Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 01, 1909, Page 4, Image 4

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j. I -cY4 Carriage. eA I I
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Prmla in Zgrgi that Stag-gen District
Court lodges.
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( Barraw Etti Wh Ef Art
Mlh. Pays Back When Low
n4 Othr Wamiaa Wti
Mara Kr.
Judn of the aistrlct court of Douglai
county hv been lurd and Inveigled Into
rtf-uin the now famous Plttuburg et
ti. ' Headers of telegraphla newa ltm
will - remember that aome time ago Mra.
Wagner'a young' ton appeared at the back
door of Mra. Brown'a residence and, aiu
aumlng a" formal air, delivered hlmeelt
of the fojlowlng:
"Mra. Warneka compliment!, ma'am, and
could you lend her the loan of a doten
Mrs. Brown could and would and did.
At thla time, tt mutt be carefully noted,
eggs were ! worth 4 1-1 cents apiece, or 50
ci Ms the- dosen.
Tern pus fugited along after the. habit of
t tii pus ffr In these many '- years, -and
prrntly he bottom dropped out of- the
egg market. The price fell to JO centa a
rton an4 'Mra. Wagner prepared ta liqui
date her Indebtedness. The boy once more
appeared at the back door, a dosen eggs
In tow, and of ft red them to Mrs. Brown.
That voimd refused the tender and do
mr.nded two and one-half doaen. that being
the preseftt equivalent of the orllnally In
veitd W cnlt.
' Forthwith the matter got Into court. A
riltsburg judge sidestepped the "grave
a. onomic .Question" Involved and contented
himself wlfh binding both women over to
keep the peace.
This sidestepping has necessitated the
local Investigation and th opinions of the
Duuglas county judges are herewith set
forth. i
Mast Favar Mra. Wagaer.
A majority of the local jurists opine that
Mra. Wagner made sufficient tender, but
there are one or two exceptions.
Bi,mewha,t astonishingly Judge Howard
Kennedy U inclined to think the matter
mall anil of little Importance.
"It reminds ma," aatd ha, "of that i-a
Involving 12 22, which 'came before "Judge
Button .In .Washington county and which
he offered to settle by paying the $2 11
am' the coats rather than try U.'
"If It were to be a really fair trial,"
ays Judge Sutton, "the oass ought to be
heard by a Jury of women, all of them
housewives. They would know what Is the
established custom In these cases."
Judge Day was willing to admit' that "a,
nice and fine point Is Involved and glad
that It won't come bafora ma."
Judge Leslie of the county court had his
head full of the Connor will case and when
approached deftly got from under by say
ing ha "would rule on the question If It
ever comes before me."
Judges Redlck, Beers and Troup were un
sympathetic toward Mrs. Brown and held
the tender sufficient, but Judge Estelle
could sympathlae at least with her point
of view. "Suppose Mrs. Wsgner had de
faulted payment entirely," he argued.
"Mrs. Brown would have sued for JO cents
find won, would she not?"
IamI Mrs. Browns will do well accord
ingly to have their case tried before Judge
Kstelle if possible.
Too Poor to
Bury Her Daughter
Mrs. Ella Thomti Cup of Sorrow,
with Lost Girl and Erring: '
Boy, Overflows. .
There Is a chance today In Omaha for
the good Samaritan.
Mrs. EJIa Thomas of 1W North Twenty
second street yesterday lost her daughter,
Llsaie, 16 years of age, and there Is no
money In the family to bury her. Mrs.
Thomas has had many, many troublea.
Be was compelled to secure a divorce
from her husband on the ground of
alcoholism and her son, Bannls Thomas,
has been a causa of grief and worry. The
boy, who has bee before the juvenile
court. (has behaved well for some time and
has his feet now on the upward path. But
in the meantime Mrs.' Thomas' cup seems
to be overflowing. -
A frlabtrel
with biliousness.' malaria and constipation
is quickly overcome by taking Dr. King's
New Ufa nils. S6c. For sale by Beston
Drug Co.
- "'' - : H
This box will be opened April 3d, showing
. theMTRKMONTM the
ARR.OW Collar.
for Spring and Summer Wear
15 Ccats each a for 95 Cents
w Car's rs tha gest caffs sslliag; at a) Ccats a fair
Legal Status of Illegal Children to
Be Tested in Court.
Salt -Will Ma Braaaht by Hiram
f'haee, laalaa Lawyer, Refer
eaec Cklldrea of an
Omaha Thief.
Hiram Chase, the Indian lawyer of the
Omaha reservation and county attorney cf
Thuiston county, was In Omaha Wednes
day to file a peculiar suit In the United
States circuit court. The question arises
aa to the legal status as residuary legatees
of the children of a concubine of an Omaha
Indian chief, and as to whether they are
equal helra-st-lsw with, the children of the
legally married wife of the chief.
"Polygamy has been more or less recog
nised among all Indian tribes, but where
the Indians become citisens of statrs In
which polygsmy is Illegal, the question
arises at onca as to the legal status of the
different groups of children."' said Mr.
Chase, "The present case is one wherein
the 'ohief was legally married,, reared a
family, and subsequently took a concubine,
from whom wera other offspring.. The
chief died leaving two groups of children,
and the question now arises whether the
children of the concubine shall participate
In tha estate equally with the children of
the legal wife, both of whom are living.
"Tha question Is one that has never been
brought to the attention of the Vnited
States courts, and I am here to consult
with the court and qualified lawyers as
to bringing the case to Issue. 1 represent
tha children of tha legally married wire
and It will probably be filed during the
present week."
Teraalaatea Service mt Thirty Years
aa Military fttatloa (
I'aela (am.
Tort Washakie. Wyo., for rver thirty
years a military poet of the Department
of tha Missouri, located forty miles north
of Rawlins, and tha scene of many historic
campaigns against tha Indians, passed out
of existence Wednesday. The small de
tachment of t roo pa, a part of Troop M.
Blghth cavalry, under command of Second
lieutenant William A. McCain, departed
from tha post Wednesday morning J and
turned what was left of the old buildings
over to representatives of the Interior department.
hark the work . I was compelled to do In
tba prtntlng offlc and wll also show"
"Mrs. Morgan," said Judge- Redlck, very
seriously, "tha better way is just to answer
the questions asked snd let those other
matters b brought out on c roes-examination."
And then the woman regretfully rolled
up the manuscript and continued to answer
questions, with a wealth of detail.
Mrs. Morgan alleged non-support, with
a hint of cruelty, as a reason for asking
a divorce.
Justice Gets
Back at Mobcher
Judge Cockrell Sends to Jail Man
Who Tried to Sell Him
Election Tip.
"Gimme a quarter, gent, and I'll tell you
who to vote for.-
In thla way K& klrschkof saluted Justice
of the Peace Cockrell on- the street Tues
day morning, but his' tongue was so thick
from excesive drinking that the Judge
could not understsnd what name he pro
nounced. The Judge did .not arrest the
man, but whe he appeared before the
people's bar In police court the next morn.
Ing he remembered Kirsrhkof's campaign
ing efforts on primary day.
"I'll give you thirty days, and the next
time you go mooching sround after money
and vote don't accost a Justice of the
peace," said the Judge, snd Klrschkof was
led out of the court room to Jail.
Omaha Widow
Sues Westerner
Mrs. Margaret White Claims Omar
K. Reed of California Said
He'd Wed Her.
Harriman Asleep
at the Switch
One Time When Magnate is Not
Awake i Going Through
. ; Omaha.
Th special train carrying K. H. Harri
man back to New York after Ms vacation
In tha west, parsed through Omaha at 3.M
o'clock yesterday morning.
The stop hers was very short, only long
enough to change engines and set. out the
private car. of A. L- Mohler, general man
ager of the I'nion Pacific, who came In
with tha Harriman party.
Mr. Harriman wis asleep when the trsin
reached here and could not be seen. The
train went out over the Northwestern and
will continue the trip east over the Michi
gan Central.
Mrs Margaret White of Omaha, a widow,
35 years of age, Is pursuing a wealthy Cali
fomlan, Omar K. Reed, with a claim that
he promised to marry her. The scans of
her activities Is In the western state where
Reed liven.
Mrs. White also called herself Mrs.
Reed st' least part of the time while she
lived here, the name being the same aa
that of the man she claims gave her his
promise to. wed.
Mrs. White is not now In Omaha, so far
as known, none of her acquaintances hav
ing seen her subsequent to February S,
when she pr at least a woman of the ssme
name sold a lodging house at SH North
Nineteenth, street.
Mrs. White occupied srveral residences
here at different times, and rented them
to lodgers. Flip was at one time in tbe
flats over the stores opposite the Rome
hotel, and later at 2028, which Is
her directory address. The number some
what curiously is the same ss that of the
Kimball garage, pne door east.
Mrs. White is described f'Y those who
know her here aa being a . Oman of pre
pofseslng appearance and rather more than
average intelligence.
Greek IletMlaa Halllvan A Rait A Is
to Defend Him oa Marder
A hot fight will be l-ut up In behalf of
Jot n Masauredls, the Oreek, cn the charge
of murder. The firm of Sullivan Jk Rait
has bean added to John M. Mtcfarland a
attcrneys for Us man who shot Officer
Lowery of South On aha.
That this will be tha next murder trial
In district court Is still the intention of
tn county attorney's office, though tho
rrstter has not been absolutely settled.
Fortaaat Oaes Art Asked to GIt
Tea Ceats to tha
Public school children sis to be asked for
10 rents apices toward the fund for ths
erection of the Child Saving Institute. Tha
nursery committee, composed of thirty-five
women, . secured permission for this from
the Board of Educstlon.
Ths plan is to induce ths pupils to con
tribute 10 cents each, the estimated value
of a brick for the foundation walls of the
new Child Saving Institute building. Every
child who pays 10 cents shall have bis
came placed in he cornerstone, and a
child who pays 60 cents will receive five
shares, certifying that he has paid for five
bricks for the foundation. Names of all
children contributing will be deposited In
the cornerstone of the new structure.
Fifty Juvenile committees will give the
pupils of every school In tha city sn oppor
tunity to contrlbuts and tha collectors will
report to the nursery committee the names
of all contributors. ...
Representatives of ths committee may be
reached at any hour of the day by tele
phoning Douglas S061 or by celling at room
A -30, parlor floor, Hotel Rome.
A subscription for $100 has Just come
from the ssnd hills In northwest Nebraska.
Louis H. Deaver and wife of 1-ake have
asnt In this amount. They know something
of the work of tha Institute. A few years
sgo they took a little child only a few
weeks of sgo for sdoptlon. With their de
sire to be of service to some little and de
pendent child thai, no one else might care
for, they seleoteil one ; that was frail,
emaciated and In " apparently a hopeless
condition. For six months after they took
the little thing' to northwestern Nebrsska
she was expected to die almost dally. She
now Is a rollicking girl, 5 .year of. age,
handsome, th picture of health -and the
sunshine-of their home. '
The contribution iiaWollows:
Previously acknowledged, Including
the subscription ; of IM.OOO by
George A. Joslvn . .. .... .arf.M.1 So
Ijoiiis h. uraver and wire., lake.;
Mrs. tt. G. Strelght
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bowfnan....,
Mrs. J. W. Woodrough
Mr. snd Mrs. A. Mandelberg
Mrs. K. T. Jordan
T. K Combs
A. Murphy
John D. Ware
Ij. A. Harmon
Mrs. John H. Trenery
Harry Klsrher-
Helen K. Coker .v
A. C. Adsms ...f..:....
Oeorge H. Vrsdenburg ,.',.u .. .r
J. T. McVlttle ............ v.Li.Vo-:.' ' W
Mrs. Fred Schneider ,I...X.,',,l,,. i.(ti
F.dltn r.. Terry ....-. .4.',. ,.
Maurice Jardins W
O. Mlckel -.A.ii.. ' l.oo
100 IM
36 no
to. on
10 on
, R.fto
5 00
6 no
W. T.. Osrrlson
Leonard Burgett
N. I). Berlin
Thomas C. Burness'..
Mrs. D. Marks ,.,.k...
Sophie Cvger '.
Mrs. Tavlor Day ...
Mrs. G. B. Rice
Mrs. O. f.. Bettlnger
Mrs. E. Newman
Mrs. C. M. Stephen...
W. fi. Bishop .,
J. Mexanberg
J. E. Evans
U Hlggln
..(!. v.
. ... .
t nn
I. Oil
I. no
1 no
1 00
. . v
Total i ...V....,$37.5".SO
Balance to raise.. t3T.O42.30; time limit,
May 1. . i
A Iper la the tontach v
is dyspepsia, complicated wtlh, liver and
kidney troubles.. Electric Bitrers help all
such cases or no pay. &0c. Knt";sals by
Beaton Drug Co.
Haa MaasmrrlM Trlllag Details af
Married 1 I. If with Her In
Ulvarra Trial.
Mrs. Mabel M. Morgan' waa testifying
Wednesday morning In Judge Redick'a
court In her suit for divorce sgainst Mai
lory Morgan. Jr. While teing examined
by bar ' attorney, S. A. ftcarle, she was
toying with a roll of manuscript, and at
one point unrolled It and said:
"I have a little piece here that I have
written which, If the court wilj permit
me to lead, give a full hlalory from th
first of my married life, what I have hid
to put up with, the trouble aud aorry I
rosastlUas; tha Elee
tlua Hetaras. t
The Burroughs adding machinea have
come to be a permanent part of Ths bee's
system In comiling election returns. They
greatly facilitated the enormous task of
making the summaries for the primary
election. The mechanical accuracy and
guarantee -avmst error in handling ths
long train of figures Is one of tha big ele
ments of value In the use of these
The simplicity in operstlon gives these
machines a place to themselves aa com
pared with- atany mechanical devices and
contrivances made for fuiilar purrajavs.
rr a .1 . re?iT i a I. ..r.
vrji 1 j 1 -.M "'l"af
liMll M
i 11
1 1..
' ' r A