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porarily ahaale! have The Baa
sailed, ta tbeaa. Address will ta
chaageel aa ( aa raaaaated.
Last call (or your Waihtngton'i
birthday shopping.
The Panama canal will b finished
by digging. In it. not at it.
A Gobblers' club has been formed
in Washington. It should bo stuffed.
As a traveler, young King Alfonso
appears" to ; b the W. H. Taft of
Any office occupied by. republicans
overlooked In the round-up for the
gubernatorial pie counter?
Mr. Bryan also forgot to mention
among the bills to be killed the bill
to repeal the terminal tax.
Mr. Knox Is the only man on record
who must "eel complimented because
his salaryhaa been reduced.
The law allows a man to sign as
many primary petitions as be pleases
and then also to vote as he pleases.
The new postofflce appropriation bill
makes no provision allowing Senator
Tillman to frank a typewriter through
the mails.
Perhaps It would be Just as well tf
send a hero medal to that man whi
asked Mrs. Hetty Green for ber daugh
ter's hand.
A southern court rules that a mule
has no rights. In face of abundant tes
timony that that mule has both rights
and lefts.
Manufacturers of corkscrews report
an unusual demand from the south.
Draw has always been a popular game
In the south.
Thanks to Mr. Taft, the Panama
ranal may be added to the list of
things that the people may quit wor
ryini: about.
There seems to be danger that the
United States senate may degenerate
to the level of the Nebraska legisla
ture. The jewelers will be the next or
ganization to taBte of Omaha's hospi
tality, ard they will find it all that has
been advertised.
A Mississippi jury has returned a
verdict against the unwritten law. The
solid south l showlnj slgas of disin
tegration, all right.
The next theatrical attraction "A
California Divorce," presented by
Daniel Frohman, with Margaret Illlng
ton In the stellar role.
There Ik no occasion for this criti
cism of Mr. Carnegie's advice on the
tariff. It Is perfectly harmless so long
as congress does not take It.
That the coat of municipal govern
ment per capita Is highest lav Boston
and lowest in Milwaukee Indicates a
triumph of beer over beans.
Membera of the Turkish cabinet are
resigning. The sultan can get a nice
supply of left-over material by apply
ing to Mr. Taft after March 4.
"The stage Is as good as the society
4f this city," says a New York bishop
and the actors and actresses have been
too busy to resent the statement.
Grover Cleveland's picture Is to be
placed on a new Issue of postage
stamps. Mr. Bryan will probably lay
a an extra stock of the old kind.
In his address to the legislature, Mr.
Bryan undertook to tell the demo
cratic lawmakers of his own state
what legislation pending before them
should be passed, what rejected and
what should yet be introduced. Under
none of these three headings did he
put In a word for organised labor, to
which he had held out such glittering
allurements in his recent campaign for
election to the presidency.
Not a word did Mr. 'Bryan say' it.
advocacy of a law , abolishing the
power of our state courts to Issue re
straining orders and Injunctions In
labor disputes that would not issue If
no lebor dispute were involved. Not
a word did Mr. Bryan say In advocacy
of & law requiring notice and hearing
before the Issue of Injunctions in labor
disputes that would properly lie.
Not a word did Mr. Bryan say In
advocacy of a law Insuring trial by
Jury In all cases for contempt of court
not committed In the presence of the
None of these laws are now on the
Nebraska statute books and the demo
cratic majority of the legislature has
ample power to enact them.
Neither can it be said in excuse for
Mr. Bryan 'that this labor legislation
is not promised in the platform on
which the democrats won out in. Ne
braska, even though he urged some
things that were covered in no plat
form. The platfocm promulgated by
the Nebraska democrats In March,
1908, contains these promises of
labor legislation more distinctly and
more unequivocally than the Denver
platform and the democratic state
platform of September, 1908, ex
pressly affirms the Denver platform.
Is Mr. Bryan after election forget
ful of his former labor allies, or is he
merely neglectful of them?
The esteemed American Wool and
Cotton Reporter of Boston, with a
thrifty Idea common with New Eng
enders, refuses to see any cause for
pert comment or coarse jest in the bill
Introduced by Representative Sink in
the Nebraska legislature calling for
sheets nine feet long on all hotel beds
within the state. The Boston author
ity comments on the measure without
any thought of microbes or the com-
fort of fastidious, guests, but with an
eye single to the boom the general
adoption of the plan woud have on the
cotton industry. The Reporter Bays:
As tha textile and its allied industries
furnish a liberal quota of cuatomera for
hotel proprietors, and a standard 108-inch
sheeting would use up more cotton,- give
more employment to mill workera and
benefit Ui growers of cotton, there la) no
reason why the textile lnduatry ahould
not heartily endorae such a measure. and.
agitate in all states of the union for such
a bed covering.
The thrifty Bostonlan comment Is
laden with sagacity and fraught with
suggestion. Why stop at nine-foot
bedsheeta when there is room for great
improvement and more cotton in other
directions? The nine-foot bedsheet
would be all right in its way, but it
would be out of all proportion With
the scrimpy towels furnished in the
average hotel. If we are to have nine-
foot sheets, tha harmonies should be
preserved by Insisting upon forty-inch
towels for bathing purposes and at
least thirty-Inch towels for the minor
and secondary ablutions. Some sta
tistician can easily figure out what this
would mean in cold dollars and cents
to the cotton growers of the south, the
manufacturers, the middlemen, the
country stores and to everyone who has
a hand In taking a share of the hotel
man's profits..
The Arkansas citizen who could not
repair his roof wh.en it was raining
and insisted that It was as good as
anybody's roof in bright weather ap
parently established a precedent that
is being followed by the Monetary com
mission, appointed by congress during
the panic of 1907-8. (i The commission
came Into existence when the financial
interests of the country were devising
plans for meeting the industrial and
commercial' crisis. The Aldrich-Vree-
land bill, an admitted makeshift, was
put through congress and the commis
sion appointed with Instructions to
make a thorough Investigation aud re
port recommendations looking to a
complete revision of the national cur
rency system. The commission went
on a junket to Europe and appears
then to have suspended Its arduous la
bors since the financial and industrial
skies have grown brighter with the
passing of the panic clouds.
The commission has collected much
information on foreign currency and
banking systems, ruoBt of which are
impossible of adoption in this country,
and volumes of correspondence with
American bankers regarding proposed
amendments of the administrative
bank act. - The commission has held no
sessions for the consideration of this
data and has made no report to con
gress. The most recent calls for In
formation from the commission, made
by prominent bankers, has brought a
letter chiding the bankers for failing
to take advantage of the opportunity
offered by the Aldrich-Vreeland bill to
organize associations and Issue emer
gency currency. The bankers have
made it plain that they will not organ
ize under the Aldrich-Vreeland law un
less the measure is radically amended
at the defective points which the
trainers of the law left In unsatisfac
tory shape. The chief defect waa the
provision that a bank having once
joined one of the associations could
not withdraw until not only its . own
obligations had been liquidated, but
until those of eve-y other unit In the
association had been liquidated. This
would involve the maintenance of the
ug3aUou with discordant units ' and
the hankers generally have refused to
take advantage of the law. v
As the situation stands, the Aldrich
Vreeland law Is inoperative and the
financiers In congress are radically
divided as to the best method of
amending' the existing currency laws.
Speaker Cannon is dead set against the
asset currency plan and Senator Aid
rich, chairman of the senate finance
committee and head of the Monetary
commission. Is equally firm indemand
ing an asset currency. All the while
the bankers and business men appreci
ate the need of a general revision of
the currency system, the amendment of
the national bank act administrative
bill and a general overhauling of the
laws affecting examination of banks,
the duties of directors and the method
of Injecting the element of elasticity
Into the currency. On these questions
the Monetary commission is thus far
silent, thus shifting one more im
portant matter over to Mr. Taft 's administration.
The dairy and creamery industry in
Nebraska has within a compexatively
few years attained a size end import
ance which promises to put this state
in the very front rank of dairy states.
As is Inevitable In any rapid indus
trial development, the ' dairy and
creamery Interests have various com
plicated problems to meet whose sat
isfactory and prompt solution means
much for the advancement or retard
ing of theirs growth. Some of these
problems can be solved by Intelligent
legislation to prevent abuses, insure
sanitary methods of business and in
sure equal and fair treatment of
cream producers.
The people most directly interested
in the dairy and creamery industry
in Nebraska have submitted several
bills to the legislature, arising out of
their experience along these lines
which are entitled to careful consider
ation and favorable action if they are
reasonably, calculated to promote and
build up still further this great de
partment of agricultural pursuit in a
state like Nebraska, in which agricul
ture is and must always be the main
stay of population and wealth.
Ordinarily the news dispatch from
the south dealing with some crime in
which a negro is involved is apt to
contain some very disappointing state
ments to the effect that the sheriff's
men offered no resistance to the mob,
but were disposed to make everything
as easy as possible for the lynchers.
On that account there Is a particularly
refreshing note in the report of the
heroism of a Florida sheriff, who, with
three deputies, held a 'mob at bay
against overwhelming 'odds and saved
a prisoner for fair trial before the law.
The prisoner is charged with a re
volting crime, but had not. been con
victed. The sheriff had reason to be
lieve that the man was innocent, and
for four hours he kept the mob at a
distance by threatening to kill the first
man who made a move toward the. jail,
until law-abiding citizens came to his
relief and secured the consignment of
the prisoner to" Jail untll he has a fair
trial. A little more nerve and bravery
of this kind will do much to restore
the south to the confidence of the-fest
of the country, well-nigh forfeited by
officials yielding to the murderous stu
pidity of mob law.
Some credit will have to be given
the Council Bluffs man who shot him
self Instead of his wife while in a
Jealous rage. This is a noteworthy
variation of the usual program, and
deserves the attention of emotional
persons, who feel they must shoot in
order to express the ardent love they
When one member of the Douglas
delegation at Lincoln tells another
member of the Douglas delegation:
"You don't know nothing about it,"
he unquestionably tells a great truth.
In which all who know any of them
will concur.
It will be something of a novelty for
the next president to send a Ven
ezuelan message to congress without
regretting to report that the difficulties
between the United States and Vene
zuela are still far from being settled.
And, to think that It is not a year
ago that Mr. Bryan, smiling, posed
for his photograph with that terrible
monster, Andrew -Carnegie, and still
managed to escape alive and uncon
tamlnated. Membership in the Commercial
club is not absolutely essential to hap
piness, but an Omaha business man
ought to feel a great deal better it his
name is on tha roll vf boosters.
It has happened more than once
that our charter tinkers have made
fat berths for themselves to be in and
later found them occupied by some
one else.
"Is it winter or summer?" asks a
New England paper. Depends upon
whether you are referring to the
morning or the afternoon of the aver
age day.
Perhaps the purpose of the elective
police commission promoters is to put
the policemen and firemen and saloon
keepers and resort keepers back into
A Washington doctor Is said to have
grafted a whole leg onto a man. That
operation is much rarer In Washing
ton than grafting a whole leg off a
A minister in New York Is telling
about a man who had a spider trained
to answer his whistle and could make
a trout come to him by snapping his
fingers. Very interesting, but the
time for additions to the nature fakirs'
class expires by limitation In a tew
Senator Tillman announces that he
"will keep right after the president."
The chances for a peaceful summer
will Improve If Tillman goes to Africa.
A cable from Abyssinia announces
that King Menelek Is in perfect
health. That does not help much If
The peach crop Is going to be a failure.
Th ttrpaaaaa K templar.
Chicago Tribune.
A man of Mr. Rooscvel'e tremendous
energy ia capable of writing any number
Of special mesaagea to congreaa on any
number of eubjrcts without exhauatlng
hmaclf. delaying hie preparatlona for an
African hunt, or Interfering with hie regu
lar phyaical exerclm.
Force of Habit.
Washington Herald.
When Senator Burrowa announced the
vote of Nebraaka for tha republican can
didate, In counting the electoral vote laat
Wedneaday, we are aura U waa the force
of habit that prompted him. and not a
baoe dealgn to chieel Mr. Bryan out of
any of hia political goods and chattels.
l!lft of m. Commoner.
Chicago Record-Herald.
Senator Jeff Da via. tha foe of plutocracy,
rides around Washington in a big, man
eating automobile, and It la reported that
In addition to having a butler he thinks
of employing a valet. But let It be remem
bered that Benatnr Jeff la not thu onlv
man who has found It profitable to be. a
proreasional commoner.
" Dodging a Record.
Boston Transcript.
A poll taken In the houae on overriding
the president's veto of the bill to put the
cenaus on a apolla basta revealed auch a
degree of disinclination to go on record on
thia queatlon that announcement has now
been made at committee headquartera that
the meaaura haa "been "Indefinitely poat-
poned." Something for Mr. T.aft to attend, fo
In tha extra aeealon of the spring.
Breakage of Rail.
New York Tribune.
On one of the roada weat of Chicago the
breakage of rails tn 200 miles of new track
la said to hava been four timea aa great
during a given period aa .on a section of
the aame length where the rails were aev
eral years old. Aa the new rails weigh
eighty-five pounds to the yard and tha pld
ones seventy-five. It Is evident that some
thing bealdea alaa ia involved in ability to
withstand the hammering of traffic
Wlreleee Scores a. Fallare.
Philadelphia Record.
Tha abortive attempt to keep in con
tinuing touch with Admiral Bperry and hia
approaching batMeahlps by wireless teleg
raphy Is a diatlnct disappointment not only
to tha naval authorities, but to the general
public. Evidently there Is an element of
uncertainty In tha aystem that 'thus far has
baffled Inventive Ingenuity. Whether tha
disability arises from a confusion of aerial
mesaagee and Inability to Isolate tha apo
dal mesaage desired or from other causea
matters little. The owners of stock' In
cable systems are not worrying.-
Ittar Troet Devleea.
. . Kansas City Times.
In tha course of the fraud proaecutlona
against tha Sugar trust It haa developed
that tha welghera employed by tha trust
in New York receive from (26,000 to 150,000
each per year, and It la charged that these
weighers employ . devices to show under
weight of Importations resulting in a cheat
on the government in tha payment of
duties. Now, Just a matter of weighing,
does anyone think for a minute that the
Sugar trust would pay such salaries ta its
welghera unleas these weighers were
"earning tha money."
Where Nve Moves Slowly.
Kanaaa -City Timea.
It aeems almost incredible that there ia
any part of tha denaely populated world
so remote from present means ot com
munication that a diaaatroua earthquake
could occur in It without tha news of It
reaching the outer world for mora than
twenty daya. Yet It haa only now become
known that an earthquake destroyed mora
than 6,000 Uvea, sixty villagea and vaat
property In Persia, January 23. On tha
other hand, modern acience almost Instantly
recorded the fact that an earquake of
great force had occured at that time.
Political Plaaa Oatllned by Alleged
Peraoaal Friend.
Philadelphia North American.
"I hava not seen any account of the way
Bryan takes his defeat, his preaent posi
tion, hia view of the election and the Ideas
his friends hava for hia future," aaid a
peraonal friend of William J. Bryan re
cently, one who took a very active part In
laat year's democratic, national campaign.
"So here .ia tha' ailuation on all those
matters. It la tha reault of careful in
quiry, correspondence, travel, paraonal
meetings, and, aa near aa possible, repre
aenta tha moat accurate vlawa of himself
and his near friends at the present time.
"Mr. Bryan," eald hia friend, "will not
be a candidate for the presidential nomi
nation again, but he la determined that
tha democratic nominee in 1911 shall be a
man who waa loyal to him laat Novem
ber, and who la known to hold what Mr.
Bryan calls advanced and progreaslve dem
ocratic views.'
"During tha next four yearn new men
and Issues are expected to make their ap
pearance, and an entirely new political
alignment may be expected within the
democratlo party. At preaent Mr. Bryan
does not look with favor on the presiden
tial aaplratlona of Governor John A. John
eon of Minnesota or Oovernor Harmon of
Ohio, although, reduced to a choice of the
laat two, the Nebraakan prefera tha Ohio
"Bryan regards 8enator-elect Slilvely of
Indiana aa a 'progressive' democrat; alao
8enator Chamberlain of Oregon, Oovernor
John Burke and Representative Champ
Clark of Missouri, who la to be demo
cratlo leader of the house of representatives
St Washington after March 4.
"The friends of Bryan don't yet regard
Oovernor 8hallenberger ot Nebraaka, or
Governor Marshall of Indiana aa 'progrea
slve,' although there la hope that their
wotk will receive the approval of Bryan
and that their namea may be added to hia
favored claaa. Bryan will continue to write
for hia newspaper and lecture constantly
for four yeara.
"Hia Incoma ranges from Hi.', 000 to lau.OOu
a year. Ha was badly broken up and bit
terly disappointed over his defeat, for
which ha waa unprepared. He haa taken
tha third defeat much harder than any
previous reveraa In politic. To frienda ha
haa revested bia belief that tha chief cauae
of the heavy vote for Taft tn large citiaa
waa tha defection of Catholia.votera. And
his friends among that persuasion are try
ing ta argue bim out of hia notion' "
The apeech from the throne at the open
ing of the British Parliament, last Tues
day, did not disclose any ministerial policy
of international Interest. It was a colorless
deliverance, limited strictly to local affaira.
These local problem, however, are like a
stretch of wave-lashed rocka toward which
the liberal party craft Is headed with but
scant hope of avoiding a craah. Rarely
haa a British ministry, with a dominant
majority in the Commons, faced a more
discouraging prospect. ThS House of Lords
Is more determined than ever In Its opposi
tion to liberal party measures, encouraged
by a succession of liberal defeats at by
electlgna , and tha lack of aggressive har
mony in ministerial ranks. The mlnlatry
lacks cohesion ln-hTS" naval policy, hesitates
to appeal to the country on the Issue of
mending the Lords, and Is further embar
rassed by the problem of securing Increased
revenue to meet greatly increased national
expenses. Increased taxation In tha face
of widespread Industrial depression, with
hundreds of thousands of unemployed de
manding work, is bound to be unpopular,
unleas some way Is found to place the
burden on the rich. With this class en
trenched In the House of Lords, opposition
to such a plan may go to the extent of re
jecting a budget the peers cannot lawfully
amend. It Is evident the Asqulth ministry
cannot long continue in a course which
leaves the peers maatera of the situation.
A party that , cannot redeem Us pledges
lacks an excuse for living.
Much of the news regarding political af
fairs in Ireland ia filtered through the news
bureaus of London and take on a color
distinctly hostile-to the Irish home rule
Interest. , This .coloring In large, naked
splotches, was put on the report of the
recent convention of the nationalist party
at Dublin. The presa report described a
part of tha proceedings as a Donnybrook
fiacaa, Intimating that peraonal encounters
had taken place. Nothing of the kind oo
currcd. In his dispatches to American
papers, T. P. O'Connor, a member of Par
liament and participant In the conven
tion, thus describes what has been pictured
as a disgraceful fisticuff: "For just half
a minute there was some confusion in the
convention when Father Clancy and
Kugene Crean, M. P.. two of William
O'Brien's friends, advanced- in to beg
O'Brien to spare hia voice and strength in
the face of a tempest of interruption from
the convention. The O Brienltea auspended
their attempt to break up the convention
In disorder, and Clancy and Creans' action
was misunderstood and they were shoved
back into their seats. The whole scene
lasted thirty seaonds and not a blow waa
struck " It takea a very small dlaturbance
In Ireland to beoome a riot when aeen
through tha biased spectacles of London.
The first attempt to disrupt the constitu
tional ministry of Turkey proved diaaatroua
to tha chief promoter, Grand Visler
Pasha. Sver since tha constitutional forces,
represented by young Turka party, assumed
control of affairs, there hava been plots
and counterplots among tha reactionaries
who seek to restore the old regime. Minis
terial leaders of tha young Turks pressed
for more radical reforms than the grand
visler would sanction, and doubtlesa threat
ened to force the abdication of Sultan Ab
dul Hamld. Kiamll Paaha Inclined mora to
tha opposition, and attempted to checkmate
tha progreslvea by dismissing two of his
aaaoclates. By an almost unanlmoua vote
tha parliamentary chamber dismissed the
grand visler and reinstated the ministers
ha had cashiered. Evidently tha reaotlon
ariea were unable to, take advantage of the
situation prematurely created when th
hand of Kiamll waa forced by hia col
league. The unanimity of tha constitu
tional forces In quickly disposing of the
Issue raised is a reassuring display of
loyalty to and confidence In the leadership,
and leaves the plotters without an open
friend in th cabinet.
Tha annexation of Bosnia and Herae
govlna to the empire of Franola Joseph
does not mean their extinction aa a stale.
It meana a change of aovereigna only. In
a recent statement the Austrian premier,
Baron Blenerth, glvia auaurancea of com
plete home rule for both states. A Diet
for both ia to be created and put in opera
tion, probably next spring, consisting of
ecclesiastical repreaentation proportioned
to the different creeda, and seventy-two
elected deputies, representing an average
of 25.000 electors. The franchise ia to be
direct and universal, but the electorate will
be divided Into three classes the first
comprising the largest taxpayers, all per.
sons posaeaalng academical diplomas, and
membera of chambers of commerce the
second and third claaaea comprising urban
and rural electora, respectively. The pre
mier declares the Diet will have Jurisdic
tion over all matters that concern Bosnia
and Hersegovlna alone, rractlcally on lines
similar to an American state. .
The readiness with which the Japaneae
appropriate the Invention of foreigners' la
familiar to tradera In the Orient, and Is a
fruitful source of antagonism in commercial
circle. Official Japan ia beginning to
realise the dishonesty of prevailing busi
ness methods and ia endeavoring to bring
about reform by persuasion. Not long ago
the vice minister of rommerce and agri
culture addresaed a algnlficant circular to
the varioua chambers of commerce of Uie
country. Without mincing matters ha says
that In conatMiucnce of the growing lnten
aity of competition, inventions, trade marks
and other Industrial rights hava been Imi
tated or stolen tn Japan, and that foreign
trade nvarka and trade names hava alao
been abused, and that the virtlme have
from time t time applied to tha author
The finest, most tasteful and
wholesome biscuit, cake and pas
try are made with Royal Bak
ing Powder, and not otherwise.
Royal is the only Baking Powder
made from
Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
ities for redresa. Ha goes on to express the
hope that "merchanta and manufacturers
will endeavor o to engage In their toual
nesa aa to win confidence, which Is the
fundamental principle of trade, and wilt
try to bring about prosperity by honorable
Sobriety Is becoming an Industrial neces
sity In Germany, particularly among em
ployes of railways. An order Issued by the
Prussian minister of railways a few years
ago, forbidding employes engaged In the
trsln, switching and signaling service to
Indulge In slcohollo drinks while on duty
or while waiting to go on duty, has pro
duced markedly beneficial results. A Ger
man paper says discipline has been bet
tered, resistance to superiors and quarrels
among equals have decreased. There have
been fewer cases of illness attributable to
alcoholic excesses, and tha younger em
ployes especially have a realising sense
of their dangers. Without doubt tha men
hava gone to their work fresher and mora
capable and have dona their work more
carefully and willingly, to the advantage of
their own health and safety." At home -or
abroad, modern Industry demands clear,
head work, and Is thereby a tremendous
force for temperance the world oven,
In the smaJl Swiss village of Oettnau, in
the province of Lucerne, tha piteous cry of
the unemployed Is heard without touching
a single responsive chord. It comes from
one person only, and he is tha locat grave
digger. Business with him Is so distinctly
bad that ha Is unable to dig up tha price
of an advertisement In tha "Help Wanted"
column. There ara 000 odd inhabitants In
tha villa, so very odd that none of
them has given him a Job since June, 1907.
He cherished bright hones of activity this
winter, but the people obstinately refuse
to shuffle off. H holds his post under
tha rural council, tor which body ha haa
presented his resignation, claiming that
he cannot live without the dead, and tha
way the people have been hanging on to
life' In the laat twenty months Is simply
In the treaty Just concluded between
France and Germany respecting .Morocco,
Great Britain, as usual, scores mora srub
stantlally than 'the signatory nations. In
the original agreement framed up at
Algeclraa, France relinquished its right
to question tha continued occupation of
Egypt by England, removing the laat
diplomatio barrier to the permanency of that
grip. The preaent treaty restricts French
control of Morocco and prevents annexa
tion to French Algiers. Germany assumes
this to bo si diplomatic triumph Over
France, but tha cMef gainer is Great
Britain. The treaty neutralises control of
northern Africa, prevents the fortification
of tha African Pillar of Heroulea Jutting
out toward Gibraltar, by a rlvsj power,
and leaves tha fortified recumbent lion
dominating tha entrance to tha Mediter
ranean. So farreachlng and skillful are
the fingers of Albion in a diplomatic game
that a rew trumps ara sura to coma Its
way somehow.
i ne governor or Missouri, with his gorge
ous staff of colonels, ournoaea attending
khe Taft Inauguration, provided the colonels
successfully undergo a horseback riding
test. Twenty miles day for three days
Is the task set before them.
In order to correct current rennrta nana.
tor Stephenson of Wisconsin sends out word
that his re-election expenses were $107.-
7SB.OS. as It Is only a couple of thousand
dollars more than the amount hitherto re
ported the correction Is cheerfully made
and appears to be entitled to full credence.
Having demonstrated his ability to reduce
tha city's expenses tl.OOO.OOO a veer, tha
mayor of Boston has been' invited by the
city council to sink the ax still deeper
and cut out such office bills as S4.B27 for
stationery, $5,167 for automobile rentala,
ror entertaining guests, and $3,128 for
Piano Bargains
at Hospe's on Saturday
High Grade Pianos
put on Bale this Saturday, including Hallet-Davis pianos,
Chickering & Sons pianos, Weser Bros, pianos, Wood-Smith,
Kimball, Willard, Whitney, Imperial, Burtons and many
other pianos. Prices ranging from
S14H $106, $188, $215, $250 and
S10 Down. S5 Per Month
Now is the time to secure bargains.. .Every instrument
fully warranted.
A. Hospp, 1513 Douglas Street
Repre8ntatlv)s for Kranlch QX Bach
and Bush (EL Lane Pianos
sundry parties. But the mayor cannot sea
sny benefit in lopping off perqultlties
strictly his own.
A stcnogrspher In the Board of Health,
department of Boston resigned her Job for
tha reason that male members of the
bord insist In promoting the health of tha
women by hugging them. As tha latter 1
exercise had no perceptible affect on h Ir
pay check she paased up the bugs and tha
A Missouri statesman rips up the nine
foot bed sheet reform scheme and goes it
one better. Ife proposes a" law forbidding
farmers wearing pink socks and patent
leather pumps during harvest Urn a. With
admirable sagacity ha Insists that the
prevailing color schema makes a legitimate
lnduatry take on the appearance of a
vaudeville stunt. v
Announcement thst Theodora Roosevelt
will arrive at Naples tha end of March
on his way to East Africa and will re
main In Italy eleven days haa been re
celved at Rome with great satisfaction.
Both the king and tha pope hava ex
pressed the desire to meet him. Arrange
ments are being made for Mr. Rooaevelt
to visit tha earthquake sone.
Teacher Who wrote "The Charge of th
Light Brigade?"
City Boy Tha Gas trust. Chicago Trib
une. Cholly He called; you an insignificant
little noodle, did heT
Fweddy Ya-aa, but I got even with him
bah Jove. I wrote him a lettah. signed It
"youhs wespectfully" and then scwatched
out tha "wespectfully" bah Jove. Chicege
"She married m dentist and in ftva weeka
sued him for nonsupport. According to her
petition he wouldn't provide food for her."
"Perhap It waan't any part of his busi
ness policy to keep her teeth In condition."
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"Now where did t lay my rat, I wonderT
fretted Mrs. Trousseau.
"Your er rat?" said her husband. 'Do
you mean thai fluffy thing you put on your
"Of course!"
"I'm sura I don't Vnow, rny'deart but
why call It a ratT Rabbit Would be better
It would sound mora like real hare."-
Lipptnoott's Maaaxlne.
"A young man has telegraphed me that
he has Just wedded my daughter."
"I hope he's a good, practical man.
"I guess he la. He wired me, oollect,-
Louisville Courier-Journal.
"Wouldn't it be nice?' said tha Canary
to the Parrot.
"What' would be nice 7" queried tha par
rot. "If humans would only extend this wire
less idea to cages." Baltimore American.
George Whitman, D. D., In Leslie's Weekly.
You may fondle your fame. Ilka a hunter
his game.
And exult In tha roar and tha rattle.
While the multitudes shout, and the cannon
blase out
The praise of the victor In battlet
But the victor will pine when the shoutings
And another will ahlne at tha turn of tha
You may garner your gain Ilka a farmer his.
And boast of your bonds and your money;
You may gather your wealth by struggle or
As gathers the bee Its honey;
But your money will pall, In tha heat of
your pride.
And turn Into gall, at tha turn of th tide.
You may subjugate men, as swlna to tha
By the rod of the owner are driven:
You may flourish the whip, with a merciless
While force to your fingers is given;
But your fingers will fall, and the men you
Shall flourish the flail at tha turn of tha
You may prosper through wrong, as tyrant
do long. ' X
Aha rule Tike a merciless Nero:
And the truculent slave for a season may
Tn praise of his maculate hero;
But the tyrant will bleed, when tha Judge
shall decide.
And the slave shall succeed, at tha turn of
the tide.