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frr. Hartmaa U cow offering1 Fernna to the publio m a regular pharmaceu
tical prod act It la just aa ethical at any compound put up for the medical
profession. No straining; of medical ethics can find any fault with it THE
PRINCIPAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS are prominently incorporated in the
label on the bottle, that the people may know that the claims made for Peruna
have a true justification..'
The only departure we shall make from medical ethics in the conduct of
Ptruna affairs in the future, is the fact that we shall continue to advertise and
ell our product TO THE PEOPLE.
If we would agree to sell to doctors only, to advertise for doctors only,
then the medical fraternity would be obliged to recognize Peruna aa being
entirely within their approval.
We shall continue to offer Peruna to the people. We shall continue to
convey to the people our claims for Peruna aa a household remedy. We shall
continue to supply the people with free literature, teaching them how to use
our medicine, teaching them how to avoid disease, teaching them many things
of benefit to the home. We shall continue to do this, whether the medical
profession like it or not
We are proposing from this time on to take the publio into our confidence.
Notwithstanding that some imitators and aubstitutors will be attempting to
put up something which they consider just aa good aa Peruna, we are going to
draw aside the veil of secrecy and allow any one who chooses to know exactly
This ought to disarm all honest criticism. We expect however, that crit
icism will continue. On some pretext or other those who are envioua of the
People Who Object to
Liquid Medicines Can
Now Secure Peruna
in foreign lands until the people of all the world are supplied with this valu
able household remedy,
u t7 it. If it helps you, be honest and acknowledge that it has helped you.
f r . If you want ua to we will publish your statement exactly aa you furnish
it to us. We will add no words, take away no words. If you wish us to we will
publish your portrait in connection with it We will not do this without your
Written request without your entire conaent
Peruna ha benefited thousands of people afflicted with ohronio catarrh,
in many phases and locations. At least that is what the people say to us,
through unsolicited testimonials. Many thousand more will reap benefit from
Peruna in spite of fabricated slanders to the contrary.
We have taken great pains that every testimonial we use should be abso
lutely true, in the exact language of the testifier.
We have taken great pains that every photograph published should be
the photograph of the person whose name it bears, that every word of every
testimonial should be authorised by the hand that signed it
We are determined to beat our opponents by being fairer than they are,
by dealing squarer than they dare to. We are determined to meet falsehood
t". with truth, duplicity with candor, insincerity with sincerity.
We know that the users of Peruna wiU appreciate our stand. We believe
that the dealers in Peruna will applaud our course. We expect even our op-
E orients will be obliged to acknowledge finally that Peruna is not only an
onest and useful remedy, but one of the GREATEST HOUSEHOLD MEDI
Ask your Druggist for a Free Peruna Almanac for 1909.
Where to eat
Table D'Hote Dinner
Very F1m8t Sunday Tryollan Singers WIU
r Kntertalu You.
Add Variety to your Luncheon by .
Three floors
Plates 10c. Tureens 15c.
Half Portions 20c and 18c.
Half Portions 2oc, 26o, 30c
Half Portions 25c and 30o
Vegetables So and 10c
Pies Bo and 10c
Ice Cream, plain and fancy
loo up.
Service Prompt
....... AX
Guess nearest number of people
served eacli day.
Xvtry Bandar and Holidays.
Will Open a ITsw and Up-Te-Date
at 607 . 13ta Street.
Monday, January Ilth 10OO
The Special Dish at Seduced Frlce
Zvsry Day at
Is better than any bargain sale la
On aha.
, ,S. A Am. P.
, .4. to. Ht, crop.
All ABUMUXUM- llaa til (W.
fcywy bmmmtb taiBt. II. W aajr uy. Can u
utpota. v
lioTt-U. yt 1 up. Oat-aoor ana liter m
LIN. uta ' r.
ki.dicintl uUm. oo. r.
A J. on. Mgr.
' Ku II. te ws. 09 DuKfe.a. Pro.
B. P.
KtiM II l- ruiwll. Prop.
ruiv H W W- Jesnsee
K. P. It M-M S 0J. K. P., Mr.
INN. A. P. KMS It M (
Try -A-w-r co'iSa
l ore throat la a
I . trouble than
U owriA,a.Arrn-KAwr
Try a bottle. ISo and 10a
loirtu w oo..
XUUS ae Mm. MiUi fcayak
auocesa of Peruna will continue to find
fault But we are determined to give
such people no just complaint
It has become a household word in
millions of home. Our faith in the
remedy is stronger than ever. Every
year we expect to cover new fields
Kentucky Girl Killed and Fire In
jured in Battle Between Families.
Trouble Starting
Oat Anew la
and Shots
it Dance Breaks
the Moralasjr
Are Es
WILIAMSTOuN, Ky.. Jan. .-Miss Ethel
Ranson, 25 years of age, was killed and six
other persons injured, two probably fatally,
as a result of a street feud right eariy to
day. There had long been bitter feeling
between the Lantern and Ranson families.
It led to trouble when they met at a dance
given last night at the home of Wesley
Barns, two miles east of Wllliamstown.
The first outbreak was suppressed, but
later the men met on the street and from
words took to firing pistols and throwing
stones. Fortunately the streets were nearly
deserted. Miss Ranson was killed by a
bullet, her brother Sidney was shot below
the heart and above the eye and his re
covery is doubtful, as also is that of
Charles Clark, who was shot through the
Grover Clerk suffered a broken collar
bone. Thomas Turner was beaten and
Emmet Homan carries a bullet In his right
arm. drover and George Lantern, both of
whom escaped any serious Injury, are In
jail today for participating in the fight.
Omaha Mas Who Died In Sicily Is
rterlrd at Forest Uns
Wurren M. Rogers, who died at Palermo,
Sicily, last month, was burled In the family
lot In Forest Lawn cemetery Saturday
a fit moon. The funeral sen-Ices were held
t UJO Park avenue, the home of Thomas
J. Rogers, a brother.
Very Rev. George Alien Peecher, dean
of Trinity Cathedral, conducted the serv
ices, according to the ritual of the Episco
pal church, of which Mr. Rogers was an
attendant. The services began at 1.30
o clock. The pallbearrrs wen.
Clement Chnse. C. I Peuel.
C. T. Kountse. J. H. Lehmer.
W. S. Poppletcn. Isumo Coles.
Myron T. learned. Arthur Remington.
Accompanying the body when It arrived
from the east at 8:30 o'clock Saturday
morning, were the widow and her daugh
ter. Mildred; Phillip Peering of Portlund,
Me., brother of Mrs. Warren M. Rogers,
and Will 8. Rogers of Trentcn. N. J.,
brother of Mr. Rogers. The widow had
brought the body from Palermo. Sicily,
wheru Mr. Rogers died suddenly of
apoplexy December 19.
Dane Jacob Will Alter Old Second
rreabyterlaa Bnlldlaa for
lloase el Worship.
A permit for altering and repairing the
old Second Presbyterian church building
at Twenty-fourth and Nicholas streets,
has been Issued to the congregation of
Bane Jacob, a Jewish society, which has
bought the property. The permit Is for
S1.0U0, and Robert Butke. the contractor,
says that the building will be thoroughly
remodelled at once.
Hugo Bils Sons took out a permit
Saturday to make repairs and alterations
on a store building at 90 North Sixteenth
street, the work to cost $2,600.
Deadly Fsiaat
poetesses sufferers from lung trouble till
they learn Dr. King's New Lilacovery will
help them. &"c and IT. 00. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
Prasaotlaa- llab Projected.
Uualm-fct men of Cuming street are back
of a plan to form Hie Sterling Athletic
club to rotuoie all kinds of athletic siorts.
including boxing, wreclltng and bdae ball.
A meeting of the intervstej partlrs Is called
for n x. Thurxlay iiikIiI it Hurry &.ige'a
billiard parlors, Teut -second and Cuming
Verdict of Year's Disbarment for
Chadron Attorney to Stand.
Papreme Court Hold la t'awe from
Omaha Assessor Mar Add Aa?
f roper ty Omitted by
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. . (Special Telegram.)
The supreme court this morning refused a
rehearing; In the rase against Captain Allen
O. Fisher of Chadron, who was disbarred
for one year for presenting a fictitious
rltilm before the legislature. The action of
the court means the disbarment sentence
will be carried out. The rase arose out of
claim Fisher made to the legislature In
behalf of the heirs of Herman Goedile,
whose estate escheated to the state. The
amount demanded was much larger than
the amount to which they were entitled.
State Auditor Rarton has announced the
appointment of John W. Tulleys as state
accountant to take the place of E. M.
Fairfield. Tulleys Is now a county treas
ury examiner and Mr. Barton now has a
man under consideration to fill the vacancy
caused by his transfer.
Fences for Railroads.
A. railroad company Is not required to
enclose that portion of Its right-of-way,
even outside of towns, villages, cities and
public highways, the enclosure of which,
by the construction of fences and cat'le
guards, W3Uld be an Increased danger to
human life. This Is the law as handed
down bv the court today In the case of
Horace E. Rurnham against The Chicago,
Burlington & Quincy Railway company,
appealed from Lancaster county.
Mnat Have Contract.
If a broker takes a piece of realty for
sale and neglects to secure a written con
tract providing for his compensation, he
cannot recover on quantum meruit for serv
ices rendered, nor for the value of the time
expended by him in making a' sale. In
other words, It must be there In black and
white or he must hold the sack. This Is
the law and It is reaffirmed in the case of
Charles O. Nelson against Orlando W. Web
ster et al.
As to Omitted Property.
In fin opinion handed down In the case
of the Chicago House Wrecking company
against the city of Omaha the court holds
that a tax commissioner In a city may
place on the tax rolls property omitted by
him at the time of the regular assessment,
placing upon the same the valuation fixed
by the reviewing board, the only require
ment being that he shall notify the prop
erty owner to appear and show cause why
such assessment should not be made. In
1899 the tax commissioner failed to place
the property of the plaintiff on the tax
rolls, which fact was discovered during
the sitting of the board of review. The
board placed the property on the rolls and
fixed Its value at 130,000. The tax commls
sioner then notified plaintiff of the action
taken and Informed it that if it did not
appear and show cause why this valuation
should not stand it would remain as fixed
t the board. The court holds that while
the board of review had not the authority
to assess, the notice served by the tax
ccmmlssloner Indicated his intention to
adopt the valuation made by the board
unless a showing against such assessment
should be made, and that his return of the
roll to the board with the assessment of
1.10.000 was sufficient proof that ha had
adopted it as his own.
Annnal Banquet at Arllnsrtoa.
ARLINGTON, Neb., Jan. 9.-HSpeclal.)
The first annual banquet of the Men's club
of the Congregational church waa held
last night In the Odd Fellows hall. Presi
dent C. C. Marshall acted as toastmaster.
Rev. Mr. Flook spoke on "What the Club
Has Accomplished," Maor J. C. Black
bum's subject was "Boosting," and City
Clerk B. F. Hadley the club poem.
Rev. Mr. Esplin spoke on organisation
while Rev. Mr. Rouse of Omaha made the
principal address of the evening, which
was enjoyed by all present. A vocal duet
waa rendered by Misses Gray and Hanks.
The club has a membership of over 100 and
Is past one year old.
Cass County Sunday Schools.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Jan. 9.-(Spe-clal.)
A meeting of the executive board of
the Cbbs County Sunday School associa
tion was held in Louisville Thursday.
Those present were: Representative C. K.
Noyes, president; C. C. Wescott, vice
president; George L. Farley, secretary;
James Slander, treasurer; Rev. A. A. Ran-
Beauty and
Bad Breath
Cannot Go Together No Matter How a
Woman May Try to Make Them.
it aces not matter now oeaut.tul a wo
man may be, If she la afflicted with bad
breath she will be shunned and pitied by
men and even women will studious y avoid
If any woman doubts this statement let
her make a point of asking a friend In
whom she may confide, a man friend or
relative. If he be honest he will tell her
that foul breath from the mouth of a wo
man will drive men from her more rapidly any other personal affliction.
Foul breath arouses In man digust and
where this qua lty Is brought Into play
no amount of self-denial or reasoning can
overcome xne natural repugnance which
comes to man when he Is In company
with such a woman.
What Is true ot bad breath in woman Is
not true in so' great a degree in men. Wo
men are looked upon as the incarnation
of sweetness, breeding, v.rtue and lefii.e
ment Foul breath will sicken a man so
that he cannot feel for such a woman a
companionship necessary to make him de
sire to be In her company.
There Is absolutely no occasion for bd
breath in either men or wonnn. Charcoal,
ths strongest absorbent known, when take.i
Into the stomach, will prevent this repug
nant tendency or affliction.
Stuart's Charcoal Losenges are sold in
tremendous qjaniltles all over America and
Canada. They- cure and have cured all
forma of bad breath. A single box will
convince you of this fact. One should eat
some of these losenges after eich meal and
upon retlilng. You might eat fllty of them
without harm. They are not medicine, but
lure willow charcoal mixed with sweet
honey to make them palatable and com
pressed Into a losenge to preserve thalr
peculiar and lasting strength.
The next time you wish to go Into com
pany and don't want your foul breath to
humiliate you, eat several of Btuart's Char
coal Losenges and your breath w.ll be
pure and sweet.
Every druggist carries them, piles 25
rents, or s?nd ua your name and address
and we will send you a trltl package by
mail free. Address F. A. Stuart Co., SjO
Stuart Bkrg., Marshall, Mich.
Such is the condition of the pianos wc ure offering at prices nwiiy below cost. The opportunity is now here to buy a lrih
quality piano ami to save much by so doing, on account of the liberal settlement of the insurance companies. Many have al
ready purchased and profited by the sale have you? Let us give a few of the piano bargains to be seen the coming week
scores of others -equally as good:
$1,000.00 Decker Brothers,
1 A. Hospe; upright .... .$100.00
1 Estey & Camp, upright $85.00
1 New England, upright $105.00
1 Wagner, upright $125.00
1 C. A. Smith, upright $140.00
1 Steinway, square f $87.00
Square Pianos $5.00, $10.00,
Come and see our entire line
Out-of-town buyers will Confer a favor by writing for Lift of Bargains in t
guarantee satisfaction.
dall, superintendent temperance depart
ment; Rev. J. II. Halsbury, superintendent
pastors' department; Jesse I Perry, Rev.
G. M. Jones and W. A. Cleghorn. The
treasurer's report showed the finances to
be In good condition,' and other reports
from over the country showed Sunday
school work to be in a very prosperous
condition. The matter of new legislation
was discussed and recommended, also
means for more efficient work In all train
ing departments and the different depart
ments of the association.
Convention ef Court Clerks.
HASTINGS, Neb., Jan. ".-(Special.) No.
tlce has been received by Clerk Charles K.
Biuckman of the district court of Adams
county of a call for a meeting of clerks of
the district court In Lincoln on January 1.1.
The call is sent out by C. M. Gruunther ot
Columbus, who says the purpose Is to ad
vance legislation providing an entirely new
schedule ot fees for district court service
along these lines: Reduction In the num
ber of Items of fees, simplification In the
taxation of costs, provision for collection
ot fees In advance of service and provision
for a uniform method ot keeping the rec
ord. Receiver for Iron Works.
FAIRBURY, Neb., Jan. 9. (Speclal.)-The
creditors and some of the stockholders of
the Fairbury Iron Works and Windmill
company have applied for a receiver for
the company and the Judge of the district
court appofnted F. L. Rain receiver. The
property Is appraised at 10,000, with an
Indebtedness ot 37,000. An effort Is being
made by interested parties for a reorgan
ization of the, company.
Nebraska News Notes,
KEARNEY The Dagget Manufacturing
company has moved Its entire plant to
Hastings, where It has secured concessions
In the way of free power and more capital
with which to develop lis patent hardware
KEARNEY Two boys, Charley Allen
and Willie Inergan, grew weary of the
hospitality and steam heat of the State
Industrial school and hastily departed one
night last week. The next day they were
discovered hiding under a stack of alfalfa
with hands, races and feet badly froxen
but still scorning the warm home on the
KEARNEY The recounting of the votes
for county attorney waa completed yester
day. The original count showed a majority
of seven votes for Easteriing and at the
Instigation of John lioge, the opposing
candidate, tney were recounted. The re
sult was that Easteriing now has a major
ity oi miriy-iwo.
has received word of the death of tier
sister, Mrs. Robert Baxter, at Port Huron,
Mich, tihe leaves a husband and several
Hi own children. Deceased and her husband
were residents of this city for years.
NEBRASKA CITY The county commis
sioners have appointed Dr. Frank S. Mar
nell and Dr. J. B. Lecttienwallner county
physicians for the coming year and J. W.
Kaiser superintendent of the county larm.
NEBRASKA CITY Miss Hollis Bean
sang of this city was married In Chicago
to Edward L. Keber, one of the leading
business young men of that city. Thr.
marriage whs a surprise to family and
all of her friends.
Farmers' Protective association met and
re-elected the old officers and made their
annual report. This organization hus been
in existence In this county fur tiie last ten
BEATRICE Rev. L. D. Young addressed
the pupils of the Northwestern Business
college yesterday morning at chapel on
the subject, "The Essentials of Success."
BEATRICE The Giles livery barn at
Wymore was sold yesterday to C. B. Knox
of Seward, who has assumed charge of the
place. .
BEATRICE Rev. Mr. Badger and wife
i last evening entertained the choir of Trln
I lty Lutheran church. A delightful even
j ing was spent lnv games, after which re
freshments were served.
BEATRICE E. D. Burchard, on employe
of the Queen City Creamery company, and
Miss Mamie Amberg were married Thurs
day al Munden. Kan. They have arrived
In the city to make their future home.
BEATRICE The basket ball team of this
city was defeated Frlily evening at Wll
ber. by the score of 82 to IT.
BEATRICE The members of the Junior
caga nf ne
Beatrice lligli school elected
these officers yesterday: Harold Stout,
resident; Seth Stockton, vice president;
orma Kidd. secretary; r.uitn Mccarrey,
ARLINGTON The Daughters of Re-
bek-.ih lodge have installed the following
officers: Mrs. Ix)U Roberts, noble grand;
Mrs. Nellie Gilpy, vice grand; Mrs. Bessie
Grimes, secretary; Mrs. Belle Crane, treas-
urer. Miss Elsie Fassett of this city, who
is district deputy, presided.
ARLINGTON The members of the Ger-
man Lutheran cnurcn. which is located
five miles north of this city, have elected
Rev. H. Halletburg of Illinois pastor, to
succeed Rev. J. Hilgenclorf. who resigned
and moved to Cheyenne. Wyo.
SARGFN'T The Crownover Tp,no"' I son of Fremont was present and acted a.
company has workmen busy setting 3o-foot 1 ,.,.,,,., ..ftir-cr
poles on the north side of the street for ""I '
the accomodation of a cable. A 300-drop TECl MSLH A total of 173 farm mort
swltchboHrd. of the latest pattern, con- gag's were filed In Johnson county during
stmrted for two operators, will be in-! the year 190S. amounting to 460,W3.49. One
stalled hundred and sixty-nine farm mortgages
SA RGENT Ausust Kaohn. a soldier and i were released, amounting to $:ao.J04.a Tims
sn old time settler of this county, was H' b ''n th" amounted to
hurled today In the Iry Valley cemetery, I considerable more than the releases. This
living from cancer of the stomach. He , explained in the fact that a great many
leaves a wife and seven children. Johnson county farm owners have gone
HEBRON At a meeting of the county
officials in the court house Thursday af
ternoon a Fold headed cane was presented
to H. H. 8lBson, the retiring county com
mlsnioner, as a token of esteem. M. G.
Corliss, the newly electeO commissioner,
assumed the duties of the fice.
HFBRON Ival lee men are busy cut
Ing ice on Spring creek. The lee Is twelve
Inches thl-k and excellent quality. The Ice
on the liver varies from three to eight
SARGENT This week sees the comple
tion of the new steel bridge across the
Middle 1-oup liver at this place. It has
two spins, each measuring 121 feet, snd
the approaches are seventeen feet long
The rivsr will be changed te a channel It
$15.00 and
of Piano Bargain the above Is only
deserted twenty years ago. The cost of
the structure Is atKNit $.".5n0 and It was
completed In six weeks by Foreman 1.
Beller of tho Standard Bridge company.
HEBRON Leonard Tracy, the 18-year
old son of L Tracy, died tills morning of
consumption. He had moved to the Pa
cific coast and later to New Mexico dur
ing the last year In the hopo of regaining
his health.
HASTINGS Joseph Meyer has been
chosen as commander of Silas A. Strick
land post. Grand Army of the Republic.
HASTINGS The funeral of Warren H.
Waldron, one of the pioneer settlers of
Adams county and an ex-member of the
legislature, was conducted Friday afternoon
from the Congregational church. Rev. 11.
B. llurrlmm officiating.
HASTINGS Arrangements have been
made to hold tho next annual tournament
of tho Nebraska Checker association In
this city, beginning on Wednesday, Febru
ary 3. The tournament will extend over
two or three days and will probably be par
ticipated In by 100 or mote players.
HASTINGS The Board of Education of
Hastings will hold a special meeting Mon
day to consider the proposition for the erec
tion of a new lilgli sctiooi Duiiumg mm
year. The present mniaing, wnicn m re
garded as one ot tne iinest scnooi uuuuuib
in the state for its size, was erected five
years ago and is already overcrowded.
BEATRICE Two wrestling exhibitions
were given here last evening hetween local
men. The first match was between Frank
Kaufman and "Rusty" seiimut. me iornier
winning in nine minutes. '1 lie secona
event was between Emll Kaufman and
John Mclntyre. After wrestling fifty-eight
minutes the rereree aeciarea tne maicu
BEATRICE At the regular monthly
brotherhood meeting of the Presbyterian
church, held last evening;, addresses were
niiu.rail hv n M nBn of Fairfield. Ia.
his subject being "Manly Religion" and
Rev. L. D. Young, pastor of the church.
A three-course luncheon waa served at the
close of the meeting. About W0 members
were In attendance.
BEATRICE The Fraternal Union of
America met last evening and Installed
these officers, Mrs. Mary Klnnamon acting
as Installing officer: N. M. Miller, fra
ternal master; Birdie Robinson, Justice;
Stephen Bull, secretary; W. W. I,awson,
treasurer; Jennie D. Appleget, truth; Kn
nlce Leffel, mercy; Elsie Leech, guard;
M. V. Lewis, steward. A banquet was held
at the close of the meeting.
KEARNEY The young women of the
Lotus club entertained a number of their
friends Thursday evening. The party first
met at the home of B. O. Hostetler and at
8:30 all repaired to the Elks club rooms,
where they were allowed the use of their
dancing rooms. Later In the evening re
freshments were served and the young peo
ple enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
COLUMBUS The Grand Army of the
Republic and Sons of Veterans have Just
had a big spread, the occasion being the
installation of the new officers for the
Sons. A. C. Boone is the commander; C.
E. Devlin, S. C. C; G. H. Orubb, J. V. C;
B. J. Galley, secretary; D. A. JonKins.
treasurer; Lee Rnllln, Henry Westbronk
and Charles Wurdeman. camp council; H.
B. Reed rjatrlotlc Instructor: C. Turner,
rhanlaln; Charles Wurdeman. color bearer;
Will Larue and C. Jones, guaraians.
COLUMBUS-The Lady Maccabees at
their last meeting elected the following
to look after the Interests of the order
for the ensuing year: Past commander.
Will Hagel; commander, Mrs. Dr. Slater;
ladv commander; Mrs. Scofleld; record
keeper, Mrs. Tom Boyd; finance auditor.
Mrs. Union; cnspirun. Mrs. cnris rrorai
sergeant, Mrs. William Ixhr: M. A. A.
Mrs. Barclay Jones; sentinel, airs, uiniam
Dolan; picket, Mrs. Ross Westoott; captain
of the guards. Mrs. ueorge winsiow; or
ganist, Mrs. Ross Welch.
HASTINGS Jtidare Corcoran of York Is
expected here Monday to announce his de
cision In the suit of the Grand Island and
I fast Inns Independent Telephone companies
against the Bell system and the Kearney
Independent exenange. in wnicn m: plain
tiffs are seeking to restrain perfection of
a toll arrangement Dciween mn dimi smu
Independent exchange at Kearney.
nnWHKiSTER The Dorchester Cornet
band held Its second annual meeting Frl-
da evening. The following orricers were
elected: president. E. A. Hockman; lead
er. E. R. Wmwirlilge; secretary, it. r.
Wtckenkamp; treasurer. Jos. isespory. i ne
executive committee consists ot Karl ren-
yon. E. Lester Parker, Oltl Louieti. inn
band has decided to give a play the last of
NEBRASKA CITY The city council held
a special meeting Friday evening to hear
representatives of the water and light
company on the matter of granting a new
franchise the old one having expired.
They agreed on the essential points and
the franchise will be presented at the next
meeting and more than likely granted.
This matter has been before the council
fi.v 1im lMt two vpurs Hllfl hnth nartlea
have but recently been able to get to-
...iiisi.-i i'itv.ti,. n,tv .i...-t..l
rfri,J.r nf ,li. Inrnl nfrlA nf KltelfM wer,;
mhtl,.,l Fndav venlng. followed by a
I smoker and supper. Elm camp No. 29.
Woodmen of the World, held an tnstalla-
I Hon of newly elected officers Friday even-
irg. followed by a smoker and a social
ARLINGTON Washington lodge, tio. 41,
Independent Order of Odd Fellows of tills
' ''' v? lr",,alV'1 the following ornoers:
vice . grand ; u. i. rreiirer, secretary: vv-
''", ire","'"": rt-
lJl,.',,a.. '
I f .nm; a " ', . "'A i'v."'
wesi ana soum auring me year ana miugni
more land, putting mortgages upon the land
here to secure money to make the pur
chases. During the year eighty town and
city mortgages were filed, amounting to
K2.249.lo. Seventy-two town and city mort
gages were released, amounting to I4J.H78.06.
The total number of chattel mortgages
filed for the year was fiol. amounting to
I177.0M.O7. The releases were S71 In number
and amounted to 116,613.48.
FAIRBl'RY Yesterday forenoon Mrs H.
C. Cone, the wife of a farmer living fifteen
miles southwest of the city, went to the
homes of several neighbors and told them
that her husband had Just killed two of
their voung chlidran. Without Investiga
tion, some en telephoned tot the auerUt
Mahogany. Grand. $350.00
1 Kurtzman, upright $250.00
$;75.00 Cramer, upright $155.00
$250.00 Erbe, upright $175.00
$330.00 Schmoller & Mueller Upright. .. .$250.00
$400.00 Steger, upright $300.00
5 beautiful full size uprights $148.00
BO Organs $4.00. $5.00. $G.OO, $7.00, $8.00, $9.00. $10.00 and upwards
all In good repair great bargains.
a slight Inkling ot the great bargains
prints, Square and Organs. Write
and coroner, who drove out and found the
children at a neighbor's house, where Mr
Cono had taken them after his wife had
left home, and found that Mrs. Cone was
Insane. Phe was brought to tho city last
evening and after an examination by the
commissioners of lunacy was ordered sent
to the Hastings hospital for the lnsano.
General C. F. Maaderson Names Fif
teen Men Who Will Work with
Him In Making; Arrangements.
General Charles F. Manderson, who is nt
the head of the Omaha celebration of the
Lincoln birthday centenary, has selected the
general committee of fifteen to make ar
rangements and has called the first meet
ing for Tuesday at 3 p. m. at the city coun
cil chamber. The letter addressed to the
committeemen notifying them of their ap
pointment reads as follows:
OMAHA, Jan. 8. Dear Sir: Abraham
Lincoln was born on the 12th day of Feb
ruary, ISOft. The next 12th day of February
Is the looth anniversary of this day. In
fitting commemoration of this important
date, so prolific as an event of supreme Im
portance to humanity, every munclpallty
will make some proper and fitting observ
ance of the day. At a meeting largely at
tended by prominent citizens of Omaha,
called by the mayor, it was determined that
this city should, by appropriate action, ob
serve and honor the day. The undersigned
was designated to appoint a committee of
fifteen to arrango the ceremonies Incident
in tho i,i.rnlnn. I have trtken the liberty
of appointing you as one of tho committee
and 1 ask that you notify me promptly of
vour acceptance of the duty. The first
meeting of tho committee will be held at
the city council cnamoer on iumuuj,
t .. ii i ' 10 ur X n m
I earnestly request your prumin n"-
ance at that hour.
Less than thirty days
i- n mt.bA tho nhHprvsnce of the day i
a success that will bo abundant In good
Truly yours,
The committeemen named include:
Gen. C. F. Mander- Capt. H. E. Palmer,
son, chairman. John L. Webster.
Hon. J. C. Dahlmnn, Victor B. Caldwell,
Gen. W. B. Carter, Clement Chase,
Rt Rev. It. Scannell, George F. West,
Rt Rev. A. L. U'll- Louis V. Guye,
Bishop J. L. Nuelsen,
Rabbi F. Colin,
Rev. J. A. Bingham,
Hon. Lee S. Estelle,
Prof. W. M. David
son, Fred A. Nash,
Victor Rosewater,
Gurdon W. Wattles,
Joseph Hayden,
Arthur C. Smith,
Charles George,
Robert O. Fink.
Commission to Investigate Legality
of Passes Issued to Employes
and ex-Employes.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 9.-The Interstate
Commerce commission has instituted an In
quiry into the matter of transportation
by Interstate carriers c-f employes and
property of ex-employes free of charge. It
hits developed that through contracts made
by the express companies with the carriers
a considerable amount ot property anil a
large number, of persons are transported
free by the carriers. The commission will
determine whether these contracts are un
lawful. All of the Important express com
panies are made defendants In tho proposed
Senator Claims Important Documents
Have Been Abstracted from
Ilia Desk.
WASHINGTON, Jan. .-ln the prepara
tion of his speech in reply to the president's
charges. Senator Tillman has fulled to find
a number of papers beuring upon the Ore
gon land case In connection with tho pres
ent controversy. These papers were, he
says, enclosed In a large envelope and left
In his private desk In his committee room
40 a
For High School Girls
Twenty-five All Wool Suits for high
school girls and small women. Will
be closed out at
$13.75, Regular Value - -$25.00
Dalance of Furs. Suits, Linen Waists, Kimonos
and Coats at half price. Nothing carried over
Hotel Rome 2i noor
to be found In our stock.
today, we will savo you money and
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Cleanses, beautifies and
preserves the teeth and
purifies the breath
Used by people of
refinement for almost
1 Half a Century
at the capltol when he left Washington last
March on account of his illness, but they
cannot now bp found. The senator does not
charge that the papers have been abstracted
by a government detective who may have
been shadowing him, but does say It would
be possible for any such individual to gain
access to his room and to his desk, both ot
which were fastened with only ordinary
locks. The papers, says he, are very im
portant in tho preparation of his case and
would go far to substantiate his defense.
Notwithstanding the loss, Mr. Tillman ex
presses confidence In his ability to make
satisfactory reply to the president.
"He will be hoist by his own petard," do-
clnred Mr. Tillman sententious!-.
William II. Bell Convicted at I. a Porte
After Hard Fight by
LA J?ORTH, Ind., Jan. 9. The Jury In tho
trial of William 11. Bell, well known horse
man charged with Jury bribing, brought In a
verdict today of guilty. The punishment
Is sn Indeterminate term of two to four
teen years. The case originated during the
trial of a $10,000 alienation suit by Steve
Juanovltch of Chicago against his father-in-law,
John Stevens of Cincinnati, which
trial ended in disagreement of the Jury.
The grand Jury Indicted for conspiracy
and bribery Gust and George Stevens, sons
of the defendant in the alienation suit, Wil
liam H. Bell and Juror William Blakeman,
it being charged that the two Stevens paid
Bell for preventing the Jury from giving;
Juanovltsrh a verdict. The two Stevens
pleaded guilty. Bell's relatives used every
effort to save him from prison. The trial
of Blakeman will berln Monday.
Italian Parliament Proposes Balldlas;
Tax for Five Years, Devastated -District
ROME. Jan. 9. The parliamentary com
mittee, which Is examining the measures
proposed by the government In the Cham
ber of Deputies, has modified them wlUt
the consent of the cabinet. The changes
provide that the building taxation be 1 per
cent for five years instead of 6 per cent
for two years, and that the earthquake
zone be exempted from a building tax for
fifteen years. Another provision is that all
unelulmed valuables In the devastated dis
trict be given to the relief ot the sur
vivors. NAPLES, Jan. 9. Caspar 8. Crownln
shleld, the American consul, and Mrs.
Crowninshield cut of the funds collected
from the American visitors here, have
started a work room to give employment
to the women earthquake refugees.
to elevator
& stairway.
2d floor.