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Silk Kimonos, Silk Tea Gowns, Bath Robes, Silk Petticoats, Moreen and
Black Brilliantine Petticoats and Domet Flannel Lounging Robes
All Go On Special Sale Monday at 9 A. M.
This sale presents an opportunity to purchase high class staple garments at prices less
than the cost to manufacture. None of the lots are very large. Be here early.
All the Silk Tea Gowns, reg
ularly sold at 116.00, Jan
uary Clearing
Sale price . .
All the Silk Tea Gowns, reg
ularly told at 125.00, Jan
uary Clearing
Sale price . . .
All the Silk Kimonos, regu
ularly sold at 16.60, Jan
uary Clearing T 7 f
Sale price J
All the Silk Kimonos, regu
larly sold at .60, Jan
uary Clearing C r
sale price J.JU
All the Blanket Flannel
Bath Robes, regularly sold
at 17.50, January Clear
ing Sale
All the Blanket Flannel
Bath Robes, regularly sold
at $6.00, January Clear
ing Sale
All the beautiful Crrpe
Cloth Kimonos, regularly
sold at I. 50, January
Clearing Sale
All . the Domet Flannel
Lounging Robes, regularly
sold at $3.00,
Clearing Sale
price ,
All the Black Moreen Pet
ticoats, regularly sold at
$5.00, January Clearing
All the Black Brilliantine
Petticoats, regularly sold
at $5.00, January Clear
ing Sale
January Sale of Fine Table Cloths
All our $1.85 Table Cloths, in Ibis sale $1.19 each.
All our $2.25 Table Cloths, in tnls sale $1.69 each.
All our $4.00 Table Cloths, in this sale $2.89 each.
All our $5.00 Table Cloths, in this sale $3.89 each.
All our $6.75 Table Cloths, In this sale $4.38 each.
All our $7.76 Table Cloths, in this sale $5.00 each.
All our $10 Table Cloths, in this sale $6.89 each.
All our $12 Table Cloths, In this sale $7.89 each
All our $15 Table Cloths, in this sale $10.00 each.
All our $20 Table Cloths, in this sale $13.89 each.
All our $25. Table Cloths, in this sale $17.60 each.
All our $35 Tahje Cloths, In this sale $25.00 each.
All our $40 Table Cloths in this sale $28.89 each.
January Sale of Napkins
All our $1.75 Napkins, in this sale $1.10 a dozen.
All our $2.25 Napkins, in this sale $1.75 & dozen.
All our $1.60 Napkins. In this sale $1.00 a dozen.
All our $2.00 Napkins, In this sale $1.3 a dozen.
All our $3.60 Napkins, in this sale $2.50 a dozen.
All our $5.00 Napkins, In this sale $3.89 a dozen.
All our $8.76 Napkins, in this sale $6.38 a dozen.
All our $16.00 Napkins, In this sale $10.38 a dozen.
Towelings and Crashes
All our 8 He Brown Crash, in this sale 3 He a yard.
All our 10c Brown Crash, in this sale 6c a yard.
All our 13c Bleached Crash, In this sale 11c a yard.
All our 16c Bleached Crash, In this sale 12c a yard.
All our 17c Bleached Crash, in this sale, 13c a yard.
All our 18c Bleached Crash, in this Bale 16c a yard.
January Sale of Hand Embroidered Linen
One $13.60 Embroidered Linen Sheet, in this
sale, $6.75.
Four $16.00 Embroidered Linen Sheets, In this
aale $7.50.
Three $12.00 Embroidered Linen-Sheeta, In this
sale $6.00.
Great Sale of
Silk Petticoats
Sale of Nurses Dresses
Mostly One-Piece and a Few Two
Flees Styles, Slightly Boiled,
t One-Half Price, Monday
We have about 25 regular Nurses
Dresses In strip gingham, which
are slightly soiled. We--have nearly
hII sizes, the regular price In $Mi;
January Clearing Kale price $I.8S.
All the fine Tailor Made Suits at
one-half price, mostly In sixes
88. 40, 42 ami 44.
Caracul Cloth Coats, RJ Inches
long, all satin lined. Just the thing
for cold weather, regularly aolil at
$30. 00; January Clearing Sale prlco
$15. OU.
The great Fur Pale contlnuea
our whole Cloak department Is full
of bargains, Monday.
Mixed Cloth Coata, 62 Inched long,
IMrectotre stylo, regularly Bold up
to $15 00; January Clearing Sale
price $3.75.
Hundreds of lovely Dress Coata
In all the new tana, black broad
cloth, velvet, navy blue broadcloth
and dark red broadcloth; all at one
half price.
Made of High Grade Silk, Colors and Black.
All thn lovely Petticoats regularly sold at $6.60, Jan
uary Clearing Sale price $4.00.
All the fine tailor made Silk Petticoat, regularly sold
at $8.00, Jnnunry Clearing Sale price $5.00.
AU'the handsome Tailor made Silk Petticoats, regularly
sold at $13.50, January Clearing Sale price $9.50.
Brown Linen Crash
60 pieces 10c Brown Linen
Crash In this sale 6c por yard.
Ten yards limited to a customer.
Extra Special Fine
100 dor.en $4.7B fine niraeh
ed Napkins In this aale $2.76
a dozen.
Monday only.
Special Sale of Figured Fine Huck Towel
ing in This January Sale.
Figured Huck Toweling.
All our 75c Figured Huck Toweling in this sale
69c a yard.
All our $1.26 Figured Huck Toweling in thla sale
98c a yard.
January Sale of Fine French Hand Embroid
ered Towels. Just One-Half Price
All onr $3.00 Embroidered Towela in this aale $1.50
All our $4.00 Embroidered Towels In this sale $2.00.
All our $4.75 Embroidered Towels in this sale $2.38.
All our $5.00 Embroidered Towela in this sale $2.50
All our $6.00 Embroidered Towels in this sale $3.00.
All our $7.50 Embroidered Towels In this sale $3.75.
All our $8.75 Embroidered Towels in thiB sale $4.38.
All our 20c Huck Towels in this sale 12M;C.
All our 25c Huck Towel 3 in this sale 15c.
All our 45c Huck Towels in this sale 25c.
All our 15c Huck Towels in this sale 8l-?c.
All our $1.25 Huck Towels in this sale 89c.
All our $1.50 Huck Towels in this sale $1.00.
.All our $1.75 Huck Towels in this sale $1.25.
All our $2.00 Huck Towels in this sale $1.50.
One Dollar Monday in Colored Dress Goods Will Do The Work Of Two Ordinarily.
Many thousands of yards of the present season's fabrics, including weaves and colors that
have been among the season's greatest favorites, included in Monday's great sale. See display
in Sixteenth street window, and note carefully the kind and quality of goods we are selling.
$1.00 Colored Batiste; 49c Dainty Check for children's dresses and waists; It is a beauty, 49c a yard.
$1.00 Mixed Panama 60c, a smart, tasteful style, in Just a suggestion of a pretty pin stripe. We never
gave you such value before.
$1.25 all Wool Gray Ombre Stripe Panama, 54-inches wide, 50c a yard.. Two choice shades of gray.
$1.25 Black and White Stripe Herringbone, 64-inch, now 62VsC a yard.
$1.25 Melrose, Just half-price, 62V4c. Dark, rich shades of green and navy with a pin stripe of white;
right-up-to-the-minute in style.
Extraordinary Value $1.50 English Tailor Suiting, 54-lnch, Monday 69c. The fabric for handsome tail
ored costumes, strictly high class. In three beautiful shades of brown. You never bought such superior qual
ity of dress goods before in your life at anything near this price.
January Sale of Hand Embroidered Linen
Bedspreads -
One $40.00 Hand Embroidered Linen Bed Spread in
this sale $20.00.
One $35.00 Hand Embroidered Linen Bed Spread
in this sale $17.60.
One $30.00 Hand Embroidered Linen Bed Spread
in this aale $16.00.
January Sale of John S. Brown & Sons' 3-4
Napkins, Extra Special
60 dozen of John S. Brown & Sons' $10.00 3-4
Napkins in this sale, $5.00 a dozen.
One dozen limited to customers.
January Sale of . Fine Guest Towels
Al our 50c Fine Guest Towels In this sale 35c each.
January Sale Hand Embroidered Linen Table
Cloths, Just Half Price
Silks for Service Beautiful Black Peau de
Soie, $1.25 Quality, Now 98c a Yard
The silk with a rich luster, a beautiful
soft finish that makes up so beautifully and
and wears so well. Not a large quantity at
Monday 's special price. "We would suggest
coming early on this special number.
January Clearing Sale of Beautiful Black
Dress Goods.
One of the rare opportunities of the year. Only
during our great January Clearing aale do we ever
make such sweeping reductions. Carefully con
sider the kinds we are selling. Finest Imported
Black Dress Voiles, New Herringbone, New Stripes,
New Satin Pekin Stripes, Panama, etc. We trust
you will consider this a personal invitation to
come Monday and see them.
Figured Huck Towels for Hemstitching or Scalloping.
All our $1.25 fine Huck Towels in this sale; each . .Y. . , . .
January Clearing Sale of Blankets and Comforters
The most reliable of blankets and bed comforters can now be bought at the prices of in-
C ! .1 1 2 i , in , ,
itnur yinues. avbu yuurseu 01 una opportunity oeioro anotner coicl spell.
$15.00 White St. Mary's Blankets, at $11.50 pair.
$20.00 White St. Mary's Blankets, at $15.20 pair.
$4.50 all Wool Gray Blankets, 10-4 size, $3.48 pr.
76c White Crib Blankets, 34x50 size, at 48c pair.
$7.00 Amana Society Blankets, at $5.98 a pair.
$1.25 Silkollne covered Bed Comforters 79c each,
$5.00 Sateen covered Down Comforters $3.69 each.
$2.50 Cambric covered Bed Comforters $1.98 each.
60c Crib size Comforters, at 39c each.
$3.50 Laminated Cotton Blankets, at $2.75 each.
76c Gray Cotton Blankets, at 39c a pair.
$4.00 Wool Comforts with Chinese cloth inter
lining at $2.98 each.
$8.00 Jacquard Beacon Bed Blankets, at $2.43 pr.
$5.60 White all Wool Blankets, 11-4 size, $3.98 pr.
$4.60 Gray or White St. Mary'a Blankets, at $3.48
a pair.
Our Reliable 36-inch "Famous" Black Taffeta
to Be Included in Monday's Great
Clearing Sale
An opportunity to get silks for dress skirts, waists,
coats and petticoats at a great saving. Wo make pet
ticoats to your special measure. See Model at Silk
Man .Tailored Skirts to Your Special
"The smartest styles of the season" enthusiastic
customers have tcld us. See New Model No. 340, the
very latest; choose any goods you like, we make it to
your special measure. .
Special Sale of Kid Gloves
Short Glace Kid Gloves, Short Pique Gloves, Short
Cape Gloves.
A good line of sizes and color assortment, worth
up to $1.50 and $2.00, at per pair 98c.
Women's Black Gauntlets, a splendid value In Wo
men's Gauntlets, worth up to $2.50. Most small sizes,
fine style for the school girl, special price, pair 98c.
Long Cape and Mochas, per pair $1.98.
We still have a few air of long, heavy gloves worth
up to $4.60 per pair, special price, per pair $1.98.
$4.75 Amana Society Blankets, at $3.69 a pair.
$3.76. Wool Blankets, 11-4 size gray, at $2.69 pair.
$7.00 St Mary'a Plaid Blankets, very fine quality,
at $5.29 a pair.
$2.75 Extra large site Bed Comforts, 81x90, fine
cotton, covered with silkollne, at $1.98 each.
Bargain Square in Basement, Monday
Remnants of plain colored Chambrays, regular 10c quality,
Monday at, per yard C
Remnants of 36 inches wide Percales at, per yard JC
Bee 1-10-09.
of the governor based thereon, were reg
ular and In strict compliance with law."
aTrar hnllenera;er Mae 3"ot Sat
isfied Many Democrats.
OTrom a Staff Correspondent.)
TjTNCOLN, Jan. .-(8pecial.) Whtls a
part of Oovernor Shallenberger' message
suits some of the members, and on por
tion nulla possibly all of the mainbors, ail
of the meuift lack a whole lot of lulling
all of the member spviklng especially of
the democrats. The seiMon to which no
opposition has yet deruloped among those
meirbera who are here 'f that which pro
vidi for the election of preitnct assessors
instead of their appolntm-n'. by the canity
Z hat portion to which real opposition Is
mad Is the provision iinnu.ijf the nnioint
t the assessment to be l?vl.l lit on ytr
ar, nst banks of 1 per of iha J'ipct'ls
In ctsf of bank failures. 8one members upon the repeal of the KtaMnlds rii-
i.iuiy lav. while others blmva I: should
ba amended in accordance with Mie sug
llonr of the governor.
Pllger of Btanlon county Is one who
favors the recomendatlon of Oovernor Shel
don that platforms shuld be adopted In ad
vance of the primary. He said:
"I want the primary law changed so that
plaftorms may be adopted in advance of
the primary. Atfer 1 am nominated I don't
want the party to adopt a platform upon
which 1 cannot stand. It puts a man In
the attitude of going back on his platform.
eYt If the platform is in favor of county
option, for Instance. I would say,, 'to h.-l
with the platform.' "
W. J. Taylor: "1 have "not read carefully
the recommendations of Oovernor Hhallen
Wrgcr, but offhand 1 am inclined to be-
has done for thousands in
hcaltlvprofit it will do for
"There' a Ret ton."
lleve I am opposed to his tdeaa of the
bill to guarantee bank deposits. Without
having given the matter deep thought I
would say the proposal to limit the liabil
ity of the banks to a levy of ' not more
than 1 per cent In one year In case of
bank failures Is wrong. That would create
a fund In the neighborhood of $1,3UO,00 on a
total deposit in state banks of 165.000,000.
Should one large bank fall It would wipe
out that fuad. In my opinion that would
not create a guaranty of deposits. While I
heard the mesage read I have not yet
gone Into It thoroughly. The other recom
mendations aeemed all right, but I will
study the message as soon aa I get the
Marlgtt ot Kearney: "I want a definite
time set in which losses in case of a bank
failure are to be paid. I am opposed to
that word prompt . Thirty days or some
thing like that would be all right with me.
But I want the time definitely settled."
J. E. Miller, Lancaster: "I endorse every
thing recdmmended by Oovernor Bhallen
berger. We will enact a law to guarantee
bank deposits that will please the people
and to which the bankers will offer no objections."
Snyder of Harlan: "I have not looked Into
the message yet. So far as the primary law
la concerned there is objection to It In the
western part of the state, though I suppose
the members from the east portion of the
state are In farov of It. I do not know the
sentiment of the members sufficiently to
say whether It will be repealed or amend
Speaker Fool had not had time to make i
careful atudy of the ne wgovernor'a mes
sage, but he said he was in full accord with
the sentiments expressed and thought the
legislature would "In the main" adopt the
suggestons of Oovernor Shalleaberger and
pass the acts suggested. "We want a bank
guaranty law." said Speaker Pool. "There
will be no trouble about Us passage in the
way the governor suggests."
Representative Boren Fries of Howard
county thought the bank guaranty was the
whole of the governor's message. "We are
going to have a guaranty that aunaran
lees. .
be. A. Brown of Bherman: "I am in favor
of repealing the primary law. The peopl
in our country do jiot want It. I disagree
with the governor In the matter of gun ran
teeing bank deposits. I want a provision
for the 'Immediate' payment of losses.
"Borne of the recommendations of Gov
ernor Bhallenberger I like, while In others
I think he la mistaken." said ex-Speakc
Dan Nettleton. "I made my campulgn on
tne oank guaranty question and that en
abled me to win out in my district. I thin
Is a matter that is coming sooner or
The governor unconsciously pays a com
pliment to the last aesslon of the legisla
ture when he says there Is not much legis
lation the present session needs to pass. I
think the record of the session two years
ago and the members themselves were re
markable and the fact that the Incoming
administration cannot find much to add
speaks well for the work of the republicans.
(Continued from First Page.)
Warm Debate Expected to Oscar,
Opinion la Much Divided Over
the Qsritlon,
PIERRE, 8. D., Jan. 9. (Special Tele
gram.) The North Carolina bond question
will be before the senate aa a live Issue
for a time. Senator Dillon today presenting
his bill to refund to that state the money
received from North Carolina on the suit
on tha Shaeffer bonds. He has secured it
a special order in the senate for next
Thursday, and as there Is a decided differ
ence of opinion on the proposition a warm
debate can be expected.
In the houso the clerk list selected for
the session was E. M. Wanbaugh, J. W.
Blount, Howard Seaman, C. J. Anderson,
Frank Wynla, R. R. Pember. Ole Rasmus-
son, Herman Bode, J. U. Clendcnnen, J.
H. Mehrent. W. H. Deeth. W. W. White,
Oscar Klllness. Frances Kcnney, I M. An
derson, J. B. Morse and C. L Olessner.
The senate bills of Importance today were
to fix maximum rates for express com
panies and the North Carolina refund bill.
In the house the principal new bills were
the pure drug bill drawn by Pure Food
Commissioner Wheaton, prohibiting drink
lag on trains and giving all train employes
police power to stop the same; the creation
of a new Judicial circuit west of the Mis
souri river, and a resolution to submit to
the people the increase of the salary of
the attorney general to $3,600 a year.
University and Normal Schools Qerdes of
Public Printing Bates of Cass.
Insane Hospitals Pllger of Htanton.
Corporations Taylor of Custer.
School Lands Worthing of Nance.
Miscellaneous Subjects Gregg of Platte
Claims Snyder of Jiarlan.
1-lve Stock Harrington of Brown.
Revenue dates of Sarpy.
Rules Speaker Pool of Johnson.
Labor Howard of Douglas.
Other Asylums Hrodunek of Clay.
Publio Lands and Buildings Kuhl of
Agriculture Sehoettger of Washington.
Penitentiary Humphrey of Lancaster.
Militia Lawrence of Dodge.
Internal Improvements Brown of Slier
man. Constitutional Amendments Holmes of
County Boundaries Gregg of Platte.
Public Schools Kotouo of Michardaon.
At a caucus of the minority members of
the house, members of committees were
selected upon the invitation of the major
ity. These names have been submitted to
the speaker of the house. The places asked
for on imiortant committees are as follows:
Judiciary Elmer Brown, Taylor, Griffin,
Finance Ways and Moans Baker, Thels-
-'", niueu, names.
Railroads Saberson, Armstrong, Bushee,
Baker, Smith.
Coriiorulions Brown, Hadsell, Chate.
Cities and Towns McColl, Taylor of
York, Moore.
Banks and Currency Begole, Chose,
Bushee, Rathsack.
Revenue and Taxation Roberts. John
Son of Hurt, Kegole, Taylor of York.
Insurance Haines, Brown, McColl.
Telegraph and Telephone liegole, Barrett,
The reported fix up of committees by the
majority of the standing committee his
stirred up a big rumpus and a minority
report is promised at the caucus Monday
afternoon. Tha meeting last night was a
red hot affair and the fact that Judge
Shoemaker was left out of the chairman
ship of the Judiciary committee after It
had been promised htm, will make trouble,
providing Mr. Bryan does not find a way
to soothe the defeated ones.
Weittrs Part of Country Shake by
Earthquake Which Does
Little Damage.
MHXIOO CITY, Jan. 9-The entire west
era coast of Mexico was shaken by an
earthquake enterday which wis most se
verely felt at Acarpul.-o, In the state of
Guerrero, and at Oaxaca. In the state of
the same nam. The damage was trivial
and no fatlltls have been reported.
It Is an easy matter to do business
through The Bee Want Ad. columns.
The Mission
Of thos corpuscle In your blood
that have been
Soldiers," Is to fight for you
gainst the disease germs that
constantly endanger your health.
These corpuscles are made
healthy and strong by the use of
Hood's Sarsaparilla."
This medicine is a combination of
more than 'M different remedial agents
in proportions and by a process known
only to ourselves and it has for thirty
years been constantly proving its worth.
Ho substitute, noiie "just-aa-good."
Ohio Project Probably First to Bo
Taken Up.
(omrrumn Marine; Pet Scheme
W ill firt Thent la Shape for Gen.
eral Appropriation Dill Be
fore Neat Congress.
WASHINGTON. Jan. ia-The advocates
of a general rivers and harbors appropria
tion bill aro making every effort to have i
such a measure reported at the present
session of enngresit. While the general
schemes for the "Atlantic deeper water
ways" project and the "Iike to the Gulf
deeper waterways" project are not ready
for consideration by congress, the Ohio
river project is In such shape as to require
only tho moneys necessary far commenc
ing the work.
This project, which Is to make an "all
year nine-foot waterway" from Pittsburg
to Cairo, along the Ohio river, probably
will be the first large new Inland project
which will be presented to congress, and
the members of the house committee on
rivers and harbors are deliberating as to
whether a bill appropriating the money for
this work should bo reported at the prowrnt
It Is very likely that an emergency meaa
urn will be reported by this committee
If It should decide not to report a general
i appropriation bill, this measure to provldo
runds ror urgent projects in course or
The committee will meet again on Mon
day to decldo. If possible, what course It
will pursue with reference to rivers and
harbors Improvements. Many members will
Introduce bills during the present session
calling for surveys of proposed waterways
Improvements In order that their pet
projects may be In shape to be Conaldored
In connection with a general rivers and
harbors bill when such a measure Is ta
he prepared.
Representative Ransdel! of loulsiana,
president of the Rivers and Harbors con
gress, and a member of the house com
mittee on rivers and harbors, will Intro
duce a resolution within a few days which
will provide for a Joint commission similar
In purpose to the Joint monetary commis
sion, which would be empowered to em
ploy experts and visit the countries of'
Europe In order to give congress complete
information with regard to the policies of
other nations in Improving waterways.
(Continued from First rage.)
to seek the shelter of their own parish
Holdlera and Sweethearts.
All Dublin Is latching over the action
of the corporation which a few days aga
solemnly passed a resolution requesting
"all mistresses of female servants snd
other persons having charge of young
persons of the female sex" not to give
thorn facilities for walking with soldiers
in Phoenix park on Sunday evenings. Now
Phoenix park on a Sunday evening would
be a dreary place, Indeed, were It not for
the soldier and his sweetheart, and no one
has ever seen much harm In It. People
are asking whether tho corporation Is try
ing to protect the girls from the soldiers
or the soldiers from the girls, and It is
rumored that next week the corporation
will pass a resolution asking mistresses
to keep their cooks away from the police
men. F. X. CUL.L.EN.
" "I 1 " 1 ' " . "" -1-' ..... .,
Huron arrived here today to direct the
search for the minlfter.
Minister Charged with Butchering
Brownlna; Thonarht to Have Started
for Benkleman.
PORT HURON, Mich., Jan. .-It became
known here today that Rev. John H. Car
mlchael, mlnialer of the Rattle Run Meth
odist church, in which Gideon Rrownlng
was butchered last Tuesday night, bought
a ticket from Port Huron to Chicago the
day after the murder and presumably left
for that city.
With the identity of the murdered per
son cleared up yesterday afternoon every
effort today was toward discovering the
whereabouts of Rev. Mr. Carmlchael and
uncovering a possible motive for the crime.
The Idea seems to prevail that if the miss
ing preacher perpetrated the butchery it
must have been Insanity which impelled
him to it.
The tU ket agent at the Grand Trunk rail
way tunnel depot noticed a man clad in a fur
coat and with a close cropped beard come
into the depot early Wednesday morning.
Ho bought a ticket for Chicago, leaving
shortly after S o'clock. When shown Car
mlchael'a pic ture the agent could not pos
itively Identify him as the purchaser of
the ticket.
Two of the most generally accepted possi
bilities aro to the effect that tho minister
might have been led by a disordered brain
to make bis way back to his old home in
Went Virginia or his former pastorate in
Cenkleman, Neb.
The IVtrolt police today examined the
two novels which Carmlchael had written
and found In them many melodramatic ref
erences to violent deaths. In one place the
stories ascrltwd the burning of the bodies
of two men. Theorists claim to see in these
manuscripts corroboration of their idea
that the preacher had become unbalanced
and had thought much of killing.
CHICAGO. Jan. . Policemen throughout
this city today were given a detailed de
scription of Rev. John Haviland Car
mlchael. alleged slayer of Gideon Brownlna
in a small church nar Port Huron. Mich.
A telegram from Sheriff Wagenfell of Port
Huron stated that Carmlchael left that city
Wednesday over the Grand Trunk railroad
for Chicago. Two detectives from Port
California Banker Caught In Spite of
the Settlement ef His
SANTA ROSA, Cal., Jan. 9 Edward 8.
Rowland, formerly cashier of the Bank of
Healdsburg, has been indicted for alleged
shortages In his accounts of 112,000. 1b his
statement to the back examiners several
weeks ago he admitted being short tlE.000.
Following the disclosure of the shortages
In Its accounts the Bank of Healdsburg
sold out to the Farmers and Mechanics
bank a few weeks ago. By an agreement
then entered Into between the directors of
tha bank and William Rowland, father of
the cashier. It was understood that young
Rowland was not 'to be prosecuted, Ms
father, who Is very wealthy, agreeing to
make good the shortages. Still, the action
of tha grand Jury was not entirely unexpected.
(Continued from First Iage.)
to start straight for Lincoln from the Lane
cut-off. Just west of 8eymour lake.
Mar I'ae Reek Island.
The Marysvllle cut-off is about 80 per
cent completed and It will not take long in
the spring to finish that lino. Rumor has
It that tho Union Pacific will try to get
trains In operation between Omaha and
Kansas City as early as possible, and to do
that may use the Rock Island lines between
Omaha and Lincoln.
Where the feeders will be built Is not
known 6n the outside, but that several are
planned Is certain. With the building of
the Panama canal the Union Pacific prob
ably would lose considerable of its profit
able through business and then would havu
to rely more on feeders, snd thus would
the plan of the railroad be changed. Aa tho
country settles up these feeders are be
coming more and more profitable.
Wyoming is also looking for Harrlman
to invade that state with some more lines.
When the line Is built to Northport It will
be a shorter run Into the rich country to
the north which Is now under the control
of Hill and which will be more so when he
takes over the Colorado Sl Southern. With
the vast Irrigation enterprises now under
way and the state settling up at a rapid
rate, Wyoming will demand more railroads
by the merits of the case.
Harvard Professors Trying to Find
New World Located Beyond
CAMBRIDGE. Mass., Jan. 9-The search
for the planet which Is believed to be be
yond Neptune Is being actively pursued
at the Harvard Astronomical observatory
by Prof. William H. Pickering and his as
sistants, who said today that there was a
possibility that their efforts may be re
warded within the next few days. The
search is being made through a careful
atudy of some excellent photographs of tha
region where the planet Is supposed to he.
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