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0 Wcs 15 Scott Street.
Davis, ting.
Berwick, wall paper.
Lewis Catlar. funaral director. Thons XI.
Woodrtng Undertaking company. Tal. tt.
Majestic ranges. P. C. DeVol Hdwra. Cx
Cut flowrra. Herman Bros., florists, 10
Pearl street.
Pyrography outflta and wood. Alexan
der', KB Broadway.
Two. three or five rooms for rant. 131
West Broadway, upstalra
undertaker Phone 122. 14 N. Main Bt.
TUB DKMOHTFl'I. comfort of perfectly
fitting glasses. Ur. Terry affords thla at
The annual meeting of the Commercial
otfi. ar which fifty directors will be
eleNrd, will be held Wednesday, March 3.
O R Wlrkham left laat evening on a
visit t Bart lea vl In. Okl. Knroute he will
visit hla son, Robert, at St. Mary'a Kan.
The first shoot for the Petersen eV
Hrhoenlng trophy will be held thla after
noon at the grounds of tba Pottawattamie
Oun club at Xiniaa.
Mlaa Beanie Beno left Thuraday for a
visit with friend In New York City, Sh
was accompanied to Chicago by her
brother, Mr. Lion Beno.
Council Bluffa chapter. Daughter of the
American Revolution, will give a Martha
Washington card party Monday evening al
the home of Mra. Drayton W. BuahnelL
A general meeting of all the chaptera of
the Woman guild of St. Paul'a Episcopal
church will e held Monday afternoon at
the home of Mra. M. F. Kohrer on Vine
street. The Woman'e auxiliary will meet
Friday afternoon at the home of the presi
dent, Mra. fcrumet Tlnley, on Willow
Dave Roach . and John Lewla, charged
with breaking and entering the .chicken
houae of Thomaa Johnon, took a change
of venue yesterday from the police court
to the court of Juetice Cooper, where their
hearing waa continued until March la.
Roach and Iewla each gave bonds In the
aum of I'JOO for their appearance In court
on that date.
Prof. M. L Bowman will 'addreaa the
men a meeting under the auepirea of the
Young Men'a Christian association at the
Flral Bnptlat church at 4 o'clock thla aft
ernoon. Trut. Bowman, who la a member
of the faculty of the Iowa State Agricul
tural college at Ames, will take as the sub
ject of his address, ."The Value of An
and Mlaa Martha Florence Byera of this
city were married Wednesday afternoon
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Landls.
2lt Beventh avenue. Rev. Jamea M.
Williams, pastor of the Broadway Math
odist church, performed the ceremony In
the presence of Immediate relatives and
a few Intimate friend of the bride and
groom. Mr. and Mra. Lorlmor will re
alda on the groom'a farm In Union county.
. Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The Bee
February 20 by the Pottawattamie County
Abstract company of Council Bluffa:
Julius Rasmussen, single, to Louis
RasmuHtrQ, und. H of lot 10, In block
II. in Crawford's add. to Council
Bluffs, w. d. . t 1
Benjamin Fehr Real Eatale company .
to Ida M. Bnvder. lota II to t. in
block It, In Railroad add. to Council
Bluffs, w. d.
Interstate Realty company to Mayma
Fj. Johnson, lot 7, In block II, In
Evans' 2d Bride add. to Council
Bluffa, w. d
Boons Humbert and wife to Joseph
Stroehele, lot 24, In block 1, In Gates'
add. t- Oakland, w. d
A. U. Paul and wife to W. H. West,
lot . in block 12, In original plat
of Oakland, w. 1
Charles M. Axtell and wife to Peter
Nelson, ne nw4 of 15-77-43. w. d.. J.000
Chicago. Rock Island Pacific Rail
roita company to wnrg iiurn,
aw'i sw4 of 26-77-44, q. c. d,
W. O. Jewell and wife to Robert H.
Graham, -H nw4 of 12-T4-41. w. d..
Willie J. Gider)Hn, unmarried, to
Henrietta Ouderjan, und. 1-t of aV,
.a n'4 of 84-;ti-40 and wH aw of 21-
0 "fib-it), q. c. d
vide, M. McKee and husband to Ar ('. lewls. mek of 16-74-39.
Toil I ten transfera U'1,453
lfyUr Old High School Sit.
A p'tltliOvill be presented to the Board
of EducatlihNpt Ita meeting next Wednea
day night aske that the alta of the old
. high achool on yilgh School avenue, be
tween Glrn avenue and Third street, be
cut down and a grade school costing 130,000
erected thereon.' ft Is the Intention of the
petitioners to have the proposition sub
mitted at the coming school election. The
petition waa filed with Secretary Hughes
laat evening. ' '
Frank F. Evereat, on of those engaged
In circulating the petition, yeaterday aald
that It Waa not the Intention to oak that
th work be dona Immediately, but the
people of that section of the city felt that
auch a school waa needed now and that It
would be en absolute necessity within two
or three years.
Bell Mel for Baneeaaleaaeat.
Harry Bell, against whom a charge of
mbeaalement had been filed . by Louis
Grell. proprietor of a meat market on Weat
Broadway, by whom Bell waa formerly em
ployed, waa arreated yeaterday morning in
Missouri Valley and later In the day was
brought back to Council Bluffa by Detec
tive Callaghan and lodged In the city tall.
In the Information It la alleged that Bell
was Instructed to take a horse to Omaha
and sell It for 166. It t alleged that Bell
-ild the animal and a saddle for $55 and
.den left the city without accounting ' to
Grell for th money. Bell, who la about Q
yeara of age, will have a preliminary hear
ing In police court tomorrow morning.
CloalMaT '9 strait Show Baslae.
The meeting of the board of directors of
th National Horticultural conjrress to have
been held last evening has been postponed
until next Tuesday evening. The board
will meet at that time In the rooms of the
Commercial club to clear up tb . business
of tb 19C8 session and fruit show and to
formulate plana for the 190s exhibition. It
la poaslble that President W. & Keellne
may appoint some of the standing commit
tee so that a atart on preparing for the
next fruit show may b made. ' 4
Marriage I,tra.
LJcensea to wed were Issued yesterday to
th following:
' Nam and Realdenoe. Age.
Clarence U Mauer. Mlnden. la JS
Margaret ha A. Duerr, Mmden. Ia 23
Burleigh. M. Painter. Iewla. Ia... S
Christ In Swingle, Walnut, Ia m
H. T. Plumbing Co. T.L 260. Night. F-1701
Uad wi:,Sei!r.f k!r.i!:,i. Stan
U it Sic: v Stares. Sae tt TO-DAY, it
1514 Doufilas St.. Cisaha.
Lelfcrt's'SESi? Lenses
al As SOT UNI sal lasM ajww
" ' lassl. ee Miui sart
Ctwwa CoetfsM
Doth 'Phone 43.
Fails to Beindict in Sereral Cases
Which Were Quashed.
GamhllBK Char Acalasc Job. If.
Skeffler Igaored, bat Jadire De
ellaes to Dlsaals Bond II
I Held to March Tersa.
The district court grand Jury reported
Saturday afternoon alx Indictments and
was discharged for the term. As Judge
Thomell wm on the point of adjourning
court In order that he might go to Sidney
to spend Sunday with hla family, he turned
the batch of Indictments over to th clerk
of tha court with Instructions to lock
them, up In Ma safe until Monday. No
bond were fixed, no bench warrants Is
sued and th Indictments will not b made
public until Monday.
Tho record, however, show that the
grand Jury failed to return Indictments In
several of the case which had been re
submitted to R. On February 10 Indictments
were quashed In seven caaes. It being
shown to the court on the testimony of
H. V. Battey, former clerk of the district
court, and Ernest Lathrop, former deputy
county recorder, that th grand Jury for
1908 had been 'improperly drawn. Tha In
dictments thus quashed were as follows:
One against John N. Scheffler for run
ning a gambling house; two against H.
V. Battey. one for embetxlerwrtt and one
for forgery; two against May Noble,
one for keeping a house of III fame and
the other for maintaining a nuisance; one
against George Townley for maintaining
a nulsanoe, and one Jointly against Gua
Volkua, Charle Perrtne and William
Frailer for maintaining a gambling house.
The entry of Judge Thornell In th court
record shows that In the case In which
H. V. Battey, former clerk of the district
court, was charged with forgery, the grand
Jury had failed to return a fresh Indict
ment. The entry reads: "Cause dismissed
by grand Jury, defendant discharged and
bond exonerated." No such entry appear
In the record aa to the case In which Mr.
Battey was charged with embeislement, so
It Is presumed that the grand Jury has
found a new Indictment on this charge.
Soma Who Go Free.
The granl Jury failed to return new In
dictments In the following cases which
were resubmitted to It: Georga Townley,
saloon-keeper, charged with maintaining a
nuisance; Charlca Perrlne, Qua Volkua and
William Frailer, formerly Indicted Jointly
on the charge of keeping a gambling, house,
and John N. Sheffler, charged with keeping
a gambling houae.
In th caae of John Sheffler the court de
clined to discharge th defendant and or
dered that he be held to th grand Jury at
the March term of court. Sheffler's bond
was placed at S400. which h furnished dur
ing th afternoon.
The grand Jury appeared to have some
trouble In reaching a conclusion In the
caaea against H. V. Battey, the former
clerk of the . district court . 8hortly after
court convened yesterday - momng it ap
peared before Judge Thornell arid through
Its foreman, A. K. Chambers, ' asked for
further Instructions.
In response to a question from the court.
Foreman Chamber stated that the evi
dence before tho grand Jury Indicated that
the funds which Battey waa charged with
embessling had been repaid to the county
and member of the grand Jury desired to
ascertain whether they should take this
fact Into consideration In determining
whether new Indictments should now be re
turned. Judge Thornell read to the Jury
th law on embezxlement, explaining Its
provisions at some length. Tha return of
the property, he Informed the Jury, did not
exonerate the accused person.
Following these Instructions, Foreman
Chambers Indicated that there was some
thing further which the grand Jury de
sired to communicate to th court and at
th former's request all persons except the
Judge, th county attorney and the mem
bers of tha Jury wer excluded from the
court room. County Attorney Hess also
left the court room In a few minutes, leav
ing th Judg and the grand Jury alone.
Later Mr. Battey was admitted. What
transpired at thla interview- waa not made
Hearlagr la Salooa Caso.
' Th hearing in th contempt proceedings
against Hansen' at Nielsen, saloon men, waa
begun yeaterday before Judg Thornell.
Th proceedings grew out of th suit of
Mra Ivy Goldsberry against Hansen
Nielsen, In which th' Jury awarded Mra.
Goldsberry S500 damages for th sal of
liquor by the defendants to her minor aon,
Bert 8ult. Following 'th rendering of th
verdict Judge Thornell ordered th county
attorney to file th contempt caae against
th saloon men, an Injunction having been
obtained against them in 1904 by Attorney
8. B. Wadsworth. For th state Suit and
several other young men were called aa
wttneae to testify that they 'were minors
and had purchased liquor f th defend
ants. Theso alleged sale were denied by
th defendanta, whi testified that they had
repeatedly refused to sell to Suit and had
notified him to keep away from their
saloon at 230 Weat Broadway. Th hear
ing was not completed yesterday and will
be resumed Monday.
Walter Goodwin, the "boy nurglar" en
tered a plea of guilty to breaking and en
tering th Hanna bom on South Tenth
atreet and will b sentenced Monday, He
was also Indicted on th charge of larceny
from a building. In connection with th
asm burglary.
Big Dolagts by Eal.
Council Bluffa aerie. Fraternal Order of
Eagiea, to planning for a big initiation to
be followed by a banquet Friday evening.
A class ct 160 candidate will b Instructed
In the art of flying. At the banquet there
will b a program of toaata, music, both
Instrumental and vocal and other features.
Among tb speakers will b Mayor Jamea
Dahlman of Omaha. Mayor Thomas Mo
loney of Council Bluffs. Goorg F. West
of Omaha. Harry M. Flehearty, editor of
th "Mld-Wet Eagle"; J. M. Tanner of
South Omaha, Emmet Tlnley and 8. B.
Wadsworth of this city. If th arrange
inenta can ba mad th Initiation cera
moniea and banquet will b held In th
Holiday Hoar MoaaUy. . "
Th banks will be closed Monday, It be
ing a legal holiday, and at th city ball
Washington's birthday will b observed by
closing all of tb office except that of th
city clerk, who will keep open until noon.
At th county court houa th office of
th treasurer, auditor and recorder will b
clueed, but a district court win b In scs
sios th offloes of th clerk and ta sheriff
will have to b open.
Th stores. It is understood, will b open
for business as usual, but the aaloons will
have to keep closed. Tb public library
111 observe Ua holldiy and wlU be clod.
. Postmaster Haxelton announce th fol
lowing hours at the postofflce:
Stamp window, general delivery window
and money older and registry department
will b open from S until 11 a. m. Carrlera
will make but one delivery, leaving the
postofflce at S a. m. There will b a busi
ness collection msd In the afternoon, car
rier leaving the postofflce at 1 p. m . and
a collection In the evening, carrier leaving
the postofflce at 7 p. m. There will be no
service on rural free delivery routea
Iowa Ceatral Retire Falthfal Servaat
After Forty-Foar Yean Servle.
MARSHALLTOWN. Ia. Feb. -(Special.)
Moses Arquette, aged 69 years, and
th oldest engineer of th Iowa Central,
and In length of continuous service prob
ably on of the oldest engineers of the
west, has been pensioned and retired by
the Iowa Central. Arquette pulled tha con
struction train that built moat of the road
from Mason City to this city, and ha pulled
the first train Into both cities. Ho is alao
th first engineer th road has aver pen
stoned. He wss given pay for th rest of
his life at the rate of SfiO a month.
For forty-four years Arquette has been
an engine man. He began railroading on
the Illinois Central In 1SR4. H ran from
Dubuque to Waterloo, Cedar Falls and
Iowa Falls at various times. In 1861 he
came to the Iowa Central, when Its head
quarters were at Kldora, and th terminals
of -Its line wer Ackley and Eldora. For
fifteen years he baa had tha "preferred"
run on the road.
In all hla iort-fr -jr -years of railroading
he has never had an accident which cost
the life of his fireman or any member of
his train's crew or any of the passenger.
Tha engines he has pulled have been de
railed and have had other minor accidents,
but none that ever cost a passenger or
railroad employ a life. H himself has
never been Injured In an accident.
CHatoa Mas Retarns Homo la Tim
to Stop Faaeral Arraaceaacata.
CLINTON, Ia., Feb. fl.-(8peclal.) While
Ma friends mourned for him, following the
receipt of news from Waterloo that h
had fallen under a train and come to. hla
death, Elmer Cleary, a former Northwest
ern trainman of this City, today alighted
In this city well and uninjured. Today
efforts are being made to ascertain the
origin of the rumor, which was so thor
oughly believed here, that Cleary'a death
in all Its tragic details was published in
the local papers, with short biographical
sketches, and even the announcement of
the probable time of the funeral and place
of burial. It ia said that th rumor waa
started as a practical Joke.
Hot Bricks Caase Gaagrea. '
BIOUX CITT, Ia, Feb. 21.-(SpeclJ.)-Becaus
hla wife laat week placed heated
brlcV.s at his feet when he retired for th
night, M. B. Kent of Elk Point, 8. D.. I
In a Sioux City hospital, where he under
went an amputation of a part of hla left
foot to prevent the spreading of gangrene.
Doubt Is expressed for his ultimata re
covery. Mr. Kent haa been suffering from
diabetes and from poor circulation of ' the
blood. It waa because of this - that th
heated brick waa placed In hla bed.
Iowa News Notes.
CRESTON Th Baptist people ar plan
ning to, begin a series of revival meetings
at their church Sunday, under tha leader
ship of their state evangelist.' Rev. Fred
Berry of Indianola.
ATLANTIC Miss Minnie McAfe of
Anita and Charles Snyder of South Dakota
were married yesterday afternoon at the
Methodist parsonage by Rev. Griffith. They
will make their home in Hurley, 8. D.
CENTERVILLE The new home of the
Centervllle Elks' lodge, a three-story brick
block, costing $22,000, which waa begun late
last fall, will be completed in a few weeka
and will be occupied at once by the lodge.
ATLANTIC Mlsa Haiel M. Barnea and
Harry Woolaey were married yeaterday at
the home of the groom'a parents in the
west part of the city. Justice PreeCnall per
forming the ceremony. They will live her.
CRESTON The Lemar McDonald farm,
consisting of 160 acres, two miles and a half
south of this city, waa Bold yeaterday to
Al Wilson of this place for 1120 per acre.
Thla la one of the best farma In the county.
ATLANTIC Shortly before noon yester
day the Starlin case was given to the Jury
and at 6:30 they returned with a verdict
of "guilty." fixing the value of the stolen
property at ISO. The Judge haa not yet given
the sentence.
MASSES A L. C. Mitchell, who for the
last twenty-five years haa been in the em
ploy of the Burlington road in different
capacities, died at his horn here yeaterday,
agod 88 years. Death waa due to heart
trouble, from which he had been suffering
for some time.
HAMPTON LeRoy Billings of Omaha
and E. A. Calkins of Spirit Lake have been
matched for the beat-two-out-of-three
falls catch-as-catch-can In this place to
morrow evening. Millings is to throw
Calkins three times In an hour for a purse
of $AJU and 76 per cent of the gate receipta.
NEVADA-Dr. and Mrs. P. J. Kaynor. a
highly respected and well known couple of
Story county, today celebrated the sixty
third anniversary of their marriage. Dr.
and Ura Kaynor were married in New
York atate, but they came west thirty
years a-o and hav lived In Story county
during that time,
MURRAY Harry Dilley, a well known
character of this place, is in Jail, charged
with forcibly entering the home of V. E.
Dantlel and maliciously threatening the life
of Mra. Daniel. Tha young fellow entered
a plea of not guilty, but aa he could not
furnish a bond of tt.Ono he waa obliged to
take the alternative and go to Jail.
IOWA CITY-Pmfa McBrlde and Wylle
of the State university have Issued a pre
liminary prospectus outlining the work
which will be done in the outdoor labora
toriea on Lak Okobojl thla summer.
Ground will be broken for the laboratory
buildings early In the spring and arrange
ments am being for extended work
there the first season.
MUSCATINE Th establishment of th
United State clam hatchery at Falrport,
on the Mississippi near this city, was begun
in earnest today, when the government
began making preliminary surveys of th
site for the hatchery. R. 8. Johnson, sup
erintendent of the United States fish
hatchery at Manchester, is In charg of
th preliminary work.
CRESTON Frank C. Gorton, who for
many yeara waa connected with the Bur
lington In the capacity of train dispatcher
at thla place, lias retired from railroad life,
and for the last two years has been en
gaged In mercantile pursuits In Lincoln,
left her yesterday with-hla family for
Cincinnati. O., where, with his brother, he
will engage In th electric welding business.
SIDNEY Elmer E. Hilts of Sidney. Ia..
hua been elected president of th senior
rlssa of the Nebraska Stat university.
Hills is a six-year law student and ha
been prominent In various col leg activi
ties, president of th Young Men's Chris
tian association, managing editor of the
Cornhuaker. th college annual; member
of the varsity debating squad, president os
the Palladlan Literary society and a mem
ber of the Phi Delta fraternity. He la a
son of Lewis Hills of Sidney.
IOWA CITY-Prof. C. C. Nutting has
announced that tauO has been collected for
the expedition to Laysay Island. If suf
ficient funds are raised It Is planned to
send an exedttion to thla monstrous bird
rookery In the Pacific to secure views and
specimens for the construction of a mlna
ture of the island In a special room in th
New Science ball. If auccvssful It will srlv
Iowa by far the moat unlqu and valuabl
bird collection In th world. It Is planned
to start for th Island nut February. Four
hundred dollar la the additional amount
fixed by Prof. Nutting a neceasaiy.
Foley's Hcmay and Tar clears tha atf
passages, stop th irriiavtioa in th tnroat,
soothe th Inflamed membranes, and th
noat obstinate cough disappears. Bora and
Inflamed lungs ar healed and strength
ened, and th ild lv expelled from th
system. Refuse any but th genuine la th
yellow packaga. Bold b aU drugglita
Iowa Asked to Help Toward Harking
North Dakota Battlefields.
Governor Iloaor Reewletttea for Mea
Waated at Hadar, Nebraska, B
Chars; of Robblasj a
--- . ".a
(From a Staff CWrrespondet)
DE8 MOINES, Feb. a. (Special.) The
legislature of Iowa received and had
printed In the Journal a copy of a memorial
from the legislature of North Dakota ask
ing for an appropriation from Iowa to aid
In Improving the proposed military park
In North Dakota to commemorate the bat
tle of Glasgow Hills with the Indians In
1S63. Members of the Sixth and Beventh
Iowa cavalry regiments participated and
a acor of them ar burled there, th vic
tims of th Indiana Th federal govern
ment baa given the land and North Da
kota asks Iowa and Nebraska to aid In
fixing up th plac.
A memorial waa laid before tb senate
from South Dakota, asking that Iowa pass
a resolution In favor of a constitutional
amendement forbidding polygamy. Similar
resolutions are sought In all tha states.
Ralasbars;era Stay fa Prlsoa.
Th notorious Ralnabargers will remain
In prison for a time longer, by preference
of Governor Carroll, to whom their cases
was submitted by the parol board. Th
board was divided as to what to do with
th men. Two members of th board
favored an order for a release which
get them out In about two years, th
term fixed being forty-aeven years. Th
president, of the board 'was opposed to
any clemency. Th governor therefor
refused to take the matter up at this
time, but will leave It for his successor,
Reqalsltloa Issaed.
Th governor Issued a requisition for
th return to Nebraska of three men
wanted at Hadar, In Plerc county, for
bank robbery and now In cuatody In
Sioux City. An attorney appeared to re
slat the requisition, but there was no
showing as to why they should not be
turned over to the court in Nebraska
The attorneys now say they will appeal
to the courts at Sioux City to release th
men. There Is much Indignation over the
fact that Nebraska criminals feel them
selves to be entirely safe If they reach
Sloux City, where the courta Invariably
take up their caaes and Insist upon a trial
Meeks ' Reorgraals.
Plans are under way for reorganising the
Meek Broa. company of Bonaparte. Ia.
That the company was forced Into bank
ruptcy during a stringency by over-xealoua
creditors Is the contention of the receivers.
They say the plant la worth $175,000 when
running and too valuable to let go. They
will attempt to effect a reorganisation.
Waterway Imprevesaeat Approved.
The senate passed the. Frudden resolu
tion for Improvement of the waterway and
canals and asking congress to appropriate
a large sum for rivers and harbors Im
provements. Senator Froaden, who lives
at Dubuque, delivered along addreaa upon
the subject, showing bow th Improvement
of Interior : waterways will benefit tb peo
ple, -t
Troahl Over Paaetaatloa.
The senate refused to concur In a house
amendment to a bill relating to the soldiers'
home, because, while the house Intended
to Insert a comma Jt In fact Inserted the
words "a comma". The senat passed:
Whipple bill to provide for compulsory
education of the deaf and blind.
Moon bill to raise the pay of assessors
In certain cities.
Francis bill to correct an error In regard
to officers holding over.
Savage bill to give increased duties to
the department of agriculture and author
ise issuance of bulletin.
House bill to ralae the agea at which
persons may be admitted to the Industrial
Land us bill to punish for Immorality.
Landus bill to give supreme courts Jur
isdiction in Juvenile matters.
Soldier Boater Cat Dowa.
Th house passed a senate bill making
further appropriation for the printing of
th roster of Iowa soldiers, but cut th
number of sets down to 2,600. Th
original plan was to print 10,000 of them.
The house passed a drastio bill Intended
to kill off "bucket shops" and prevent
their Interference, with th regular Board
of Trade operations.
1 The house passed th Brandels bill to
provide that tha terms ef all county offi
cers shall commence on th second secu
lar day of the year.
New Bills.
Senator Seeley introduced a bill to In
crease the bounty on wolves, also a bill
to amend th law as to pay for domestic
animate killed.
Representative Harding Introduced a
fire marshal bllL
Representative Hlckenlooper Introduced
a bill to limit the expense of candidate
before the primary to S per cent of tbelr
prospective salary for th term.
Representative Dawson .Introduced a
bill to ereata special tile drainage dis
tricts. Holiday Not Reeosralsed.
Th senate definitely refused to recog
nise the holiday nature of Washington's
birthday by voting to hold seaalons on
Monday. Two aeparat motions to ad
journ until Tuesday were voted down.
airt-eaa Cea rt Deelsloas.
The following are decisions by th su
preme court today:
George Adamson agslnst Ernest Funks,
appellant; from Adair county; dismissed.
Friend A Heaton against W. E. Lee et
al., appellants; from Dallas county; af
firmed. O. E. Weatcott agalnat Sioux City, appel
lant; from Woodbury county; affirmed.
D. E. Jonston, appellant, against G. B.
Jlckllng; from Madison county; affirmed.
William Stone agalnat Ells Stone et al.,
appellants; from Brott county; affirmed.
K. A. Elsy against Adams Express Com
pany, appellant; from Marshall county; af
firmed. lnman Manufacturing Company against
American Cereal Company, Appellant; from
Lynn county; reversed.
Samuel L. Graham against Chicago A
Northwestern Railway, appellant; from Mo
nona county; reversed.
Decide latamae Salt.
The long' drawn out ault of the state of
Iowa agalnat the Iowa German Mutual In
surance company has heen settled by a
compromise order signed by Judg Ic
Henry in the local district court.
Ths company took over four entailer com
panies and later became Insolvent. Th
receiver tried to aaaea th policyholders
for 130,000 to pay the llabllltlea The policy
holders resisted and took the matter Into
court. Judge Mc Henry cut tba assessment
60 per cent ta the policyholders and TS per
cent to those who took the matter Into
court. Two thousand policyholders are af
fected by the decision.
Jeaee SaeaeeteeT f Wife Marder.
M UbCATIN B, la., reb, 2L (8pechU.-If
Harry Jones, th alleged murderer of the
Vaa Wh.kle family, who is to ba placed oa
trial for that crime her next weak, should
escape conviction, he wilt be taken to
Washington county, Pennsylvania, to an
swer to ths charge of bavins cut bis wtys
How to Test a Newspaper
Is it
Persistent P
Test No. 6
Of a series of Ten tests
which an advertiser
should apply to every
advertisement before he
publishes iL
Th complete sot
mailed upon addressing
John Lee Mahin
125 Monroe SL
throat Through th Inquiries of L 8. Pep
per, county attorney, it develops that
Jones Is suspected of baring been a fugi
tive from Justice for many years, and that
It has only been since h waa In Jail In
this city for th Van Wlnkl murder that
it became known that he Is wanted for
murder In Pennsylvania.
Oa Mas Klllea aad FIt Pereoas
Serleaaly Hart la Wreck.
WAPELLO, Ia., Feb. H. Frank Nad
ler, 46 years old. a traveling man, resid
ing at 1I1S Brown street. Davenpprt, was
Instantly - killed and ' five persons were
seriously Injured at S o'clock this after
noon when a day coach on the Musca
tine, Northern A Southern railroad left
a trestle over Turkey creek and plunged
Into th torrent. Th seriously injured
Mrs. Bertha Johnson. (5, Wapello, In
ternally Injured; may die.
H. O. Pease, , Wapello, mar die.
Mr. and Mr. Thomaa Scofleld, Wapello,
Injured about head and body.
Salamanaka, a mank of 10, resi
dence unknown. Injured about the head
and Internally; may die.
William Dickenson, 45, Grand View,
right hand lacerated and bruised about
Ther were twelve occupants In th
coach. Roadmaster Ferriel of Muscatine,
who was standing on the rear platform
of the wrecked coach, leaped In time to
aav himself. Spreading rails wer re
sponsible for the wreck.
Th Injured were taken to Grand View,
with the exception of H. O. Pease, who
was taken to his horn In Wapello. Nad
ler's neck was broken.
Stoek Aasoaat af f TO.OOO lib.
scribe! la M areaaJltowa Fight.
MARSHALLTOWN, Ia., Feb. a. (Spe
cial.) Determined to secure public utilities,
such as gas. electric light and power, which
both In quantity and quality ahall meet the
publlo demand and at a cost which shall
be Just, business men of this city today
subscribed $70,00 In stock of a $300,000
corporation which proposes to erect the
plant This amount was subscribed In
fifteen minutes and the rest it Is expected,
will be subscribed within a week.
This Is ths first determined move the
business men of the city hav made In their
fight to either oust or bring to terms tb
Marshslltown Light, Power and Railway
company. Tb outgrowth of this move
ment. It is expected, will be either th
erection of the plant or the beginning of
ouster proceedings to take from th present
company Its charter.
Take Chassloashl ef Northwest
laws by Defeatlav Alg-oea.
FORT DODCjE, Ia, Feb. XL 8pecial
Telegram.) Fort Dodge High school, with
Charles Meloy, Richard Colby and Oeorg
Bradahaw as debaters, won the champion
ship of northwest Iowa In the state league
contest last night here, the negative win
ning th unanimous decision over Algona.
Th Judge war David Evans of Hampton,
John M. Hemingway of Hampton and 8. F.
Favll! of Storm Lak.
Tobin eollec lost ths second annual de
bat with Humboldt last night at Hum
boldt Th decision was two to one.
Werkaaaa Killed by Fall.
IOUX CITT. I a., Feb. a. (Special Tels
gram.) Mystery surrounds the death of
Caahmelr Lumkoakl. to years old, who fell
five atories to hla death at th plant of th
Cudahy Packing company thla afternoon.
Lumkoakl went through an elevator shaft
and, as far as Is known, no on witnessed
the mishap. Whether It was an accident
sulclds or foul play Tim not been deter
mined by the police. Lurokoakl's skull wss
crushed, death being Instantaneous.
, Lljaer Takea ta Raid.
LOGAN. Ia, Feb. tX (Special Telegram.)
By authority of County Attorney C. C
Smith, Sheriff Rock arrested August Bier
bach of Missouri Valley Saturday after
noon for maintaining a nuisance. Th spe
cific charg was In keeping liquor, and fire
wagon loads were taken from th basement
of his plac of business and hauled to
Logan. Blerbach will be tried Friday for
maintaining a nuisance.
Aa A ate Celllalea
means many bad bnilaes, which Bueklsa's
Arnica Balva heals quickly, aa it does
sores and burns. So. For sal by Beaton
Drug Co
A tingle newspaper advertisement, standing .
alone, cannot perhaps be said to possess within itself
the quality ot persistency of pertinacity. It can,
however, form a part of and bear out a plan which
a business house has adhered to strictly for years. ,
The trade mark, or name of a house which is
reproduced in newspaper publicity in an individual .
or characteristic style, indicates that each adver
tisement containing it is one of a series or that '
the use of advertising space is an established policy
of the house.
t .
In no other way can a merchant win confi
dence or establish so thorough a credit vith. the
public as by advertising prudently and persistently
in the newspapers.
Confidence is a plant of slow growth, but per-'
sistency is its sun, rain and fertilizer.
When the late Frank Cooper, of Siegel,
Cooper & Co., was running a store in Peoria and .
needed $10,000 he did not go to the bank for it. He
frankly told the people that he wanted to raise this
amount of money and got it by offering them in
ducements for immediate purchases.
Persistency in an advertiser is necessary to
establish such a reputation with the people that ho
can command co-operation like this. .
An advertiser establishes his character with
the public the same as he does with his bank by
persisting in making promises and never failing to
fulfill thm. A credit with the great general public
is a very present help in time of need.
A persistent advertising campaign covering a
period of three years in legitimate newspapers will
seldom fail to produce a good will asset that is worth
more to the advertiser than the entire amount spent
in newspaper space during that time.
In preparing a newspaper advertisement, re-,
member this quality of persistency the fact that it
is published as a part of a house's policy and will
either build or break down prestige.
Round Trip
Homeseekers' Rates
.00 to Denver, Colorado
springs, rueoio. propor
tionately as low rates to
other points in Eastern
.00 to Salt Lake and Ogden
and other points in Utah.
.50 to Butte, . Helena and
other points In Montana.
Similar low rates to hundreds of other points west and northwest "
If you bay never seen the rich Irrigated farming districts of Montana
and Wyoming you should Join one of our personally conducted excursions the
first and third Tuesdays of each month to the Yellowstone Valley sad the Bis
Horn Basin. . .
Bee Want Ads
. " a . .
Produce Results
Santa Barbara
Hates Singlt
Its Own
akruab li&ncn, $3.00
live Stock Farm, $9.00
Poultry Ranches. Vegetable $10.00
Gardens, Private Country Club, $11.00
Race Track and Polo Grounds,
. Private Ltvery. Wireless Telegraph,
' Art Gallery and Picturesque Golf Links,
Good Table, Good living. Cheerful Service,
Hates Graduated to All, Reasonable Hetrulrementai'
Accommodations for One Thousand Guests,
Artesian Well and Refrigerating Plant
' Conservatories, Green Houses, A
Whole Mile of Geraniums. Open
All the. Tear Round. 80.000
Fine Rosebushes, Child
ren's Grove, Zoo,
' 0,000 Pigeons
and ..
7ou2d be Pleased to Send You Booklet
Mto Spokane - .nd other
l. TT n, V.
Isgton. . '
CA to BUIlae. Mont, the m
lowston VaUay. ,
Cft to Cody, Basin, Powell,
vYiimuu ana outer pom lb
in the famous Big Horn
Ratlin ' .,- -- ,
Let me glv you further
iniormauon ana roiuera.
rarnam St.. OMAHA.
Hates Dodbto