa.
So docs Buster Brown.
Go along with him in the Sun
day Hep.
For Nchriiska--Fair and rirT,
For o- Increasing t .udlicss.
For weather repcit er ro
VOL. XXXVI 11 NO. 249.
Shaw Talks on
Discussion on Bacon Resolution Con
cerning Methods of Finance Com
Tariff Measure
Militia Hunting '
Probably Be
Day or
Snake Will
vn in a
All Interests Should' Be Guarded,
Technically the Session Ended Yes
Says Former Secretary of
terday, but in Reality it is
Still On.
mittee Takes Wide Range.
4 ;
None of the Alleged Host.
Resisted Arrest, v'
He Refuses Widely Distributed nvi
. tations to Surrender.
II In Relieved WHr Leader
Indiana Wilt C'eme la M'lti
the Cirllfdiral Dies
riERC'B, Ok!., April 1.-(By Courier to
Clierotah.) What a' Muskogee, newspaper
cajla "The Smoked Feef rebellion," alleging
the Kama to be considerable of a Jok
1m all but over. In a day or two the
mlllila, it la expected, will he withdrawn.
Mcintosh county will feed between eighty
and a hundred prisoner, not onp of whom
resisted srrest, and Chlttl Harjn. otherwise
(.'rosy Snake, will exercise all due caution
about appearing In public. Hp waa not
captured today, neither did he respond to
a widely distributed Invitation to surren
der. The picturesque posses quqltted the
hunt, leaving the field to the First Regi
ment, O. N. Cl. Colonel Hoffman sent
squads through the river bottoms and
previously unexplored gulches In this vlrln
:ty, while .Major Harrett. spreading his
.lien, numbering 100. Into extremely open
tinier, advanced a comb-line line through
'he Hickory woods. Crazy Snake, how
nrr. was elsewhere.
Meanwhile ColoneJ Hoffman held an ex
tended powwow with the fugitive's sister.
Tlw Interview took place at Crazy Snake's
f.irtu home, on a awell of prairie which the
, Cre.-k leader dldsdalned to cultivate de
spite the example of a white neighbor
whoso furrowa are already turned and har
rowed for the season's cotton crop. The
Snake place la a one-room shanty with a
rickety porch and a big chimney of south
nil negro huts. Tha ground around It
ihs never been plowed and lean dogs yelp
among the weeds. Snake's sister and the
militia met on the porch nerore mentioned,
but she convinced ' her questioner that
Kin? knew nothing of her brother'a where
"Very well, then," reaponted the colonel
"It la up to lilm. He haa twenty-four houra
In which to put himself under our protec
tion. He should do It. aa the next step un
eloubtedly will he the offering of a reward
for him dead or alive."
Colonel Hoffman admitted that he did -hnw. . whether. Ula ultimatum ' would
ever reach lis real objective point. But he
had h'a suspicions, a somebody undoubt
edly Is taking! food tohe old chief along
t..- ... ' - - . . ... . ... .
wnn me ik'wh oi ma iay. it is aamtttea
that the wily red man haa eluded hie pur
suera. nc controls nia own destinies so
long as he chooses to remain hidden. The
territory in which he may roam la too
large for the military to cover thoroughly,
which both pursuer and pursued well know.
Of course the latter may conclude at the
last moment of military occupancy to give
himself up, but It la the general belief that
the old warrior will do nothing of the
kind. It Is regarded aa more likely that
he will wait until public excitement, al
ready much reduced, has subsided com
pletely and tlien emerge from Ills hiding
Hadley Looks
for Low Rate
Missouri Governor Believes Agree
ment Will Be Reached for Flat
Fare of Two and Quarter Cents.
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.. April l.-That
tii differences between tha railroads and
the executive department of the state gov
ernment have been reduced to a minimum
and may yet be wiped out waa the gist of
a statement made by Governor Hadley
today In anawer to Inquiries respecting his
y views on tha action taken by the confer
ence or lanroaa orncials In St. Louis yes-,
"I believe that a number of roads desire
to concede all that I asked, but that they
could not get the conaent of other roads."
said the governor. "I am disposed to think,
however, that after the state resorU to
such measures aa It can fairly use that
the proposition of an open rate of prac
tically centa for all passengers will
commend Itself td all the roads."
Marriage of Harvard Fallback Fol
lows Reaaaalle Escape from
Eastern Girls' School.
BAN FRANCISCO. April l.-Heln Beryl
Graydon, daughter of J Parker Whitney,
a local capltaliat and wife of Thomaa H.
Graydon of Cincinnati, once full back of tha
Harvsrd foot ball team, was granted a
divorce her yesterday on the ground of
non-aupport. Her father testified that he
had paid his daughter's expenses for
The Graydon wedding, which took place
in Massachusetts, In 10, followed a roman
tic elopement. Miss Whitney climbing over
a wall to escape frcm a glrla' school n
New York. Graydon made only a nominal
Belief Kseeatlr of Philippines Will
Reseaa Practice ef I -aw la
Iss Francisco.
AN ITtANCISCO. April J. It is re
ported her that Governor Genarul Smith
of the Philippines will reetgn his executive
Position and sail for this city. May IS. to
'sum the practice of law. which he
abandoned when the Spanish-American war
Governor General Smith waa a partner of
Judge Prank Muraaky when he left for
the scene of hostilities In the islands aa
colonel of the Flret regiment of the Na
tional guard of Callforlna-
KANSAS CITY. Mo., April l.-"t would
like to see the protection Idea adhered to
hroughout the tariff bill now before con
gress, said Italia M. Shaw, ex-secretary
of the treasury, In an Interview last night.
It will be a great misfortune If only
those Interests which can muster a ma
jority shall receive protection while all
othar interests are aacrlflced.
"Cleveland declared the Wllson-Goi man
bill full of 'perfidy and dishonor' simply
because It failed to adhere to principle.
If a new bill ahall he a repetition. I shall
regret that the republican party will
have to answer for the calamity that will
"The principle of protection Is right or
It Is wrong. If It Is right, then every
interest should tie proteclod. If It Is wrong.
then we should have tariff for revenue
only and no protection for anyone. Tariff
and free trade are synonymous terms. God
save us from another attempt to mix the
principle of protection and a tariff for
revenue only according to the local Inter
ests of constituency of the different con
gressmen and senators."
Mr. Shaw, who waa here on private busi
ness, departed for Philadelphia, where on
April 15 he will tak charge of the First
Mortgage Guarantee and Trust company.
which la to begin business on that date.
American Army
Leaves Havana
Last Soldiers in Barry's Command
Board Transport for New
port News.
HAVANA, April 1. A final general order
issued by Major General Thomas H. Barry
today brought an end to the existence of
the army of pacification in Cuba, aa such
and the transports Sumner and McClonnan,
with the last of the American soldiers on
board, loft the arsenal docks for Newport
Newa. General Barry'a last order simply
announced the fact of the disbanding of
the army, and the relinquishment pf hla
General Barry bade a brief farewell to
the troops on board the transports. There
were no further ceremonies. General Barry,
accompanied by hla aid. Captain Davta,
drove to the Machlna wharf and boarded
the steamer Maacotte for Tampa. The
Maacotte followed the two transports to
With the exception of one army officer
who was present at the wharf to accept
the surrender of the quartermaster's docks
and office, no Cubans, either civil or
military, witnessed the departure.
Champ Johnson
in Police Court
Pugilist Faces Charge in New York
Preferred by Seventeen-Year-Old
Negro Girl.
NEW YORK, April 1. "Jack" Johnaon,
tha world'a champion pugilist, appeared In
court today to anawer a charge of long
standing pre.ferret against him by Amea
Douglas, a negro girl of 17 years. Before
Johnson's appearance In court Joseph
Netherland, a negro porter, waa ai rusted
charged with attempting to bribe Miss
Douglaa to stay away from court.
After a hearing Johnson waa convicted
and a fine of 1400 waa Imposed.
Vnmher of' Appointments In Postal
ervlce In lotva and Sooth
(From a Staff Correspondent
WASHINGTON. April 1. (Special Tele
gramsPostmasters appointed: Iowa
Blalrsburg, Hamilton county. George A.
Walreath, vice Canute F. Holt, resigned;
Woden, Hancock county, J. H. Bode, vice
W. K. Sage, removed. South Dakota Af
tnn, Hyde county, Martin B. oHughton,
vice O. P. King, resigned; Clifton. Sully
county, W. H. Chamberlain, vice P. M.
Chamberlain, deceased.
Rural route No. 7 haa been ordered es
tabliahrd May 1 at Beatrice, Gage county.
Neb., serving fifty-four families.
CaptSIn Jamea B. Parker. Fourth cavalry.
In addition to hia other duties, will assume
charge of construction work at Fort Meade
during the absence on leave of Captain
louls C. Scherer, Fourth cavalry.
Zeppelin Airship Takes
Perilous Trip in Storm
MI'.N'K'H. April l.-The Zeppelin eiislilp
made an atteirpt to fly from Friedrlcli
sl afen to this city and back. It encoun
tered a storm and was dnven far out f
its original course, and after eleven hours
In the air landed safely at Dtngolfing,
sixty-five miles northeast of Munich.
Psrt of the Journey was made under clr
eumatances of p?ril; one of the motors re
fused to work, and it was impossible for
the airship to make headway against the
wind, which increased steadily in violence.
Helpless and drifting rapidly to leeward,
the airship traveled for four houra while
Count Zeppelin and his men awaited an op
portunity to make a safe and successful
landing. They were followed over l.e
country by soldiers in aaift automobiles
and by three squadrons of heavy cavalry,
sent out to render assistance hen a
descent was attempted. The airship, how
ever, outdistanced them snd thev were not
in at the finish.
The airship left Frlerfrichahaf en early
this morning and five hours later appeared
In the air over the outskirts of Munich.
A distance of 111 miles was covered In five
houra The count left Friedrichshafen with
th Intention of trying to sail from there
to Munich and back. It waa hia Intention
to lsnd here In the presence of the prime
regent and the entire garrison of Munich,
but owing to a squally and increasing wind
th maneuver waa Impnaaoble. The attempt
waa made over the parade grounds outside
the city, but aa soon as It was seen to be
Impossible the ship lifted attain.
Procedure of Republicans Along Lines
of Precedents of Fifty Year.
Gorman Substitute Was Drawn by
Democratic Members.
Mr. Hale's Resolution Limiting RniN
neaa of Special Session to Tariff
and Census Bills Is
WASHINGTON. April 1. What turned
out to be a general debate on tariff was a
feature of the senate proceedings today on
Senator Bacon's resolution favoring the
consideration of tariff legislation, by the
full committee on finance Instead of by the
republican members of that committee
only. Senator Aldrich Insisted that the pro
cedure adopted in this case was similar
to that which had been the practice of
the senate for fifty years In dealing with
tariff measures and he added that the
same method was adopted In handling the
Wilson tariff bill for which he said a
substitute was framed by a subcommittee
composed of democrats.
The democrats made strenuous contention
for representation at hearings by the com
mittee and argued that the republican
members sitting aa such had no right to
authorize the expenditure of the public
funds in furtherance of an ex-parte con
sideration of the bill In committee. The
resolution was finally referred to the com
mittee en finance.
Senator Hale's resolution declaring tn
favor of a restriction of the business of
the present extra session tn the passage
of the tariff bill and a bill for the taking
of the census was adopted.
Aldrich Opens Debate.
The senate today began consideration
of Senator Bacon's resolution declaring
that the democratic aide of the chamber
should be represented in all the hearings
held by the committee on finance. Senator
Aldrich, chairman of the committee, con
tended that as the republican party would
be held responsible for tariff legislation it
waa the province of the republican mem
bers of the committee to shape the bill for
the senate.
In addition, to Innumerable communica
tions, he said, he rcoelved fully 100 people
dally to discuss the tariff. If an effort was
made by the minority to cross-exemihe all
these people .an their statements It wo4d
require three years to pass a tariff bill. He
could not possibly read all the communi
cations on the subject. If he gave his time
to that effort. All their records, he said,
would be made accessible to all the minor
ity members of the committee If they de
sired to scrutinize them.
When Senator Bacon called attention to
a statement made by Senator Hale last
Monday that he had just come from the
committee room where there were "thirty
or forty disaffected or dissatisfied Penn
sylvanlana" It was explained by both Mr.
Hale and Mr. Aldrich that the number had
been overstated, that all there were not
i-rnnayivamans, ana mat tnose who were
there had been Invited to give their views
ss experts on the iron and steel schedule
It seemed, Mr. Aldrich said, that all the
people coming before the republican mem
bers of the committee, have been experts
whose assistance has been necessary for a
proper understanding of the qeustlon being
Mr. Aldrich said the experts are not sub
poenaed nor paid any witness fees and he
declared that their statements were not
public hearings at all.
Rayner Attacks Committee.
An Impassioned address by Senator
Rayner waa directed against the method
of the majority in the framing of a tariff
"Tills is the worst practice." he said
"that has ever arisen before a legislative
"When you are dividing this plunder at
least be fair to each other. On behalf
of the senator from West Virginia. I at
least beg of you to give him back hia
raw material. He haa stood with you on
the field of battle and when the h"ur of
submission -omea, the senator from West
Virginia will be here and his protesting
(Continued on Second Page.)
The count then tried to return to Munich,
'"it by thla tint the wind was so strong
lie could make no headmsy and It waa
noticed that the airship was being driven
suiewise down tha wind. When the serious
ness pf the situation was realized tha troops
were ordered out to follow the airship and
be prepared to render any asstsldnca
The count endesvered to overcome the
rtsistance of the wind by rising to a greater
altitude, hut this maneuver apparently waa
not suooessfjl, for th balloon was driven
rapklly from the sight of the people of
Munich In a northeasterly direction.
The airship waa manned by Count Zep
pelin, Major Sperling, severel officers of
the engineer corps snd a crew of soldiers
from the balloon battalion of the German
When the airship waa sighted sho.tly
before o'clock approaching Munich the
church bells of the city rang out In peals
of welcome and cannon fired a salute. A
the ship drew nearer the whirr of the
motor could be heard on th strests of
the city. The vessel mads its wsy to a
point over th exposition ground. and
descended to within 100 ft. Thousands
of people had gathered on tba ground
and the maneuver waa greeted with in
outburst of cheering. Th prince regent
of Bavaria was present and saluted Count
Zeppelin who stood on th bridge. A
bsnd plsyed the national anthem.
The airship then moved off In th direc
tion of th palare, her It waa greeted
from the tower by th princess of th
I royal family
From the New York Evening Mall.
Bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig
Kmeger Found Buried in Cellar.
Mr. Krueger Had Been Paid 2,OOQ
for a Farm Few - Days A no
laers Met Fir tn the
TOr.EpO.,rt.. April .vTn'fr nndiiik' of
the bodies of lidwlg Kfueger, aged 66. and
hla wife, aged 63, buried In the cellar tit
tholr home, which waa destroyed by fire
early tcilay, thw Toledo pollae aw con
fronted by a puzzling murder mystery.
At S o'clock this morning the Krueger
residence, one mile west of Toledo was
discovered ablaze and there was no trace
of the Kruegers. When the ashes had
cooled a search of the debris was made,
but there waa no evidence of the aged
couple having been burned to death.
Later two boys were digging in the cellar
and noticed that the brick floor had been
tampered with. One of them raised a
brick and thie face of the dead woman was
revealed. More of the floor was taken up
and the body of Mr. Grueger waa found,
buried with his head at the feet of his
wife. Both had been stabbed to death,
presumably with a butcher knife. It ia
not known Just when the murder occurred,
as the Kruegers were laat seen alive on
Tuesday evening by M. Soboloskl, a tailor,
who laat Saturday paid Mr. Krueger 12,000
as part payment for the purchase of the
It la believed that robbery was the
motive., and that the slayer, sfter burying
the. bodies and replacing the brick floor
ing In the cellar set the house on fire to
cover up the murder.
Burglars Caught
With the Swag
Jewelry Stores at Onawa Entered by
Plate Glass Smashers from
Sioux City.
ONAWA, la.. April 1 (Special Telegram.)
Two Sioux City cracksmen broke in'o'
the Jewelry stores of John Douglass and
William Kberle last night, making a big
haul In each store. In each case entrance
was gained by smashing a plate glass
window. The robberies took place between
ID and U o'clock.
The night watch tracked th men In the
snow to the railroad crossing north of
town and found them walling for the mid
night passenger train. He arrested them
and brought them tn Jail. Kuril had t'
worth of swag in his possession. One of
them gave tiie name Allen Brown.
Do you want to pay
for your spring bon
net without asking
your husband or
father for the
In Tery household there 1 fur
niture, stoves, clothea, carpets,
books, gas fixtures, tools, raxora,
dogs, desks, clocka heaven only
knows what all that you no longer
seed, but that soma would buy at a
SMI it what is the use of
ieeping it T A Bee war.t ad
will sell it Turn it into money.
No time like the present to do
things. a&Utaifcjr, "
Last Spike in
New Coast Line
Milwaukee Extension Completed and
Breaks Record of Speed in
CHICAGO, April 1. It was announced
today from the offices of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad In this city
that without any golden spike, without
the presence of any of the principal of
ficers of the company, the laat rail on the
Pacific coast extension of the Chicago,
Mllwaukae & St. Paul railway, now known
aa the Chicago, St. Paul & Puget Sound
railway, has been laid at a point two miles
west of Missoula. Thpre waa no cele
bration of any kind and the completion of
the sixth transcontinental railroad was
i-lmply a part of the day's work.
Tho length of the extension Just com
pleted from the Missouri river to Seattle
and Tacoma la a trifle over 1,400 miles.
The completion of the new transcontinental
line creates a world's record for rapidity
rf railway construction. The first shovel
full of earth on the new line was turned
April 16. 190. 8ince then 60.000,000 cubic
yards of material haa been excavated,
IkiO.ono yards of tunnel driven, twenty miles
of bridges erected and 200,000 tons of eighty
five pounds, rails laid at a total cost of
The ballasting of the new transconti
nental line will be completed about June
1. 1901), and regular freight and local pas
senger service will be rstabllscd thereafter.
Court Snstatas Law Prescribing;
Amount of Ruslurss Insurance
Company tan Do.
NEW YORK. April 1. That section of
the new Insurance law of this state which
limits to $150,000,000 the amount of busi
ness an lnaurance company may write In
one year was declared constitutional by
Justice O'Gorman In the New York state
supreme court today.
President Sends Name of r Hamp
shire Man to the Senate for
t onflrma lion.
WASHINGTON. April 1 President Taft
today will send to tha senate the nomina
tion of George II. Mosea of New Hampshire
to be minister to Greece and Montenegro,
snd of I-arend Hand of New York to be
I'nlted States district Judge for the south
ern district of New York.
Caldwell & Drake Will
Build the Court House
Caldwill & Drake of Columbua, Uid., will
build the new Douglaa county court house,
having been formerly awarded the con
tract Thursday afternoon.
What had been expected to be a matter
of form only developed Into a good-sited
argument at the last minute. Commissioner
Kcnnard arrayed himself against the
other four members of tha board. Kennird,
who voted 'tin'' a gainst tho resolution
awarding the contract, previously offered
one of hla own for re-advertlslng for bids
on the ground that "home contractu
might do better" and that the enst of
material may be less after the tariff ia
Previous to this there had been snother
hitch. Kennard discovered that the five
separation bids of Caldwell & Drake total
ll.OiA less than their bid "A," whloh Is
for t lie undivided work of construction and
is K2f The board has been proceeding
on the expectancy that the bid "A" only
wss in consideration and that th bid
would b swarded and th contract let on
this. The contract has been gon over by
County Attorney Engllah with this In mind.
George Caldwell rf tha firm claimed
Thursday morning when th point was
raised that h had filled out th
separation, hlda only to conform t tit
schedule provided by Ui commuMiuner aud
Special Train of Union Pacific Mag
, nate Reaches New York.
If Needed flail roads Are Bnllt He la
of the Opinion that Repressive
"late l.awa Mnst Be
SE W YORK. April L Bfonted by hia
weeks of sojourn imder southern skies snd
brimming over with vitality. K. H. Harrl
man reached here late today to all appear
ances a reinvigorated man, fater his long
combination vacation and huslness trip
over the network of Hnrriman railroads In
the west, the southwest and In Mexico.
"It's something to travel 10.000 miles and
gain, but is what I have done. 1 may
weigh four or five pounds less thsn the
HI I waa credited with In the accounts
from out west, but I'm satisfied with what
the scalea really said."
Mr. Harrlman's special train which came
In over the New Y'ork Central road,
halted at Yonkera to take aboard a party
of newspaper men.
'I have been made to say that we were
constructing a line down the west const
of Mexico," he said.
"What should have been said waa that
we already have constructed it. Tho line
la now completed from Nogales, Arix.,
on the Mexican line to Mazatlan. Mex.,
and In reality a new country haa been dis
covered by this railroad construction. In
one tract opened UP by irrigation, 600.000
acres of th beat of land are made available
for cultivation and opened to a market.
"American help needed in the develop
ment? Yes, In a directive way, there Is
plenty of labor, but American initiative
and executive ability will count here as
Mr. Harriman aald he found in the west
and southwest a vastly changed rentl-
ment toward the railroads. With such a
sentiment there would be encouragement
for the railroads to go ahead witli de
velopment work he thought.
''Repeal of repressive state laws ix iin
peratlve If the railroad lines the people
need and that the railroads want to build
are constructed! The truth Is that the
states In adopting these laws oniy fol
lowed the example of the national gov
ernment. Now the national government
should set the reverse example and In
augurate Jhe modification. I should say
not repeal, but readjustment of the laws
regulating the corporation ia the necea
sary process,"
that his total for this was Intended to ba
the same aa for the bid "A". "A clerical
error" ia his explanation of the differcnoe.
The hoard finally decided to award the
contract on the general bid.
The contract to Caldwell A Drake pro
vldea that the building shall be built for
1M2!,S71. The firm's bid was DC4.M6. but
there is a deduction of $2,275 for a change
in plaater and sand, the board taking ad
vantage of thla.
When i lie question of bid A and the
He pa rat ion bids came up ttre was general
discussion by th members of the board
and "hy County Attorney Kngliah and
Architect I.atenser, all but Kennard favor
ing the letting of the contract as It was
later done. This argument was good
natured, hut Kennard himself ahowed eome
heat later when he urged read vertlslng.
He Insinuated that it was a lack of cour
tesy not to have Invited back to hear the
retort of the Utile Rock committee, the
newspaper men who had suggested the trip
of Inquiry. Commissioners Plrkard and
Tralnor denied this alth great vigor.
The signing of the contract proceeded
after tha debate had ended. The county Is
protected In the event the work is not
don within the specified twenty months
by a rlaus which provide compensation
from the bond company tor actual datuass
No Telling Just When the Actual
Adjournment Will Occur.
King of Polk Administers Rebuke to
the Members.
Senator Ransom Haa It In Hla Porket
and Kays -Nothing When Motion
Mas Made Which Wools
Kill U.
(From a Slnff Correspondents
LINCOLN. April 1 (Special.) Today in
teclinlcHlly the bist day of the session,
but Just when the final motion to adjourn
will be madu Is a problem. The engrossing
of a large number or bills and their signing
by the presiding officers In the presence of
the two houses will require considerable
time and though the record will show ad
oiirnmrnt was taken on April 1 It may be
the .Id before the legislators really get
Pa m pie of Legislative Work.
As an indication of the nonsensical acts
of this legislature reference may be made
to the passage of S. K. 2S, by Fuller of
Howard. This bill provides that the Statt
Board of Kouallzation ahall not ralae tin
assessment of any county without fital
having notified aald county nrid given it
officials an opportunity to appear and pro
test. That is a rule that has been followed by
the State Hoard of Equalisation sine there
was such a board. Every year nescsbois
are brought in as wltneasea and property
owners and county officials have always
been given a hearing whenever It waa con
templated to make a raise.
The legislature passed that bill for one,
and oniy one, reason. Th democratic
party pledged the people to lower the val
uation of property. When tha bill m
first Introduced It provided that the stale
board could not increase the aggregate
valeu of tho property above the aggregate
of that returned by the county assessors.
There was such a frow raised by tha people
of the stato over that bill that it was
amended to provide aa above.
Railroads tiet What They Want.
The railroads have got all they -want
from thla legislature," said Senator King
in discussing a report of the committee on
railroads on the oil Tale bill. "The railroad
committee haa not Injured them any ami
has dona nothing that will affoct thorn."
The measure was reported from tha com
mittee with a number of amendment the
framers of the bill, but not the Introducer,
Wllsen of Polk, considered destructive of
the real Intent of tho easure. The bill waa
intended to permit tho shipment of kero
sene no matter whether In carlots from the
southern status at such a freight rate that
the oil could be brought Into competition
here with the Standard OH company prod
ucts. But 'the bill waa amended to pro
vide that only crude oil and residuum oil
for fuel purposes could be brought to Ne
braska under the rates provided and then
in carlots, the rates on these classes alone
being lowered to the point of competition.
The Standard Oil company controls all the
tank cars and the greater part of the out
put of the class of oil on which the freight
waa lowered, according to the atatement
of tho sponsors of the bill and while the
bill originally provided for competition, the
bill will not actually permit any change in
conditions as they now exist.
When Senator King registered his objec
tion. Senator OUIs, chairman of the rail
road committee, matin a formal protoet,
but made no attempt to argue the question,
merely declaring the comltteo had done
what it wanted to do. The duucratlc mem
bers were herded behind the recommenda
tions of t he railroad committee recommend
ing the bill to. pass as amended.
The bill came up fur third reading late
thla afternoon and then It was found that
a mistake had been made in engrossing It
and the amendments of the committee on
railroads were not attached to the bill at
all and It waa necessary to deter action,
until a later date
Governor "tarns Bills.
Governor Shallenbeigcr xtgned the fol
lowing bills today:
S. K. -h.l. by Cain Correcting history
of Richardson county drainage district
H. K. '.'61. by Cain of Richardson
Amending the Nemaha county drainage
district law.
H. K. Jan. by Tali oil For a new Nor
nial Hehool board.
H. It. Hilt, by Hushes of KKimhall No
tice by publication may he inadw in va
cation of district - court on application
to the district judge.
H. R. b)J. Iiy Committee on Claims
Attorney geneial. auditor and governor
may fix the maximum rat for premiums
on guaranty bonds and undertaklnga.
II. It. 317. by Scheele of Reward T4i
years' uhc of drainage outlet of Ihik.j
across other persona' property vents
right to use the kame.
It. R. i2. by MrVlcker Permits the
issuance of bonds by counties for Uiain
agH of swamp lands.
11 It. ). by l.eimgh or Otoe Places
clerk or the aupreme court and hla office
force on a kuIkiv, the chief securing
$4 OtiO a year and his deputy $2. BOO.
II. R 13, by Ruper Authorizing
county 'bourds to provide metal markers
fur gravea of soldiers.
II. II. 322, by Pool of Johnson County
hoard to pay coat of treatment of cur
able and indigent consumptives.
H It. 13ti. by Bowman of Nuckolla
Requiring road overseers to enforce til
law requiring the burning of carcassns
of hoas dying of disease.
H. R. 172, by Shoemaker of DougUa
KKoreigii-lmrn rilUens muat take out
Heceind papers In five years or forfeit til
tight to vote.
No Heer lasuretor.
Senator Howell today rtporUtd from th
committee on municipal affairs th bill for
a state beer Inapm tor to have It postponed.
He said that at this late day there aa no
time to give t lie measure adequate consider
ation and wlille ho regretted to do it lie
waa perforce compelled to turn down a
good proposition by way of remedial legis
lation. The senate concurred.
Hansom's Trick Falls.
The democrats were forced by Senator
Brown, a republican, to pull Governor
Shall) nbei ger a bill to prohibit watering
corporation stoik from the pocket of Sen
ator Ransom today and place It where It
was luter orders to third reading on
motion of Senator Dicrs of York.
The bill had Ikoii considered by the
Judiciary committer In connection with tho
bill of Tavlor or Custer grant In municipal
suffrage to women ownlug property and