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Federal Bureau of Animal Industry
Helps Out State Officials.
meeting unci Installation of officer Tues
day, January 12.
Superior lodge No. 193. Deere of Honor.
will have Initiation and Inpiallatlon cere-
monlea Wednesday evening, January IS.
C. W. Fleunr has nut-chined a STA-acr
farm near old Fort Calhoun. H will not
run the farm In person, but will place a
foreman on the place to manage u.
rriUVniM rtTTT TTTPTTfPTTT ftCTO Th" y"in people of the Christian church
BTAMJIflU OUT XUsUvtUMSlS will h.,M a basket aoclal at the Odd Fel-
Loana t"ee of Two laaneetors mm 4 Mem
at Parkin Hansen Report
Where Diseased Anlmala
Tone From.
The bureau of Animal Industry In Bouth
Omaha has lately become an Important
arm In the battle which la beginning
against tubercutoels in the animals of the
Mat of Nebraska, It must be said that
the fight against tuberculosis In Nebraska,
as well as In any other state has consisted,
so far of preliminary skirmishes, and
there Is much lack of general and con
lows hall, Wednesday evening. The wo
men are expected to bring well filled
basketa. The proceeds will ro to pay for
the erection of the new church.
Miss Rita Huntsberger. assisted by Miss
Helen Sadllek. will give a parlor recital
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Camp
bell, 701 E street, Saturday evening, Jan
uary 1ft. Those specially Interested in
music, vocal or Instrumental, are cordially
Stadeats Prepare to Coateat for Place
oa Varioas Teams for later
collegiate Meetings.
The winter months, from the close of the
certed progress. The government has been Christmas holidays unUl the opening of
trying to co-operate with the state gov- spring vacation the rirst or April, see liter
ernments for the last two years. The ery and debiting work In Bellevue at Its
greatest handicap has been lack of state best. The literary societies wilt this winter
appropriations and state laws. nave the greatest success of years. En-
Not long ago Dr. Peters of the state ex- rollment on the various societies is greater
perlment station, in which a special do- tnan it naa been in the past, wnne me wora
partment has been equipped for the testing has more aggressive character ana in
of animals suspected of tuberculosis, ap- I dividual effort shows a marked advance,
pealed to Don C. Ayer, chief of the South I The enthusiasm which during fall and
Omaha bureau, stating that the state funds spring Is turned toward athletics la finding
bad been exhausted, and asking that the I an outlet In literary channels,
Vnlted Btates government place two In- 1 In past years the rivalry of various eo-
spectors at his disposal to make tests In I cletleo has usually caused many literary
suspected localities. The matter was taken I contests and debates. This winter, how-
up with the result that two men are now I ever., the presence of msny debating clubs
working In the state under the direction I will curtail any extensive debating between
of Dr. Peters. I the literary societies proper. It la probable
To assist Dr. Peters the government In-1 that one or two debates will take place
apectors In Bouth Omaha take note of the between the various literary bodies, but
nlmals condemned. In case a numoer not more,
of animals out of a single load are round jn the past literary work, such as par
to be Infected the load Is traced back to tlcipatlon In oratorical contests or inter
its origin. If the farmer can be found collegiate debatea. has not been given credit
who had the diseased stock, his name ana toward graduation, but the Bellevue faculty
addreas Is sent to Dr. i'eters, wno immea- intimated the Drobabllltv of
lately writes the parry teiiing mm oi me chang, ln thls particular, whereby those
fact that a large per cent of his stock wh() w,n p,ace, on the Abating- teamg or
was touna lUDercuiar
In slaughter and
asking him If he will be willing for the the oratoric conte8U Hhall be allowed
sake of the rest or nis nera, arm me
"rL. :Vr::,, " r, . X, tone a long w.y In stimulating rhetorical
H,,,,V ' ; '" endeavor, but more because the work is
In III U 111 DUl l II rj uiDC-nnr, , , .... -
TK- :., .. , u the t. th recognised and a competition for ex
. . ., j, , ,,. n.llh I cellence aroused, rather than because of the
nd to ship all diseased animals to South I
Omaha for Immediate slaughter under the
lawa of the federal Inspection service-
credit allowed.
Debating Is now In full swing and Janu-
Kvery place In tho state where tests have rv devoted by all clubs and In-
been recorded has been charted on a map dlvlduals to the study and discussion of the
which Dr. Ayer keeps. In this way the Income tax question, which Is the subject
counties most affected have been located, of the triangular Intercollegiate debate.
The need of stringent measures Is ep- Early In February the local debaters will
parent when It Is known that 1 per cent hold a contest to choose those who shall
of beef cattle, 10 per cent of dairy cattle, compose the teams for this debate. Al
and 2 per cent of hogs are at present tu- tei nates are also chosen for each team.
bercular. The annual loss rrom this cause Tho eight highest decide among themselves
in the United States Is S14.000.0D0. In Ne- as ti which six shall represent the college
braska no cases have been located west I at home with the affirmative of the ques
of the line pautng through Ked Willow, tion find who shall debate away from home
Frontier, IJncoln, Custer, and Brown wit;-. i'-a negative.
counties. Many cases have been found ln Two . nlendld debaters graduated last
a section about Dodge. Colfax and Stanton, aprinr, 'ulgley nnd Crossman. who. with
As SO per cent of some loads from those phelp. r, resented Bellevue at home last
aectlons have been condemned. Of these year kn , eVery contest by unanimous
animals one-thliM go for offal, one-slxUi vote ot ,ul juJe,. But there Is yet an
for tallow, and the rest are so slightly abundanca ol material If the various In-
Jienea as io pass irBriy IOr ioqo. dtvlduala do the work thev are catuhl. f
Regarding the possibility of any aid from ,,, The sonhomora elaa. rv.niiv i.
nwi ii'"', ahowlng some unexpected strength,
-I doubt very much If the state will re- Th , d.v.t. wll, th N(,hr..fcll
celve any additional appropriation for the tercolIetata triangular contest arranged be.
.. v. tween BeUevue. Doane and Cotner. This
smallpox properly handled would scsre the , ettmm orf ..... wr, th. ,,,
legislature Into an appropriation many nPhahiv .k, th. .
times greater than the prevalence of 100.000 March- Tho Bellevue-Cotner meet will
cases of tuberculosis could produce. The
loss from tuberculosis Is a thousand to one
greater than smallpox in human beings and
occur at Bellevue, with the locals uphold
ing the affirmative of the Question. Oo
the same night the Bellevue-Doane contest
the loss ln un.mala goes up Into the million. I,,, be Mi ,t Crete wUh Bellevu, ukng
. . J . . the negative.
in ine ruri in ine lumre wnere lesis
are made and anlmala are condemned to
Immediate slaughter for the purpose of
rleanlng up the herds, the government
should and probably will bear a part of the
loss; the state, I think, should also besr a
por'lon of the loss, and the farmer should
be willing to lose a portion also for the
sake of making his other animals less sub
ject to the disease. The tubercullne test
is the most accurate known. It Is safe to
say It never falls to show the presence of
the disease when it exists."
Pollre Search for Brsdeea,
The South Omaha police are looking for
George Bradeen at present for having
swindled Mo r 300 laborers out of their
money. He made three men a proposition
to take them all to Tennraee to work ln
government service on the levees of the
Mississippi near Memphis. Each of the
n.en gave Mm from $L to XI, it Is said.
They were to have left the city yesterday,
but when the time enme Bradeen had dis
appeared and no special could be found
Alamat Association of Peansrlvaala
State Normal School Hold
a Reaaloa.
On Snturdsy evening at the residence of
Mrs. H. C. Balrd, 6013 Cus street, grad
uates of the First Pennsylvania State Nor
mal school, Millersvtlle, In., met to form
a western branch of the alumni essocia
tlon of this Institution. A temporary or
ganUatlon waa formed with the following
officers: President. Dr. H. W. All wine
vice president. Miss Elizabeth Taylor of
Brownell Hall; secretary, Mrs. Amanda
Stauffer Balrd; treasurer, Mr. Hiram O,
Bell. Many graduates of this Institution
are scattered about this and neighboring
states. They will be Invited and perma
nent organisation formed.
The following named graduates of the
school were present: Rev. O. W. Fraser,
69; Mr. Hiram O. Bell, T5; Dr. H. W. All
tne, '78; Mrs. H. C. Balrd. '86; Miss Eu-
headed to thp south. . Many of the men Pham W. Macrae, "91; Mlaa S. Ethel Brown
.ad pawned their overcoats to get money
with which to go to Memphis and to pay
the fee of the employment agent. Tester-
day many men without overcoats, believing
trey would have no u tor them In Ten
nessee, were shivering about the city jail
for lsck of them. No tc hss been found
of Bradeen. He li wm'.I know.t to the
'92; Miss Mary M. Henderson, '02; Mr. John
H. Deaver, '06. Honorary members pres
ent were Mr. Baird. Mr. Bell, Miss Bell,
Mrs. Allwlne and Mrs. Fraser.
Oold, the color of the institution, pre
vailed ln the decorations. Hand-painted
programs as souvenirs were presented by
the hostess, Mrs. Balrd. In the program
Reveal Secret of Republican Cancnt
to Democratic Colleague.
Kriaara Finally Agrees to Sapport
BraalagT If He Will Give Tralaor
Goo riaee, and Braalag;
Aaswers Moaday.
Fred Brunlng. republican county commis
sioner, who denied being in collusion with
the democrats on the board, attended the
secret caucus of the republican members
and upon adjournment divulged every
thing that transpired at the caucus to Os
car J. Plckard, democratlo county com
Mr. Brunlng, earlier in the day denied to
a reporter for The Bee that he was In a
tle-up" with the democrats. Mr. Plckard
also, earlier in the day, told a reporter for
The Bee that "we have an understanding
with Mr. Brunlng." It is supposed that this
'understanding" must have already been
In effect and contemplates on Mr. Brun
Ing's part disclosures to his democratic
confederates of alt the confidential rela
tions transpiring between the republican
members at any meetings or caucuses
prior as well as subsequent to the reor
ganisation of the board.
The secret caucus of republicans was
held in the commlsloners' room at the
court house yesterday afternoon. As soon
as it adjourned Mr. Brunlng went to the
Owl drug store at Slxxeentn and Harney
streets, where he unbosomed himself of all
the secrets to Mr. Plckard.
The other members of the board who par
ticipated ln the caucus observed the bond
to disclose nothing of what took place.
Only Three at the taacos.
The caucus was attended by Commis
sioners Kennard, Tralnor and Brunlng.
The commissioners talked over the chair
manship for an hour when Mr. Brunlng
emerged, put on his coat and started down
the street. Before he had walked a bait
block Commissioner Plckard fell into step,
though by prearranged signal and the
two went to the drug store.
"They wanted to nane the committees I
should appoint." Mr. Burning told Mr.
Plckard. the "they" meaning Commisalon-
ers Kennard and Trainor, "but I told thom
that there waa no use in being chairman if
I could not appoint my own committees. I
simply told them that I was 'standing pat,'
that I wanted to be chairman and that If
I waa re-elected I would treat the demo
crats with equal fairness to the republicans."
When reminded of the fact that If Com
missioners Kennard and Tralnor combined
their votes on Trainor he, Brunlng, would
have to look to the democrats for support,
Mr. Brunlng said that that made no dif
ference, he did not care who voted for him,
Just so he was elected.
KeaaajTd Backs Tralaor.
In tho caucus Commissioners Kennard and
Tralnor put it plainly to Commissioner
Brunlng that the chairmanship rightfully
should go to Mr. Tralnor this year, as he
had never had It, whereas Mr. Brunlng was
chairman once before. Mr. Brunlng. how
ever, declared that It made no difference
with him, that he wanted the chairman
ship thlsvear and that Mr. Tralnor could
have It next year.
Tbey then asked him about the commit
tees and pointed out that the republicans,
being ln the majority, should have the most
Important committees, though, of course.
maintaining that the democrats should not,
by any means, be ignored In the slightest
In reply to this Mr. Brunlng implied that
he would give the chairmanship of the
committee on roads and bridges to "Wckard.
and the chairmanship of the committee on
court house construction and on the county
hospital to Bedford, also democrat This
would leave the committees on the deten
tlon schools, charities, claims, judiciary and
such to the republican members.
Finally Commissioner Kennsrd, the retir
ing chairman, came out plainly and said:
"Mr. Brunlng, If you will concede to Mr.
Tralnor the chairmanship of some Import
ant committees as he asks, which Is no
more than fair In the event that he con
cedes to you the chairmanship of the whole,
I will vote for you for chairman."
"Well, I'll think It over and let you know
Monday," said Mr. Brunlng, with a smile.
and he left to keep his tryst with the dem
oeratic members.
Contributions on timely topics Invited.
Write Ira bly on ene side of the paper
only, with name and address appended,
I'nused contributions will not be re
turned. Letters exceeding X) words will
be subject to being cut down at the
discretion of the ed.tnr. publication of
views of correspondents does not com
mit The Bee to their endorsement
Coadltloaal Pardoa for Voa Mailer.
OMAHA. Jan. .-To the Editor of The
Bee: The article which appeared In last
evening's Bee was In entire accordance
with the evidence produced at the trial of
George Von Haller, yet ft was not ln ac
cordance with later evidence which was
formally presented to Oovernor Sheldon by
the attorney who prosecuted Von Haller for
the state. That evidence was the dying
statement of a msn who was an eye witness
of the tragle murder of Rees. That stste
ment was sworn to by the man's wife and
man who waa present at the deathbed
of the man, who solemnly declared that it
was not Von Haller who fired the fatal
shot and battered the face and head of the
unfortunate Rees. I was present at the trial
of Von Haller, and felt then that the prin
cipal witness against him showed too In
tense a desire to convict him of the mur
der to make him a credible witness In
swearing away the life or liberty of his
friend. Tet I did not see how the jury
could have returned any other verdict than
the one It did return. Still, all of those
jurors who could be found a year ago In
this county signed a petition to the gov
ernor asking for an unconditional pardon
for Von Haller. Attorney Slabaugh, who
prosecuted him, Joined ln that petition and
eloquently pleaded for the pardon of the
unfortunate man, alleging that while he
prosecuted him with all his energy, be
lieving him guilty vpon the evidence, yet
he was fully persuaded now that Von Hal
ler was not gullty'of the murder of Rocs. I
also pleaded for him before the governor.
believing fully that it was not Von Haller
who did the fatal shooting. The governor
was not convinced fully at the time, nor
did he seem to be last week, or he would
have granted an unconditional pardon.
I write this statement ln Justice to Von
Haller, who Is coming to live among us. to
begin his life over, ln order that he may
he given a fair opportunity to make that
life a sobered, better life than the way
ward, reckless life which led him Into
trouble and shame. I am certain he will
make good, and to that end he will have
my friendship and help to the very fullest
police department In South Omaha, having 'old- the color of tne cool, and crimson
ten connected with it ns an Inmate of
the jail and as a sunpect a number of
BlaT Price for a Coat.
H. B. Hearston waa fined 116 and costs
for stealing a duck overcoat off a dummy
In front of D. Michael's second-hand store
en N street yesterday. At the jail he put
tip the story that he had seen a sign on
the coat saying "Try me on." He aald he
did accordingly and before be got through
the proprietor came out and found him
with the goods. Michaels said he was
and blue, the society's colors, were beauti
fully prominent. The program Tendered
Words of Welcome, Mrs. H. C. Balrd.
"The Institution, 1869," Rev. Geore-e W.
Music (vlollnV
Address, by Miss Eupham W. Macrae.
"The Institution, 1906," John N. Deaver.
A Relldoaa Aataor'a tatesaeat.
For several years I was afflicted with
reading inside and was attracted by seeing kidney trouble and last winter I was sud
the sleeve on the dummy was missing and denly stricken with a severe pain In my
again when hi looked the whole dummy kidneys and waa confined to bed eight days
waa gone, togetner witn the coat. Con- unable to get up without assistance. My
slderlng the slse of the fine, Hearston Is I urine contained a thick white sediment and
paying pretty dearly for his coat.
Jap Bay Draws a Flaa.
I passed same frequently day and night
I commenced taking Foley's Kidney
George Meosha, a Japanese boy. waa Remedy, and the pain gradually abated ami
fined S2S and costs yesterday, It being
charged that he pulled the ring off Emma
Thramek'a hand at the Cudahy Packing
company's plant, where both worked in the
same department. Tho Japaneae boy said
he had given the girl the ring and inalated
that he had a right to it. She Just as posi
tively denied that the Jap and she had any
such acquaintance as to result In his giving
finally ceased and my urine became nor.
mat I cheerfully recommend Foley's Kid-
ney Remedy. For sale by all druggists.
Jackson laa Clab Expeeta Large
Atteadaaee at Moaday Evea
tag's Fanctloa
her a ring. Another case for menacing .,. .ht at ... TOOm. tha p-tterann
threats was suspended against the Jap boy block ,ade flna, arrangements for the
ana ne win pe given a cnance to show that banquet to be given by the club at the
ce wui not moieai me gin. Pa.ton Monday nlaht
Coaatry Clab Electa Officers. It is expected that ZiO guests will be pres
The board of dlrectora of th. r,mntr, Among the speakers will be W. J
club met rriday evening In the offices of Bryan. Governor Shallenberger. Ralph
Tir f Vf Hhlnal in1 .la-t4 ,. ,, I i&rK 01 mcnaruaun cuumy, ueorge .
Craven and two or more from outalde the
not been an
tiva officers of the cliih for tha rnmln
season. W. B. Cheek was re-elected presl- who" namM
dent. Dr. W. A. Pox vir r,r..lrl-n Bn4 DOUnced as yet
Grant Caughey secretary-treasurer. The AU ot tht B,wly PP0'"'1 colonels will
diir. UmcLumma a i..-. n,.mh.r im. be present in their full uniform and the
rMt occasion Is expected to be spectacular as
All Tome In Less Than Half an Floor
and Supposed to Be Work of
Discharged Fireman.
An unidentified person, who Is thought to
be a discharged member of the fire depart
ment, amused himself early Saturday even
ing by turning ln false alarms from four
different places In the city. All the alarms
came through the fire boxes and no trace
has yet been found of the man who did
the work.
The four calls came within twenty mln
utes of each other. The first came from
Fourteenth and Capitol avenue at T:U
o'clock, the second from Seventh and Doug
las streets at 7:20 o'clock, the third was
from Ninth and Jones streets at 7:26 o'clock
and the fourth from Thirteenth and Jack'
son streets at 7:36 o'clock.
In addition to these calls there waa one
from 2211 Howard street shortly before 7
o'clock. This slarm was caused from some
bed clothing which caught fire, but which
waa extinguished before tne arrival of the
An alarm from Sixteenth and Far nam
streets about 10:80 o'clock was found to
have resulted from a burning chimney at
the Henahaw hotel, from which no damage
On account of the close proximity to
the Bur wood theater, however, the man
agement of the playhouse decided to bt
on the safe side and dismiss the sud
ence. The announcement was therefore
made from the stage that there waa
small fire ln the vicinity and that while
there was no immediate danger to tl.e
theater it waa deemed advisable for the
audience to take its time and leave the
This was done without any excitement
or confusion and within a minute or two
the bouse was empty.
Our Letter Box
Many Small Donations Are Added to
"well the Totala for Earth
qnake "afferera.
Although no large donations were madi
to the relief fund for the Italian sjfferera
Saturday, there were numerous smaller
gifts, which raised the total to tl.194.10.
This money will be sent to the Italian Red
Cross society at Rome. Additional ones
who contributed were:
Amount nrevlouslv renorted t1.HO.fiO
Parkers National, South Omaha 1B.00
t'outh Omaha National bank 15.00
Live Stock National, South Omaha 6.00
Davis & Baudo
Mrs. K B. Godfrey
John Brlggs
jay is. waiiams
Holmes A Adklns :
Brodkev Bros
LeUrande Studio....
Sol Goldxtrom
Arthur Demos
K. and M. Shabook.
T. J. Shanahan
E. J. Polsley
Herman Katsky
V. M. Rich
G. S. Kennedy
Theo Van
James Nanios ,
Gust Namos
C. Gibson
South Omaha Ice company.
Frank Koutsky
8. C Shrigley
F. A. Creasy
John Grubble
Vlttorlo Parrlnello
Joseph Koutsky
Dr.ra E. urene
Dr. J. W. Koutsky
M. F. Tetwa
Pasauale Dejrilio
Joan Parmlssano
I.. Altman
E. P. Rneaon ,
O. F. Beavera
H. Oerbor
Frank Haydock ,
A. Tillman
L. H. Ruff
O. E. Rouf
William Burns
Karl Gornson
6 Oil
Total 11.194.10
Toanar Men's Christian Association la
Trylnar to Double Ita Mem
bership. "Double the membership" Is the slogan
that Is being used by the member of the
Toung Men's Christian association during
the campaign for new members that was
begun last 'week. The present enrollment
Is 2,515 and ' tho secretaries and directors
are anxious to Increase this sufficiently to
place Omaha above all her sister cities
as regards association membership.
With this end in view Membership Secre
tary William Parker has organised ten
committees of ten men each to work for
new members and every man and boy be
longing to the association is also expected
to secure a recruit.
That the local association ranks high
smong American city associations Is shown
by the recent campaign carried on ln
Denver to secure new members for the
association there, "Beat Omaha" was the
watchword and every effort was made to
get enough members to place Denver ahead
f Omaha in Importance among association
cities. It is not yet definitely known
whether or not the Denverltes succeeded In
their endeavor, but whether or not Omaha
will rank even higher than before If pres
ent plans carry and the local association
adds a healthy list rt new members to Its
tolls. The campaign Is to last for soma
time and Is being waged among both boys
and men. At the preaent time there arc
about 300 more members In the association
than there were at this time last year.
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There is a hidden store of wealth in it you have overlooked.
Bee classified advertising pages are alive with money making, money
saving opportunities.
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Sale" Ads, the "Exchange Ads" while you are eating your breakfast.
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to some one else. This person talks to you through The Bee.
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the daysomething you find you can buy for half what you feared you
would have to pay,
There are other opportunities, too. Through these Want Ads you can
find the cook you have been looking forme seamstress, the gardener, the
chore boy.
Read them carefully. Get in touch with the people who can serve you
or whom you can serve. It will pay you well.
Male City Voealp.
well as enjoyable otherwise. Three dollars
(Y)1L! Trv Howland s Wivr Per PIaU ,n assessment and this is ex-
Creek. Office till N. 24th St. Tel. South 7. pected to purchase quite a variety of
edibles, to say nothing of the other portions
of the menu which are supposed to enliven
the conversation.
Frank A. Agnew, lawyer. Murphy block,
'phone South luQs.
Miss Marian Dennia entertained the M.
E. M. dub Friday evening.
C. L. Hoover left yesterday for a visit
of several waeka In Pennsylvania.
lnjered la a Fir
cr bruised by a fall, apply Bueklen's Ar-
The Ladles- auxiliary of th. AnoCnt l""T 'A. c Tor sale
Order of Hibernians wui Hold tnelr regular I " -
Henry Aa-aew Asks 3,OoO Damages
Beeaaso Isadora Friedman
Potted Hint la Foot.
A suit for damages waa filed Saturday
morning in tbe district court by Henry
Agnew against Isadora F. Friedman for al
leged carelessness In the handling of a
shotgun, the explosion of which Inflicted
several wounds upon Agnew's feet. The
plaintiff claims the accident caused him
great aufering- and confined him to the hos
pital. Agnew asks tS.000 damages.
The affair happened in the second-hand
store ot I. Friedman, Bl South Twelfth
street, on the morning of January i. Fried
man started to demonstrate the weapon
while Ignorant that It waa loaded and,
turning toward the rear of the store, pulled
the trigger to test the action. It exploded,
catching Agnsw la the fact.
Fraavls 3. Heaey and Wife Pass
Tkrssgh Omaha GsrosU to
Loa Angeles.
Francis J. Heney of San Francisco, fa
moua as a prosecutor of graft, who hai
been ln the east for soms time, passed
through Omsha Saturday noon on the Los
Angeles Limited. He will go to Los An
geles foi a short visit before returning
home, Mr. Heney, who was accompanied
by Mrs. Heney, has entirely recovered from
the bullet wound which he received In
open court from the pistol of Maurice
Mr. Heney gave out nothing concerning
his work on the cosst and conditions there
that has not been given ln former inter
Dealers Lay Plans for a Show on
Bigger Lines Than Ever Before.
Plana Laid Far In Advance nad an
Effort "Will Be Made to' Interest
Bis Maaafactorers In
the Show.
Omaha will have another electrical show
this yesr. the time having been fixed for
May, at the Auditorium, by a number oi
the leading electrical contractors and elec
trical suprly merchants of Omaha snd
Council Bluffs, who met Saturday after
noon at the Young Men's Christian associ
ation building. The dates are May to 15.
An organisation was perfected which will
be incorporated at once to handle the show.
It will be called the Omaha Electrical bdow
company and the stock will be held largely
by the dealers ln Omaha ana . council
The following officers were elected at
yesterday's" meeting: George W. Johnston,
president; A. O. Munro, vice president; W.
L. Burgess, secretary; J. R. Lehmer, treas
urer; J. M. Uiuan, manager.
The electrical show held last May was a
success even beyond the expectations of the
men who promoted It. ana with the experi
ence of last year and the confidence which
success always brings with It. these same
Omaha men feel confident that they can
far excel last year's show ln every respect.
The big electrical manufacturer gave the
show but little help last year until they
saw It was going to be a winner anyway.
This yesr they will reallre from the etart
that Omaha men can and will put on a
fine show and more assistance and more
exhibits will undoubtedly come from the
leading electrical concerns of the country
than last yesr.
Plans Mors Elaborate.
Lest year the association was uncertain
as to Just how mucn money u wouiu uo
safe to spend on decorations, entertainment
and music, but this year everything will be
undertaken on a much more elaborate plan.
The Auditorium will be converted into a
veritable wonderland of things marvelous
and beautiful by means of the various elec
trical devices, and high class entertainment
will be furnished during the ten days of
the show. Several of the men Interested In
the organisation will viait the great elec
trical show at Chicago week after next,
nd while there will pick up pointers for
the Omaha show and Interest many of the
leading manufacturers in the big exhibit in
the Auditorium. Mr. Lovett, Mr. Munro,
Mr. Corr, Mr. Mlchaalsen, Mr. Johnston,
Mr. Burgess, Mr. Zimman and Mr. Uillan
will attend the Chicago show.
New School for Catholics.
BPENCER. 8. D . Jan. 10. -(Special )-A
Catholic school costing tl5.KO will be built
at Farmer, four miles west of this city,
Rev. Charles Auer, who Is the prime mover
of the plan, raised more than IIO.OlO be
tween Christmas dsy and January 1. Not
a Catholic living within the diocese owning
1S acres of land gave less than feo toward
the erection of the school building.
of the chllil. temporary alimony and attor
ney fees. They were married In Council
Bluffs January 6, 1906. Nolan is a black
smith by trade.
A formal answer has been filed in district
court In tho divorce case of Mrs. Elizabeth
New McKeen against her husband. W. It.
McKeen, alleging cruelty. The decree In
this suit is expected to follow very soon.
The death of the defendant In the divorce
suit of Mollie Ream against her husband,
James W. Ream of South Omaha, caused
the dismissal of the case this morning ln
the district court.
Mrs. Maudo Klrschner brought suit for
divorce against her husband. 'William
Klrschner, In tho district court for nonsup
port and custody of minor child. Two
months before the birth ot the child
he struck her. she says, with his fist,
knocking her down and kicking her.
A suit for divorce was filed Saturdsy morn
ing for' s Urged abandonment and extreme
cruelty by Mrs. Helen Calvert against her
husband, Robert H. Calvert, In the district
court. They were married ln St. Thomas,
Ontario, Canada, September 14, 1905.
Action for divorce was filed by Frank H.
Miller against his wire, Olive B. Miller, for
alleged cruelty and extravagance and the
custody of child. They were married in
Watonga, Okl.
Papers la Eleven Salts Are Filed
Satardar aad Fear Devrees
Are Granted.
A carnival of divorce suits reigned In
district court yesterday. Papers In eleven
cases were filed. Four of these were new
Qrover A. Sumney was granted a divorce
becauje of desertion.
Alleging desertion, Frank D. McKenna
waa granted a decree of divorce against his
wife, Mary McKenna.
Jeptha B. Randolph, who has been suing
for a divorce from his wife. Myrtle' M.
Randolph, was granted a decree.
Barbara Maryt secured a decree of di
vorce from Andrew Maryt on the grounds
of cruelty.
'A suit for divorce was filed 8aturday
morning In district court by Mrs. Nona V.
Nolan against her husband, Charles M.
Nolan, alleging cruelty and use of vile lan
guage, attempts at personal violence and
failure to provide for her and a minor child.
She asks an absolute divorce and custody
If you will taka Foley's Orlno Laxative
until the bowels become regular you will
not have to take purgatlvea constantly, as
Foley's Orlno Laxative positively cures
chronic .constipation and sluggish liver.
Pleasant to take. For sale by all druggists.
George Crane Gets All Bat $4,990 of
Dams ares Asked Against
. Ralph Kitchen.
The esse of George Crane who wss suing
Ralph Kitchen, proprietor Ihe Paxton
hotel, for $5,000 damages was closed Satur
day in the district court when the Jury
brought ln a verdict for $1.00, ln favor of
the plaintiff.
The case which has been hanging for
over a year. Is the outcome' of a mlxup
between the hotel man and Crane. Crane
charging Kitchen with assult and Kitchen
alleging self-defense.
The Jury whip-sawed the case all night,
and returned the verdict Saturday morn
ing. . ,
Impresses Upon Workers the Beneflts
Which Accrae from Organic
E. J. Baker, president of the United
Brotherhood of Leather Workers, ad
dressed an open meeting at Labor Temple
last night on the subject of the advan
tages of organisation and the rights of
the laboring classes. His address
throughout waa temperate and an elab
oration upon the purposes of his visit to
stimulate Interest In organised labor, the
tariff question and the good that will
yet ccme to the cause of organised labor
through tho decision of Judge Wright In
the Gompers, Morrison and Mitchell case.
87 the Old Reliable Dr. Searles & Searles.
Established In Omaha for li years. Ihe many taous
ends of cases cured by us make us tbe most exper
Wnted Specialists In tne West, in all diseases and ail
ments of men. We know Just what will curs you-
and cure you quickly.
We Cure You, Then You Pay Us Our Fee.
Wa naks 00 misleading or falsa statements, or otter
rou cbeap, worthless treatment. Our reputation sod
true are too favorably known; every case wa Ueat our
reputation Is at stake. Voui; health, lite and happiness
is too serious a matter to place in me nands of a
SHAMS!.." DOOaUnV. Honest -nr. of ability Uss
their OWN KAMA IM TUUfc BUfcSn, ervoas
Bsbillty, Blood Pels an, gklnn Diseases, Biaaew aad Bind.
T.. .1, n4 1 TllMAAKAM .H HlHinl. U
r T.1 tl Ki.mliut Inn .nl eanaulLAtton. WrltA torn
j'aiW.'r.tS' IRS ByniDtoa Blank for home treatment
Ibr. eaxltS Seirlei, H9 S. 14th, Cor. 14th and Douglas, Omaha.
There are no vacant offices, but:
If you have been looking for such rooms, no doubt
you have found desirable space is a rare thing. From
time to time changes are made by tenants which would
make available just the kind of office rooms which you
U occupied from top to bottom, but tor reasons abota guted
wa keep a waiting: list and would be pleased to have you call
and look through the building. By giving us an Idea of your
requirements would place us 1b a position to fulfill your wants
alcng this line at some future time. Leave your name and
address with
IL W. BAKER. Supt, Room 501