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Supreme Court Bemud Howell
Prosecution to District Court.
Jadgs Khw Holds Coamtltatloai ml
Cral Earkaage Hat la Itself a
Violation ml Law 11 aat lags
Balaaaa Closed.
fFtom Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. I0.-Bpecl1 Tele
gram.) Samuel R. Howell, convicted of
violating the Junkln anti-trust law and
aentenced to six month In jail and to
par flna of $1,000, won a victory In the
supreme court, whkh today raveraed tha
deolalon of tha lower court and remanded
tha caae for further proceeding!.
The opinion waa written by Chief Juatice
Reeae. Tha chief Justice held that tha trial
judge had erred In giving an Instruction to
tha jury' This instruction waa to the ef
fect that tha constitution of the Omaha
Coal exchange Itself, If carried out, waa a
violation of tha anti-trust lawa of the atate
In that It provided that membera of the
exchange could not personally solicit busi
ness but could send out postal cards or uae
. unsigned printed matter to get bualneaa.
Thia constitution alao provided that tha
exchange could not interfere with prices or
agreements between tha membera whether
the prices were retail or wholesale. Judge
Reese held that thia could be taken Into
consideration by the jury, but in Itself It Is
not violation of the law.
Tha record In tha caae covered 1. 000 pages
and there were 1S9 assignment of error.
Judge Reeae aaid, and for that reason the
court would not leview the caae In detail.
The court held that notwithstanding How
U waa not Individually a member of the
tfmaha Coal exchange he was reaponstble
for Ita acta because he waa preaident of an
organisation which did belong to tha ex
change. Kearacr Ceaaty Mast Fay.
Kearney county must pay to Buffalo
county half of fl.K, which the latter paid
out for repairing the auo-foot bridge acroaa
the Platte river directly south of the city
of Kearney. Kearney county refused to
join in a contract to have the atructure
placed In usable condition and the work
waa ordered and paid for by Buffalo
county. Kearney county refuaed to pay
and judgment waa obtained agalnat it In
district court. Appeal waa taken and the
supreme court holds that a county which
refuses to enter with an adjoining county
to repair a bridge across a stream dividing
ihem la liable to the county making the
repairs for auch proportion of tha cost aa
It ought to pay, not exceeding one-half of
the amount expended, when the county
making the repairs haa followed the pro
cedure of the atatute aa to notice, etc.
No More Malt Beverages.
The aupreme court haa just decided that
the sale of "Non-Tox," "Juatua Beer."
"Malt Head" and kindred alleged nonlntox
Icatlng malt beverages comes within the In
hlbltlon of the Slocumb law and that their
aale without a license la Just as much a
violation of the atatute aa would be the
aale of old-fashioned lager beer. The caae
in which thia opinion la handed down la
that of John A. Luther agalnat the atate,
and cornea from Harlan county.
Luther waa arreated for selling "Non
Intox," a malt tonic containing less than 1
per cent of alcohol," and under a search
warrant a number of barrels of the stuff
were foound on hla premises. He waa con
victed and fined In the district court and
appealed. ' The caae was reversed upon
the original hearing before the aupreme
court commlaaion, upon the ground that the
atate had not proved that the liquor waa
Intoxicating. A rehearing waa secured and
The former opinion la now aet aside. It ia
held that It la not neceaaary for the atate
to prove that malt liquor la intoxicating.
The aale of all "malt" liquor aa a beverage
la prohibited by law, and auch aale la a
violation of the atatute, whether or not
the percentage of alcohol Is sufficient to
produce Intoxication.
Skippers Right Care.
No matter what demand a shipper may
make for empty cars he Is only entitled
to Ms percentage of the number available
for use at hla station. This is the opinion
of the court in the case of State ex rel
Frank Dobney against the Northwestern
railroad. Dobney waa a hay ahipper at
Btuart. Holt county. He made demands
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for cars in which to ship his commodity
and could not get them fest enough. He
accordingly began msndamua proceeitlnaa
In the district court to compel the road to
furnish him with fifty care at the rate of
five per day. The, court Issued the writ
and the railroad company appealed.
The aupreme court reverses the judgment
of the lower tribunal and In the opinion
handed down flnda that the railroad com
pany ao diatrlbuted Its cars that the empties
were ordinarily retained on the division
whtre they were unleaded unlll they could
be loaded. It alao preferred shippers of
grain, II evstock and other merchandise
over shipments of hay located at non
competitive points. During the hay block
adea In Omaha and Chicago It withheld
cara from hay shippers, which is held to
be an unlawful discrimination.
However, the road ahowed that at the
time Dobney applied for hla mandamua
there waa a general shortage of cars and
that he waa only entitled to a just division
cf the empties that should have been ap
portioned to his station. The order is
reversed, but as the defendant was In some
measure to blame it Is ordered to pay the
Hast i aars Mceaaes Cancelled.
Hastings la a dry town ao far aa tha
liquor licenses of John Rosenberg. John R.
Freltag, John Curry, Paul Bchlssler and F.
J. Neylon are concerned.
A decision affecting thia drouth was
handed down In supreme court Saturday
morning, the licenses of Rosenberg, Curry
and Sbhlsaler being declared void because
there waa not satisfactory proof that their
petition contained the name of the requi
site number of freeholder.
The court holds that Alexander, a coun
cilman, waa disqualified from voting on
the Issuance of any license because he had
algned the petition of Janssen 4 Freltag,
although his signature was eraated after
Rorher, the complainant, secured a photo
graph of the signature. Alexander'a vote
tied the council up bo that Mayor Miles had
to decide the matter. With Alexander dis
qualified -the council would have been
against the Issuance of a license.
The court reverses the decision of the
district Court of Adams count?, which up
held the issuance of the licenses by the
council, and direct the council to cancel
the licenses.
Lincoln Hotel Water Caae.
A. I Hoover ft Son will not be com
pelled to pay to the city of Lincoln the
eum of I8.J03.76 for water used at the Llndell
hotel from September. IBM, to August IS,
1905. The aupreme court thia morning
handed down an opinion affirming that of
the diatrlct court, wherein the city was
given a Judgment of $180, each party to
pay ita own costa. Thia la the amount,
approximately, which waa tendered by the
Mayor Brews I a (erven ea.
Mayor F. W. Brown haa filed a petition
of Intervention In the suit of Charles H.
Swallow against the Eureka Manufacturing
company. He asks the district court to
permit him to Join in the auit against the
company In which an lnjtiction la aought
to prevent the payment of aome creditors
of the company in preference to other
creditors and to have, a receiver appointed
for the company. Mayor Brown was owner
of the Incoln Sash and Door company be
fore the concern was taken over by the
Eureka Manufacturing company and it la
the liabllitlea and obligations of the sash
and door company and the question of the
validity of ita purchase that seems to be
oaualng the trouble between the stock
boldera of the manufacturing company.
Mayor Brown says that he owns 16,000
share of the preferred stock of the com
pany and is entitled on those shares to
participate In the management of the com
pany. He aaya that the majority of the
stockholder have refused to allow him any
part in the management of the company
or to rote at the recent election of offi
cer. He declare that the claim of the
defendant that the purchase of the sash
and door factory waa fraudulently or se
cretly made ia not true and that the com
pany la bound to aaaume the obligations
and to recognlae the interests .of thoae who
got aharea of atock in the manufacturing
company in return for their interest in the
The suit waa brought by C. H. Swallow,
former president of the company, who
claimed that the majority stock-holders had
refuaed to allow hoidera of preferred atock
any vote in the affair of the company and
had repudiated the obllgatlona of the com
pany aaaumed at the time the eaah and
door factory waa bought. The degree of
the present officer a of the company la that
the purchase of the factory waa the result
of a secret transaction between Mr. Brown
and Mr. Swallow and they were not bound
by tt
The hearing today waa on the motion to
dissolve the restraining order to prevent
the officer of the company from disburs
ing any money of the company or dispose
of any property of the company until the
case should be tried.
Telephone Hrarlag.
The railroad commlaaion met thia morn
ing and a good part of the day waa put
in hearing the nAtelope county telephone
caae. It la expected a ruling will be made
In the matter forthwith. This i a ques
tion of switching charges between the An
telope County Telephone company of Elgin
and the Cedar Mutual compafy of Oakd&le.
They have been giving free switching serv
ice in the paat, but lately the former
company ha added 300 'phones to Its equip
ment, giving It 800 in all, and lengthened
Its service to twenty-four hours a day In
stead of fourteen, aa formerly.
With theae additional improvement it
asks the commission to allow It to charge
SO centa instead of 26 cents per month fur
switching services on farm lines, also that
the Cedar Mutual be made to do what
is right. The commission will allow pay
from the latter company for switching serv
lcea by the former, but the amount must
be determined by the telephone people
themselves. If they cannot agree on thia
matter, then moat probably the Elgin com
pany will be allowed to cut oft-from ex
changing. . Royal F. Brewater waa struck by an
unllghted automobile at the corner of Sev
enteenth and Washington streets about 1
o'clock this morning, the Impact of the
racing machine throwing him into the air
and out of the street onto the lawn in
front of L. M. Bumstead'a heuse, at 1500
South Seventeenth street. He received no
serious wounds or broken bones, though
his body and limbs are a mass of painful
flesh bruises.
The driver of the car made no attempt
to stop and Investigate, but drove straight
ahead, directly over the motor cycle which
Brewater had . been leading and dashed
away Into the darkness. Brewster does not
know the Identity of the machine. Its driver
or owner.
Tha legal department of the atate waa
not represented before the supreme court
when Judge Hamer made hla last appeal
for a atay of execution for K. Mead 6 bum
way. Grant Martin, deputy attorney gen
eral, represented the atate before the gov
ernor and resisted tha application of Judge
Hamer. Thia hearing was concluded about
11 10. Judge Hamer than went immediately
before the court and on hla showing se
cured the stay without the legal depart
ment even beglng notified that the appli
cation bad been made.
Other Ceert Order.
Following were the other proceedings of
tha aupreme court:
Oa recommendation of tha bar commission
the following were admitted to practice:
Thomas Lynch and Charles T. Borg.
Following are miscellaneous orders:
Vennum against Western Vnlon Tele
graph Company; dismissal allowed; appeal
dismissed at cowt of appellant.
Hlle against Troupe; motion of appellant
for leave to file briefs and for continuance
siiMtalned; appellant given until March 1.
IS, to serve nrl file briefs; appellee given
until April I. 19"9, to nerve and file answer
briefs; cause continued to April 6. lt
Haas against Mutual Life Insurance Com
pany; stipulation allowed; cause continued
to session commencing April 6. 1909.
Strong against Thurston County; upon
request of appellee cause continued to ses
sion commencing March 16, 1.
Miller against Chicago, Burlington
Qulncy Railroad Company; stipulation al
lowed; appellee given until March Wt 1S09.
to serve briefs.
Olmstead agalnat City of Red Cloud; stip
ulation allowed; appellee given until March
S. I!, to serve briefs.
Youngers sgalnat Exeter Cemetery As
sociation; stipulation allowed; appellee
given until February 18, 1909, to serve and
file briefs.
Wilkinson against Ixrd: motion and stlp
ulatlon to advance allowed: cause advanced
w ?K!OT. h"lng at session commencing
March IB. lflOR.
Llntnger against State; motion of plaintiff
Tor continuance sustained: plaintiff given
until March 16, 19i9, to serve briefs; cause
r9tlnUe1 t0 e",orl commencing April 16,
Meyer against Nolle; dismissal allowed;
appeal dismissed st costs of appellant.
Riimery against Equitable Life Asurranoe
Hooiety; dismissal allowed; appeal dis
missed at costs of appellants.
Ooos against Chicago. Burlington A
Julncy Railroad Company: stipulation al
lowed; appellee given until March 19. 1909.
to serve and file briefs.
Herman against Barth; motion of appel
L?,nt inr tPn"'n of time within which to
file briefs sustained; appellant , allowed
slTtv davs.
Shumway against State. Motion of plain
tiff for leave to file second motion for re
hearing allowed.
Bhumway against State. Motion for re
hearing overruled.
Shumway against !ate. Motion of plain
tiff for suspension of aontenee overruled.
Shumway against State. Motion of plain
tiff for suspension of sentence sustained:
execution of sentence suspended until
March 6. 1909.
Debus against Armour. Reargument or
dered before court.
Anderson sgainst Carlson. Stipulation In
re briefs allowed; appellant given un'il
March IS, ll. to serve and file briefs: ap
pellee given until August 15, 19C0, to aerve
and file briefs.
Following are rulings on mlacellaneoua
Sarpy County against Layton. Suggestion
of death of appellee in motion to revive.
II. 7.. Wedgwood aubstituted plaintiff
appellee. Hinds against Glpe. Motion of appellee
to strike bill of exceptions sustained.
Hinds against Glpe. Motion of appellant
for leave to file briefs sustained; appellant
given thirty daya to file briefs at his own
costs; cause continued to session beginning
August 6. 1909.
Shepherdson against 'Cloplne. Motion of
appellee for leave to file supplemental
briefs sustained.
Vrana against Thege. Motion of appellant
for leave to file briefs allowed; appellant
given thirty days to file briefa at her own
Carter against Roberta. Motion of ap
pellant for leave to file briefa allowed; ap
pellant given thirty daya to file briefa at
hla own costs.
David Bradley & Co. against West
Brothers. Motion of appellees to quash bill
of exceptions sustained.
Haslack against Wolf. Motion of ap
pellee to quash bill of exceptions sustained.
Hnslack against Wolf. Motion of ap
pellee to advance sustained.
Hespen against Wendeln. Motion of ap
pellee for leave to file briefs sustained.
The following opinions were filed:
State against Merchants' bank." On re
hearing, former opinion vacated, cross
appeal dismissed; judgment of district
court In favor of Kate C. Zohrung and A.
J. Campbell reversed and remanded, but
affirmed aa to Chicago Cottage Organ com
pany. Epperson. C.
Howell against State. Reversed and re
manded. Reese, C. J. Rose, J., not sitting.
Luther agalnxt State. On rehearing,
former Judgment of reversal vacated and
set aside; Judgment of district court af
firmed. Roeee. C. J.; Letton, J., and Barnes,
J., dissenting; Rose. J., not sitting.
Shelblejr against Nelson. On motion for
revivor, motion sustained. Letton, J.
Davis against Chicago, Burlington
Qulncy Railroad company. Afirmed.
Calkins, Cj Root, J. and Good, C. not sit
ting. Wilson against Wilson. Affirmed.
Duffle. C.
Caldwell against Smith. Affirmed.
Duffle, C.
Ga.tes against Tebbetts. Reversed and re
manded. Duffle, C.
Kirk pat rick agalnat Kirkpatriok. Af
firmed with leave to defendant to apply
for modification. Duffle, O.; Dean, J. not
David Bradley & Co. agalnat Matley. Af
firmed. Epperson, C: Dean. J. not sitting.
Duval against Advance Threahins; com
pany. Reversed and remanded. Good, C.
VanBuren against Village of Elm wood.
Affirmed. Good. C.
State ex rel. Dobbey against Chicago tt
Northwestern Railroad company. Reversed.
Root. J.
State ex rel. Iuben against Chicago &
Northwestern Railroad company. Affirmed.
Root, J.
MoCullcAigh against Dunn. Affirmed. Bp
person, C.
Taylor against Austin. Affirmed. Duffle,
C; Root, J., not sitting.
Glaasny against Dye. Reversed and re
manded. Calkins, C; Dean. J., not sitting.
Fink agnlnt Bush. Affirmed, Good, C.
Mnger Sewing Machine Company against
Omaha Umbrella Manufacturing Company.
Affirmed, Calking, C.
Hellwlg against Aulabaugh. Affirmed,
Rose, J.
Gutru against McVicker. Affirmed,
Dean, J.
Hlggina against Supreme Castle of High
land Nobles. Affirmed. Letton, J.
Kendall against Uland. Reversed and re
manded. Root, J.
Eastwood against Klamm. Affirmed,
Fawcett, J.
Mote against Kleen. Affirmed, Duffle, C.
Keellrur against Pommer. Affirmed, Let
ton, J.
First State Bank of Pleasant Dale
against Borchers. Affirmed. Root, J.
Buffalo against Kearney County. Af
firmed, Fawcett. J.
Mahoney Itoyle against Salsbury. Re
versed with directions, Barnes, J.
Pethoud against Gage County. Affirmed,
Barnes, J.
Segfar against West cose. Affirmed. Let
ton, J.
Ballard against Cerney. Reversed and
remanded. Good, C.
Rosenberg against Rohrer. Reversed and
remanded with directlone. Reese, C. J.
Freltag against Rohrer. Reversed and
remanded with direotlone. Reese, C. J.
Curry against Rohrer. Reversed and re
mbi.ded with directions. Reese, C. J.
Schlssler against Ror.rer. Reversed and
remanded with directlone. Reeae, C. J. .
Neylon against Rohrer. Reversed and re
manded with directions. Reese, C. J.
Fo'lowlng are ruling on motion for re
heating: Heenan ft Flnlen against Parmelee.
Denied. . ,
Greenwood against King. Overruled.
Breesler against Wayne county. Allowed.
Allen against Burlington railroad. Denied.
Grlswold against Bxwanek. Appellant's
motion and appt Ilea's rrotion fcr rehearing
Mever against English. Denied.
Gauvreau against Van Patten. Denied.
News front Kearacr Normal.
KEARNEY, Neb.. Feb. . (Speclal.)
The membera of the Young Men's Chris
tian association mot Tuesday afternoon and
the annual election of ofloer was held.
The officer elected were: Loula Hanlsch.
preaident; Norman Pierce, vice president;
Edward Shue, secretary; RT Shirley,
treasurer. The new officer will continue
in office until the econd emcater of next
Rule tha World
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a true food for brain workers.
"TKere't a lUison
Summer Curtains
Now is an excellent time to begin making summer curtains.
Special preparations have been made for this sale which com
prises the most complete line of Cretonnes and Taffetas we have
ever shown. The best patterns and best goods from the best
makers of domestic and English Cretonne. All new 1909 styles.
36-inch Taffeta in plain colors, white cream linen, red, pink, rose,
delf blue, blue, sage green, olive green, and Yale blue. These
goods are used for over-curtains. Can be used plain or by using
an applique border. Per yard 29c
86-Inch Taffgta figured in stripes and allover designs. A complete line of
colors, also art ticking, per yard 32
24-Inch English Cretonne, soft dainty colors, the newest things in Cretonne.
p yri 55
86-inch Cretonne for bedspreads, over curtains, shirt waist boxes, a complete
line of colors, per yard 20
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incnes long, eacn . . .$a.UU 3b inches long, each . . .$8.00
48 inches long, each . .$11.50
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MOaaiS OXAXB (like Illustration) This is
but one of 47 patterns, all equally arood value.
This particular chair is made of selected quarter-sawed
white oak, hand polished, golden
finish. Is a pretty design, rich, and plain
spring- seat over which Is placed a loose re
versible cushion. Also a loose, reversible
cushion back In an excellent quality of plain
or figured velours. It is an un- Bs FTK
usual value, at each piJ. c
year. The association haa recently adopted
a constitution similar to tha one in vogue
all over North America and every effort
la being made to keep the work of the or
ganisation here in harmony with the other
school organization. The majority of the
boys of the school are member of the
Young Men' Christian association.
The sophomore class called a special
meeting Tuesday to elect a president.
Harry Dryden waa chosen for the position.
The former preaident, Loula Hanlsch, haa
become affiliated with the Junior clasa
The sophomore class Is unusually large
this year and numbers nearly seventy
A Joint reception waa given Wednesday
evening in the chapel of the achooi by the
Young Woman' a Christian association and
the Young Men' Christian association in
honor of Mis MJra Withers, state secre
tary of the Young Woman's Christian asso
ciation, and also for the new students. Mia
Wither addressed the students at chapel
Wednesday on the subject. "Policing the
Road to Jericho." '
Mayor Dsklmsa and A. L. Mokler De
ll ver Toast at l'lq Baaqaet.
CENTRAL CITY, Neb., Feb. SO. (Spe
cial.) "How to Run a Bank," A. Ia Moh
ler; "How to Run a Church," Mayor J. C.
DaMman; "How to Run a City," Rev. Q.
H. Mann; How to Run a Railroad," C. R.
The above toasts were responded to in
a Pickwickian vein Friday night at a ban
quet which waa given by the Commercial
club of Central City, about ISO of tha lead
ing business men being present, fchort in
formal responses were also made by J. A.
Munroe, freight traffic manager of the
Union Pacific and by C. J. Lane, assistant
general freight agent. C. H. Gray waa
toaatmaster. Tha women of the Woman's
club of Central City served the banquet
and the guest reported a aplendid time.
Mayor Dahlman said that If he waa run
ning a church he would have the sermon
shorter, the prayer shorter and he would
have the best looking young women to be
obtained to sing in the choir.
Mr. Mohler. vice preaident and general
manager cf the Union Paclfto was also In
a most happy mood and besides t el line
what he did not know about running a
bank spoke In a aerlous vein on the sub
ject of co-operation of ail buslneas inter
ests for the welfare of all concerned.
Ckarches, Schools mm Pabllo Place
Closed Becaase of Scarlet Fever.
OOTHENBURO. Neb., Feb. SO. (Special.)
Churches, lodges, schools, clubs, place of
amusement and all other public gatherings
of adult or children have been placed
under a ban by a proclamation Issued by
the Board of Health In an effort to stop
the ravages of acarlet fever.
The notioe signed by Mayor Blrkhofer
besides forbidding public assemblagea or
ders that all children under the age of 18
years shall remain at home and not be
allowed on the streets or to associate with
membera of other families.
An appeal is made to parenta to help
stamp out the disease, which is declared
U be epidemic.
York la
tke lead aa Loeatloai
Ktit Coaveatloa. .
HASTINGS. Neb.. Feb. 30. (Special Tale
gram.) The Young Men'a Christian asso
ciation ip state convention today unani
mously re-elected tha following officers:
W. J. Hill. Lincoln, chairman; W. O.
H.nry, Omaha, vice chairman; E. C. Bab
cock, Omaha, secretary; M. C. Steele,
Omaha, treasurer. York is the leading com
petitor for the next convention. The selec
tion will be made by the executive conv
Nefcraak Hews Netea.
PLATTSMOCTH The Presbyterian Aid
society wlU celebrate Washington's birth
Furnishers of Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants as well as Private Homes.
qil-10.15 SOUTH lelh STREET
r v
32 inches long, each . . .$6.00
Character and Quality at Prices Temptingly low
LEATHER COUCH Did it ever occur to you that there is a great differ
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a big mistake. There are many grades and qualities. When we say gen
uine leather, you may feel secure and know that we mean best grade.
This Couch (like Illustration) is covered in best grade
leather has seamed diamond tufted top, is 30-inches
wide, and 6 feet 6-inches long, wide frame, ruffle puff
sides, best springs, in fact a strictly high grade Gen
uine Leather Couch, for $39.00
day anniversary in the home of Judge H.
D. Travis.
AINSWORTH Frank Dodda fell lant
night while lighting a lamp and broke hla
left arm.
- BEATRICE Blaine Staker waa fined
tl and costs yesterday in police court
for assaulting tha little son of Wliriam
H. Mogan.
PLATT8MOIUTH The Plattsmouth High
school debaters defeated the high school
team from Weeping Water in this city
Friday evening.
NEBRASKA CITY The Henlngson Pro
duce company has leased the old distillery
property at the foot of Central avenue
and will put In a cold storage plant.
GENEVA Will Lottrtdge of Fairmont,
charged with bootlegging, had a hearing
before Judge Fulton and waa bound over
to the diatrlct court In the sum of ISOO.
HOLDREGE Phelps county people are
much pleased over the heavy anow of last
Sunday and Sunday night, aa It means a
sure crop in that locality for the year of
ORD The firemen of the olty held their
annual ball Thursday night. The Ord opera
house waa packed till early Friday morn
ing and a handsome sum waa cleared to be
used for the firemen.,
PLATTSMOUTH The old-fashVnned con
cert given by the woman's auxiliary of St.
Luke's Episcopal church in the home of
Dr. B. W. Cook was largely attended and
a success In every way.
NEBRASKA CITY George O. Johnson
of Omaha haa accepted a position with tha
Duff Grain company, with a view of be
coming one of the firm. He waa formerly
a banker at Newman Grove.
BBA.TRICB At a meeting of the base
ball enthusiasts of this city last evening
It was decided to form a four-club city
league. The organisation will be perfected
at a meeting to be held February 27.
ORD At their regular meeting Tuesday
nlirht the Ben Hura elected the following
officera to fill vacancies: Lafe Palate,
scribe; Rastus Williams, outside gate
keeper; Mrs. Rastus Williams, organist.
NEBRASKA CITY The Otoe Democratic
c4ub haa perfected all arrangements for
the holding of its first annual banquet at
Syracuse on March 18, at which time a
number of prominent democrats will be
present and speak.
PLATTSMOUTH Adam Schants. aged a
years, passed away In hla home In this
city with tuberculoala. Rev. F. J. Lang
horst will conduct the funeral services In
St. Paul's German Evangelical church
Monday afternoon.
NEBRASKA CITY-Judge Travis has dis
solved the Injunction asked for by Coun
cilman J. D. Houston agalnat the mayor
and other membera of the city council to
prevent them from granting the water and
We don't sell automobiles, but' we do sell some
Besides auto gloves, caps, etc., we've Auto Coats In great variety
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No matter in what nook or corner of this great
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bright, new clothes must surely remind you that
Spring Is almost here. Wouldn't It be a good idea
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an entirely (resh, new stock?
Special Sale of
Room Size Rugs
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Velvets, Body Brussels
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In order to make space for our new spring rugs vro
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light company a new franchlee. The coun
cil will meet March 1 and take the matter
VALLEY The Platte Valley farmera" In
stitute held Its annual business meeting
Saturday and elected the following officers:
John Hall, president; Charlee Dabelsteln.
vice president; Frank Wnltmore, secretary;
K. P. Noyes, treasurer.
NEBRASKA CITY R. M. Hess is the
new manager of the gaa worka, which haa
been in the handa ' of a receiver for the
lust two years- and haa now been pur
chased by the bondholdera, who will over
haul and Improve the entire plant.
BEATRICE The annual reception of the
Junior class to the seniors and the teachera
waa given laat evening In the Beatrice club
rooms. A musical and ' literary program
waa rendered after which a banquet waa
held. Over 100 student were In attendance.
BEATRICE It Is reported that a prop
oaltlon la being considered by the Union
Pacific whereby another motor Is to be
added for the run between Beatrice and
Lincoln. If Installed, this motor will
make afternoon trips from Beatrice to
Lincoln, Including a Sunday service.
NEBRASKA CITY The old aettlera of
thia city and county are arranging to hold
a reunion and fair In September In honor
of the 100th annlveraary of the first terri
torial fair, which waa held in thia city in
1S69. The new city park will be completed
by that time and they will have horae
racea and an old faahloned fair.
AINSWORTH Mrs. Mary R. Stokes,
widow of Edward D. Stokea, who waa
found dead on the Sclnson farm, north of
town, January 16. with a wagon box
across his neck, has begun suit against
Ben H. Able and Jesae D. Blrdsall. two
saloonkeepers here and the Lion Bonding
and Surety company and the Banker
Surety company for $20,000.
BEATRICE Ed 8. Milter, president of.
the Beatrice Commercial club, is In re
ceipt of a letter from a cream separator
company of Kansas City relative to the
by Beatrice.
offered to such a factory
The company slanlfled Ita
intention to invest 1 10,000 on a new fac
tory, for which they are now looking
for a aultabla location.
ORD James E. Olesen and Mlas Lillian
F. M. Clement were united In marriage at
the Presbyterian church at 1:30 Thureday
afternoon. Rev. Mr. Halsey officiated.
After the ceremony dinner was served at
the Transit house to a large number of
friends and relatives. The young people
are both well known In thia locality, hav
ing lived In this county all their Uvea.
ORD The following are those slated to
act aa Jurymen for the coming term of
court: Henry McClellan, E. C. Loomls, H.
I. Green, Oust Rose, J. E. Bresley. Cleg
Hughes. W. B. Keown, John R. Sharp,
8. 8. Brown, W. W, Loofbourrow, H. C. E.
a the use of describing them
at just the price you wish to pay.
to S30
X.EMABT TABU (like lllustratin) This ia
a particularly choice colonial pattern, made
of genuine mahogany veneered or quarter
aawed golden oak, either polished or dull fin
ish. One of our most popular scroll designs.
Ha one large drawer and under ahelf, Is 26-ln.
wide and 40 inches long. Priced re- C fj
markably low, choice either finish, ea, V""
Marks. W. O. Preston. Frank Walker. D.
H. Rathbun. Otto Barts, Raymond Oaas.
Jamea BaUlnger, John Conner, William
Oray. Frank Travis, John Lukesh. C. I.
Dohnald. A. O. Huff, Q. W. Taylor. .
HOLDREGE Mlas Fay Plurrrmer,
youngeat daughter of Mr. and Mra. E. A.
Plummcr, died at the home of her parents
In thia city of tuberculoala at the age of
It years. Funeral services were held at
the residence Saturday afternoon.
Horse, Skating and Ski Races Vader
Auspice of King Hsakos.
CHICAGO. Feb. 20.-A special cable to
the Dally News from Christlanla, Norway,
says: During the fortnight beginning next
Tuesday Norway will be the acene of some
of the greatest events In the history of the
International sports. They will open at
Christiania with trotting racea over thV
frozen waters of the Frognorkllen and the
nsrrow sound of Christiania Fjord. On
Wednesday afternoon there will be horse
back racing on the snow outside the capi
tal. That afternoon will begin the tea
hockey and fencing n atches. - all to be
finished In the week. Saturday will see
the skating racea st 600 snd 1,000 yards for
the world's championship of 1909. Long
ski racea are scheduled for Sunday and on
Monday there will be a ski Jumping con
test on the Holmekollen hills.
On Wednesday, March t, the seen will
be changed to Llllehammar, a amall Inland
town, 100 mllea from Christiania, where
'111 be held a long ski race over soma of
the wildest mountains In Norway. Also
there will be a Norwegian championship
skating race on MJoaen lake, the largest
in the country, as well ss treating races.
That part of the contests scheduled for
Llllehammar will be national In character.
In the ski contests on the Holmekollen hills
three foreign runners are entered. Rudolph
Blehler, the German champion for 19U9;
Bruno Blkler, who held the same cham
pionship last year, and M. Couttet This
will be the first time anybody outside of
Norway has ventured to compeU with tlui
natives In their national sport.
King Haakon, under whose special sus
pires the events will be held, will stten-1
all, both at Christiania and Lillchammer.
mighty ")
"I' 'fit V - e V 1