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. (Continued.
JEET LAND " "?hhJ: .5!
moat beets; MO acre,, lerel valley land,
around town; $80 per acr. Real aetata
tgentsi attention.- . D. c. Patterson,
Omaha. . .- - 10
FOR BALK A bargain. Bay Stat farm
Z."" ."1? ""e-nair miles wMt of North
Band, Dodge county, Nebraska, on main
Una of Union Pacific Railroad. 775 acre
II choice corn land. Oraln elevator,
60.000 buahals cap., large dwelling,
barns, cribs, sheds and- other farm build
ing. A cholc train and atock farm.
Wall equipped for handling train and
feeding iittk. Address A. L. Norrla.
North Band,' Neb. - M9M 21
4 " ' A SNAP.
"H1llcrttt" ,80-acre fruit and atock
escrlptlon. ' J. T. Campbell. Lttr-hfirld,
Neb. () M971 2at
1,500 cah, balance lonir time, will buy 140
acrea niu Pawnee t'lly. Well Improved,
Rood orchard,' lift acrea cultivated, 16 acre
tame hay, 40 seres pasture. Price) I0.(M:
mortgage H.MQ (optional). Bemls, Paxton
Ulk.. Omaha. . ' (20)- M107 1
sawtk Dakota
'A DAKOTA bargain. n6 acraa. two mil
,rrom Huron; wo acrea tinea, 10 acre fin
grove; a number of large, bearing plum
i mi; 1 acre oC aaparngua that produce
4fioui (w worm a year; new -rouro
hour 24i3ri. new barn l3l; another build
ing 2Wn a large root cellar; a new 2-lacn
flowing wall, flow W gallon per minute.
Vegetfele and grain took til worth of
firlse at the South Dakota atata fair In
tM. Boil la a deep aandy loam, with c!ay
ubaoil. If taken oon 1 will aell for 111.
uQ; $t,009 cash and $5,000 on time at par
cant, U K. McMonlea, Huron, 8. D.
- Mluearl.
Mitchell's Bargain List
ltrVor- Deuel county land, all level, rich
farm land, IK at' acre.
MO acre Hitchcock county! 'all' fenced. 600
acre good farm land, .close to railroad
town; IIS an acre.
ISO-acre .well Improved ' Rock1 county farm,
ask about "this; It 1 a bargain; $30 an
64 acrra. 8-dgwick county, Colorado, SO
acrea irrigated; all good land.
t!2.60 an acre, another of 220 acrea; 66 acre
Irrigated, tin an. acre. One of 100 acrea, mo
acrea under-Irrigation, $40 an acre. Theae
land are" under the Juleshurg rsrVotr
ditch and are now being farmed and ar
bargains; cloao to town. .
10 acrea In- th wheat belt of weatern
Kansas: all good farm, land and close to
town,' I2.WO. x.
Northern New Mexico Irrigated Lands,
The fine.-and beat proposition In Irrl
xatrd lands-in tha west; ask about thos.
W. W; Mitchell,
332 Board -of Trade Bldg., Omaha. Nob.
20) M164.19
M laoellaaaeoaa.
i .... . . .
y . - f ' r - t
."M.SIO-acre well Improved rnch .ln northeast
Nebraska, $7,000 worth of Improvement.
acre now In" cultivation, 2,009 acre
a' would make good faVm'land, 900 acre of
fin Jiny land, all fervocd and cress-fenced
with three wlre,runnlng water lo jaa
ture, goodf black aolT with flay auk-soil.
Thl la one ef the finest atock and grain
ranches In the state. Email farm In thl
t--all1y are selling:foir'$ Ifio'per acr.
T"an offer thl. ranch Mil March 1 for
S13 per acre. tl,000 cash, balance long
time.-- This i ' will be' $30 per acre as so an
as my. opium spirea.. Coma or write. '
S. 'E. WAIT & CO..
' .--...!-, ' '
T Be' Riritdlhg, Omaha.
Tel. . Douglas K92.
(30)-Miaa 1
CORN fartnt Clover' farm? Bluegras farmT
Hornet Speculation V Free pocket map of
Missouri- if yon wrtte me. Ed. H. Smith,
I'hlllioothe, Mo, Bus man know my resi
dence. () M14 2&x
Farsa akal Hsvaiaaf Laada.
1st acres on payed road, "Ulh and Ceatar
atresia. Oman. Sea owner, C..E. Wilk
in. Dewey hotel. Mil MMl'ti)
WANTED City loni and warrants. W.
rarnam Smith Co.. li-'O Farnam St.
.'' ". " I . U2-8I
Private money: $S0U to K.000; low rata.
. '. . , ...
IM0 TO K.000 ton bpenes In Omaha. O'Kecf
Real EstaU Co.. 1CJ1 N. Y. life. Doug,
or A-UU. (?3) 6
SECOND MORTOAtiB loans negotiated.
A piny llojm 41. -IS rust .Nai l Uknk l'ldg.
sVII 'pbOP aouglas 318. tai)-
UWH TO LOAN raya Investment Co.
: ... -
WANTKD-Clty loan. Peter Trust Co.
. , ta sf
1o 1 an oa ',
. Qmsha tiusin!ts Property.
Room. I istw. York Ufa Bldg.
LOWEST RATES Bemls. Paxton block.
i i ta-i
pi T$io,onoTTde promptly. F. V. Wead.
Wead BIC;..' llth indjarutm. C)-rtt
ts) to X-Oi.uuO at cut rent ratea.
W. H. 'IHUMAtl. but First Nat ) Bank Bldg.
'. i - .
PRIVATE money to loan. J H- Sherwood,
kit Brandels Bldg. t2) b
l'ROI'E'RTYtoa FAKMt; low rat, nu
delay. 1. tUubernaen. Old Boaton Bioi Kd.
' - 52 m
'" ' (2t-7
WHEN you writs to advertisers, kindly
nun lion the fjet that you saw the ad
In Tua Bt .j; , . . '
w ANrEO Scspa In farma
or rajtchea;
sit full sfWulrs. Bioux li.alty Com-i-any..
ant T tichuleln BMg : Sioux City.
HIGHEST prioea for secondhaad furniture.
carpets, nvmn seu enues. vet. Doug. x;l
. xm
BEST prtt paid for seeoadhand furnltuia.
- rpia wnn ctuimiig, suoea Tel. Ktd
;) rtI"Y-0wil aeenndhand woodworking
machinery Vt . R. Shankland. 1UK N Kin
tH.., LiiK-ilnk Neb. . . (-Ml 1
WHEN you writ to advertisers, remeaa
thmt thai tt takes but an extra streke er
( s t the pea ta meailns toe fact thai
fetl aav li ad la lb it.
Wheat Dull, but Corn Jumpi Higher
Bat Far Mara Activity rrevall la
Cora, Wat Weatker Havlaa Cm
alderable Islsese
tha Market.
OMAHA. Feb. 18, 190.
Cal'le on wheat wer lower ort account
. in iip,n Mainline snipments, snil mi
unexpected happening brought out scsttered
Selling St (h. nn.,,1.. 'l !
market ruled dull, however, throughout the
ssMon, while cash wheat sold stesdy to
Corn wa actlv and wored Into a runa
way markt am . . . .. w j - . .
. - tirmvj uviniitin Irani rw-
ceiver and very light offerings. Country
Z.. v wero """prlslngly light snd the
Wet K Pll hir nvu, w-1. . .
shipments. w,n
..h i w" du" Inactive, with prices
riinng in a narrow range. Outside markets
ZVi r""'er nd n'ers not ttLitig
rt.IH ?n no"h tor Immediate supplies.
r!?I..W,!''"t on floor leady. but
lacked aln-.. v. -.,.-- . . . -.
and closed st l.0tr'. .
li h1n.t"r,..,, ",ron" w'lh outside msrketg
flJUf r 1,',nnd is very good and rallies
Lmn"v V"y- ort covered freely and
.l u'.,t"r 'lv"- waa made until a
"'T h'n I'vel waa made both on the cash
and mv nnttAH. . , . . A.
K"vrw.. ai m.j corn openea ai owe
and closed at 0c.
lT.'y wn"t receipt were 498,000 bu.
nil Ihtrirnanla ... aVtt nna a... i a .
of ?i5 Vy "r of 243,W0 bu' nd hPmnt
torn rw;ppt were A9.m hu. and ihlp-
,, - : -' f "u.. aaninst receipts lant
year of bu. nd shipments of 2,000
n.,. ... ... "
wrn iii.uw du. or corn, mine
hu " whe,( mni lou' afltiai to ,1JW)
uLVSrt?L clo"l Hd lowap on wheat and
Htr d higher on corn. - t
Local rang of option:
Artlcles.i'opnn. High. Iw. Cloae. Yy.
Wheat- ' :
May... 107 1 07t4 1 W Ofi,
Corn-" M WS M
May... m 52 tl n
Omaka Cask Prloai.
WHEAT-No. 2 hard. 11.066 l,07Hi N""
hard il.03Val.fl6H; No. 4 h?rd,
,OKNnNo- c; No- . 6Hr; No. 2
,, AiBiVo-. m"!. 8Vic; No. I yelUvwi,
Sctaidrd'sTvl?"' Wh't'
RYBJ-No. a. 74c; No. p 7Sc. .' .. - V.. '
varlot Receipts. -.-.r r
r"lc0 38 M lS
Minneapolis jas -
lmha ' "jo ' " f "rr
Duluth K.
Peatarea of tha Trading mm Closing
r-rieea oa Boar of Trade.
CHinArwi it.k i t. . . . ..
,,' , in me mill
SiuSl'i" WL'!i "Pencgd a partial
,.w,,. , mini j Buvant ei irt cornr and
ot. attracting the attention of tracer, to
"T rJn- 'ter a tarn on wheal
u?if!f n8f lo" "--the day of
Ho to tlc. Corn closed ,e to He higher
i YT??-y e.rm-nnt couple on March
fioir i.rS01. fo.r ukepin. on first
r.Z;., h fl!.vaU tn;.ront. must-be
reasonable. Address V 83, oare Bee.
2)-M148 19x
YOUNQ MAN wanta good home with tele
phone privileges first class; city refer
ences. Would consider rooming with
Bldi"". Prtrty' i8- B- 00 Brandel.
Bldg..- Tel. Doug. ?239. . (-78 18
wanted situations:: ' V
BN.D&,?. to take horn. Tel. 'wb
ster aai. . () M933 19
W.A2JESrA PJ,o". April 1. in generai
fI'by. trlnced clerk, thoroughly
compotent perfectly reliable, with the
ClliL referjencea: capable ofmanaging,
keeping books and writing ad. Address
cr (271-M161 32x
FURNACE, steam and hot water repairs
Thermostats and other heat regulators1
" hot water oomblnatloh
heating. Omaha Stove Repair Worka.
U09-12US Douglaa Bt. 'Phona.: Ind. A-342
Bell. Douglaa 900. . -701
John W. Ryan to Oottlleh WesaH. lot - .
94, Nelson s add ,.r.. ',.... .1 1 500
Draper Smith and wlf to Arthur" '
Draper Smith and wife, lot 1J, block
1. 1st subdlv. of Qrlffen Bmlth'a '
add...., ' j
Mabel J. Fans and husband' to' Wil
liam 8. Tracnkle. lot 1 tilnk ....
Dundee Place '
Hastings Hoyden to M. B. Turner
lot 6. Hastings A- Heyden's d add..
John A. Crelghton Real Estate and
Trust, company to J. H. Boonstra.
lot 1 E. S. Dundy, Jr.'s subdlv,...;
Alice M. Brown and husband tn rnnir
1 .- i
A. Ayer, lot , block 4. Maryevllle..-. 2.100
Ale Bnkl to L. L E. Stewart, lota
is, is, ii ana is, Diock I, Lafayette -Parlf
t ;:-.-;Ai
Harry A. Tukey to Gould' C. Diets
snd Frederick J. Adams.-sit feet of
n2 feet of. lot-3. block 22, West
Omaha ,
Cout.ty treasurer to Reserve Realty
compuny. lots 17 and 18, block 1.
Hitchcock's 1st add
Leona L. Rushing to Charles D.' Eads!
w0 feet of n50 feet of lot .11 snd ' "
asu feet of lot 12, block 10. 'South
Samuel 8. Kim ha 11' to New Hampshire
Savings bank, lot 19. block
of John I. Redlck's add -
Shlmer & Chase to louls J. PaacRl.
s3u feet of lot 14 snd nlO feet of lot
13. block I. Boulevard park
Prudential Real Estate company to
John 8. Vanrierbeck. lot 11. block 1,
Elmwowd park
Prank R. Vlerllng and wife to E. L.
Dunn, lot 1, block 9. Shull's Id sdd..
Philadelphia Mortgage and. Trust
company to Inga O. M inner, part
lot I, block 10, Isaacs ft Selden's add.
TotsI amount of transfers.
INfJ Notice Is hereby given that the
regular annual meeting of the stockholders
of tha South Piatt Land company will be
held at tlx office of said company, at
l.lioln. Nebraska, at 11 o'clock a. to., oa
tbs third day of March. A. D.. 1909. .
C. H. MORRILL. Pie.UUat..
A. B. MINOR. Secretary.
Lincoln, Nebraska. February 1, ltKs). .
. Fl-d90t'
Ing. Th regular annual meellug of slo k
holders In Ths Be Publishing company will
b held In th office at th ouinpany In The
Bee building, corner 17th and Farnara
atreeta, Omaha. Nebrasks, oa Monday.
March. 1. 19c9, at 4 o c!oi p. u.-Bv order
ef th presides. H E.N K V A. HASKELL.
Seerotary. MElidit
um tstab rona days at mm'a
Weakly sailing between sfaaAraaL Que be
mma lavaryooL
1 Two day' on the beautiful St. Lawrence
River and th ahoruat ocaa rout to
Nothing better en th Atlantic than our
EmpnawA Wireleas on all steaiiiers
rtrst elaaa a0 aaaoaA fao, aae- class
aakta .
Ask your y.-ket agent, ar writ t or saiL
lngs. ratea and booklet.
e. at. waxjAatia, . a.,
asa a. eijra CaiaAa-a, m.
ot lc higher and provlslonr-V3o to
Mf7Hc higher, compared with 11m previou
Th moet Important liem of new for the
wheat trading at th opening waa th esti
mate cabled here that Argentina shipments
of whest for the week wer likely to reach bu. Tbi prediction on the move
nient from th South American country
waa soon followed by on on tha week's
movement from Australia, which placed e
ports from the latter country at 1.400.000 bu.
Aa a result of these statistics sentiment In
the pit wss bearish during th first hour.
There wa general selling by commission
house and also some profit-taking by th
leading holder. Toward midday a firm
tone developed. Inspired largely by th ac
tivity and strength of coarse grain. Cash
wheat continued to sell at stiff prices ow
ing to ths brisk demand by millers, and this
helped to strengthen options. Trade In the
pit, however, was Inclined to drag through
out the entire dsy and the range of prices
was narrow. May sold between 11.12 and
ILltfti. The market closed easy, with May
at and July at 11.00. -
Decided strength marked trading In the
corn pit. the May delivery scoring a new
high record mark for the present upward
movement of prioea at tHc. Other dellver
'es were1 almost equally as strong. The
"weather map" waa chiefly responsible for
the bullish situation. Unsettled weether
was reported throughout the corn belt and
tha official forecast predicted additional
rain or snow tonight and tomorrow. Re
ports from Illinois indicated that the move
ment of grain to market was being delayed
by the poor condition of country roads. An
sdvance of &lc In the price of the cash
grain was an Important factor. The market
reacted from the Mgh point of the day ow
ing to selling by cash Interests, but closed
firm, with May at tWVuiWHe and July at
Oats scored a net gain of 1c for the day,
compared with the closing quotations of the
previous session. During th dsv the May
delivery sold at. f"o, a new high record
mark for the season. Trading was unus
ually acttve and commission houses re
ported a large Increase In buying order
from outsiders. The demand waa based
mainly on the stock of oats In store, which
is said to be extremely light, and on the
reserves, which are ssld to be fsr below
those of last yesr. The Illinois report
showed stocks In farmers' hands to be 16
per cent smaller' than a year ago. The
market closed strong at almost the top,
with May at 66M.o,c and July at 49'c.
Provisions were rather weak at the start,
owing to a JOc decline In live hogs, but ral
lied with the bulge In coarse grsln and
closed at net advances of S1Mf6c to fciTTHe.
Trade was quiet nearly all day.
The leading futures ranged a follow:
a.rttc!e. Open.'l High. Low. C1oe. Ye'y.
Sept. .
1 MS
1 12
1 144
1 00
1 oo-h
1 00
' K
r. M
. 49
1 00
95 V
96 H
41 17 06
9 70 ;
9 82Vj
I '
, July
Pork v
May .
, May
May "July "
1 R
17 02
9 96 V
8 87
.; 49
18 90
17 00
9 5
16 90
1 97
1 97H)
17 06
9 70 .
9 1Ci
9 77
9 96
. 8 95
S 92U
9 92
9 07
9 02tti
9 0THI
9 02'
No. 1
Cash quotation wre as follow: '
FlyOUR Bteadv. . . . ,
RYE No. , 76c.
BARLEY Feed or mixing, 364c; fair
to choice malting. 633&c.
SEEDS Klaa, No. 1 northwestern, tl.8.
Timothy. 13.76. Clover, $9.00.
PROVISIONB-Pork. mess, per bbl.. $18.75
ffllSO. Lard, per 100 lbs., $9.47. Short
ribs, side (loose), S8.26.76; ahort clear
aides (boxed). $8.874r9.12.
t BUTTER-Steady; creamerlea, tatwge
fairies. a25c. ' '
EOOS-Weak; at mark, cases Included.
'2!c; first. 2tte; prime firsts, 27o. '
CHEESE Firm; daisies, 16316c; twins
14i&c; young America, 164i'itH4c: lon
horns. lltc. ' 8
POTATOE8-8teady; cholca to fanoy. 88a
90c; fair to good. 8387o. ' "
POULTRY-Steady; turkeys. 17c; chlck
cna, 14c; spring. 16c.
VEAL-Bteadx; 60 to 60 lbs.. 78c; 90 to 85
lbs., jc; 86 to 110 lba, 99Ua
Total clearance of wheat and flour were
ul t bu. Primary receipts were
498.0H) bt -compared with 221,O0Orbu. the cor
reapondtnr day-a year ago.- Estimated re
ceipts for tomorrow: Wheat, $3 cars; corn.
84 car l oats, 12 car; hoga. J1.000 head.
-. f -
t ' aaMsaaa
Qaatatloa of the Day oaVarloaa
x Camaaodltlea.
iEW,TORIC' Feb' "--FLOUR-Re'ce'lpTg;
27.0S3 bM.j export. 10,444 btU. The market
was firm ,trh llv, . . . - ,
J1! $o.404t.75; winter straights, 6.00
extraa, $3.7o440; winter patents, I6.lto6.50;
winter low grades. USSSao; Kansas
Jtralghts, $8.0f96.20. Ry flour, steady; fair
to good. $4.00(&4.26; choice to fn!v, $4,369
lu?Iba ' f'Ur' dU"' fcl0i3() Pcr
BUCKWHEAT-Dull; New York state.
83c, nominal.
iAOR,NAnLFlrm: ,ln whll yi-
UMi if 1 COar8e' tt&OtflK: k'in dried.
Nj4"orkU''-: N-",c; f.'o. b.
-BARLEY Staady; malting. 74S78C. c. I t.
J xor: feeding. -7t&.71c. c. I. f.. New
. WHEAT-celpta, 45.i bu. Spot mar
?fi n7 N.- 1 TtA- Htt. elevator; No. I
n,fi,..fJ.'a)2,L i b- i''t; No- northern
Duluth, $1.23, f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 hard
winter. $1.20, f. . b. afloat. Affer M
aaler opening, dua to poor caulaa and nroa
bects for l&r i,nti. T L
- -------- - - . .iiiiiiriika, wnesi
t n bV "J'd Quite steady all day.
J 71 ' -viia. coarse grain market and
a better export trade, cloalng partly 0 net
lower. HJ.v tl 1 ?i. l icjiz . . .
July, 1.07ei.0tt. cloeed at $1.08.
J ' . , Du- 'Pot market
firm. No. 2. 74r- . .H.,n. . n -: . . ,
afloat. No. 1 white, nominal, and No I
yellow. 71c. f. o. b. afloat. Option with
out transactions, closed net higher. May
closed at 73o. July at 72c and September
: OAld-Recelpts, 86,600 bu. Spot market
rtrmM, U Ivurl M , m i ... ....
- - ....., w m ids., oouoe'Ac:
-White. 84 to 42 lbs., 67Sc. vv
.c.i-v4ui; spring bran $27.60; mld
CllnKS. $27.60; city, $27.60. .
' HAY Quiet: No. 2. AOn- mnA i. kni.
- , , M VUVM.W,
906c. .
HIDES Quiet; Bogota, 1920c; Cen
tral America. 20 e. w-v-nr-,
PRO VlSIONB-Beef, steady; family, $16.60
'1.U0: mesa, $10.60rll.OO; beef hams. $24.(X9
20.00- nfifk.t SI A ivur 1 A if.- ..... r j
, - , . xiiuia
mesa, $.'4.0Ub24.K). Cut r.ieats, eteudy; plck-
-" ff-wv'-w, icnietl nania, -l-oXy
10.00. Lard, firm; weatern. $9. iOfiti.80; re
fined, quiet; continent, $t0.ui; South Amer-
ll. CIA ?K- T n,E.- r . .
ateady; family. $18 00019.00; short clear. $19.kj
J i. i , vm, w.
Til.tiur t,,tar ,.( , v
country (pkg. fre), 6V6Wo.
xixli rumi uuiuesiic, iair io extra, z
66c; Japan, nominal.
Fair aad Col dan- Friday, Sara the
OMAHA. Fab. 18. 1909.
Tha pressure la high over th eastern
and aouthern states and generally fair
weather prevails everywhere east of th
Mississippi 'river, except light snow are
falling In. the lower lak region. A trough
of low pressure extends from Manitoba
south over the upper Mississippi and Mis
souri valley to Texas, with its center
over Oklahoma. This low Is accompanied
by general cloudy and threatening weather
throughout th central valley, with light
now la th extreme upper valley and
ralna la Kansas and th Texas panhandle.
Temperatures have moderated rapidly
everywhere east of tha Rocky mountains,
but colder Weather prevails in th moun
tain? district and west to tha coast, and
it will be somewhat colder- In this vicinity
tonight and Friday, with unaettled weather
today, followed by fair-tonight and Friday.
Record of temperature and precipitation
couriered with th corresponding" day of
th laat three years:
109 1908. 1907. 1908.
Minimum 'temperature.... M 11 81 32
Precipitation 99 .68 T ,00
. Notauuj ,tsapar4ura for - today. 14 de
grees. Ixftctancy la precipitation since March' L
1.01 Inches.
Deficiency corresponding period In 19U8.
$.99 Inchea
Deficiency corresponding period' In 1907
122 Inches. L A. WELSH.
Local Forecaster.
Peoria, Market.
PEORIA, 111.. Feb. 17.-CORN Higher.
No. 2 ysllow, 4fa4c; No. 9 yellow, 4a
64c; N 8. 4c; No. 1 4c; No, 4. Co, no
graa. aua.
OATt KUrj No. I wtuta, 64a
Active Selling Movement Starts with
No Counterbalancing Demand.
. . '
Market Moveaaeat Hlagea aa Pra
9Bed Cat ta Price a . Steel
Prodaets anal Illness ml
K. H. Harrlssaa.
NEW YORK, Feb. 11 The stagnation
that ha prevailed in the stock market wa
changed today Into an active Gelling move
ment without any counterbalancing demand
to meet It. A severe inroad on price waa
the coi'iequenre.
The whole market hinged on th develop
ment In th steel trade. While no formal
announcement wss made during the session
of the Stock exchsnge It wss generally
known that conferences were going on
among official of the I'nlted State fiteel
corporation which wa likely to Issue
changes In tha schedule of price which had
been determinedly hekt by the corporation.
The notable effect on sentiment produced
by this development owed Its depth to It
abrupt reversal from the supposed deter
mination of th corporation to hold to It
former policy. Report that the Independ
ent steel rnmpanios were making conces
sions and were getting what business wss
clone were met by deprecatory comment
on the small proportions of such business
as to the capacity of the trade at large and
It lack of significance aa a reflectiem of
trad conditions. A different view of tha
situstlon seems to have been adopted some
tlm yesterday. 'The stock market promptly
took up the burden of this reversal of pol
icy and began to discount sn expected rut
In teel prices. The position was compli
cated by the fact that the market prices of
the stock of the United Btste Steel cor
poration had been held by main force
aa well as the prices of Its product. Bine
the common stock was allotted to the cor
poration's employes at 60 thera has been
widespread aasumption that adequate sun
port would be'glvcn the msrket to prevent
the price falling below thst pmnt. The ac
tion of th atock dlscoursged bear selling
and prompted covering of shorts aa oftsn
as that account grew to anything like un
wieldy proportions. The belief that the po
sltloh so long maintained by the leading
steel Interest waa about to be abandoned
undermined tha whole market. It was sup
plemented aa a factor bv the fear that the
state of K. H. Hnrrlman' health was not
such as to enable him -to carry out the
projects which have been a main Incentive
to speculative confidence on the part of a
large element In the market. ' This feeling
seemed to have taken hold of foreign mar
kets as well as this and London sent Im
portant selling orders In the Harriman
stocks to New York for execution. It was
a notable fact at the same time that other
stocks included In Mr. Harriman' sup
posed plans wers amongst those which
showed some degree of resistance to the
prevailing depression. There waa a ahow
of firmness si so smongst the copper min
ing snd refining shares In spite of a further
marking down In the price of copper metal
In New York-and London. The progress ctt
the dispute over freight differences between
Boston and seaboard trunk line terminal
to the- south had some disturbing effect.
Additional gold engagements for shipment
to South America had no Influence on the
money market on call, loan rate showing
some Increased ease. The rent of the de
clines Invited soma large buying around the
low levels by the bears In the taking of
their profits on the ahort aide. ' Thl ral
lied pricea and considerably reduced the
extreme declines, but the course was down
ward again at th close.
Bonds were easy. Total sales, par value, United States bonds wer un
changed on call.
Number of aaies and principal quotation
n stock wr aa follow:
siir- Hlta. Low. Cloat.
Aaialgimated Copper
Am. O. A r
A si. O. A T. pf
Am. Cotton Oil
Am. H. A L. pfd..,.
Aa. Io. gtcarltlet..,.
Am. Linseed Oil
American Lorersotlve
Am. Locomotlv pfd..
Am. 8. A ft
Am. g. R. pfd
Am. Sugar- Refining..
Am. Tobaeee pfd
American Woolen ....
...... 44.KW 74 73 "4
..... 4.000 B0 " 4H 49
100 110 11U 111
t.Ott Silt 62 61
l.K 41U, . 44 . 40
9,400 9144 i
, H'4
t.m M: ' 4Uj 64
11i lit 111
At?M.tn0 - Wt M ' tt
tUO 104 104 104
400 91V 11 Vt 1U
600 i ' is M
Anacunda Mining Co.
1,700 44 44
Atchison ...,. 1.10 1OSS1-10H4 101
Atchison pfd , W0 10J " .-101 KH'4
Mlantlc Una 40 2H ' llll'i 118
BaUimor A Ohio.
,-10a''i4 ton
Hal. A Ohio ptd
Brooklyn' Rapid Tr..
;nadln Padfle
Central Leethor
Central Leathsr pfd......
Central, of Now Jorsay.,.
Chaaapeake a Ohio
Chicago ut. W
CMcaso A N. W
CT. M. A St. r.::;.;...r:.
C . C, c. A St. L. ,.
Colorado r. A I
Colorado A So
Colo. So. 1st pfd..-. s.
Colo. A 8o. 2d pfd.,
Consolidated Oas
Corn Produoia '..
Dataware A Hudson.... i.
Denver A R. 0 ".
D. A R. O. pfd
Dtitillanr Securities
Erie ,
Krt. tat pfd'.....
Brla Id pfd ...
uencral Elactrlc
Oraat Northern pfd
Ureal Norlharn Or clta..
Illlnnla Central
lutarborouh Met
Int.- Mat.' pfd.
international Taper
Int. Papar ptd
International Pump
lows Central ..'.....'.,.'..-.
K an aak cur as..;..'
K. C. So, pfd
Leulavllls-a N. ...........
Minn. A St. Louis
M.. St f. A B. S. M
Mlaaourl Pactllo
M.. K. A T. ......
M., K. A T. pfd.....
National Lead U.'. ..
New York Central .....
N. Y., O. A W
Norfolk A W
North Americas
Northern Pacific -
Pacific Mall
People's oae
P.. C. C. A St. L
Praned Stael Car
Pullmaa Palaoa Car
Railway Siaal Spring.....
Rapubllc Steal
Rapukllc Steal pfd
Rock Island Co
Rock laiand Oo. pfd .....
st. l t i. r. u pfd..:.
St. Leuis s. w
81. L. S. W. pfd
Sloaa-Shetflald S. A I....
Southern Paclflo
So. Pacific pfd
Southern Railway
So. Mallear pfd
Teaneaeae Copper
Texas A Pacific
T . St. L. A W
T , St. L W. pfd......
Union Pacific
-talus Pacific pfd
U. S. Rubber
V. S. Rubber 1st pfd
I'. S. Steal
I'. S. Steel pfd
I' lan Cupper ,
Va. -Carolina Chemlc? ..
Va.-Caro. Cfeem. ptd
Vtabaah pfd
V. esUughouaa Kleelrte ...
Westers Cnloa
Vkoallnf A X. B...
Wlacoaaia central
Am. T. A T. Co.,
.-' 7W fl VI 92
10,000 ri4 to 70
. !o m ni i7
W0 1 ? JO . 90
( 100 WHi .- 103
i its ta v
U.4JI0 7 t 46
: 4 7 1 1
7tW 17 177 177
9.im0 147 14444 145
400 ;e 74 74
. t,4o it it it
, VVA 44 41 U
. 6ii st r U 12
too 71 71 71
1.400 121 1 1K4
e. ir ia
luO n.lJ5 17a
. 11. COO 4 ' 44
' 1,700 H 17 ,
1.600 17 M ' It
'1,600 ' 10' tn' 10
' 00 - 44 , 4 44
4 34 Io 44
1.4O0 1M 144 164
4.010 143 1?H 141
1. 00 '71 70 7U
1.100 143 141 14
1.0UO 14 '15
43 .' 4a
'11 11
S 64
aa 17
'W . J
1.4-W y4l'A i 40
100 7 - - 71 .
.. 1,460 117 .116 126
100 64 ,54 14
600 141 " lt 144
. 4.100 71 . 70 70
. 9.900 41 - 41 41
too 73., 71 71
.. 1 71 ' 711 71
.. 10,600 lit 114 1M
i I.7W 4 I 44
. 9.700 uT6 m
. ti to
'. 10. w 140 ni ' ii
. 900 M 1 11 ' 11
. 4.S00 111 111 111
, 4,600 lit 111 111
o o so to
601) 40 17 as
' 170
900 . 44 , 44 46
. It, 7110 111 IIS U
' 4.100
100 II SI - 13
100 R i 42 63
6110 17 77 17
. 61.0110 114 111 117
. l.SW 141 U lto
. I.kO . 15 U 2
. 9.400 41 l 44
, 40 - i a
. t.400 14 IS 13
4"0 4' 47 46
me 4a a -' 4
.114.40 lis 177 177
11 11 II
iut m
.184 110 41
49 4k
. II SO 113 111 1U
W 44
. l.U 44
44 U.
'i '
41 41
tvo it ti i:
Total aalea lor th day, 911,10 aaares.
La-cal geewrltlea.
OMAHA. Feb. -14. Quotation 'on Omaha
stocks and bonds, furmshsd by Samuel
burns, jr., 914 New York Lli building:
T Hid. aaked.
Columbia Fire Insurance stock 176 144
Combination Brides, Sioux Cil; a al
Cltr of Omaha kondr. 4a 124 ... Mr! 104
.. 171
. a
. Krf
. w
. M
Ilia. lei. SB iws, svyp sia voeus
Kansas CUT Kj. a L'lbt 6a I 11
kanaaa Cltr ki. A Light pld....
Nekrsak Telephone stock
Omaha Oas as 1411
Oauaha g'actnc U.. A Power ea 1U1.'. let)
Omaha Klecirto Lt. a rower pta .. st
Omaka A Co. Bluffs St. R 6 J 4 t
Omaka A Oa. Bluffs St. Kr. aa Ittt...
Oauka A Co. Mluffa it. Rr ptd M
Omaka A Co. Blulls Kr. A Bridge pfd U
Omaha Water Co. ta. 1414 .'..'ts
Oauka Water C. 6a 14 al
Ouvana Staler Co. let pld II
Omaha Weier Co. M pld A : 4
Oaaab board ef Trade Bid. Co. pfd.. tt
Omaha Boar of Traa Bia. Co. asm.. la
Swift A compear-. let
St at Insure noe Co 11
Ihecndaa toal 4a lttl... . a
llMTlaaa Coal S4d It
thorldaa Coal eem
Sioux Ur Siock tarda pfd. M
tioui Cltr tietk Yards com it
Trt-ettai Land Co, pfd. 60 eeav boa so at
laloa Suxk Yards Ce. stock tl
I aieo Csnatrwatiaa Co., Ksaaas Otlr : t
Wnsat-Wiikelmr Ce. pfd '.....-tt
Aim, baa.. Villa aa.
tateaaemt af Ikt Beta at ( Esglavaau''
LONDON, rob 11 Ths weekly statement
of the Bank of England ahow th follow
ing change: TotaJ reserve, bvoi-a4,
ATlhl.Ouu. circulation, decreased. 1.O0,
bullion. Increaard. 789, jo; other socuiiliea,
incrsaaed. AU4.009; other dcpoaila, de
creased. A" 144.000; publlo deposits. liMireaaed.
4tl.669.0O0; notes reserve. Increased. C1.1W.
WO: arovernment securltie. decreased, A79.
WW. The proportion of the bank s reserve
to llabUlt this week 1 to 69 per cent; last
week it wa 49.71 per cent.
New York Msttr Market.
NHW YORK. Feb. 19MONEY-On call
easier. 51 per cent; ruling rata, r per
cent; closing bid, S per cent; offered at 9i
per cent. Time loans, quiet and ateady;
sixty days, 9H4 per cnt; ninety day.
aV'SJ per cent; six month. St)J'4 per cent.
per cent.
actual bualnesa in bankers' bill at $4.M9Mp
4 9606 for sixty-day bills and at $4 7 for
demand; commercial bills, $4 94$4.8474.
PILVKR Bar, 61V; Mexican dollar. 44c.
BOND3 Government, aleady, railroad,
t'lnslng quotations on bonds today were aa
V. 8. ret. 9a, rf....l01 en,,. Central 4a 64
do coupon 11 do lat Inc 14
V. S. Is. re 100 M. A St. U la
d coupon I0HM , K. A T. 4
V. A Is. ra( U do as 17
d coupon 110 . a a r at aa el
Am. Tobacco 4 14 N. Y. C. S- I1 MH
ea iyN. J. C. S- 4 in
Atchison ten. 4a 101 Mo. Pacific 4a 1"3
do adj. 4 th M ta 14
do . 4s 104 N. A W. 4. 4a H
' do c. 6a 107eo. s. L. rfd. 4s.... IS
Atlantic c. L 4a II Psnn. ct. la lilt .. I
Bal. A Ohio 4a 101 'do con. 4a 104
do la 4Readlnt gen. 4s 100
Brk. R. T. ev. 4a.... nRep. of Cuba to lot
Central of Oa. 6s lmflt. 1 A I. M. e 6e..UI
do lat Inc n at. L. A 8. r. ft. 4a. 17
do Id Inc 4481. L. 8. W. e. 4a.... 7
do Id Inc 17 Seaboard A. L. 4s... 41
Chen. A Ohio 4a....ln8o. Paclflo 4s 11
Chlcaao A A. Is.... 7 do let 4a H
v., o. at n. sa.... s!?o. gaiiway ee ill
C, R. I. A P. 4s ... 7etxaa A P. I lit
do col. 4. I T . Bt I. a w. aa . aata
OX. A St. L. s- 4a.. rJ Union Paclflo 4s 103
Colo. Ind. to 7," do cv. 4s 104
Colo. Mid. 4s tt0. 8. Steel 14 6 103
nl. A H. ct. 4a. ...101 Wahaah 1 113
D. a R. a. 4s 4 Western Md. 4 14
Kris p. I. 4s M W. A L. C. 4s 4
do ton. 4s 74 wis Central 4a 14
Hock. Val. 4a. 107 N. T., N. H. A H.
Int. Met. 4s it ct. 44 ctfs 114
Japan 4s 14 Lake Shore a 111.... N
o 4s tl Am. T. T. cv. 4s.. If
o sa aerie n wsbae s !
0, A R. O. rtg. to... 1.1 ?o. Rallwar ref. 4.. 71
L- A N. snl. 4a lot Me. Pacific 4s te
o. g. e pa r
m. Offered.
Boston Stocks sst PiAwda.
N BOSTON. Feb. 18. -Money, call loans, 2H
aiu-fj t . win, hiiiHE luauia, sttfl per cenu
Official closing on stock and bonds:
Ai.a.euu mAJ. w III. SE neOIB.....
ii cenienniai B7
At-hleon R. R 11 Copper Range 73
-w f iviis iNur vrei u , a
Iineton A Albanr lllPranklln 14 A. U.t.. il. r. i -
--jr.u.. n m.iui. ..... Lmm wraoDJ ...., as
ritrhbura pfd Hi Oroen Cananca 10
N. V M u a. u laa i.i- d i. uuT
I'nloa Pacific ....!.!l77 Msas. Mining"!.'.','!;" t
Am. Arge. Chom It Michigan 11
Am. Pneu. Tub t Mohawk II
An. i. ea i iaiont. u. as O It
Amor. Woolen It Nevada u
o pfd 4oid nonunion 69
Dominion I. A 8 14 Osceola lis
Maas. Electric 14 Parrot 17
van so vj'iincy as
I'nlted Fruit 1M Shannon j4
t'nlted 8. M 44 Tamarack u
no pfd s Trinity u
v. v. oirai nt Bim copper n
o pfd 111 U. S. Mining 4
Adrsnturs 7ti. 8. C4I ; 11
Allouea 41 I'taJl 441
Amalgamated 71 Victoria 4
Atlantic 14 Wolverine Ht
suite coalition 12 North Butt ,i
ll v.-
New York Mlalasx Stiteka.
NEW YORK, Feb. 18.-Closlng quotations
on mining stock were:
" eut,!, chief 16
Brunswick Cos 10 Meilras 41
Com. Tunnel stock... 1? Ontario 404
do bond It Ophlr i
Con. Cal. A V 40 Standard ut
Horn Bluer 1 Yellow Jacket 49
LeadTllls Co 4
Bank af Frsae Statesaent.
PARIS, Feb. 18. The weekly statement
of the Bank of France shows the following
changes: Notes In circulation, decreased. iiaiita, irruury aeposits, in
creased, 29,160,000 franca; general deposits,
decreased, $7,460,000 franca; gold in hand,
increased. 1,028.00 francs; silver in hand. In
creased, 800.000 franca; bllla discounted, de
creased. 26,900.000 francs; advances, de
creased, 9,026.00 francs.
Trcaaarr Statement.
WASHINOTON, Feb. 19.-Today's staxa-
iisiii. ui me treavoury uuiances m tne gen
eral fund excluaiva of tha 4160.000,000 gold
reowrve snows ; Available cash balance.
$140,938,682; gold ooln and bullion. $35,7X7.901;
gold certificate. $28,94T,360. ,
v . Bssk Cleartaitrs.
OMAHA, Feb. 18-Bank clearings for
today were $2.$49,toi.9t and for the corre
sponding date last year Sl',Ea,876.24.
Kaasas Cltr Grala mad Prarlsloa.
KANSAS CITY. Fab. 18.-WHEAT-Un-chanaed:
No. 1 hard, tl.flfiiftl 11- No h.
$1.06W31.0SH: No. t rod, $; No. i
rea, i..-"qji.zo.
CORN-ilo higher; No. I mixed, l0;
No. 1 mixed. 61VWp61Ci No. 2 whit. 63o
No. i white, 63c.
OAT8 Unchanged; No. S white, 62c; No.
I mixed. 6o7Sle.
RYE 76g80c.
HAY Prairie, 26c higher; others, un
changed; oholca timothy. 19.764910.00: chnlr
prairie, $8.60j.76; cholc alfalfa, llt.OOQi
BL'TTER Creamery. gtra, Mc; flrat.
27Hc: second, 2&ttc; packing atock, 17Ho.
EXJQB Extra. 26Hct current receipt!,
flat at 22c; second and dirties, l6tto.
Reclpt. Shipment.
Wheat, bu 83, 00 91, OX)
Corn, bu 13.000 ' ' ' 31,000
Oat, bu... U.0U0 21,009
Options at Kama City.
Article. Open. High. Low. Clot. .
Wheat i
May.... 104V48V 1 04B 1 044 1 047,
July.... MB With ti
Corn I 1
May.... 63 I 62HB 6:S 92
July.... 2 24sA S2 U
Sept.... AuHl 61 61 to-
A asked. B bid.
Cwttoai Market.
market opened. steady at unchanged priot
to an advance of t points and sold I to I
point higher.
Spot cotton closed quiet; middling up
lands. 9.69c; middling gulf, 10.10c; sal, 100
Cotton future opened ateady; March,
9.64c; May, 9.&4c; July. Sc; August, 9.44o;
bid; October, .SHU4j.3o; Deoamber, 9.J4o;
January. 9.S1439S2a-
Futurea closed steady; February, l.tlc:
March 9.61c: April. 9.4c;.May, 9 48c; June,
94Mc; July, 9.48c; August, 9.41c; September,
9Sc; Otcober, 9.84c; November, 9.ho; De
cember, 9.9uc; January, 9.27c.
8T LOUIS. Feb. 18. -X)TTON Un
changed. Salsa, 184 bale; receipt, 1,981
bales; ahlpments, 2,721 bales; stock, 42,261
Metal Market.
London tin market had A sharp break,
with spot quoted at Hit ta and futures at
120 12a td. Locally th market wa
easy at 129.60028.80. Copper waa lower
In London, with spot quoted at f6T It Id
and futures at (69 12a td. Th local
market waa dull and ahowed a con
tinued declining tendency, with lak
quoted at $lf. 266 13.60: electrolytic.
$12.87 Vi 11 00; casting. $1 2.75 4T 1 1.87 H.
Lead waa dull aund unchanged hare and
In London. Spelter advanced to 111 19
In the Iondon market, but waa unchanged
at $4.8604.90 locally. Iron declined to
47 9d for Cleveland warranta In Lon
don. .' Tha local market wa without fur
ther change.
KT. LOL1S. Feb. It METALS Lead,
dull at 12.8561. 871. Spelter, dull at
Coffee Market
kst for coffee futures opened steady, un
changed to 6 polnta lowar, la rpona to
easier French cab Las. and ruled around
th opening flgurea under scattered real
ising in the absence of good support. Th
close waa steady, net 6 polnta lower.
Sales 14.760 bags. Including March at
4 46c; May. 1.46jt.i0c; July. t.lOc; Sep
tember, 6 9066.96c; October, 6.66c, Spot
steady; Rio No. 7. 9 4IHc; Santos No. 4,
8Hc; mild, steady; Cordova, 9OUc.
Oils and. Resla.
OIL CITT. Pa.. Feb. 19. -OIL Credit bal
ances, 81.78. Runs, 64,110 bbl.; average,
US.Jta bbl. Shipment. 62,81 bbl.: aver
age. 176,162 bbl.
Waal Market.
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 18. WOOL Firm-
diurn grade, combing and clothing. 19Q?4c;
light flaa. lttft⁣ heavy fin, loaifc; tub
washed. 2943132c.
Dalatk Isralm Market.
nULUTIf. Minn., Feb. 18 WHEAT
May. $1 114, bid; July. 11 lit bid: N 1
nvrthera. $1 ll Ma, 1 aorlbara. 11991a.
Killing; Ctttle Generally Steady, with
. Tendency on Fe.eder Weak.
tkeea aad I.aaaba Cwsasaaad Steady
Prices, bat tka Market la Tittslf
Flv Ceats Lower Tks
Laat Week.
SOUTH OMAHA. Feb. It, 19.
Receipt werai Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Official Mondav 14.) l.M 8,79
Officltl Tuesday 8.7'i 110T 11.694
Official Wednesday .... i.V 14.H41 i.tsw
Ettlmtvted Thursday 4.009 19,200 4,000
Four daya thl wtk... 18.418 4137 7.92
Same days last week.."..U.6f4 B.,048 l?.tj
Sam day 2 weeks ago.. 11 60 14.1n .f2
Sm day 1 week go..l4.4K2 40.847 98.941
Sam daya 4 week ago..2u.t7 49,(7 96.018
Same days laat year.... 14. 742 11.27 I00
Tha following table shows th receipts ol
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha for
the year to data, compared with last year I
1909. 1908. loo- ec.
Cattl 19J.1.W 199.846 -tl0
Hog 874.879 467,811 a'm
Sheep j,25t 199.JM 14017
Th following tabl shows th vraga
price Of hog at South Omaha for tha last
several day, wtlh comparlsuest
DattS. I 1909. 19O8.19O7.lOO8.190t.ll9O4.19O;.
Feb. 9...
Feb. 9...
Fab. 19...
Feb. 11...
Feb. U...
Feb. 18...
Feb. 14...
Feb. 16...
Feb. 18...
Feb. 17...
Feb. It..
t 07
I 144
90 I
69 4 4 9
6 91
4 tiHJ 4 91 71
4 09
4 n
4 13
9 91
I 6 781 4 81
4 ISM 81
4 02j 881
st ea
9 M
9 i
i 84
f 96
4 K
4 86
4 98,
6 04
7 02
4 97
4 06
I 09
4 72
I 031
4 10) 8 81
4 97
Tha official number of car of tock
brought in today by each rortd was:
Cattle. Hog- Sheep. H'ra.
C. M. A St. P I t
Wabash 1 .. .
Missouri Pacific... 1 4 ' .. 1
Union Paclflo M 9H 11 6
C. A N. W.. east 9 I
C. A N. W.. west...... 8 67 .. 1
C, Ht. P.. M. At 0 1 1 1
C, B. A Q., east I 9 1
C. B. 4 Q.. weat 46 43 4 1
C. R. I. & P.. east.... 1 .. 1
C, R. I. A P., west.... 11..
Illinois Central.. 1 1
Chicago QL Weatern.. 16..
. Total receipt 169 188 19 10
Th disposition of th day' receipt waa
a follow, each buyer purchasing tlta num
ber of head Indicated:
Cattle. Hoga. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co 130 2.470 279
Swift and Company 1,234 1.341 1.10
Cudahy Packing Co.. t" MM 2.1-6
Armour 4k Co 966 1,471 4W
Vansant A Co 61
Carey A Benton 44
Lobman A RotliOhild 76
W. I. Stephen 1
Hill A Son 168
F. P. Lewi 14
J. B. Root 4V Co ., 1
J. H. Bulla 68
L. F. Huts 46
McCretry dV Carey 39
Sam Werthlmer 103
If. r. Hamilton . 1
M. Hagerty at Co 80
T. Q. Ingnram...... 26
Sullivan Bros.... ,. 9
Lehmer Bros 17
Rothschild It7
Other buyers.. 708 274
Total ;.t.Ul -! 4.276
CATTLE ReoelptS of cattl continue very
liberal, ther being 4,009 head reported to
day, making th run for the week 16,400
had, tha largest run for any Similar period
alnc four week ago and larger than for
th sara day last year by almost 4,000
Th market on all kinda of kllimg cattle
did not ahow any vary malarial changa
todav. steers, cows and htfr telling in
about the same notches aa yesterday. There
wa Some unevenn to tha traaa, some
ale looking a little better and some sale
not quite so good, but th general market
was about ateady. Tha trade was rather
low and tha forenoon was pretty well ad
vanced bfor buyei tried very hard to
do business, but when th lo waa onca
broken ther wa a fair movement.
. Stock cattl and feeders seemed to have
an aaier tendency, speculator being gen
erally bearish In their view, th same as
they have been for th laat two or thre
day. To call tha market steady ta eaaler
would Just about covr th situation, so far
AS cattl In first handa ar concerned.
Quotation on oattl: Oood to cholca
corn-fed steers, $66ftr4.00; fair to good
corn-fed steer, t6.006.60; common to fair
corn-fed steers, t4.COtfi6.00; good to choice
oow and helfera,; fair to good
cow and helfera $1.004HO; common to fair
cow and heifers, $2.004.00; good to cholc
ttocker and feeder. M-6O36.0O; fair to
good stockera and feeder, $3.764.60; com
mon to fair stockera and feeders, U-OUar
I. 76; atock heifer. 12.7644.00; veal calves,
$10097.26; bulla, stags, ate., $2.T&4J4.t0.
Representative sale:
Ms. Av. Ir. N. Af. fr.
t 1141 4 14 1111 6 9
M i 4 tt 9 tit 19
t tat 4 40 II 1114 9 90
4 IT! 4 14 II Hit I 94
4 140 4 10 t 1114 I 14
II Hi IH It 1171 6 It
12 IJ4 4 10 17 irt t 44
II loi!4 I 44 IT lBl I 40
II 16 10 t , 1471 6 44
I i.vr lo 11 i6i 1 at
14 MM I 0 H 1171 I 44
II UM 9 45 It 1134 6 K
t .1067 I 06 II...' 1144 6 4
91 104 6 14 .' M ...11 6 40
Id lit I if It 1111 I 71
W Kl 6 16 . UtO 6 71
99 1094 I 14
I i4t t it 11 m IN
M 901 t 44 1 124 4 00
4 ! 01 1 1004 4 0
I 414 I It t 1014 4 00
6 14 I 16 II 1101 4 It
14 tit 1 46 t 124 4 II
1 1014 I 4 11 44 4 14
1 101 I t t 1047 I
It Ifl t 7 17....... HOT I
t Ittl It - t 1111 4 0
t ...1441 I 16 4 tut 4 M
1 164 I It . II 1174 4 44
II ....11 11 I 14 . IT. 1000 4 6t
II 94 IM II U7t 4 to
I ...llt I M tt 121 4 4
It M 19 tt 119 4 7
4 946 9 to
9 64 IN 1 1M4 I It
441 I at II 41 4 74
4 M IN 1 1444 I Tt
t t-O I 94 14 414 4 00
11 73 I 40. 6 tot 4 04
t 466 It I tl 4
I IX) 9 44 10 444 4 4
I aa I 40 14 MM 4 tt
4 444 I 40
1 Hit t 4 1 1574 4 Ot
1 10M I 44 1 tnoo 4 M
1 11T0 t Ot I .1434 4 10
9 1140 4 14 1 1744 4 II
9 1M4 I 40 1 1 4 i
1 1HO 9 44 11 1WI 4 It
1 1140 I 14 1.. 1UI 4 44
1 li It. 1 1110 4 44
1 1190 I so
I 46 i.. um 4 4
I . -! L lilt I 44
4 UN
. calVis.
9 lit 9 44 I fa) 4 64
9 tot I C ' ' t 1ST I It
4 Itl "It lit t 04
I.... M 4 It 11..... t 69
t 444 4 9s 1 174 9
1 471 4 64 . l.s 174 4 71
1 410 I 09 . !1 71 4 44
I tlO 111 7........ 7S4 4 44
II HI I M . , 1 71 4 44
14 t I I V II Til 4 4
1 Ml 4 6 II 144 4 46
4 4(1 4 14"' 4 M4 4 44
14 441 4 ir " 14 tor i 44
I TH 4 14 44 4 to
44 tl 4 M 4 1014 4 10
I 431 4 Mr f t...... 441 4 M
94 441 4 U II J lod I u
II - M 94.2 14 ...llll 111
16 t 4 4 K 114 6 U
HOQS Recetats of hos at thia TV, 1 n t
numbered 13.9J0 head, being a very Urge
run following th heavy receipt of yes
terday and the day before. Thus the
eelptS for th tour day thl week foot up
over 42,000 head, being lO.ouO head larger
than last wek and 11,000 head larger than
for tha same days last year. At the asm
tlm other market point havs been vsry
largely supplied. Chlt-sgo this morning re
ported 46,000 head, with th market opening
10c lower and following thl report came
other message Indicating a break of lod
Uc, with tha feeling very Weak even at th
decline. Noma of tha pac-kera' message
gave aroapaci for th cloao aa 1532uc iuwer.
Coder uch condition It wa not Surpris
ing insr. ins maraet at mia point opened a
flat 10c lower with tha trad alow at tha
Bsoiine. axniia 01 in neaviest packer wer
holding bark and not trying to do anything
at all on th around thati hre u fl
cheaper later 00. Thus It happened that
an miming was weii uvuiM4 Defor very
mach headway wa made toward affsctlruc
a rlearanca of the larg receipt.
mmwii hu 1 v paiiaai:
It waa tha good hoga, UU is, the loads
having weight and quality, thst sold on'
the earlr market. Light hogs wore neg
lected to a very considerable extent until
th last. The market Instead of Improving
steadily grew worse, cloalng lMfc lower .
on light hogs and .s much a 26f lower i n
the commoner losds weighing Xin pouada
sua utiurr. ins nose was, in "evci, swia
as bad as could well be imsglned. Sales
men worked hard to maintain price, but
It waa Imi-ojalMe under th clrcum.ranct
to do more than accept th low bid -at
racker or keep th hog. - -
No. a. 80.. Ft. K. . A. 8h. fr.
14 14 4mI Itl ...',..;.!' 141 8 UC
t IM 44 6 64 Tl I6 a I 4TH
41 !l ... I 71 74 141 9MI t 14
M tot ... 44 Tl. ni 4 4 1'
lor. ..... ui ... 4 to n ...... reo a IN
9T a 1 to Tl ,MT - . 8 11,.
1 t4t I 40 7 il 44 4 I
tt tv, ... t t rat tn t 14
m mt t to M .'.IH I 4 14'
't US 40 6 44 W... Ml 44 t 14
9 Ift 40 4 0 M......S4 ... t 1 '
Tf SS7 10 I no 40. !4 ... til "'
4 T2 ... 4 AS 74....... V-l td 111 .
T Ill 4 I SO II. .,.,.,. ... til
J 11 1 ... t OS 70 ;.M4 4 t 14
fl "14 ... Ids 41 .. lt til
2 rt ... o M J14 1 I II
9 117 ... t 04 Id Ml ... til
J" 141 ... I 04 71 ?4 ... t
t tM 144 t 04 ' 91... KTl ... 44
U 144 40 4 44 . , 41 . ... .9 99 .
7 IM) 140 t 04 47 J ... I T
" IM 40 tot ll...i....te4 ... i '-
74 U IX) I 05 44... Wt It 9 26 -
Ht ... 4 44 41 491 . . 1 t 24 .
l Sit ... 4 At 41 114 9T0 4
2 114 ... t 41.. ......444 ... 4 9714
7 ISO ... tot
SHEEP Receipt thl morning wer 9mll
a compared with the large run of y
terday and the day before, but still there
wa a great plenty considering that packer
bought so many early In the week and that
they were pretty well filled up. Tb market
today aid not show any very material
change, being generally quoted a about
steady with yesterdsy, but around 2Sc lowr
than laat week. On some kinds salesmen
are quoting It even a little worse than that.
....n., nilgai rapecisuy navuig sunrreu
quite a reverse tine to th fact that packers
seem to feel that they have been aelHng
too high compared with the way old
wether ar riling. There wa vary little'
In th way of really good killer her fodav,
o tht tops did not how up very well on-
paper. Among the receipts w a bunch of
clipped lamb, the flrat of the season. Thev
Wer rather alow aullt-ai aat rMa..k--a HlH
not seem prepared to take hold of ahorn'
tuff am) wer In ho hvrrj- about bidding
on it. ........
Quotation on heep and' lamb: Good td
i,?'1".,"mo 7.0iKu7.26; flr to good lsmb,'
l.6ft7.00; feeding Tambe, M.ftvfiNTTh; (food q
choc light yearlings. $6.60Srt.78: good To
Choir heavv vanrlinaa as rmMa -ut, fai.
L!X!'nt!' 4s fl0&-76; good to oholca wethers,
8o.0lSil6.26: fair a snn aMlh... u Txela; Jvi
feeding wethers, $4.6034.79; good to choir
W 4.75; fair to good awes, n.tfT
4 40; feeding ewes, $3.fa-4.40 culls and
bucks, tl.00tot.76.
aBBBST-aTa-BBaaB i
Cattla Flfteea ta Tweaty-Flve Cea'i
Lower Hoga Lowar.' -
CHICAGO. Feb. It! CATTLE-Re-celgts.
estimated at 7,600 head; market
1628 lower; steer. $6.80tl?7.00; cows.
1:4 SO SA ft 11. V. .. I r . .4 sc. a d . t . , .
$1,4046 25; calves $3.08l8; , atockra
and feeder. t3.t5Jt.60. - "
HOOH Receipt, estimated" at 41.000
head; market 10?16e lower; cholc hfavy
"'''PKn. t 40tT6.46; butrhera weights.
t.&jt.0; light mixed. t 0 0;
choice light. tSSiffe40; packing, $.234
iV;P.; bulkof sales, $6.26
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, esti
mated t 16,000 head; marker (K- lower;
sheep. $4.2646.76; lampa, tt.2S4f7.tO;
yearling, $6.00it.t5. .
Kaasas Cltr Live Stock Market.
KANSAS CITT. Feb. 18.-CATTLbV-.R-celpt.
6.SH) head. Including 1.300 head aouth
ern; markt steady to 10c lower; cholca
export and dressed beef steers. $5.50e.26:
fair to good. 14.90ifit.60; western steer" $44
tj.00; stockera and feedera, 92.604i6.fc; aoufh
orn steer. $4.2ii6.40; southern cow. $2.70
li6Sl-ntlv; cow"' .86r.2S: native heifers,
$J.00iff6.50; bulla, $2.MKi4 ; calves. $4.00(51.60.
HOGS Receipt, 18.0W head:' market lfsffi
20o lower; top, $82H; bulk of sale), $6.76
t.26; heavy. $4.iyc4l.22H: packers and butch
er. t.0045.16; Ught, t6-6.06; pigs, $6.00
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1,000
head; market steady; lambs, $rt.6WB7.60;
yearlings, 96.03.7tl wethers, - t4.76t2t.60;
$4.25l.00; stockars and feeders, $3.00
4.60. ......
St. Loal Live Stack Market.
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 18. CATTLE Receipt ,
1,126 head. Including 600 Texan; market
100160 lower; native hipping and export
steers, $6.dOigf7.O0; dressed beef and butcher
steers, $4.0O8 26; steers under 1,000 lh.. Bini'iirra ria-B Taasaasrtastgt n muan mm.
cow and heifer. tt.Kii4.a-. cannera, $1,764)'
1.26; bull, $2.76(&.Oo; calves,' $6.609.0fi;
Texas and Indian steers, $3.6031.20; cows
and heifers. $1.7MM.16.
HOGS Receipt. 12.350 head; market 10c
lower; pig and lights, $4.6tj.30; packers.
t90 butcher and best heavy, $6.60?
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1970
head: steady to 10c lower; native muttons,
$3.76tg.40; lambs, $4.04j7.6; culls and bucks,
$2.UQ6.00; stockers, $3. 0941)4. 00.
4. Joseph Llva gtaek Market! .
ST. JOSEPH. Mo., Feb. 11. CATTLK Rs
ceipU, 2.0U0 head; market ldtg.ioc lower;
steer. 14.75(6.00; cow and heifers. $2.60(9
t.60; calves. $8.60(g7.26.
HOUS Receipts, 9,000 head; market 10c
lower; top. $.36; bulk of aales. 16.90iaM.26.
SHEEP AND LAMBS 'Heceipta, 4.004
head; market aleady to 100 lower; lambs.
$6.0137.60. - - .
lows City Lira Stock Market..
SIOUX CITT. la..- Fb. 18.-(8peolal Tela
gram.) CATTLE Receipts, 1,000 head; mar
ket lower; beeves, $4 6oj00; fat cow and
heifers, $3 60ttr6.00; feeder, $4 266i.00; year
ling. 13.(rtT4.26. ' '
HOGS-Recelpts, 4,000 head: market ttjnoe
al..'t6.90t545.(16. ' ' ;..."..
tock la-Slsrkt. :
i RecelpU of llva atock at th six principal
western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Shftvo.
South Omaha 4,000 13,U - 4.000.
SiOUB-CHy l'.OOO. , adn
St. -Joseph i.ouo ' 9,000
Kanaaa City 8,509 .' 18,000
Chicago T,6o . '46,000
St. Loul 1,828 13,260.
Total reoelpts.
..2XS28 . W.6l..,lt.J0
Bt. Loots Goooral Market.'
ST. LOUIS, Feb. lt.-WHEAT-Steady ; '
track. No. 1 red caah. $1,27; No. 1 hard,
at ,01 . aa... 11 ...a. . ,....7 a.... , '
n,uvi,iin, auajr,, juiy, ei.jTr. .
CORN-Hlgher; track, No. t cah,fclc: .
No. 1 whit. t74j47Vc; May. t4c;
OATS-Hlgher; track. No. I caah, iVAci
No. 1 white, 66H0; May, 640 ;. July. 4tVc.
FLOUR Steady; red winter patents,
tE.6Cr2iR.76; extra fancy and atralght, $4 90
336; hard winter clear. tS.7M4.10.
SEED Timothy. 13.OWjl.46. . . .
CORNMEAL 13.20. . ' , '.
ERAN-Hlgher; sacked, east track, Jl.ia
HAT Weak; timothy, tW.0tJi14.M; prairie.
K 6m 11. 00. .,
PROVISIONS-Pork, higher; Jobbing,
$16.46. Lard, higher; prime steam, $9X't9
9.4ZVfc. ury suit meat (boxadi, ateadvi
extra hort. $9.124; clear ribs, $.26; short ttt tl.M,n luv.ll - . j .
extra shorts, $io.37V. clear ribs, $10 26; short
clears. $10 76. - ,
POULI-RY-Flrm; chickens. imci
springs, 14c; turkeys,. 19r20c; : ducks, - list
geese, 7c. . .
BUTTER Dull; creamery. 124T30O. v -
1,' , ina t . at. ....... . '. '
, Receipts. Shipment.
Flour, bbls... 7,600 Af"
Wheat, bu 17,fsi0 17.000
Ctrn, bu 90.000 . -
Oats, bu 90,800 18.9jO
Phlladelpkla rr4 Marks!.
Steady; extra western creamery, 10c; extra '
nearby prints. 22c.'
EGGS 2c lower; Pennsylvania, and other
naarby firsts, free cases. at mark; 1
Per.rsylvanla and other, current .rsceinta.
m returnable cases, 29c, at mark; weatera ,
firsts, free cases, 10c, .at mark; westers
current receipts, (re casa, 2&8'Jc, at
nark. . ,
CHtCEflE-Flrin; Tor .full creams,
choice, 144tfl6c; fair to gogd. HjTHHc. '
seiasaws. 4raS4 siariaai., ,
11. Ill's; July, 11 UHIl.llV Cash.; No. I
hard. $1 134,1. iJS; No.. 1 nortbsro. $1 UT .
1.12S; No. 2 northern, la; No. I
northern. tl.Oswl.OkS.
r ijihm uemand strong; first patenl.
15 60flt.65; second patanus. $6 .6v6 .60; first
clesrs. 14 Ha4 i4; aecond t-Uars, t3.064ij.l6. .'.
BRAN In bulk, 12.ouj2JiW, , . . '.,
Mllwoakasr taUa Market.
MILWAUKEE. Feb. 11 w m r 1 -r.a-
No. 1 northern, $1.16; No. I northtm, $114;
Msy. $1.14.
-ORN-Hlgher; May, M''rjWeMo. -BAKLEY-Firm;
standaud. 404t7; saoi-