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ens&.tion in Yea.
, publicity Campaign in Interest of Ha
I tional Problem! Launched.
The biggest selling movement of the kind that has ever been "pulled off" in OMAHA in years yes in many
years. We will have the people of this city and the surrounding country talking as they never talked about a
sale before. It is a genuine sensation.
TMeetlasra Will B Held la 8erlea la
Different Rectloaa of Cematry,
Comlnf o Owk Latter
Fart ( March.
The molt extensive publicity campaign
ver conducted In the Interest of great na-
a .4.r. nrnhium aa they confront
'the church will be undertaken by the Home
! ... - Y.
Mlealone council, whicn coruusui
ome Mission boards of the Evangelical
denominations throughout the United 8tatea
and representing 15.000,000 membera.
l Thla campaign will be conauciea in iwu
fa-eries; the flrat Including eaatern cltlea aa
followa: Brooklyn. January 26 ana
Hartford. January and 27; Buffalo, Jan
uary and 28; Cleveland. January 28 and
; Pittsburg. January 1 and Feb
ruary 1; Baltimore. February 1
and ; Atlanta, February 1 and 4;
Philadelphia. February U and 12. The
wai4 MMmm in the central weat
f rand will Include Cincinnati. March 21 and
St3; Nashville, March 22 and 23; Bt. loula,
m m u. v..... ntt. March 24
and 25; Omaha. March 26 and ; Mlnne
apolle. March 2S and 2l Chicago. March
9 and 10.
A two day conference will be kelfl In each
city. Beginning with the afternoon of the
flrat day and eloelng with the afternoon
of tha aeoond day the following aubject
will be discussed: "Today Outatandlng
IProbleme of Home MiaalonB. "The Unity
rf the Churoh In IU Mlaalon to America,"
f'A ChrletlanlaM America For Naton
.Building." "A Christianised America for
JWorld Redemption." "The Church and the
Labor Movement," "The Church and Ita
'Resources the Men and the Means," "City
jEvangellxatlon." The evening of the second
lay will be devoted, to denominational ral
illes, which will be arranged for by the
Warlous denominational home mlsalonary
t '"Odette.
Among the speaker who have already
onsented to take part In thla campaign
'are the following: Bev. Charlea E. Jeffer
on, D. n.; Bev. H. L. Morehouae. D. D.,
L. L. P.; Rev. C. K Thompaon. D. D P.
U D. ; Ex-Governor B. B. Olenn; Ttie Right
jFtev. Ethclbnrt Talbot, V. D.. L L D.;
Bishop K. R. Hendrlx. D. D.. U 1 D. ; Rev.
jlame.i I. Vance, D. D.; Hon. Joahua Lever
ing, L. P. P.; Bishop Luther B. Wilson, D.
i 'p. I.. I.. D. ; Commlaaloner Robert Watch
t iirn; Rev. John B. White, D. D.; Bev.
rthur 8. Lloyd, D. D. ; Rev. W. C. Bitting,
O. P.; Rev. H. C. Herring, P. D. ; Rev. L.
Barnes, D, D. ; Rev. A. W. Fortune, D.
p.; Rev. Frank Mason North, D. D.; Rev.
! Charles Btelxle, Rev. W. 8. Holt. D. D.;
lev. Howard B. Grose, D. D. ; Mr. J.
i Srneet McAfee. Rev. F. N. Wright. Rev.
toward J. Melish, Rev. W. D. MacKcnzle,
i. D. ; Rev. Floyd Tomklns, D. D., and
3lshop Alexander Walters.
It will not be the primary purpose of thla
campaign to raise money, but to present
:o the churches of America the Importance
fj f the home mission enterprise, particularly
a It haa developed In recent years. While
.he old phases of home mission work aa It
I las to do with work In the great weat will
glren their proper emphasis, the newer
problems which present an appeal for mis
sionary thought and endeavor will be par
.loularly emphaalzed.
The congestion of cities, the perlla and
pportunltlea of immigration, the raising
loclallam with Ita possible conflict of
ilasses, and the aggressions of fanaticism
ind superstition are features of American
iroblems which give a larger meaning to
tome missions.
The executive committee having the af-
alrs of the publicity campaign In charge
-onatltutes Charlea L. Thon-.pson. D. D.,
halt-man; J. Brownlee Voorhees, secretary;
tobert C. Herring. D. P.; R. A. Hutohlnson,
f. D. : Arthur 8. Lloyd. D. P.: H. L.
vforehouse, P. P.; A. L. Morris, D. P.;
Robert Forbes. P. P.; S. L. Queen, P. P.;
i Whitney. P. P.; A. Stewart Hartman.
P.; John R. Nelson, P. P.; William J.
Wright, P. P.; B. P. Cray, P. P., all of
vhom are national secretaries of various
tome mission societies.
j The national organisation comprising the
-ouncil follow: American Baptist Home
mission society, General Conference of
ree Baptists. Home Mission board,
Southern Baptist convention. Missionary
;ioard of the Christian church. The Ameri
can Christian Missionary society. Congrega
tional Home Missionary society. American
Missionary association, Pomeatlo and For
eign Missionary society, Protestant Fptsco
ol church. Board of Home missions, Oen
j ral Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church In
nlted States. Board of Home Missions
nd Church Extension, Methodist Episcopal
j hurch. Missionary board. Free Methodist
jhurch; Board of Home Missions, Methodist
Toieeiani cnurcn; iioarn or Missions.
fethodlst church, south: Board of Home
' Ilaelona, Presbyterian Church In the United
'"tatea of America; General Assembly's
lome Missions, Presbyterian Church In the
JTnlted States, south; Board of Home MIs-
j i i"" i nu"u t-resnyierian church,
, reara or nomestio Missions of the Re
formed Church In America, Home Mission
ary society. United Brethren In Christ.
Presbyterian rlergymen of Omaha and
-nvlrons are called together for a meeting
n the First Presbyterian church at 10:30
The goods are all of last Fall's design, but they are to us undesirable because we have only a few articles of a kind per
haps only the sample piece. So we must sweep away the entire stock and people have come to know that when Hartman
sets out to conduct a clearance he's mighty reckless with the knife and cuts the prices to a degree that most furniture stores
would call ruinous. No profit expected all we want is part of the cost. Biggest bargains you ever laid your eyes on.
Heavy Posts and
tubing, popular
colors, reduced
from $8.00 to
French Lacquer
ed, newest de
signs, 1-inch
posts, regular
price 132.75
Mahogany or Bird's Eye
Maple, French plate mir
ror, worth $23, T25
reduced to .......
of pleasing designs, large
mirror, shapely standards,
oak, mahogany or maple.
reduced from
Oak or Mahogany fin
ish, well made, large
and roomy, a bargain at
$12.50, special 069
price O
oak or mahogany fin
ish, French plate mir
ror, reg. price (9.75,
clearance price
New designs, large drawers
and linen compartment,
shapely top,
$30.00 value,
reduced to . . .
BOARD, solid oak,
beautifully carved,
drawers lined for sil
verware, $40.00 value
clearance P" 10
price. . .
HlllWi llflMtaJaJWMUsBMIMaMsxi
intra w.j tjj 1
jr ffiyys.- IL. V IXTEWSIOW I
"ti1"1 quarter - aawed l
i Ku'! oak, carved feet fl
' Irk vf easy running H
yrf slides $38 ()0 H
;! ju ) Ma. regular price, M
Tha Disposing of 2.000 almost Perfect
It is a selling movement that will be watched and attended with the utmost enthunlssm by the people of Omaha
and throughout the State for the next two weeks a movement that will make the oldest men and most experienced
buyers open their eyes In amazement and stand dumfounded at the sensational manner In which prices have been
slashed and slaughtered.
Only Slightly Tarnished
Remember that these 2,000 stoves and ranges are from some of the best makers In America. They are the
Season's leavings discontinued patterns slightly tarnished stoves all are perfect in operation and will give the
most thorough satisfaction tn every little particular.
Rugs Remarkably
In Tans, Olives and Old Rose, HfltA
combination, J I
Handsome two tone
$30.50 value, clearance
Beautiful color effects, Oriental, m Q
Medallion and Floral designs, Jlv
$35.00 value, clearance price mm
BODY BRUSSELS RUG, 12x9 ft., Persian,
Medallion and Floral design dur
ability of these rugs unequaled.
$37.00 value; clearance price
Heavy, soft pile, perfect Rugs, jf 150
and thoroughly guaranteed, J A.
$40.00 value, for
12x9 feet. Fringed borders, soft 7750
$55.00 value, clearance price
Larf double
heater, patent
magazine cov
er, full nickeled
trimmed, J32.00
regular price,
Heavy castings, large oven,
guaranteed baker, a bar
gain at $12.00. 789
V, i TJ
Kase Murner, elabor
ate nickeled trimming
largo radiating sur
face. 4 5.00
Every Stove Guaran
teed to
Give Satisfaction
Six-holes, warming
closet, complete as
shown, large, square
oven, $35.00 regular
Nickeled trim
med, cast fire
box. Very eco
nomical heater,
reduced from
17.00 to
1 50 Couches
to be closed
out at fac
tory cost 1
the greatest
HKCrlflCH of
" Couches In
rrlce represents Just the art-
the history of this store.
iial cost to niiike. 94 Couches unhnlatered In
Genuine Leather, 818.50; 49 Conches uphol
stered In Nantuoket Leather, $10.76; 67 Mas
sive Couohes upholstered In Imported Velours..
in velour.
verona o r
oak frame,
massive de
sign, reduc
ed from $35
11 S 60
i r 1111111111111 in
RUGS 12x9 feet. Reproduction of 0rr"7Z
the best Imported Oriental Rugs, i f
00 value, clearance price
I 4 value' t Q,ve ZailS'lCUOn I clear- Z.Y
mmj i I ance
. n
1 r S VS
MIMIMMHMaMjaMMMMRfMMJM MMIM" 'Mi Hi -pmmsmj-miimi s win si i . ss i n. i. nn . . mi s M.-war VIUF MM1 Mi II UMMMlIf MMMBMMBOTMHMM;
1414-16-18 DOUGLAS ST.
rolls, reduced to, yard s
PETS, 14 rolls, reduced to,
yard JJC
CARPET, 29 rolls, reduced to, P
yard J C
95c BRUSSELS CARPETS, extra qual
ity, 156 rolls, reduced to, Oar
yard VC
$1.25 VELVET CARPETS, deep rile,
43 rolls, reduced to, "7
yard OC
1.45 VELVET CARPETS, best quality,
25 rolls, reduced to, CQat
yard Jk
$1.60 AXMINSTER CARPET, borders,
to match, 280 rolls, reduced 1 20
to, yard
a la
Wo More
Vo Matter How Bad Yoor Case Is Or
How Long Ytm Have Had It, Pyra.
mid Iile t'iiro Can Cure It.
rree jackar Sent to rrova Xt.
Half of the suffering- and torture of
biles has never been told. Whether your
art1cular cava of pile is almost too cx
ruclatlng for any mortal to bear, or If
.ou are fearfully tantalised by unreachable
telling- and bleeding or whether you have
nly a moderate case of piles, there Is
oaltlve relief, and quick too. In Pyramid
ftla Cure.
iou neea not take ror aranted all we
Way about our Pllo Remedy. We want It
o speak for Itself.
That 1. why we say to every person suf.
farina; from plies or any form of roctal
llseaae, aend us your name and address
luid we will gladly send you a free trial
Larkage of the marvelous Pyramid Pile
Jure. After using the trial you will hurry
O your nearest druggist and get a 50 cent
Ijox of Pyramid Pile Cure, now admitted
Ljr thousands to be one of the most won-
lerful reliefs and cures for Plies ever
Instant rerlef can be gotten by using the
narvclous Pyramid Pile Cure. It lmmed
ately reducoa all congestion and swelling,
teals all sores, ulcers and Irritated parta.
It renders an operation absolutely un-
Bend your name and address to-day for
-a package to Pyranrid Irug Co., 13s
t .Vtamld BUI? .. Marshall, Mtctk
Monday foretioon. Pynodlcal home
mission work will be up for discussion.
Bev. Nathaniel McGlffen will present the
subject of the day and Rev. W. II. Kearns,
D. P., synodlcal superintendent, will give
the principal address. An elder from each
church Is asked to be present.
Music at the North Side Christian church
Sunday will be aa follows:
OrRan Prelude Oh Holy Savior... Cunhmari
mrd s prayer, rnanieo ana unaccompanied.
Soprano Solo Come Unto Me
Mrs. H. u. riark.
Processional Oh Paradise
Choir Heions Now the Pay Is Over..
Lmet lie Shall Keea His rUK-k
Mr. C. A. ManKum and Mr. James
RcresKlnnal Savior Again to Thy Pear
Name Wo Raise
Grace R-iptist church, Tenth and Arhor
streets, will hold a memorial service in
In nor of R, E. Pi'.rtek, recently deceased.
Mr. Patrick --.ts a charter member of the
church and Its senior deacon for many
years. Ho waa also a member of the
Grand Army of the Republic and of the
Scottish clan. A ger.cral Invitation Is ex
tended to his friends to attend this
at the First Congregational
"la the New Testament as Authorita
tive as the Old?" This question will be
answered by Rev. E. H. Jenks. p. P., at the
Business Men's Bible class Sunday at the
First Presbyterian church, 12 to 12:30.
The class is open to everybody.
' i'
morial service, which begins at 7H5 p. m.
Calvary Baptist church will hold re
vival service at its branch, Thirty
fourth and Seward streets, beginning
Sur.dsy evening. The pastor, Rev. E. R.
Curry, will be assisted by the pastor's
band, consisting of three other ministers
besides himself. The people of all de
ncrr.lnattons living tn that part of the
city are Invited to join in thla effort for
the spiritual good of the community.
Mr. George U. McNutt addresses ' the
men's meeting at the Young Men's Chris
Mat association Sunday at 4 p. m. His
subject is "Our Kind of a Man." Mr.
McMuCt has been called the -Pinner
Pall Man" from hla intimate experience
with the laboring man and hla problems.
As a pastor the question of empty pews
bothered him. penning overall and
blouse ha disappeared from the pulpit
an l took a position tn a large iron mill
for a time. Mr. McNutt speaks Sunday
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
Miss Minnie C. Lorkwood, Travelers'
Aid secretary, will continue tearhtnir the
Sunday school lesson In the assembly
room each Friday noon at 11:30.
On account of the reception to be given
for Miss Taylor Friday evening, all clas
work scheduled for that night will be
suspended and all members of classes
have been invited to attend the reception
at 7:30.
Beginning next Saturday morning Miss
Buigoyne, director of domestic arts, will
conduct a dolls' dressmaking class for
young glrla from 10 to 11:30 and will
teach correct principles of sewing ap
plied to dolls' clothes.
On account of the weather last Tues
day, classes scheduled to open on that
day were postponed one week and will
open Tuesday, January 12, as roiiovv.i:
Esperanto, under Mrs. A. P. Roberts;
Englinh grammar, under Miss Frances
M. Crittenden; expression, under MIhs
Murioi, M. Nlckum; winter millinery, un
der Miss Frances Zeaman; popular shirt
walat and embroidery classes, under Miss
Clar.i E. Burgoyne.
The New Year's gospel meeting, poet-
fioned from last Sunday on account of
he Impersonation of the Brahmin woman
by Mrs Burnell, will ha held Sunday aft
ernoon at 4:30. Mrs. Kyers will lead the
meeting and will give a short lesson on
the first Psalm. Everyone is asked to
bring a New Year text. The text of the
association for the year 1909 has been
chosen by Mrs. Harford, president, and
Is as follows: "Who crowneth the year
with Thy goodness."
Miss Harriet Taylor, secretary of the
Natlrnal Board for the Foreign Pepart
ment. will be In the city next week Fri
day. MIhs Taylor will attend the monthly
meeting of the board of directors and
will be the guest of the board at
luncheon, and will speak to the BIIjIh
students and others of the association
at 7:30 In the evening. The B. B. B. is
In charge of the reception tn the even
ing and extends an Invitation to those
interested to be present. Miss Mvra
Withers. Nebraska state secretary, will
also be the guest of the association at
this reception.
M lerellaaeaas aasssssesirsta,
Oak Street Mission Sunday School. Vrt)
South Twentieth 1 p. m., adult Bible class
to be organised.
House of Hope 861 North Twenty-seventh
Avenue Services at 4 p. m.i Judge George
A. Magney will speak.
Omaha General Hospital A chapel service
will be held In the hospital on Sunday aft
ernoon at 4 o'clock, conducted by Mr. C. F.
Free Methodist, 1737 South Eleventh
Sunday school at 10; preaching at 11 and
7:45; district E1Jer. H. E. Hatfield in
Kountze Memorial Lutheran Mission,
Nineteenth and Caatellar. Sunday school
at 3 p. m. every Sunday, E. B. Cook super
intendent. People's, Charles W. Savidge, Pastor
Moining, "God Supplying All Our Need;"
evening, "Paying our Vows." Prof. Mcrtcs
has charge of the music.
Second Church of Christ, Scientist. Nine
teenth and K&rnaro, IjVTtc Theater Sunday
school at 9:46 a. tn. Service at 11 a. in.;
subject of lesson-sermon, "Sacrament."
First I'nlted Presbyterian. Twenty-first
and Emmet, ltev. p. K. Turnbull, Pastor-
Services at 10:30 u. m. and 7:30 p. m. lilblo
school at noon. Meeting of young people
at li:30 p. m.
First Church of Christ. HClentlst, Twenty-
fifth and Fa ma m, Chambers' Building
Sunday schu 1 at SMi u. m. Sunday svrv
lces ul 11 a. m. and s p. m. Subject lussou-st-rmon,
Saratoga Congregational, Ames Avenue
and Tweiity-fiftii, Jtssu Fisher, Pastor
Preaching at 10:30 a. m. Sunday school
at 11:30 a. m. Christian Endeavor at e:M
p. m. Preaching at 7.30 p. m.
Unity, Seventeenth and Cass, Rev. New
ton Mann, Minister Locture, Arnold of
Brescia Contending for a Peoples liberty
Against Six Successive Popes, ' at 10:30 a.
m. Sunday school at noon.
Clifton Hill Presbyterian, Rev. Thomaa
B. Greenlee, Ph. P., Pastor Morning serv
ice at li):30. Evening service at 7:30. Sun
day school at noon. Young People's Society
of Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. in.
McCabe Methodist Episcopal. Farnarn
ana Fortieth J. Narver Gortner, Pasior
Sermon at 1 and 7:3"; morning theme,
"Exeklel's Vision of the Waters;" oven
lng theme, "Human Responsibility."
First Presbyterian, podge and Seven
teenth, Rev. Edwin Hart Jenks, P. P.,
Pastor Morning service at lo:3u. Evening
service at 7:3o. Sunday school ul noon.
Christian Endeavor meeting at 4:16 p. m.
I'nion Gospel Mission, 13J1 louglas Kev.
A. W. Clark, superintendent of the Child
Saving Institution, will speak Sunday. Song
service at 7 44. Miss Frances McGlffert will
sing. A cordial Invitation is extended to all.
North Side Christian, Twenty-second and
Pocust. If. J. Klrschsteln. Minister Morn
ing worship at lj 30. liible school at 13.
Christian Endeavor at 8:1a. E-vening serv
ice at 7 30. Mid-week service Wednesday
evening at 8.
Westminster 1'rexhvterian. Mason and
29th, Rev. W, 8. Fulton; Pastor Services
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sabbath school
and Bible classes at 12. Izard Street mis
sion at 3 p. m. Young People's Society
of Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m.
First Cnited Evangelical, Franklin, Near
Twenty-fourth, Rev. y. A. Peck, Pastor
Sunday school at 10 a. in.; worship at 11
a. m.; theme, "Seeking Intercessors;''
Christian Endeavor at 6:3U p. m.; worship
at 7:30 p. m.; theme. "My Neighbor."
Central I'nlted Proebyterlan, Twenty
fourth and Podge, R. B. A. McKride, P. P.,
Minister Morning worship at W:3o. Recep
tion of new members and observance of the
sacrament of the aupper. Evening worship
at 7:30. Post-communion sermon, "Help in
Time of Trouble."
Trinity Cathedrlal, Capitol Avenue and
Eighteenth, the Very Kev. George. A.
Beeclu-r. Pean Holy communion at 8 a. in.,
Sunday school and Bible class at 9:45 a. m.,
morning prayer and sermon at 11 o'clock,
confirmation class at 3 p. m., evening prayer
and sermon at :ju o cioca.
Plymouth Congregational, Twentieth ajid
Spencer, John P. Clyde, Minister Morning
worship, 10:30; theme, "A Convenient Sea
son." Sunday school el 12 Christian Fi
deavor society at 6:'M. Evening worship
ut 7:3o; theme, "The Chance of a lifetime.
Special music at each service.
Caatellar Presbyterian, Rev. Ralph H.
Houseman, Minister At 10:30. "Converging
Providences and the World's Conquest," at
7 30, "First Things First." Bible school at
12. Young people's service at 6:30. Park
Forest and Ontario chapels each conduit
Bible school sessions at 3 p. m.
First Germsn Free Evangelical, Twelfth
and porcaa Public worship and Sabbath
observance at 10:30 a. m. and 7:3u p. tn.,
preaching by Rev. F. H. W. Bruechert,
pastor. Bible school at 3:30 p. rn. Annual
business meeting, with attendance of all
members desired, Monday, 7:30 p. m.
Grace Baptist. Tenth and Arbor, B. F.
Fellman, Pastor 10:45, "The Threshold of a
New Year; 7 p. ni., young people's meet
ing; 7:45 p. m., H. E. Patrick memorial
service. Sunday school No. 1. Tenth and
Arhor streets. t noon: Sunday school No.
2, Fourth and Cedar streets. S;30 p. m.
St. Mark's English Lutheran, Twentieth
and Burdette, P. Groh. Pastor Services at
10:45 a. m., subject. "The Holy Family, An
Example for Training Children." Subject
7:30 p. m.. "The Man Not Spoiled by HuiI
den and Great Promotion." Sunday school
at noon. Young people's meeting at 6:45
p. m.
Immanuel Baptist. Twenty-fourth and
Plnkney. Phlletus II McDowell. Pastor
Servlcea at 10 30 a. ni. and 7: p. m. The
Rev. O. A, Williams. P. p. of Lincoln will
preach. Bible school at noon. The Baptist
Young Peoples union at i :f. Ml1-week
service Wednesday evening at 7:46. at which
special business will he considered.
Grace Lutheran, South Twenty-sixth,
tween Poppleton and Woolworlh, Rev. M
1 Mellck, Pastor Church services at 10 4J
and 7:30; subject of sermon, "Modern Pe
luslons," Sunday school at 12:15 and Lu
ther leapue at 8:30. Wednesday night, an
nual business meeting of the congregation.
Class In catechism 011 Friday at 4.
First I'nlted Brethren, Nineteenth and
lA'throp, M. o. McLauuhlln. Pastor Sun
da school nt 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 and
7:30. Morning theme, "The Acts of the
Holy Spirit;" evening, "To Whom BeloiWi
est Thou, and Whence Art Thou?" Class
meeting at li Christian Endeavor at 6:30.
Prayer servlco Wednesday at s p. m.
I,owe Avenue 1'it mI), lei ian, Fortieth and
Nicholas, Rev. Nathaniel M. C. Glffin. P.
P. Minister Communion and reception of
new members at morning service at 10:30.
men's Bible class at 11:50. Sabbath school
at noon, Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m ,
evening worship at 7:30. SuhJ'-cl sermon,
"Temptation," Strangers very welcome.
Trinity Methodist Episcopal. Twenty
First and Hlnney, pr. John A. dpyker. I'as
torn Sunday school at noon; preaching
service at 10:30 a. m., short sermon by the
Dixtor ami the holv communion: Junior
eaguo at 3 p. m.. Epworth league at 6:30
p. 111., preaching service at 7::i p. m., son-
lect, "The Power of an Idea." Prayer meet-
tug Wednesday at 8 n. m.
First rreshyterlan. Twentieth and Pav-
enport. William E. Todd, Pastor-Sunda v
school at 9:.1o a. m.; Bible clas In pastor's
study at ,6o; public service and sermon at
10:4f; Junior Endeavor at 3 p. ni.; Senior
Endeavor at t!:3o; evening service and
rmon at 7:3; morning tonic, "What a
Church Can See and po With its Eyes
Open; " at night, "The Church, Its Ab
solute Authority for Society and Civic Bet
terment." Kountze Memorial Lutheran, Twenty
sixth and Farnam, John E. Hummnn, Pas
torMorning service nt 10:30; subject of
sermon, "Individual Responsibility." Even
ing sermon, "That Quickening Power."
Christian Endeavor, "Living for the P.iy
or for Eternity." Leader, Mrs. Arthur Sa
vard. Congregational meeting on Monday
evening and annual congregational dinner
6::t on the sajno evening.
First Congregational. Nineteenth and
Davenport, Fieilerlck T. Hons.-, Paator
Morning worship at 10:31; sublect, "Re
ligious Experience;" Sunday school at
noon. The opening session of the "Health
nnd Happiness" class, under the direction
of the pastor. In the west parlor at noon.
Subject. "The. Hub-Conscious" George It
McNutt. the famous pinner Pall preacher,
will speak In the evening at 7:45. Public
Invited to a!! services.
Calvary Baptist, Twenty-Fifth and Ham
ilton, llev. E. It. Curty, Pastor- Services
t 10:3o a. 111. and 7:3o p. m., new year
sermons at hoth services: crowning service
at 8:30 p. m.: Bible school at noon, young
people's meeting nt 6:30 p. ni.; Wednesday,
8 p. m.. nraver and praise service. Calvary
Baptist Brunch, Thlrt v-fourth and Seward:
flonday. 3:.1o p. ni.. Bible school. Sund.iv.
7.3" n. m.. opening of revival services, to
continue through the week, everv n 1st lit ex-
ceptlng Saturday. All these services are tfij
be conducted by the pastor's Evnnpolistla
Afraid of Ghosts
Many people are afraid of ghosts. Few people
are afraid of germs. Yet the ghost is a fancy and
the germ is a fact. If the germ could he magnified
to size equal to its terrors it would appear more
terrible than any fire-breathing dragon. Germs
can't be avoided. They are in tbe air we breathe,
the water we drink.
The germ can only prosper when the condition
of the system gives it free scope to establish it
self end develop. When there is a deficiency of
vital force, languor, restlessness, a sallow rhrek,
a hollow eye, when the appetite is poor and the
sleep is broken, it is time to guard sgaintt the germ. You csn
fortify the body against all (crmi by the use of Dr. Tierce's Gold
en Medical Discovery- It increases the vital power, cleantet the
yitem of clogging impurities, enriches the blood, puts the stom
ach and organs of digestion and nutrition in working condition, so
that the germ finds no weak or tainted spot in which to breed.
"Golden Medical Discovery" contains no alcohol, whisky or
habit-forming drugs. All its ingredients printed on its outside
wrapper. It is not secret nostrum but medicine op known
composition and with a record of 40 ytart 0 cum. Accept no
substitute there is nothing "just as good." Ask your neighbors.
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