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Children and
Seem to Go Together, and Yet Few
Parent! Fully Appreciate
the Warning.
At the age of pulwrty most children are
affllotri with pimples and many with wr
ou skin eruptions. '
At this particular period In ft child's ex
istence nnturo Is gn'ng through a transi
tion which Is of vital Importance t) the
chlid and the parent.
Pimples on the fsee ci i -hi1 removed bv
Btu&rt's Calcium Wafers.
The organs of tho child all lome larger.
The skin begins to glow hair, the glands
and ctllu of the kln apparently brouma
strongur au.l larger. Impurities occur In
the systan, and pulsons inter the blood
and are thiewn off usually from the fuce
In the form of pimples.
Mothers should walous y guard the child
against serious blood impurity at this tlmo.
Our grandmothrs gave sursupaiilij, sae
Rafraa root, cream of tartar and sulphur
every spring. These simple remedies did a
good work, but science has discovered the
most powerful and beneficial blood purifier
to be Calcium Sulphide.
Stuarts Calcium Wafers are prepared
after the most modern method of convey
ing the full strength of Calcium Sulphide
to the blood. They lose none of It through
evaporation and chemical change like most
calcium sulphide remedies sold today.
Btuart's Calcium Wafers also contain
Uuassla, Qoldrn Seal and Eucalyptus, all
known purifiers of great power. Combined
with these Ingredients Is a pure vegetable
alterative and laxative which, when the
other Ingredients clear the blood from
poisons and decay, throw off this Impure
matter from the system through tho bowe's
and In a natural, easy manner.
Stuart's Calcium Wafers should be In ev
ery household, and used by the parent for
the benefit of tho child. Trey aie harm
less, promote normal appetite and
tlon, beautify the skin and enrich tlu blood
so necessary to the rapid growth ot the
Oo to your druggist. Ask his opinion of
Calcium Sulphide as the Stuart process
presents It to the blood. He will sell you
a package for 60 cents, or send us your
nam and address and we wiil send you
a trial package by mall free. Address F.
A. Stuart Co., 175 Stuart Hldg., Mai shall,
q a
J? 3c,
UjK Si
This well known toilet article is
estsnalvely uaed and highly rec
ommended by dw ana women
everywhere. It Is a standard ar
ticle ot lasting reliability. Mme,
I aie says: "1 oan conscientiously
reuuDuueod my Ualr Toulo to all
who are In need uf an artioie of
this kind. I have Used it myself
for over thirty years, and the
perfeot oondltlon of my hair and
Kennedy and Cowell Resign Again
and It'i Shallenberger'i More.
hellrnbrrarr Hoped rnllrr Commli.
loners Would ot Art 1'ntll l.ea
lalatare Settled Fight of
Haw to Choose.
John I.. Kennedy imd Robert Cowell, re
publican members of the Hoard of Fire and
Police Commissioner for Omaha, have sent
their resignations to Governor Shallenber
gvr and the question Is, will the governor
accent or refuse to accept them as did
Governor Sheldon.
Moth these men sent their resignations to
Governor Sheldon months ago, but the gov
ernor simply marked across the front of
the resignations, "received, but not ac
repted." The term of Mr. Kennedy has two
years and threo months yet to ran and that
of Mr. Cowell over three years.
The present session of the legislature ex
peels to adopt a new plnn for the selec
tlmi of the members of the fire and police
boards for both Omaha and South Omaha,
Tho difficulty is in deciding whether the
method will be appointive by the mayor or
election by the people. The democratic
platform on which trie' state ticket ran
guaranteed1 home rule and It is expected the
legislature will carry out that platform, but
a hot fight Is on as to the definition of
lumie rule.
Governor Shallenberper hoped to keep out
of the scrap by quietly sending word to the
members of the board asking them not to
send in their resignations, but wait until
tho legislature would take some action.
The governor evidently knew that with the
resignations of Kennedy snd Cowell in his
hands tie would be besieged by his col
leagues to accept the resignations and ap
point now members. The resignations of
Page and Oilier, the democratic members,
have not been sent In.
The present law governing the fire and
police board will require that the new mem
bers be republicans. It was suggested that
even though the resignations were sent to
Lincoln the governor would not see them
until the legislature had acted, but this
suggestion wss not acted upon and the res
ignations were sent direct to Governor
Palmist Was Able to Charm a Few
Credulous Women of
If "Count" Louis Mammon, alias "Chelro"
is a fraud or If, as charged, he swindled
two women In a stock-trading deal, are
11 the lovely fortunes which he predated
for credulous Omaha people therefore
Many women who have had their palms
real by the plausible Mr. Chelro are In the
depths of despair since they read the
cable dispatch saying a warrant has been
Issued In Paris for the arrest of the palm
ist with the soulful eyes and the sympa
theticOh, so sympathetic voice.
Talk to any of these women and it will
be discovered that not one admits believ
ing that Chelro could peer into the misty
future and unroll that veiled scroll.
"But he was simply wonderful at reading
character, don't you know. Why, he knew
me down to the slightest detail after Just
looking at my hand for thirty seconds,"
Somewhat curiously or perhaps not so
curiously either, all the women and there
are a good many who traveled from here
to Chicago or New Tork to consult Chelro,
were given "strong" characters In hie read
ings, "plenty of will-power and a most
pronounced personality." It just so hap
pens that none of these women and girls
was ever told that her palms showed her
to be weak, shallow, silly or selfish. There
Is none here, of course, certainly not among
those who could and would pay Chelro the
Juicy fee he always extracted.
"Chelro" la the author of several books
on palmistry, which have had a large sale
among the credulous, many of whom are
Ignorant of the fact among other facts
that Chelro's very name shows him to be
an adept at stagey effects. "Chelro" is
quite an English verslo of the Greek word
for hand, Xelr.
soalp la suff tolint proof of its ex
cellent ana carouses ernuaoy.
Hundred of thousands of people
all over the oirlllsed world will
ay as much in farar of Tale
Hair SWo aa I oan." Tale Hair
Tonlo is good tor Falling Ualr,
Thin Hair and dray Ualr. It
la alae fsonm mended for Soalp
A Host EffldtBt Ualr Dressing
Per the perfaot grooming of tut
hair BotiuiMt eaoela lale Hair
Tole. It given the hair a delight.
vul tax tare, gloss, softness and
rlohness ef UpC Everyone oan
use It with decided benefit to
Hair and Bualp.
Tale's Itsir Tvnto somen in throe
sixes. Our special prices
1 6o slie, special , , 23
60c site, tpeoial. 45
fl.00 tiEo, special 80
' Ask for a free copy of Madame
Tale's M-pege Souvenir Book at
our Toilet Goods Department. Al
so mailed free to those living out
of town. Write for a copy.
Drug Dfsertmsat
goaonoaonoxaoxaocxoEad .
You Indoor
must give the bowels help.
Your choice must lie be
tween harsh physic and candy
Cascarets. Harshness makes
the bowels callous, so you need
Increasing: doses. Cascarets do
just as much, but in a gentle way.
Vest-pocket bos. 10 cents at drag-stores. 851
Sack tablet ol the genuine is marked C C C.
Jao-AAx UaasV WeealO-iretUa
Old Settlers Will Hold Seventeenth
Annual Meeting; In Lincoln
st Week.
The seventeenth annual meeting of the
Nebraska Territorial Pioneer's association
will be held Jointly with the thirty-second
annual meeting of the Nebraska Stalo
Historical society In the Temple theater
at Lincoln, January 12-13.
The principal features of these meetings
will be a banquet and an exhibition of
relics, curios and photographs to be con
tributed for the occasion by the pioneers
from their private store of treasures, some
of which may be donated to the perma
nent collection of the association.
The program for the two days' meeting
Is as toliows:
8:00 p. m. Annum meeting of the State
Historical society in Temple Theater,
Twelfth and K streets; Violin Solo, Miss
Genevieve Kodreti; Audrev of Welcome,
Uovernor A. C. Biiallenbe.ger; Address by
i'resldent, Dr. Ueu. L. Mlher; Address,
"Comparison of Constitutions," Rev. Wil
liam Murptiv; Add! ess, "Memorial of
Judge J. li. ttroady," Albert Watkltis; il
lustrated Lectuxe, Hostorical Geography
of Nebraska, C. E. IV: singer.
8:30 to 10;00 a. m. Nebraska Territorial
Plonuer's Association. Rooms of the His
torical Society Library Building, Univer
sity of Nebraska. Registration; Viewing
Italics; Pioneer Nemlnlsences.
lt):Su a. in. Temple Theater. Annual Bus
iness Session, Territorial Pioneers; Ad
diess by the President, A. N. Yost.
l:uu p. m. Nebraska Historical Society,
Temple Theater, Annual Business Session.
6:a) p. m. Nebraska Pioneer's Associa
tion at New Windsor Hotel; Hanqtiet, Gen
eral J. H. Culver. Toastmaster; Five Min
ute Responses by Pioneers.
8:00 p. m. Annual Meeting of Nebraska
Pioneers in Temple Theater; Violin Solo,
Selected. Miss Genevieve Kodrea; Address,
"The Nuttsr Family." Samuel C. Hassett:
Address. "The Pattle Oround of Ash Hol
low." Robert Harvey; Social, thirty min
uets; Adjournment.
If Soaader of Illetorle Toealn la Seat
to Exposition Stop May Be
Made in Omaha.
The people of this city may be given a
chance to see the old liberty bell In Omaha
in the early summer. The directors of the
Portland Rose Festival and the Alaska-
Paciflo exposition, which ie to be held on
the coast this year, have written the mayor
and the members of the city council of the
city of Philadelphia asking that they allow
the shipping west of the old bell which In
177(1 proclaimed liberty to the people of the
colonies. The dlnx'tors believe they will se
cure the privilege and have written Mayor
Dahlman to apprise him of the faet and to
notify him- that if Omaha proceeds to "get
busy" the historic relic can probably be
routed this way. Should the bell be sent
west It will be under military guard and
will be started on Its Journey the fore part
of June.
save Boot print It.
Douglas Printing- Co. Both 'phones.
Barlow Advertising Agsnoy, S0-4 Bee
aadolpb r. Iwoboda. Pnblla Aoooaatanv
aUnehart. photographer, Utli ft Farnam.
OloTea Cleaned, Thos. Kllpatrlck's glove
Pa Koorke for holiday candles and ci
gars, tit 8. 16th.
Xaaitable Life Policies, sight drafts at
maturity. H. D. Neely, manager. Omaha
Keep your money and valuables In a
safe deposit box In the American - Safe
Deposit vaults in The llee building, which
is burglar proof; $1 rents a box.
Zisctare on Russian Literature Ilr.
Kllus Holovtehlner will address the
Omaha Philosophical society Sunday at 3
P. m. In Barlght hall. Nineteenth and
Farnam streets, on "Russian Literature."
Defendant In Divorce Suit Dies The
death of the defendant In tho divorce suit
of Mollie Ream against her husband,
James W. Ream of South Omaha, caused
the dlftnjssal of the case this morning in
the district court.
KcKssn riles Ponnal Answer A formal
answer has been filed In the district
court In the divorce case of Mrs. Klisahoth
New McKoen against her hUHband, W. R.
MeKeeri,' alleging cruelty. The decree In
this suit la expected te follow very soon.
John Z.nbold Buys Plorenoe X.ots John
Lubold has bought from Henry Anderson
twenty lots in block 97, Florence.. Mr.
Lubold ' will' start to Improve this block
early In the spring and has already con-
traded with Hastings & Heyden to build
two bungalows.
Collection by City Clerk Over $16,000
was collected by City Clerk Butler during
19uti for licenses issued and transcripts
made out. The licenses of the year totaled
3,977 and brought I16.0C5.60 Into the treas
ury. Other fees, collected amounted to
U11.05, making a total of I16..T0.&5.
A. Clifton Win Bit at Plattsmouth The
funeral services over the body of Alexan
der Clifton, who died suddenly of heart
failure Thursday, were held at the home.
130 South Sxth street, at 3 o'clock Satur
day afternoon. The body will be taken to
Plattsmouth Sunday morning for burial.
Dog on Baskst Cause Fire A dog tip
ping over a basket of clothing against a
hot stove caused a small fire Friday even
ing at tho homo of Andrew Fahey, con
ductor of the police patrol wagon, who
lives at 277 Dorcas street. The clothes
were burned up, entailing a loss of about
10, but tho house was saved from serious
Berryman Gets a Brass Shield Colonel
Berryman lias been presented with a brass
shield, deoorated with swords and pis
tols, by the department heads and clerks
in the employ of the Lee-Qlass-Anu"!oesen
Wholesale Hardware company. On the
shield Is engraved "Presented by admiring
friends to the brave soldier, Colonel K
Plurlbus Berryman."
Woman Cites Many Causes A suit for
divorce was filed Saturday morning In the
district court by Mrs. Nona V. Nolan
against her husband, Charles M. Nolan, al
leglng cruelty and the use of vile language,
attempts at personal violence and failure
to provide for her and a minor child. She
asks. an absolute divorce asM the custody
of the child, temporary alimony and attor
ney fees. They were married in Council
Bluffs January E, 1905. Nolan is a black
smith by trade.
Workman Palls Through Window
While cleaning a large plate glass win
dow In front of the Merchants' restaurant,
15i9 Dodge street, early Saturday morn
ing Louis Oilman, a foreigner living at
2011 Jackson street and employed by the
American Window Cleaning company, fell
through the window when his ladder
broke His hip was wrenched and con
tused and bits of broken glass cut him
slightly in a number of places. He was
taken to the police station in the patrol
wagon and attended by Police Surgeon
Barbour, after which he left for home.
More Want Divorces Mrs. Maude
Kirschner brought suit for divorce against
her husband, William Kirschner, In the
district court for nonsupport and minor
child. . Two months before the birth of the
child he struck her, she says, with his fist,
knocking her down and kicking her. A
suit for divorce was filed Saturday morn
ing for alleged abandonment and extreme
cruelty by Mrs. Helen Calvert against her
husband, Robert II. Calvert, In the district
court. They were married In St. Thomas,
Ontario, Canada, September 14, 1905. Ac
tion for a divorce was filed by Frank H.
Miller against his wife, Olive B. .Miller, for
alleged cruelty and extravagance and the
custody of child. They were married In
Watonga, Okl.
The Yellow Peril.
Jaundice malaria biliousness, vanishes
when Dr. King's New Life Pills are taken.
Guaranteed. 2ic. For salo by Beaton
Drug Co.
s or
Form erly
U n
This lias been the most remarkable sale in our business career; when it opened we had in stock over double the amount
of merchandise of last year to get rid of our immense stock seemed almost impossible and in order to live up to our policy
of never carrying goods over from one season to another we opened tho greatest clearance sale Omaha has ever known.
Tomorrow will be second Monday of the clearance sale and will be the greatest day of the sale.
$05.00 tailored suits, January AA pa
half price sale, at ..Os-sUV
$50.00 tailored suits, January ftp AA
half price sale, at Ad)J
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$29.75 tailored suits, January 4 M qp
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$25.00 tailored suits, January 4 A PA
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$50.00 Satin or Messaline dresses, January
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$150.00 Mink Sets, January Half
it:::!!1.8. 75.00
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$50.00 Fur Sets, January Half Price
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T. . 9.75
Occupation Levy on Street Railway
and Telephones.
Will Be Introduced In Council When
Derision on Case at Lincoln
le Handed Down as a
been accomplished with very little blowing
of trumpets and beatlns; of drums, general
knowledge of the enterprise having; been a
really minus Quantity.
1 01 jun
I The
Influence of a Bee want ad pn
To pioteit ourselves against the un
scrupulous dentists who have been steal
ing our name, advertising matter and
fame, we ask you to make note of the
name and address.
It was to be expected that any change
In the science of dentistry so radical as
that Inaugurated by us would cause a
revolution In the ranks of the profession
This method of supplying teeth without
tho use of the old fashioned, makeshift.
unreliable, partial plates of the equally
objectionable painful and Insanitary plan
ot filling up the gaps with ordinary
brldgework, which was for looks only, and
not for use, was bound to work a revolu
tion. People come to our office from all parts
of this country and Canada to have this J
new method explained and with the ex
planation Invariably they had the work'
done while there.
Why not?
There Is no pain, or boring, or any other
discomfort attached to the work of re
storing missing teeth with this method,
so It doesn't take much of an argument to
cause a man or woman to discard the
makeshifts for a full set of beautiful
teeth that are as firm la the mouth as
nature's est teeta, and once In place are
In for all time.
Fortunate Indeed are you who live In
one 'of the cities where this company
maintains offices. Relief from teeth
troubles Is at your door and the cost of
the dental work we do, and that only
ran be done lit our offices. Is no greater
than you would be asked to pay for work
of tho best character in tho office of the
private practloner of the first class.
Nona other approaches us In general
dental work, and. of course, none can
practice our great specialty.
We Invite you who are near by te call
and allow our examining dentists to look
over your teeth.
This service is entirely free. We do sll
work pertaining to the care of the teeth.
Booklet sent free upon request.
10 ITew Terk Life ldf., Omaaa,
Formerly examining and consulting
dentist with U. Oordwa Martin. Inc..
.L'bJyaga. iU.
City Attorney Burnham has prepared an
ordinance providing for an occupation tax
of from 2 to 3 per cent on the street rail
way company and the telephone companies
of Omaha.
The Introduction of this ordinance Is de
pendent upon the decision of the supreme
court In a suit brought by the city of
Lincoln to collect an occupation tax from
the Lincoln Traction company.
Attorneys for the Omaha St Council
Bluffs Street Railway company and for the
Nebraska Telephone company of Omaha
appeared as friends of the court and as
sisted the local company In fighting the
case In the supreme court.
City Attorney Burnham has Interested
himself In the case to the extent that to
parties in Lincoln he said If the city won
the case he would Introduce such an ordi
nance in the Omaha city council and In
fact had the ordinance already drawn.
In the argumont before the supreme court
Judge Stewart, city attorney of Lincoln, In
answer to the statement by John L. Web
ster, counsel for the Omaha street railway
company, that his company could not af
ford to pay the tax, gave an Interesting
comparison of the valuation of the property
owned by the two companies In Omaha
and Lincoln.
' Comparison of Valaea.
" The value of the Lincoln Traction com
pany was placed by the State Railway com
mission at tl.lOO.OCO and this was based on
thirty-six miles of tracks. The Omaha
company, he showed, had 108 miles of track
and it was stocked and bonded for a valu
ation of $28.O0O,0liO In round numbers. On
this . valuation It pays annually a 6 per
cent dividend on the preferred stock and
4 per cent on the common. In addition it
pays ( per cent on Its outstanding bonds,
and $300,000 la set aside annually for de
preciation. The Omaha company, he said, Is only
three times as large or as valuable as the
Llnooln company, yet It Is paying divi
dends on a valuation nearly iweniy-six
times as Urge.
"The proposed ordinance Is simply In a
rough draft and we are not aa yet certain
Just what its provision -Ul be or Just
how much the tax win De, earn uiy av
torney Burnham. "Kor my part I am In
favor of waiting until a oecisiun im ren
dered in the Lincoln case, but I am not
the council and the ordinance may be in
troduced before then, aa a number of the
councllmen are pounding me on the back
to get ready."
Smlth-Kort Company, Wholesale
Dealer In Clothing, Open
Doors Monday.
A nsw lobbing house will be added Mon
day morning to the long list of thriving
wholesale houses in umana. i ne emitn
Kert company will then open Us doors at
1113 Harney street, where the process of In
stalling stock has been going on quietly
for some days.
The company Is not exactly removing here
from St. Joseph, Mo., although the mem
bers of the firm have been in business
and retain connection with 8t. Jo-
buslnrss houses. "v.e inouKix we
nev. W. M. Williams Mays an Assist
ant Was Responsible for
Rev. W. M. Williams, bishop of the
African-American church, who waa ar
rested on suspicion of collecting funds
fraudulently, and has appealed Ills case
to the district court, has been vindicated
so far as his "people" are concerned by a
committee that Investigated his affairs.
The committee was composed of Mrs.
Myrtle Foster, W. M. Jefferson and Joseph
Harris, all of South Omaha. Bishop Wil
liams Is collecting funds for the support
of a home for colored orphans at 312 Rail
road avenue. South Omaha. Mrs. Foster
Is secretary of the home and the men are
"We found," said Deacon Jefferson, "that
tho only discrepancy In Bishop Williams'
affairs was that certain donations had been
raised In amount on the books, so as to
make It appear that more money had been
collected. The purpose of this was to
encourage other people to make liberal
contentions. But the committee found
that even these discrepancies were not
made by Bishop Williams. Indeed, they
were made while the bishop was out of the
city by one of his solicitors."
"That is all true." said the bishop. "I
was called to Kansas City to bury my
sister, who died there, and a solicitor,
without any evil Intention, altered these
The bishop gave the name of the
"I have $171 on deposit with the Metro
politan Insurance company money that 1
have collected for this home. My record
is open to the public. I have done no
wrong and shall do none. I will go right
on with my work."
Both the bishop and his deacon said that
St. Peter's Mission, the name of the homo
at 312 Railroad avenue, Siuth Omaha, was
being suitably furnished and would be
conducted for poor colored orphans. The
building was rented from O'NcIl Bros.,
real estate dealers of South Omaha, and
the bishop held his first rent receipt.
Clergyman in l.lmellahc at Worces
ter. Mass., at One Time Incnm
bent of Local First Ctaarch.
Rev. Frank Crane, the clergyman whose
unexplained resignation of his pulpit In the
First Congregational church at Worcester,
Msbs., has startled his parishioners, was
pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal
church In Omaha from 1892 to 1896.
Mr. Crane recently delivered three lec
tures at the University of Chicago, en
titled, "A Defense of Heresy," and while
thcNe were not so hair-raising as the title
might indicate, they are thought to have
played a part In bringing about his resig
nation, which his letter to the Worcester
deacons does not make clear.
Mr. Crane, who was well thought of In
vOmaha, came here from some small town
In Illinois and left to go to the Centenary
church In Chicago. He held another Meth
odist pulpit In Chicago and then went to
Worcester, also to a Methodist church. It
was there three years ago that he aban
doned Methodism for the Congregational
Versatile Jewelry Agent Arrested in
Duluth by Postoffice Inspector.
Charged with Mulcting; Local
Business Firms and I sine; the
Malls for Fraudulent
Par poses.
M. Bloom, alias M. O. Brlllls. Allen &
Allen, J. E. . Converse and several other
aliases, was arrested Tuesday at Duluth
by Postoffice Inspector Frayser, formerly
of Omaha, but now of Kansas City, under
an indictment fqr using the United1 States
malls for purposes to defraud.
Bloom was formerly a Jewelry traveling
salesman and In recent years has been ply
ing his knowledge of the Jewelry business
to get consignments of Jewelry from firms
In various sections of the country on the
ground that he waa Just opening out an
establishment. He was suave and a smooth
talker and succeeded in getting from the
Jewelry firm of C. A. Williams & Co., 1419
Howard street, a valuable consignment of
goods and secured another consignment
the Byrne-Hammer Dry Goods company
These later consignments were for a store
Bloom proposed to open In Columbus, Neb.
He represented himself as an agent of the
M. Bloom Jewelry establishment of Ta- J
coma, Wash., ami announced that he was
about starting a branch house for that
firm. He was a good dresser and wore ssv.
eral Masonic charms and thus succeeded
In Ingratiating himself with not only the
Omaha firms, but other firms throughout
the country, and was doing a thriving busi
ness. He would get the consignment of
goods end, It Is said, dispose of them and
then disappear.
Bloom was indicted at ttw last term of
the federal grand Jury In Omaha and the
postoffice Inspectors have been on his trail
since. Inspector Frayser got a line on him
from Kansas City several days ago and
Duluth, wliorc
finally located him In
arrested Bloom. He Is held m J j 1 1 '
under $3,500 bonds, and If tho hail in not
secured within the next few flays ho will
be brought to Omaha to await .trial In tho
United States district court. ..I
Baby Born Out of Wedlock nt ( nnnlr
Hospital Has Insane Mother
and F.plleplle Father.
A baby boy was born to a young woman
named Myrtle Hermann at tho County
Hospital Wednesday. The mother has been
an Inmate of the hospital on seveta! oc
casions being afflicted with n fecbli' n lnd
and also paralysis. The father, according
to the mother, Is William Hacntt, who Is
subject to epilepsy, and wns In the hospi
tal with tuberculosis of the knee, the le
being amputated while there. Tho child,
according to the superintendent of iho
hospital, Is quite normal. .
Whether the mother will be allowed ti.4
keep the child Is a question. It doc not
appear that she will be able to uive It i
mother's care and love In view of her mi
fortunate condition, and the future of th
child looks far from bright in tho ci cum
County Clerk Compiles nntn on Incor
porations, Contract l.ennrs, Etc.,
During lOOR.
Comparative figures show that the year
of 1908 was the banner year of the past
sixteen, according to County Clerk D. M.
Haverly. Three thousand, ' nine hundred
end nlnety-alx contract leases Indicate
chances for better times during the pres-,
ent year. The recording und filing of tl
following figures gives evidence for pros-
Incorporations 27 L
Hills Of Sole i V'b
Chattel Mortgages 2. if
Contract leases 3,9:
Notary Publlo Commissions I.'i7
physicians Registered .'..'.TV. 48
Dentists Replete! ed 14
Partnerships Registered HI
Certificates es to Notary Publlo Ac
knowledgments ..' CW
Saw a grOd opening nore, iaiu laynm
Smith, president of the new company, "and
regard Omaha as being the best Jobbing
town in tne wesi,
Disposes of Property at Thlriy-glsth
and Dodge to Dr. A. Kick for
for ii),O0O.
' Dr. Ales Flck has bought of Amelia
Grossman the brick flats at the southwest
corner of Thirty-sixth and Dodge, paying
$19.0u0 for the property, which Includes
four residences. The building was put up
by the seller and baa proved a rod Invest-
Th Institution of the company, which j nient. The price paid la generally conslfl
Us la clulhiuc aod furuisUlng.4, has jercU a- laic cue
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advance line of wash suits for boys
and children.
This sample line includes all the.
different styles shown by the large
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